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"Every year, $4 billion of your tax dollars go to subsidizing the oil industry. These are the same companies making record profits - tens of billions of dollars a year. I don't think oil companies need more corporate welfare. Congress should end this taxpayer giveaway. If you agree with me, I'm asking you to email, call or tweet your representative. Tell them to stop fighting for oil companies. Tell them to start fighting for working families." - President Obama
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Bill B
So can we get gas taxes at the pump lowered if these subsidies going away?
Let's end all subsides to all industries. That includes the oil, green energy, and farm subsides. If a business can't make it on their own then they shouldn't be in business.
Stop subsidies to Farmers, Tobacco Farmers, any and all energy companies and start looking down the road at a real energy policy.
Time to take crude energy off life support and focus on developing and innovating better sources. Energy development will fill in the blanks in every field - especially exploration, defense, and sustainability. Oil has served us well for a long time <3 but it's not the energy source of our future, and that's just plain science and practicality.
I think the point is excellent, and also think that Obama should reduce the pump tax as well. The real fact is that the whole tax scheme is so complex that no one really knows what would be fair any more. I believe I heard that there was a bipartisan committee making recommendations to cut spending, but none of the suggestions have been taken.
For a guy that is trying to destroy our entire energy industry (not just gasoline prices) he's sure got a lot of gall acting as if HE is the one with the solutions.
The white house seams so happy inside even if i never been in white house just looking at makes you.feel tuaybit feels so happy in side
OPEC = biggest oligopoly. Sources like; solar, wind, hydroelectric and natural gas are much better choices for future (from economic and environmental standpoints).
I'm not typically in agreement with you, but ending subsidies is something I can definitely get behind.
obama..... ur not making any sense...
Only the government would try to make our largest natural resource (oil) which China can't outdo us on and make it worthless instead of developing it and making lots of money from it!
We need to stop subsidizing corn as well. It is in way too much food.
Hey, I got an idea.... why don't we lower prices at the pump first!
Ok, if you cut the support to the oil industry of the $4B - your short, I suspect, by the government services oil uses for free - then you could hand me back the $1.18, or so, that is my share of the $4B... I'd like to ask just how much will the cost go up of fuel, products & chemicals I have to by to live?
Speculators, people who neither produce nor consume oil are driving up oil price. And Drilling for more oil wont stop them from doing their business which is making money from speculation.
who cares anymore were reelecting so i dont care
That's the worst idea I've ever heard in my entire life. Please educate yourself on the oil industry and governments effect on prices.
Bill B
4 billion is chump change to the oil industry, I think they could survive without gouging us at the pumps. At the same time I don't know what these subsidies fund. Is it for their efforts for cleaner or alternative energies? Does President Obama mention what the subsidies currently go towards (the ones mentioned in the post directed at the oil industry)?
We don't nationalize oil companies because we aren't socialists.
You're absolutely correct. Us the people buy enough oil products including fuel every year. There the profit margin for the oil company's should be astronomical. They don't need any freebies from our goverment, us the people could use that money else where.
The U.S need to develop technologies that use other energy forms apart from fossil fuel. The inventors of internal combustion engine would be ashamed of the current generations for dwelling on a century old technology and the inability to create new technologies that can use the vast energy resources available on earth.
Just what we need... More propaganda from our spokesman in chief.
+Christopher Kruse and? what is your point? So what? The specfics of how much the govt makes on a gallon of gas is irrelevant to the point that oil companies do not need 4 billion dollars of welfare. The cost of gas is low in this country relative to most other industrialized nations and yet their economies are working as well as ours look at germany or france, almost $10 a gallon.
+Bill Bartholomew My state charges 39 cents/gallon tax. How much does your state charge?
What he doesn't tell us is that the electric cars cost $41,000 a piece and each battery will cost $3,000 a piece to replace and they do go bad. How does this help us and the economy. Ask GM. They are stopping production on the Volt cause they can't sell them. Who can afford them if your in the middle or lower class.Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. People of this great nation it is time to stop this insanity. They must all go. We need much less government and more we the people will do it ourselves.
So what if oil prices increase to $10/gallon. We want a free market economy , not an economy subsidized by the Feds. Everyone cant afford gold or diamond, why should oil or gasoline be affordable to everyone?
I can'tbea government, icantunderstand theirmind. See? They are clever, but they arethrowing a boomerang to t he public. Educateed
+The White House i just saw the president give this speech at my school and he went on about alternative energy sources, like wind, solar, and bio diesel.

