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Happy St. Patrick's Day! President Obama celebrated with a pint at the Dubliner, a local Irish pub in D.C.
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watchin' basketball and drinking beer, that's a president!
Leader of the free world needs to drink sometimes...
Perhaps he'll get drunk enough to realize that marijuana is safer than alcohol and actually provides medical usage.
Rob Seger
Good lord, +Mary Jane FourTwenty , his enjoying a beer for a couple hours is not going to make or break anything. Simmer down.
I was being sarcastic. I love Obama and worked with his campaign in WA when he got elected.
Research helps... have you ever heard of capital letters only at the beginning of a sentence?
buena obama es de lo mas impresionate ver al mismisimo presidente bebiendo cervesa que mal ejemplo para sus seguidores
I Can put them were i want im going to stick up for my president no matter what this is not english class ight i will back him up all the way also thank you.
+Mary Jane Fourtwenty Except under BO more jobs have been created. Wars are ending. People are getting healthcare etc. It takes a while to clean up after 8 years of GWB rule.
he doesn't need drinks for the last time president obama has fixed this country and is still in the making and people will realize it when they open there eyes.
i agree with you 100% +Martin Moen Wulffeld that's true
тёмный президент...тёмное пиво...политкорректность по пиндосовски)
never will he be a mr. now he is and forever will be president obama
The pints are all full. They just held them up for the picture. I'm sure seconds after this pic was taken they put the pints down on the bar and Obama was whisked off to another cool photo op to show what a regular guy he is. Just once I'd like to see a drunken, staggering U.S. President slurring his words and talking shit—like I do.
wait, didn't I see that with Bush, the little one
+Moss Davis I think I have plenty of friends for that. If I want a drinking buddy, I'll go to the pub. I want my President to be smart enough not to be one of my drinking buddies. :-)
not wearing green on St Patrick's Day :-)
Here also is another side of Mr. President. It’s good to see this kind also.
Oh no... a public official with a personal life. Stop the madness.
he drinck's could he get fired !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
O'Leary, O'Reliy, O'Hare, and O'Hara, there's no-one as Irish as Barack O'Bama. xD
+Dallas Reese Where were you when Bush spent literally ⅓ of his term fucking around on vacation instead of working? If we're going to criticise a president for not foing their job, we should be doing that to the most absentee president in American history, not the one who has spent more days on the job than any other president in my life.
come on, be happy to have a human as president and not a robot -.-
dont he has a country to cares..
give him a break he also needs to have fun! cheers to you obama!!
to hell with bush he messed up our country now someone has to clean up his shit
Mr. about get back in the White House and run this country somewhere other than in the ground!!
I agree-Bush sucked as President!
"Major Futch", there are plenty of people who do nothing for a living drinking on our dime. The Pres isn't one of them, thanks. Thanks for taking my advice, Obama. Beer is always the right choice in matters of state.
Shouldn't he be being the president lowing taxes, and health care bills?????
listen all you doing is pulling your self down in a deeper whole because god doesn't like ugly and your not showing respect towards president obama and as you go on you realize where us democrats come from and were most of other republicans come from so please stop down talking my president let me rephrase that our president maybe you do it because he is black get over it or any issue lord knows he's here nd will be here for another term hopely. we have the money but dont spend it so hey let it go somewere than to waste. he has done all he can for health care and taxes and still is working give him time ok lord. i agree with Anthony Bean 100 %
i speak for everyone disliking ignorant comments
Hey, Obama! Next time you come to Australia drop me a line and I'll buy a round at this great pub that sells craft Yank beers =)
Yes, under Bush we had 2 dollar gas, unemployment under 5%, and a good growth of the GDP each year. In addition, we won 2 wars, came out of the Clinton recession, came out of the 9/11 economic crisis. All the troubles started once he lost Congress at the start of the second term.
he will remain always 2nd term to HELL with bush he ruined us al in the us
you disrespectful people are all gunna regret it
As for the debt, Bush inherited a huge debt, and in 8 years added an average of 51 billion per month to it. President Obama is averaging 129 billion a month. In 4 years he has already matched if not exceeded the amount Bush added.
Dr Boyd
President Obama is doing a remarkable job! He has only just begun to change some of the backwards politics within the White House It's nice to see that President Obama can take a moment out to have a normal day. He deserves a little time off, the man works more the his share of hours in a day. What about taking time off for himself, family, friends and others? Certain people should stop criticizing everything our President does. Afterall, like him or not he's everyone's President! God bless him and cover him.
