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President Obama stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, where he had a message for Congress: This is not the time to make school more expensive for our young people.

Watch the President "slow jam the news" on student loans.
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That's pretty sweet! I'm sure 15 year old Denver, CO native Abdulrahman al Awlaki would have loved to see this, too.
The only president, I've seen do such cool stuff...
Antonia W
Thank you Mr. President. At a time in which money for anything is scarce for the regular working person, making education more expensive can only hurt our country. It will increase debt and completely prevent higher education for many.
From now on, all of President Obama's public addresses should be sung or slow jammed. I'm looking forward to a slow jam State of the Union next year!
Ron Paul 2012! Can't wait to see his staff updating this page next year.
Republicans are brain dead! They shouldn't be anywhere near governance and making decisions that affect the general public. 
This thread fully restores my faith in America :)
Travis C
"the GOP keep saying no, no, no; they should find something new to do, like Tim Tebow!"

Painful to watch and yet I can't stop. Well done, folks. I'd hate to see public discourse put to music just to get people to pay attention for every issue, but then again, if it works...

+Garrett Goldman did you see Bill Clinton playing sax on MTV when he was running? Not sure I'll give President Obama the "coolest" title, but he's certainly in my top-5. Teddy R. needs to go in there too!
No empathy or compassion for the students he is a complete fraud !!
Seriously? this is what you guys think is awesome? Would you want Abraham Lincoln to "bust a move" after the Gettysburg address or Roosevelt to close a fireside chat with a backside 360 kickflip? Come on people. This is the US government here. Not a freaking circus.
it's always been deceptive and lies?? whats the difference now? same problems different face.
Tom Alday
We've been watching him "Slow jam the economy" for years. Time for change.
yeah ron paul is awesome unless you're a woman...i love how he's all about getting govt outha your lives but has no intentions of taking govt out of a woman's uterus...and also...ron paul would never ever get elected.
+Ken Peleshok Really Ken? That would be amazing to see Abraham Lincoln dancing :3 though honestly Barrack isn't really jamming that well :\. Honestly too I probably would pay more attention to things the government is saying if it was actually FUN to watch like this :D. (Once again though I think Barrack should have AT LEAST used a jamming voice :3)
Кто не с нами, мы против того!
Громадська організація «Криворізьке міське об'єднання патріотів України» :)
+Ken Peleshok, I've seen a "serious" congress on both sides screw up our country in the recent past. It's about time they loosen up and someone thinks about us. I mean, it's not like they're portraying the Marines "slowjamming" in Afghanistan. This is Jimmy Fallon and Barak Obama. Calm down.
Ron Paul, 99% of us will be eating dirt, but HEY, at least the budget will be balanced, and that's what is really important, isn't it?

Ron Paul, because only States should be able to wholesale trample your rights.
What difference will 1000 dollars make on your loan if you can't find a job? What's $1000 when you have runaway inflation or $4 a gallon gas? How good is government run healthcare when there will be no money to fund it in the future?
Should call it "Blow Jam the News". Plain & simple
Lower price of school. Anyone!!! I don't care who does it.
Its now official, NBC now stands for National Barack Channel.
+Joel Gonzalez We don't -- it's just the sheeple have pushed this into the What's Hot section forcing us to see it.

On a side note, maybe someone can give the President a talk-show next January since he's sure to be looking for a new job...
Speaking of Sheeple, did you hear the one about that group that has founded their entire Political Economic Perspective on things which have been proven to be absolutely NOT true? They call the "Conservatives" now.
+Drew Heyen I should clarify...It's not that I am opposed to lower rates for government backed student loans. What I take offense to is that instead of focusing on the big issues the focus has been on what are essentially non-issues in the grand scheme of things. These birth control/student loan "issues" are simply being brought front and center to win votes. The change some of us hoped for is, as always, more of the same.
+John Hart, as long as it's on a channel I don't get.
sorry folks, no time to follow through with my campaign promises today, i'm singing with Jimmy on tv
+casey partanen, millions of people around the world are delighted that the President of the United States is a brilliant man. Unlike anyone running against him, he knows how to do the job.
Funny, his Democratic congress are the ones who built the rate increase into the plan, but the Repblicans are the bad guys. This world just gets wackier by the day!!!
Yes very nice almost forgot about the $787 billion dollar stimulus package that gave us 1.7 million more people on unemployment, or the trillions of dollars added to the debt in 3 years that caused the S&P downgrade or the "Fast and furious" program that allowed weapons to be sold to a mexican drug cartel, a healthcare insurance takeover that costs 2 trillion dollars over 10 years passed by using the budget reconcilliation act and was supposed to "save money" he said he would cut spending and didn't, he said he would cut taxes and didn't, he said he would get out of Guantanamo Bay and didn't, subsidies to solyndra, and ener1, so-called green industries that went bankrupt costing millions of dollars!!!!........ oh but what was I thinking .....GREAT VIDEO!!!!!!
I love Obama he's got too much charisma for one person
+ben brescia but hey its Jimmy Kimmel! Who cares about america when we have TV like this!?!? ...........
I heard there were still a few fanatics who never sobered up long enough to examine the facts or our current state of affairs, and who had hidden themselves away in some remote corner. And here you all are.
+ben brescia I smell bullsh*t. You should find more reliable sources for information.
+Ryan Ramlow You cant seriously believe obama is a good president do you? Im Canadian and watching whats happened to your country astounds me that a large percentage of people still think he is going to bring the all elusive "hope and Change".
+Ryan Ramlow Oh of course it was George Bush's fault that the obama administration had to spend all that money, the candidate Barack Obama called Bush's spending unpatriotic yet spent 5 trillion dollars in less than 3 years.
it is much easier to destroy than it is to create
Love Slow Jam the News! Anyone who lives here knows in order to get accurate reporting of NEWS in the US, we have to watch foreign news broadcasts. My sister and I have been watching BBC for 5 years. News in America has become "opinion." This is "Typical" so I will love it, just like the Daily Show, Stephen Colbert, and Bill Maher. Yeah for President Obama for trying to appeal to the average person. Mitt Romney is a Hollow Shell, and will push the Mormon agenda as soon if he is elected. So we can stay with what we Obama for 4 more years, or risk further economic destruction of this country at the hands of big corporations.
Our President is cool, and he's also an adult, which makes him even cooler. Keeping the cost of loans for tuition low will directly affect our economy for the better. Virginia Foxx can suck it!!! Oh wait...ewww
Sad to see the President of the U.S.A. on a late nite show .
Is he that desperate ?
At least the man has a sense of humor.
great getting slow jambed right up the ass say baaa all you sheep!
That,s Right! HE STARTED THIS WAR and got us in this mess, He was not elected by the people the first time, but was put in by the 9 people on the Supreme Court! And Croocked election that threw out peoples votes, If a hole was punched, it should have been counted! PERIOD!
Yes , He got us in this mess,and Now they want to Blame the last 3 years for his MESS!
JoPa Mi
+ben brescia You have your facts really twisted, but most repubs are just Fox News and corporation puppets, only on the same side because too stupid to realize that those entities only support "pro life" anti-gay, and religion because people who are ignorant enough to believe in those things will vote blindly with them. And believe any propaganda that Faux News puts in front of them.

