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Welcome to the White House on Google+! Here you’ll find news from the blog, behind-the-scenes photos and videos, plus chances to engage with administration officials. One feature we’re really excited about are Hangouts. On our Google+ page, we’ll host regular White House Hangouts with administration officials on topics ranging from the economy to technology. Some Google+ users will be invited to join the Hangout with the White House and have a conversation with policy experts. But the best part is that even if you’re not “in” the Hangout, you can watch the whole thing live on, on our Google+ page or on the White House YouTube channel.

To kick things off, we want to hear from you about our new page. What else would you like to see from the White House on Google+? Have a great idea for a White House Hangout or thoughts on the types of updates that are most interesting? Let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.
Add your voice to the discussion on the new White House Google+ Page where you’ll find news, behind the scenes content, and chances to participate.
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No SOPA please... or PIPA ;)
Eric Chi
STOP SOPA! This is a shame, want to censor the Internet to combat piracy. Did you know there are other methods to combat piracy.
All you need now is a +1 button on your pages and things will be peachy... well maybe not peachy.
#SOPA, #PIPA, #NDAA = un-American and need to be tossed like so much garbage in the trash.
Why don't you start following the constitution. Oh wait you can't. You have already destroyed it.
1.) Welcome to Google+
2.) Greetings fom Germany
3.) Stop #SOPA / #PIPA
I don't know why you people keep saying no SOPA. Are you so stupid to think that the thug in the whitehouse gives a rats ass what you think? The delusional living in a vaccum
Welcome.... Hopefully this will be a place for decent, honest discussion - not some White House bashing comment section. Arguing policy is fine. That's what makes this country great. Having multiple views on a subject is exactly what this country needs - not the partisan fights that seem to get all emotional and nothing ever gets accomplished. When both sides can properly debate an issue and find common ground, that's when our government works correctly. So I hope everyone is civil.... /gets off soapbox.
+David Lemcke Don't worry - just like Facederp, the comments on a public forum such as this will quickly degenerate into a flamewar between various egos and ideologies.
Civil discourse ended the day dictator obama signed the NDAA
I am so happy that a government in this world would like to be first to listen and share information to everybody in this world. this is pleasant to see, a government as a Runnner for Freedom, for justice is here, everywhere, to listen and make best decision about the world. We are very welcome to +The White House to google+, and we will pleased to share our in formation from far away the world with you to get you know about our situations and issues, hope to be successful to show you what happening to us around the world and make you to know about every issues happens...
+Wesley Foll that's what I'm afraid of. If it ends up that way, I may drop the circle - not that anyone cares what I do. I HATE "flamewars" (I'm going to use that term). It does nothing productive, and only leads this country down a path of destruction. If people can't find common ground, then whats the point of having a UNITED States? We are slowly becoming a DIVIDED States.....and we're divided from our next door neighbors.
Make use of Hangouts and the new Record Video feature to put a face on the team running this page. Great way to interact!
So when is the "liberal" i voted for going to start actually leading? No single payer healthcare, no war crimes trials, signed the NDAA with indefinite detentions, didn't close Guantanamo, only out of Iraq cause they kicked us out, escalating to war with Iran, still supporting Israel, I mean seriously, I didn't vote for a Republican.
+The White House I am sorry, I do not welcome you to google+ I see you as a spy inorder to put into place your indefinate detention. Go away. We don't want you invading another area of our life.
+David Lemcke The plus side of the White House embracing this type of technology (finally....) is that hopefully that the more those in power use it, the less afraid of it they will eventually become. Hopefully they will begin to understand it better by using it more.
miri dunn
May I recommend you DISABLE COMMENTS on your posts unless you enjoy being spammed and trolled.
this is really awkward... people who do not know about "COMPUTER STUFS" now are making laws about computers LOL
I want regular hangouts. I think it's a vital (because it's possible) capability that allows you gain the public's perspective from across the country in a matter of a minute or two. Also, let's not destroy the internet, okay?
He'll stop #stopSOPA just like he vetoed #NDAA the man has lied to you since day one and you honestly think he's going to do as you ask? Please wake america.
Welcome to Google+. I hope your new Internet presentation is a good sign that the Internet will remain free even for future years and generations.
Tech business owner and employer here, please stop #SOPA and #PIPA, thanks.
why is the White house putting up pictures of congress in its profile? Isn't anything interesting to photograph in the White house these days?
This is great. I am looking forward to this page and the topics that you're be able to share with us. Also, we'll be able to provide you feedback on those topics. Real time.......
It would be interesting to see a thread created to see how many constituents will not consider voting for a candidate who will simply not oppose (or veto) #SOPA & #PIPA. President Obama, will you promise to veto those bills?
+David Lemcke, I agree; flamewars serve no productive end. I've long contended that many of the problems we see are driven by self-centered, egotistical ... Well, far too many have lost the interest and ability to listen or try to see what the train wreck looked like from the other side of the tracks.
Regular Hangouts! Please, please, PLEASE DO THIS!