Maybe if he spent more time trying to do his job instead of drinking beer and going on vacations he might have actually accomplished something sure will be glad to see this jerk gone what a disgrace to our great country.
awesome. Glad to have a president thats not too stuffy to have a pint, and his wife ins't bad looking either... hehe :-)
The only people that are a disgrace to this country are some of its citizens...
+Keith Gatchalian: We didn't win two wars under Bush. That was Obama. Bush started them, but sure didn't seem interested in finishing them decisively and quickly at all. We fought both longer than we fought World War II.
That's cool, the Pres. would stop and get a beer at a local pub and just hang out. He has to stay connected to us, the people. That is one way to stay connected with me. Happy St. Patrick's Day one and all...
Mr President Ignore the ignorance of these right wing fools for they know nothing except what they hear on Fox news
I think that it's awesome that he still spends time with friends!
Aww I wanna have a beer with the president :(
Based on Mr. BO's way of running the country, you can apply the same theory to drinking! You should be able to drink yourself sober,
i wold Like to thank Obama Fir the gift That he send today Withe Al Qaeda To Damascus Syria
Two Terrorist Attacks Target Damascus, Cause Martyrdom and Injury among Civilians and Law Enforcement Personnel
Stop Killing Our People And Leave Us In Peace Or You will Be Sorry
Yeah to bad thee Liberal Party of CANADA never got voted into OFFICE it would of made a difference with BARACK OBAMA Addministration.With our HEALTH CARE Job's And other ishues Carbon TAX.Tooth Brushes keep falling apart thee Bristles.falling off tooth brushes.
now that's a party... I would love to get drunk with these guys on a night out.
Get Obama off and out of Office.
.......or legalize the killing of bald eagles.....
You guys, the president obviously isn't a person, so of course he should be working 24/7.
Even with a pint of Guinness in hand, Obama still doesn't look like a "regular guy."
False equivalence +Dallas Reese. You blame Obama for things he never did, had nothing to do with, and frequently is forced to deny. We blame Bush for things that he did, that are matter of public record, many of which he is quite proud of.
Obama will take credit for things he does not do also. He will be in history books for being the worst president ever!
Kevin B
it's too bad the 'report abuse' button doesn't let us select "Afghanistan". :(
Yes we can drink a pint of Guinness on Saint Patrick's day :D
Brad, lotta competition for that bottom spot. We will see (or our descendents will, should they be so lucky) :)
+Brad Banks: Clearly you weren't alive for either Bush Administration, Eisenhower, Nixon or the Reagan administration, then. Now, please be quiet, adults are talking.
Obama is the worse president in the history of America... Yes.. even worse than Carter...
Positive and negative ends hahaha...;p They didn't close the Pub to the rest while he was there right? Or did they?!
+Skyler Medlock because dumdum, he's just a figure head and the banks and large companies that actually determine gas prices and how the poort get fucked in the economy, they don't care about anything he says.
DUFF mmmmmm.................................
well, if you were president, you would probably drink and party a bit while helping the country
+Skyler Medlock wait hold up, you seriously have nothing better to do than comment on G+? Oh look, that lame critique can be used on anyone.
DUFF mmmmmmmmm.....................................................
Le President Barack Obama il multiplie son temp pour y être avec ca famille,pour des visites d`état,il est reelment un homme espectaculaire,j`ai toujours dit que si n`aurait pas été President
il aurait été étoile du cinema,parce que je ne le vois pas dans les affaires,maintenant est President
et nous dévons demander le vote pour les prochaines elections,je demande à tous les francophones d`amérique de voter virtuellement dans la page de la Maison Blanche
+Roger Glover you took the words right out of my mouth. +Paul Johnson your posts are awesome. I DONT KNOW WHAT CAVE THESE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN LIVING IN THAT THEY DIDNT SEE THE DAMAGE THE BUSH PRESIDENTS DID TO OUR COUNTRY! Obama 2012
+Roger Glover you took the words right out of my mouth. +Paul Johnson your posts are awesome. I DONT KNOW WHAT CAVE THESE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN LIVING IN THAT THEY DIDNT SEE THE DAMAGE THE BUSH PRESIDENTS DID TO OUR COUNTRY! Obama 2012
Shouldn't he be running our country and not relaxing???? lol
He becomes a regular guy every four years....amazing.
good for you, mr president. you;ve worked hard and deserve a beer.
So its Google+ now a site about politics?
Because all the content that you guys are pushing to my timeline its about it
He hasnt done a good job at all .. he doesnt deserve to have a beer! Possible worst one in history.
So how much did that drink cost us the tax payers?
Seceret Service $1,000,000
Price for a round $10
Being in the doghouse when he gets home Priceless <3
I do really wonder if most people here know how government works.

