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In a video message today, President Obama sent his best wishes to all who are celebrating Nowruz.
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First you try to bully them now your trying to kiss there ass what made you change your tone your sitting on the same chair as George Bush and your doing the same thing's he did lol
Now that is just plain wrong.
A Beautiful and Real President. Peace! Thank you,Sir.
these are good things for humanity.......congratulations
After he makes it clear that Ammadinnerjacket has turned off Iranian internet access he announces that we've opened an online virtual embassy. That'll be real effective if no one can see it.....
JC Polk
Definitely a new age: THE ELECTRONIC CURTAIN
Birisi Obama'ya Nevruz'un yalnızca Farsların bayramı olmadığını anlatsın.
Not to worry, Israel will handle it.
So let them fight their own fight. We do not need to get involved. Shame on those who call for war but won't join the service or front the cash.
Wow +Jo Nasch that is quite the campaign slogan. "Just vote for Obama and nothing is going to happen." At least it's truth in advertising....
I've read all the comments and wondered who actually listened to the video
The good people of Persia -- "The Cradle of Civilization" -- will tear down that so-called electronic wall without America's help. Western "sanctions" against Iran are only hurting its People a little, but not at all their Government.
Obama (Goldman Sachs) WILL attack Iran, just as surely as Romney (Goldman Sachs). They are all run by the same bankers that profit off all the death. Vote for Ron Paul (U.S. Army). The only one with any common sense. The only one not in the banker's pocket.
üşüyoruz obama reyiz...
No thanks. I dont want to live in the country Ron Paul would make. That is the high crime, high suffering, unregulated country we left in the 20s. Good riddance.
Yv Goo
Obama is luckless. As the economy did not want... BUT... Technology can not be said for the same thing.
Obama is a moron... First black president and he had to start the rep. with idiotic choices.. Israel is our ally not IRAN! if Iran gets nuclear weapons its all over for Israel.
Ning MA
+tedjaya amalia Well as far as I am concerned, no he can't. Sometimes it seems that he is for the Iranian people, and not are true, legal ally Israel. We need great minds like Kennan, the man whom wrote the long telegram during the cold war.
There is no proof that Iran is building nuclear weapons. Read the reports for yourself. The CIA and state dept. agree NO PROOF of a nuclear weapons program in Iran.
+Chris Cecil Their is plenty of proof. When the CIA has no comment, they are lying to you. The CIA does not answer to the people, but controlled by the president.
Kaka Li
晕啊 有事各种占楼、、、
Umm... how is he speaking to the Iranian people if an "electronic curtain" has fallen around Iran? And what good is a "virtual embassy" if this is the case? Platitudes.
As the rest of the world laughs at our spineless president...
obama obama obama yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!huda
+Mike Ock is the kind of people I am talking about. Does not think when he votes.
Hi Zak, why do you think he is spineless?
Awesome gesture President Obama.
For all the people who talk of war, why don't you or someone you love be the first in line on the battle field. There's nothing spineless about diplomacy.
That's all good trying to protect the freedom of the Iranian people their right not to censored and be able to communicate. But what about censorship in the US in the name of IP. If by freedom to communicate you mean the Iranian people can do what they want unless they piss the MPAA and the RIAA then they're better of alone.
Taiwan people does't need american beef.Thanks.
Why is it when ever I translate peoples comments, they talk like Yoda. I translated 我们那儿海里打仗了,你收到消息没? into English.... Does anybody have a software I can install that is better than Google translate?
insanlığın en önemli özelliği hoşgörüdür sonra insani adımlar atılır ve bunu da ancak polis ve askeri güçlerle sağlanıyor,bizim konuşmamızı şarkılarımızı bilmese de duymasa da anlıyan herkese teşekkür..#newrozpıroz be
+Celil Aykurt Fight? The U.S. and Israel are allied. What news station do you watch?
If Obama wants to party with Iran,why don't they go over there and party
Nowruz with them? He could bring some beer,wine,and a couple of doobies. Heck they would get along so good they would let them move in there home ! " Michelle!!!! sell the White House.Were moving!!!!"
