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"That’s what this choice means. Are Republicans in Congress really willing to let these cuts fall on our kids’ schools and mental health care just to protect tax loopholes for corporate jet owners? Are they really willing to slash military health care and the border patrol just because they refuse to eliminate tax breaks for big oil companies? Are they seriously prepared to inflict more pain on the middle class because they refuse to ask anything more of those at the very top?" —President Obama in his Weekly Address: 
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Tom Geier
Ridiculous. All of a congress is doing the same thing, holding out as long as possible to make a punt, their point. The one that says I believe that I'm right and am willing to go toe to toe to prove it. Stop cock fighting and stand up for the people regardless of your party alignment. Set a damn budget!
I guess we'll find out this week.  
congress works for us cant we fire the republicans? after all we did hire them
It is sad to think that Republicans don't care for this country or it's citizens anymore.
Why is Society the Way it is? Because it is Pay Back Time.

Why do we need in New York City a cop on every corner and every around the corner in the most educated city in the world? Why do we have 20% of all New Yorkers living near or below the poverty line? 

It is because a huge part of the population in all great and small cities is emotionally challenged. In the majority of cases the fault lies with our leaders in government and our leaders in education. Emotionally challenged students enter the class room at the kindergarten level and they stay in school for many years, most almost till High School. Yet in all this time we make little effort to address their emotional intelligence imbalances. We wrongly label them as failures and we actually set them up to become criminals and dependent members of society. All the harm to society that these students inflict as adults is payback time for having neglected to take care of their emotional shortcomings. We ignorantly create them as liabilities for themselves, their families and for the rest of the country. 

Having neglected to take care of the emotionally challenged behavior of our children we pay a heavy price in physical, emotional and financial terms. This has a rippling effect on all society, no wonder our jails are full, our mental asylums are full, relationships are tense, divorce is rampant, debt is high and drug abuse is taking it's toll. 

Please google, 1)'braintecness' and 2) 'self image therapy sajid khan'
In theory, yes, +martin fleming. They've done a good job, though, in gerrymandering the congressional districts to protect their seats.
When the GOP is in power, they loot the country.

When the GOP is out of power, they try to bankrupt it.

They have to be stopped.
I'd appreciate it if you'd all just do your jobs and stop whining about the hard choices.  Both sides agreed to kick this down the road  - that doesn't mean that this is all a "Republican" thing.  If you can't make the hard choices in Washington, I'm sure the rest of us can find someone who can to replace you. (this applies to everyone in Washington)  Compromise is not about ultimatums and stubbornness.   And making easy choices in order to avoid hard ones does not make a good leader.
Let it happen or don't.  There's no real cut in it, it is a drop in the ocean.  Rest assured, if there is a deal, it will be worse for us all.
+The White House I think the problem is that the rhetoric is about one class of people. I'm not in the 1 percent, but I do make enough that this affects me, and I'm fine with that, but I respond much better when I hear, "lets fix the tax code" or "let's return to 90s era taxation" than any implication that the giant wad of taxes that I just paid was a sign of my personal antipatriotism. I hope that helps and doesn't come off as partisan (I voted for you, incidentally, knowing full well that that could mean personal, financial sacrifice) 
I think the GOP has lost sight of who will actually make the sequester decisions on who, what, when and where; the Executive branch! Congress is about to turn over to their enemy the largest weapon they possess, the power of the purse. If you are in a red state dependent on fed funds or programs, you may want to move.
I've been saying since day 2 of Obama being elected the first time. He's ruining the country, blames everything he does on Bush and the Republicans. He promised no taxes on middle income families, here they are. He proclaims an executive order of 23 new policies that have no bearing on the gun control issues. Not to mention they violate your cival liberties and the masivley ignored constitution.. That seems to be nothing more then guide line anymore... 
Can I have some more Kool-aid? It's starting to wear off and ignorance is so bliss. 
tee dee
How many more schools your gone build an mental disorder help you'r gone give we have in the past ........don't know how we got to this situation .. Ooo I know poverty overwhelming poverty... Do you think you invest in Education it's gone help that kid that goes to sleep hungry, are wakes up in a car as there home , are better yet no shoes on there feet... I say America has outgrown its bridges not good for the people only great for politicians..... I say if you have a ship an you put 10,000 ppl on it the ships gone sink an this is what we have here.... the goberment is building infrastructure they feel well hold for are outgrowing just so they can when the tug a war with the federal reserve ain't gone work some you politician tried many different ways already..,,

I mean GM really goberment bails banks out turn around an sue the banks like really dude your playing tag but only with your self.....
Every day GOP legislators remain recalcitrant regarding the deficit is one day closer to a one-party system and they will have no one to blame but themselves.
You all are as partisan as the politicians. Republicans are wrong because Democrats are right or the other way around. The fact that it has been two party politics and two party politicians that lead us here. They are both responsible and so are we. We have maintained the status quo for far too long by blaming the other side. Get off the carrousel and fix it. 
Stop with "the Republicans" . There's only 1 president. You got your tax increases already. Including the income tax (the one that affects the middle class the most) that you swore up and down would never get raised.

But because it's not enough (as everyone opposed said it wouldn't be) to pay for your nightmare of a health care system, you need more.

Cut entitlement spending.


And quit blaming everyone else for the dismal failure that is your administration.

The sequester was your idea for Petes sake.

I realize that blame and excuse are the cornerstones of your entire administration, but it's really getting old.
+Stephen Smith , I have written letters and made phone calls to my senators and members of Congress. I actively support term limits for senators and Congressmen and women. I did not vote for either the Republican or Democrat presidential candidate. Do you have any other suggestions to loosen the hold the American Ruling Class has on this country?
Some of you really don't understand the potential of this country and how it is looked upon beyond our borders. Most of this noise is a bunch of hoopla! Some of us are really trying to take the UNITED out of the (U.)S.A., stuck in their ways and making us look bad on the international scene. All this is unnecessary! The President has a plan, voted for by the majority. A plan that we would like to see accomplish. These plans include everyone and will even make the 1%=7% richer! So what’s all the HYPE?  The only losers here are the ones that are so spiteful and without compromise that they will end up hurting this country if they don’t recognize the bigger picture.  
The President is playing politics -- as usual!!!
He is a Politician/President with the better plan!
Who's to blame for this sequester mess? I say the responsibility sits with Congress (Democrats & Republicans) and Obama. It was the White House, through Gene Sperling, that suggested the automatic trigger mechanism.

It was the White House, through Jack Lew & Rob Nabors, who convinced Harry Reid and John Boehner that this was the way to go. That these triggers would force Congress to take action (The Obama Administration should have known that the Republicans wouldn't play ball).

The sequester deal passed the House by a vote of 269-161, this included 95 Democrats voting for it. If those 95 vote no, this bill does not pass the House. The bill passed the Senate by a vote of 74-26 with 45 Democrats voting for it.

In the end, the president signed it into law. So I blame the whole lot of them. They can point fingers at each other all they want, but they all did this.
So now the Republicans are being blamed for going along with Obama's idea of Sequestration? Proof Obama isnt serious about debt. He wont cut spending even when the cuts to spending are his idea. But the low information voters dont realize that. They just hear Obama speak and like sheep,do what they are told.
I don't believe a word that comes from this Lenninst elitest turd.
tee dee
How bout a week strike all Americans walk out job , no gas , no school , no shopping how about we all Americans talk among each other to know who are fellow Americans really are an work on fixing are broken after we March to capital Hill by the millions expect an demand change are else America will be at a stand still ,,,until we get some resolution Are you with me because I'm ready been ready ...'
I am eager to see the outcome. I am glad we have been forwarned way ahead of the effects the cuts will have on all Americans. It is the full equation,no short cuts and no eye balling it. Get ready.
A lot of people have to be mad about this.  The sequester will kill our economy, the pathetic thing that it is right now.  So many of us are living on the edge, and the edge gets thinner and thinner.  Call the members of the house.  Tell them that we will demand to sequester their salaries until they put together a real budget - stop fighting and start working.  Basic economics are 'during a recession, the government must spend more and raise taxes'.
The problem with walking out +tee dee is the fact that PEOPLE are obsessed with normalcy. Most of the people on this board are also playing politics, basing theories off their somehow vast knowledge of the system. This basically means they watched the news. People would rather complain than fight, would rather watch than act, would rather argue than compromise. It's actually infuriating to know that people won't march on Washington in droves. The people have relied on false leaders whose only objective is to remain in power. The republicans clearly don't care, the dems are a bunch of whiners, and the President is an opportunist. That's what our country is run by. A damn circus. 
+Sandra Thaxter
Haven't you heard? The recession is long over.

Obama brought us back from the brink of destruction. Everything is great now.

Obama said so!

You must be looking at the pesky factual data or something.
Don't believe the facts. Join the ranks of the uninformed voters and just believe his excellency, the emperor Obama....
Basic economics are 'during a recession, the government must spend more and raise taxes'.

Debunked Keynes bull.  The correct answer during both recession and non-recession is to let people keep the highest possible amount of their money and spend it as they see fit. Anything else is mal-investment and is the cause of economic problems.
+Phillip Kurinyj I believe you meant :Leninist. It would be difficult for a Leninist to be an elitist at the same time. But thanks for the insightful commentary from the ultra far right.
+Jeff Brailey Lenin was an elitist. He did not share his newfound elitism with the general population. Sound familiar? Your  Welcome Sir. 
Yes we should keep taxing hardworking ppl more and give it to the lazy asses in return for permanent vote guarantee to the libtards.

