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"At a time when big oil companies are making more money than ever before, we’re still giving them $4 billion of your tax dollars in subsidies every year. Your member of Congress should be fighting for you. Not for big financial firms. Not for big oil companies." -President Obama
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ah yes...the joy of reading about politics at 1:31 in the afternoon...
Its all well and good,only the big oil companies will raise prices even higher to make up for the subsidies...
Of course they will, but that is a matter between the consumers and the oil companies. If one company raises it's prises accordingly, and the others don't, they stand to make a fair profit, unless of course they all break the law, and agree on a fixed price structure.
Sure, Ronnie, but we choose how much fuel we consume. Our taxes are set and we can't behave differently to limit their impact on us.
energy or oil? what about the windmills in washington state that was paid to be shut down for producing "to much power"? That doesn't seem like a wise use of money or technology.
What about pharmaceutical company profits? They make billions and kill thousands every year. You still ignore the issue of medical marijuana. +The White House and current occupant. When a person is on double digit medications, most of which are for treating a side effect of a mother, common sense would support something that helps reduce the prescription pill pyramid.
Lie, the oil companies play by the same rules as any other business. If you would get off your ass and show some leadership skills you could stop the stupid spending of money we do not have. The issue is spending not revenue!
+Ayo Buckhanon They don't ignore medical marijuana, they want to profit from it - research: Marinol
Problems Americans do not want solved in a specific way are passed through with executive order (e.g. ACTA signed by Barack Obama) but problems Americans are convinced we want solved... well, they get talked about and talked about and nothing major seems to be done about them - they just become political footballs as part of the spectator sporting event that is election season.
Michael Boyle, The problem is both. You are not going to ballance the budget on just one or the other. If the oil companies are playing by the same rules as other companies we need to change the rules. Republicans complain about too much welfare for poor people and than fight when it is suggested to end welfare for big business making record profits!!!
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Well, this sounds great, but practically speaking, what does it really mean? Right now in San Diego we're paying almost $5 a gallon- higher than the national average. And while I'm happy to hear that we're looking for alternatives for my kids generation, what does this mean to me right now? how about if the oil companies who are gouging us and posting record profits donate more back to the schools? or perhaps we move the $4 billion in subsidies to high schools to have students learning and investing in alternate energy? what about the Canada pipeline? Are we really doing all we could or just talking about it? 
Alternative energy! Continue to stand up for alternative energy! WInd and solar are the answer!
How about ending all corporate welfare instead of just for unpopular companies/industries?
+Don Pomeroy it makes sense to foster small companies so they grow to hire more people (and can afford to make more money)... and that's where stuff like the SBA comes into play - but big well-profitable companies... not sure what the justification is there.
vote with your wallet, not just on a ballot. I am selling my car, going bicycle only. this isn't ideal for everyone, but we can all try a little harder.
I think that since it's Saint Patrick's Day you should all relax and have some beer and smoke some pot.
Says the sellout...wheres the change Obama?
where is the GOP response? Or is white house one sided?
I agree. All long-term government subsidies should be eliminated. The economy should be free to decide what's best, without government interference. On the topic of oil, we could conserve much fuel if we eliminated our daily traffic jams. We also need to remove government regulations that provide a disincentive to making new nuclear power plants, wind farms, and solar farms. Between the environmental regulations and the Not In My Back Yard protestors, there isn't much progress being made that would bring about a rapid improvement in energy security for the country.
Thank Mr. President for trying to go in the right direction, fighting those greeding soandso's it must be very difficult. I hope for a Resource Based Economy. ie. The Venus Project.
Dear Obama administration, repeating lies often enough does not make them true. Quit setting up strawmen to attack, it doesn't distract from the horrible job you are doing. Quit trying to destroy American business to further your social engineering plans. I am embarrassed by your petty finger pointing and constant obfuscation of the truth. We do not have a revenue problem in the great country, we have a government that can't live anywhere near their means.
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What an ass clown? This guy should not be spouting off about money waste. Most of the oil he purchases for his country is from countries that wish to destroy America. His dream of electric cars better come fast because he will soon be a out of office. A smart man would make this statement only if there was a secure alternative. Right now they are all dreams.
I find it fascinating that Dems blame Reps for high prices (oil and otherwise), but it's only under Dems that prices get this outrageous.

Guess that's what happens when we vote in a narcissist. (no, I didn't vote for him)
I found this video a little irritating, seeing how much money the gas companies are getting from hard working Americans is disturbing. I liked hearing that we have created more oil rigs across the United States to stop our dependence on the middle east.
very strong president of amerika i like obama
What a load of propaganda. Please Mr. President, be honest with the people. Stop calling these same tax breaks that EVERY other manufacturing company gets "subsidies". Please Mr. President give the people you serve a little more credit for not being a dumb as you view them. If you really want to earn a second term, try just being honest with the people.
No company (oil, farm, etc.) should receive any subsidy from the Federal government.
I'd like to see where the country would be if people would stop fighting him and get on the same page.
+Donna Sutton Unfortunately each political party feels what they are doing is actually best for the country so getting them to do be on the same page is not actually possible.
Clearing the way for, and supporting development of new technologies is one of the best functions government can perform. There should be penalties for companies that block development of needed new sources of energy to keep from changing the status quo and protect their bottom line.
The President of the United States is not nearly as powerful as he is often portrayed, regardless of the name, involved in a distinct lobbying company. Compared to the ghost train ranks of Republicans, he certainly looks like the lesser of two evils.

Obama has for me at least a very valuable advantage: He has his life from childhood to give a much broader world view than the usual get-inbred U.S. politicians. This is not a small difference ... at all justified criticism.

Obama, ihr solltet ein John F Kennedy zum Vorbild nehmen. Im positiven Sinn!
+Donna Sutton Why do you choose to be a sheep rather than realize what a dangerous course we are on. Our freedom and rights are slowly being taken away. You want to "just get on the same page"? So I take it you support the bill signed into law this week that prohibits your right to peaceful assembly and freedom of speech by banning you from protest at any event deemed "secure" by the Secret Service? I'm not the type to go out protesting, by I support their right to do so.
they are tax breaks, not subsidies which sounds as if we send the oil companies a check, which we don't. We just tax them at a lower rate, which applies to all companies when they achieve a certain amount of profit.
+Annalyn H I was completely unaware that George W. Bush was a Democrat (re: ridiculous high gas prices such as those that occurred immediately after Katrina).
+Chris Holt While that may be true, I did not vote for someone to go and act like the other party. If that is what I wanted, I would have voted for the other party. I expect my politician to be principled and vote against things that are contrary to those principles. Any compromise that takes us further from rather towards the principles for which I voted for my elected official is unacceptable.
+Dave Grega You do understand the number of refining plants that were damaged because of Katrina don't you? If you are going to use an example, use an honest one.
+Juri Müller Under the NDAA (signed into law by Barack Obama earlier this year), he can have anyone arrested for effectively any reason and kept indefinitely without trial. That means he can take everyone that disagrees with him and, in accordance with the laws written by our representatives and enacted by our country, legally take them out of our population and thus have no resistance. Given the passage of the NDAA, your statement seems to be more as an apologist than anything else.
No matter what it is a lose, lose situation for our generation. Stop the subsidies and oil companies will jack up the price of fuel to make up the difference, our tax dollars will not came back to us to make up the deference therefore we pay even more out of our pockets. In the end under Obama's green plan the price of hydrocarbon fossil fuel will necessarily skyrocket. The question to be asked is the destruction of the economy, inflating the national debt to subsidies failing green energy plans going to be worth it.....
Oil companies will always do what they do best make money's OUT of our pockets,this will NEVER change.
X. Xing
I want to know what Documents has Wang Lijun sent to the Chengdu US Consulate.
He didn't mention that the fuel price affect freight of every, parts, lumber, furniture and all goods we rely on. It doesn't just hurt our budget when we fill up our cars. The other thing I have to take issue with is that not enough was done to curtail the speculators. They are doing more than their fair share driving up the price. it's been a round for more then 7years and yet it's not main stream