so my question is why is industrial hemp illegal to cultivate in this country still?
we import and export it, and we can manufacture it if we import the product. Why not create jobs in america by allowing farmers to grow this miracle crop that can be used for paper, rope [(of higher quality then tree's and cotton) the deceleration of independence is written on hemp paper and its more white then regular paper is after being exposed to oxygen for 5 years, how old is the deceleration of independence?]
And the part relevant to this is the seeds can be made into bio diesel fuel and used as a energy source. on top of that the seeds can be used as feed for live stock.
also we have the technology to create building materials from industrial hemp, I've seen entire houses built from nothing but hemp (excluding the electrical, and pluming system),
another sweet FACT about hemp is the amount of carbon dioxide that is emitted into the atmosphere while manufacturing it into paper is the exact amount of carbon dioxide the crop will recycle back into the atmosphere as oxygen while growing.

if we can import and export why can't we cultivate and make these technologies an affordable and realistic option for the american public. Lets create jobs (in America) and reduce our dependency on foreign oil, by creating a safe (and non finite) bio diesel fuel?
+Jack DeSanto I believe you want a small government . Then you you need to support the elimination of subsidies , not just for GM volts, but for the oil companies as well.
+Bill Bartholomew The gas tax isn't where the subsidy comes from. Also, the gas tax only covers about 20% of the cost of road maintenance and upkeep...and doesn't cover the cost of new roads and new lanes. It hasn't kept pace with inflation. People who don't drive, take transit, go by bike or walk are subsidizing the luxury of travel by personal automobile as a result. Asking other people to pay for your splendor is rather selfish.
In our society of instant gratification we have a tendency to only think about what effects us today. Sure, normal people can't afford to pay five dollars a gallon, but unfortunately that will be the only thing to motivate us away from the industry. If we keep letting fear consume our policies then we might as well admit we're willing to live in an age of darkness. I for one favor enlightenment, and sometimes that means sacrificing for a few years in order to get a life that's better for everyone. We have to take responsibility for ourselves instead of relying on everyone else to do things for us.
+Carl Grover We want a free market economy , dont we ? Let them pass the the cost to consumers. If people cant afford gasoline , they should car pool or take a public transport or buy fuel efficient cars. Let the market work. We keep complaining about big government while asking the government to subsidize our oil and gasoline consumption.
I saw on the news this morning that Chevrolet is suspending their production of the Chevy Volt due to lack of sales. Their price tag is $41K, no wonder their sales are lackluster. I realize that that they need to recoup some of their R&D, but with the help from the public they received I think they should price the cars so they are more affordable to the middle class in this economy and recoup their costs over a longer period of time.
I like Obama is reaching out to the public. This is how government should operate. Power to the people!
I agree with you Tanja, it is hard to expect average Americans to afford cars like the Volt. But, hopefully like with any technology the price will go down as innovations rise. Ten years ago, you couldn't get online without an expensive AOL account, a thousand dollar computer and a ridiculously slow dial up connection. Now you can use your hundred dollar smart phone to connect anywhere at anytime instantly. Ten years from now, where will we be if we keep pressing forward?
+Christopher Kruse You're right. We're dangerously corporatist, then wonder where that big fat dick in our ass came from. Then there's those of us whose natural response to getting legally raped is to suggest maybe it should remain legal.
If his lips move he is lying; if his lips aren't moving he is planning his next lie. His first lie in office...? His promise to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies. He hasn't stopped since.
+Christopher Kruse The government doesn't make more on a gallon of fuel than the oil companies do if you subtract optional costs like marketing and government lobbying efforts, which accounts for most of oil's overhead in the US.
Right On. The tough changews are ones we can make and inspire a new generation and economy that is sutainable both economicaly and environmentally