One member of the cabinet every week!
#NDAA is a much more serious threat to American freedoms (real imprisonment). It's a shame the internet-at-large (or America-at-large for that matter) didn't blow up about it like it did for the SOPA/PIPA bills.
I hope this is done right...

This could change everything, in ways no other Social tool before it!!!

Put faces to government and give normal people a voice...
The thug in office will not get my vote. My vote goes to those to oppose the #NDAA
Yes Mr. President, will YOU promise to veto #SOPA & #PIPA ??
Welcome. Let's work for a great second term.
The price is down 50%, Jean-Loup. You might want to think about getting a few and saving some hot air.
loving the panoramic 5 pics of congress... nice touch.
Hi, and welcome!

Just a note to those posting less than constructive messages, this is not a direct line to the President. So ranting and raving at the President is pointless.

Also, "Comments posted on and messages received through White House pages are subject to the Presidential Records Act and may be archived." (from the About tab)

So, once again welcome! ;-)
I would if I could, as for saving hot air there's plenty coming this way, no need to save any
I would love for obama to do a hang out so he can see me give him the finger. He deserves no respect after signing the #NDAA
This aught to be interesting ;-)

All I ask is that everyone on Capital Hill take a close look at the U.S. Constitution and read the three large words at the beginning, and then remember who they all work for and how they got elected into office. Many have apparently forgot and choose not to listen to their constituents.
Glad you are here. #Obama/Biden2012
Let this be the voice of the American people. Amen.
+Christine Mangels the fact that +The White House has labeled me a terrorist since 9/11 because I like to smoke a weed. I do not fear government, I'm the one they fear. Government is an illusion to enslave people.
Greetings from the UK and welcome to Google plus.
I hope this year the White House will work harder for it's people, and America can make a peaceful transition from the corruption of corporate politics to democracy.
Not at all, +Ralph Sevy . You should know by now I am an active G+ user since I don't use the social networking site the kewl kids use.

And I wasn't aware weed smokers are labeled as terrorists by this administration since the rightwingers call all liberals weed smoking hippies!
I feel like the firestorm on Wednesday when everybody shut down to protest #SOPA and took too social media has finally made the government aware of this little thing called +The Internet. Welcome to the future, guys.

And never forget that you are in power solely by the grace of your people.
please stop S.O.P.A and PIPA
stop all stupid ideas
Before anyone thinks I'm a complete asshat. I will give Sir Obama props for his wonderful singing voice. To bad he didn't follow that line of employment.
Bad for him, but great for the country!
Chances to engage with administration officials? What do you take us for, fools? We all know the people who handle these pages, who comment on them representing the pages are average citizens who work for the Gov't and not actual Administration officials. And to be honest I don't want an Administration Official anyways. I want a Senator or Congressman to respond to me when I post something because they are the ones who represent me and who are suppose to listen and respond to me, not some guy who was hired by them to pretend to be them online.
+Sabeena LoBello they don't have to say it, actions speak louder then words. On a side note, you missed a fantastic debate watching party on g+ lastnight.
When are you going to accept that the days of the nation state are numbered, and that social media will soon replace nations as the world government?
Where was this G+ party at, +Ralph Sevy ? I enjoyed watching it on my couch last night while eating dinner since I like to eat on time regularly at 1800. I did log on afterwards and commented on some of the pages I follow.
Welcome to Google+ White House+. Ted G. Gil / Canada.
John O'Bryan
██ ████████ ██████ ██████████ ██ ████ ██ ████ ██████████ ██. ███ ███ This comment has been found in violation of H.R. 3261, S.O.P.A and has been removed.
The hangouts don't allow more than 25 or it fewer than that? That will be very difficult for all to join a discussion with +The White House .
Thanks +Christine Mangels -- at least someone is responding.

It's been my experience that these pages tend to be very one-way, which means the nuggets of conversation gold in the flotsam and jetsam of Internet feedback are wasted.

There's also the idea from the #Usenet that making posts without any intention of having a conversation is one definition of "spam". That's not quite the case with social networks, but us old fogeys prefer that Social Networking facilitate conversations, and not broadcasts...
Welcome to Google+, +The White House! Your page will be more successful if you actually engage in conversations with people. Please remain in contact with the real people that post.
- censored by SOPA and PIPA -
+Melina M Governmental and Presidential elections are just a pony show to make people think that we have a say. When a country starts losing the citizens trust, they slowly take away their rights to regain control over them. The white house could care less about your wants or needs. NOW the white house decides that it should have a Google+ page? They aren't fooling anyone. Democracy my ass.
Thanks for expanding open government.