it's to me do to, tooo much GREED

HHO GAS aka Water 4oz and goes 100 Miles
+Georgi Kaua Real simple my friend, if you don't want to pay out of your pocket, don't buy their products. Use public transportation and wear a happy face button
my cousin is a big fan of u (THREE DAYS GRACE) and so am i
I have to say, I'm not really thrilled with the job Obama did this past 3 and a half years or so, but he still did a much better job than Mccain would have (who couldn't even run his own campaign very well, much less an entire country), and there are absolutely no other candidates I would even think about voting for. Ron Paul actually seems the best choice out of those running, mainly because he seems less corruptible than the others, seems less like a politician. My vote will go to Obama again this year, and once again, it will be because he's the better of two evils.
I didn't hear all this whining about gas prices back in summer of '08 when gas was almost the same price as now. Gee I wonder what's so different between then and now :P
"Your member of Congress should be fighting for you." Yeah. When are they going to start?
I dunno, Michael, maybe for the same reason Bush 43 never talks about how much the Iraq War cost? Or the non-existent WMDs? Or how many American and Iraqi lives were lost? Or the billions that came up missing? Or how deficits didn't matter? Get off the Solyndra talking point, it's a non-starter.
And you release oil from the strategic reserve!! You are the problem. You feed the oil companies. Need some more campaign contributions?
So sad when the potus goes after american industry. Just shameful.
@ Garrett I guess you missed the speech where Obama said he'd bet on the American Worker any day of the week.
+Michael Cooke IMHO, subsidies should be used to assist immature industries that are considered important to the national well-being, and that would be at a competitive disadvantage against well-entrenched existing industries.

"Green energy companies" would meet this test. Oil companies would not. Once the subsidized industry meets a test of viability, or, for that matter, obviously fails, then the subsidies should be discontinued.
all the correct words.. as use-U-All?.... now please actually "due" the "correct"..things.... lobby reform job 1....... busting illegal monopolys job # 2...use the RICO act or threaten to big business is organized crime.. bell telephone was americium's biggest criminal brought to justice ... why were they allowed to get back together .. we got all the new phone stuff after they busted the fat predator lazy company apart into hungry manageable units that could and did compete with any one in the world .. big biz in america has to use slave holder tactics like 2 year contracts on phones.... pitiful .. in a free market 6 months should be tops for a competitive biz with a good product . They don't won the air waves the american people do .. remember duhhhhhh? are they selling or share cropping ... Its easy to press a button and look .. brave or powerful in helpless to defend against it it, other country s ..That's called a bully in the real world when the big people economically or militarily pick on the week . why are we afraid to compete fairly economically, with Iran and n Korea .. why do we have to starve human beings and force them to do God only knows what.. who is who in this moral real life thing ???? take your dammed rose colored glasses off and pick up the ones that see reality in the real world like we did.. Your idiots advising you and they do look like idiots to a lot of us real educated people in middle america. What are they goi9ng to force n korea or Iran to actually do in tthe real world like we did Japan before ww II whenwe shut off oall thier raw materials.. That was an undeclared act of war meant to provoke theminto what they did so we could do what we did .. stupid to play games in the real world because you do not know how it willc ome out in reality.. shock and awe my ass?" Are you going to ... force them to do ....?? Oh and all that heavy equipment in a land locked long supply line place ring anny damned bells historically. the classic trap if Russia and china were to partner with syria and iran to take all your peretty toys away from you because you and israel were what .. too stupid to think it could happento us just like all the other people in history .. H<MMMM Get them the hell out of there quick to a place more moneuverable would be my call .. by leaving them there you play in to the hands of miss. fortune posibilities instead of standing strong. In real life ...stupid bully tactics ecoinomically or militarily do not work because the oppressed people mearely rest until you or who ever is weak enouogh to toass them aside .. look at the history of both vietnam and afganistan.. and where the hell are we hmmm. stupid . when your smart boys keep secrests from americans actually smarter than they are ... how f&&%%$ing smart are they if they dothis?? a real ??? not some harrrrrrrrr-vard mind r yaaahlleeeeee mind dick-take-shuin fanti-see? ... . not applicable in the modern age with every one watching in real time. no more propaganda tv new for you or any one else . we have our own cameramen to show the truth inr eal time .. lets see a little backbone peacefully at home for ... achnge .. ;) the people were ready .. you apparently werent or haven't been yet.. gwith all doo respect .. get off your asss and quit posing.. and peacefully any one can be a bully leaders lead... i respectfully disss-agree with spike lee on this one .. we have 4 too long in american been doing. "RIGHT" thing the far Right thing.. the middle is... America have the balls to actually lead us ibn peace.. I listen to your correct word and took the time to write some of my word lets see if you can listen or your add-vize-whores? hmmmm
Where was this 3 years ago? This is a desperate plea to keep his position!

+HollyC Barbo
, more specifically prices are tied to diesel, less than 1% of goods are transported using gas. Trains, rigs, delivery trucks, even jets run on a variant of diesel.