+Gary Naumowicz Iran is still a very unbalanced, hectic nation. They even still operate though sharia law.
Iran is still a very unbalanced, hectic nation. They even still operate though sharia law.
Nice words, Mr. President. But the new sanctions you're talking about and all the previous ones are directly hurting the people you're greeting here. You guys think that international bank services are only for governments? No, When you block money transfer from Iran, this hurts families who are supporting their loved ones abroad.
And above all, you keep saying that you have the military option on the table. How this one goes with your support for Iranian people?
What a joke! But hey, he's almost outa here, woohoo : )
Truly enlightened man. WONDERFUL to reach out to our common humanity. God Bless America, and God Bless President Barak Obama! 5 Star President!
یه ایرانی اینجا نیستتتتتتتتتتتتتتتتت؟بابا اوبی جون ممنووووووووووووووووووووووووووون
What a pack of mindless minions. "But Israel is our ally, so we should go to war with Iran y'all!" Regurgitated, misguided, and misrepresenting America. Stop wishing for more war you sick shameful bastards. Pray all you want, you big ignorant mass, Obama will get the second term he deserves. Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, warmongering Christian bigots.... all of you people need to be loaded onto a rocket that is then fired off into the sun so that the rest of us can make progress without your bronze age mentality dragging us down.
Amazing how the President celebrates muslim holidays more than American holidays. I feel bad that he is so disconnected he has to speak in Muslim in his broadcasts.
+Ryan Allen We are trying to prevent war, not encourage it. We want to keep peace between the Middle Easter countries and Israel. Israel has been trying to achieve the peace for several years now.
Amy Tse
Thank goodness there are saner people who vote for change...because judging from some of the comments posted here...there are enough insane people whom given the power and chance would kill our world through their stupidity. Do you think our president WANTED to extend his hand in peace..but he did because that is what presidents do...keep international peace and balance national peace for as long as it is possible. At least Pres. Obama didn't throw up on any heads of state, or looked and acted stupid when terrorists hit our homeland like W did (he wouldn't know how to wipe his rear if not instructed by his cabinet)! We have bigger issues like keeping our planet functional. But maybe that is what the insane people want...blow up the world so we don't have to think about the legacy we are leaving for our children.
+Robert Lincoln Why not attempt to wish them a happy new year? We want the middle eastern nations accept that Israel is here to stay. To attempt to create a form of a utopia and provide peace between them.
ROFL @ +Ryan Allen. If you are lumping someone like Ron Paul into the "warmongerer" category, then you have have absolutely ZERO clue what the candidates believe and are basing your INtolerance on ignorance. "/sarcasmmode Thanks for believing in democracy, freedom, and tolerance of those you disagree with. /sarcasmmodeoff"
+Gary Crawford What's amazing is that you think Christians are somehow better or different than Muslims. You are the disconnected one in the equation. +Adam Reed If you are not encouraging war, then my post wasn't directed at you. If your idea of "keeping peace" is making war, then I have to ask why there is not world peace? Surely enough war has been made (there is always one somewhere) that peace should exist somewhere. First and foremost, if war brings peace, then the whole Middle East should be just about the most harmonious place on Earth by now. Oh, it's not? Well... maybe war doesn't bring peace? It's a good thing Obama understands that.
I translate Mr. Obama's message this way, "Enjoy your holiday, 'cause we're about to invade and blow your @$$ up."
+Robert Lincoln: You should go watch Persepolis if you really think the Iranian people have anything to do with the government there these days. And about the big government comment...apparently you weren't alive for the Reagan or Bush administrations. Ask your parents.
I personally do not like obama, he is a hypocrite, he is not even a citizen of the U.S.
+Lonnie Gaither No, Ron Paul is not a warmonger. What he wants is anarchy. He wants to send us sliding backwards into the wild west.
Hi President Obama
You are really a diplomatic person.