On another note, maybe all of us opposing #SOPA and #PIPA should currently direct our efforts from petitioning the +The White House to petitioning our reps in Congress.

Just a little refresher on the legislative process Schoolhouse Rock style:
I'm Just a Bill (Schoolhouse Rock!)
I say welcome! I can't stand people who scream things over and "No SOPA". I am totally against SOPA, PIPA, and anything else that disrupts freedom, but if you're going to protest it in away that makes you sound somewhat educated.
Stop #SOPA . Stop #PIPA
The Internet must remain FREE!
I'm so glad you're on Google+ now! I do everything in Google+ these days.
Welcome to G+, greetings from Indonesia (yes, there are internet here), and please stop SOPA and PIPA. :)
pls stop SOPA/PIPA/ACTA and all the rest of this kind of treatment to the free internet !!1 thx ...and btw: welcome on G+ ^^
Strip the US Chamber of Commerce of their Tax free status for paying for politics with their SOPA support -STOP SOPA & PIPA keep the Internet Free
Thanks to the NDAA you'll get locked up for posting anything but positive comments on their page. I love how Obama vetoed it the first time because "he didn't have enough power". It shows the true character of our government. Like us or get locked up.
So +The White House why is +Barack Obama allowing military drones to be used in US Airspace on american citizens for such things as finding missing cows and not protecting the boarders?
+The White House
1. G'day and welcome from Australia.
2. Perhaps this page could be somewhere you could actually genuinely listen to the peoples' concerns (unlike the "We the People" petition page at, instead of just re-explaining your flawed ideas about the things people are petitioning against and ignoring the fact that we don't like them (like the "We the People" petition page at
3. Stop SOPA and PIPA from becoming law! <------ important
Who taught the American government to use the internet?!
Welcome to the future of Social Media!
Also, no to SOPA and no to PIPA. (Are you guys getting the hint yet?)
This isn't the place to look for corporate money, you must have been thinking about Linkedin. Now grab your ball and GTFO.
Here's the solution to this shit-hole country's problem... STOP ELECTING RICH ASSHOLES!!! Elect a normal middle-class schmo to do the job. Rich assholes don't care about anything but their money. If you get "Warehouse Worker Joe" into the Presidential seat, the people will be taken care of.
Mr. President, I would very much like to hang out. I'll bring the beer, you bring the pretzels.
Our internet is Free. No #SOPA or #PIPA please...
Going after Megaupload yesterday. What next dropbox?
we want peace in pakistan.............
Is this like those petitions on where you "look forward to hearing from us", and then brush off everything we say?
I'm excited about possible hangouts ^_^
Hu Lu
Hello, greetings from China. If you're looking for some great ideas about how to censor the Internet, just come to China. Chinese government is very experienced in this field.
SOPA and PIPA are un-needed as has been proven by recent events, the KeyStone Pipeline is a threat to American's security, (bet some thought I was going to talk about wildlife, no sorry my beliefs are a bit more practical), this pipe line would create a ready target for anyone that wishes to harm the USA, might as well paint Bulls-eyes on the map and say, "Want to do the most damage to the USA? Crash Planes or blow up this, by doing so you will poison a major Aquifer with a toxic sludge that even Canadians do not allow to be shipped out of that Province" might as well just hand terrorists nuclear warheads while your at it.
The white house, the stupid false democracy over the world, imperialism over the others, and hate you must stop illuminati your behavior, FBI CIA all of this bullcrap
Rob Go
No SOPA or other douchey things. How about some jobs? How about feeding the homeless? No more lame ass wars while yer at it. The list is mega. Concentrate, yo.
███ ██ trust █ ██████ your ████ █ ██ ███ ████ ██████ ████ ███government███ ████ ██████ █████ ██████ ████ ██████████ █everything█████████ ███ ████ ███ ██████████ ████████ ██ is ██████████ ██████████ ███████ ███ █████ fine.