This is one of the biggest scams perpetuated on the American people, diesel is less refined than gas, uses less oil to produce and modern diesels actually run cleaner, last far longer, produce more power and get better mileage than gas or ethanol. There is no logical explanation why diesel vehicles aren't more prevalent in the U.S. other than greed and corruption. That is the only reason diesel costs more than super unleaded, it shouldn't be any more than regular.
+John Consiglio - I think he has proven that he can't handle the job. Time to let someone else take a crack at it. McCain lost (in part) because he campaigned like a turkey, Obama should lose because he governs like a turkey.
America not americium lol ...poor typist good mind the oppsite of most of your ...
u have no idea what ur talking about, obama! shut ur mouth
i believe that he has his position because of big oil and many other lobbyist and big money organizations!
Why invest in something that is running out? Oil companies don't really give anything back. The energy output from gas is very inefficient, the plastic we make from the oil doesn't breakdown as easy and kills our earth, the fumes & bi-product of their factories and combustion is slowly suffocating us. I just moved from Columbus city (not as big as other cities) to smaller suburb and the first thing I noticed is how cleaner and more refreshing the air is. And the real problem is the fall of our education, we can't solve problems if we can't learn how to break paradigms. Either way, america isn't looking so hot anymore. The only thing we still be winning is our headcount. My favorite trophy
Still wondering why our government is giving away our tax money to countries that hate us and to companies and Financial Institutions that fuck things up for everyone....
The purpose of posts like this is to encourage/foster/breed discontent and civil unrest. They are intended to keep us at each other's throats. Don't play into their hands. They thrive on playing us for fools.
One needn´t fuel greed, it is with every being waiting to escape on the lose - don´t fear greed, fear those who are focused on the symbolic skyscrapers! ... the man in the street.
How about a flat 15% tax for everyone, no incentives for your buds, let the market determine who to support.
+Alan Oldham Obama says one thing in a speech, and immediately legislates in the opposite directon. He is a weak, disingenuous failure of a president. Just look at the federal deficit. Fire Obama!
Hey Hamad Al-Saad you have no right to judge anyone; at least our nation is not run evil dictator.
What we pay in interest on national debt would fund a lot of programs... Think, plan, don't spend what you don't have.
If they are making all this money , why in the world are we giving them these subsidies? That does not make sense to me.Take the money from those subsidies and put it toward the countries national debt! We could certainly use the 4 BILLION DOLLARS!
Yea, cuz subsidies worked out so well for Cylindra
Everyone seems to forget that the government takes far more in taxes on all the oil/gas/profits than the oil companies themselves make in profit. The government is "getting rich" off of all of us, and their false promises to "spend on our behalf" is where all the money is draining away to.
Interesting that oil companies make 5.6 cents per dollar of good sold and there is outrage, yet Apple makes 22.4 cents per dollar sold and we hear nothing. Both get the same tax breaks, but oh wait, Apple makes all its products in China.
My idea of "fixing" America: No more lobbyist and end career politicians.
The difference between Welfare and Big Oil is tax revenue. In Texas roughly 40 cents per gallon in sales tax goes to the government. Texas alone makes 2 billion in oil production tax and another estimated 6 billion is sales tax. We spend roughly 650 Billion on welfare.
Add-vise?-whores ....certainly not smart advisers...., of a president on the track record of most of their stuffso far.. idiots why didn;t just get some monkey and elephants to arbitrarily choose positions and you most likely would have done far far better .. time to put your big boy shoies on and peacefully build something we all can be proud of .. any one can be a cold blooded long range killer .. no skill required again the monkeys or elephants or h.. jackasses could do the button pushing ..hmmmm
I agree. It's The President's job to fight for big financial companies. The car makers. The mortgage companies. Oh, the big insurance companies, too....
That is true, but why is google allowing him to use this for his forum to get re- elected???
No government should ever support any company from A-Z, they should be focus improve infrastructural. Such as redoing the tax code, cut government employee benefits reform pensions (police and fire exempt)
+Jack Jenkins Google allows every candidate to use G+ as their platform. The Republican candidates have pages as well.
Yup and that means none of the oil companies should be paying to get anybody elected or influencing ANY laws either.
+Sandi Masori In the UK we're paying £1.50 per litre for petrol. So, we're paying around $9 per (US) gallon.... -_-
Not really "subsidies," but tax breaks just like GE and other companies receive. I understand that GE paid little to no federal tax in 2009.
What about the President fighting for us?
+Matt Samudio you do know where that tax revenue goes right? Hint: Not in the multimillion dollar exon executive bonuses. A lot goes into paying for our roads. I'll let you look up the rest. We should not be giving them tax breaks. Me and you paying them to be the most profitable industry in the world.
Omaba said in election in 2008, he would not be influenced by lobbyist I wonder who was waiting for him in the lobby? How can I trust a leader that influenced by a lobbyist.
Let us have a subsidy to help fund development of an electric car for commuting the 50 miles I drive round trip, so that when I get home at the end of the day I still have gas money for the 500HP 10MPG fun mobile. No reason to be one sided.
Maybe if American petrol and diesel was as expensive as it is in the UK and rest of Europe you would have more fuel efficient cars, European cars average about 60+ mpg now anyway, the small cars can get up to 80 mpg. Or just get an electric car and stick a solar panel on your roof, then you can forget all about the oil companies and their gas prices.
@Ben Norris, you guys had always had higher taxes since King George III, it is hard to get by 9 bucks a gallon our economy would collapse, it would be every man for them selves.
Lets stop the subsidies and invest in ubiquitous high speed wireless data transfer and solar energy?? HIgh speed mass transit would probably be helpful too. Or maybe we can cut all that money and buy more stealth bombers and battleships. We need to be 100000000 X more powerful than everyone else militarily for some reason. We could cut military spending by 30% for 5 years and STILL be more powerful than any other country on Earth.
Yes, let us punish all the people that cannot afford a new, extremely fuel efficient car with additional taxes and increases in petro that rivals Europe. That is idiotic! Just as in parenting, punishment is not the best method to illicit behavior change!
+Chris Brennan Lets be honest, the high price of petrol in the UK is due to the taxes.
Per litre of petrol:
57.95p DUTY
47.8p Actual Product
22.15p VAT
5p Retailer/Distributer
Most of the taxes that we pay at the pump go to support the government, not the oil companies. Tell Congress to stop the graft and corruption by dropping their take out of our money. They take enough out of us in regular taxes.
Oh and monkeys not meant as racist but as a funny real life fact story...I think it was James mitchners novel space or the other great book by the other writer with a similar title I also read. where the facts were revealed that the monkeys that went into space before john glen and the rest of the truly heroic astronautics ( a lot of the early rockets did explode and they had deaths on the launchpad if you remember) did a better job of correctly pressing the numerous buttons the scientist wanted them to press when they asked them to press them .. Easy to imagine how bored a real test pilot like they all were had to be locked in a tiny space and told to follow instructions by rot when asked. They had very little to see and no real control over the process. THey were called spam in a can by the real first world astronauts... the x-15 guys cCosswhite and buddy's. They could have just as easily used the X-20 with the big motors already in plans and preproduction to have pilot controlled space craft in the 60's. Maybe they actually did I notice SAC has had a "space command" unit for quite a while ... I'man ex SAC brat born at MAC DILL AFB in Tampa and you know what kind place that is lol .. I was born there ...I wasted enogh of my time talking to you time for you to get off your ass maybe so i can vote for you again maybe
+Ben Norris Yes, I know that in other countries you are paying more, but there are also other differences in the social services that your country provides, the school systems, health care and even the type of government itself. Not to mention the difference in the size of the country and the type of driving that the average citizen does. Here in San Diego, Ca from one side of San Diego county to the other it's an hour and a half drive- it's over a 10 hour drive from the bottom of California to the top- and that's only 1 of the 50 states! We do not have really viable public transportation (no subways, and the nearest bus stop is over a mile from my house) and let's not even get started on our school systems or health care.... so all I can talk about is what is directly affecting me, and when gas prices HERE go up to $5 a gallon, I personally lose business. And while I have a global consciousness, I'm sorry, but I care first and foremost about feeding my own children and keeping a roof over my families head.
Why the hell is this in my stream? 
and oil imports are down, right. prices are going up look east people (iran) not so far away
It doesnt matter your political party, you can dress a pile of shit up in pretty dress and change its color your still left with a stinking pile of shit!
I don't notice him falling all over poor people except enough to delude them, keep them dependent, and get their votes. I do see him falling all over rich people to get their money for his campaign.
in sweden the gasolin kost 2 § / liter 1 gallon are about 4 liter
8§ on gallon
The oil companies are getting their payday while they can. We elect the sleeziest politicians because we like it hidden behind the scenes and then they shake your hand and smile
we do need to stop the corporate welfare
+Ayo Buckhanon in due time. Legalize it after re-election. I think it will be decriminalized in the next 10yrs, maybe less.
Thats right, Mr President !!! Be straight with the greddy people.- When we´ll die, we will go without money.- Lets help the people... * We dont give fish to people, we teach how they can be fishermens *
We who buy gas should be used to the inflated price and the price fluxuations. Everyone wants to blame the Obama administration for the price increase and thats crazy because the oil companies have played this game for many, many years. I WILL STAND BEHIND OBAMA FOR ANOTHER TERM.
Get rid of the tax subsidies, BUT also allow us to do more off shore drilling and such. Why are we sending money to Brazil to drill more?? We should be more oil independent until there are reasonable alternatives.
*....oh and I have actually run a million dollar a year actual business with 80 employees and 5 ast mangers .. i know a little about real world leadership and skills and what you might be feeling right now.. If i were you I might be thinking i'm tired i have genuinely tried very hard the first 3 years and feel I have got a significant amount of things done... hmmm now let me tell you what the american people who want to support you are thinking and saying .. yes i know he is tired but he is tired because he spent so much of his energy, making war when he should have been making peace and going the wrong damned way on too many things .. business is job ! they are not.. your friends . you are the adult giving them the rules they have ... to live by.. It is what actually keeps them from destroying themselves when they like in a shark feeding frenzy start eating thier own guts and being scavengers instead of looking for real and healthy food .. the ones eating thier own guts if they insist should be let to simply die so a smarter better run c\american company with less overhead bribing politicking stuff, can take the business they are clearly telling the american people they do not want them to be customers they want slaves and share croppers and indentured serpents... by thier actions the last 3 years and before.. Lockstep that means monopoly's and collusion and fraud and and fat vultures instead of eagles with innovations who love thier customers because they know they make thier business what it is .. when the idiots.... think they can be paper pirates and make more money, with it and ignore thier manufacturing of real products and customers they have clearly gone offthe deep end and are insane.... you get the shit..... we have now ...where they simply run thier damned illegal money machines that they have made legal by bribing the people representatives.. we see them clearly a lot of us ;).. That is what the free. market system is .. something Yale and Harvard business know nothing about apparently...all they do is bully tactics and try to scanvenge other peoples hard work by bully leverage of illegally pooled money to corner the market like they are doing enron style to oil now .. where the hell is the justice? dept scared or paid off or stupid .. it has to be one of the 3.. . when you have run a biz correctly successfully it in the real world you know damned well how money is earned honestly.. thats not what we see do you hear us yet??????? why all the PUSSY? FOOTING AROUND WITH AMERICAN BIZ HMMM.. not your job government supply's infrastructure and makes the honest rules forr all.. to follow they don't act like they are part of the profit making ..and taking like the pitiful pitufl people in washing with the name public.. office holders and representative . get a damned dictionary people .. evidently Yale Harvard and Stanford can't uhhh SSSSan with out the plan-ford because they are to stupid to do real fair fee market biz...
thank you know i won`t speened so much on my game systems gas and oil
Wow! This is almost as entertaining as watching Fox so-called News....
Oh Lord, Mr. President, get real. Take away their $4 billion in annual subsidies, but make sure you do the same thing for all of the alternative energy strategies. That would be the "fair" thing to do.
I must say I have no criticism to date of your current President, he appears intelligent, measured and shows genuine interest in the less fortunate - not really what I have come to expect from politicians in general.
Lies, all lies, for some strange reason I do not trust this guy..
>Congress should be fighting for you. Not for big financial firms