Vhaskar Mukherjee
Von Aso
come to iran and make us free from this dictator (khameneyi and hamadi nejad) plz plz we live in jail plz plz
Von Aso
make us free brack bro
Von Aso
when u atack iran ??? we are waiting for u we got ur back me and all poeple in iran
There is a difference between the people of Iran and their government. What Obama is speaking to is very important. It is also possible for Iranian people to see this message by bypassing official controls. If we demonize the Iranian people like some on here suggest, we only support the Iranian governments claims that we are "the Great Satan". He is not apologizing for America. He is showing graciousness, integrity and understanding. Speak softly and carry a big stick. The strong do not need to go around threatening.
ممنون از تبریک عید و همینطور من هم به شما و همسرتون عید رو تبریک میگم ...آن چیز که مهم است این است که نه مردم بلکه حکومت ما هم در پی ساخت سلاح اتمی نیست... و ما این رو باور داریم و به امید خدا تنش های بین دو کشور کاهش پیدا خواهد کرد و امیدواریم با این کاهش تنش فضای سیاسی بازتری رو هم در ایران شاهد باشیم . و من الله توفیق
I would like to join President Obama in sending my Nowruz greetings to the people of Iran. I hope this new year brings peace between our countries, freedom to the people of Iran, and a time of better understanding between the citizens of Iran and America.
Im am not in the least a fan of Obama but i must say i think the video was a great idea. No matter what your beliefs are you should know that some countries use propaganda to teach their citizens even children to hate americans. People should have the basic eights to make their own decisions. Im not so ignorant to believe 100% of what our government says but at least we have access and the right to make our own decisions without punishments for speaking our mind
I'm wondering why people are speaking of the war and their opinions of it, but I have yet to see anyone speak of the humanitarianism that is needed in Africa more than anywhere else. Could it be that we really are the greedy, addicted to oil, fools that made this war to begin with? All the power rests with the people. Only WE THE PEOPLE are able to end the war, or fight the war. It's a shame we don't take our liberties back, and instead, just take it.
Leave Iran alone. Enough blood on ur hands America, stop "helping" people in exchange for oil.
+kiarash sepanteman Yes, there are many things that Obama does the same as Bush, only more. More debt, more war. And it is not a system that ruins a country, it is the selfishness of people. There are good and bad capitalists, just as there are good and bad dictators, good and bad socialists, good and bad Christians, and good and bad Muslims. The system does not make the people bad, bad people are the problem.
I'll fire up my grill tonight to show sindee solidarity with the Persian people. I was reading up on this holiday last night. It's wonderful to hear that people are once again allowed to celebrate it in Afghanistan.
wish your own people the best stay your mind on america
more concerned with foreign affairs then his own country
+Ryan Allen christians are no better than muslims... where do you get your info? Anytime you make blanket comments like you have, you're just letting your ignorance show. However i do wonder how much knowledge you have of the muslim faith and of the jihad and of governments like iran. Yes not all muslims are extremists, and many are great people with great contributions to our country. With that being said it disturbs me when religion encourages murder for their cause. Take some time to do some research on what is allowed in these counties...plenty of stories of rape and murder while the police watch. Is this the peace you seek? I challenge you to live by their rules and have the same opinion. War has always been part of every culture since the beginning of time. I dont support it but at the same time if it means protecting the innocent of other countries, and other means have been exhausted then i understand it
+Steven Coppola Are you kidding? This act is all about the USA's interests in peace. Try to think more than one move ahead when you are playing chess.
Matt V
How about telling them (the middle east) to get with the times. Stop living in the stone age & progress already. People in the free & modern world don't wear clothes from millennia ago. Update your culture already. And stop being a thorn in the worlds side. 
fanka L
+kiarash sepanteman I don't think it's as simple as "Capitalism is ruining our country." That would be an easy fix. +Lonnie Gaither May not have a clue about Obama (More war and debt than bush? You must have dementia if you believe that hyperbole!) But the people are absolutely the problem. The problem is that value is placed on ignorance, and self importance informs the mass mentality.
Hey Obama China also censors their Internets and I don't see no American troops trying to bring democracy there.
