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Join a Google Hangout for World Oceans Day to learn all about sharks!

Join us on World Oceans Day to meet a marine scientist and animal keeper to learn what it’s like to work with sharks! Sharks have gotten a bad reputation over the years due to films like Jaws, and programs like Shark Week. But these powerful predators are largely misunderstood. Of the nearly 500 species of sharks found worldwide only a few have been tied to shark attacks, and even that is increasingly rare. While humans have little to fear from us, sharks have reason to worry about humans. Here in New York, our local sharks are threatened by overfishing, pollution, offshore energy production, as well as traffic in our busy port.

Broadcasting live from the New York Aquarium (NYA) , this Hangout is a great chance for students to meet a STEM professional and ask questions about what it's like to be a marine scientist. The NYA currently has 4 species of sharks and will be expanding to 12 species of sharks when the new exhibit, Ocean Wonders: Sharks opens. Join us to learn all about our work with sharks, and meet a field scientist during our Hangout on Air. Classrooms can sign up as a live on-camera participant, or anyone can watch the live event as a viewer. Register at

Meet the expert -
Hans Walters - Animal Department Supervisor, Aquarium and Field Scientist, New York Seascape Program

Hans Walters is an Animal Department Supervisor at the New York Aquarium, and a field scientist with WCS' New York Seascape Program. He joined WCS in 1987 as a wild animal keeper in the Bronx Zoo Ornithology Department. In 1992, he transferred to the Aquarium to work as a keeper there. He was promoted to Animal Supervisor in 1993. In 2010, after receiving his Master's Degree from Hofstra University, he joined the shark research team for WCS' New York Seascape Program in addition to continuing his supervisory duties at the New York Aquarium.

Join us for a Google+ Hangout to learn more about how we are finding solutions to the threats facing these fascinating animals. Ask your questions via the Q&A app or by using the hashtag #WCSSharks. Hope you can tune in!

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This Hangout On Air is hosted by Wildlife Conservation Society. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Hangout with Sharks for World Oceans Day
Wed, June 8, 1:00 PM
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That is why I enjoy going to the zoo and join w.c.s. in the way they have saved the beautiful animals like the bison the elephant and many other big animals so we have them forever and not just a memory in a museum. 
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