+Robert Hirsch I agree, I don't think they should get subsides. My point about the government making me than the oil companies was aimed at people who complain about how much they gouge us while the government gets no blame at all.
Look at the gas pump next time you fill up. There is a 15% gov tax (give or take) on gas. So, remove subsidies, gas prices go up, the government makes more money! Win for government, loss for people. Just another way of taxing us and making it look good.
Drill here, drill now. Let electric companies build new coal fired plants which would be 30% more efficient and cleaner than most existing 20-50 year old plants. We could have lots of cheap, relatively clean energy until Solar, Wind, and Hydro power catches up.
+Jack DeSanto The Volt temporarily suspended production because they couldn't get enough of the batteries to meet demand. Though the Volt doesn't strictly need the batteries at all to operate the exact same way GM's EMD railroad locomotives have for 70 years now.
Let's just get rid of all wlefare include Department of Human Sevices....Because anything with the word attach to "Welfare" is a losing battle with no return of income.................
+Paul Johnson So marketing and lobbying aren't valid business expenses? How much less would they make on a gallon of gas if they didn't do those things? I'm pretty sure that they've figured out how to ring every last drop of profit out of a gallon.
You are right congress should end the giving away of our tax dollars to every body like wellfare, accorn, oil, foreign aid, community activist, green energy, planned parent hood!! STOP GIVING AWAY OUR MONEY!! PEOPLE SHOULD WORK AND LIMIT THEIR SPENDING!!! ALSO THE BAIL OUTS!! LET THOSE IDIOTS FAIL
+Elisha Kayne Ten years ago, AOL was the most expensive possible internet option. 15 years ago, when that bulletin board service joined the internet, they were still the most expensive possible option.
Gasoline costs $10/gallon. U.S government subsidy has kept gasoline prices at its current value. Most industrialized nations have eliminated oil subsidies. Interstate, Intrastate, intercity, street electric trains will cut oil/gasoline consumption in the U.S Imagine the consequences of New York city without an electric train.
+Peter Harpending Before we talk about cutting off the safety net for you and me, perhaps we should look at the bigger picture. Like farm and energy subsidies and a laregly unnecessary Homeland Security and DoD budget.
well all i know is that they should lower them and should keep that lower price the same
+tanner snowdy we're complaining about government incompetency and you're talking about communism. Its like jumping from frying pan into fire lol
+Peter Harpending You know the Keystone pipeline was about getting oil from the tar sands in Alberta to a shipping terminal in Texas so it could be sent to China, right? I gaurantee you that not one drop of oil in that pipeline would have gone to the US short of a pipeline disaster causing an oil spill. If you support Keystone XL, you hate America.
No more oil tax just for the oil compays lets move that money to better energy... Less fossil fuels..
Rob, you are wrong. Try talking to someone from Nigeria where they have oil spills that have never been cleaned up. It is not President Obama that is responsible for the cost of oil. The major oild companies purchase crude from Arab countries to hord domestic sources for when oil runs out in the rest of the world. If we allow people to just do what they want the entire country will end up like West Virginia where mining operations have destroyed mountains with explosives to get at coal instead of digging for it the way they used to.
if obama is so-o-o-o-o- busy fighting big corporations, who in fact comprise the largest sums when it comes to taxes, then imma just guess he must be doing something wrong... what more do you want from your best costumers? for them to lick your boots???!!
+Ted Corriveau Because that's capitalism at work. You really think companies are going to make prices lower when they have multiple revenue streams and people are still buying at the higher price?
I notice how he said "your" not "our". That's because he does not pay taxes. He is part of the 1% who excludes themselves from taxation.
I think reforming how energy speculators mess with the prices will be easier to bring about than changing the tax code even though I support it...
Pfffff dumb people the only thing they have to do is create something that works with CO2.... like that the planet will be clean and all factories will be allowed to pollute as much as they want
i have a good idea.... but i need someone to fulfill this idea
+William Stodden The great thing about being a citizen of the United States is that you are free to be a socialist and cannot force me to be one.
Then why, Mr. President, are gas prices above $4/gal again?