A good portion of the added debt from Obama was cleaning up Bush's messes, like putting the war in Iraq and Afghanistan on the actual books legitimately.

You know what, you are stupid, and even though your lame ass sides' points have been factually debunked (I know, i know, you and your kind dont take kindly to "facts"), you still choose to live in the dark instead of in reality... So I am wasting my time responding to you.
+Jesse Martineau: In your expert opinion. Who exactly is a "Good President?" Who, as in a name, was or will be a Good President. Don't worry stating the reasons or criteria for the person being a Good President. Just state the name.
can someone tell me how long does he have to be in office before he takes responsibility ?
Obama fans make me think maybe we deserve the failure he has brought to this country. Am I right that most of you have never had any success to miss?
Obama will win, Romney has no chance. Simple as that.
I would take a nerdy president who knows what he is doing any day over a cool president.
If I could print trillions of dollars, I'd be cooler too. Magic is awesome until you figure out the misdirection.
JoPa Mi
+Richard Ross So you had success and because of Obama you do not have it anymore and miss it? Cause this is a story that people will want to hear im sure.

When I look at the difference in earnings from average Americans (I know we are all lazy if we werent born with a silver spoon or lucked into shit loads of money, during a mostly democratic boom BTW) I see that the gap has widened. IE, rich are making even more and the middle class and poor are making much much less.

So how exactly has Obama screwed you richie riches over so far?
+Aaron Sherman i did see clinton play the sax, and yes, that was very cool. i'm not saying this one jimmy fallon clip is what makes the current POTUS so cool, it's just his general demeanor and ability to connect. he has a cool swag about him and in my opinion, no president has ever had that.
Great way to get a message out there. I hope Pres. Obama is re-elected. However, I would rather have Romney than Ron Paul. Don't like him, don't trust him.
+Richard Ross the country was already screwed up by Bush before Obama got elected, you anti-Obama types are so delusional that it's starting to be funny
This is great. I don't care for the music (its just me :) This is great! Very good POTUS, very classy. :)
Barack is the Man! Love him!!!!
I may not agree with him about much, but he is right about this one. (Oh yeah and screw the rich, unless I win the lottery, then not.)
It's the rich that employ people. Unless one is referring to the multi-nationals that just don't care, I have met many rich from six figures to millionaires who create jobs and teach others how to become rich as well. I have never been hired by a poor person, have you?
I agree Mr Nosse the rich have been collecting dividends of $ they didn't pay on taxes and shipping jobs to china in the name of profit and have the nerve to say that this time they will do good by us the common man. If you believe that then good luck to you. Obama 2012.
+Crowfox Fleming im not exactly rich make about 100k/yr, but just hired my first dont have to be rich to hire (or rule my world)
haha.. +Crowfox Fleming the rich don't create jobs, supply and demand does. Do you think the rich hire you because they happen to have some extra money laying around or because you produce a service they need?
Mr fleming what people are they hiring. Almost all large companies took tax cuts and still laid off people and still handed out bonuses. Your crazy. They don't care about America just the $
+Ryan Ramlow forgets that "GWB" is not President, this President helped create this economic downturn by embracing the failed theories of social equalization like fair housing legislation and similar progressive nonsense, and then the very people who blew a hole in the economy set out to fix it by following the same failed social impulse that gave us the problem in the first place... Slowwwww jammms!!!
He has set the standard high for the next president. Never have the people in this country have had this much access to the president on this level since lincoln. Hate or love him he is a class act.
Mark C
Barackness Monster!
Always liked Barrak. A true media master. What other Pres. could have pulled this off?
Barack Obama isn't a corporate puppet? That's funny, all of the money he handed to his campaign donors in bailouts would suggest otherwise. Being "cool" doesn't make you a good President.
That's why the Republicans had to pick a smart candidate. He is a formidable opponent. The facts remain economy is growing and the unemployment is going down. The wars are coming to an end. Gay men and women can stand proud in the military. Credit companies brought to bear. This president had passed with flying colors. Btw got osama bin laden. Bring it mitt.
if you look at the actual happenings at the time, I believe the bailouts were also a Republican doing.....
But at least Barack has part of it right... He's decided that Abraham Lincoln had no idea what he was talking about when he said "You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong"

Nooooo Barack would have the strong weakened by more taxes and "social justice"...

+Sam Muncy it looks like +ben brescia needs some help here!!
Can I just comment that I feel this particular arrangement of "Hail to the Chief" should be used from now on?

[sorry if that's a repeat; tldr]
I dont give a rat poo about jimmy fallon. POTUS is cool though!
What would Romneys do if somebody spilled yogurt in their dress?
Dr Ron Paul FTW!

Obama = Romney = Cheney = Neocon = War Criminal...
Hey Shawn startup maybe you should watch Ron Pauls little speaches he stutters alot and looks like he's going to be another puppet like bush was! At least Obama barely needs a transcript when Ron Paul needs one. At least Obama has super swag and is a beast and can actually talk normal without making up stuff to sound cool or to win he just wins because he knows his stuff. Maybe your just brainwashed with all the conspiracies people believe. Maybe you should read obamas speech and look at what he has done. Hmmmm I did and he's done almost everything he said he was going to do. Hmmm I guess we shall see what will happen when the elections are in. 
Keep your day job Obama... oh wait.. nevermind.
Shouldn't the president be busy running the country instead of upping his celebrity status? Just saying...
Oh great, yet another political stunt! Do something productive for once, or expect to be voted out of office, +Barack Obama. You may be better than +Mitt Romney (or worse), but that won't matter if you continue doing these propaganda and endorsement campaigns as compared to actual work.
hey! shut your mouth some people like jimmy fallon! and nooo! how could you think POTUS is cool! your insane.
I wish our President would just go away. Guess I will hve to wait until January 2013 for Mitt to take office! Let's put someone in office that has a clue about economics!!! Ask the question are you better off with today than 3 years ago when he took over?
brian s
election year campaign strategy, now reduced to "whatever makes me seem cooler to the 19 year olds", because "hey it worked last time"
He is the Pres,he can do what ever he wants,go lay down by your dish.
Well of course it has to be somebody else's fault but it was Barack Obama that spent trillions of dollars on a failed stimulus, he demonizes the people who make this country work, while at the same time taking risks with tax dollars to failed green technology. millions of taxpayer dollars, but I guess doing the right thing is easy to do with other peoples money, and taking risk is only for failed govt. policies!!!
Eveeybody shoul know that a president alone cant do anything without a help from house and senate! Apparently not all the americans seem to know that, very sad!
Cool, wish he'd do all his updates like this!
I love that they were able to keep a poker face while doing this right up until the end. (Except the band.. they were straight up giggling..)
brian s
+Robert Lincoln when in doubt, use the OMB numbers (among others) to fact check. the WH employment numbers, for one, are clearly faked.
Its funny how everyone has an opionion on what a president should do and take care of for this country, but they fail to remember that the president is just one of three parts to the government and if your going to hold the president responsible for anything you have to give the same balme to the other two parts of the government.

