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Photo of the Day: President Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan walk from the Oval Office to the motorcade for the trip to Washington-Lee High School in Arlington, Virginia.
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Check out my gangster swag.. Check out folks folks check it out slow mo.
Awesome love it getting the job done. Obama 2012.
just walking For rest away - ahaha
Obama looks small in comparison. Is he shrinking? 
Whoever took this picture wasn't an Obama supporter. Look at the poor guy.
Look small, cause he is always confused about everthing -
Which one is Obama? I'm going to assume you're not from around these here parts, pilgrim. He's on the right. With the floppy leg.

Damn wind.
Keep education top priority. 
So that what a man who goes back on his word looks like!
+Pamela Narbaiz ahhh, glass houses.. While I'd probably agree with you on some things, sniping like that wouldn't be my first choice.
Ok Mr. President here's the deal if u give the education dept. 20% of what we give the defense budget i can guarantee u the next generation wont be dumb fucks who hand this country directly over to china and u will be able to say u really believe all that "the children are our future" crap u been spewing since 2009.
Dont get me started on illegal immigration. Im all for immigration, but if u cant come into this country legally ur.a.criminal who should be arrested and deported. Period. Idc if ur mexican, italian, irish, japanese, russian, chinese or whatever. Either wait ur turn like honest folk or stay the fuck home.
He should've buttoned his jacket when talking to the POTUS…
Hey Arne, how many kids did you teach today? none? You and every other "education" bureaucrat is just wasting money and standing in the way of real education at the local levels. But, we see that pile of money you eat and the crumbs you "give" to schools. You can't fool us anymore.

Support Real Education!! End the Dept. of Education!!

Ron Paul 2012
Mr. President it is a shame to have Arne Duncan as your education secretary.
Discussing how the government can pay for Julia's collage loan.
Lets switch our defense and education budgets. Violence shouldn't be our priority.
+Jerod Weeks - From who? People who are still using soviet era weapons? A bigger defense problem is an uneducated population.
+Jerod Weeks - It would be well funded if we cut out 3/4s of it. I don't buy the argument that we have to kill everyone who doesn't like our lifestyle. Most of our military spending doesn't make us safer. Occupying foreign nations hasn't done much for us. I don't buy the narrative that without invading Iraq, that they would have some how taken our liberties from us.
+Jerod Weeks - A lot more than 3k are dead over the Iraq WMD fiasco. Though, a few people did become even more rich than they were before we decided to spend lots of money on the mission. We can't just spend a trillion dollars any time a poorly armed group doesn't like us. It isn't sustainable. We can't afford it. We should use our military budget to defend ourselves. When the Iraqis try to invade us, our Marines should be ready to repel the threat.
+Jerod Weeks - Guess what, even with a strong military presence (and a cost of over 1 trillion dollars), the middle east still is filled with people who don't agree with my lifestyle and don't like Israel. The only difference is 1 trillion we spent on a wild goose chase.
We could have done better with covert ops at a much smaller price. And as a bonus, an entire generation wouldn't have been raised angry that they are in occupied countries. Less costs, more benefits. We should war smarter, not harder.
+Jerod Weeks Connecting Iraq to 9-11. You got any proof of that?

LOL, I have to laugh. Do you need a marine to come check under your bed for the big scary brown people before you go to sleep?
The only "way of life" of ours they are against is us murdering their people with bombs and sanctions and taking over their governments with coups. We stop that and they stop hating us. very simple.
oh I got confused by the 3000 people comment. that isn't refering to the people killed in 9-11?
+Jerod Weeks - Most people in the Middle East aren't rabid dogs looking to kill themselves so that we can't eat at a McDonalds in a Walmart. The trillion plus dollars we spent did not prevent a war on our soil. I find it fanciful that the only thing that can keep us safe is massive military spending and putting our kids on their street corners.
Putting our kids on their street corners just give them something to shoot at. It's almost as if our leaders want wars, death and destruction. Oh wait! They do! It makes them lots of money and gives them lots of power!

Great book BTW....
Actually, most of the trouble we have with the Middle East is not self motivated, rather Reactionary. They hate us because we can't seem to keep our fingers out of their pies.
+Jerod Weeks - Then lets be prepared by bringing our soldiers home and stop wasting our bullets and money on wars that make no one safer.
China couldn't afford your war, not American
maybe instead of walking with the president, he should be focusing on the lacking standard of out nations schools...
The lacking standards of our National Schools rests almost entirely on the states.
nothing rests entirely on one entitiy, thats like saying the president kills people everyday. but he doesnt. he declares war, tells the generals what to do then the generals order the troops. so the education problem in this country is everyones fault not just the states and not just the presidents cabinet member
The vast majority of educational policy and funding is state level, not federal. It is NOT part of the top down governmental structure. Were it, I suspect it would be MUCH better.
It is only logical that those country's ppl are angry that their ppl are being innocently murdered, but who wouldnt be? we are at war in their country, and it seems that, as always, the citizens recieve the worst during conflicts. But that doesnt mean that most of these people hate us. To continue, we went to these countries to fight certain groups inhabiting these countries for a reason, some benificial to the US and them. Dont believe that defense of our country rest on waiting for ppl to come invade us. The U.S. needs to be proactive when it comes to defense of our nation and its allies because, believe it or not, there are individuals who wish to defeat america and the ppl we align ourselves with. And dont underestimate the ppl in these countries; remember, the group we are fighting in afghan blew up the trade centers, and they are very capable. as far as Iraq goes, US assumed that they were housing weapons of mass distruction. And who is just running around in either of these countries killing people? the US has a moral code and strict rules of engagement.
+Vince Mack that is a very generous depiction of the US foreign policy, in general. We went to Iraq under absolutely false pretense. I don't mean we were told there were "WMDs" and their weren't. I mean intelligence data was absolutely lied about, to the American public. I totally get preemptive defense. I am not an isolationist. The US has upended life in the Middle East, for the sole sake of profit. We have supported dictators and despots, and in general governments that we ourselves would absolutely NOT tolerate. Yeah, most of them hate us. They are entirely justified in that.
The US has a moral code? We used to. We've excuted Japanese and Germans for committing the same acts we now allow to happen because John Yoo said it was legal. Make no mistake +Vince Mack WE are the ones just running around killing for sport. It's a side effect really. When a man's sub-mind tells him something is wrong (fighting a war of agression) but he still has to do it, he tends to go crazy. Which is why they have to give so many of our troops mind altering drugs to keep them fighting. The troops are good people commanded to do something bad and that will always end up breaking the mind. Certain minds break in different ways, Some get depressed and commit sucide, some lash out at their families, and some embrace the bad and turn evil (they are the ones pissing on the bodies and such) This is not the fault of the troops!! It is the product of fighting for the wrong side in an illegal war.
haven't the last few wars been "illegal?" Vietnam was fought because we were trying to stop communism from spreading to the u.s. and now we're fighting a "war on terror" because we have to but our nose in everyones business. I do consider my self to be a staunch patriot i would give my life for this nation... but not under commands i don't believe in. Yes the troops we're commanded, but the nazi soldiers in ww2 said the same thing.... so tell me, what is the difference?
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