Remember this when you goto the polls in November sheeple.
Obama did more stuff to help the U.S than any of those stupid rebulicans who helped the big companys
Bill B
+Paul Johnson I understand the subsidies are not related to the taxes on gasoline. Just thought that if we free up that money, we direct it towards programs that taxes on gasoline are collected for, roads, etc. Honesty, I knew we have state taxes on gasoline and it is tied to these things, I will be upfront and acknowledge I don't even know if federal taxes are levied when I pull up to the pump.
William Murray, we spend no where close to a trillion dollars in foreign aid..
Only $4 billion a year? President Obama's administration is sitting idly by as the deficit grows by $4.1 billion each and EVERY DAY.
Absolutely! Should have done it a long time ago.
LuciO M
Rule #1: Don't believe anything the gov says.
I am 100% for cutting/eliminating oil subsidies!
+R.J. Petrillo If you vote against Obama because of high gas prices, you simply playing into the hands of U.S adversaries and big oil corporation . You're saying these folks have the power to change the U.S government. And Oil prices will still remain high, regardless of the U.S President.
subsidies create jobs. ya, believe it or not, corporations actually use these subsidies to- create jobs that they themselves have zero use of/for. stop all subsidies to corporations? that just shows how ignorant some people are. you really want an extra 5 million unemployed? ridiculous when people think they know what they are talking about..
Or just take a look at the Gulf which is still ruined despite BP's best efforts at PR to deflect all the blame. That Gulf is a source of food for coastal families and BP completely fouled it up. If they tied you down and injected petroleum into your veins and you somehow miraculously survived the experience, you'd sue them and rightly so. Getting it into our seafood is the same thing, just a different delivery vehicle.
+The White House
is there a website on which you can easily send this petition to your representative? This video is a great step towards getting people rallied up, but if one thing works on the internet, is putting a link on that youtube page that takes you to a form you can submit, and tweet, and facebook in a matter of seconds.

anybody working for the campaign putting something like this together, a website like that could have a massive impact on speeding up decision making on this issue, make those telephone lines melt and you'll see how your representatives will get off their desks and start acting.
Oh look, Obama is trying to get back into office by doing something good
if i were president i would tax the big companies and reduce taxes for middle class people
Not to get off subject regarding subsides and alt energy, but 2 of the 3 car companies mentioned did go bankrupt. Didn't I hear Obama suggest otherwise??
It must take a lot of gas for El Presidente to make the commute to work every day. A man who's not allowed to drive must really understand gas prices and their effect on the average person.