Oh MR president you forget Eritrea which suffers with the same problem
Any of you that reason's negative to our beloved anointed leader is more than an unfaithful fact even in time of the old-God/Jesus performed many miracle to the Israelite but their are always in doubt seeking for one blame or the other.....IMBECILE'S
God bless Obama & his Chocolate sweet wife <3
Good for the President for recognizing religions other than Christianity based religions, doing a lot better than other presidents., even if there is no such thing as "God".
keşke amerika birleşik devletleri dünyada zülüm eden bir devlet olmasaydı. onlar zulüm ettikçe bence nevruzu kutlamalarına gerek yoktur. çünkü insanların günlerini kutlamak onları zalimlik olan sıfatlarını şefkatliye çevirmez......
A little girl from Babaamr-Homs saw me read a book for Obama name Change asked me when she saw Obama's image on the cover is this America President I told her yes, she said what it means to change I told her that political change and these are the principles that won the presidency in America, she is the change of its principles, says I told her yes she said we wanted to change and we executed Babaamr Bashar have been killing us she asked is Booch also kiled Americans changed when I told her no she said either Obama and Americans are liar or that he should be prevented from Bashar to kill us, because America very strong
Long term change to Iran's policies can only start from within. The previous elections (last year) in Iran are the first time the Iranian people have risen up to protest their own government since the Shah was overthrown decades ago. They failed to result in overthrowing the regime, but they were a good start, and a sign of what the people are truly feeling.
Every previous US president has predictably responded with block-headed two dimensional saber rattling, and it was always manipulated and repackaged and redistributed as propaganda by the regime to the people.
For once the US finally has a president that truly understands people, and doesn't let his ego decide his tactics. Obama is playing 3 moves ahead. This goes way over the heads of the US xenophobes.

The information will proliferate eventually if not directly via the Internet.
I discussed this post with 2 people in a hangout.
占座... 总统大人,我最近想买一只新耳机,你有多余的可以送我一个
i am a turkish and i just say fuck you obama... u just want patrol oil gas or what ever.. you dont want humanity fuck u obama fuck you obese american people.. obama you must say your lies to your public not to muslims not to iran.. you just playin with muslim governments if they give their patrols to you.. if they arent give it you are battle with them:D fuck re you doing in afghanistan fuck are you doing in pakistan iraq or syria?
So...STOP SOPA AND PIPA RIGTH?? We are waiting for the return of Megaupload!!
Everyone leave Obama alone! Obama is the coolest person ever, and if you don't stop picking on him I will never like you!
A lot of people in these comments try to suggest that this makes Obama a Muslim, or that this makes him a spineless coward for choosing the path of kindness and diplomacy rather than warmongering and hostility.

We fundamentally disagree with their government... but one catches more flies with honey than with vinegar. Obama is smart to extend his hand to them. He takes the moral high ground.
Guess we get the vinegar, they get the honey.
+Kevin White So, you think that your mythology is the best then? I get my "info" from the world around me and my experiences. Whether someone blows up a cafe in the name of Allah, or advocates the bombing of a country to promote the spread of Christian values, it makes no difference. Is a suicide bomber any worse than a mother drowning her children in a bathtub because "god told her to save them"? You and them both adhere to a fantasy that is the number one cause of destruction and death in history. This pathetic Christian superiority complex is childish and shameful. The problem with the world is not capitalism or diplomacy, the problem is all these bloodthirsty ignorant religious crusaders, acting like their brand of intolerance is somehow different or better than the other guy's. You say my refusal to tolerate religious intolerance qualifies me for being intolerant, then yes. I am intolerant. I am intolerant of the barbarian hordes covering this planet, tired of tolerating their pathetic and obviously man-made view of existence (religion) and can no longer tolerate someone who would stick a knife in you while smiling and saying it's god's will and they love you. You are the epitome of a stupid American, and you make me ashamed to be a part of the human race.
Way to go President Obama, you have my vote!
I enjoyed the video. It is good to hear the president express his compassion and words of wisdom to the Iranian people and their country.
+Scott Carle Your ignorance is just astounding. Truly. You lack the perspective to understand how being courteous, even to our enemies, is important to the well-being of EVERYONE on Earth.