To democrats all federal programs are holy cows and so can't cut any spending. This country is getting looted by the liberals, commies, media and the lazy asses.
Nick B
The sooner and deeper we cut the less it hurts, and most of it is going to have to come out of SS/Medicare, with the rest out of DOD.
+Jeff Brailey Educate. I am the same way and of the same mind. It is ignorant to think that only one party is reasponsible for all the ills of the country. It is also ignorant to think that they both don't play the same dirty pool.
+Dennis Johnson
So Obama himself didn't swear over and over again that taxes wouldn't go up for the middle class?

And the income tax rate didn't go up?

I'm listening just fine. To every word the man says. And I'm tracking real results.

It's you and the rest of the uninformed voters that are a lost cause sir.

If you can sit there and defend the mess the lack of leadership in this country has produced. 
Our Governmnet spends 1500 Billion a year, the sequester cuts 85 billion.  How is this bad again?  I thought the American people wanted cuts?
Nick B
The effective income tax rate has, or were you not aware of that?
+Stephen Smith you have a lot more confidence and optimism than I do. I don't think the voters have had any power in over half a century. Like it or not, the USA is run by an American Ruling Class.
+Dennis Johnson When I lost my job I had to stop eating out and trade in my car for a cheaper one.  A car is s good thing, a great thing.  It gets me to and from work.  I still needed to make those cuts and I still had a car.
Nick B
+Dennis Johnson True, the democrats achieved checkmate when they got "mandatory" spending excluded from the cuts.  One of the best political moves in years.
Um Obama I'm pretty sure automatic cuts were your idea. How about showing some leadership and working out a compromise? It's not all those evil republicans fault. Both parties have been in power as our debt increased. Now indeed tune for both to work together to solve it.
Rework entitlements and defense spending amass I'll bet you can accomplish more with lesd easily.
Let it happen.
The threat is most always worst than the action.  Some of the issues will self correct, some will get worse, and some things will never become a problem. We can then deal with the issues that are "truly" a problem.
Letting the sequester happen is the fastest way to break this down into it's smallest parts. Then if we act decisively, the bite size problems can be dealt with quickly and effectively rather than applying an oversize bandage with a generic ointment to a massive, undefined social experiment.
Li Cara
The right has spun this whole situation saying that Obama wants the cuts to happen and making them the scapegoat. It is not the duty of the president to create a budget.the president is supposed to advise, and he has. The right is passing the buck by refusing to do their job.
+Li Cara So Obama has blamed Bush for his failures for years and now that he blames Republicans, you are surprised we don't believe him?
republicans will make these cuts, and then blame the results on the obama admin in 2016. 

it's politics at the coast of americans best interest.  
Name one leader you respect that spent the entire time making proposals and then blaming someone else when they didn't get done.   A leader makes things happen regardless of the mountain in front of them.  Too bad we don't have any in Washington.
The looks of it, we have two governments. Talk about a civil war.
Job Creation? That's what happens when you place more tax on business, you decline job growth. No Jobs, No Tax. Instead, lets aim at the people who have money, since we can't make any ourselves  they should be the ones to share the wealth. American dream isn't being educated with a substantial salary anymore, it's become more about being a sponge. 
Um...for all you kool-aid drinkers out there...sequestration was obummer's idea...careful what you ask for cause you might just get it! That's why our nation has 4 more years of crap. The libs want a care free everybody's equal happy part of a one world government kind of nation. Those of us with pride, work ethic and common sense want to remain the greatest free nation on earth. 
+Li Cara
It's the duty of the president to lead.

Just like every other before him he's had opposition and challenges.

He's the only one who saw the longest stretch of high unemployment since the great depression on top of watching the income of middle class families fall and the National debt sky rocket.

He's a failure and a liar. The facts clearly show this.

I am Japanese.
+Chad Hernandez we knew the payroll tax cuts were temporary..... it's the right thats whining about it.... just like the bush tax cuts were clearly identified as temporary..... why can't the right accept that reality and stop trying to say how mad the left is, when they aren't?
+Andy Britt Ya let's just face it, President Obama is a Balla.  He united us all as one just as he promised.  Brought us out of recession in no time and gas is down.
+Adam Wyson why would you try to deny the responsibility the bush administration has for where we are today? you can whine all you want about the left playing the "blame bush" game, but the right is just as guilty of playing a "blame Obama" game. look in the mirror......
+Mike Mac I don't and didn't deny Bush's part in this mess.  I simply pointed out that Obama refuses to take responsibility himself.  Imagine if Bush blamed all his problems on really think about it for a moment.  8 years straight of blaming Clinton.
+D Burton That one world crap is bullshit, pushed by the far right, and has no basis in reality.
+Timothy Marois Where the hell were the jobs durning the Bush years???? We had the goddamn Bush tax cuts and went into a recession! 
+Tina Vigilante Just to be clear, It's not Clinton's fault, It's bush's fault, It's not Obama's fault.  Got it.
I want at least 20% in cuts but will settle for 2%. Thank god this was signed by Obama, it's his best idea yet. 
+Jack DeManche It's what the Rethuglicans always do Jack, they cause economic distress and bame it on the Dems.
+Andy Britt Is the first person to actually state historical fact.  Our economy has always taken off after a recession.  Obama and Biden already declared the recession over multiple times.  If Bush's recession is over then wtf are we dealing with now?  The nice thing about being a democrat is when you are wrong you can always point the finger.
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+Andy Britt 
"stop asking more from the top"

More?  they are paying record low taxes....*record *

"we all should feel the pinch."
We have ,since the mid 2000's

"we ask our best producers for enough. time to slow the spending."

 We have asked them for less for years, they are paying *record* low taxes.  and we are spending less then we have in over 60 years.  
+Adam Wyson 
"Our economy has always taken off after a recession.  "

duh.. that is like saying a boiling pot always cools off when you turn off a burner...
Both parties are not to blame. The Rethuglicans have been nothing but obstructionists, everything President Obama's for their against even if it was their own idea to begin with. They've wanted to destroy this president from the very beginning and establish a Plutocracy. 
+Andy Britt 
"5 years later? give me a break."

Sooooo you are more informed and more of an expert then all economists, and even the GOP that said it will take a minimum of 10-15 years? You sound like another elitist with a microwave mentality.  
There's an old saying that comes to mind here, " the rich get richer and the poor get poorer"! Lets see also two words "selfishness" and "greed".

The very people that asked for a raise when they are already upper class (rich), or that get funding from corporate jet owners, or have investment ties to the oil industry, are the ones that are supposed to vote to tax the rich the oil tycoons and support the middle class, Yeah Right!!!

As long as there are people that are selfish and greedy in office that seek only to secure their own financial gains and political parties at the expense of the people. The problem will only continue to fester until one day it can no longer withstand the pressures that are created by its own infection and it pops!!

Sayings from people that are sworn to uphold the constitution that include things like, "Don't worry about the legality of the legislation at hand, that's why we have the courts", are examples of the rich stepping on the poor. Not only violating the very constitution they swore to uphold but knowing full well that the majority don't have the time or money to challenge such ridiculous laws or tax cuts!

These seem to be the same people that capitalize on the abundant misinformation spread by the media (if not feeding the misinformation) that blinds the masses and enables them to continue with clever well planned words (lies) to obtain their selfish bias agendas!

Anyone not in it for the long haul, the betterment of all those who help to make this country great, from the guy that shovels elephant dune at the zoo to the top scientist, should be thrown out and replaced. It's called fine tuning!

Remember that you politicians work for all of us not just the rich! And if it weren't for people willing to be the low people and take jobs that others won't and do the things that actually build the foundations you stand on like building the jets, pumping out the oil, or building the hospitals or buildings with heat and a/c that allow such buildings to be habitable, are the very people that enable you to do what you do where you do it!

Quit stepping on us and treating us like we are a dime a dozen!!! If you take care of us we will take care of you!
Is it just me, or is anyone else tired of hearing Obama speak about anything?
King Obama get off that high horse you are telling me out a budget of3 trillions you cant fine 40 billions you cant cut? Your one size fit all programs don't work it's being used before ask jimmy Carter stupid
+Andy Britt 
"if obama was a football coach or a CEO he would be in the unemployment line with millions of others right now"

if obama was a football coach or a CEO he would have fired those who are obstructing progress towards the solution.....
If you in your dealership have a "plan" and you have a few salesmen/women that buck it, you fire them....
+rocco diconza   you do know the POTUS can not cut spending, congress has too do it, right?
+Gregory Garvin  sure corporations are evading/avoiding taxes, while at the same time collecting what they consider their "entitlements" welfare for the rich.  Record profits, record cash reserves, record low taxes.....
Sounds like Tina Vigilante thinks that she is better than someone that was born in a different geographical area than herself. What you call "hillbilly" Tina, are the ones that have more common sense in their little finger than you have in your whole body! As for you obama, you started the whole sequester ordeal and now you want to blame it on the Republicans? Hippocrite!
+Darrell Crosby  So the Republicans approved this (which it would never have passed if they had been against it) and now you say they have no accountability for it?