This comment has been found in violation of H.R. 3261, S.O.P.A and has been removed.
You know something is wrong with legislation when China's higher ups start saying we're following in their example....
How about a getting the District of Columbia some fair representation - larger population than Wyoming, yet Wyoming has more control over our city's budget than we do. How about announcing that the IRS will no longer collect federal taxes from citizens that do not have the required voting representation in the House of Representatives? How about ending the Oligarchic Dictatorship of the 50 states over the residents of the capitol of the free world?
+Hu Lu Your government is crap too. Tell your leaders to suck a fat one for me.
Welcome to G+! I look forward to engaging with junior staffers by reading their press releases. :-)

To be honest, I'm jealous. I'd love to run the White House social media sites.
(P.S. Veto SOPA/PIPA if it gets to your desk).
Thank you for broadening the channels through which the administration connects with us as Americans. I look forward to adding whatever I can to the discussion, as a parent, Internet business law professor, lifelong Democrat and proud American.
+Hans Carota I got the point they were making. I understood the irony of the post. I was just asking for a message to be passed along to those stupid commies. LOL
By the way, on the topic of SOPA, the fact that we can have a forum like this is because a past Congress enacted 47 U.S.C. 230 precisely to encourage siteowners to offer opportunities for discussion without worry of liability. SOPA is almost exactly the reverse, ideologically and practically speaking.
Hello, everyone. Senator Reid and Lamar Smith have both postponed action on #SOPA and #PIPA The +The White House responded to the “We The People” epetition asking the President to veto the Stop Online Piracy Act & PROTECT IP Act.!/response/combating-online-piracy-while-protecting-open-and-innovative-internet and indicated that SOPA and PIPA weren't acceptable as drafted. An alternative #OPEN Act has been proposed in the House and Senate, which you can learn more about here:

███ ██ trust █ ██████ your ████ █ ██ ███ ████ ██████ ████ ███government███ ████ ██████ █████ ██████ ████ ██████████ █everything█████████ ███ ████ ███ ██████████ ████████ ██ is ██████████ ██████████ ███████ ███ █████ fine.

This comment has been found in violation of H.R. 3261, S.O.P.A and has been removed.
I strongly encourage President Obama to Veto any bills regarding the Internet, SOPA, PIPA. I encourage any law makers to begin interviewing small Internet business people, and understand how they do business.
I have few suggestions:
#1: Stop #sopa , #pipa and other bad piracy bills.
#2: Abort #ndaa .
#3: Don't mess with Anonymous.
#4: Consider: shutting down #megaupoad was like blowing up road, because sometimes criminals use them.
#5: Forbid all knives - they are dangerous and people could be killed with them #sarcasm

And one question:
#1: Who will be the next president? #justkidding
Couldn't have chosen a better time to join G+ Think you should highlight to the entertainment industry that maybe it is about time look at their business model and rework. Things evolve, and usually end up better in the end!
Does this mean the US is finally recognising the power of the internet?
That'll be the day...
Cool! Welcome! Order another sign form me. :)
strange, I am not american... (Europe baby) but I am kinda content that this is happening... hope you listen closely to the american google +'rs they are kinda interesting in my opion... .

ah, and btw... I feel kinda obligated to say this.. stop SOPA? (I support the american plussers in this one... because in Europe we kinda still follow your lead... so this saves me to protest the European SOPA and PIPA version)
Congressman please be aware of mind creativity ¿do you really think that SOPA & PIPA is the future? for me is the past , tray to be reasonable and open minded, defend American Constitution that keep freedom as a mayor achievement
Stop SOPA & PIPA. And as you did in the Megaupload affaire, could you seek international justice and police collaboration as well in order to arrest the people responsible for the on going financial crisis? Thank you!
Stop SOPA, PIPA, repeal and redo NDAA, and while you're at it, could you free former U.S. Border Patrol agent Jesus Diaz and put some real criminals in jail over Fast n Furious?
Hu Lu
+Vash Crowley HAHA, I'll never let myself to be engaged in such private affairs.
Without the social sites I need I will never know how my family is doing from the other side of the country which is why I'm totally against #SOPA ! Please consider those people that will be affected for not being able to "hangout" online and think about our families! Please! I only visit them one a year and use social sites to follow them on status updates! Please consider the fact that I and many other people in the country have families and we really NEED to stop #SOPA #Familycomesfirst
Welcome to Google+ and thank you for opposing SOPA and the pipeline.
Where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission. How did this happen? Who's to blame?

This is a great idea! It's like the TV show "The West Wing" but for real!
Welcome,glad to see you here.
Thanks for showing governments from overseas what social media is all about
Mary T
Welcome to Google+. We MUST stop #SOPA & #PIPA. #NDAA is a horrible thing, and I am very upset that you signed it. Your promise not to actually use it is like adding a sticky note to a notarized legal document. Can you imagine what Newt Gingrich could do with this? Not good.