Then why are you pouring so much effort in censoring the internet and stamping out the so called 'piracy problem'? You know, the one that is a service and price issue rather than one of simple theft? The one that will thrive even if you do censor the internet?
indenture severts ... l0l... not serpents lol I am maybe the worst typist on earth, butttt whe american get our teeth in some theses oil company's banks stockbroker and communications people asse$$.. they might think we are serpents before it is over .. snakes on a plane how about snakes on the great plains to the coasts this isnt some propaganda movie reality hits hard in the real world when fools parade around naked. hmmmm ....idiots. it like they are holding a knife to thier own thoats saying i will cut myself and you won't have me to do business with well we are saying cut away MF's...... insanity they think being paper pirates they don't have to deal with real huuman beings or products they are illegally in lockstep or I guess it's hand.... masturbating each other in a biz circle jerk...... of jerks who don;t want to work for their money we see it .. lol hope the first cut is the deepest them insane idiots trying to harm and enslave us Americans i'm going to pop some corn and watch the these clowns wreck the rest of of thier pretty little train. who needs movies with real life humorous shit like this to watch ...
Oil companies make 5.6% profit and we bitch, but its okay that there is a 15% tax (or more depending on location) on it? Turning our attention to the 'greedy evil businesses' distracts us from the real problem.
Where were you on the keystone pipeline, bub? Maybe that would have helped gas prices instead of giving money to failing electric car companies.
Surprising words from a president - still the light of the west?
What a joke.... The alternative energy manufactures and suppliers pay a fraction of the taxes 1 "big oil" company pays.... Let ALL energy companies operate like a business, without the tax "credits". A business expenses is a valid deduction, a "credit" is crap.
-1 Drill baby, drill! now, lets talk about the unions, eco groups, etc who give you money to manipulate your decisions.
Stop subsidizing big green energy and companies like Solyndra
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Eva -
Oh Satan... o_o
I think most of the thing barrack says are pretty obvious to quite everyone
Same statement/message that was posted last week. What wrong white house? Feel like no one is listening? Like i said last week. This is propoganda. Im not rooting for big oil in anyway shape or form. But dont insult my intelegence by releasing half truths. Yes they get the tax breaks. But the also pay around $ 85 billion a day in federal-state taxes and for permits and permit maitience. Balance that towards the piddly tax break you are barking about and it means nothing. Oh and if memory serves me correct you had all 3 branches of govt for 2 years to do what you wanted. Sure didnt see any action on your part to take away the tax breaks. But oh thats right. If you did anything you dont have anything to bang your drum about now. And you ran on being different and changing the tone in washington. Ummm...yea....
Leave our oil companies alone!
You don't care about the taxpayer's money, +Barack Obama, except if you can spend it . Lashing out at the oil companies is populist, and concerns a minuscule amount compared to the money you are throwing out the door every day. What about the hundreds of billions you happily spent to bail out misbehaving financial firms because they were 'systemic' (ie had you in their pocket) including the very firms at the source of the most recent financial crisis, and uncompetitive car makers? What about the $16bn in grants and loans the DOE has directed to companies with direct and indirect links to your 2008 campaign backers? If there has to be something like a DOE, I would expect its grants and loans applications to be reviewed by scientists or other neutral experts, but you appointed you campaign fundraisers to this role, ..., so they could directly reward your financial backers. Wat about the hundreds of billions spent on two parallel wars that you could have stopped upon arrival in the White House? You promised change. Well, $4bn is change.
so without the subsidies they will inflate the price of gas even more. logic.....
Rock on Barack. You are the best president, but have too many haters- as the ghetto say it
ok, so what is going to prevent the oil companies from passing that $4 billion, maybe even $4 billion plus, to the consumers
I totally agree wit Brandon Spicer (whoever you are) people shouldnt hate. I mean.. Obama's done all he bloody can for the country, no one could do as much as he did and is doing after the state bush left it in. (Srry to bring politics into this but its true)
If greed was decreased just slightly in corporate America, starting with the CEO's and ending with the palaces that they build to justify some of their expenditures, we would be in much better shape.
What's sad is that if the Government was as organized as the stop SOPA/PIPA movement they would get the people to do a lot more. Posting a quote asking us to reach out to our member of Congress is next to useless. Give us the tools to reach them, easily and efficiently.
He's hoping we're not smart enough to realize that the people who can least afford to pay more will be hit with huge increases in fuel, propane, groceries, etc. etc. Oil companies won't eat that decrease to their bottom line, they'll increase their prices.
I want to see you record a full album Mr. President! That little snippet was just a tease. You got golden cords!

Call it: "Barrock And Roll: Presidential Rhythm And Soul" xD

You do that, and I'll send a letter to my congressman every day!
Price of gas doesn't phase "our" representatives. Their income is for life, no matter how bad "We" rate their performance! Same ol' same old! We must stand united people.

well spoken Mr. President! Let's just hope action will follow the words!
John, your hat needs to be relegated to the trash heap of historical fashion failures. You look like Sherlock Holmes after a fat hit of crack!
I agree with +Asbjørn Grandt and it's also important to acknowledge that higher gas prices will create a stronger incentive to develop renewables. I'm glad to see the administration speaking out about this.
America needs to get back to minimizing lobbyist, political and religious influences that leave taxpayers footing the bill. Good start.
I thought that you hired the people from the big Financial firms that created the financial crisis to fix the issue (hence, nothing is being done). I HOPE that you would have fixed this issue with people outside of the mess, but it seems that the only CHANGE is in name only. The only real hope and change is Gary Johnson for President with the LP. Dems and GOP are run by the same companies, just give different rhetoric.
The only real hope is an AI robot.
...and folks actually buy his baloney! It's the ol' Barnum & Bailey theory!
your 100% write all they is there pocketbook and the party dem or Rep makes no differents.
Re-elect Obama, not the other hopefuls. Obama is the one who will repair this country. He was handed a bunch of crap when he got in office, and in the last 4 years has managed to unravel a lot of the mess that bastard Bush twisted up. Give him another 4 years, and he'll fix the rest. Bush had 8 years to screw things up, let's at least give Obama the same amount of time to try and repair it.
The blame on oil companies is misplaced, but considering that Obama has to deal with uninformed public opinion while trying to set things on a sustainable course, I actually like his energy policy and believe that future generations will consider it his most successful (perhaps only successful) policy. He's my third choice in the upcoming election, after Ron Paul and Gary Johnson.
100% "Green", Self-sufficient, Aquaponic Garden and Educational Center. This will be a tremendous asset to our community as a whole. Every person visiting or living here must eat! The Branson Aquaponic Gardens and Educational Center will be able to offer our businesses, schools, and citizenry organically home grown healthy fruits, veggies, and sea food.The very design of the existing complex makes it ideal for educating the masses on the art of growing food and flowers with the Aquaponic system. Visitors and students, being able to view the growing process without ever coming into contact with the food, greatly reduces the risk of contamination. The complex will become a Botanical Garden, with its many outdoor flower beds and fountains. This will create a serene atmosphere to the entire production, education and tourism attraction.

