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Missed the Hangout with President Obama? Check out the full video here and let us know what you thought.
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Ben Zaitz
Looking forward to watching!
Obama should connect with his broader base by having a virtual townhall in World of Warcraft.
for Democracy it was a remarkable day, not only for USA... Hopefully other countries/presidents will follow soon and talk with their natoinal folks... Hopefully its not only a "marketing gimmic" for the elections... In times of world recession, financial crisis, Euro crisis, bank crisis... and as reaction WikiLeaks, Occupy Movement etc. .... it has to go like this as we dont like to be treated only as voters getting the chance to make every 4 years a simple cross... hope our Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel is inspired by this, too.... Greetings from Europe/Germany.
I liked the more personal one-on-one exchanges in between the more serious questions.
Bob Cat
I'm glad President Obama embraced the legalization and taxation of cannabis! Finally, the change we were promised!

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I liked the fact that the questions tended to get direct answers. All too often, a political leader, even including President +Barack Obama, will use a question as a starting point to discuss a related piece of policy or talking point, without actually addressing exactly what was asked.

Here, such as for the foreign aid question, the first part of the response tended towards general policy, but he would then give a more focused answer. I greatly appreciated this.

Thank you to all who helped make this event happen!
Just because you got change you were promised, doesn't make it good change.
Best way I have heard it put Daniel
I hope this is one of many to come! Looking forward to seeing Pres. +Barack Obama sing a few tunes next time! :)
What Obama has planned to help the huge glut of early career Ph.D. scientists find real career positions? Anything about re-structuring federal research funding to make room for younger investigators?
LMAO at the lady in the end tryna sell her book!
I think his answers were long drawn out crap we’ve heard already and if the President keeps feeding us this same old same old, it will be a campaign of two wind bag candidates.

President Obama better come up with some better answers and some better policies if he intends to win the general election because Mitt Romney is looking and sounding better every day as an alternative to the Obama administration.

He should set forth a plan to make the 1% cough up their fair share of taxes.

Restore a strong educational base and restore funding for schools and teachers.

He should work to get corporate money out of government

And get back to pushing a positive agenda to control health cost and control the insurance companies controlling how health care is administrated.

It certainly wouldn’t hurt to get manufacturing incentives in place to help generate jobs here in America. It was the republican agenda which sent our jobs overseas, now do something to get them back.

If the President doesn’t stand up for the working man in this country he will be standing all alone the night of the general election in November.

Best of luck Obama you’ll need it.
Really interesting. Hope to see this happen with republican candidates as well 
It was very informative and tech worked well. Sierra High School in San Bernardino, CA got alot out of the process. When is the next event?
+Amilee Bishop How old are you? Don't answer that it's a rhetorical question. Look around you and take stock in what's really happening you haven't a clue.
Ignoring the questions that were voted most popular on the Youtube page really does point out how little he wants to actually discuss issues with the American people. I was expecting maybe a bit of a sidestep on the marijuana legalization questions, but to completely ignore them as if they weren't asked at all was just wrong.
Every time he talks live about the job of the president as a leader and how many industry leaders, and numbers he has to work with - it just reaffirms to me that you need the smartest man in the room to be president.
Our Tech Savvy President..Thank you Sir.
Awesome use of technology--Enhancing access to government--can't get better than this...asking the man himself. We need to protect innovation and create an environment for companies to invest more in job creating technologies like the internet/ wireless/fiber.
A bit overproduced... #justsayin

I spent a lot of time producing and editing my video question for the president and was disappointed by how overproduced and controlled this was. My original question, "Is the President listening?" was clearly answered.
discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
+Peter G McDermott I have a feeling that the level of production would be criticized no matter the level. Overproduced, and controlled... we're talking about public interaction with the most powerful person in the US that is going to be broadcast all over the world. In that position everything you do/ say matters one way or another, more so in the US. The President has to be as PC as possible as to not "hurt anyone's feelings". I'm a fairly open minded person, and like to look at all angles of the story. I think the +The White House did a good job, and am fairly impressed on how quick their establishment took advantage of the technological capabilities Google has allowed us.
+Aloysius Jr I was thinking the same thing as I was posting... How can G+ fail now?! Even the Pres. uses it! :D
He never answered the first question about a living wage. Just dodged it and threw numbers at us. Can't commit to that, eh??
This needs to happen way more often. It was nice to see +Barack Obama actually interact with real average people instead of giving vague speeches to a camera. I hope he does more.
Well I was mostly referring to the personal exchanges. Most of what politicians say has to be vague or the news would be all over them if they messed up.
He gets my respect for embracing technology like this, but his repeated recycling of the same talking points bores me. I'm also disappointed in the moderator. There were two difficult questions in that entire hour. At least they did pose the number one question, even though it was easily sidestepped.
I'm watching this slightly delayed and am curious about the timing of these they somehow track the time delay of the video?
I loved this, Hangout with President Obama. I hope that you will have more interviews like this to come.
Eric S
Thanks for ignoring ACTA
+Ryan Hacunda It was pointed out in another thread that if Obama answered that question as a supporter of it, then Republicans would use it against him To rally up the people, if he answered and was against it, then he would lose all the support of those who want this legislation. Either way it was set p to best policy would be for ANYONE, not to answer.

Also, I think it is really unnecessary for people to worry about being able to smoke marijuana when they cant find a job, have no food and are losing their homes. I am surprised it was a top voted question in the first place.
Let you know what I thought? I thought it was a totally phony, staged event to promote Google+
waaa i couldn't figure out how to join! DX
i thought it was great. some say it felt staged, but i certainly didn't feel it was. for one, the questions were definitely not easy, feel-good ones. i'm looking forward to more of these to see how they evolve over time. it's a great use of technology, which is what he's been very good at. can you imagine any previous president doing this. i can't.
+Aloysius Jr - well, certainly, but what i mean is it didn't come off as some entirely scripted event.
Are there still people out there that think the President actually runs the country first hand? All of you demanding change had better be voting in a new congress. :-) While the President has some restricted power, he can't change/fix everything he'd like. If he could, we'd probably be in better shape.
Very cool use of Google+ Hangout. I like the idea. Let's keep um coming!
Trying not to be a fan girl. But I could not stop that stupid grin on my face when he was answering the personal questions.
Can the President being Bo to the next hangout? Also can we see more of him on social media? :)
Completely ignored the most popular questions Maybe I'm just an old pothead at heart but marijuana legalized would mean millions of new jobs
+Jennifer Wadel - are you and your husband willing to move to Northern California.
brian s
cute intro, "vote for me in 2012 because I know how to use Google". where have I heard this before? oh yeah, in 2008 he said, "vote for me because I know how to use Facebook".
We must get federal deficits under control while not undermining our economic recovery so brilliantly managed by the Obama Administration. Following are some specifics on what we must do:

What to cut:
Military spending- Everything in the military must be accounted for. Currently it is not. We must close unnecessary bases along with many surplus properties in the US and elsewhere. Wind down the spending in Iraq and Afghanistan. Eliminate pork from the military-industrial-congressional complex that President Eisenhower warned us about half a century ago. Currently military contractors are rewarded by much more profits when they have cost overruns. We must change the incentives to maximize savings for the taxpayer. Military expenditures are responsible for 36 percent of our debt. The huge boondoggle of Homeland Security and FEMA must be scrutinized too.
Farm and fossil fuel subsidies- Phase them out quickly.
Post Office- Post office mostly delivers unwanted junk mail which we can't refuse and have to recycle. Turn the post office over to United Parcel Service and get rid of junk mail.
Foreign aid- Can we eliminate foreign aid to China, Saudi Arabia, Israel, etc? We gave Israel over $3 billion a year and they turned around and gave us the middle finger by refusing to stop building settlements in Palestinian territories during the peace process. No aid to Israel unless they cooperate in the peace process and finally create a contiguous Palestinian homeland!
Bush tax cuts for wealthy- We must phase out the Bush tax cuts and restore the Clinton era inheritance tax ASAP. Better yet would be a complete 3 tier tax overhaul that is more progressive, very easy to compute and cannot be amended by corrupt special interests.