But don't take it from me, take it from Jesus Christ himself: "But I tell you who hear me: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you." (Luke 6:27-28)
Apparently some people can't distinguish between Iran's government and its people which is very sad ! but beside that, some of you guys believe that Israel is your closest friend and Iran is your biggest enemy, let's think about that for a second. What did Israel do for americans that makes them your closest friend ? What did Iran do that makes them your biggest enemy? Those of you who think that Iran is dangerous and Israel is not, have you ever thought that how many wars was initiated by Israel and how many by Iran ? This media propaganda is bs ! I'm surprised that American government is so worried about Iran while they are the only country that used nuclear weapons twice and still have thousands ! Russians have thousands, Israel has more than 200 and none of them even bother joining the NPT ! Does any of them have any concrete plan to get rid of their nukes? Israel might not be a threat to the US right now but they are a threat to many other countries in the middle east ! I'm not trying to support the Iranian regime but this whole thing is kind of funny when you think about it. I'm just saying if nuclear weapons are bad then everybody has to do something about it, it's funny that countries with thousands of nuclear weapons are trying to prevent Iran from having one ! I don't think that's fair :)
Completely unrelated comment - but I just have to say it...

Don't you just LOVE when people take a picture of you when your talking and it looks funny as hell? hahahahahaha. Look at that! It's priceless. :)
Israel and Iran are the same... Neither one is friendly, neither one is right or wrong.
America is the awkward friend in the middle of a marital argument, and needs to butt out.

C'mon renewable energy.... drive us out of places we don't belong!!!
屌爆了= =
+Matthew L. Hart more like come on president obama approve the keystone XL pipeline and some offshore drilling so we can bid our middle east foes adieu.
A country is made up of several things, including its people and its government. And they are not the same thing! My great grandfather hated the British government but had kind words and good feelings about the British people. I can't imagine that we would want someone in another country to think of all Americans by basing their opinion of any of the several less than stellar leaders we have had in the past.
Let's stop for a moment and connect on a personal level (since we do have that ability today). The Iranian people have a tremendous culture and history, and I am sure we have more commonalities than differences. Why would we not wish them well on their new year - Nowruz. I appreciate a President who is civil to people in our country and people in other countries.
Oh man...these comments make me very pessimistic for the future of our country...
+Michael W. Moore, do you realize that the Keystone Pipeline belongs to Canada, right? We aren't getting much, if any, of that oil. It's just going through our refineries so it can be exported to other parts of the world (namely China). It'll also RAISE gas prices here at home (particularly in the Midwest). So really, it does NOTHING to end our dependence on foreign oil.

You really gotta do your research before running your mouth.
It's called Diplomacy...or we could just go blindly attacking Iran like GWB did to Iraq...look where that got us. Good for Obama..Hearts & minds...unfortuanatly many americans have the Heart but are lacking the mind power.
what do we have to fight is it beacaues we have bad income tax
Von Aso
+Paul Johnson ya i see afghanistan and iraq before war and now see how they do..... we cant handle this dictatori obama plz make us free we cant say anything becuse goverment kill us very well nobody know it ....
like riot in 2009 in tehran u ca see whats happen after vote and see before we put the vote in cage

this is video but not all
Lets give peace a chance. Happy Nowruz all people of the world:)
thank you so much & I wish you all the best for you , sir!
for the justice;but war mean money i would happy when saw V5 living good.
Happy Nowruz (Iranian New Year) to all with Best wishes
(From Iran)

+behzad zolfaghari I'm very sorry for you if you think that way ! You're begging Obama to attack your country ? It's all about money and oil ! You think they care ? If they wanted to care they would have cared for Syria already ! but oops there is nothing in Syria for us, sorry.
This video is really funny. People in USA or UK aren't able to watch Press TV, then Mr. president Obama speaks about Information freedom.
That made me laugh.
+Kerry Jesberger I'm ignorant because I said we, the American people are getting the vinegar while other countries get the only honey; whether warranted or not. You're the class act. All I can say is no more Obama. I can hope, and vote...
+kiarash sepanteman i completely agree with much of what you say. Seems like societies never learn from history. Obviously we differ in beliefs about God but we can agree that certain aweful things should not be tolerated by people. Id be interested in hearing your thoughts on america getting involved in other country's issues . Some americans feel we should deal only with our own country. I agree but have a hard time not doing anything to help other people. Whats your opinion coming from another country ?