Excuse me while I LMFAO
Yes Mike I do know but if sequestration goes into effect he can decide wat to cut in each department
yeah Tina, I'm right there with you! The fact that you resort to name calling proves my point, you think you are better!
+rocco diconza  yes.... authority granted to him by the Republicans.  who now want to whine about it.... because they didn't do anything to prevent it
That's true mike I don't know Wath the GOP was thinking
Tina Vigilante,You have made a statement you cannot prove but from your comment's you reveal that you are a very vile and unhappy individual. Also I digress, Hypocrite is the proper spelling. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.
Mr. President- if you knew the sequester was a bad idea for the country, as you claim now, why did you propose it? Is it possible, sir, that you realize your true agenda had been laid bare and that there is no one to bail you out? Please stop with the shenanigans and lies and please begin to put our country first.
the Arabs had the Arab spring maybe the America people need to take lesson and have a American spring in Washington d.c. its time the American people take back they country from Corporation and the 1% 
+David Waterson the sequester  was proposed as one possible solution, knowing full well it would only delay the inevitable. it was that last resort option.  The GOP selected that option.
jp j
The party of its not my fault!
+Darrell Crosby   why is the new tactic of the Right to explain how unhappy the Left is?
More drivel the WH sends out most every week.
I mean I am not far left by any standards, I am more of what used to be called a moderate republican before the GOP slid Right so far they fall off the chart. (and I kicked the GOP to the curb after the Patriot Act was passed)

The only things I am tired and angry about are people from the Right (what used to be the far right) telling me what I should do, how I should feel and now what I should be mad about.
jp j
In this country you can have what ever you want and as much as you want, as long as you WORK for it! Nowadays too many want a hand out! Pitiful
+jp jones   yes, hand outs of corporate welfare, continuations of temporary tax reductions, a government that hands them a job.....
+jp jones Bullshit. Americans want jobs! Food Stamps and unemployment help people through the hard times until they are able to find work. Would you have them begging in the streets? 
mr. andy britt, you are clueless I swear. you don't even know me to make that assumption, and fyi my life is good and probably better then yours. but Corporation and the 1 percent need to pay there fare share in taxes. just like the the common man and woman do.
Question(to all the anti-Obama folks): What what are your solution(s) to the economic problems?
I say let the sequester take place.  If the government cannot find was to save 5 to 9 cents on the dollar, maybe we need some new people in the government.  Of course, politicians on both sides have a vested interest in portraying the cuts in the worst possible light to scare people into thinking we need to avoid it.  As one article I read (apologies that I cannot find the link) noted that even for defense, the reductions puts the funding at a level equal to 2009, and we were hardly undefended nor was the entire civilian workforce of the military furloughed as the current Secretary of Defense would have us believe.
+Derrick Robertson President Obama has always proposed solutions, and they are always rejected by the party of NO. Fixing our crumbling infrastructure would be a good start if the goddamn Rethuglicans would get out of the way.
Ignorance is bliss. Keep blaming the Republicans. Havent you seen you're checks lately? You're making less and paying more taxes. If it wasnt for the Republicans who agreed increase the debt ceiling without spending cuts, we all would've been paying more taxes. Now our deficit is even worse and they want to tax the wealthy more and refuse to cut spending. Wake up people. Everyone has to pay more taxes. They know it but are to going to jam it down your throats and rear but will blame it on the Republicans as will all the liberals. Just what the Democrats want to stay in power. Make the people depend on them to push their socialist agenda and control free enterprise. See you on the cheese line.....
Obama and the White House is a complete joke. The Sequester was Obama's idea in the first place. Obama is hopeless.
+Axel Mercado I've already explained about the payroll tax increase expiring. The weathy need to pay their fair share in taxes, the lower classes can't do all. The 1% are the only ones who made record profits during the recession. And you don't even know what the hell a socialist is, the Dems are today, what the Rethuglican party was decades ago, and the Rethuglicans today are just plain batshit CRAZY. 
+Axel Mercado the deficit is not worse, its down by over 30% and forecast to be down by 60% by next year..............
Dave T.
+Axel Mercado "If it wasnt for the Republicans who agreed increase the debt ceiling without spending cuts". Right. They held the debt ceiling hostage so the could push their fascist agenda. 

If ignorance is bliss, then you're in the Garden of Eden pal.
+Thomas Sullivan psssstttttt.... the republican majority in the house put it on the floor for vote and passed it....
+Axel Mercado I blame the republicans for not trying to work with the president, but would rather protect the rich and well-connected than helping the middle-class and the poor.  There are a lot people on government assistance now than ever before. I'm quite sure if they had good-paying jobs, they wouldn't be on it, but they have no choice. How are they suppose to live if cuts were made to these programs(i.e. unemployment benefits, social security/disability, food stamps, medicare/medicaid)? What republicans seems to fail at recognizing is the fact that people's lives are at stake here.
Dave T.
I ask this question of Tea Baggers all the time. When was the last time a Republican President lowered the debt?
House Republicans should just let Obama have everything he wants. Then when his utopian socialist regime falls apart we'll all know what should have happened. Sad thing is all his fans will still deny any poor policy of the President. 
+Chad Hernandez using sequestration as a fire under Congress to get them to act was the President's idea. Leave it to Congress to say, "doing our Constitutionally mandated job of managing the purse strings is too hard, let's just pull the trigger and blame the President." (Note: It's Congress as a whole who were too lazy to fix the problem, but it seems to be the Republicans who are interested in blaming the one guy who has no power to create a solution)
This was Obamas idea live with it and stop blaming republicans u fucking whiner.
Its all a lie u monkey go back to Kenya in a zoo 
Always gotta play the blame game for the job he can't find solutions too.. fuck this president 
Pretty sure the democrates can give in as well. Republicans have passed 2 bills in the house that would fix this. Where are the dems? Afraid to make the tough decisions once again
You can only pray everyone would know what this man says is what he thinks we all want to hear and does the complete opposite.  Everyone is finding out, or will real soon, it's all BS just like "If you want to keep your insurance plan, if you want to keep your doctor, you can and the government will not take that away."  to only find out now that you can't keep your plan because your employer can't afford to provide it anymore and your doctor you loved so much won't accept that pitiful plan you have now.  And, what a bunch of crap it is now to have to claim your employer's provided insurance as a taxable income, really?  What in God's name is this guy doing to all of us that work so hard to provide for our families?  I get up every morning for my wife and daughter, not for those who do nothing for themselves.  My back, as well as every working American brother of mine's back, is being crushed by this administration and it breaks my heart to see what is happening to this country.  Someone said it best with:


We've become a laughing stock to the rest of the world as some lick their lips willing and waiting for the right opportunity to pounce on us.  Maybe when we all finally have the 2nd amendment trashed and our personal weapons all confiscated...wait and see.
Welcome to ObamaVille folks. Things are only getting worse out there for everyone and the only thing constant is all the finger pointing. This is what ObamaVille will always look like. Just remember silly liberal,you voted for this. You can lie to yourself all you want about Republicans but,the all of policies Barak put in place to fix these problems have not worked. We are not out of the this recession yet(economy just shrank in the last qtr). It was Obama that raised your taxes,cut Medicare funding and not gotten the un-employment down yet. The Govt # says 7.9(we know politicians never round up)or and we also know their way of calculating unemployment is flawed.(they dont count part-time,under-employed or those who have quit looking),everything cost more and you make less money,pay more in taxes&energy bills and ObamaCare hasnt even taken effect yet although taxpayers are beginning to pay for it. Nothing is better for anyone and its only getting worse,this is Obama's economy and the results of his weak leadership. A real leader gets people to follow without forcing them to. We are more divided than with more division to come from the great"uniter. While a lot of Republicans do deserve a lot of blame for things in Washington,Democrats deserve more simply because Liberalism always fails. Obama's policies have tries over and over throughout history with the same result. The Obama voter claims to be"Progressive" and nothing could be further from the truth. Anyone who knows even lil bit of history knows how the Liberal fairy tale ends. The Obama supporter isnothing more than a sheep doing what he/she is told to do.Bush was not a great POTUS,he spent to much and grew Gov't,Obama has blown Bush out of the water with spending,debt and size of Gov't. He is worse in everyway and I dont like Bush. Wake up,you are being treated like retards by this regime. They know you will believe anything you are told. All I ask is that instead if blindly following ANY politican,you objectively research. You will be amazed at what you find. Im not a Republican,I cant stand the GOP leadership,they are weak and in my opinion no different from any Democrat except when it comes to election years. Buckle up and put on your helmets because life in ObamaVille only gets worse and it is a direct results of his liberal policies.
Can't believe POTUS still throws Bush name out there.
andy britt really ??? you ok with millionaires and billionaires paying lower taxes then the avg common man or woman. while corporation outsource American jobs 
mr. president, this sequestration was your idea. you are spending so much, that children born today will owe 1.5 million to help pay off the damage you created. what about you calling Bush out for spending no where near what you have, and you did it in 4 years. Here's an idea Mr. president, pass a budget.

Isn't it time you stop blaming eveyone else for your choices? Stand up and be a man for once. Tell us how you are looking at America as the next Communist Country, or stop killing us with more of your debt. Go learn soething about economics.
If Republicans are willing to reach a grand bargain if they get spending cuts and the President has said there are some bloated programs that have outlived their usefulness, why not cut those bloated programs, consolidate duplicate agencies and reach a deal? If Medicare has to be part of the grand bargain (and Bowles Simpson says it does) do not means test Medicare because no one wants to get less if they responsibly save and invest. Instead raise the retirement age and the income subject to FICA tax because people are living longer. People under the retirement age should have the option to buy into Medicare at cost (so there is no extra cost to the taxpayers).
Are u kidding me? This is like from the onion right? I get it.

Were screwed
+Aaron Sherman
Did you watch the video?