What to retain:
Health care- Improve it, raise the retirement age of Medicare as needed and add the ability to buy into Medicare at cost for those under the retirement age.
Social security- Extend the retirement age as needed in future years because Americans are living longer.
Medicare- Extend the Medicare retirement age as needed in future years. Do not privatize Medicare like corrupt Republicans are trying to do. Means testing Medicare would be a huge mistake because the middle class would not support it. No one wants to get less Medicare if they responsibly save and invest.
Investment in infrastructure and education- We must stay competitive with other countries.
Estate tax- Raise it back to prior levels so we don't create a permanent kleptocracy.
NPR, PBS, Planned Parenthood and other political targets of the far right.
PayGo- We must permanently bring back Pay as you Go which worked so well during the Clinton years.

What to change:
We need complete tax reform similar to the Bowles Simpson plan that is more progressive but doesn't tax US corporations so they can be competitive with other countries. Perhaps we need a simple value added tax to replace our current convoluted income tax. Exports would have the VAT removed.
Legalize, tax and regulate marijuana like they do in Holland. I don't use marijuana myself but we currently waste billions of dollars trying to enforce the current wrong headed marijuana laws, create a huge organized crime problem and waste thousands of lives with incarceration. We should grow industrial hemp too which is easily distinguished from marijuana.
id feel a lot better if the president wasn't looking down at, what i'm assuming is, an iPad with a feed from somebody giving him talking points. i don't expect him to know everything, but at least put the prompt in front of you. give an effort.
I think there needs to be more hangouts with the POTUS in the future.
Interesting comments on foreign aid, i didn't know that it is less than 1% of the budget. It is hard to listen to the middle class woman complain about that 1%. If her husband can't find a job as a semi-cunductor engineer then he needs to learn a new engineering technology skill. It shouldn't be that hard especially if he is a skilled worker as was implied.
I thought this was very well done overall and would definitely like to see more of these kind of interviews
+Paul Sechrist, don't assume. Just say you didn't enjoy it, don't like the Prez and be done with it. Don't make up stuff to fit in with your perceptions. The whole "teleprompter" meme is absurd, especially to anyone who watched President Obama school a whole room of Republican politicians in a policy debate a couple years back. It was in effect a reverse gang bang.

That said, and despite being a huge support of the President, the format and answers were a bit limited. Any such setup that invites the masses to participate means that logistically the vast majority will not be involved, and thus a good portion of those people will feel left out. It's the whole "I wrote the President and asked for world peace and he ignored me" syndrome that people older than 10 years old usually grow out of.

Second, there is a tendency of people to not really hear an answer due to lack of depth of perception. Like when the President explains that foreign aid is 1% of the budget, and serves as a kind of insurance against greater cost and disaster down the road, and yet the questioner goes back to their initial less than substantial point (that her husband is jobless).

And finally, by virtue of politics, he cannot truly free-range and expound on any topic. He knows his competitors will be mining his responses to use against him in political ads. So this format in an election year is not optimal.