-The President cant just make laws! Thats the job of the congress, and they have such a mess it will be hard to do anything right now.

-The economy is slowly but surely improving, I just don't get how people can't see that

-The president does not set gas prices, he can't call a gas station and say that tomorrow gas will magically cost $2.50. He can however invest in technologies that will help us get off it. Like Brazil did back in the 70's when gas prices skyrocketed.

-I have a beer on my weekends and holidays, If you have a problem with our president enjoying a nice brew go back to the 1930's to rally with the closed minded biggots of the WCTU, and while you're there you can learn about another depression caused by the fat cats in 10005
I am on my second guinness stout...bitter but good. Happy Green Day!
Love that he looks like a proper dad and normal person. :) 
Bu fotograf karesine ancak afiyet olsun Şerefe denir.
Lol, getting bent w/the president!!! Maybe Pres. Clinton came in later with joint :-o
kapan makan nasi goreng & sate lg di indonesia mr.?
I must be seeing things but is the President of the United States of America drinking beer? No way! How cool is that!!!

(I still hate the guy though)
I have to say that is a cool picture of that President. Reminds everyone that he is still just as normal as the rest of us. Way to go Mr.Obama.
yeah and just don't get arrested for being drunk. ha. they serve booze then tell you not to drink it?..
Enjoy your last days as president
为什么前排不是我们的。。 这个绝对不允许发生啊
After all the hell and drama the man had been given....surprised its not a damn 40oz of 800 !!
Keith B
thank god he's not drinking a wimpy american beer.
We have a cool president. He would be fun to hang with. 
Funny, I thought Obama would be a Billy beer man...
Can't wait to get this guy out of office. Obama Sucks!
We have learned our lesson.
he's a fucking communist idiot... we may NEVER recover from his stupidity...
POTUS!!! Enjoy your day! Love you and the job you do in spite of everything.
Mr. Hayes will probably have this picture framed and hung in his pub in Ireland. Proudly.
If i were him..i'd be working on the weekends.
+Moss Davis "Just once I'd like to see a drunken, staggering U.S. President slurring his words and talking shit—like I do."

Is speaking without the teleprompter close enough? ;)
its not bad to give the guy some free time. and what best way to do it but on a holiday and on a weekend.
A better photo op. would be him & a pint sitting at his desk working...if he wants re-election...ppl want to see productivity not partying...just saying.
Have a drink mr prez! Youve been working hard, you deserve it! :-)

Come monday tho, back to work making this great country greater!

(as to curb earlier hipocritical comments)
I never knew the president would celebrate St. Patrick's Day.
go f*** yourself obama I registered to vote just so I can vote against you
He couldn't have had a good beer? That's disappointing.
I give him props for this, shows he is still human
Chris T
This is how he gets re-elected.
hope he has a great time. he deserves it!
What a way to celebrate huh
well its been 3 yrs now an he aint fixed nothing so he may as well just keep drinking wasnt like he was going to lead our country anywhere but to war anyway sorry just saying
its a good thing he has time to drink with his boys instead of fix our country
oboma is attacking all the isues a president should not put his nose how dare a president to tell me what insurance to buy how much I should pay an demand that employers supply the means for the workers to have sex if you have 3000 dollar sex bill rush was right your a slut besides no one is hiding them they sell them at wal mart wal greens an family dollar buy your own sex cheap skates or quit having sex
ding li
和蔼可亲的,有血有肉的~总统先生 ,Hello!
Good for him, just cause he is prez doesn't mean he should not get to have some fun with the guys some times.
hes normal like the rest of us (:
Infested with so much hate. Y'all know who you are..Love you Obama! You have my vote . No need to say anymore. 
Who paid for the beers - the American Taxpayer again ?
Political overtones or not, what's wrong with having a pint at the pub like everyone else? Give him a break, folks.
I will by a round to cover you cheap ass conservatives
Anthony Bean The two wars were over years ago. We've been doing cleanup and nation building for 6+ years now. If you call cutting and running ending the occupation, yes, Obama gets credit for that.
+Chris Flanagan you clearly don't understand the issue about the preventative healthcare debate. For starters, not every woman actually uses birth control to just have sex, it can be used for medical reasons like cysts on ovaries or endometriosis, while other women use to control their periods either because of heavy bleeding or severe pain.