Its a very hard job to do and people want to see a change in things right away but that will never happen it will take years and years for things to get back on track. So stop complaining about things you can do very little about ( if you think your vote counts for anything your very misguided) and just let things happen with time.
+curtis jackson No sir. If you really believe in our 3 branches as laid out in the constitution, you can leave the Judicial branch out of the "doing". And if you really, REALLY believed, you'd want all three branches to sit on their hands unless we're talking about national defense.
Now that's an entrance! Slow jamming student loan interest rates... creative and still presidential. Few can pull that off. "Now is NOT the time to make school more expensive for our young people." That's clear, direct, politic with some controversy on national debt thrown in. Nice job.
Look I can lower your interest rates since I can not let you have jobs with my horrible economics.... :)
What a disgrace. I cant believe jimmy let this Marxist tool bag on the show. Wake up people......
BO is so hilarious and entertaining! Clearly the only two important qualifications for president! Please, Feds, take my money! Take it all! I only deserve the refund scraps you deem me worthy of!! Anything for the White House comedian!
The President is the "leader" and sets the direction for the nation....let's see....mandatory socialized medicine, deficit spending to 15 TRILLION (what comes after trillion?), more "executive" orders than any past president, Czars overseeing all facets of our name but a few. You are as the people you surround yourself with and this guy is definitely taking the country into a totally dependent people absent of common sense and self reliance. He has removed all aspects of incentive to succeed and has and is continuing to "dumb down" our nation. I do blame congress and the judicial branch for the mess we are in also. So, I suggest we do not vote for ANY incumbent, anyone who is a lawyer or a civil servant, and vote for business people ONLY....and this from a "former" life long Republican not disgusted even with that party so entrenched and self-serving at tax payer expense.
+ben brescia forget about all that deficit stuff and just go with the flow, man! More centralized power to the Washington elite, yay!!!
Nothing like having taxpayers fund your campaign trip to attempt to buy votes from the naive youth of America.
Yeah it's real
+Steve Ausborn I'm not against the president telling a joke. He's not simply opening with a joke. He is taking a legitimate issue and making it a mockery and people love it.

I hear he's going to juggle plates during the presidential debates.

+Scott Anderson agreed. It's been a circus for awhile. So let's get mad already.
It seems he is trying to get his point to the citizens who don't watch political debates. It does seem like the country is turning around, although it is pretty slow. If you think of how fast it fell it is somewhat a good thing that he bailed out the banks, because if they weren't bailed out we might have hit a new stock market crash like in 1929. It did have some nasty downsides. Since the market was free-falling so fast it is good that he was able to slow it and start bringing it back up. I feel following this path will be better in the long run. Sure we will have to pay back the deficient but at least we will be back on our feet making profit to pay it. The alternative is continue to fall slowly and try to avoid going farther down. Also to those who say he is a socialist and socialism is bad: This is more like a command economy where the government is stepping in to pull us back towards a free market. Without government we would end up falling back into a stratified system like in Europe where everyone has their class where the rich command the poor and the poor command the poorer. The system had begun to fall back towards this when the stock market was hit. The bail out did not help this matter, but did stop a complete collapse. With some of the new laws we are giving a bit of our freedom away to make sure that no one can hit us while we are down like a wounded solider using one hand for a shield while using the other hand to fix his wound instead of leaving himself open to more wounds while using both hands to treat himself.
+Stig Walker - That's pretty much being the "definitive" nay sayer. Lighten up.
When will Obama admit to talking to aliens just like Dwight Eisenhower?
Curtis Jackson, when the Dems had control over it all they failed to do anything. They couldn't even pass a budget with a super majority!!! So what does that say about your president and his party?
I love how unlike republicans Obama is actually fixing our economy & helping our country. Case & point: republicans & Bush almost bankrupted the country & our government was full of corruption, under Obama we have job growth, better laws that help to protect us & global warming & green tech is finally being taking seriously plus many more wonderful things so if you want to be broke & suffer under republicans that's fine its your choice however I for 1 will vote for Obama & secure our better tomorrow.
+Michael Pratt it's ignorant liberals like you that allow for inept politicians like Barack Obama to erode the individual rights of Americans, your'e a good little robot soldier, you've bought into the theory of progress that claims we're moving towards some unified perfected society, it's stupidity like that that allows govt. to spend taxdollars and call it charity, you mention facts, facts like that of a "living breathing constitution"?
yeah that's brilliant, it's not conservatives that embrace ridiculous political theories it's you and people like you! are books and newspapers" Living and breathing" also?, maybe Melville's whale wasn't really white! or JFK wasn't catholic. Barack Obama is responsible for the very things I said he was...... but maybe not, maybe political reality is "living and breathing" as well!!!
Evan though I'm canadian thats vary great...
It's creative messaging. Even if for some reason you think that students debt should increase, you gotta admire the tactic for bringing the issue to citizens in in age of too much information.
yes but he should have enough courage to stand up against those who want to have every thing and not share the wealth.we in the service help to protect them and in the process they have cut back on spending to help those who are injured.word is that the new guy running against Obama the people who are supporting him want to cut out medicaid and let those who are on ss can buy their own insurance of their choice."oh how kind they are".i am old enough to remember when the gap between the so called upper middle class and the poor class was growing at a rate that was cutting out the middle class.the gap was growing at a fast rate.and the people of my gen. was protesting against it because it was throwing a lot of people who were average into the poor category.because we suffered as outcast and trouble makers buy mostly by the people who were collecting the .then the gap begain to shrink now it is on the rise again.the president knoes this and if he does not then he needs to open his eyes and so do alot of other people who have grown up in suberbia and do not know what it was like back in the 60's and70's.they have enjoyed a pretty good life.and you can stand or sit and say he can not do it alone.he needs to stand up to these people with all the old microsoft himself who bethere is when our president cause of his growing wealth and his fear that the gov.was going to cut through his monoply of the computer software and the web moving to canada and our gov.and president ought to say know and stop him no matter what the supreme court or i should say the money court by this i mean who has the money usually gets so called justice.
while i have the ability to write what i feel,or know is that we are fastly approaching a police state. so there is somthing else to think about.and if you believe in GOD and his word maybe you need to take a look at the book of AMOS here what GOD has to say about the way we as a nation are heading.surely you can't believe that HE punishes the nations before that He will overlook the way we have become have become.there is one question that i would like a reasonable answer about.just what are these people with all the money what are they going to do with it?
+Preston Robert he is not my president I claimed no political affiliation. Your missing the point of what I'm saying, what you think what you feel, it doesn't matter because nothing you do will change the way things are. Nobody ever elected to the presidency has ever done things that the whole country agreed with so no matter who is in office someone is going to love them and all of there ideas and Simone is going to hate there guts and think that there doing everything wrong.

But with all of your opinions and all of your thoughts on how things should be do you honestly think you could do that job perfectly or do you know that you can only give it your best shot?
+Jeneeya SUWAL Actually, its the US Congress's job to manage the country domestically and the President to act as a check/balance on their legislation (ala veto's where needed and some pokes and prods here and there). The President is mainly responsible as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and Foreign Relations, and is merely a figurehead at home. They are not now, nor have ever been responsible running the country, or guaranteeing cheap student loans. (not that it keeps the various President's for as long as I can remember from trying to run the Country, but it isn't their responsibility).