It's nice to see the President using new technology and trying to connect with people, but the timing and structure mean that many will be disappointed.
I really like the fact that our current president is the first to connect with us on our level. Logging in to G+ and seeing a hangout with him is pretty awesome.
Well, I found the G+ technology user unfriendly when I tried to get in. It also prohibited me from commenting in the comments section though others were posting. I also found it odd that only 5 participants were chosen; first thumbnail was of the moderator and the last, for some odd reason, was a mirror image of Obama's cam.
As a veteran, we don't do enough for our troops. MR. President I know there is a financial crisis, on top of that we are at war (now on one front as we are now out of Iraq thank you!) but we need to do more, starting with when they come home. I propose that every vet (as long as they served honorably of course) should be able to go to any college for free, yes i said it, free! As long as they meet the requirements to get in its part of the least we can do. This will put our vets in the best possible position to not only get a degree but to get a job and I'm not talking about a ROTC program or anything this is for vet, ons who have already served and either don't want to reenlist or where wounded or what ever. There are tons of vet right now who have come back after serving honorably and are having a tough time getting work, even in fields like law enforcement and fire, because cities and states are cutting back some cities are even or have laid off police officers, so the old stand by of being a cop even with military experience and preference is not enough and not all vets want to be firefighters of police officers. I'm a vet and i am a Flash developer far from law enforcement and although i am doing ok (if you consider the high cost of living in NYC ok) i maybe one of the lucky one but for every vet that is currebntly working there is at least 2 that are not. I have some other ideas and would love to chat with some one from your office as typing all this out would take for ever :) But this is a start.
You have to take in the fact that this was the first time something like this was done, Just think about how far this has come within the last few months. I am sure they maybe had some kinks, but that's technology! I thought it was really well done, go G+!!!
+Dan Sonnier Very well put, I agree that there is this attitude about what can the president do for me? I think if we thought about what we could do for the country a little more, we would be in a lot better place.
Well, a lot of us don't have the power to help. Especially true for those of us who have been hardest hit by job loss and subsequent home foreclosures. More people need help than are able to help.
I agree Brian, the president asked during the first campaign and in several of his state of union address for us to come up with innovated ways and means we can help rebuild the country, we may not all get our ideas done but if a vast majority of us do I think it sets a president for the next generation of officials in this country, we are winning here people and 2012 I;m staying with this President
With all respect +Clara Listensprechen anyone and everyone can help. I lost my job this past spring and let the "I lost my job what a bad economy" attitude kick by butt for a few months. I finally woke up and realized it was up to me to make a difference. You can help by not using the economy as an excuse. It's hard, and trust me I know it is hard, but you can help by not using the economy as an excuse and adapt to your surroundings. You will be surprised how much that will help and change your life.
Well after reading some of the comments I must say lots of people are never going to be satisfied no matter what, I thought it was great, sad he couldn't get to more peoples questions but I liked the interaction with the students which is really who this is all about their some of us just love to complain but at the end of the day you know this is a good president, don't agree with all his policies but I respect the fact that he is reaching out to us, i learned a few things I wasn't aware of which helped me to put more things in perspective so thanks google and thanks Mr. President much respect for you
Very well put +Kristina Nelson, I completely agree to coming up with innovative ways to help rebuild the economy. Yes, some of our problems are large scale and will take time so solve, however we can all pitch in a piece of the puzzle. The only way we fail is when we give up or pass blame. Failing is quitting, Passing blame is history and can't be changed.
Dai Vu
Missed, really....will get next time
What an amazing use of technology! The fact that folks were able to interact and ask follow up questions with persistence was really useful and informative.
It was great! Really impressive. Thanks for doing it.
Mr. Obama is really a pioneer of adopting latest and hot technology, which, in this case, is social networking, to his re-election campaign.
and so begins the new strategy for political campaigns
so productive, informative, and personal
if +Google wanted to keep this ball rolling, then they should do these with all the GOP candidates as well
I hate all of these people that are personally blaming the President for them not having a job. If you're good at what you do, you'll have a job. "Mr. President, I'm unable to cut it in modern society and too old to change my habits. Why aren't you giving me things for free?"
A great and hardworking, self made person and the nicest and humble president of USA. USA is lucky to have a guy like Mr. Obama, who is example of his own, in White House. Salute to USA nation that has elected nice person as present.
It is indeed inspiring to see the US administration using social media like The White House does. Thank you for your openness, i wish other leaders of the world let them self be inspired. Especially in the middle east.
I hope USA nation will again elect MR. Obama as president in up coming election of president of USA. I think it would be honour and pride for USA nation to elect a president like Obama. It would be nice and right decision by USA nation. I am in strong hope that USA nation will do this again as USA nation did before by electing him president.
As long as they dont electanother "BUSH" bloody warmongering ( I'll just think the next bit or they will ban me for ma language lol) I think that Osama has done OK since he took over, the country was heading down the shute before he took over awe the debt the wars had left them to not only pay back !! but they had to borrow mair money to keep the wars going and gie the locals a better chance in their life without the "TALIBAN"
Mr. Obama is man of hope, perseverance, struggle and hardworking the youngest, the nicest president of USA. I am 100% hopeful that he does not feel disheart when even he is in trouble. He can overcome oceans of problems. He is great guy in good health to serve USA for next term as well. He has the deepest knowledge over diplomatic issues. He is man of peace, harmony and tranquility. He is noble laureate for peace. His re-election as president of USA will be triumph and victory of peace.
This was incredible. I'd love to see more politics like it. I do wonder how our candidates here in Australia would go though - suspect Julia might be wooden and Tony slimy :/
Thank you very much Mr. President!
This was great! This should be a regular thing, looking forward to more of these.
The best way to find an exit strategy from crisis,solve problems and arrive in this way to soul of americans,helping them in the life of every day is to focus about development of economy,and not only about cut of debt,with concrete decisions like investing in strategic areas like infrastructure,creating,in this way,sinergies with international trade,more opportunities of job,more profits for companies,increase of consumption and more revenue for the State.
izz man
I find it interesting that none of the strategies to improve domestic business involved tariffs on imports. It's difficult for local business to thrive when companies can find labor with little to no governmental protection such as minimum wage and OSHA laws in the third world.
We are all aware of the fight that led Barack Obama to the world that there is justice and human rights in my country of Algeria, we are at the dawn of an election that is of importance capital for the future of my country, the emergence of a new Islamist makes me fear me and other women in Algeria, the shadow of the fanatics that we faced during the dark years of civil war.
I hope that with the foresight and intelligence of the president which earned him the discernment of the Nobel peace will spring Arab Islamists to be a spring of rebirth and growth and not the age of ignorance and the social and cultural regression for Arab and Muslim women in particular.
Maybe put a scarf some Muslim women mean to be a little closer to God, but for me, it means denigration and submission, as the allegiance to our God the Almighty, it is faith and faith is the headscarf in the heart has nothing to do.
I hope my wish will be heard, that God can save us from bad things.
Interactions such as these will help bring average Americans back into politics, not just leaving it to the politicians. Feeling like we have a true voice in a system that most of us believe to be broken. Thank you Mr. President for opening this door. I hope that this prompts our other representatives to follow suit. This was great to watch
Excellent !
My hope is that it will exist very soon the same here in Europe ... maybe President Sarkozy will be the next here ...
we need little steps in order to respond effectively to the challenges of an interdependent world.
Greetings from Switzerland
I just want to place a little comment on that interview .
I'm not from United States , but even for me it was very important to see that President of the Great country can just sit 1 hour and talk with his country, to answer all the questions without saying " You know I'll need to check that with mycabinet members ... or smthng like that " or just saying I can't answer You right now. It's nice to see that President is in touch with his country and know all the issues that every citizen could have. It's also important to see attendies from different nationalities, and for me it was very interesting to watch the whole interview and to see how Mr. President will answer and talk to his nation. And the part I love most was the President's answer , that "... being a President of US is one of greatest jubs on earth and it's honor to serve ... ". I think this is the most important part for every politican or government worker , since every one who is going to be hired for gov. job should realise that he is going there to Serve to his country and to make his country the best.
Thank You for Your time Mr. President and for being a President who can sit , talk and joke with his citizens.
Mr. President, I do enjoyed watching your videos and people's, too! What disappointed me alot? No CC(Closed Caption) or English subtitles or an interpreter for the Deaf & Hard hearing!!! We, the Deaf people do not know what you and the people talking about? We can't be understanding with "Oralism"!! Therefore, Please make CC and order all videos be made with CC/English subtitles or an interpreter, according to ADA Law Act! Thank you, your honor "MC1 X K=tc2 X E=mc2 X M=VGC3 = $9 or 12Z"
27:40 President Obama says "willy nilly"
pour qoi vous ne dites pas non a la gouvernement tunisienne qui prend notre droit claire de travaille
Is Google+ going to give the same amount of internet time to the other presidential candidates?
tarek dhiyeb un ministre tunisien (analphabète) a prix le droit de se massacré a des professeur de la jeunesse qui sont des chaumer de puis plus que 5 ans et leur droit de travaillé et claire mais il a triché ce droit et il a donné leur poste a des autres personnes (il est vraiment débile )
They get enough press on Comedy Central.
This is great. You should do many more until the election, do 50 more of these. But let a more diverse set of people into the Hangout. Google needs to program a debate system on Google+ Hangouts on Air, so people can debate with other, get points and ratings and that the best debaters automatically get highlighted and get a chance to debate with people like President +Barack Obama and it can also be plenty other in the Government, other politicians, journalists, all other. The potential is huge, but Google needs to use the oppotunities to rate participants and rate questions better so the highest quality Google+ Hangouts can be generated automatically.
Greetings from Germany !i!_.
Despite everyone saying how its politically logical that the President dodged the marijuana questions, I can't help but feel let down by both him and Google. I thought the idea was that the People would be able to choose which questions were to be addressed. I could have understood if the entire hangout wasn't focussed solely around the topic, even though it was the most popular by far... but no mention at all? I think I would have been happier with another "No, you're wrong."
Almost an hour talking about everything from people asking about how Children should be exposed to the grim reality of the economy to the Presidents dancing skills and what he is going to do for his anniversary. While there were some really good questions about job creation and the power of the small business owner, I think he might of addressed some more important topics like why we are getting our ass kicked from a cyber perspective and how we are going to fight back against China when they take over our power grids.
Very happy to see how well this went, even though I missed the live event. +Barack Obama 's social media efforts are commendable, and I'm happy to see +The White House take the classic 'Fireside Chats' into the new group conversation.
Mr Potus; to what address do I send MY resume? Draftsman with 34 years experience in outsourced industry - I am TOTALLY serious! This is NOT a gop picking on you. This is an out of work veteran already sending resumes by the dozens. Please post mailing address.
i wanted to hangout with the president
Retired LAPD officer Stephen Downing submitted YouTube's most popular question for President Barack Obama's Google Plus hangout on Monday, but Google chose to avoid the marijuana stank.
Kann nur sagen, auch in #Europa hat man mit großem Interesse den #hangout verfolgt. Grüße aus #Österreich.
Whenever the Prime Minister in Canada reaches out via the Internet I feel the need to have a shower afterwards. We'll take Obama if you don't want him.
Retired LAPD officer Stephen Downing submitted YouTube's most popular question for President Barack Obama's Google Plus hangout on Monday, but Google chose to avoid the marijuana stank.
prohibition is unpatriotic we should be selling drugs made in U.S.A to foreigners to smuggle back to their country instead they sell the drugs to us to smuggle in to our country what kind of super power are we?
I orked for a Pharmacuetical co. that had rejects just because the color was slightly off. I think those medicines should be relabled and sent to people who do not have access to these medicines. the co. to donate them with a right off rather being destroyed.
Who do you think being destroyed? Catholic church?
Richard Nixon, who was impeached for good reason, started the "Reefer Madness" with blatant lies, and we need a leader like George Washington to set the record straight & remove it from the controlled substance list. America needs every "green" industry & "renewable" resource that is available to thwart problems that arise from dependency on expensive alternatives. Let's support a "clean & renewable" industry & quit taking away citizens' right to "CHOOSE"!
The fact that marijuana legalization was the #1 question, with all the other crap going on in this country, like the freakin' INCOME TAX PROBLEM, just proves that we, as a country, are in deep shit!
The interview of President Obama was important for the role of social media in the society and because he spoke about concrete theme and problems to solve:this is the best way to arrive to soul of ammericans.American people are intelligent,don t want a campaign about personal problems,they are able to judge them:American people want a presidential campaign about concrete problems of every day
+Manny Lopez "Reefer Madness" was a movie from 1936. Nixon didn't start the lies, he just went with them. His biggest problem was that vets were coming back from Viet Nam addicted to heroin, so he created a drug chief whose first day in office was in Viet Nam. You then had to be clean before you could get back to the USA.