There's only 1 person putting everything off on everyone else.
And it's the same person who is supposed to be leading the nation. 
Obama agreed to creating the sequester only to cause some motivation for the congress to act. They haven't so it is congress fault, all laws and budgets come out of congress, so funny when people say the president isnt doing anything. Because he can't do much on his own, Congress must act! So funny to when the supporters of GOP blame the president for this sequester deal, guess they all missed the well document and filmes qoute from Mr. Boehner, where he clearly stated he "got 99% of what he wanted" from the deal. Pretty clear where the real blame lies...
Last time I checked. The president has no control over making an acceptable budget. The House of Representatives has to start and approve all budgets.

Guess what? They want to incriminate the president like he's been incriminating them. That's means that they wouldn't approve any budget that the president proposes. So he is helpless.

Before ANYONE starts hammering on the president, get your biased eyes out of the Liberal New York Times and Conservative Wall Street Journal (No MSMBC or FOX either), and learn about the structure of government. That means read a textbook that is unbiased.

The Constitution is built to RESTRICT the power of the President. Don't go looking to him for answers. Go to the Congress that can't work together.

The Republicans are as screwed up as the Democrats are. Bipartisan my ass. 
Let's all quit sugar coating everything! Let's suspend pay for every member of Congress and the Senate as well as the president. This administration has suspended or delayed every active military members pay for multiple weeks without any delay to their own. Both parties are guilty of misrepresenting the truth and not following the will of the people. The morals of this nation have been compromised and left without integrity.
Not only do the Republicans support these cuts I do too.

These are the absolute minimum in cuts I am willing to start with.

Wasn't this Obama's idea in the first place? Why is he against it now?
Let it happen. The sooner it happens the sooner we come that much closer to shutting down the Feds and closer to disbanding them.
He is the man who had the plan. Washington is toxic
It baffles me that democrats act if they play no part. Rhe democrats suck.
I also find it amusing when bush was in office & gas went up it was profiteering. Now the socialist in chief is in power its supply and demand. How can anyone think obama knows what hes doing. 
First, this was Obama's idea when campaigning. Second, failure to handle the debt was considered a failure by Republicans when Obama was a Senator in the minority party in 2006 - why the new story now? Finally, there are no cuts, just decreases vs. planned spending. Does anyone really believe we don't spend enough or that we can't survive spending less? Progressivism (as practiced by both major parties) has failed...
I don't know why this republicans still sitting in the Congress, where they are working against the American People? They are all having enough money, and get support from the rich people... and don't care about the hard working American families... some how also they love to work against the democrats and put the all economy from the US backwards... this will be disaster for many American People. I have another question here. Are they American Citizens? Sometimes I believe they are not. 
Obama is a hypocrite. Sequester was HIS idea and he could put a stop to it. Instead of campaigning, just stay in Washington, stop all the partisan bickering and blaming everyone else for your own failures, become the leader you were elected to be and work with the Congress. 
It's okay, don't worry...... Those who never earned a living will always free loaf, and those that always stole from the working class will always continue to do that.... Neither Democrats or Republicans represent the working class.... Their voting demographic is those that don't work and those that steal... Respectfully.. 
This is so silly. They are only cutting several million in the trillions of dollars budget that Obama ran up. All the while they are upping the budget several BILLION dollars. Read the Washington Post 
Let the cuts begin. We have to do it sometime; it might as well be now.
Conservatives really have a death grip on their ignorance. If you are a fiscal conservative, looking to shrink the debt and deficit, then based on his record, Obama is your hero. Posted the facts earlier in this thread, yet the same old crap rhetoric continues to pour in, as though I never provided it.

If you are wondering why people say that "Conservatives" are stupid, that would be the answer. Because not only are they stupid, but they actually prefer it that way.
That is an exaggeration, on both sides.  But I get your basic meaning
How's it Going?... Oh just Peachy.... The Da** government (just like the GREEK government) is going to cut my pay by 20% because they are idiots and have their own pockets in mind more than the good of the nation. The Dems are WRONG, the Repubs are WRONG and are so interested in their own agendas that the good of the nation is not important to them at all.

Here in Mississippi, according to a report on WTVA  the sequestration, debt limit and failure of a budget by congress, will once again bring less money to people who don't understand that the military contributes Billions of dollars to the US economy each year. Through the wages of the military people and government civilians, thousands of small businesses survive with a larger part of the money the defense of this country requires to maintain safety in this crazy world.  Allan Nunlee and Roger Wicker are the two that represent me in North Mississippi.  So far, they and the rest of congress are just calling each other names and, as far as I can see, haven't accomplished a darn thing.  Pissed... Yep....  Yelling here on G+? Yep... Do you hear? Most likely, Does anyone in Congress hear? NO they are on vacation on our tax dollars while the country continues to decline.  
Obamas budget preserves the Bush tax cuts for people making under $250,000. So anyone makeing more than that continue to whine. The rest of you shut up!
Does anyone else think Obama looks blazed in this address? Look at his eyes ..especially around 0:44
Scare tactics. Sequestering was Obama's idea and he should shoulder the responsibility.
+Drew Heyen Name calling is not used by those have a good use of the language.  I didn't build the military, YOUR CONGRESS DID! It is large because the world needs help keeping the peace.  GOVERNMENT POLICY doesn't get it right a lot of the time. President's make Policy that the Military has to accomplish... We military people didn't decide to go into Iraq or any other place... WASHINGTON did...  Vote for change, make sure every one you know votes for change. But don't call me a fool because of an area that I had no part in establishing... 

Yes defense is used for many things. So is the WICK program, Medicare and Medicaid and many other government programs...  I don't know your background because you don't post much on G+ and your profile says "Magician"...

  I joined the military out of college because of the draft (yep I'm older than you I suppose). I served my country by taking tents, food, other shelter to people of the United States and around the world in times of humanitarian need. Yes I carried military supplies also but I know I saved lives by doing both... I am Proud to be an American who served in the military.  The BIG Government that the President and both parties of Congress are striving for will be the downfall of this nation.
 I'm Pissed at all the people in Congress because they bicker and bicker and don't accomplish anything.  I live within a budget, I don't over spend, I am about to get a 20% cut in pay on top of the 16% I took a couple of years ago because of another federal decision that has proved to be more expensive that originally planned.   Yes I have a job, no it is not secure, and all because of people inside the beltway that made these decisions...  I didn't vote for a single one of them, I vote once every election.  Understand? +Drew Heyen 
Translation for this article-blah blah blah blah blah, republicans.........blah blah blah.
is all obama does is blame the republicans cuz they don't kiss his ass and fact check his statments and plans. obama doesn't help the middle class, he hurts them with these taxes and obamacare. marco rubio 2016!
Here's a novel idea.

Broad, sweeping cuts to every federal program that is not specifically defined in the Constitution. Close all of the tax loopholes. Then you can pay off the debt and then you can lower taxes and let the States deal with the programs and raise taxes on that level, if they need to. 
+Chad Hernandez The payroll tax is not the sane as the income tax.  And the "increase" was simply a return to the rate that existed before President Obama's Payroll Tax Holiday expired.

Counting that as an increase in the income tax is kind of ignorant.
Dan Kok
Just lead Obama instead of blaming everyone else. What a complete baby.

+Reggie Pipkin Very true.These are supposed to be intelligent people putting their heads together yet they can't do their jobs.And every idiotic squabble is being handed to the media,so that should tell you that this is only a show.And Obama is the ringmaster
+Dan Kok Lead how?  If the Republicans are determined to say no to everything, what should he do?

It's like your telling the parent of a two-year-old having a tantrum he should "lead" the toddler into reasonable behavior.
+David Gary Say specifically how you would like the President to lead.  The only thing the Republicans would accept is complete capitulation.  Does that count as "leadership" in your eyes? 
+Mike Mac The thing about us conservatives is that we see through b.s.Republican or Democrat.And don't have too much pride to not admit our mistakes,but Messiah Obama seems to think he's the greatest thing since sliced bread.
"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within" Republicans take notice
yes, that is what republicans do...they care about the 'me' and the top of the food chain, the corporation ceo's, and exploring new tax loopholes...yes, that is their legacy...  A very sad and self serving group/party of Americans...and you wonder why we are targets for everyone else's discontent...and you wonder why we are 27th in the world standing in education? I really do not see a difference between republican ideology and Taliban ideology...both are tribal in nature...
A lot of the Obama critics seem to have no idea how our government works.  The President spends money, but only exactly as directed by Congress.  He can't spend more money they authorize, nor can he legally spend less.  The Congress doesn't have to get him to specify what cuts he would accept...they can just pass a spending bill with a lower amount.

The problem is, the programs the Republicans want to cut are popular.  Everyone wants lower spending, but not on programs they benefit from.  Republicans want Obama to specify the cuts so they can tar Democrats with them.