With that said, interest rates on student loans are definitely something for Congress to look at and decide on how to proceed. If you (or anyone else has ideas) - send them to your Rep and Senator. Kids need loans for school, and lets face it, it isn't getting any cheaper. But it isn't the Pres's job to get involved in that. Too much stuff going on in the world that deserves his attention that IS in his job description.
@ Stig Walker: you're right, at that moment when he was on stage, the economy collapsed, more were jobs lost, health care declined more, and more Americans starved to death, all because Obama was on the late night show for about 30 mins....tisc tisc to Obama....shame on him....
Pure Liberal BS socialistic hate mongrel whose whole life is to destroy the christian world.
Yes vote for him because he is cool, because sure does not have a clue about anything else....
Undoubtedly the coolest thing a political figure has done since Clinton played Sax on late night TV. It's good to see a leader that isn't so full of himself that he can reach out to the average American and have a little fun. If we can't find a way to smile or laugh right now with the state of the country then our spirits will break entirely. Good show Mr. President. Good show!
+ben brescia care to layout an explanation, citing concrete evidence, as to how Obama is eroding the rights of Americans? I assume you are able to do this, otherwise you are in no position to be calling anyone else ignorant on the matter.

To be clear, I am neither a democrat, nor a republican.
Nice, as a European who doesn't understand your silly system I have to say in my lifetime only 3 US presidents have made me think "the world is getting better" and they are Kennedy, Clinton and now Obama.
Bitching about presidential impact is so contradictory to almost everyone with an opinion about them. The person with the opinion isn't doing a damn thing to impact our civilization and well being as humans, other than run their mouth and complain. Look in the mirror.
Its going to be hard to fix what the Bushes scrwed up but give him a chance que no.
+Kevin Burger you are so right on dude! Clearly, forcing Americans to pay for other people's healthcare is not an infringement of our rights. Also, since you are neither a democrat, nor republican, you are a perfectly unbiased observer and I humbly suggest that you be the one to mediate all future discussions on this thread.
+Sam Muncy I wasn't aware that the executive branch writes the laws. My how things have changed.
+Kevin Burger right again, amigo. It's the fault of the legislative branch, they're the ones ones trying to shove o=Obamacare down our throats and Obama's the one trying to hold it back... that's why we call it Oba... oh... wait.
The only thing you hippies will get out of Ron Paul is the chance to smoke marijuana legally, which is coming regardless of who is in office anyway. His utopian ideas would never hold up in the 'real' world unless all other nations played by similar rules. I like his ideals, but this is not the time and place for R.P.
I'm not a democrat or a liberal, but I mostly like that President Obama did this. I think anytime we start reacting in a negative knee-jerk fashion to what a person does and says because of their being in the other political camp, I think we err and injustice may be done. Do I think the President was out of line in trying to communicate in this way? No, I don't think so. Perhaps it's beneath the dignity of his office. But whatever we would say about it, I think we should be prepared to say the same if a Republican ever does something similar.

Also, just because I like that Obama was able to do this doesn't mean I'm going to vote for him. The issues on which I disagree with him are too important to be trumped by his being hip, humorous, and creative in this instance.
+Kevin Burger or maybe it's the Judicial branch to blame! ANYONE but the executive (unless it's Bush).
+Sam Muncy I never said Obama's trying to hold it back, but he's not the one eroding your rights. That's Congress. And Obamacare is just a label given to it by the media and Republicans. We could start calling it Sam Muncy-care and what's in the bill would be the same, and so would your opinions of it. And if you really followed politics you'd know that Democrats don't line up and say yes sir to Obama the way Republicans did for Bush. Obama's not the leader of the Democratic party, because they don't really have one.
+Sam Muncy Why would I blame Bush? If I were in his shoes, I'd have probably made all the same decisions. No one really objected to anything he did until after the fact, when we found out that the intel we were all going on was bad.
+Kevin Burger I agree with most of what you said, however, Obama is, in fact, the duly elected head of the Democratic party. That is part of being the president, is that you are the technical "head" of your party. Now that said, being the head of a party is almost meaningless.
Only one problem, aside from the fact that this was possibly the worst “comedy” segment in the history of mankind: it violated campaign finance law.
+Drew Heyen true, but Obama's about as in control of the Democrats as he is of you, me and Sam.
When saw thisI thought, "Why! This calls for outrage from the Republicans!" After all, President Obama is communicating with young people in a way they relate to!" Of course, the Democrats outrage when Bush and his administration lied to push through a war on a country that hadn't attacked us made them unpatriotic. President Obama got his point across using humor. If Republicans were capable of this they would do this too. Unfortunately, all it takes is a trip to youtube to see they are incapable of this. (Check Bush on the Letterman show.)
+Bill Hartzer I'm only vaguely informed on all of that stuff, but wouldn't it become legal if the station were to offer the same availability to his opponent? All that stuff is complicated, and I'm no where near 100% on how it works.
So to express this in street English the fool and chief regulates how fast and much Congress changes things.
Yes, vote for him because he's "cool." Never mind that he's done all the things you hated about Bush - kept us at war, kept Gitmo open, passed the privacy-destroying NDAA, put us just as far into debt in half the time, ignored Congress and the Constitution... at least he's cool.
But the executive branch advocates certain legislation and then sometimes signs that legislation! He's responsible for the bills he signs,....... I want to chose my own healthcare insurance, I don't want my taxdollars used to invest in supposed "Green energy" but what was i thinking Barack Knows how to spend my money better than I do, except everytime he "signs legislation" it fails, +Kevin Burger
All people should get their news from late night television.
JoPa Mi
I dont think someone who can barely use english to start with, should be the one putting it in "street english".

Who is the fool, and who is the chief in your "street english" +Dean Holyer ?

Am I the only one who has no idea what he is intending to say, I cant even decode which side he is probably on.
I've read most of the comments and you people are way to opinionated when we all belong to the human race. Can't we all just hold hands and sing a Celine Deon song.
you people are basing how a president is by his appearance on a show? and you say the GOP is brain dead.

and just to throw this out there. Obama has done nothing to work progressively with congress on these issues.
Good plan. Hold hands and sing. Human forever.
Now that's a presidential message
+Ben Blease sorry I'm just trying to lighten the mood cause people sound so angry over things they can't and wont ever change
haha that's ok. I understand your point there :P
If he paid as much attention to the problems of the American people as he does he singing career we willn't be in the crapper. I still say Hilary should have President!!!!!!
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Nothing like having the democrate version of bush take time out of his hectic world domination project to follow his second passion, being guest host on america's shittiest talk shows. Way to inspire hope barry.
I love how every failure Obama presides over is forgotten because of something that happened in the Bush administration, it's time these social democrats pull up their pee pee panties and take responsibility for their own policies, Barack Obama passed the stimulus package promising unemployment under 8% and it didn't happen, (money spent on turtle tunnels and renovations to the capital mall), talk about Bullsh$%t +Ryan Ramlow
How about the democratic controlled congress made tuitions more expensve - you seem to have neglected talking about that fact!
How about on-the-job training at reduced rates? Used to work well.
Lol. It was the Democrats in 2007 that made the interest rates go up this summer during an election year. Obama couldn't even find the time to vote on it back then. He didn't care about it then and now he's using it as an election ploy.
I love the Ron Paul 2012. It's Clintons Perot 1992. Thank you Ron Paul!
I just want to take out the time and say that 90% of the comments on here are by people who are infected with that new virus- Saying Things Utterly Proposing Itself Dumb - or as I like to call it stupid
+trevor cummings

Abraham Lincoln
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Thomas Jefferson
Theodore Roosevelt
Ronald Reagan
Dwight D. Eisenhower

Hows that bunch? Honestly the problem I have is people thinking that This current president is some sort of Savior, more so he thinks he is one himself.... And does it matter if he is "cool"
+Kevin Burger Here are some facts

Obama's administration blatantly disregards the constitution when talking about when America is able to declare war. Leon panetta denies that congress has absolute power. This directly infringes on the single most important document in the US.