Oh right, he doesn't. But wait, he has CHARTS. I take it all back - because you brought charts.
Bill B
+Craig Paul we're only around 16 or 17 cents per gallon, State tax. I use the word "only" as it is quite low comparatively.
+William Murray yeah! that's a great idea. lol! yeah, government cost the taxpayer a billion dollars!! let's get rid of the government, to-o-o-!! costs to-o- much money! lol!
Here's an idea. How about stop subsidizing able-bodied, low-lifes who suck the government for all the entitlements that I and every decent working American has to pay for.
By doing what....We are in so much trouble cause of him it will take a generation to get out of, which has to be explained to the brain washed left wingers, is about 25 years. Paul Ryan is the ONLY politician who has the balls to try and fix the problems now so its not an apocaliptic shock to peeps like me in their 30's when it supposed to be our turn to collect on soc sec etc...not to mention BHO's foreign policy: kneeling before two foreign leaders when they should bow to him as the most powerful man/leader, letting a pussy stone age country like Iran take center stage and LEAD the debate when we decide when its time to stop their clandestine activity. Apologizing to a 4th world country for burning a lying piece of shit book that was desecrated and supposed to be burned. I would burn the Koran in my backyard firepite any chance I could. After all if Obama has converted back to Christianity after he converted to Islam in college than he would know that the Koran is a violation of the 10 commandments: thou shall place no other god before me and false prophets!!! I could go on on and on, But the biggest thing is Obama's lies about energy! He has no idea what he is doing or saying!!!!
Eliminate ALL subsidies, for solar, oil, gas, coal, nuclear (that includes the insurance subsidy for nuclear in the Price Anderson act) - all of it. Let the market sort it out. Two things will happen - Americans will learn to manage their energy usage better and the market will give us a true (non-subsidized, non-distorted) picture of what energy really costs.
high demand + limited supply = high prices regardless of who is in office. You want prices to drop you will need to materially affect one or both of those factors. Keep dropping the value of the dollar, which oil is priced in on the market and add the wild card of futures trading and you suddenly realize we need to significantly reduce our dependence on oil - domestic or imported. The last time I looked, domestically sourced gas cost me just as much as imported. Stop the subsidies and stop using so much gas and oil. Strategically speaking, let other countries remain dependent on oil and run out of their own supplies first.
Every year billion of your tax dollars goes to subsidize solar panel companies... ops... :(
Ironically , the very people who oppose big government wants "big government" meddling the oil market to obtain lower prices.
Bill B
By the way, and this is not pro or con but, the oil industry is not just about Gasoline. You would be amazed at the number of products and materials that use petroleum that we rely on in our every day lives.
The American auto industry has screwed us once.They are about to do it again. Along with every other bail out we have gave out. We can thank the do nothing Congress. So we should just throw the bums out and hire some working class people, who make min wage to run this Country. Then watch how fast it takes to get things done and done right. Reason ,they know how to live on nothing and survive.
Go back and look at the trouble we were in before he took office. No President has been able to control the oil companies. Wall Street is responsible for all of this mess.
this do nothing Congress as we now it it's nothing but a bunch of people under the pay roll of these oil companys.
Hey be fair, a lot of that $4 billion goes back to congress.
In the end, petroleum prices will reach infinity.
obama's using his ebt card generously shoppin the world for oil etc... he go-na be broked by the 15th... i'm just sayin..
Not many people know that Barak Obama is a virtuoso on the metal plate dulcimar.
And we can start with the head bum in November.
Recycling will take care of by-products from oil. Solar,Wind, Crude oil, coal, nuclear , geothermal are all energy production. Increased energy production without significant improvement in energy conservation is like pouring water into a basket. The debate has focused too much on energy production rather than on energy conservation which will equally create millions of jobs. High speed electric train , bicycle lanes and fuel efficient vehicles and energy efficient household appliances can cut energy consumption in half.
Been hearing this for past ten years!
Yes. Simplify the tax code. Get rid of all of the special favors.
This wouldn't be the same oil companies that are costing us so much at the gas pump would it? Yeah, now sounds like a good time to raise the cost of oil.
All that money can be used for education
Yes let's take away tax breaks for exploration and capital equipment! THAT will get the price of gas down.
Terms like "corporate welfare" and "taxpayer giveaway" are emotionally charged and lack factual content. I consider such language to be an affront to my intelligence. Can we get more facts and less rhetoric?
Again, it's $12 per person. Sure, cut it, but cut a hell of a lot more than that.
i agree, stop fighting for oil companies and start fighting for working families.
+Darrell Rivera China does not "own" "us" and they don't even "own" the majority of our debt... Is owed by and owed to our own country... Stop watching Fox "news."
One reason gas prices are reaching $5/Gal is the money supply. The FED has been printing money hand-over-fist. You start printing money to increase the money supply (to pay off debt) then each dollar out there is worth that much less.
Yeah ... like Congress cares anything of what the average American like me has to say. That's good rhetoric, but it'd be nicer if there were any hope that Congress would do something other than leeching all of our money away to give to those who have more than they could spend in a lifetime.
I Think we should stop outing so much money to buy gas people put twenty dollars worth gas that is what i think people should atop paying so much.for gas
Bill B
One other thing, people outside of the US or ourselves can't compare our prices to European countries that are the size of some of our smaller states. We are a huge country and not everyone lives in the city proper. Lots of people drive great distances for work and pleasure and if that is restricted by prices, the whole economy suffers.
Cars yes, better than ever, not yet, but given time, it will happen. Remember the price of AOL ten years ago? As technology improves prices will go down, nd the Chevy Volt will come back with a vengance.
Goverment makes more then enough profit on everything, our planet has and continues 2 suffer in all areas as well as the ppl..... When will dere b a plan dat truely works 4 both?????????
These subsidies won't make the slightest difference in the price. They should be cut yes, but arguing that it will have a fraction of the impact that speculation does is disingenuous. The only way to stop relying on foreign oil and stop worrying about the price of it, is to reduce our usage of it across the board. Plastics, gas, etc. All need to be reduced drastically, or nothing will change.
I think our president only want to work for his own . I thought the president if for the people and not just his friends? I think he likes to alienate people. Makes sense no?
Go golf some more you pompous douche. Oh, and nice charts. Derp.
In his weekly radio and online address on Saturday, Obama said Detroit automakers are on track to build cars that average nearly 55 miles per gallon by 2025, doubling current mileage standards.

"That means folks will be able to fill up every two weeks instead of every week, saving the typical family more than $8,000 at the pump over time," he said. "That's a big deal, especially as families are yet again feeling the pinch from rising gas prices." -BHO


In 2025 gas will be at least $8/gal making this asinine remark a wash, ignorant, a non-starter and just plain dumb.