Another thing you don't understand, just because the pill form might be available some what more cheaply, doesn't mean it's a viable option for women, there are other options out there that suit a woman's needs. Unfortunately these other viable options are very, very costly, which is why it should be covered by insurance, regardless of where a woman works or goes to school. It should be their choice, not the employers, because they are the ones paying the insurance premiums; either out of pocket or out of their paycheck.

Also, by allowing more women to have access to preventative healthcare, we can reduce the abortions woman are having, did you ever stop to think about that?
i miss the old constitution, when we still had rights even if we dont have a lot of money
And notice none of the drinks have been touched. Probably because Guinness tastes like the rotting, fetid asshole of a dead horse that has been fed all its life nothing but a diet of the decomposing bodies of the enemies of freedom and democracy. What the fuck am I talking about? (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ 
...that awkward moment when you can't delete your own post...
well what do you know Obama is getting his drink on ;D keep up the good work mister president
Glad to see my tax dollars are at work
Yeah he's just like one of us! Let's vote for him again because of that! Yay warm fuzzy feelings.
People are easily impressed. guess that's how he got elected.
now theres the president being a real american, who doesnt get smashed on Saint Patty's day? of course one guiness doesnt count
I hope they kept the register locked while he was there. That guy loves to put his hands in other people's pockets.
Next week he will give a speech trying to bring down the beer and pub businesses, for our own good of course.
to celebrate st Patricks day im not gonna drink a single pint.
Am I drunk, or is that an extremely surreal photo?
What a welcome the president got when he visited Ireland.
so Obama's African and Irish is he even American?
Love how every American thinks they are Irish!
He is many things however, his race is unimportant in the grand scheme of things. The color of his skin does not define him as the leader of the free world or most importantly his character as a man.
+Dallas Reese Next time try reading the post... You obviously didn't... He's at an Irish pub in D.C. NOT Ireland... 
+Paul Johnson your argument with David Reese makes no seems that you also, did not read the initial post. Instead of attacking George Bush you could have made your point by saying "he's not out seeing the world, he's in D.C. at an Irish pub". READ PEOPLE, READ
and i take it this is what you've been waisting your time on HOW BOUT FIX OUR GOVERMENT!
guy on far right is thinking about how he regrets becoming a racist
and i take it this is what you've been waisting your time on HOW BOUT FIX OUR GOVERMENT!
12:48 م
Good going Mr President you need to relaxs every now and again your doing a great job Sir
I miss Tip O'Neil. And I wasn't even a constituent. Happy St. Patrick's Day Mr. President.
get away mr president drink your alcohl then Kill innocent people in Afghanistan and Iraq
Did B.O. have the taxpayers pick up the tab for his beer?
Guinness is not made in Greece lol
Happy St.Patrick' s day Mr. Obama, luck of the Irish and luck of all freedom peoples of the world as well. Love peace no war to both US and Iran citizens too.
Why is he get back in the white house and do your fucking job!!!
This would make a good vacation commerical!
This would make a good Guinness commerical!
Wait at first i thought this was bad but i realize now that the lesa Obama is in office ie out doing stupid shit like this the less he can fuck our country up :D
Nice to see the president no matter which party you belong sharing a beer and doing common folks activities. WE ALL NEED TO RELAX ITS ONLY A BEER!
Jordan malone wow man it will never stop with non factual hatred
@Jordan malone you said he should do his job but GWB sat in a school for 45 minutes more after learning we was just attacked by terrorist on 911 thats a fact with evidence to prove it 
I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn't work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness.
The reason it looks like a fake picture is that the shadows on Obama's face are different from the shadows on the other two guys' faces.
You can't have the light source be from two different perspectives in the same picture.
He is a President-cum- Common man. Everyone should take this simplicity in his life.
I have never seen or heard of so much BS over a PICTURE of a guy having a beer! And by the way Doug, dark skinned people absorb more light at a greater than light skinned people. If you know the difference between orthrographic film and panchromatic film, it is very similar EFFECT.
Go Perez Obama you party on St. Pat's Day.
take it easy!又不是第一次见这样的"新闻",不要围观,又不是动物园,路过可以。
I like how he often presents himself as one of the people... 'cause he is!