Not only that, but the obsession with deficits as our number one problem is misplaced.  Interest rates are so low investors are paying the U.S. to borrow their money.  *JOBS* are our biggest problem, and will remain so as long as Republicans insist on a campaign of sabotage.  Spending cuts that reduce GDP make the deficit and debt worse not better.  Temporary spending increases that employ people to rebuild roads, bridges, water systems and schools won't damage our long-term debt picture, but will improve the job picture.  That is the best way out of our stagnant economy.  Cuts will only make things worse.
Hey read Woodward's op-Ed. And weep. As I am cause both sides are really to blame
ter nea
    Greed has destroyed many great nations... were next!   These millionaires and billionaires are sick twisted people.  I say guillotine all of them... problem solved!
+Jim McMaster Very simple.Obama needs to put his "Harvard Graduate" education and his community organizer skills to good use instead of being distracted by fame and vacationing.And stop listening to his idiot supporters because they're more dense than he is.
Dan Kok
Since everyone asks "lead how?" let me suggest how about having the respect and dignity to not make aggravating comments to the press as opposed to working hard behind the scenes. Lay off the frigging vacations and act like you're supposed to be there and do something! 
No, Obama, the republicans want you to cut spending you ignorant radical.
Reagan was the first president to create us as a debtor nation...let's not forget...and Bush? Beer, beer and more beer...Laura was a democrat before she Bushy...
+Adam Outler precisely my point about republicans, they resort to ignorance and name calling because that is all they little education...and so uninformed...
+Jim McMaster A real leader listens to his heart,not petty squabbling.He doesn't let people talk in his ear.He already knows ahead of time what's best for his people

We have a doormat sitting in the White House
And the sheep keep falling for this tired game the Obama admin keeps playing. 
So let me get this straight, Obama does get his way and taxes are raised on the rich (and middle class but the press ignores that but I degress) and as part of that agrees with the sequester then now he backs out of that deal and wants a new one. No wonder the GOP dies not back down Obama does not live up to his word. The dens got a tax hike now it is time for a spending cut. The only group right now trying to bankrupt the country are Democrats with their desire to spend spend spend. The press and liberals forget that Obama agreed to this as part of the tax hike. 
+Satori Gregorakis the OP is ignorance at its best. Obama has increased spending and now wants to increase taxation. That's rediculous. Cut spending.. The same way everyone else does when they run out of money.

The way Obama sees it is that we should all be forced into "social" programs and give the government more money.. Forcing us to work harder for less because what was once a luxury for those who worked hard becomes a commodity under socialism.

No time to reply now, but keep this in your mind. Generally republicans are more educated, wiser and older guy. 
money is being spent on infrastructure...Americans have lost sight of this...just like most corporations promising a nice fat retirement package for their loyal workers only to find the company went bankrupt... this country is doomed without shoring up the republican friends probably have no idea what this means
+Gregg Havens
I clearly understand that your reply is the reply of someone who couldn't be bothered to read any of that article. well done. You have conclusively proven no one can stop you from being ignorant.

I don't think "military spending" is the problem. I think it is "a problem".  I think.... sorry, I KNOW that its cost bears no relationship to the job it does. I also know the vast majority of our military spending doesn't go to the military, it goes to the MIC.

do YOU understand?

Who/what I am is COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT. Who/what you are is COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT. Basing your argument on the speaker is a logical fallacy, it is called an Ad Hominem fallacy, and it is not a rational approach to making a point.

+Adam Outler You are an idiot. You are correct, Obama has "increased spending", on the other hand, our nation has grown, is constantly growing. Let's have some relativity here. HOW MUCH has Obama increased spending? Less than any POTUS since Eisenhower. That's how much.
America held hostage by commander in chief. Your idea, your law, your fault Mr. President.
This was the brainchild of Obama...funny how he now blames it on Republicans
+Drew Heyen the nation has grown minimally. The money Obama promised would not be an "increase" when he started his programs was including that which was overspending for one-time war on terrorism funds. He's still spending at that same rate.. Even higher!

You're wrong. If you look at the money that was supposed to stop once the mission in Iraq was finished, Obama has increased spending more than any president in the history of the USA. He trippled our debt in his first term. Trippled. And the war on terrorism was coming to a draw down.
I would love to know more about your ideas on emotional shortcomings, please sir!
Fuck republicans! 
+David Gary Okay, fine.  What proposal should he make to the Republicans?  Leading only work when the followers are willing to be led.
+Jim McMaster The followers know he's incompetent,therefore they don't listen to him

The only "proposal" he should make at this point is resign and let someone else lead.His ideas have done little to nothing to improve this economy.A real leader also knows when he has foolishing took the helm

Not only are the President's fingerprints all over the bill, his signature is on it, too. Sequestration wasn't the law of the land until he made it so.
Oh yes, because the law passed was only about sequestration, right? Nothing to do about some small supercommittee tasked with solving the problem that is Congress' responsibility.

Yeah, focus on the Executive branch, that'll do a lot of good.
+David Gary How can you say President Obama's policies haven't helped, when they haven't passed since the original stimulus?  The American Jobs Act has been languishing in Congress for over two years.  The Republicans deliberately sabotaged the economy for four years, hoping high unemployment would enable them to defeat Obama.  That didn't work.

If you want to know whose policies would really tank the economy, look at any country in Europe.  Austerity has Great Britain in a triple-dip recession.  We could have that here if the Republicans get their way. 
Proposal? Obama listed all proposals on the table. All republicans need to do is not interfering with Obama's work. They are constantly interfering. I don't like them. Neither democrats. But being an independent I think the Obama proposal is the right to go. That black man is very clever. Obama is right. We would change out tax codes. Lets our president do his work. Republicans are the only ones that are interfering with the Obama's work. They are damaging the country and formenting divisions. 
The sky is falling. Chicken Little.
Republicans are not responsible for people who refuse to work,thus the America Jobs Act is a pointless endeavor.

America isn't Europe,Britain or any other country.The wealthy provide jobs and the poor do not.Simple as that

Why would some make decisions more complicated than they need to be?
The nation is on the brink of disaster, and Obama does what? A 3 day golf vacation... Leadership? Haven't seen any in four years now.
WELL SAID, David McMaster!!  When is the American Public going to WAKE UP and STOP allowing the Republican "law makers" to hold our country hostage!! THEY are strangling our economy and I canNOT believe the people who refuse to see it!  Aaaargh!!
We need moderation. Congress has become polarized to the far left and far right, there is no one in the middle to create compromise...
One thing I know about these politician .  They will make cuts to the most essentials of the essentials of government workers. These politicians will make sure  to hurt the most people as possible. To prove who is right. Isn't it wonderful how the Government works
+Adam Outler
 "Debt" does not equal "spending". You see, that is where you have gone so very wrong. "Dept" does not equal "spending", "deficit" does not equal "spending". "Spending" equals "spending". Relative to itself, Obama has increased the federal budget, each year of his Presidency, an average which is less less than any POTUS since Eisenhower. FACT!

The deficit has decreased faster under Obama, than it has in several generations. FACT!

As for "Ad Hominem Fallacy", I haven't used it once. Calling someone an idiot, particularly if that syllogism is supported by facts, is N O T an ad hominem fallacy. An ad hominem fallacy is when the basis for your argument against something has to do with its source. Stating that you are idiots, because you have shown yourselves to be idiots, IS NOT an ad hominem fallacy.
hey steven gross was you complaining about president bush being on vacation in crawford texas when the Iraq war was going on ???? ok then shhhhhhh
+Drew Heyen Again,you're off topic and calling someone an idiot without any psychological analysis or general knowledge of the person is indeed an Ad Hominem attack.

Pay close attention to what you're doing
Is the president ready to balance the budget like Clinton did?
All of you sheep blaming the Republican Party. Please wake up and realize the stupidity is not limited to one party. Read a book or something...
This certainly seems apropos: “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that "my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.”
― Isaac Asimov
What a joke he had a real opportunity to impact the economy when he had a chance during the crisis andbhe did nothing now hes playing politics
Same old same disappointing
+Sal Gallo Bush and his cronies created the crisis...same old same old
+Chad Hernandez Income tax and payroll tax are different. Can you tell us the difference? I bet you can't. 
This is garbage.  Cutting the increase in federal spending by 2% is barely enough to even be noticed.  The president is preying on the emotions of the uninformed.
Those tax breaks and loop holes is what keeps jobs alive and prices down.
If you remove them we all suffer.
1. The taxes are not paid by the corperations directly. The consumer pays the taxes in the form of higher costs.
2. Costs that cannot be covered by raising prices are met by termination of employment.
You created this situation asshat!
Its sad people blame the party that only holds power in one of the 3 branches responsible. Ya its the fault of the ones who have the least control.. when we make more wolves than sheep we will get out of these messes the democrats keep making.
You guys are a riot if you think they aren't in this together well whenyou are on your knees chained I will be standing with firearms protecting my family from tyrrany
Yes they are in it together. Its called people control, its easy to push policy when the people are focused on what divides them instead of what unites them and makes them great.
tee dee
He reminds me of a woman with hormonally imbalance!!
tee dee
To indecisive for my likens !!! 
+Pamela MF
Look Pamela.. Bush was bad that much I agree but if u think Obama is much better well i have to I said he had an opportunity to make an impact on the economy and he let the big banks off the hook..when it comes to wall street, interest groups and the economy in general theres not much difference between democrats and republicans..i suggest u take off the rose colored glasses and see things the way they are..we need an economic revolution bad real bad..theres going to be another crisis and this time it will be much worse..
tee dee
Somebody said chains.. o no not me chains don't look good on my wrist I rather bangles...

I tell you what Obama an Biden there's other jobs out there for Biden there's many used car lots looking for a manager, an Obama I heard caddy shack coming out with sequel ; ( jk 
This is insanely stupid. Cuts ARE needed. The government is far too large and ineffective for these arguments to be valid. The right answer? Less government. Less bureaucracy. Fewer taxes. More transparency. Fewer lies.

The "ruling class" needs to be subject to the same laws that we as citizens are subject to. Perhaps then the constitution would be adhered to, and fewer of our constitutionally-guaranteed liberties would be trampled upon.

Ok, I'm getting off my soap box now.
I personally think you should make a rap album Obama.You can tell your life story and let the people know who you really are and the young ones will still think you're cool.