The "Green" design calls for the facility to be powered solely by alternative power sources, causing no additional burden on our energy resources. Water is recycled, preserving our "water table." Bio wastes can be recycled into such things as paper products. The very idea of a food producing facility that leaves little or no carbon food print is just what our planet cries out for. The members of the Ozark Environmental Awareness Fund, assisting Mona Miller in her design concepts, are striving to make this project totally "green" and sustainable. With all of its facets, the complex will create a considerable amount of Revenue for the City of Branson and the surrounding region.
Obama very populer becase he has 245 coment.
Keep voting for RObamney and see what changes.
That's a big fucking lie. That's what politicians do, lie. Nothing new here
I agree to ending the subsidies, I jus don't see how removing subsidies will lower prices. The way I see it, oil traders are the immediate issue with oil prices. Oil is traded at more and more ridiculous prices because of issues that will have less of an impact then forecasts expect.
What he needs to do is look at welfare reform. I was behind a girl in line at a convenience store today, she purchased 2 Rock Star energy drinks, a package of Twinkies, bag of Doritos and a package of Orbit gum. Paid for by the taxpayers.
The second issue is the prices for gasoline should decrease just as rapidly as they increase, or even limit or cap price increases. An example would be; for a given month the price can inflate .09 %. Once the .09 % is reached the price can't change till the next month.
i was about to say that how will it help lower prices
So sick and pathetic that google + "whats hot" has obamas face on it and government LIES. brainwashing you whatever you do on the net now..
@ Rick - I guess that's worse than the 4 Billions in subsidies for the oil companies, right? Everybody is filling their own pockets and we the "everyday" people, we are supposed to be honest... come on!
Sir. President Obama, it must hurt deeply with a sense of disbelief that your country even has this decision on the table. Probably mine as well to some degree but that is only an assumption. The madness of what you have to decide upon, it is a long way from the imaginings of your journey I'm sure. All of that money....something went terribly wrong somewhere. Do you think that one day it will get spent on your people and their needs?
Lous Deo.....
He did not make these choices.
Best of fortune and focus keeping the pockets lined, the people's bellies full, and their minds, bodies and spirits healthy.
Oil companies need to compete for business.
If you didn't regulate the heck out of the industry, and let them drill in the arctic, they wouldn't need the subsidies, and prices would be back down to [gasp] Bush levels. Then you wouldn't need to release the strategic reserve to try and get reelected, either.
Can anyone confirm that the gas companies make 4% of profit on each gallon but the govt's tax is 14%?
That's what I'm thinking Bill, the oil companies do ALL the work, make a profit they deserve, what does the govt do to earn their profit? Brutal. So easy to blame big oil, how about blaming big education one of these times, or big govt?
I agree with President Obama, our elected officials should be working for the citizens, not for their campaign contributors! The oil companies have been making huge profits, at our expense, they no longer need to be subsidized by taxpayer dollars!
The problem is not the ending of the subsidies for big oil, this is just another one of obama's slight of hand tactics to get the public's attention away from the fact that he has made it almost impossible to get drilling permits for the past three years. This administration has been held in contempt in the federal court in New Orleans for delays and stalling. This has caused a unbelievable shortfall in the production possibilities of the United States fields, in turn shorting our refining, in turn shorting our gasoline and diesel output. The mandatory corn for ethanol has done nothing for this shortage, but instead has increased the costs associated with raising cattle in the beef industry. This is because corn is the main beef cattle feedstock, and when the corn is wasted on ethanol production it's price is unnaturally inflated. His policies have hurt our economy in just these ways these past 3 years
Stop lying, Mr President. They are keeping more of their own money. They are NOT getting any tax dollars AT ALL. I'm sick and tired of you and the Democrats lying about this.

Also, the $4 billion you keep spouting is the same deduction that all business get. In fact, Exxon in 2010 paid $59 billion in US taxes, but only earned $40 billion in profits. The only way they were able to make a profit was from overseas.

Stop the lying and playing on the ignorance of the population.
thanks..Everything in life is like Pro Wrestling..Nice Show..You need to be tough to get in the ring.. fixed and both sides owned by the same corporation... Enjoy the show and root for one side or the other.. Best part is the ring girl. lets you know what round it is.
Stop your God damn...oh yes I did...whining and finger pointing and come up with a flash..I'm saying this to each and everyone of you, not government.
I heard oil company"s make .18 cents a gallon off gas the fed make 34 cents from tax and my state Maryland 24 cent about ready to go to 30 cents if this is right hows making money
How is it no one understands that the oil companies are only making this huge profit due to the stock market?

The price per barrel of oil is set through open commodity, not by the companies themselves.

You can get rich too if you buy oil commodities. Look at T. Boone Pickens...
+Jordan Miller I wonder if you were so hard on Bush 43 and Cheney when they were running America into the dirt as you are on Obama. You look like a grown man who was around back then. And any mention of Obama's "failed" legislation must be followed by the "failed" GOP House and Senate who blocks/filibusters any such legislation. Tired of people crying and bitching about Obama but letting GOP obstructionist lawmakers like Cantor/Boehner/Norquist/Tea Party Freshmen of 2010 off the hook. Still waiting on those "job jobs jobs" the Tea Party promised us!
+Dallas Reese You're sick and tired of Obama blaming Bush, and I'm sick and tired of people blaming Obama, so now what?
How many times are you going to milk this topic? It's at least the third time I've seen it. Guess it's the story of the Obama presidency... "more of the same".
+Nate Nate Nate Nate Nate Nate Nate Shut up, "Nate," it's still a free goddamn country and I'll say what I want. Three years isn't even a whole Presidential term and Obama's supposed to clean up 8 whole years of Bush/Cheney's mess? AND push through his own agenda? All the while racist GOPs are trying to block him? You sound stupid. Which isn't a stretch at all.
+Jeff Wagner You can say that again :) And I was gonna add you just based on this post, but I'm not gonna spam you. Keep spreading the word.
The purpose of posts like this is to encourage/foster/breed discontent and civil unrest. They are intended to keep us at each other's throats. Don't play into their hands. They thrive on playing us for fools.

As they read these comments, they are laughing, puffing their chests out, and basking in a job well done. They can easily see that it's working. This is but one of the seeds of unrest they've planted. Time to stop listening to them and think for yourselves. Forget about D and R. Think "America" instead.

(I know you won't.)
What the in the world are people thinking paying $ 4.25/ gal for fuel. The governments in this world have to start taxes these big oil companies NOW! What they should have done was put a freeze on the oil companies like they did in the 80's. You people were bitchn' when gas was 2.10/ gal. It's about time you people have right to do at least something about it instead still paying $ 3.99/gal for gas. Thank you.
Absolutely freaking ludicrous. Fuel prices are strangling our economy; Big Oil executives earn bloated salaries in the millions and all of this is being financed by the same DOA legislative cronies that have fought the White House on every aspect of fixing our economy and getting spending under control. Isn't it time, American, to clean house in Congress?