+Randall Hunt Pot RElegalization would help the economy, the security of the country, and people that are sick. And he didn't even touch on it.
Awesome! I wish I could hang out with Dilma Rousseff, president of Brazil.
The reason that national leaders don't do these townhall meetings more often is because they know the marijuana legalization crowd are going to take it over & try to drown out all other discussions with their insistant & repetitive ranting about legalization. Of course, there were other trivialities that could have been left out. But the dopers need to go play World of Warcraft & stop trying to turn every conversation into another boring monologue about how beautiful the world would be if everyone got high. The reason we can't turn the country around is because too many people don't give a damn about anything but their own "feel good".
So, +Randy Scott , people who feel they are being wronged should just shut up and let a mistake be perpetuated? Of course we're going to be shouting at every possible occasion, our Constitutional Rights are being violated!
+Randy Scott I guess that you've never had cancer.

“cannabinoids have been found to help kill breast cancer cells, fight liver cancer, reduce inflammation, have antipsychotic effects and even potentially help stave off the development of Alzheimer's disease and reduce progression of Huntington's disease. Further, a 2011 review of the effectiveness of cannabinoids for non-cancer pain found ‘no significant adverse effects’ and ‘significant’ analgesic effects.”

And it should be my right to choose what I put into my body, whether that be pot or DrainO (Civil Rights). But hey, I wasn't using my civil rights anyway.

And you do know that the Pres actually SMOKED pot? I doubt that he's ever played WoW. It's not about getting high, it's about civil rights. But I believe that you are too old to stop drinking the cool-aid.
I'm aware of all that, but reality has nothing to do with politics. As soon as grass is mentioned the GOP focuses on the pot discussion & the Fox talking heads almost never mention anything else...therefore CNN, NBC, etc don't talk about anything except what Fox is talking about. Think of it this way: chicken manure is good for your garden, but when a moron sees you spreading it on your garden they laugh at you & tell other morons how stupid you are and refuse to listen to the rational explanation about composting etc. The same thing happens everytime legalization is brought up in any political discussion. Go back & look at all these comments; the majority of them are about pot. Stupid people don't want to talk about anything but pot. I want to talk about job creation, job training programs, "insourcing", and import duties. But some pothead has forced me to justify my position about NOT talking about pot.
I recently saw a news story saying there would be a new "GIBill" type job training program for ALL veterans up to 60 yr old. Unfortunately, it won't go into effect until summer. I can't wait that long. I want to know why I can't get subsidized "career enhancement" training now without having to enroll as a full time college student. I'm finding NO help for taking a one-semester night class.
+John Donohue You mean instead it will be one of those asshat's the GOP has on display to the embarrassment of us all? I think you are terribly deluded...Obama will see a 2nd term and the GOP will continue to dig their own grave, to the benefit of us all :-)
I am very impressed that Mr. Obama took tough questions like this and answered them frankly and publicly.
Thank you. I disagree on many issues you have faced, but addressing individuals like this is perfect.
I had to work, and missed it but I'm thankful for being able to see the replay. The Hangout was a great venue to interact with various citizens across the country who have real concerns. The people who whined about what kids think about parents being out of jobs and how it will effect them, obviously never lived through the recessions of previous years. I grew up in a time when the economy was up and down, much of the country's budget was being spent on the Viet Nam war, and seeing my Mom and Dad laid off their jobs at the Navy shipbuilding. My siblings and I turned out just great as educated and productive adults. It is the values that parents instill and the lessons that they teach their children through tough times. What are the kids learning when they hear negativity toward the leader of our country and the doom and gloom, whether real or imagined, that we face? Thanks Google, and thanks Mr. President for this ground breaking effort to connect with our citizens!
I cannot name a past president of the US who has taken it upon themselves to truly interact with the people, answer their questions and respond to their cares and concerns. BRAVO President Obama! OBAMA 2012 LETS GO!
Hello I think it is truly amazing that he takes this time to talk to American citizens individually but he has always said great speeches yet has never made these things happen and I am going for Newt Gingrich no offense to Obama fans but every one thinks differently. I am sorry if grammar is not the best ( I am only 9 and 3/4 so yeah) Mr.President Obama plese take this to heart I GET SAD WHEN MY PARENTS TALK ABOUT BILLS AND TAXES.
Thank you for your time
I think that it was ridiculous that google decided to leave out the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, most popular questions which involved the legalization of marijuana. Goes to show you that what the majority of people think doesn't even matter. Way to go google for not posting the question with most substantial economic and civil liberties at stake.
Been on this earth now for 70 years and +Barack Obama is the hardest working and most communicative POTUS I have ever voted for Take heed voters in 2012!
What impresses most is,...first lady being true to self wearing what she likes, arms covered or not,..yada. also our Presidents strength. It is so funny watching him at times agree or at times apologize (my bad) then move on with change agenda. The press an others speechless. Little do they know that we don't expect perfection. An apology is nothing more than a reset button. It should be hopefully used by all from time to time as validation an chance to make changes needed. We elect Obama not because he was perfect but inspite of it. We don't need ego nor return of self rightous authority.
Weed is not a drug, its a way of life like taking a shower everyday
ucuz ucak bileti, ucak bileti, online ucak bileti, Yurtdışı ucak bileti, ucuz tatil
Well iam from pakistan and love to see democracy in america. How can I join the hangout? As i really want to ask a lot
Pretty cool the President Obama did this. 
he did this becouse he dosent raely care what he says just a faker
mr. president, when will you be doing another hangout?
So when will the next hangout be held, can we join from outside of US. Is there some kind of a registration or something? Do we have to inform before hand. And can we ask some real questions or do we have to ask what you ask us to? If there is some kind of registration please send the details or display it here if possible.
President Obama, if you or any of you good peoples in that White House can read this, please explain to us, Who are you really working for? Are you really going to come through this time with what you say your going to do if re-elected? Is it true President Obama? That your just a puppet to the Global Elite? Have you watched a Documentary about you President Obama called "The Obama Deception"?

Thank you President Obama, for trying your best but unfortunatly your best doesn't do well with the people who are awake and we know what your up .

wassup obama if you read this call me i got an idea that it will make win more money only call me oh i forgot im phill from uruguay and it was nice to meet you
hello mr president am happy to see u, mr a'm into photography mr help me mr for NIKON D4
Is there going to be another video like this with Mitt Romney?
I hope you meant to say local coffee shop !