Congress has aboslute power to declare war: Article 1 section 8, US constitution

HHS mandate forcing the catholic church to pay for abortive services directly against their moral beliefs. This is part of obama care, presumably created by obama. This infringes on peoples rights.

Obamacare requires everyone to purchase some health insurance. This infringes on people's rights.

Any challenges to this comment is welcome.
I sad to see people forget so quick. Bush left Obama a mess.
So wait.. let's make college expensive, so that less students can afford to get a degree - and more jobs go out of USA..

And then, we take that money we collected from rest of the students and start a preemptive war on the countries which are economical threat.

You know who is economical threat - people who do not understand economy and make economic decisions!
The \*cough\* Fox News model of \*cough\* intellectual commentary.
For all those who talk on how things should be, well why don't you go into politics and let's see how you handle it! - would love to see change but only the corrupt have the power.
Ha I posted this before you! He totally pulled it off by the way ;)
+Robert Bailey you have got to be a complete nincompoop to think that one man with very limited power in the government can change a thing. I feel bad for you cause you probably go to college so your free thought is bound
Who even cares about Obama's policies! He's on TV OMG he's the coolest president ever! I can't wait to have a house powered by algae and cars that run on rainbows! Keep spending those billions on bankrupting green energy companies Mr. President it will pay off some day! And in the mean time keep blocking foreign countries (Canada) from trying to import their dirty oil and creating real jobs in our country! Welfare State 2012!!!
+curtis jackson Hmm, Our current president seems to think exactly that way about the last one, because he sure keeps blaming him for everything.
Ryan you hit the nail on the head. People. forget so quick. Especially when people were voting for newt get he was one of the problem?
Really! If Ron Paul is the purported Saviour of this country how come he keeps getting his ass kicked when he TRIES to run for President? you research Obama is dealing the best he can with the convoluted MESS all the previous Presidents have created!
I like Obama and many of the things his administration has attempted (I do want him to be even less Bush-like). That said, his approach here makes the problems worse, not better.

If student loans were harder to get, we would have fewer people with enormous debt and no job prospects for paying that debt off. Most college students do not know enough to make informed decisions about the utility of student loan debt, and as a result, student loans are now a bigger problem than access to education, IMHO.
+John Mahler Hehe that is true but most people don't realize the truth of the matter when it comes to politics
Put the People First - When a president turns all of his attentions back to serving the people at all levels of the Society and to the health and wealth of the Land, then he might actually have something going for himself.. cool does not cut it at the end of the day..... Sammy Hagar is cool, Joe Satriani is cool, Fonzie was cool!!!...
+Mary Ann Laughlin I have an Incurable Illness and as a result have substantial medical bills even tho I use the VA for all my care.

Obama campaigning 2007/2008: "The first thing I will do is I will bring our troops home..."

Obama sworn in as President in January 2009.

Obama orders attack on Libya without Congressional approval
(under the Constitution that Obama swore oath on, this is illegal)
March 2011

Afghanistan :-(

Patriot Act
Allows the Federal government to secretly search records and conduct roving wiretaps and raids in pursuit of alleged terrorists or their supporters.
Signed into law by Bush in October 2001.
Obama pushed for extension in 2009.
Obama signed 4 year extension in May 2011.

ISP Snooping Bill - HR 1981
"Protecting Children from Internet Pornographers Act of 2011"
Obama signed in July 2011.

ACTA (multinational version of SOPA)
Internet Censorship
Obama signed in October 2011, characterizing it as a "executive agreement" and thus bypassing Congressional approval.
Some big players, including RIAA, MPAA, and Pharmaceutical Research and Mfgrs of America helped develop the treaty. Note: By April of 2009 Obama appointed 5 RIAA lawyers to the Justice Department.

Indefinite Detention of US Citizens (in USA or abroad) without Right to Trial
Obama signed in January 2012
Obama signed "with serious reservations" and promises to not use the powers conveyed.

Trespass Bill - HR 347
Free Speech / Protest Now a Felony - when Secret Service says so
Obama signed in March 2012
Obama Makes Free Speech A Felony

National Defense Resources Preparedness
In the name of national defense, our government can take control of private sector resources without consent of the owner. Keep in mind this is a refresh of old Martial Law BUT now "in peacetime" and "in non-emergency" are part of the law. In other words, our President can now at any time assume the powers of Martial Law.
Obama - Executive Order - March 16, 2012

Sanctions (just like pre-Iraq) which are ramping up the hate and fear of America and preparing the American people for war.

Coming soon:

Pre-emptive Strike against Iran and Syria - WAR
(this will probably be without Congressional approval)
Now that was too cool!!! Rock it Mr. President!
Isn't Fallon like the least popular, least "cool" guy on late nite? I know I can't hardly watch his wooden act which was tired back when he was on SNL.

Now, Obama on Craig Ferguson... THAT would be something to see.
J immie Fallon & barack obama are awesome :)
I am new here, but I think we see only the comments of the people we have chosen for our circles, or the comments of the people who see things posted by those people. However, I think I do see what you're saying, +curtis jackson. For example, considering people losing their homes because of coastlines affected by global warming was serious. Then it was answered by a comment about not as much skiing. Perhaps the ski comment was meant to be funny. All of that, however, was regarding an overheard conversation, not original comments on our Google+ home page.
Keith B
haha I love some Jimmy Fallon
if he spent half as much time governing as he does promoting his brand on shows like this, maybe the ecomomy would be growing at a reasonable pace.
Obama thanks for brainwashing kids with lies.
Whether you like him or not, he's still a better option than a morman.
The rates were dropped from 6.8% to 3.4% last year and are set to increase this year. This does not help me or the thousands of other people who already took out loans at the higher rates prior to 2011. Nor does the student loan consolidation program really help with rates as you must have a blended rate depending on outstanding loans. Once you consolidate your loans you cannot refinance to a lower rate regardless of the fact interest rates have been at rock bottom since 2008.

So, if you really want to make college affordable stop making money cheap and giving it away to anyone with a pulse which drives up higher education tuition cost 6-8% a year. Second, make the student loan interest deduction have a higher cap(currently $2500) or change it altogether and make it a tax credit. Student loans total over $1 trillion dollars and the government is giving the funds away to anyone with a heartbeat. Sound familar? Yeah, I think that was happening with the housing markets a few years back. The difference is this time it is massive amounts of unsecured debt that is being dumped onto tomorrow's workforce.
It looks like I was wrong. I did not realize I was posting to a political discussion. To me politics is like children fighting on the playground.
The president after Bush Jr. (no matter who/which party won that election) was going to have the difficult or nearly impossible task of fixing the mess that the previous administration left them. Lies and tom foolery tend to do that. Four years is definitely not enough time to "fix" Bush's mess and I'm pretty sure the GOP recognized this and is continuing to play their hand as best they can to make sure that Obama is a one term president.