President Obama is not the problem. He's the solution, but the Republicans and Conservative Democrats in Congress are blocking his every move. Let's fix that.
maybe because big oil likes republicans they figure raising gas prices will make the pres. look bad just saying
We could be in a much better position if the combustion technologies which have been sequestered by the oil companies were brought to bear. Back in the late 80's small cars got better milage than todays cars of the same size. I had a 77' Intl Scout II with a 345 small block that got 25mpg avg on the highway. I had an 04' Dodge Dakota w/ 4.7L EFI. It barely achieved 15mpg avg on the highway. You would think that a truck of roughly the same size and 27 years newer SHOULD get better milage with the technological advancements over that period of time. The auto and oil industries have been screwing the consumer for big profits and have failed to improve their products. The politicians and oil companies tell us they need to drill more and more. How about someone step up to the plate and allow the technology to utilize the fuel in an efficient manner? Isn't better use of our resources in the best interest of our nation? America we've become fat and lazy because we fail to plan for the future and as citizens and consumers we fail to demand the best products and hold those accountable when they lie, cheat, and steal our hard earned dollars. It's time to stop bitch'n and start doing. Politicians, regardless of party, are not looking out for the citizens of this nation. Vote them all out. No more career politicians! Peace America!
We should give that money to other sources of clean energy, think if we gave that to solar energy companies, or wind gathering energy, it would really change alot pally create more jobs and pollute a lot less... Just think about it, I wish WE could choose where our money is going!
we own the leases why r we not keeping them and paying our bill. that's all u people I mean so called law makers r about rich.
Obama didn't make nothing worse for this country. He is doing his best. He is the one who is bringing our troops home. Because he is trying make change you have people who don't want change. Blame those folks.......we ain't going to see all changes he made because we trying to blame him for everything. He is man but he is President. But he is not the entire committee of house and senate. 
The short term implication here would be skyrocketing costs of every commodity. Political suicide comes to mind.
what i want to know how feasible these steps are? Really! how Feasible Mr. President?
You are the greatest nation in the world. And his slogan is "change" ? personally what he is doing isn't for the job of one man. controlling where tax payer money goes is congress's job, not the presidents.
There is a serious problem in the constitution. The authority, responsibility and accountability are separated and balanced among three branches. But now the Executive has always been fighting against the Legislative. The Legislative is divided into D & R. How can we make the Legislative one whole.
My car is parked in my damn garage on empty. That's it I have had enough. NO MORE BUYING GASOLINE UNTIL IT'S $ 1.75/ GAL. I'M DONE WITH YOU..
T Hill
They are just riping us off, watch the movie gas hole.
I wish the people mattered more than business in our government decisions.
class warfare. Learn the facts. According to recent article in WSJ, Exxon made 300B in 2010, paid 50B in US taxes. That is higher rate than anyone I know.
That should be easy, since the legislative is made up of a whole BUNCH of (W)holes...a_ _ -(W)holes.
Dallas Reese, you are an ignorant ridiculous poster who negated his own comments. Just leave the feed if you refuse to be informative. It takes a hell of a lot longer to undo a mess than you think. If you are so knowledgeable, please provide an alternative to Obama's and state your references and sources, please.
Go to prison you traitor. You are not preserving, protecting, or defending the Constitution because you think its flawed. That also makes you a liar. Big oil companies operate at a very very low margin of profit because govt taxes them so much, and those taxes get paid by who? People. Take your lies to another forum.
At the end of the day, Obama wins. The GOP/Tea party knows it. The anger comes from obama having some success.Some. For those who thinks he made a terrible situation worse, Imagine if he did nothing. The Gop would have allowed millions to become jobless, Your employer wouldnt have been able to borrow the payroll advance all jobs try to use. If your a republican, are you really upset that he made things worse? Do you think a man who wants a second term wants the U.S to fail? Really? The moment you admit that the D.C led G.O.P from 2001 to 2006 is resonsible for the economic downturn,housing, the unpaid dougnut hole from medicare,you'll admit obama made it better.

Its tough to admit defeat. But above everything else, he killed/gave the order to kill Osama. Im a liberal and I mean true blue! I also have a little conservatism in me. I must say when the talk about obama takes place, at the heart of the matter is the fear of not knowing or not wanting to understand who he is. Believing he is not you. Wanting your country back. We'll how can a muslim from kenya,as repubs would call him, take down all the top terrorist in the middle east. Why would he do that?

Its pretty embarrassing knowing that those terrorist, dictators and leaders of other countries, are laughing at us. I can hear them laughing about how the republicans hate obama and wish for his demise more than the do. Let me take it one last step further.

If you can at some point, and poor conservatives hate this, google 2008 election map and welfare state map. Now if I was an ass, I would say some rotten things about this. There is an eery simularity to the maps. One shows the states obama won/loss, the other shows what republican/democrat state governments are getting government welfare. There are alot of republican welfare states. I was shocked! More than democrats. Pretty funny from folks who scream about welfare and entitlement.They all seem to have the lowest wages because they dont believe in unions.They've been fed that lie about unions from the G.O.P representatives.The republicans are using that age old tactic" its not a lie if you believe it". Its working. Google "the red state ripoff". Funny thing is, they will never admit it. Never.
+Mark Lundin "I had a 77' Intl Scout II with a 345 small block that got 25mpg avg on the highway. I had an 04' Dodge Dakota w/ 4.7L EFI. It barely achieved 15mpg avg on the highway."

I also had a '67 Impala with a 396 and a Quadrajet on top. Got 20 mpg easy on the highway.

Thank the Global Warming scam. Because of that ruse, they've put all kinds of power-stealing crap on our engines. That translates into less efficiency, more fuel burnt, and higher emissions. Do you see a dog chasing its tail here? Don't blame the oil companies. Blame the government and legislation that feed the monster.
Fuel cells anyone? BMW and Honda have them. We need more. And the infrastructure in place to support it.
I've been a fan of eliminating oil company subsidies for a long time but I do wonder (and this may have been discussed in here) how much it might drive up the cost of food and other goods if the u.s. were to do so? We at the very least need to think more about local sources of food
Wow, did anyone follow what the hell he said?
Obama is a idiot. He expects everybody to just instantly switch from oil to more eco friendly fuels, when in reality it will not even happen within the next 20 or so years. It took more than 30 years to transition between the horse and buggy to Honda's Model-T. Things don't happen as fast as Obama expects it to.
+Dale Stanton Part of why I like Hyundais and the new Ford Eco (yay America for finally catching up with the Koreans) engines... efficiency without castrating the car's balls :). I love a 40mpg car I can slam the gas pedal and feel the centripetal forces at work :D
+Irena Savchenko Not exactly practical for us living in southern cities during the summer... but for cooler times of the year - it's a good idea especially since larger metros now have bike racks on their buses making this very practical even in large cities like Houston.
+Tony Adams I agree. Renault have had hydrogen fuel cells that split water with the only "waste" being oxygen. It could easily be implemented into the home too. Totally reducing the need for oil and gas. Doubt it will happen anytime soon unfortunately. Mainly because the oil companies support presidential campaigns. The cycle needs to be broken for any success in this area.
+Kevin Meidel and +Carl DeCat - regarding the high gas prices, I didn't pay pre-Katrina prices until after Obama had been elected (but not yet taken office), you telling me a facility in a hurricane-prone area couldn't take a Category 3? I live almost a hundred miles inland from a hurricane-prone area and even my house can withstand Category 3 forces (meaning it would have to make landfall as a Category 5). You honestly convincing me refineries are so poorly constructed they might as well be made out of wood like consumer homes (thus need 3 years to recover)?
Four billion isn't much. "The United States currently pays around $20 billion per year to farmers in direct subsidies"
+Nick Janaway well IIRC Fuel Cells cost something like a hundred thousand dollars for a car. That seems like a problem that needs resolved first.

There is an alternative: Gasifiers. Eco-unfriendly (very much pollution and woefully inefficient), but burning trash to run your car... now that's a cheap solution.
+1 +Anthony Ridley - while there's tough decisions remaining to be made facing less strong headwinds...obama deserves four more years. If politicians have a better healthcare program they should advance it. Thats's one example of someone doing something and others barking without a solution of their own. It's tiresome hearing the fact mis-direction of continuing devisive issues without working issues out. The tea baggers and repuppetnuts will pay for their inaction this fall.
Oil is at an all time low price when bought with good it silver. The reason for high prices is the weak dollar thanks to the Federal Reserve. Google it then vote for +Ron Paul.
One of the campaign promises that Obarry has kept is to cause energy costs to skyrocket.
Just on a note, it is the Senate (blue dominate) that's currently creating legislation for oil companies. So Obama is attacking his own party now or is he trying to somehow fool us into thinking it is the house that is actually controlling the purse-strings?
Really Big dream in right direction to be self sufficient in energy needs of the country. we have to save energy consumption through new technology.
+PRADEEP SINGH I think that's one thing Obama did right. While new homes are energy star certified, he got tax deductions and credits for making older homes more efficient passed. Long-term I think we'll be able to use technology to reduce consumption without reducing comfort.
Ha ha. I just read someones comment. (Focus more in the American bussiness). What American bussiness? This big bussines have send almost all the jobs over seas and thats a true that most people dont want to acknowledge
Will wind or oil transport our goods or our people? You freaks that are so crazy about wind and solar must work at home and grow your own food.
Subsidies won't affect price much. That's not the point anyways. The transition to less consumption won't be comfortable, but it isn't going to happen via funneling taxpayer dollars to these institutions. Wake up. Also, if you want fuel prices down fight rampant futures speculation done on oil in wall street. That is what drives the price, not real supply and demand.
+Pamela Tomes Many of these people also embrace things like the 100 mile diet (do not consume anything that is transported more than 100 miles). Still outside the range of electric vehicles, but more practical than thousands of miles.