(In 1999 gas was $1.17. In 2011 $3.50. In 2025 around $9/gal.)

Obama in particular and progressive statists suffer from the Dunning–Kruger effect –

Chronic sanctimony and Dunning–Kruger are complementary mental pathologies of liberals, e.g., ‘We the govt know what’s best for you.’

Enough is enough.
If gas was 35 cents a gallon in 1970, if you adjust for inflation, it should only be $2.50 a gallon today!
Bill B
Yes, +Paul Johnson I've seen the stickers, I've just kind of become numb to them.
We need to eliminate the subsidy that we are paying to the current occupant of the white house which is overspending your and my taxes.
Nice chart thingy Mr. Prez. Gas at the puImp cost TWICE what is did when you were elected three years ago. Three more years, and it should DOUBLE again. Go Barry! The great uniter. The master of transparency. Yes, you did!
He is so stupid it's incredible. He should stick to things he knows at at least a little about - basketball and golf. He should be ashamed of himself, but he is too stupid. Time to call Maylower.
Why didn't he propose legislation to stop it when he was in the Senate? Why hasn't he proposed legislation to stop it while he was in his first year as POTUS? Or his Second? Or his ...
How much does it cost to drill test wells? How many yrs does it take for a oil company to actually develop a well from exploration to production? How much does it cost from the time of test drilling to actual online production? @ Shawn, good point :) 4 billion vs 400 billion is a big difference.
I agree Elisha, but to keep pressing forward we need to continue to produce the cars, which GM has stopped due to slow sales. My point is that they need to not outprice the market, although I believe the top of the line Toyota Prius is somewhere at that price level, but the Japanese car makers are way ahead of us in producing the alternative energy cars and they are a proven commodity. GM is only in business because we helped to bail them out, they need to look to the future and not just short term gains, which got them to where they were several years ago, a company about to go under.
+William Stodden Probably because of that pesky part in the Bill of Rights about "Unreasonable Search and Seizure" - seizing a company's assests when they've yet to be found guilty of a crime might just be in volation of that.
+John Maloney Just a note, if gas prices increase that much, the savings with higher fuel economy standards are increased proportionately.
Also, linear model of gas prices isn't terribly reliable. Might be more, might be less.
the gas and oil companies are feeding America's families, providing jobs and helping the US economy more than any Government bailout that supposedly happened in the past years. They should focus on creating more jobs and quit destroying the ones that are out there. They should focus on the American people and turn away from giving handouts to the other countries- WE are in just as much need.
You got some nerve you can't write a correct sentence you ass
I wish the President would stop lying. Those subsidies he keeps talking about are regular business deductions that every corporation gets. They aren't special ones just for the oil industry.
If only they stopped forcing us to use gas and live unsustainably... Oh, wait...
If we want lower gas prices then as "AMERICANS" we should all decide to stop using our vehicles for one week! Take a week off from work or use a bike to go to work. If prices dont come down then do it for two weeks and so on untill prices come down!! The oil companys can sell gasoline for 5.00 a gallon and if nobody buys it they have to lower it!! Its that simple. We should also remember the price of gas when he started office and the price now!!! If MR. PRESIDENT is not part of the solution hes part of the problem!!!
Let's all make the oil tycoons more rich by spending 430 plus at the pump. This is fuc#$&% bullsh#%.
The fact that he is giving u the chance to inform him if u are supportibg his idea is kind of important for me. Even though i don't know if it is just to make u vote for him again
Just thought I'd mention that European and Asian cars already do 50 to the gallon...
Thanks very much to all of the commenters here that recognize that not all information released by the incumbent administration is strictly for public education, in this time of preparation for the presidential election. Some of the info released will more intended to sway voter opinion with emotion. Vote your guts, AND YOUR HEAD, everyone!
Do any if you liberals even know what the oil companies profit margins are? The last I saw they're around 8%, much less than most industries, so stop with the fear mongering.
No thanks to him, that's for sure. He is the worst president ever,
Thanks for finally calling a spade a spade Mr. President ... The gop consistently complains to the public about need to reduce spending (especially when it's comes to 'entitlement' programs which benefit the poor or working class) .. but these same insane republicans are willing to make cuts to everything before cutting corporate welfare to their cronies .... Great job Mr. President !!
‎15.4 Trillion dollars in dept. Elect someone who will cut spending, end the Fed, end the foreign wars and nation building, and bring the troops home! Ron Paul 2012!!!!
God, this lying asshole is even invading my G+ feed. Fuck off back to Chicago you socialist prick.
Tim - On paper you are correct but you are not factoring in speculation. The current price of oil has nothing to do with supply and demand. There is plenty of supply. We are paying a premium due to speculation on what might happen with Iran.
how is this fucking communist on my fucking google account. Ron Paul 2012
This is what a dumbed down America looks like - a two-bit community organizer talking about evil oilmen. God save us.
$4 billion? That is outrageous. That is theft. If I, a working class, sub 24,000 a year family man were to get FULL cash assistance, food stamps and medicaid, I would be charged for theft and fraud. How can the Oil industry get away with this? We need to stop funding big oil. We need to start taking that 4 billion dollars and put it back to the people.
It is all spin. Obama is paid for as are all politicians. They are in politics for themselves and not for the people! Stop believing their lies.
Hey, I'm not knocking the sentiment Mr. President, but why are you attacking one of your biggest contributors?
If you truly want to affect gas prices, stop subsidizing the corn industry and remove ethanol from our tanks. any agent added to gas that decreases gas mileage and attracts water shouldn't be in our tanks. that won't happen because "tree huger's" would rather spend 10gal of fresh water for every gallon of ethanol created that when added to petroleum decreases a small percentage of emissions per gal, but also decreases the distance per gallon traveled, therefore increases the frequency of filling up, thereby negating any benefit that may have been created.
We don't need any oil from any foreign country we need to put our tax monies in to the u.s and make our resources convienent we would eliminate any means to pay any other source, when all we need is here in america and our tax money would be used for building work in america and not in another country and then we would have more jobs here.This act of payin another country is bull we need to let all these other very poorly countries to use the money that the oil companies in "there country" produces, they need it more than us they have families and they need education, so the children of there country can help out there country to be a more productive member in there country and this is just my view I don't mean to offend anybody but this world and some contries are corutped by greed and there is not much alot of can do but as an american i know things don't last forever thanks for reading and comment if you would like !!! \m/
+Norma Corley more right wing talking points ???.... ( yawn) how original ... Instead of just being a gop talking head ... Maybe share some (so-called) facts to actually back your statement ... Wait you're probably one of these folks who votes against their own interest.