+Scott Carle Interesting thoughts if you wouldn't mind sharing I would like to hear who you are thinking of voting for and how do you feel they will make an impact in a 4 year time span?
we wont bomb til tomorrow(we are israelites)
+Ryan Allen this is getting into a religious debate but i understand people's beliefs affect their opinions...obviously I think my beliefs are the best, as no one would believe in what they considered to be false. I don't understand where your arguement comes from? I would never advocate murder for religion. You assume I would support a mother drowning her baby? Of course not, a little ridiculous to assume so, no? Christian superiority complex? I don't think I'm better than anyone, any race, any religion, anywhere. In fact Christianity teaches quite the opposite. Never said anything about your refusal to tolerate religion? I actually said your generalizations were ignorant, as in unbased. Sticking a knife in you and smiling saying it wasGod's will? Pretty sure I've never done that nor does Christianity promote murder. You should at this point in life realize some people claim to be acting on God but have nothing to do with Him. Many times in history, countries have used religion to excuse their thirst for conqest, but if you want to talk Christianity please argue what Christianity teaches, not what people twist it to be. As far as your comment goes about a stupid American, read over our convo and lets talk facts. Your basis was a crazy woman who you made up to kill her baby as a Christian, and intolerant of barbarian hordes ( i assume your refering to any people believing in a higher power)...your insults and lack of actual facts aren't helping your case
A diferença entre você e os outros candidatos e seu carisma talvez seja a pessoa mais carismática que eu ja conheci.
Sei que vai ganhar esta eleição não por ser carismático pelo seu lado humano, pai de família e um otímo chefé de estado pelo seu sorriso.
Peacemaker or appeaser? Substance or words, words, words?
OBL can tell you what he thought when SEAL Team Six fed him couple rounds of "words, words, words" from the "appeasing" CIC.
At least they aren't taking religion away from the people...
Happy new year, we will bombard you in few months because we need your oil. Stupid Americans..
Hes making a shout-out to his fellow terrorists, good job @$$ hole USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!
:| wow i didnt know someone can hate someone so much lvy
Nawroz Is Not Solely And Iranian Celebration; It Is In Large Part a KURDISH Celebration.!
Nawroz is the only national Celebration and Holiday of the KURDISH People.
Happy New Kurdisch Year 2712 Kurdi.
in google search to nawroz kurdstan ok???
Mik M
oh hypocritical is this guy
My President is cool! This from a white farm kid.
Vote Raul Paul!
I really don't feel like having a Nuclear Holocaust any time soon -.-
Wackyest since bush all garbage no hearts I'm sorry but ya'll can't be that blind to the truth.
You know what I see here on Google+ so far?...A bunch of "pants down" "occupy" mentality children with NO idea of Identity as Americans....No Patriotism, no caring for the condition of this country....I post things to provoke thought and it is just like it just went right over your heads....YOU NEED TO GROW UP CHILDREN, YOUR COUNTRY IS IN TROUBLE AND YOU ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO WILL INHERIT IT!! I have been trying to educate you, but you are only interested in Jersey shore and what scumbag conduct that "snookie " is up too....I give up....I GIVE UP....if you don't care what kind of country that you inherit , then I don't either....Either way you are all not worth one more minute of my time...GOOD LUCK IN A DESTROYED AND DESOLATE COUNTRY...
Jet Lee














go away barack! - i don't want someone else's money...
A paycheck is voluntary. Totally acceptable. Now taking money thru force and giving it to someone else. That is immoral!
OK, then stop driving on my highways, stop using my police, stop expecting my fire department to show up at your door, stop sending your kids to my schools, stop taking advantage of the federal reserve system that creates our currency. Go live in some other country that doesn't expect you to pay in to the commons. Americans help each other and understand the value of the commons. If you don't, well, check out.