Also, many HOAs ban planting of one's own food and many people don't organize a local fight to overthrow their HOA (something that many deeds for HOAs provide a means of doing).
+Dave Grega i liked the article you shared about plastic eating bacteria. Still, think it's disgraceful that people throw their rubbish in the ocean. We all should care about the environment & consequences a bit more, whether on a personal or business level. :)
+Irena Savchenko I get deeply annoyed when I see that myself, but it's also due to drainage that many don't realize drains to the oceans. Thankfully in Texas, in the greater Houston area if something drains to Galveston Bay it is now clearly marked as such in newer sewers... so people think twice before tossing trash down there (or letting trash fall in those sewers).

Many people don't make the connection of street drains to people polluting our roadways to plastic in the oceans.
I don't always agree with president Obama, but after reading some of these comments, it almost seems like to many, president Obama is the enemy. He is not the enemy folks, I suggest to you that corporate greed is the enemy and much can be said about their collective responsibility.
this is by far the most intelligent president ive ever experienced
At least Obama didn't blame some dead president for high energy costs this time. It is well known that Obama's administration is heavily focused in government owned green energy so it makes sense to force up costs of the competition such as oil. Why else would they be trashing "big oil" in this post? What is there real angle on making you hate oil?
I live in Sacramento, and gas is on average $4.55 per gallon. President Obama, let's get serious!!
I thought it's talking about china,how can it possible in america?sinopec and petrochina are the most profitable companies in china,yet they said their oil refining business was under deficit and calling for subsidy . rumors says they will rise the oil price to 8RMB/L soon,that is about 4.8usd/gallon. nomatter what we're saying ,the oil price never comes down
Obama, when I grow up, I want to be just like you.
Way to pass the buck on gasoline mr prez.
Yeah i want to pay 8 bucks a gal instead of 4 great idea.....
blah, blah, blab - if you believe him then you believe he hates wall street too - even though they were his biggest financiers...
Erm... Rather short on detail, our did I miss something..? Corporate welfare + low multinational corporation tax take is.. Sweet!
Big shock, Curtis Alston supports this president, the worst in history
Just get the commie out of the white house
I love how Obama always takes direct credit for anything that is remotely good and then anything that is remotly bad he pushes off onto congross or anyone else he can. "Tell your congrssman to do this..." Shut up Obama, you are the one with the power to fix it.
Only blind followers criticize visionary leaders like our great President. Maybe instead of criticizing, you can do your part as an American and help your President. What have you done to turn your country around? It is not done by one but by a united front. Either stand up and help or sit down and shut up!
I'm here I'm from hunan
This Man is a Bold Face Lier. When his mouth is moving he's lying! In a five year period, Mobil Exxon made 90,000,000,000 Billion Dollars which 50,000,000,000 was forked over to the Federal Government. Get this man out of office before he totally destroys the country!
Well you seem to see one problem we're having, yet you let these greedy bastards run our country into the ground.
+Dusty Haynes The civics lesson I got in HS predated the 2012 NDAA granting the President essentially dictatorial powers.
Here are the individual tax rates for you is to check our facts on, +Mikhail Garber, a yours was the last post I could see, so unsure if anybody has corrected you. Exxon has, according to your post, paid less than 17% tax on $300B, where you or I would be paying more than that once we made more than$35K, and we would be paying more than double that rate if we made more than $388K annually. Surely if they are going to charge an individual 35% on $400K and expect them to survive on the remaining $250K odd, Exxon would survive on $200B? They may have paid more tax than anybody you know, but likely at a lower rate than anybody you know.
All the best,
He forgot to add the part where he signed away your right to protest members of congress who are all protected by the secret service and for whom HR 347 gives them even more unwarranted police powers.
If Romney wins he can get his buddy's at Bain work their magic, put more Americans out of work and make huge profits
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Hell yeah, let's stop giving these greedy companies more money and start creating an energy source to rid ourselves off of oil. There is coming a day when the oil dries up. Determining our resources for the future keeps us ahead of the game.
Obama is the same old lie, in a prettier package. NDAA proves this. We believed, Mr. Obama. Silly us, I guess.
If only we could keep our cars tuned - like the rotor and points - the way President Obama said. Think of all the oil we could save.
What a load of crap. $4bill in subsidies. That's a freakin lie. He wants me to believe that he's a deficit hawk all of a sudden? How about green energy subsidies? Wind, solar, bio, ethanol, stupid cars that only dummies with no balls and extra money want. How about TARP? Where did all that go to? How about that BILLION for Brazil? Nah, screw the working class, they'll learn to love it, and screw the military with this guys policies most of 'em will be dead and dead men don't bitch.
I hate the GFW!! Which hacker can destroy it?
Al-assad 2012. Yeah, SYRIA!!!
How bout getting rid of that crap patriot act you promised sir?

Well with a very heavy heart I feel it is my duty to report to you all the sad news contained in this e-mail. However, if you read all of this report, the sender said we must forward this to all our friends and others. I trust upon receiving you will be a good citizen and do likewise.


In a move certain to fuel the debate over Obama's qualifications for the presidency, the group "Americans for Freedom of Information" has Released copies of President Obama's college transcripts from Occidental College ... Released today, the transcript school indicates that Obama, under the name Barry Soetoro, received financial aid as a foreign student from Indonesia as an undergraduate. The transcript was released by Occidental College in compliance with a court order in a suit brought by the group in the Superior Court of California . The transcript shows that Obama (Soetoro) applied for financial aid and was awarded a fellowship for foreign students from the Fulbright Foundation Scholarship program. To qualify, for the scholarship, a student must claim foreign citizenship.
This document would seem to provide the smoking gun that many of Obama's detractors have been seeking. Along with the evidence that he was first born in Kenya and there is no record of him ever applying for US citizenship, this is looking pretty grim. The news has created a firestorm at the White House as the release casts increasing doubt about Obama's legitimacy and qualification to serve as President article titled, "Obama Eligibility Questioned," leading some to speculate that the story may overshadow economic issues on Obama's first official visit to the U.K. In a related matter, under growing pressure from several groups, Justice Antonin Scalia announced that the Supreme Court agreed on Tuesday to hear arguments concerning Obama's legal eligibility to serve as President in a case brought by Leo Donofrio of New Jersey . This lawsuit claims Obama's dual citizenship disqualified him from serving as president.. Donofrio's case is just one of 18 suits brought by citizens demanding proof of Obama's citizenship or qualification to serve as president.
Gary Kreep of the United States Justice Foundation has released the results of their investigation of Obama's campaign spending. This study estimates that Obama has spent upwards of $950,000 in campaign funds in the past year with eleven law firms in 12 states for legal resources to block disclosure of any of his personal records. Mr. Kreep indicated that the investigation is still ongoing but that the final report will be provided to the U.S. Attorney general, Eric Holder. Mr. Holder has refused to comment on the matter...
Subject: RE: Issue of Passport?
While I've little interest in getting in the middle of the Obama birth issue, Paul Hollrah over at FSM did so yesterday and believes the issue can be resolved by Obama answering one simple question: What passport did he use when he was shuttling between New York , Jakarta , and Karachi ?
So how did a young man who arrived in New York in early June 1981, without the price of a hotel room in his pocket, suddenly come up with the price of a round-the-world trip just a month later?
And once he was on a plane, shuttling between New York , Jakarta , and Karachi , what passport was he offering when he passed through Customs and Immigration?
The American people not only deserve to have answers to these questions, they must have answers. It makes the debate over Obama's citizenship a rather short and simple one.
Q: Did he travel to Pakistan in 1981, at age 20?
A : Yes, by his own admission.
Q: What passport did he travel under?
A: There are only three possibilities.
1) He traveled with a U.S. ... Passport,
2) He traveled with a British passport, or
3) He traveled with an Indonesia passport.
Q: Is it possible that Obama traveled with a U.S. Passport in 1981?
A: No. It is not possible. Pakistan was on the U.S. .. State Department's "no travel" list in 1981.
Conclusion: When Obama went to Pakistan in 1981 he was traveling either with a British passport or an Indonesian passport.
If he were traveling with a British passport that would provide proof that he was born in Kenya on August 4, 1961, not in Hawaii as he claims.. And if he were traveling with an Indonesian passport that would tend to prove that he relinquished whatever previous citizenship he held, British or American, prior to being adopted by his Indonesian step-father in 1967.
Whatever the truth of the matter, the American people need to know how he managed to become a "natural born" American citizen between 1981 and 2008.
Given the destructive nature of his plans for America, as illustrated by his speech before Congress and the disastrous spending plan he has presented to Congress, the sooner we learn the truth of all this, the better.
If you Don't care that Your President is not a natural born Citizen and in Violation of the Constitution, then Delete this, and then lower your American Flag to half-staff, because the U.S. Constitution is already on life-support, and won't survive much longer.
If you do care then Forward this to as many patriotic Americans as you can, because our country is being looted and ransacked!
we need to stop using the B** aned find other resource for are car."you know what i"m saying"
Awesome President!!!!!!!! Stop big oil from ripping us off!!!! Fund new energy technologies!!!
+Michael Cooke You are correct, but these rising fuel prices are not going to help us either. Higher energy prices are going to hurt our recovery. I parked my truck because i just can't waste the money being put into the tank.

