About one person dies every 6 seconds due to tobacco. That leads to 5 million deaths per year.
People die from a broad range of tobacco-related causes,such as cancers, heart & respiratory diseases, TB.
Read more: WHO Global Report: Mortality Attributable to Tobacco which provides for the first time details by country, age and sex (link below)
Need we say more? Tobacco is bad for your health.
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we already know that. This planet is bad for my health, but thanks for the psa.
doctors must explain to theire smoking patients how much is dangerous to smoke but the smoking person should have self-consciousness about what he's doing with his life, all smoking people in the world know that cigarette kills but they can't stop to smoke for many reasons, so if we prohibit smoking in public places , at work, i think the smoking person will not have many place and time when and where to smoke exept his home...
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