As we are stuck in a two party paradigm, the choice has been narrowed down for you already... Go with the least risky choice in your view. Not a great solution, I know, but it's what we have to live with.

At least Obama has not fabricated reasons to invade and occupy countries or avenge his father's "honor." He may have done some surprising and unexpected things (believe in the judicial branch, our last hope in the system of checks and balances), but do you really believe that Romney will make anything better (rather than worse). If you do please share your reasons why a flip-flopper will be better. BTW being a CEO and "running" a business is not equal to being the President.
"Fact: Obama extended the Patriot Act"
Obama Supporter: "Obama is cool!"
"Obama is eroding our rights."
Obama Supporter: "I love Obama. You are making crazy talk about rights."
"He signed NDAA himself."
Obama Supporter: "Yeah but he said he didn't like it and would never use those powers. As President he really can't do much because Congress and the Senate limit him."
"They limit him? How about executive order NDRP (martial law x 2)?"
Obama Supporter: "Uhm what's that? [Google time] Oh! That is just a modernization of an old Martial Law that has been around forever. You are reading too much into things. You are paranoid. Obama is cool!"
"Go to and actually read NDRP and you will see it is more than just a 'modernization'. NOW instead of just saying 'wartime' and 'in time of emergency' it includes 'peactime' and 'non-emergency'. It also sets up Czars (secretary of defense, education, energy, transportation, agriculture) with almost unlimited power to confiscate people and resources."
Obama Supporter: "I trust Obama so I don't believe you. The economy is better than ever!"
Obama Supporter: "Yeah the stock market is up!"
"You understand that when the value of the dollar drops (like because of printing money for one thing), stocks 'rise' because they require more dollars to buy?"
Obama Supporter: "Crazy talk! Obama is handsome and is cool!"
"You realize the unemployment figures at leave out some important FACTS and if you Google "real unemployment" you will see a very scary truth?
Obama Supporter: "You are dumb! Obama rules!"
This man is trying to get us on track but meets nothing but hate from rep
The message is tailored for the audience. Different audience, likely a different message.
I can't wait for the next four years of President Obama. I haven't always agreed with him, but he has still been a great president. It's rough to be in charge in the tough times.
+Keith Kuslak Obama has not been a great President. He has absolutely been at the helm for some serious constitutional violations. Just because things "feel" better than the last couple of years under Bush don't make Obama great.
and yhu want to replace him? America, think twice!!!!!
i am sure a lot of people will vote for you because you're cool...too bad that giving you a second term will destroy america
The last comment, your a tool, your country WAS falling under bush. Look at a country with "evil socialism" like Canada, barely touched by the corruption bush caused in the financial system. Learn your facts before you spit ignorant comments.
Obama would like to be considered cool but we know him as the illegitimate president who trashed the economy. He is a marxist who wipes his ass with the Constitution on a daily basis.
Agree Joe. We don't need a comic or entertainer. We need a leader.
+scott snider still blaming bush? lol when are you guys going to admit you kind of screwed the last four years up?
Hey guys, look at the students strike in Quebec Canada,
+michael cotton I can't think of any presidents in history that weren't trying to get us on track. Pretty sure they all were. Pretty sure they all met opposition. Pretty sure it comes with the job.

Unfortunately, people's interpretations of "on track" differ from one another. My "on track" is way different from the POTUS'. The questions is, "How many American's feel their 'on track' is interpreted differently than POTUS'?"

I'm going to agree with +Scott Swain and those like him though. Try as he may, POTUS is not doing a good job. He's handing out my rights, and I'm just not OK with that. You can call it, "trying to get us on track", but I think there's a better way than sending my rights up the river...IMHO.
T Hines
I actually think he is cool...
POTUS haven't used the media like this in the past in order to prevent developing the perception of cult of personality. Even real heroes who later became POTUS, were sensitive to blind hero worship. President Obama embraces it and with each, "He's so cool" the more the President will use mass media to create a cult of personality.
Awesome and serious at the same time, oh yes Obama can.
+ben brescia That's true, but that still doesn't mean you can say the President is either for or against everything in the bill. If you were President, and I presented you with a bill that would repeal the healthcare changes, and cut defense funding in half, you can either sign it or not. Sign it and I run around screaming about how you killed the nation's military, don't sign it and I run around screaming about how you stood up for the health care changes.
I am amazed that people think this is "cool". If Clinton or Bush or their wives would have appeared on comedic talk shows this many time while in office, they would have been criticized to no end. Then again Obama and Pelosi were "outraged" by Bush's lack of action when gas price hit $2.87 a gallon. Of course, $4 is OK though. It was also am outrage when Bush increased the deficit by almost $5 trillion in 8 years, yet Obama has managed a higher increase in less than 4. Yeah, he's so cool!
That's what I wanna see my president acting like a jackass on tv. So not presidential. You can quote me on that mister carney
Mr. President, I think everyone was honoured by performance. Thank u, it was great. I'm gonna show this to my 11 yr & 13 yr old kids when they visit this weekend. They love you so much. Thank u, again!
effing hilarious ... :P
this economic collapse is the direct result of government policies that reflect the agenda of social equalization namely those of the fair housing movement, Barack Obama was a lawyer who shared this ideology. At the law firm of Miner Ballard and Galland he was considered an expert in fair housing legislation. he worked on the Buycks Roberson vs citibank case, a lawsuit brought against Citibank alleging discrimination in order to force high risk mortgages.
activists and liberal politicians forced banks to make trillions of dollars of sub prime loans, loans to people who couldn't qualify because their credit was so bad, home loan lending standards were so loosened that lenders were qualifying potential owners with phone bill records. there is no way this product of sub-prime junk would have been in the system for the "evil banks" to bundle and sell to investors unless lenders were coerced to create those loans through the C.R.A., Using the C.R.A. banks were forced to comply or threatened with having expansion and/or mergers blocked. The repeal of Glass/steagall would have been of no consequence if banks weren't compelled to come in line with some idiotic utopian ideal!!!
That was awesome. Obama is one of our coolest presidents.
Dear Mr. present,

