7 Real Game Of Thrones Filming Locations

Game Of Thrones is everyone’s favourite TV show right now, and a trip to Westeros is probably high on your list of must do’s!
But Westeros isn’t real – so how will you get there?
Well you can get pretty close by visiting some of the Game Of Thrones filming locations. These are scattered throughout Europe, so this is going to be a pretty big trip.
High on your list should be Northern Ireland – you’ll be able to check off a number of locations in a relatively small area. A lot of interiors are shot at Belfast’s Paint Hall Studio – unfortunately this isn’t open to the public.

1. Site of the Dothraki Wedding in Season 1 - Gozo, Malta

Gozo, Malta's smaller sister island, was the setting for the Dothraki Wedding in the show's first season between protagonist Daenerys Targaryen and the Dothraki king Khal Drogo. The island's Azure Window, a natural rock arch on the sea, was the spectacular backdrop to the scene.
Part of the reason why Game of Thrones moved production from Malta in its second season was due to controversy over damage to the Azure Window and its ecosystem caused by the show's contractors. But that aside, rest assured that the Azure Window is still very much a treat for visitors.

2. Winterfell – Doune Castle, Scotland

We haven’t seen Winterfell in season three, but it was an important location early on in the show’s run. The Castle Ward estate in Northern Ireland, just south of Belfast, was used as Winterfell’s courtyard. Plus the grounds were used as the campsite of the Lannister army. The estate is open to the public. But that wasn’t the only castle used as Winterfell. Doune Castle in Scotland was also used as Winterfell in the very first episode of Game Of Thrones. Winterfell’s distinctive towers were most likely created with CGI, meaning you won’t be able to visit those anywhere in the world.

3. The Wall – Magheramorne, Northern Ireland

There’s no actual wall, and most of what we see at Castle Black is created with digital effects. Sorry. But filming is around a disused quarry in Magheramorne in Northern Ireland. Most of the snow and ice is added in post-production.

4. Pyke And The Iron Islands – Ballintoy Harbour, Northern Ireland

Ballintoy Harbour in Northern Ireland stood in for Pyke and the Iron Islands in season two. Back when we still kind of like Theon, we saw him arriving at the harbour and getting all creepy with a girl who turned out to be his sister. Well the real place doesn’t look too different from what we saw on our screens.

5. King’s Landing – Dubrovnik, Croatia

Malta served as King’s Landing in season one, but from season two onwards filming changed to Dubrovnik in Croatia. You’ll recognise the orange roofs from some of the establishing shots we’ve seen of King’s Landing. The old streets of the city have been featured in several scenes. The city’s incredible walls were used for the Battle of Blackwater sequence. The park Trsteno Arboretum was used for a series of scenes involving the Tyrell ladies and Sansa Stark. You can even do a Game Of Thrones walking tour of the city.

6. Behind The Wall – Iceland

You’ll need to travel to Iceland to go behind the wall! Scenes featuring the Night’s Watch and the Wildlings have been shot in locations like Vatnajökull national park, the shores of Lake Mývatn, Svínafellsjökull and the heathland of Höfðabrekkuheiði. One of the most memorable locations is the cave where Jon Snow and Ygritte get it on – well you can definitely visit that place. It’s called Grjótagjá and is in the Lake Mývatn area.

7. Following Daenerys - Morocco

Daenerys has been travelling to some pretty incredible places, and to see some of them you need to go to Morocco. She got her unsullied soldiers from the city of Astapor – in reality, the coastal town of Essaouira. The crew also take advantage of Morocco’s Atlas Studios, which is apparently the world’s largest film studio. You can take a tour of this place, which has been used on several occasions for Game Of Thrones and other films and TV shows.

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