Cheers, +Barack Obama!
obama ? do you read the corresponding comments to your post?i feel that g+ is just for propaganda......have you ever replied?
i think g+ should lift the 500 restriction to commenting ,so obama's page will discourage chinese to spam just in pupporse to get a seat!
sen du
Keep his ass drunk! Maybe that will give our country a chance to get back on it's feet.
Obama is by far the coolest president ever. I am jealous because I wish I could have a beverage with the leader of our nation. I am glad the he has time to have a little fun and not just be about business everyday.
Oh come on give him a break. He inherited 2 wars and an economy in crisis. Perhaps he could have done better but at least things are not as bad as they use to be from my point of view.

It is so easy to blame him as he didn't magically made everything better overnight but come on. At least he was smart enough to go covert and nail Osama without letting the world know like Bush did lol!.

It was like, Hey Osama i am coming after you in Afghanistan watch your back!!. Osama easily saw everything and America wasted so much in these two wars until Obama came along. If people want to blame someone blame Bush and those that voted that idiot in.

I think your president deserves at least a drink. Lighten up people.
Le President et son cousin son identiques,je crois que la majorité des irlandais parlent francais
le President Barack Obama il à des interpretes,mais je ne peut pas être épaté de voir deux cousins avec une resemblance ,il nous manque 1500 votes pour convaincre au President Obama
que nous gagnerons les elections si il nous envoie des activités ,les gens sont plus interesses de
savoir qui font le President et la Premiere Dame des U.S,ils vou aiment et sont vraiment preocupes de vops activités,votent,votent,et peut être nous convaincronts le couple Presidentiel
que vous les aimez et que vous voulez savoir qu`est qu`ils font
I want to ask at the President and the First Lady Obama,whit my respect,don`t take back the
photos bacause i haved a lot of work to analise each one,this week end i don`t want to maked
a lot of analisis,because i see what is the reaction of the peoples reading the page of White House
and i have the surprise the reading of the page of White House they show us what they want.
they want stay in the action of their leader what they do,is the same more the journaliist work
we can ready to win the elections,i make some short interventions in english is do you accepted.
Thanks very much we are surprised of the beatiful things
I ask to my latinoamericans brothers don`t espeak spanish to join us in the page of White House
and voted voted and voted for our President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama,and the
American peoples to want comming with us to the victory in the next elections i love all my brothers comming in the way to de Victory
GOP=Gaggle Of Perverts

Based on DeCamp's riveting book, The Franklin Cover-up, "Conspiracy of Silence" begins with the shut-down of Nebraska's Franklin Community Federal Credit Union after a raid by federal agencies in November 1988 revealed that $40 million was missing. When the Nebraska legislature launched a probe into the affair, what initially looked like a financial swindle soon exploded into a startling tale of drugs, money laundering, and a nationwide child abuse ring. Nineteen months later, the legislative committee's chief investigator died suddenly and violently, like more than a dozen other people linked to the Franklin case.

So why have you never heard of the Franklin cover-up? Originally scheduled to air in May of 1994 on the Discovery Channel, "Conspiracy of Silence" was yanked at the last minute due to formidable pressure applied by top politicians. Some very powerful people did not want you to watch this documentary.

Conspiracy Of Silence(Banned Discovery Channel Documentary)
Li Jing
milk G
Jesus, let the man have a pint ffs, he needs something to help him put up with all the wining people in the world!
I think he is there applying for a job, he is going to need one in January.
Le President de États Unis il fête pour leur frères les Irlandais,un pays qu`à dit souffrir le terrorisme pendant tout une longue periode du temps,son cusin Henry Healy ils ne peuvent nier
sa parentée,ils sont égaux,la force Irlandaise plus tous ces origines que font du President Barack
Obama le President le plus jeune et le plus sage,la sagesse espontanée,l`instant quand lui doit
forcer la main à un pays ne le fait pas avec les armes,je crois que les grands puissances ont put
abandonner la guerre,parce que avec le control de certains pays dans les zones de conflit,qui
dissent lutter pour la democratie,avant d`arriver aux armes ils ont la voie diplomatique,parce que
ils doivent obeir a certains baremes et repondre a certains personnes connus dans le monde ara-
be,le president Obama comme ne tient pas d`interlocuteur,doit attendre les rapports de Nations
Unis,qu`est assez representatif pour entamer un dialogue.
talk about connecting with regular folks. President Obama is a regular folk.
Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is getting lessons from his staffs on how to connect with regular folks.
I personally like a president that can enjoy a beer. Relieves stress. plus Guinness is the beer that marks a man that has good taste! As long as its not from a can!
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