You never had the wisdom to lead a country to begin with,so show some integrity and resign.
tee dee
why can't it be a day with out American ?I say weeks better because the impact well be far greater then a day,,
POTUS decides on cuts in military. And the crack about mental health is a joke. POTUS is doing nothing about the real reason for the shootings. He is trying to take away assault rifles. That is like like seeing a pot smoking problem and taking away caffeine. 
+David Gary
If you are going to cite fallacies, learn what they mean. Calling someone names is NOT an ad hominem fallacy.
Za President doesnt look too good...Geez!
+Michael Anderson
First of all, it is "assault weapons", not "assault rifles".

assault rifle = machine gun
assault weapon = scary looking deer rifle.

Might be good for you to actually have a clue, before you jump in feet first.
Both Congress and the President are playing a game, it is stupid and silly. aint gonna be easy every step of the way
Blowback of human insturmentality courtesy of the origins of regimes and empires that transition through ruin and rebirth with foundations of institutionalized cycle of usruy,hate,love,power,greed,and most of scripted profitable manufactured debt slavery...if you want to see how free you really are burn your money in a fireplace that's if you still have a home or a stove in a apartment
Socialism goes bankrupt than it converts to civil discord than the martial law conversion towards communism which is a scourge of individual self and thought
Plain and simple we Romans have been Trojan hoarsed so bad denile is now our sanity
+Craig Brunetti Yes, focus on the Executive Branch because it started there (with Jack Lew) and ended there (with Barack Obama).
Enemies are no longer at the gates the work in our system as all nations have them but we are the potential transformation set in place where even mortal Gods can be slated slowly...I still remember how the methods of the Pharisees condemned yashua to the Romans thinking great no blood on our hands and we can get back down to " business" for fear and terror when applying by force can be and awed motivation or an karmic reaction of reaping what's be sown upon the backs of other's
+John Black
Semantics? The tax is taken from everyone who's income comes from a paycheck. ..aka. ..income. 
We faulter from turning on eachother through jobs and currency...and yes feminism had helped the usury and content against men while hurting the women as well reducing marriage into a con
What I suggest we leave our fellow citizens secure and happy in their first line of defense from invaders of private property "self" no matter if its a gun or well devised trap every bio organic mammal and creature on this planet has a basic instinct for survival and weapons for It's own safety of not only the home but the young and old to protect from predators
Blah, blah, blah... Yet more name calling, lying, and blaming by Obama. SEQUESTER was originated by the democrats!!!!!!!! Sequester was authored by Harry R. and Obama. And yet, this falls on deaf ears. My beloved country is falling apart, change is not exclusively progress.
Or the alternative is just give will,mind,body,and soul to a tyrannical governmentbin hopes of if I become less independent,give up my rights and privileges,and most of have no control over my responsibilitys I will get a check and they won't do to me what they're doing to the middle class
Aim low,and aim so low they won't hear you in the pit
+Jim McMaster
More liberal deception.

It comes out of the paychecks of the middle class.

It went up.

The liar and chief swore taxes would not be raised.

Real results sheeple.

Your word games change nothing. 
Rhetorical nonsense. Make a budget and pass it. 
"I can make a firm pledge. Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes."-Barack Obama

Is there an "except if..." in this pledge?

The left can take their word games and peddle them to the uninformed voters.

The rest of us aren't buying it. 
+Win Vahlkamp Learn how the gov't works.  The Congress has the sole power to make a budget and pass it.

I see +Chad Hernandez is still trolling every thread that is pro-Obama in any way.  Nothing better to do?

+Leo Pingol Does it matter who's idea it was?  The Republicans voted for it all the same.  Then they blamed Obama after they voted for it....then for about a week there they were trying to take credit....last week they were trying to deny they ever had anything to do with it and now they are back to blaming Obama.....all while trying to disregard the fact that they voted for it.
In the beginning there was Fiscal Cliff (the sharp decline in the budget deficit). Now there is Sequester or Sequestration (a series of automatic, across-the-board cuts to government agencies, totaling $1.2 trillion over 10 years). What’s next? Bankruptcy?
This reminds me of Greece.
Good luck!
I see +Kahil Nettleton still making non response responses. Same question posed to you Kahil. .

I least I managed a fact or two in my posts. 
+Sal Gallo No rose colored glasses here Sal, I'm just tired of hearing anti-Obama rhetoric when the truth is they, Congress, President, special interest groups, etc. are all to blame for the mess we are in, and We the People also deserve our fair share because we allow it. Most of us (not me) don't even bother to exercise our right to vote...and there are still people in this world dying every day just to have that right.

What we need is complete reform of our election process. My idea is to have a government fund that gives a set amount of $$ to each qualified candidate and that is all they get, period. No advertising campaigns paid for by undisclosed entities, no PAC money, no donations to the "cause", nothing. 6 year term for President, no reelection  6 - 8 for Congress, no reelection. If they don't have to fret about being reelected then maybe they will get off their ass and actually do something for We the People...before it's too late and what was the greatest country on Earth becomes a second rate re-emerging country.
Every word that comes out of DC sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher...
Is that an estrogen swelled piece of beef jerky or the Parasite in Chief?

Are you trying to make the U.S. look like those condemned apartments in Chicago you backed?
Randy P
Yes of course they are. Everyone that has fed into his bullshit should get off your asses and help make a change. Because Obama is sure the Hell not. Yes a change. You got that already when he was first elected. That was the first mistake or I mean change. Now just wait for the big change to come. So when you hear Osama or I mean Obama say anything about green think red. It's coming or should I say it's already here but it will get worse. We can blame all presidents before. Why, Hell lets just blame George Washington for everything. LOL. You blame the person that cannot run the company so you fire them. I know who we can blame. All the dumb ass people in the The United States Of America that didn't do their homework or just wanted a little piece of the pie. 
You can't disagree with the preisdent, or call him an evil non-amreican piece of shit. He's black, that makes you a racist. Right?  Fuck that ass and EVERYONE that voted for him because they are all dumb asses
Randy P
Richard you hit the nail on the head. 
I got something I would love to hit on the head, the American voters
What a nightmare that this divisive, incompetent, hypocritical, pandering, far-left ideologue is our President. America won't truly recover until long after he is out of office.
..some people dont get it..big banks and wall street run the country its been like this for the past 50 years
Were fighting eachother for nothing
Right now the best thing we can do is pressure the goverments to split the big banks and make sure that the super rich pay their share of the tax burden
But this will never happen cause neither the democrats or republicans want it..we have to demand it..instead were fighting to see whos worse Obama or Bush..
Were a bunch of sheep....if we could really see what goes on behind closed doors we would be disgusted

Another day in a shit hole corrupted god damn America ! I will be so glad when all them politically religious dumb bastards are dead with death ! 
Oh look, Obama's lying again. In other news, the sky is blue and water's wet. So this dumb sequester that was originally Obama's own stupid idea is now suddenly some evil thing the Republicans conjured up? Right... Derp, derp, derp. Seems one of the reasons Obama's been so worthless as a president is because he spends most of his time spinning the facts and running from one lie to the next. Can we impeach him yet? His presidency has been disastrous for our nation and his White House/DoJ is an embarrassment and a joke. (Before you little Liberal trolls call me racist, I should point out I planned on voting for Herman Cain before your lapdog media sabotaged him. I'd vote for Allen West and Dr Ben Carson in a heartbeat. Nothing kills their narratives and makes Liberals loose their minds like a well-spoken African-American Conservative. So fun to watch!) 
The only one inflicting pain is you sir.
This was your idea. Accept responsibility for once in your life. 
Why did you sign the Bill in 2011 if you didn't like it, Harry Reed tell you to.
Didn't you come up with sequestration? Any cuts to my bloated government is a good thing. Spending is clearly the problem. 
Oh how I wish I could get the Parliament of Whores off my Google+ feed.
'Murica! Where the rich get richer and tr poor middle class gets a broom up the anus. 
Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah. Once again. Obama takes NO responsibility and shoves it onto the Republicans. What a coward.
Mr President the smoke is dissipating from the mirror.
Yea dicks chany & his little boy George ....smoke & mirrows !!!!!
President Obama
What are you waiting for? Why can't your expert get it that you have to educate a society to become wise. You just cannot use the bully pulpit to make people act rationally. You have to make them become rational from the core. Every time to give a speech people love it, you love it; but nothing changes. Those who pay taxes, go back to paying taxes and those who don't, don't. If you want to really change America then you have to introduce wisdom education which is brain therapy.

Remember what Shakespeare said about Brutus, 'Nature might herself stand up and say, 'This was a man'. In the case of becoming zero/selfless Mother Nature himself expresses his perfection in creating the man! Being zero is tasting, experiencing and living the life of a self master. Being zero simply means having an emotional baggage free brain. As being zero is very clear, self mastery is very clear. Thus self mastery education is education that removes the emotional baggage from the brain. Self mastery education is brain therapy that takes the sub-normal and normal brains and makes them super normal.
+Bob Beach That's an interesting view, it seems to me that he is going to meet republicans on the middle yet it's being refused. He is taking the responsibility and doing both reforms and upping taxes, that's quite responsible, only doing reforms would be unresponsible. Perhaps it's you that is looking to blame him?
Well well well. More blame game. Arent u all tired yet?
I'm sure politicians dont even go the hell or heaven...they are sent to a place neither hell or heaven goo too
This administration is like a ghetto welfare drama queen who though makes decision that have a negative and usury effect she will insist It's never her responsibility and somebody's gonna pay my bills,get my hair,feet,nails,and takecare of my children(for checks).
Bloods and crips extortion of the evaporated middle class is scandlous and makes you want to find equilibrium away from it
Mr.president please read the book the harbinger. It explains whats going on with America. Our country depends on it. I pray you read it.
Dan O
+Kahil Nettleton
They are irrelevant to the fact that that the job of the president is to lead.