Not only was this a bad product placement.
The mentioned company is as well one of many examples of our countries corporate cancers that destroy local business and enslave the working poor by exploding their Labor by to low wages and the fact they do not giving back to the community as local business do.

Apart of that I,m going for the OBAMA Jersey right now !

USA needs an EDUCATED leader. Not a monkey like GWB - when GWB came to power my Grandma - a wise old woman said - "A fool shall lead the Nation".
Ok. I'm new to the Google+ thing so I didn't see this back in January like most of you. The fact that I'm not seeing it until now has given me a chance to read through the comments to this point and it seems that, while the responses vary, the overall theme is that people feel that is a wonderful thing that the President took time to sit down with the American people and interact one-on-one with us. This frightens me. Can people not see this for what it is. One: it's brilliant, he's kicking the GOP's ass with the social media/internet marketing stuff. But two: that's ALL this was, a social media/internet marketing ploy for the campaign to get re-elected. It's a freakin' Google hangout folks. You can only have 10 people max. And those people were hand-picked by the Obama campaign folks. That hardly represents a true cross-section of americans. And the questions were ALL pre-screened and hand picked ahead of time.

Wake up people. This was a campaign commercial just like the stinkin' 30 minute infomercial he did before the last election. Only this time, they hand picked the hangout folks, hand picked the questions, and then packaged it in a new-fangled, social media, "Live" hangout.

Next time, let's do 10,000 people of all races, colors, creeds, religious affiliation, economic conditions, etc. in a stadium and let them ask him NON-PRESCREENED questions. That would be the President taking his own valuable time to interact with REAL people with REAL questions.

By the it to the GOP candidate too. I'm just sick of pre-packaged questions and answers and for God's sake people, you have to see this for what it was...a campaign move!!!!!
We are doomed if this character gets another 4 years of the back-room deals and lies.
ممكن أفهم الدنيا من منظور امريكا فبها أيه ؟
ممكن أعرف منك حضرتك بما انك رئيس أقوى دوله فى العالم ؟ العالم رايح على فين وكثره القتل اللى فى سوريا ليه متديش أوامر صارمه لبشار الاسد بوقف القتل تخيل حضرتك بمنصبك وقوه بلادك لما تقول لبشار أوقف القتل ولا لما أنا اقوله اوقف القتل أكيد كلامك سيادتك هوا الفعال وشوف لو انتا عملت كدا ربنا هيكرمك بفتره رئاسيه جديده
Barak Obama you are the best president :)
Amazing president cares about the american citizens keep it up Obama
how old are your kids
Hay que ser estúpido o tener demasiado lavado al cerebro para creer esto. Creería que estas entrevistas fueran ciertas si se enfrentara cara a cara con Julian Asange en una entrevista. Pero creer que esta entrevista es veraz cuando todos los participantes de ella, no tuvieron ni una pregunta inteligente y aceptaron el contenido de respuestas tan vacías como las que se escucharon, es como creer que EE.UU. es el pueblo elegido por Dios. Por favor, es una burla a la ética y el sentido común.
how do you think education going with middle and elementary school because right now all i see in the new is about high school or college being talked about
The presidents work amazments me and teaches me to be well behaved as if i was meeting our excellent president to thinks education is highly important to all parties (students,techers,parents), God will always bless your peaceful,loving, and greatful soul,
yours truely,
Dan Vogel
I need speak with president BARACK OBAMA about Syria but I don't speak english. ;-( I'am very very sad. Please Mr president OBAMA. HELP HELP HELP HEEEEEEELP. SOS SOS SOS SYRIA SYRIA SYRIA.
Why does the video of Obama when he is speaking not match his smaller video beneath like everybody else?
Will President Obama be available anytime again on Hangouts?
eu queria ir ao seu paiz eu estou no brasil yes
President Obama has raised the bar for future Presidents in terms of engaging the American people dialogue. To me, Obama is a modern day Ronald Reagan.
Please Mr President,
When will you finally prosecute those insurance and investment buggers and get back our bucks paid to them from the Bail Out Money that I and my chrildren have to repay.
Wonderful and excellent. This is what our country is currently lacking
Wow some people are me me me! If her husband cannot get a job maybe asking to much in wages or even tech has gone forward than his set of skills.

To you my love

In the morning

When the sun

Is just starting to light the day

I am awakened

And my first thoughts are of you

At night

I stare at the dark trees

Silhouetted against the quiet stars

I am entranced into a


And my last thoughts are of you[/align]
slamمن به عنوان یک میهنپرست ویک بسیجی زمان جنگ تحمیلی عراق علیه ایران دوست دارم که از نزدیک با اقای رئیس جمهور اوباما از طریق گوگل چت دیدار داشته باشم و او را زیارت کنم.
4 more. I can assure you that no other president will do this..
i like this video hangout, it makes me to ask a question 2 the president.
Hi Mr President,iam a strong supporter of you,and really like the job that you are during,My thing here that,i really get ignore when i hear people complaining of you not during anythng to make our lives better,and the country better,My question here is that?Are they not seen that everythng you are trying to do,are been block by the other party.
Things to help build the country,Are they not seening that you have a better plan for this country?Are they asking themself that if these these things were nt block,will their life wont be better of them what it is now?I think Mr,President,it is time now for you to really tell you supporters what you have done,and what you are during and continue to do for this country.So that your message can really get to the people.Because some people done follow the news nor the progress of what you are during.They only follow hear say.
Is there going to be another hangout soon?
Name it, Claim it, Share it Continued
 Yesterday I mentioned how some folks after their prayers have been answered Develop amnesia. Ocasssionally I am told don’t forget where you came from. Let me set the record straight from a social stand point I have forgotten. For example, I have forgotten all the wrong I have done, the lies I have told, AND the people who have done the same to me thank you Lord. Please can I take it further how dare I develop amnesia there was a man standing in line at the gas station today? He was counting his change trying to find enough money just to make it home with his family. $3.58 cents was all he had. I told the cashier after he finishes I will gladly pay for more gas. The man said sir crying thank you I needed that. I told the man been there and done that Jesus I’ll NEVER forget or catch a case of AMNESIA. I have been to blessed beyond belief I have no choice but to share what the Lord has done for me Faithfully, socially, and economically AMEN and AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so many comments! i am just a mere statistic :(
hello people of the white house chit chatters
وان  الاسلام   يدعو الى  عبادة  الله   خالق  الكون   ويدعوا  الى  اقامة  العدل  والسلام   بين  الناس   ويترك  الحريه
Was this live?? It really looked like he was actually speaking to me, i didnt dare to walk away even tho my english listening is not that well and the conversation went way too fast for me, and i was ashamed that i needed to smoke 2 cigs, at a certain moment i thought i hear him say yo pay attention a bit...Actually im dutch and i really dont know how i got in this hangout, but i realised it might be interesting and something to learn about politics. Anyways it really was a very very cool experience, i like this man!  Btw i think im still blushing as it was really like he was sitting in front of me :-D

Thank you Mr President of the U.S.A.

P.S. I have a cousin in U.S.A. My biggest dream is to visit him some time and maybe even ride route 66 on a bike one day !