I agree we must do a great many things to put this country back on track. It isn't going to happen until we get a Congress and House that cares more about the country than they do about their reelection.
We need to reduce our reliance on oil asap and move towards cleaner technologies.
帝都人民发来贺电,求解放求带走♡( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
+Manik Tyagi "We need to reduce our reliance on oil asap and move towards cleaner technologies." That won't happen as long as our "leaders" block drilling, block pipelines, refuse to have wind turbines where they can see them, etc., etc., etc....
Please keep doing this. It will help me to know why I want to can your Arse.
seems like americas politicians are as weak as all western countries leaders ,and just in it for themselves,they all lack vision for their respective countries because of their short terms, so nothing is ever planned for the future.But never mind the Asian countries are going to be the big winners.
Jim A
What a pile of crap. Obama does not know of what he speaks, as usual.
I think that perhaps the daily briefs he gets are better information than what you get on fox news.
interesting word choice calling out "career politicians"...
this is first time inter this site
how beautiful they r????????????
Ask not what yours country can do for you ask what you can do for yours country
I am really tired of his class warfare crap. Oil companies don't get breaks by % of many other companies in many other industries. It's just that they are the Democrats' "Boogeyman" dujour. Every time the Dem's screwup they start beating the "snot" out of big oil, or whoever they haven't demonized for 6 months. It's all so predictable.
not only USA, but also all countries in the world.
I really wish more people would watch these; it’s great having a President who actually cares and bothers to explain things clearly…
why not !? for what!? & whoese ?& if you know !!! know me %???
As I am someone from the UK, I respect Obama for giving weekly addresses and talking people through how he will save this.

Do Americans like this???
We don't like Obama. He is destroying our freedoms!





Take them and dont give them back...
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i like Barack Obama. Because he is a common man also.
barack obama is a honest and loyal to usa.
24 full hours of Cons and Dittoheads raging against liberal strawmen, an imaginary Obama that they made up in their heads, and selective amnesia about gas prices which were this high back in '08. But then again they blank out the whole Bush Administration, LOL. Your 2012 GOP, ladies and gentlemen.
GOP is histroy in 2012. Keep talking restrictions on contraception and women will run to the Democratic ticket
+Kyle Stedman — Nice try. After a massive recession gas prices plumet because demand goes down—just like house prices. Are you prepared to yell at Obama when house prices go up and reminisce about the good ole’ days when house prices were low? No, that’d be ridiculous! Gas prices were low when Obama took office b/c our economy was dead. In real terms (i.e., inflation adjusted) gas prices were north of $4.00/gallon during Bush’s tenure. Unless you want to tell me he caused the financial crisis to lower gas prices, I don’t really think you have a point.

If you vote based on gas prices you’re an idiot with selective memory.


I tried to find one that fit with your story, but I’m sorry to say that truth has a liberal bias.
Free Chen Guangcheng! Free Liu Xiaobo! Free Gao Zhi Cheng
Against censorship, Against the Great Firewall of China!
Apologize to the Syrian people.
The Chinese GOV doesn't represent the Chinese people!
Free China!
so if removing big oil subsidies are a problem whatever happened to free enterprise we keep hearing about. let them sink or swim that's what we heard when it was the car industry in trouble. and big O
is not in trouble
WH, do you ever stop to think what would happen when you do this? Just like debit card transactions fees the companies you target find another way to make up the difference and the end users get the short end of the stick. Since we are pulling oil from nontraditional sources(I.E. tar sands), do you not think the subsidies are what makes this possible? Guess you might to take a look at your least successful subsidies....cough: Solyndra. Looks to me like talk batting .500 on your energy investments.
President Obama's war on fossil fuels continues. He try's to turn the American people against each other by characterizing this issue as a matter of choosing Americans or choosing Oil Companies. Mr. President, the American people will not continue to accept your attempts at creating class warfare in this country. The great thing about America is that Americans have historically been a people without labels. There are no rich Americans, poor Americans, Smart Americans, Stupid Americans, African Americans, Irish Americans or Native Americans. We are united. One nation, one people. Americans. But beyond that, Congress does not act in the interest of a corporation or a group of people. Congress acts in the best interest of the nation. Mr. President, you argue that there are other factors in the rise of gas prices just. Well you're right, there are. But we still produce a significant portion of our fossil fuels. We have a capacity to produce more. Still, the simple fact remains that the rise in gas prices directly correlates to the regulatory legislation you passed against oil companies. Mr. Obama, by waging a war on fossil fuels, you're waging a war on the American people.
....And not to "invest" in bankrupt companies "green" or not. Or any other companies for that matter. Free the free market.
If Obama really wanted the oil prices to go down he would have opened the Canadian pipeline
Chris, that's painfully naive. Since petroleum is a global market, the American refineries who would process the Canadian's tar-sand oil could sell to whomever they want. Anything shipped costs more, therefore with the demand in China and India, why these American refineries be so generous to their fellow Americans. They're in business. Really big-big-business. Trusting them to lower prices is like trusting a drug-dealer to guarantee the purity of what he's peddling to you.. 
+Chris Torok The oil companies want to open the canadian pipeline so that they can distribute the oil to a more global audience, lowering the over-supply in the midwest and raising the prices in that market.
The future oil supply for the USA is the in Canada the high costs of oil for the USA come from the Saudis!  85 per cent of the pipeline is complete. Jobs not for the building of this pipeline are on the line but US war vets have been targeted for thousands of jobs in Northern Alberta. Many people have stated that these jobs are temp jobs and this is not true. There is a high demand for skilled people and those vets are the key to the success. This is a win win situation for both Canada and the USa. As far as a global market you are right but it is better to have a competitive market then a monopoly OPEC has had in place. they dictate the world oil price. If the market gets flooded with oil from other countries the price would drop at the pumps. Prices rise for a reason one a shortage of supply or a monopoly of supply there is both in existence as of today.  
i am ALIVE.
i am QUEEN.
i am 3 feathers of the SEMINOLE TRIBE.
i asked the Government to DEMAND ALL OIL CO.s to pay all jobless able bodied us citizens $10.00 an hour to plant our lands with fruit nut berry TREES..
Sandy &athena came.

True prosperity comes in the form of our new energy sources, not from holding onto our dirty past.
Fuck your Kenyan nigger SPEAK CHUCKER.
I wonder what the kids at the Native American School would think if they read you nice Racist Comment Noah?
These rich and powerful people are deceived and deluded!
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