To some of you that are commenting--I truly hope we can keep flaming and disrespectful comments out of the discourse here--they only serve to hurt our credibility.
Word of warning: the more you appear to care about what the average person says/thinks (social media, we the people, etc) the more the vague promises with no action, silence, and cleverly worded rejection piss us off.
"What else would you like to see from the White House on Google+?" Obama's resignation.
I appreciate that with SOTU coming up the picture of that event is appropriate, and it's done well, but I'd suggest that there be a schedule for rotating those photos regularly.
So the White House has a Google+ account? Does it post about needed repairs, or home improvement projects? :)
It would be great if Pete Souza would post daily or weekly photos from his travels with the President.
How stupid are you white house guys. Like ya, this is exactly what we should be spending taxpayer dollars on when we needs JOBS. Or is this coming out of BHO's war chest. Not a smart choice, if you ask me!
+Linda Mayer I think that it is good idea that +The White House is using social media to reach out to people and it not like it costs that much money to do so. It allows them to gauge support for things the administration wants to do.
+Linda Mayer I don't know if you noticed, but it doesn't cost anything to have an account on Google+. Obama made a promise that the White House would be transparent and put its doings online for all to see. They have done this from the very beginning. I don't understand what your problem with it is. Would you prefer not to know what the White House is doing?
I hope our fearless leader will Veto the SOPA Bill, Please, whoever reads this, get word to Obama to veto it.

I added you guys to my Sustainable energy and living forum, hope it gets some attention in the White house. for more info. It's a blueprint for living off local resources, cutting down on oil consumption, and improving the Electric Vehicle infrastructure to make it easier for EV Drivers to charge their cars from parking meters, rest stops, shopping center parking lots, and others.
I am glad to see more avenues for communication being opened between the voters and the people we elect. Hopefully this will give an opportunity for accountability to the public. For a long time individuals have not been able to have the ear of the people in power unless we were in power ourselves. Please make this a place for reasonable dialogue and allow us to ask our questions and get real answers. If this is just another way to get your campaigning done with a low expense and high output I don't need it. But if you are interested in hearing what your constituents have to say and provide us a mouthpiece then I am in full support and very excited.
Actually pretty psyched at the prospect of hangouts. Not often you get to engage with administration officials in so direct a way!
+Jeff Cavicchi I would rather tea bag a running blender then have any interaction with people who think they own my body or my property.
One thing I love about Google+ is that we can choose which trolls we want to block. Just go to their profile page and click on the "Block" link at the bottom left. That should make having intelligent conversations and debates a lot easier.
Great idea, can't wait to participate.
It is shocking to see a President, who is a constitutional lawyer by professional signing NDAA into law. If you had any principles, you should have vetoed the bill. The fact is you wanted this bill and made a song and dance about rejecting. Not everything is about politics, Mr President; There is such a thing as principles.
+Jay Rushing I agree with the trolls and non-trolls... and +Diane Kistner thanks!! I didn't know about the blocking... There's a few people in this thread that I will for sure be blocking. If we keep the discussion civil and without name calling, I think this could be a nice feed for the White House to send/receive information.
██ ███████ ██ SOPA ███ PIPA!!!
internet = knowledge = respect = freedom = peace all over the world...don't censor the internet...thanks from oran, algeria.
.......................................stop sopa & pipa...............................
This could be a very good move by our government, if they use this tool wisely. Many of our own citizens fear our government more than any other threat right now. This is the United States of America, the home of the free. The people should not have to be scared. Please start doing the right things for this country.
Repeal NDAA
Repeal Patriot Act
Charge Bush Admin with War Crimes like Obama said he would
Charge Obama with War Crimes.
Audit the Federal Reserve Bank and charge them for criminal activity, Then Shut it down.
Get our Troops out of these pointless wars.
Take lobbying and money out of politics and media.
Man I can go on for days, so there must be something wrong.

This is only the beginning of people waking up
This is only the beginning of protest
This momentum will not slow down
Things will get worse

We want our Country Back!!!!
Finally the citizens of this country will truly have an individual voice to Washington, maybe we can start getting sh*t done now!
At this point the White House seems to be involved in all facets of life
Please leave the internet alone and go back to picking college basketball games
What happened to Mega Upload?
I get enough propaganda from the Left Wing news media. No thanks. Where is the MINUS One!?!
This gets a big plus from me.
are you going to refund my money i spent on storing my videos on megaupload and return the videos to me? you are not gaining trust from your taxpayers!
This certainly looks interesting.
I would like to learn more about how people will be selected for Hangouts.
+Leah Hubbard This G+ page isn't going to make any difference in their decision-making. Notice that they joined 2 days after the blackout and 1 day after they shut down MegaUpload. This is a way for them to calm the waters and make people think that they are going to be able to have a say. We won't ever get to talk to anyone of any importance. This page is probably run by some tech geeks they hired or that are related to some higher ups. This page is a sham and a farce just like our supposed Democracy.
Welcome to G+! I'm excited by the prospect of getting the chance to speak to staff in the white house. Count me in for a hangout.
I am curious to know whether the White House would support a shift to a more online, immediate presence in government--perhaps a hangout schedule could be something for members of Congress to set up when they're not in session--as a way to keep abreast of Americans' opinions. It's a little bizarre to be considered some sort of low-level threat by our own representatives for knowing how the Internet works. Younger voters would probably be very interested in listening to candidates who were Internet-savvy for a change.
I wish some of the oil lawyers against ExxonMobil would show up at the hangouts and ask why Putin and the Russian Mafia own the East Texas Oil/Gas Fields; bet they want show up!
It's funny that "The White House" is here, and just a little down the page is an article by Anonymous (the polar opposite).
Nintendo Wii/X Box Kinect or Community Service hangout would be ridiculously entertaining.
yeah that is so cool!!!!!! quote quote ahahahahaahah
1) No SOPA no PIPA