They are also dismissive of the hand Obama had in this mess,the lies he told and I posted, and the real results. ..documented and posted as well.

In other words your facts are nothing more than weak attempts to divert from the real results of this administration. 
Mr President you sound like a broken record make easier on your self go on another vacation and play golf .
He is urging? I thought he was the president. He can do it he its just pushing the blame on others.
Nothin up my sleave.... Presto....!! 
It's nothing that another executive order wont fix.
There's a better chance that Michael Moore goes on a diet,Harry Reid moves out of the Ritz Carlton Hotel and passing a budget,Nancy Pelosi giving her 27 million away to poor people and Jesse Jackson quiting race baiting than Barak Obama actually taking any responsibility for this mess that is America.

REALLY? This was your idea. Deal with it like a leader and stop the predictable scare tactics. 
Republican motto: Don't let the black guy win anything, the people of the USA be damned.
It seems that filibustering is the only skill Republicans have, Ronaldo.
Of the stupid things a silly liberal says that tops the stupid list of
Liberals quotes for today.
You guys know that the sequestration was Obama's idea? If the guy could reign in spending we wouldn't be here.
+Ronaldo Penna If were you I learn how not to be a super douche bag,but Im not you and I like looking at myself in the mirror(Im good looking),go annoy someone else with your douchbaggery.
+Jorge Roberts Any person that believes that someone can actually rule the USA (not America, he is not president of America) as in dictator is either living in a cave or is the most ignorant and stupid idiot on earth. Maybe President Obama should take over. That way we can send all this ignoramus people to Guantanamo.
Ahhh....same people trolling with personal attacks rather than an intelligent response to the topic.

How quickly some of you forget or ignore that Republicans voted for the sequester. Wouldn't be in this situation if they hadn't cast their vote.
+Jason Rodriguez If you're so good looking why did you use someone else's picture. It must be someone else because the one on your profile sure is ugly. Just like a Republican. Self centered egotist.
Why won't the Right accept responsibility for the decisions that those they elected enacted? Why the need to try to blame Obama for their bad decisions, and their inaction?
Over and over and over, from their failed pledge to do what ever it took to make Obama a one term president (and look at the damage it caused to America!) , to their continued failed attempts to try to make Obama look bad...

and anyone saying an Executive Order can be issued to "stop" or "fix" this just shows their ignorance in the way our system works, and also show that they only blindly follow the beat of what they are told.

No matter what happens here, I hope we can hang without the Right bringing us into bankruptcy  until the next mid-terms so the purge can continue.  Obama can not fire them for not doing their jobs, but we can.
+Jorge Roberts
wow...could you be anymore racist with that comment?  Is that the best you can do?  Pathetic...
+Mike Mac The Republicans gerrymandered so that they could stay in power. It's going to be hard but it can be done.
+John Black along with the filibuster, its just another way to rule from the minority.  In a recent poll, only about 22% of Americans classify themselves as Republican.
Dave T.
+Kahil Nettleton They also quickly forget that they didn't want to raise the debt ceiling and pay the bills that they rang up. Fiscal responsibility my ass. That's why we are where we are.
This is why are country has gone to shit. Its becausethe idiots you read on here. If you people would stop following the Obama wagon we wouldnt be here in the firat place
Obama is a master of transferring blame and responsibility to someone else. He was for the sequester measures being put into place. Now he's using them as a gun pointed at Congress' head to get what he wants - more tax money to spend on his lobbies and special interests.
+Aaron Bell this coming from someone who just butchered the English language?  LMFAO...

+Logan Swapp What the hell?  It was his idea but Congress is the one who voted for it and put it in place. 

To spend on lobbies and special interest?  Are you watching Fox?  Damn...not true at all.  Its so we can pay the bills we already agreed to pay.  Learn how shit works before ya spit off such ignorant statements.
Run it off the road please. You people all deserve to suffer.
+Jim Determann For someone who says to do the research, you sure didn't do much of your own.  Again, Congress (including the Republicans) voted for this and implemented this...then they bashed Obama...then they tried to take they are back to trying to hide the fact that they voted for it in the first place.   Nice try.
+Logan Swapp and +Jim Determann   do your research, he  did not recommend it, the was always against it, it was just one option, he never supported it, but guess what?  the choice was sign the bill, or let the country default on their debt.

Hope you are never in a situation where you have to cut off your hand, or die......
Barak Obama is proof the Black Community is oppressed,of all the hard working,successful,intelligent,strong and Patriotic Black Men in America,you got Barak Hussein Obama. A community organizer who has never had a real job and has lived his entire life leeching off the Govt.You are Truly oppressed. We can do better than Barak Obama America.
+Mike Mac Obama in 2011:
"Already some in Congress are trying to undo these automatic spending cuts. My message to them is simple: No. I will veto any effort to get rid of those automatic spending cuts to domestic and defense spending."

So poor Obama's hand was forced... he had no other choice, right? Wrong. He was unwilling to make any significant cuts to to these areas, or to entitlement programs, or anywhere meaningful. His budget doesn't even put a dent in the debt. With the sequestration, he saw a political weapon waiting to be exploited, and he's exploiting the hell out of it now. If you want to believe we can just tax the rich and stick it to those evil big oil corps and get out of debt, just keep drinking it up.
+Jason Rodriguez wow...really?  What do you call a "real job"?  A lawyer?  A college professor?  A Senator?

And it is Barack. 

Leeching off of the gov't?  Yet another statement you cannot back up.

Do you realize that the election is over?  Your side offered up an alternative and the American people chose Obama...again.  Get over it.
+Logan Swapp Do yourself a favor and learn how shit works.  Congress holds the purse strings.  They are the ones responsible for the budgets and spending.  Again, you completely dismiss the fact that the Republicans offered nothing for a solution other than trying to protect the rich.  You for get that they voted for the sequester.  

The Presidents plan, if you bothered to look at it, is a balanced approach full of the things that the GOP wanted, including cuts to things like Medicare.

Nice try...
Why does it matter whose idea the sequester was? The truth of the matter is that the do-nothing Republicans don't care much about doing anything about anything period. They sure can't be accused of doing anything other then obstruct. The approval rating of the House should be a clue that they will lose control next election.
You guys sound like you should be on the president's campaign committee. Absolutely both parties voted for the sequester. They voted for it precisely because they wanted some cuts to be enacted if they couldn't reach a deal (and they are pathetic cuts compared to what we need, anyway). To vote for it with the intention that it never actually happen would be foolish. So explain to me how the Republicans are obstructing when they're the ones leaning toward letting the sequester go through, which would then actually accomplish some budget cuts, trivial as they may be?
Sorry +Kahil Nettleton I wont respond to you for fear of hurting feelings again. I dont want you crying and whining in front of all these people again like you did last time I put you in your place. Take care and God Bless. Moving on.
+Logan Swapp So now you are defending the Republicans push for the sequester?  Flip flop much?  The sequester is a last minute option that we should never get to because it cuts all programs equally, no matter how important they are or aren't. 

How are the Republicans obstructing progress?  Start with the abuse of the filibuster rule, used almost 500 times in a single session of the Senate....that's more than the count of every time it has been used combined in the rule's history.  Then look at the fiscal cliff fiasco....they offered terrible plans that not even their own members could vote for just to end up agreeing to what the President offered up in the first place.  Now they are still trying to protect the rich rather than coming up with a plan.  And people wonder why their approval rating is the lowest it has ever been.
+Jason Rodriguez LMFAO....really?  That's the best you can do?  Respond to me by stating that you won't respond to me?  Pathetic response as ever.
+Jason Rodriguez is proof the Hispanic Community is oppressed,of all the hard working,syccessful,intelligent,strong and Patriotic Hispanic Men in the USA (not America. Wouldn't want to insult Canadians, Mexicans or any other Americans) you got Jason "Jose" Rodriquez. A ditch digger who has never had a real job and has lived his entire life taking handouts. You are Truly oppressed. We can do better then Jose Rodriquez USA.
+Frank Wise Sounds like someone doesn't grasp the concept of how the Sequester works and how we come to it.
+Logan Swapp   no need to punish you further, you are being pwned left and right here, if you wish to have a discussion,  understand the subject matter before you attempt to weigh in.....  you did leave out the fact that the Right would not cut any defense spending, and wanted MORE *MORE*  *MORE* , more from the party of "tax cut and spend"... why we would need to spend more today when we have two unfunded wars winding down (FINIALLY!) and need to spend less is really laughable......
+Steve Sampson  go ahead and don't pay your taxes and see how that works out for you.  they will do them for you, and then just take your pay check until they are paid what is due.....

Guns have nothing to do with it, if they wanted to come after our guns, they would, and there is nothing you could do except die tired.

Any other "bright" ideas?
+Kahil Nettleton If you re-read my posts you'll see that I didn't oppose the sequester. I only said that Obama was using it as a political weapon. There's no flip-flop.

