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Will Norris
Christian • Husband • Software Engineer • IndieWeb Citizen • Occasional Sous Chef
Christian • Husband • Software Engineer • IndieWeb Citizen • Occasional Sous Chef

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Kept waiting for the hover text to appear.  It never did :(

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PSA for folks setting up a new Android phone (like a pretty new Nexus 5X or 6P).  In order to set your "me" contact to an existing contact, you have to sync contacts in the Google+ app.  Strange, I know, but it does seem to work.

Content from above link duplicated here for posterity:

After trying forever (the "me" profile was never synced and could not be merged), this worked for me:

1. Install the Google+ app.
2. Set it to sync contacts.
3. Open your contacts again; your contact will now be set as "my profile".


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So true!  I did manage to get a little side hacking done while I was on paternity leave in the first few weeks after Gabe was born, but that's mostly long gone.  But I certainly wouldn't trade it for the world!

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So last week, +Elisabeth Norris gave birth to our son Gabriel James Norris.  Everyone is doing well, and we're just so happy to finally have him here (the pregnancy was getting pretty uncomfortable for her toward the end).  More info on how things are going, as well as some really great photos from his newborn shoot at the link below.

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I use Google Play Music myself, but +Elisabeth Norris and I have toyed with getting a +Spotify subscription for her.  I guess that certainly won't be happening now.

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If this whole code hosting thing doesn't work out, I think GitHub totally has a future in cartoons.  I could definitely see a video game as well, maybe a la Sonic the Hedgehog.

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Clay Shirky on removing distractions from the classroom.

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So, this is a thing we've been doing.  +Elisabeth Norris has single-handedly been doing a weekly dinner for 11 people, and I've been doing my best to steer the discussion.
Just started a new series over on the blog. It chronicles +Will Norris  & my venture into hosting a 10 week Dinner & Discussion series. 

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How I push-to-deploy my site without accidentally killing local changes I sometimes have on the server, thanks to some tips from +Junio C Hamano.

Dear random guy from the Dominican Republic that keeps calling me this morning,

That's great that you found me here on Google+, and I'm sorry to hear that your mother is sick.  If our conversation had gone much further, I'm afraid we would have ended up talking about a bank account I could wire money to to help her get better.  Or maybe not, I don't know since you kept hanging up.

Given that you only speak a little english and I've only made it to Level 7 spanish on +Duolingo, you might find it easier to contact me here on Google+, since it can auto-translate posts and comments into your local language.
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