2) A suggestion for hangouts: try a debate style hangout with a white house official and maybe a house republican, so the people can really get to know both sides of the issues. This might also help better educate voters for the 2012 election.
Thanks for finally getting this setup! I've been looking forward to having America's political players get involved in the G+ scene.
+Claudia Jefferson Not really. SOPA is not dead, it has merely been pushed into the shadows for now until they are ready to sneak it back in again. And PIPA has certainly not gone anywhere. There have been no promises to permanently toss them out or veto them. They are still current issue #1 as far as I am concerned, and we need to keep the pressure on!

+Milo Cooper There are so many worse than Obama, dude. I feel sorry for you guys but don't get your hopes up on finding anyone better. We've heard the 'hope' story before...
this is The best.......Cool Thanks so much White House to Join Google+
Obama sucks big fat donkey balls.
This is great! Excited to hear the state of the union next week and learn more!
+john tapp Just because you don't like him does not mean you have to be rude. I don't like him either but I refrain from saying things like that.
Thank you for creating the Google + page. It's great for so many folks who do not use Twitter or Facebook... especially given the privacy concerns created by some of those websites.
First of all Welcome +The White House. Second of all ... No SOPA or PIPA please because if that bill comes around again and it passes you know all of us in the internet community will vote you out. With no hesitation. Thank you and welcome :)
Welcome - glad you are here. Seriously.

I voted for President Obama in the last election and have been a loyal Democrat all my life. However, I am finding the attacks on religious belief from this administration are making it increasingly difficult to support it.

As an employee of the Catholic Church, I have to say I am totally disgusted by today's decision by HHS requiring religious employers to provide contraception - even if it is against their core beliefs. You must know they will NEVER comply with this - not even a year from now. You had better be prepared to provide assistance to the thousands of church employees who will be left without insurance and who will have to try to find equivalent, affordable coverage at the cost of what they now receive as benefits under a group rate. Just saying that this is painfully disappointing.
Just because a group health care plan is directed to provide coverage for contraception does not mean that the employees have to use it. HHS didn't mandate use of contraception, just that religious employers had to provide the same level of coverage that everyone else is required to offer under the law. The use of contraception is (and always should be) a personal choice of conscience.

I know many Catholic priests who have provided special dispensations to married individuals to allow them to use contraception for health reasons. Contraception is not simply about preventing conception, in some instances there are valid health reasons for using it: something that should be decided by an individual under the guidance of their spiritual counselors and health care professionals.

Individuals working for religious employers should have the same access to health care through their insurance as any other employee enrolled in a group plan.
+David Lemcke what's fun is when you block the trolls and you see only other people responding to them. But if people ignore them entirely or don't bother to put their names in their responses, the trolls fall into a black hole and you never hear from them again! Poetic justice, I say.
Welcome to the spin o rama. It would be great to get strait answers and be campaign free. For example what is the administrations strategic plan to consolidate and shrink the bureau, when will be start shrink the National Debt and when will you meet with the House before meeting with Senator Reed? No plan, no idea and never are ok answers since we just want straight onfo, but if there is a strategy, plan or commitment that would be nie also.

Welcome to Coogle +
Not here to state my political belief just here to say its pretty nice that the government takes part in social media.
I voted for you, Obama.
I'm not american but how about releasing #megaupload folks and arresting wall street bankers!!!! Obama you disappoint your american people by passing the #NDAA of which most of them unfortunately have no clue as to what you have just done!! I'm Kenyan and I can tell you America is slowly becoming like an African country and the people are losing their freedom that is envied in other parts of the world. Passing the #NDAA seems more like something Mugabe would be passing not Obama. Your country is known for freedom and democracy. Don't let your government take your values for granted!!! You should be an example to the rest of the world.
I'm still trying to decide if I really want to vote again for a president who has already signed NDAA. Yes, the Republicans are all crap, but the current Democrate seems to not fully understand the constitution either! :(
How about some #MarijuanaReform? Not that we expect a real response this time... not after this administration's track record.
so you've decided to be G+ member , F***
Thank you for bringing the White House to Google+!
I am looking forward to following the White House on G+. Welcome aboard the G Train.
Congratulations in taking this big step forward to connect to citizens. This is a big plus for democracy.
After signing away the rights of Americans, and not instantly coming out against SOPA and all such legislation, I really don't think there is anyone in the White House that cares about freedom. Most likely my comment will be taken down. Fortunately, that will prove to all who see these comments vanish, how little regard for freedom this administration has.
Well where have YOU been for the past decade gayle?
Piracy is bad, sure...but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Also, I (and most of my friends) support S. 570. Please reconsider.
+Tomás Lickfold #SOPA and #PIPA should be dropped. The Copyright and patent systems should be looked at from the ground up. It should be put back in line with the copyright clause.