Peace & Love to you Americans
Mr president I'm from mexico living in  turkey people needs more education  here about marine mammal life send me a seaward =)
We are launching a cry for ten families of pygmies living in the IDP camp north of the village Mushaba Kalemie in Katanga province in the Democratic Republic of Congo to build their small adobe brick houses and send their children to this school year 2012-2013;
On this we need to 35000 USD for this project.
Thank you all who have the interest to support this forgotten people.
Can't wait till this guys out of office and someone else can get up to bat
Obama is one of the best presidents America ever had...Obama took office at a time when the war on Al-Qaeda & Taliban was at its highest threat to the world & America...Obama inherited devastated economy but managed to get it back on track albeit Republicans were obstacles for further growth...Obama is doing great job!
Mr. President, I see many times you do not salute our Flag. Are these fake pictures and video?  It would be nice too to see you post back here in the comment area in respect to +G comments towards your time spent well here with everyone.  btw you looked very nice for the visit here as I was expecting you to have dressed down, here you can relax and feel at home
Я и еще 1 человек обсудили эту запись на видеовстрече.
kiedy zostaną zniesione wizy do usa a w ogóle jak ją dostać?
O Mundo para sair da crise, tem que haver divisão de renda,povo rico, País rico,povo pobre, País pobre.Temos que acabar definitivamente com vendas de armas de fogo no planeta terra,acabas com há fome e há miséria no planeta terra,salvar há Fauna e há Flora, e fazer reflorestamento em toadas as floresta do planeta,Fazer pena de morte para todos corruptos, assassinos,traficantes, pedófilos e contrabandistas de qualquer produtos, proibir venda de bebidas alcoólicas,cigarros e proibir apostas em jogos de asar,aonde só ganha os donos, fazendo valer carta marcada,onde ganha só os intervidores desta apostas de azar.Fazer valer Leis que possa dar valor há vida humana, com direito para todos na saúde,na educação,na religião verdadeira que não usa o Santo nome de Deus para ganhar dinheiro,faculdade para todos, e de graça,emprego para todos, com invertimento para pequenos empresários e estimulando aumento de novos empresários.Só assim o mundo vai sair da crise, e voltar ser um mundo de todos,hoje e sempre amém...
im from new zealand vote labour
Why , are you so afraid to show documents that prove your identity, why you keep those documents top secret?
Why do I feel like that Mr. President is not answering the question? Or, in a sense, trying to avoid the important part of it?
why do  President  obam favor umaar bhashir not be taken to icc then taking hussan mubarak who left his country with peace  ,    no genocid  in Egypt  but sudan  were  terror ,inhuman act ,   9000 life lost  may you relaesd mubarak his not guilt 
Who likes Barack Obama say "I"
Thank you Mr. President for participating in G+, what a great venue...I like that it connects you directly to us. It gives "the people" a voice, and we see that you are LISTENING. I wish members of congress would also participate. In my opinion, this type of interaction is just another thing that makes you stand out as a remarkable president. Thanks also to the panel, great questions! I hope to see you again soon! -Jody
señor presidente me parese que usted es uno de los mejores presidentes que atenido los estados unidos por su politica para el desarrollo de los paises latinoamericanos especialmente con colombia por eso desde esta humilde casa lo felicitamos toda la familia ballesteros tapias y queremos desearle los mejores exitos para su gobierno  y queremos pedirle a su gobierno que siga pensando en ayudar a eliminar la pobresa de este pais que tanto lo nesesita
You won't find this on network television.
Thank you for your recent visit to Philadelphia Mr President
А в Украине президент не может себе позволить такое удовольствие, он очень занят...
Ron Paul 2012, even if you have to write him in. Roboma & Obomney are two sides of the same counterfeit coin! Heads they win. Tails, you lose.
We still can get a chance at this. Who knows? Results may come up
Obama administration is on the right track....and America is rising again on strong foundation of middle class & working class with crisis-proof economy to the future...OBAMA 2012
Obama sure as heck isn't white and that's why he's great.
Mr. President. I have one question well two questions. (But please do not go around the bushes, just answer my question, I think that is fair) Why you have kept your records top secret, and why aren`t you letting people see all your records?
Mr. President, you know that Mexico is in the brink of a civil war? Why you have congratulated a fraud election (Peña Nieto)?
Who is a republican is my question
Are you left or right wing, and are Conservatives left wing?
great konversation, i like you mr. president, greading from  "Ludwigsburg" in the south of germany
A good president.
I respect him and I'm Russian!
just tell us all y the main republic and democratic parties give such little time out of their days to consider open minded judgement on your behalf> what is it with u and your judgement that they have little faith? what could go wrong and also how with it effect my daughter 10 years from now.
your pushing out the middle class
I really think Obama is doing a good job and he is a man you can trust .
Здравствуйте,господа американцы!
سؤال يحيرني لا اعرف لماذا تدعم الولايات المتحدة نظام الحكم الدكتاتوري في السعودية وهي تدعو لاقامة الديمقراطية وحمالية حقوق الانسان في العالم وهذا البلد يصدر الكراهية الى العالم اجمع كما اني  متحير من الناس الذين يقتلون في البحرين بشر يستحقون الحياة واذا كانوا كذلك فلماذا لا تحرك الاميركيون لايقاف القتل في البحرين كما تحركوا قبالة بشار الاسد
I love this President!!! I will be voting for him again this year
So when is this non american worst pres ever going to step down??? he needs to run away.
LOL I was just reading some of the brainwashed people who believe that we live in Democratic system. Preselected candidates is democratic, nor is it the Corp. sponsors that put these puppets in office.
mr president you are doing a good job,and its good to help all people in other counties,i love to work,and i will doing any work ,if i am new to a new type of work i wish people or emplyer have patentis with me,but i be patentiens any way and do of what i can, and i do vulenteer work, working relaxs me, like building and fixing things, i went to a two year school for auto body repair, and i can do anything and i am willing to try bran new work,even if i never did it before, and thank you and social security disablity, so i have some kind of income, that pay my rent and bills,
mr president , i love taking public transportation and riding my bike, i sold my truck to buy a bran new bike cycle,and now i can get energy and burn of neg feelings, and i like to go for walks and think about my problems and i like to solve all my problems even sometimes the problems are hard to solve, by cutting down my expences makes me more happier, and i like to help other when i can
life is adventure ulike ADVENTARE
Obama a great president of the State of America is the greatest, which is the mother of our sport and I hope here in Gaza to help you, O great president you to please support us financially for the development of the sport. Mohammed Hassan Al Araj 00972595640235
Obama is a better president usa usa I love it by the country-ery is super
bab jan
سلام چرا تا قبل از اینکه شما بیاید سیاه پوستان سینما تلویزیون خوانندها وورزشکاران ژنرالهای ارتش قاضیها دادگاه شهرداران وفرماندارها وخلاصه پستهای کلیدی واستراتژیک ایالات متحده را قبضه کرده بودند ولی الان بغیر از شما دیگه خبری از سیاهپوستان نیست