He didn't even commend Festivus. Some president he turned out to be.
jia jia
+Kevin White I did not make that woman up, it has happened many times. You can turn a blind eye if you like, but religion has done far more villainy than it has done good. The message doesn't matter if people just ignore it. I may not be a Christian, but even I know many of the teachings of Christ. And you are just not paying attention if you can't see that racial, sexual, and pretty much every other form of intolerance is perfectly acceptable to them all. All these morons start calling Obama a Muslim and quoting scripture everywhere... and you don't think this is about religion? You shouldn't need me to lecture you on history to see that it is just more of the same treading in place that humanity has always done. I'm only slightly sorry if my tone offends you, or anyone else. I'm speaking my mind, same as anyone. Like it or not, religion, and religious values are at the center of this conflict. That it's not the path you would personally choose means nothing, you are just a person. In groups, such willingness to turn a blind eye as you do is what leads to torture and unlawful detainment. SO... yes I am angry, and I'm sad that most of America sees measured diplomacy as spineless cowering, and thinks that war is something that we need for progress to happen. Humanity needs to stop expecting Santa Claus to bring them happiness, and start actually learning from it's mistakes.
wu li
When is the investigation result on the vice-mayer of Chongqing being released? What did he say?
riddle me this riddle me that your not that damn good of a president you use people you that sinned neddalg words from him you back stabber
Hummmm... I starts to like this guy, but why Iran? Help the Africans
wal qiu
Su Geek
peace and love all over the world
好吧 抢不上奥巴马 来这溜达下
总统先生,什么时候来解放这片神奇的土地啊 ^_^
Please come to China to liberate us!
firefox 看不了视频 ,chrome给力!!
Dear Chinese, please do not make spams. Hard-won freedom of speech, we should cherish rather than wasting. The spams will leave bad impressions to others! Do you want others think that Chinese people are all spammers???

那个写沙发的人,沙你妹啊,这里能说点有用的吗?你以为这里是国内的垃圾论坛吗?擦。支持一下president Obama,thank you ,please don't care about .
جناب آقاي اوباما ضمن تشكر از شما اميدوارم بهار جديد طبيعت آغازي باشد بر از بين رفتن همه خشونتها در تمام دنياي ما, سلامتي و موفقيت براي شما و خانواده محترمتان و تمامي انسانهاي كره زمين را از خداوند خواستارم.
lu lu
Stop lying Obama! I mean if Iranians were angry at their government you would have seen them protesting just like what people have done and still doing in the Arab countries. That's what America does, provoke the civil people to go against their country and then hit them hard when the government falls, just like what happened in Iraq!
we chinese ppl just wanna have some fun here :P
速度码一个,刚打完篮球,去睡觉啊。总统晚安,have a sweet dream!
Iran => China, Applicable
Rick Santorum is no better than the Taliban. He wants to burn the constitution and force religion upon others.
wang qi
Le Liu
wa. The White House
是不是奥巴马发现他的评论大多数被中国人占了 所以转战 白宫G+了~!!
Folo Hu
。。。 是白宫哦 还以为是老马的 店铺呢
سلام گرگ بی طمع نیست !
Down with USA
Ici vous avez monsieur les conservateurs,l`appel qui le President Obama à envoyé au peuple
de Iran,et sousentendu tous ceux qui veulent parler avec lui,pour lui parler il faut passé par
le filtre habituelle,si je recois des appels des personnes qu`est et sont des problèmes ce mieux
les parler ,et entretemps ont se debarrase d`éux,vous pouvez voir dans ma page des ewxemples de cette facon de neutraliser ceux qui au futur pourrait être un probleme pour nous,ce generalment les personnes qui nous appellent que il faut tout de suite repondre,parce que après
porrait nous causer de serieux problème ,le President est dans une corde comme dans les cirques,il faut la traverser et ce à tous les jours le même problème,sinon avant de crier au loup
demandes pourquoi il à fallut au President G. Bush père faire amitié avec le president de l`Argen-
tine qui à eut le plus de proces penal après que il a laissais la Presidence,je pourrais vous faire
un article pourquoi? voten voten y voten hermanos un abrazo.
thanks: dear president Barak Obama and first lady loving Michelle Obama for iranian send greeting nowruz
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