To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries.

The time limit on copyright should be reduce back to where it was before Disney muscled in, this way we have works reaching the public domain. Having authors families making money off of their works, years after they are dead, does not promote the progress of the arts and sciences.
Drop the "The Protecting Children from Internet Pornographers Act of 2011" too.... the representatives get all this money put in their campaign funds to write up these bills that attack our freedoms. It's as disgusting as what it portends to remedy. It is a wolf in sheep's clothing to American principles.
definitely won't be adding this piece of crap to any of my circles. ever. well, maybe if a get a lying, thieving, mass murderer circle. nah, that probably isn't a good idea.
I agree with +nate maunu. Look at this bill closely & it's a disguise for something else. Keep regulations off the internet!
Can't wait to hang out with the Whitehouse! Facebook is to polluted and you can't keep up with friends and events of interests.
Nice Page . It Woud Be Cool To Have a Page of Tabed Issues where people can post their rightous opinions and comments that can be voted on. Google + Users can vote on who has the best opinion,comments and ideas about that particuar issue.
oh yeah people from around the world shoud be able to comment and vote as well because people from around the globe can help shape this world by voting for what is best for all of man kind
I am so glad to see the white house be more accessible to the citizens of the United States through social media. Thank you for being tech savvy.
Ein herzliches Willkommen aus Deutschland. +The White House gives all other governments around the world a good example "how to do" open communication...
1. Welcome to G+!
2. I'm from Singapore (a country well-censored enough)
3. Dun u dare step into MY country thinking that u own it and MY internet. No SOPA/PIPA please.
There are more Chinese on the internet than people in the USA.
Arab Spring used social media to gain freedom. Whomever is backing SOPA and the other wants to insure that, for instance, Mexican Drug Lords, who gain BILLIONS from growing cheap drugs and selling them to RICH Americans, may topple their Government by bribing the officials and giving money to the poorer Mexicans around them, more bribery. Those poorer Mexicans don't care about the Law. They want food. What if the D.L.'s also used the internet? SAVE PEACE! SAVE LIVES. SAVE WHAT SYSTEM WE HAVE RIGHT NOW, Do not let one group terrify others into selling out what many,many other PEOPLE have worked long hours, hard sweat, and many losses to GAIN the LIBERTY we HAVE in TODAY's P E A C E F U L W O R L D . Fewer wars, more communication, lesser 'non-knowledge', we all know what the 'other guy' has in mind, those next to him will find out and 'tell'.

This is "Insurance for Peace".

Don't listen to the crowd - don't listen to feelings that the crowd generates.

This is a definite thing, something you can touch and read the words to.

It's not a strangulation of rights, its an keeping of rights - to the internet,

So that it won't be abused - and then abolished, stopped, and you'll never see it again.

Read this, carefully.
Read this comment.

Don't just vote what others have told you.

These are facts to understand.
I'd like an explanation for this: Why does this government now think it can censor what information is brought into this country? If this is true, the United States is no longer a free country.

I’m copying the whole thing from J. Michael Straczynski’s public profile on Fb.
The original is here:

Group participation: what's wrong with this picture?

I ordered some video-editing software from Hitfilm in the UK which also comes with some instructional videos. So a few days later I get a call from FedEx saying that the DVDs were being held at U.S. Customs until I filled out a Video Declaration Form, which she said was now standard practice. Now, I'd never heard of this before, so I called back to ensure that this was indeed FedEx and not someone phishing for information. Had them email me the form.

This is what the form said: "I/we declare the the films/videos contain no obscene or immoral matter, nor any matter advocating or urging treason or insurrection against the United States, nor any threat to take the life of or inflict bodily harm upon any person in the United States."

Now, the first clause I can kinda see, though "immoral" is weird and there's no standard definition of obscenity in the US, but let that go...what made my eyebrows go up my forehead and down the other side was clause two. So I called back the nice lady at FedEx -- who was only following instructions given to her by Customs -- and asked what this was all about.