مرحبا أوباما، وأنا من فلسطين أريد أن أشتري الطعام هل يمكنك مساعدتي إرسال الأموال إلى عدد حسابي في بنك فلسطين هذا 340807
مرگ بر آمریکا
مرگ بر اوباما
مرگ بر اسرائیل
مرگ بر دوستداران اوباما
hi ms presedent im from iraq isof i want to tolke to you abaout my unit we have many problom ther ser we was in hi level but after our edvaiser gone we in low level now ser so we need you help pls ser my naime is sgtm mamdooh from erea 4 in earport baghdad
So,... I um,... am concerned that I am not yet informed enough on either party... makes me wonder how others' are... or is it just that they believe they are, in fact aren't, and are just gonna do whatever? Hope not... how to get young people to the polls... knowledgeable ones not just parent followers...
كس خواتكم شلع قلع بس اوباما على راسي صكاركم 
Oh my god his anniversary is on my mother's Birthday
What has all of this go to do with an artist?
When is my President going to do this with Singaporeans?
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
I want to hangout with President Barak Hossein Obama.
I want to hangout with President Barak Hossein Obama when next in Africa
I would like to have a talk with the president of Mexico and the U.S. president would be great
Порою бывает, что так не хватает. Ни денег, ни времени в жизни. А море событий проходят огромной волной стороной. Так вот он твой шанс. И быть может последний, лишь кликни. Открой дверь, войди, сделай жизнь совезшенно иной...
Does anyone wonder, why the two presidential screens (main and in the lower right corner) aren't the same? His head tilt's the oppersite direction, and the flags are placed all wrong - while this isn't case for any of the others? o.O
Mr. President. It's time for you to go back to work just like everyone else. Flying around talking about your agenda does not do any good without actions.
اضن ان الرئيس اوباما انتهج سياسات جديدة ازاء الارهاب والتقليص من هذه الظاهرة وذلك عن طريق التقرب الى الشعوب العربية ورفع اليد عن مساندة الانظمة الدكتاتورية وهي عكس سياسة سابقه جورج بوش التي استندت على القوة واضن انها سياسة حكيمة ونهج صحيح لانه على المدى الطويل ستكون العلاقات احسن وترجع الثقة بين الشعوب الغربية والعربية ، لكن اضن ان السياسة الحالية تصب في خانة الاسلاميين المعتدلين الذين لن تجد امريكا معهم اية مشاكل وانا ارى انه لا مشكلة في دلك واضن ان العمل الحقيقي في حالة نجاح هذا التكهن هو كيفية ارساء نظام اقتصادي دولي يقوم على اساس العدالة في ضل وجود اللوبيات التي تتحكم في الاسلحة والتي تعمل على نشر الحروب وكذا مافيا البترول ، و السؤال الذي اطرحه الى الرئيس اوباما هي الديانة التي يدين بها ؟
Mr. President, I do not agree with your vision for America.  Your socialist -leaning agenda sounds rosy and Utopian, but it is based on a fundamental misunderstanding of success and prosperity.  I am working hard to ensure that you do not have another four years to lead our country off course.
Mr. President, since candidates don't rely on horse and buggies or trains anymore to deliver their message or speeches, Americans would be better served if the President had 3 yrs to work on our nations issues, instead of 2 years before hitting the campaign trail. What are your thoughts on shortening the length of the Presidential Campaign race from 2 years to 11 months? Do you favor it, and if so, what steps should be taken to put it on the ballots?
can't stand to listen to him anymore, voted for him last time, wont again!

I've lost faith in representative democracy.

With the capabilities we have from technologies today, it's time for direct democracy and a government that really is "of the people". 

I most likely won't vote again either. Obama has done some good things, but the NDAA and several others were out of line. The government is too detached from the people and it's time for that to change.

As for those of you that think socialism is a bad thing, look at US history. We've had to mix socialism into our capitalist economy to save it from total ruin many times. Socialistic policy (and war) brought us out of the great depression. 

Also remember that some of the most misunderstood and radical minds of history have made some of the greatest contributions and advancements. They were just "before their time".

We need to stop dividing over trivial issues and really work together as a nation. Then we need to take that a step further and unify as a species. Otherwise, we'll keep fighting the same wars we've been fighting since civilization first began. We'll keep thinking that resources are scarce, when there's an infinite amount of everything floating just outside our atmosphere. 

We need to fix our miserable failure of an educational system and find a way to make college free and equal. This will help close the vast divisions in socioeconomic class and give everyone truly "equal opportunity".

We need to eliminate political parties and outlaw them. People should stand solely only their personality and their views, not on mounds of money thrown down by lobbyists nor on the shoulders of people looking to further that common agenda. An all independent system would fare far better. Even George Washington, and Benjamin Franklin warned against the formation and acceptance of political parties within our system. Every involved US citizen knows how much party based division gums up the gears of our otherwise well oiled system.

I'm just wondering how many other people think that it's time for a 2nd American Revolution. I'm also wondering how many of those people agree that said 2nd revolution should result in the end of all the old world aristocratic/elitist ideology, the representative system, and as much general human social division as can be done away with.

Who agrees?
OH! and +sayed ali Hosseini

If you can understand english, as I can understand what you wrote.

Your ignorant religious justifications for saying what you said are what make you an enemy to the rest of the thinking and logical world.

Reading text out of a thousand year old book doesn't make you wise.
Nor does it make you right.

You aren't helping humanity, you aren't solving any problems, and you aren't even following your own religious law. Small minded, backward, religious radicals like you are a disgrace to all of us and to whatever religion they follow.

Go live in a cave somewhere and read your book. Leave the rest of us in peace and stop trying to push your completely baseless ideology on the rest of the world. There's no place in a sensible world for religions that claim that they are the one true religion and that they are justified in killing others because of that insane notion.

For those that can't understand Arabic....

He said 

"death to america"
"down with obama"
"death to Israel"
"down with obama lovers"
mau juga tuh hangout bareng Mr.obama 
هههههههههههههههههههههههه  والله امر مذحك في اناس فؤس يكتبون الموت لامريكا يعني اسقد اغبياء هل شعب الفارسي المجوسي و يجي واحد عراقي مسكين بعد يكتب رسالة حسب الان اوباما راح يرد عله ههههههههههههههههههههههه   انا اريد اسال اوباما سوال واحد و ممكن راح يفيده هل بامكانك تعيش الشعب الامريكي بدون نفط الاحواز اذا تم قطع الانابيب في تلك المنطقة ؟
Cool, when is the next one coming out
Dear Mr. Obama
I am a Muslim
My ideal of peace and friendship between nations
It is a civilization that the people you are insulting my religion
This was your dream world?
Is it blasphemy ritual?
Thank you, Mr. President, I can answer my questions
mot olu
this is so nice. thanks Mr. president for your time. I wish to participate next time.
It was all set up. Please know this everyone!!! The questions, comments, etc. on the "live hangout" was all determined by the administration. 
Obama is a kind, intelligent, caring man and like myself Ms Sharon Rosaleen Golder a caring person from Ireland and England.
Why or Why do you not have the FCC investigate FOX news and have them down graded from a News network to the GOP or the Fox Propaganda network. It is not news when you hire active legislators as host and commentators. It becomes partial. just like FOX is now. and it is getting worse
I love you obama for the work you have done.
looking forward to hangout with u in google+
sukses selalu
The sad thing is people will actually still vote for this idiot.
Well here I go,
God knows I'll probably regret it, but it's Zachs fault. Cheers Zach your line of thinking pretty much parallels with mine, causing me to post these thoughts here.I have also heard the argument about the lack of
resources from economists, professors, etc. (documentary buff), but they say that there are enough resources for a much larger world population than already exists. As one fellow put it: there is enough food and water etc. for everyone, we just can't afford it; the whole planet is broke.
 How pathetic.

So exactly what is the endgame for the human race. More of the same? War, pollution, tyranny.
It seems to me that with all the intelligence and technology we have acquired, that someone or some group has not formulated a plan to logically manage all the worlds resources. A hundred years or so
ago, most societies lived off of what was available in their surroundings. There were no huge tankers chugging across the ocean bringing oil, Legos, or caviar.
What a waste.
I imagine that if we were to do a global survey, 7 billion give or take, and ask if they would work 4 days a week, 3 off, and 1 month vacation a year; would they be willing to work for free. Given that all their basic needs, shelter, food, water etc. are taken care of. (... I can only magine the flogging I'm going to get with this.)

Considering that the majority don't have squat and live in squalor, I feel they would leap at the chance.