You are freaking amazing. Its great that your spreading the issues via popular media like this. obama for 2012!
Obama is the best bet for the next 4 years. The economy is growing. unemployment is declining. 2 wars almost over. Gay man and women gain rights they fought for years. America is free and getting better. Obama 2012
Extended communication before things are done? LOL this guy must be paid by the white house. Remember when Obama said all legislation would be available online for days before it was voted upon? What happened to that? Where was your 'extended information' before Fast and Furious? Solyndra? Affordable Care Act? TARP 2? GM bailout? The 'super committee,' otherwise known as the biggest failure since the articles of confederation? The 'transparency' of this administration makes George Bush look like Honest Abe.
Papa- Obama has remained silent on gay rights. Unemployment is twice as high as when Obama took office. Employment has remained stagnant or grown insignificantly for months
I don't think our country could handle four more years of this fool! People need to focus on how he's running our country into the ground, and trying to point the blame elsewhere.He wouldn't have time to Twitter,or be on Facebook if he was actually doing his job! Wake up people!! It is time for CHANGE,but not the kind changes Obama has us dealing with. He's a liar ,and a fake! Why is he even being allowed to destroy our military,and our country? He's not even a US citizen!! The only slow jam that he's done ,is SLOWING JAMMING OUR ECONOMY!!!!
Those who dislike Obama are just upset, the man has a life also, it takes time, everything isn't going to change just because you ready for it to happen dumb a**. Maybe you should learn the word 'PATIENTS' on your free time.
perhaps you should learn the words "duty of president"
will Romney get equal free air time?
Mr Ramirez mitt Romney is going to get his butt kicked in the debates he will not be able to skate around when Obama is done with him. He openly said he will not apologize for his success well when you get rich by laying off people to get bonuses and come saying you can help the government do the same. Its ridiculous how this Republicans think we the people are not stupid.
+Ryan Ramlow the sub-prime mortgage crisis and the subsequent recession were caused by the existence of the sub-prime mortgages without them the caustic derivitives wouldn't have been the problem they became!
I agree Mr jessop Obama. For 2012. Republicans can move to Alaska and wave to Russia. Hahaha.
god has made away for all of us all we have to do is listen to his word and follow his path to heaven
Definitely Mr Bailey I agree. When Jesus christ saved the prostitute from the mob he said to them if any of you haven't sinned cast the first stone. We are all individually responsible to God let no one impose their will on me.
sorry shawn you really need to be " schooled" on issues, check then speak.
Clinton was in arsinio hall, playing the sax. Remember that? For the president to stoop to this is sad. And for what, the young vote. doesn't he have better things to do?
Oops sorry mrs bailey. I studied when I was younger. But I have a firm belief that we are only responsible to teach others and not judge. Jesus saved a prostitute the most hated person that time. He can save me and anyone else. Yes including homosexuals they are God's children. Obama for 2012.
Obama is cool AS A PERSON, but Bill Clinton is cooler.
So many say much but can not back it up. So many gave their lives for freedom and yet we continuously take away freedoms as long as it serves our purpose. We are excited our president is on TV and this makes him cool so I guess I vote because he is cool? Lets add the fact rich people spending money is bad? Becoming wealthy is bad? It is a circus. We are brainwashed or just flat ignorant? We came to this country for freedom and gave lives to keep it. How dear anyone support any law or politician (including president) who takes from the unwilling and develops more laws that takes away our choice. I understand laws to protect (lives) and safety from bodily injury like police officers but to tell us we must have health insurance?
Political correction is the only way to keep jobs and positions yet people died for our freedom speech. All the filthy comments about Palin, her daughter, and disabled child and not one feminist (I will never support another feminist group) group stood to defend her simply because she was conservative. Note : I had not made a decision to vote Palin if possible but I would defend her as a mother and string women. Its pathetic and I am ashamed not even the President of our country acted as an honorable man and said "we as American" can behave better" Politics have become a plague and the cure is to remove every politician from office who lies and is hypocritical. Follow through with most of what you told your voters or get out. I vote honesty, non- hypocrite, and respect of freedom for ALL. Pres. Obama your not it. Sorry messy but typed fast.
Shouldn't he have been telling that to the teachers, administrators, janitors, and anyone else that gets paid for running/maintaining the schools?
+Richard Thompson didn't you know, it is not important that he get elected, only that he makes a statement. </sarcasm>
+Ryan Ramlow You realize that those numbers do not include the unemployed that gave up looking, right?
Woooow! ignorance at it's worst. Obummer, Is the most unprofessional President we have ever had. This man is shredding the constitution, and you people applaud him?
Lowering tuition and the intrest rates on student loans is not a good idea! This is exactly how the housing bubble crashed the market! You cannot give loans for students and expect them to make good on those loans if they dont have jobs waiting for them! The unemoyment rate is still rising, despite the bailouts industry is failing, the global economy is slowing, and now the prez wants every American to have a college education!? There is no shame in blue collar emoyment people. The middle class is the backbone of any successful capitalist society and that backbone is made up of hard working blue collar men and women, most of which are doing much better than their friends who went to college. DO NOT BELIEVE THE HYPE!!! There is, without a doubt, a neccessity for college educated professionals in industry, but those positions are limited. When everybody has a degree, the degree becomes worthless. So now you have $100k+ in debt and a relatively useless piece of paper to show for it. If we continue down this path of redistrubution of wealth in order to "level the playing field" we will kill the American middle class and the global economy will perish along with it. RonPaul2012!
James J
Aww c'mon man we need to lighten up a little this is great the president is human! I think Kennedy was way more unprofessional he just got away with it
Some two cents from Canada (mostly from me). You guys are polarized like mad. It's either completely for or against. Maybe that's the nature of the two-party system, but up here things are much milder in comparison. I know many people who support Obama and his style of politics. I also people are afraid to move to the states because of its malicious competition and lack of security. Things like public healthcare and fairer taxation provide a safety net. It's a good thing to have, like a family member you can rely on. I think that the States could use a little more mutual trust.
Subsidized student loans, without constraints on tuition inflation? Yeah, that makes a whole lot of sense.
James J
You cannot blame the president for the economy he doesn't have that much control. I like his confidence. I think it reflects his honesty and integrity
Jason smith, You're right! It spilled over from the clintons before Bush was ever there.
Absolutely! I really like the spend your way out of debt plan. It's been working GREAT!
James J
The stock market is a leading indicator that our economy is growing.
Mr. president is doing a great job getting the word out to the people.
4 more years! 4 more years!
James J
If Bush had not attacked Iraq we might have some more resources to help our economy. Iraq was a game changer BIG mistake!
Whippee super obama went on Fallon. He's done such a great job. I love him so much. He's brought us back to.......wait nevermind. Thanks for the change u let me keep in my pocket Obama.
I agree. Where would all of the billions of dollars spent on Iraq have gone to?
James J
Umm let me think -1,000,000,000 + 50,000,000 = -50,000,000
Hey, I heard that Europe had free college and the US don't. What's up with that?!
James J
Mr Bush started the whole stimulus package
Idiocracy here we come. Anyone else think it's sad that the president of our country has to do this to get the word out to citizens.
James J
I can say we need to cut up the governments credit card immeadiately
The U.S. stock market and Wall St is not an indicator of Main St. It is however an accurate measurement of the wealth accumulation of the super rich (aka the 1% of the 1% 'ers). That is who O-bummer and Romney and 534 of the 535 members of Congress represent. If you think you, or anyone you know, has a voice in any of these processes, you are delusional.
James J
I do know life here is pretty dam good compared to a lot of other countries
notice the applause the man got when he came out? Obama haters better suck it up for 4 more years
James J
yes the stock market is a leading indicator of the economy because it shows consumer confidence. Who is the one member that represent us ? Ron Paul
I can not wait to fire this incompetent populist hack. He is selling our children into economic slavery. We made a huge mistake voting for him, and most of us are smart enough to not make it again. No Obama 2012!
+James Julien Would you change your mind if you got a very easily curable disease but you aren't able to afford treatment? People die all the time in America from curable diseases simply because they aren't millionaires. There are many better countries in the world where you have free education, free healthcare, low crime rates and high quality of life.