Apparently -- and this is only her understanding of the situation -- this is a new thing being done by Customs and Homeland Security with FedEx, UPS, and other carriers to make sure that films and videos with ideas or stories that were at odds with the United States Government didn't get into the country, as it was a form of terrorism (as further elaborated upon in the third and final clause.) She added that some DVDs showing Occupy events in London and elsewhere had gotten bounced because of the concern that these were being used to coordinate activities here (as if with the internet people actually need physical DVDs for that sort of thing but that's neither here nor there).

Under this new stipulation, if V for Vendetta had, for instance, been produced in the UK (instead of just filmed there), importing it into the US would be considered subject matter "advocating or urging treason or insurrection." And if you lied about it on the form, you could be held liable for this.

So there are now very literally guardians at the gate ensuring that the wrong sorts of ideas, movies or DVDs are not allowed into the country without investigation and/or prosecution. And most pernicious of all, they don't actually define what they mean by advocating treason or insurrection, any more than they define what "immoral" means, it's whatever they decide it means, so you could be breaking the law without knowing you're doing it, until they decide you're doing it.
I must agree, there should be no censorship of any kind in regards to audio, video, or in written language that is brought into the United States, with the exception of porn. Especially if an American ordered one of the above items, or sent it home for themselves. Acts of preventing audio, video, or written language begin to remind me of acts of Hitler, and Stalin. We have seen what censorship can do in a country. Egypt for example; cut off from the world until technology gave them the ability to see the outer world, and even interact. Our forefathers promised us censorship would not happen again.

National Security does not lend excuse to preventing someone from hearing, reading or viewing the opinions of others around the world. Rest assured %99.9 of American's are not interested in illegal matters against the US Government. But, when censorship happens the people will only tolerate it for a short time until they demand to have their voices be heard, and acknowledged regarding the issue, and above all actions to stop the behaviors.

We as a people, and political body must ensure that all Constitutional Rights are Adhered to: If not; we begin not to be The United States of America, but no better than other countries that chose to cover the eyes and ears of the people.

What is next, telling the people of the US they can not talk openly about specific issues, no matter what the issue.

We as Citizens expect and depend on our Government to make sure we do not have censorship.
Wouldn't vote for that fool if my life depended on it
Mr. President, Get rid of that dufus you call a drug czar!
Please do not kill my internet. No SOPA, no PIPA!
When is the White House going to properly speak out against SOPA and PIPA and similar laws!?

Don't you DARE! I have been watching you, not sure if you are worthy of my vote again. If you give immunity to those Wall Street criminals who not only destroyed people's lives, brought the economy to a dangerous level, cost millions their jobs and $17 trillion of tax payer money, only to line their pockets, take bailout money to grow their own bloated wealth again and laugh at us; you are no better than they are. You would be enabling them to do it again. You will be sending the message that you are not to be trusted and not worthy to be re-elected.
DO NOT make a deal with the banks O. Please stop and take a breath will come back to haunt yu...
Welcome to Google+. It is wonderful. I have shared my designs with cool people in India, China, Greece and Brazil. My first package shipped to India and my second to Beijing is coming up. I am new to technology and I love how I get to meet talented people worldwide. It's awesome! :)
IT is about time to step into the 21rst century, a new way to communicate, INSTANTLY !
love google pluss and the the white house in it brilliant
I was disappointed in the debate.  How could you allow Lying Romney beat up on you with his lies and you not mention anything about his lies the 47%, The actual numbers behind his tax cuts. things like that.  Why did you let him get away with his medicare lie.I'm so angry because you always allow yourself to be a whipping boy.  Is that what happens to a black man who is raised by two loving white people, they imasculate him so that he can't even defend himself as a man.  If Romney wins, I shall have to become an ex-patriot.
I   whch   that   I   could   go   to   the   white   house
Electronic Harassment and Gang-Stalking organization of Japanese is acting in C4I (C Quadruple I system) theory . IDDN network are used probably . IDDN network may have been hacked . The result is an unnatural movement of SATCOM and military satellite and GPS satellite . And they are irradiated with electromagnetic waves to the enemy . Thinking of the enemy will stop by electromagnetic waves .  It's mind control . They look-ahead using the radio eavesdropping in the meantime .  For example Shogi . And they will stand at the top on the network at all times .This Japanese organization is monitoring the movement of the world already . This Japanese organization is in the beginning of the global strategy system . I seem to remember had been using : (Worldwide Military Command and Control System WWMCCS) America the whole world military command and control system once . This Japanese organization is attacking the around the world with the satellite system .Plasma attack , electromagnetic force attack , gravity wave attack , wave attack , weather operation . Shake the ground by applying a shock wave on the ground more than one , ie earthquake . And their organizations not a formal army .
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