Now here in my beloved America we are some of the worst culprits of materialism, greed, and consumption. I get that. Therefore, us and the other developed and affluent nations would find this most alien to grasp.
This is how I see it. Joe Blow goes to his work 4 days a week. When he needs groceries he goes to the store and gets what he needs. When he needs gas in his car he goes and fills up. When his car breaks down he has a mechanic fix it. When he needs a new car or tv or anything, he goes to a store and gets one. No money exchanges hands. Remember Joe and everybody is working for free. How does Joe get his car fixed you ask. Well if the mechanic only works 4 days, 3 off, 1 month vacation a year, and all his needs are taken care of, he fixes Joes car because he LIKES to work on cars.

And we can keep extrapolating this forever. When Joe or his mechanic want to travel on their vacation, someone out there likes to fly planes, drive buses, cook, show the sites of their city to visitors, and on and on. Sure there is unappealing work that is necessary, but with the security and stress relief that would be enjoyed; I'd be the first to grab a shit shovel. Would there be lazy people; sure, but societal and peer pressures would address that.

Can anyone out there tell me one good thing money has done? It buys you THINGS and SERVICES which are good, but money in and of itself; no.

So I think that this popular "wealth distribution" phrase that has gotten so much heat latlely is short sighted. I'd rather see the embracement of "wealth abolishment". The new emancipation if you like.

No need to fact check on details, because I didn't check myself and won't argue. You've mostly likely come to the conclusion from my grammar, diction, and childish psychology that I am both uneducated and not the sharpest tool in the shed. Again, no argument. But I firmly believe there is enough cerebal ability out there, just no will or vision.
انا مواطن من اقليم كوردستان العراق ارحب بالرئيس اوباما على وقوف بجانب الحق وليس عنده فرق بين المسلم اومسيحي اوغير ديانة واتمنى له النجاح والموفقية انشاءالله 
اتمنى من الرئيس اوباما ان يخلص العراقيين من ازمة الايجارات اولا...لان انا واحد من اشخاص اكثر من 16سنة بالايجارات اي قضيت نصف عمري بالايجارات وماذا عن بعض الناس ايضا
I hope this won't be one of those decaffeinated filtered questions from pre-selected few like..(1)What time do you go to sleep at night? (2) Do you play basketball with your Secret Service? hope people actually ask some serious questions like.."Do you think you deserve a 2nd term after having 8.3% unemployment rate with 16 trillions in deficit with on going war" about " Why did you decided to take trip to your campaign day after Chris Stevens murder", "Did you know about the letters of increase protection from U.S embassy in Libya?"
Sr Presidente, Por que o Estados Unidos das Américas, não trata da Paz Mundial, com política de Ação Cívica, levando ajuda ao invés de guerra, aos Países dos quais intervirás ou intreverão?

Mr. President , Why the United States of America , not about World Peace with policy Civic Action , taking help rather than war , the Countries of which intervirás or intreverão ?
Sr.Presidente,devemos busca a Paz Mundial,diminuir desigualdades sociais ....
I just started this Google+ account and I missed this hangout. I saw Obama yesterday in Madison. I am from the Netherlands and I was really impressed by his speaking yesterday. What a great speaker!
I think Obama best quality is that he unites people within and outside the USA.
My biggest comment to Obama would be: How are you going to defend this country against Neoliberalism and its devastating effects if you are agreeing that Free Trade brings about a greater amount of real capital for economic growth, which has been historically found truthful?
Obama is simply the Best...I hope you guys will vote for him again...
I missed it, but watched the video and thought it was great.
Obama for President!
Hello MY NAME Anwar, NOVEMBER 26, my birthday invite you. Shaipov AA
I, Honestly, think that their plans put together would be great. I think they should let them work together.
]چرا این برنامه برای ایران محدودیت قائل میشود لطفا به ما پا سخ دهید.
Ej Kil
Did you see the first Q? He complimented the guy before he even answered the question (which was badly answered, btw). Thats just how the pres. rolls these days.
بسمه تعالی ،اوبامارئیس جمهور مستکبری است رحم به هیچ کس ندارد جزغلاممی حلقه بگوش صهیونیستها کاری بلد نیست تمام خونهاییکه درسرتاسر ممالک جهان بخصوص کشورهای اسلامی ریخته میشود اوباماست تادیرنشده ومرگت فرانرسیده توبه کن گرچه توبه گرگ مرگ است !!!!!!!!!والسلام.
Am sure they have the right to cancel the talk show, and demand the upfront money from Google + with reference to decided cases. Our explanation of remedies that could claim from your company and TV Show for breach of contract
I like how the president tries to keep up with technology.
President Obama - Why are you so stupid???
Because he is a liberal commi and hes not even black, wake up AMERICA!
what about the people that want's to come to AMERICA to help with what's going on?
Animo y a ganar las elecciones, cuide a la gente hispana y a los más necesitados. Pídale a la Sra. Merkkel ayude a España en esta situación tan difícil.

I will like to visit the united state of american
"Peace be on you:
Your Lord hath inscribed for Himself (the rule of) Mercy: verily, if any of you
did evil in ignorance, and thereafter repented, and amended (his conduct), lo!
He is Oft- forgiving, Most Merciful.
Mischief has appeared on land and sea because of (the meed) that the hands
of men have earned, that (Allah) may give them a taste of some of their deeds:
in order that they may turn back (from evil).Travel through the earth and see what was the end of those before
(you): most of them worshipped others besides Allah."
But set thou thy face to the right Religion before there come from Allah the
Day which there is no chance of averting: on that Day shall men be divided (in
Those who reject Faith will suffer from that rejection: and those who work
righteousness will make provisions for themselves (in heaven):
That He may reward those who believe and work righteous deeds, out of His
Bounty. For He loves not those who reject Faith.

Respond ye to your Lord, before there come a Day which there will be no
putting back, because of (the Ordainment of) Allah! That Day there will be for
you no place of refuge nor will there be for you any room for denial (of your
Obama president you are must cover for of muslim. you don't kill cirrizen of muslim if you want your country not hate. thank you.
president obama kalau kau ingin dunia ini aman maka anda harus perlakukan semua negara dengan adil tanpa pandang bulu . kau lihat negara israel membantai warga  palestina secara biadap dengan kekuatan yang tidak seimbang. tapi kau  hanya terus melindungi israel. dimana keadilan mu wahai amerika. diamana keadilanmu. Dunia ini menanti, merindukan dan mengharapkan seorang pemimpin yang adil untuk semua orang.
obama kami berharap kau tidak akan sama seperti bush rubalah kebijakan luarnegeri mu yang selalu menyerang negara-negara muslim di sana banyak warga muslim yang menjadi korban akibat tindakan brutal  dari tentara-tentaramu. dimana keadilan  kalau mau dunia ini aman. Sesungguhnya teroris itu ada pada negaramu yang selalu meneror negara lain yang tidak mengikuti kemauan dari negaramu dengan berbagai macam tindakan yang keliru, seperti  perang, menekan negara yang ingin mengembangkan  teknologi nuklir untuk tujuan damai. Seandainya dunia ini adil maka tidak aka muncul teroris dimana-mana. Jadi gampang saja  untuk menumpas teroris itu yaitu dengan menciptkan keadilan bagi semua orang tanpa memandang berbagai perbedaan suku, agama, ras dan negara. Sesungguhnya islam itu cinta damai. Semoga hidyah selalu tercurah padamu  agar bisa sadar. wassalam.
president you are stupid because you are a ridicolus  man you  lost after to do  the politica  stupid
félicitation pour la réelection de barak obama
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