Talk about living the American dream (keyword here is dream) ...
This was really fun and hilarious :) I have never seen a president be so active and not afraid to have fun in the public eye. Now if only he would go fight for them student loans who have been on deferment for over 6 years to keep their credit from being destroyed forever and for those who can't pay them back, or better yet, make it legal to file bankruptcy on them....that way if people can't pay them back like so many millions can't, at least their credit won't be destroyed for life just for 10 years. Now that would get him some serious recognition and certainly a monumental event for the history books! FOR SURE! I think a song about Forgiveness of all student loans would be a great song ;)
this is really unblievable
James J
Benjamen Myers Am I missing something hear isn't Obama the one who wants healthcare for everyone. I think there is no greater country and if you don't like it don't let the door hit your butt on the way out.
People also die from being run over by buses, being eaten by bears, and auto-erotic asphyxiation. Who cares? The fact is, life is dangerous to your health. Someday, YOU WILL DIE. The notion that "There are many better countries in the world where you have free education, free healthcare, low crime rates and high quality of life." is complete fantasy. To begin with, nothing is free. Nothing. If someone receives goods or services, it is at the expense of another. It may be a bummer, but you, I or anyone else is not entitled to medical services at the expense of another simply because we breathe air. There are many people, poor as dirt, who manage to get treatment through the present system. It is a flawed system, which needs improvement, but taking that which belongs to another, by force, is not improvement. It is theft.
We love president Obama, we trust him, and we believe in his capacity to bring change to America to the economi back where president Clinton had it. God bless America.
James J
Who got the man #1 ace of spades Obama did. Kiss your ass good bye bin laden! 4 more years
Well its great to see the president having such a good time while our economy crumbles. Here's to four more years of incompetence.
James J
The economy is getting better do you not watch the news or stock market. The unemployment rate has slowly gotten better.
This is not the time for the President to be spending my tax dollars on trips to "slow jam the news".

What a joke.
James J
I seem to remember Mr Bush playing gulf while we were at war?! C'mon man! Not only is Obama cool but he is smart also
+James Julien, this has nothing to do with President Bush. I want a professional President in office, regardless of who it is. Instead of "slow jamming the news", he should take some realistic and logical steps to addressing real concerns that are within the Executive office ability, as defined in the Constitution. I feel like this is American Idol, and it's boiled down to who can be more cool and personable rather than who can do the job best.
+James Julien That's not true actually. The numbers are only marginally improving simply because many have given up on looking for work entirely. And if you factor in population growth, last months job numbers of 120,000 is not a reflection of a recovering economy, but one that is barely keeping up with our growing population.
James J
Part of being President is being in the public eye being part of the community getting his message out. I don't think he has done anything near unprofessional by having a sense of humor. The economy is getting better Apple computers just had a huge quarter.
plus gaining even one job is better than losing jobs I believe that is the definition of improving.
Only message he's projecting in this clip is his lack of improv. Watch his face while hes reading the teleprompter (which he should be really good at by now). He's deffinetly not as hip as he likes to portray himself.
+David Heflin i am not a democrat. Know this before i respond to what you said. Obama is by no means incompetent. That is by far the smartest president we've had in a long time. There are things i don't agree with that he's doing or plans to do but that doesn't mean he's incompetent. Running a nation as large as the US during a time of recession didn't come with a book that says do steps A - Z. It's a guessing game where one set of ideas mirror democratic beliefs and the other mirror republican beliefs. Again I'm not a democrat. But 8 years of republican control and large wars put us in this mess. Obama was able to pull us out of this mess and avoided a depression. If only Obama would not side with raising taxes and growing the government I'd be happy with him. I hear so many people saying this economy is crumbling and i have to ask what state so you live in??? Am i shielded from what you're going through by living in Texas? Things are booming here. People have jobs, my business is doing phenomenal. I just don't understand how people can say the economy is crumbling when that is not what I'm seeing.
Apple is one company. It's also consistently been one of the best performing companies on the stock market for several years now. How many companies haven't had strong fiscal quarters? Not that they all should. No, gaining one job is not the definition of an improving economy. Your not looking at the whole picture James.
James J
Yes I am looking at the whole picture the stock market was down to around 8,000 and unemployment was over ten% a few years ago. Now the stock market is up around 11,000 and unemployment rate is almost under 8% FACT!
I already explained to you what that unemployment number does not include. In regards to the stock market, yes it has grown. The stock market still shows signs of great volatility and that number should not be taken for granted. The majority of those firms sell in markets outside of the U.S. and their growth could simply be a reflection of this. Especially with the rise of Brazil, India, and China in the last few years.
James J
Ok I understand that the unemployment rate does not include people dropping out of the job force did it include them before? I hear that same excuse every time the unemployment rate has always been determined the same way! I doubt if your workforce dropouts would amount to a tenth of a percent!
James J
Mr. Ullah what would you fight then a snake in the desert?!
Don't worry +Daniel Ochoa I have no interest in your political affiliations. They do not diminish your opinion. Your right. There is no "President for Dummies" book available last time I checked. You can, however read from one of the many expansive volumes of history books written about economic policy. Which apparently he did not do as he's repeated many of the same mistakes previous presidents have. Republicans absolutely did a poor job these last eight years. You cannot forget that Obama is also guilty of foreign intervention and running up the deficit. Just as the Republicans had done. I'm glad you pointed out that your from Texas. A state that has done amazingly well these past few years. Many tech companies from Silicon Valley have built offices in the great city of Austin. The success of Texas is not a reflection of the Obama administrations own policy, but theirs. Low tax rates, fewer regulations, and a vibrant population has led to much of your states success.
James J
Mr. Ullah If we left would you be at peace ? no more guns? No more killing?
no more bombs if we left?
James J
David you stated that Mr. Obama has repeated many of the same mistakes as previous presidents could you name some? Plus how can you say the economy is not improving when all the experts do think the economy is improving! Oh wait let me guess to much Rush L. or fox news maybe
+James Julien Your still ignoring the effects of population growth on the current job numbers. And your right. Unemployment numbers have never included discouraged or displaced workers. Which is why should not be the sole indicator of an improving economy. In relative terms, 8.2% is still very high if you compare to the late 90's where it was consistently under 5%. "Improving" does not change the fact that it is still a bad economy. Even Ben Bernake is willing to admit that.
James J
Look David I am a middle of the road conservative. I lean to the right slightly. I also know when to support the opposition. The republicans talk a nice game but, historically Democrats are better at handling the economy. Unless somebody signs a contact to get rid of the deficit, I am going with Obama. I am also sure I am not going to change your mind.
I was hoping to have an intelligent debate with you +James Julien Unfortunately you'd rather make petty references to radio entertainers and where you think I get my news.
Your political affiliations are irrelevant to this debate. Just as mine are.
James J
Yes David but you keep ignoring the facts! the economy is improving! yes it is still in recovery! the debate is on how well Mr. Obama is doing? I give him a 4 out of 5 stars.
James J
Can we at least agree that this was mostly caused by the housing market David?
if Obama stays in the white house im moving to canada!!

Thanks again for all pluses
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