State some real facts or say nothing. 
Obama the totalitarian mooch baby loves him some taxes in his pocket.
We can drill more refineries...bottom line-unless we cut ourselves off from the rest of the would...oil trading is still a GLOBAL market...
It don't think unions get tax breaks. Union members are the employees and they pay taxes just like everyone else in the 99%.
Anything should be done to stop the public being held to ransom by the oil companies. I'm from the UK and fuel prices are through the roof wish our government would do something about it. Any money given to these companies should be given to help develop alternate energies such as hydrogen as this is the real fuel of the future and cut our reliance on oil altogether.
o obama ainda tem muito a fazer e pouco ele sabe para onde ir
+Tom Alday Obama's a socialist ?? Where are your facts to back this statement up you prick? Are you just one if these idiot 'fox nation' trolls who has nothing of value to add to this thread ?? STFU and state some facts before spit your mindless dribble ... Give the people facts or go and continue your whining on the fox nation or tea party threads. 
Lee all the people have been held hostage by high energy costs,the UK prices should be tumbling down now considering the actions that were taken in Libya,if they aren`t somebody stealing an incredible amount even in these tougher times. There is no good reason that any of the people should suffer at the hands of the criminals...
One has to ask ,"Who is helping who ! "
How many dollars go to subsidize politics?
Cole H
ha hahahahahahaha
This guy talks to people like they're idiots.
He's talking about clean energy, yet at the same time hes talking about cars that run on gas.
There was a guy who invented an engine/generator that could run on water and ordinary garbage but it was the Obama administration that would not let him mass produce it or patent it.

So what you're really hearing here is more junk leading up to a new oil takeover of a country. Its to slowly get approval for a new war on oil.