+Mike Mac Your attitude that the objective is to "punish" and "pwn" in these debates is a big reason why we can't accomplish anything.
+Logan Swapp your being "pwned" is not my fault...  know what you are talking about so you do not sound like just another Far Right Wing teabilly wakko, how is it my fault you do not know what you are taking about?  Why try to blame me for your failure?
+Mike Mac It's only your perception that I don't know what I'm talking about, because you choose to believe that the president and his party can do no wrong. The only real argument I'm positing here is that the president is a politician first and foremost and is acting as such.
+Logan Swapp If he is using it as a weapon, then again...its the GOP's fault since they voted for it.  When they give him a bump set, he's gonna spike.
+Logan Swapp   no... my arguments are based on facts.  You can choose to avoid addressing facts with your claims of my motivations, but that does not change anything....
+Kahil Nettleton I totally agree with you on that. The Republicans dug themselves into a hole on this one. Obama (or people in his cabinet) is/are very good at political chess. Unfortunately that doesn't do much to actually help the country.
+Logan Swapp Then stop voting such weak Republicans into office.  What have they done since his first day in office other than try to find more ways to obstruct and trash him?  The sad thing is that it has only backfired on them every time.  There's a reason why now only 22% of Americans call themselves a Republican.  There's a reason why they have the lowest approval rating ever.
+Kahil Nettleton It seems like a lot of people are figuring you out pretty good Kale; how you never say anything substantive, you just attack other peoples comments. You are an attack bot.
+Logan Swapp   however if your only argument is really that he will use this politically... then I do not think anyone here would argue with that.  But that was not want you said, until now.
You said"a ditch digger who has never had a real job",clearly you have never dug a ditch +John Black I dont expect a liberal to anything about real work though. Nice try on the insult,I dont think it the desired effect. I think its mildly humorous you tried so hard. I give you an E for
+David Greifzu aahhh...still being a __ I see by spelling my name wrong on purpose huh Davey boy?  I attacked with facts that they cannot refute, kinda like you.
+Kahil Nettleton Try voicing your own opinion once, with at least 1 solution; instead of spending all day trying to refute other peoples comments. 
Go ahead +Kahil Nettleton I know in front of your computer screen is the only place you can be a tough smart guy,I give you permission to be condescending. I cant pick on a weaker species,its a rule. Go ahead and continue to pretend you are above anyone else. Ill pretend to be offended. God Bless Kahil.
+David Greifzu Come least take your own advice.  We vote these people into office to come up with the solutions.

+Jason Rodriguez so much for you not responding to me.  :)  Weaker species?  Could that be a racial comment coming from you?  Shocking! 

Keep your religion in your pants, no one wants to see it.
+Kahil Nettleton You're not the Grand Wizard of fact checking, you're just a person on Google Plus. Let me ask you a question... when you were given an assignment in school, like defending gun control; did you actually write a paper gun control or did you just insult errors in other peoples essays?
+David Greifzu That's your response?  Seriously?  This isn't a classroom...this is a debate.  The purpose of a debate it to refute the responses of others.  Would be nice to see someone on the opposing side doing a little fact checking for a change.
This is Google Plus, it's not even made for debating, you're using it wrong. Aka Trolling.
Opposite side of what?
+David Greifzu Seriously?  What is it used for?  Holding hands?  Someone shares something and others discuss it in the comments.  You're not even trying anymore.
+Logan Swapp can you tell me the difference between deficit and debt? Probably not.
+Kahil Nettleton You answered your damn question. Its for sharing things, opinions, etc. If you want to fact check, go fact check some politicians, not Dale from Duluth. What you're doing is trolling. You're seeking people to make angry.
+David Greifzu So only opinions are welcome here?  Not anything based on fact?  Really?  LMFAO...and you say I'm trolling...  Guess some people can't handle the hard truth when someone refutes their "opinion" with fact.
+Kahil Nettleton Sure, just keep it at 50/50 ratio, you make yourself look petty and trollish by never offering your own opinion. Your stereotyping is not accurate about America. There's not an imaginary dual America. You know most people in this country don't like Republicans or Democrats, because they are crooks.
+Jason Rodriguez I can pick on weaker species that's why I pick on you. That's my rule. Have dug ditches and trenches. Have you ever been a community organizer? It sure takes alot more education then what you seem to have.
+David Greifzu Who's stereotyping?  50/50?  And now you're back to incoherent responses rather than even attempting to get back on topic.  As in the GOP whining about something they voted for.
+John Black It is short for the United States of America. It is colloquial, and allowed.
+Kahil Nettleton Keep it a 50 percent your opinion/ attacking other people's opinion ratio.
Just because you choose to not understand something does not make me incoherent.
The Democrats and the GOP both wanted this. It kicked the can down the road until the election, so no matter who won the other party would have a powerful bargaining chip. American politics are a lot like professional wrestling. It is a show for idiots.
Dave T.
+David Greifzu Who made you the Imperial Leader of what people can say on Google+?
Allowed by whom? Is that like calling Native Americans Indian? Who are you to chose the name of a continent for your own? It's like Chinese saying they are the only Asians. Now then, the real name of the country is USA.
+John Black It's amazing that you say that when Obama made it to presidency two times in a row.

But of course it's all about the big bad and powerful Republicans not letting a black man in the White House.
+John Black Are you mental? You can write anything that people say. Speak. With their voices. Many millions of people say America for this country, so I can and do. And everyone understands what I'm talking about
Dave T.
+David Greifzu You are the personification of a troll. A self-aggrandizing dickwad.
+Kahil Nettleton Were buddies right? We tight. I would like to have a discussion with you once, to see what it's like. Not a debate, just a discussion.
+Blackest Sabbath At least I didn't steal a bunch of shit from popular culture. You obviously have no personality of your own. you are a knockoff. Oh insults now woooo
You are wasting your time with Kahil. This is all he does,He trolls and
pretends he is smarter than everyone. Just ignore him. There better ways to
waste time.
Dave T.
+David Greifzu HAHA! Is that supposed to be an insult? My personal life outside this silly thing called Google+ is nobody's business but mine. Call me a knockoff all you want, you're still a dickwad, and you bring nothing of value to any discussion.
Kahil is a good guy he just likes fighting. I know hes got a good heart.
+David Greifzu Many millions of people also say that the USA is the big bully of the world. Why because of people like you. I know there aren't any history books where you can find out the reality because real Americans didn't write them.
+Blackest Sabbath You are the least original person I've seen on Google Plus in months. How does it feel to be that pathetic?
+John Black I'm sorry Johnny, you're wrong. It's because of people who voted for warmongers, and that wasn't me. Was it you? People don't like the United States when the United States explodes them 
When both sides of a discussion seem to have an equal number of assholes contributing to it, it's time to find a more intelligent thread to read. Since a lot of you have began sounding like an inbred bunch of morons, I think I'll go do the NYT crossword puzzle -- in indelible ink.
The only thing scary about a Liberal? Nothing. Cant even throw down a proper insult. And you claim to be the smart ones. Seriously, some dude called me ugly. Wow,almost brought me to tears. Im gonna need therapy now,Dr. Phil type shit. As usual,silly liberal #fail
There ya go +Ronaldo Penna now you are typing like you got a pair. I dont much care for the GOP either,so I guess we are square. Im all for border control. Thats what I think about that. 
+Ronaldo Penna You're supposed to capitalize the "g" on "g+,"Grammar Einstein.

And this isn't about the G.O.P,it's about Obama's idiocy.Unlike liberals,conservatives don't desire to be treated like a retarded child.
Never let a good crisis go to waste. Obama campaigning for third term
My God +David Gary you are treated like a retarded child by Foxs News!!! Get serious.
+Richard G   LOL  yes a third term, we will see him issue an Executive Order to that allows three terms. smh  

But he is campaigning for the mid-terms, have to keep it all fresh or some voters will believe by then that Obama is actually the cause for global warming. and they will forget that they don't believe global warming is real.....  but never forget Paul Ryan singing the praises of the sequestration... selling it like it like his life depended on it, and the GOP lemmings lining up behind him nodding their heads in unison.
jp j
47% don't pay, guaranteed democrat vote, do the math, eventually the money will run out! No more handouts
Teabaggers are hillarious. No matter what you on the right call yourselves, picking the teabagger title a few years back will always be the most fitting for your level of intelligence. HINT: the joke is on you for picking that nickname for your movement. For those that forgot, or dont know, when the tea party started in 08, they called themselves teabaggers until someone pointed out what that term means. Do a search to find out what "teabagging" is.

+jp jones 47% voted for Romney, those are the ones looking for handouts.

Red states are the biggest freeloaders. Look it up yourself, you dont have to believe me. Conservatives have more abortions, lower income, more child mollestation, more infidelity, more divorce, more porn (Utah buys more Porn than most other states), more religion (go figure), more welfare, more obesity, probably more beastiality, and less education than blue states, and more importantly, left leaning individuals.

And you call us the takers? Hahaha.
You can look up or disbelieve, as I already stated: "Look it up yourself, you don't have to believe me."

No matter how much data I provide on this, it will only be read by people that agree with what the data states. If you don't want to look it up, don't! If you, or anyone else does, you will be surprised, and maybe you will learn about who the "takers" are. They are the same people as the "talkers." Constantly talking crap about half of America, yet, being the must culpable in pretty much everything they claim they have the high ground on.

I am tired of wasting my time on teabaggers, and even worse, ignorant cynical people that believe "both sides are just as bad so I mind as well be a loser and complain about the government."

You, and others like you, are the mouthpieces for corporate conglomerates  You do their job for them, and most of you don't even know why. You just worry about gays, guns, and genitals, and in the end, you ignore the real freedoms being taking away from us.
Dear Mister President of the United States of America
You know what would be awesome. A weekly hangout by you Barack Obama on Google+ instead of a weekly radio address. Once a week you Barack Obama doing a hey whats up, let me give a few shout outs, and this is what is going on this week in the US White House session directly with your peeps. That would really help your Organizing for America campaign for 2014 and 2016.
+Brian Gauspohl
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