He does not care about green/clean energy, there is no money to be made there, it is not in his interest at all.
Where can I get one of those charts Mr. President used in the video?
Exactly. No more speculation. We produce our own. It is funny that every spring something happens in the middle east to cause gas to up. Right when people are getting ready to take trips they have been planning all winter long.
Evil capitalism and the evil rich. Same old broken record the Democrats having been playing since the Stone Age.
words of bs from a war criminal and a murderer of americans..
我擦 强势插入白宫 自带瓜子 汽水 沙发 板凳 扑克 三国杀 推广汉字 人人有责
Just like Obama to blame all the problems on other people, and tell the people to fix this country's problems for him xD
I think the Democrats and Republicans will agree with you that the Democrats and Independents got Obama elected. I also think the Republicans and Democrats will agree with you the current GOP presidential field as evidence... ( I will assume you meant to say are morons here)
I really wish he would use these to really talk to the Americans, and not just explain why we should vote for him. I thought his job was to first help America, and then get elected. Thats funny because right now he is not doing a good job doing either.
I was thinking recently that keeping our use from foreign could actually be in our national security interest. If the situation comes up that we are in crisis and cut off for whatever reason, we will still have supply in our own reserves that haven't been tapped. Besides, do we believe that if we shifted to north American oil, that our own companies wouldn't screw us as bad or worse? The demand to drill in US is just a thinly masked response to support those who are giving big money to the politicians, no more. Eliminate the system that allows bribery to those in power no matter what side, until then no honest business can ever be debated.
Why the additional condition? How about lets stop subsidies and bail outs.
Bill B
So +Paul Johnson I'm selfish to ask for a break on a tax on a product that other people don't pay for? Seriously? Well I have a problem with a lot of Income taxes that are collected and used for things that many hard working Americans never make use of. Shall I make a list? Having a highway system is not a splendor, it is a necessity for the majority of Americans to commute to work, for our products to get to market, for the parts and materials to get to manufacting plants, for the Pizza or Veggie Burger to be delivered to your home or office. Road improvements also have included bicycle lanes as I understand it in Southern California. Please accept my apologies for my terrible grammar, trying to make a point like this is hard enough for a simple man like me, even harder from a mobile device.
Good luck blaming sky high gas prices on U.S. oil companies. Gas was under two dollars a gallon when President Obama took office. The buck never stops at his desk.
The oil industry always rises the prices on gas on speculations; meaning the profit lost they might or might not have due to political conflicts the exporting countries we buy our oil from might experience, but even after the "conflict" is gone the oil industry never lowers the price of gas...then I ask should the rest of us, blue collars workers should demand a rise in our salaries when we speculate-with reason-that our minimum wages' jobs will not cover our basic needs because powerful industries who enjoy a hefty tax breaks takes our jobs to other countries where they pay peanuts?
I'd rather have it go to greasy fermented dinosaur shit than down the tube as your solar company's tend to do.
Why do I get the feeling that this is just rearranging the chairs on the deck of the titanic...

I disagree with subsidies in general and would like to see a majority ended but who are we kidding? 4 billion is nothing.
I thought about that to, Patrick,but if we didn't depend on a foreign supply and continued to just buy it because we felt sorry for them...things would be different
The vast vast majority of Americans of all shades and beliefs want us to produce our own oil, natural gas, etc. Mr. President if you are doing anything to prevent or delay us from being energy independent until more green energy is available and viable please STOP IT. That is all.
+Michael Thompson +Richard Sayre +Mark Ploessl +Jason Dean +Rehe Ruesch +Aaron Gooch +Micah Knutson +rosie hecker von danzig +Mert Erel +Bill Marcy And all you other Miserable Haters out there...

I'm so happy that you all are feeling just what the rest of us felt when we suffered through a fool named George W.Bush for 8 Horrible years and three family members dead due to his stupid war, that accomplished nothing but lay down the ground work for this mess now. And look at what happens... the current contenders know for 8 years he fucked up... they never mention his name

So sit back and enjoy Obama 2012 - 2016 cause just as the sun rises in the east & sets in the west... its gonna happen.
The government doesn't "give" companies our tax money, they let them keep what they earn. The government only gets money it takes from people and businesses. For the President to say that the oil companies are getting money from the tax payersis a flat out lie. Too bad our government education system has not taught the truth of that in decades.
Industries that aren't conceivably in danger of collapsing if their subsidies are taken away can live without them, and that's a reasonable place for the government to save money.
6,840,507,003 people need protection from global warming not just Al Gore
Obama is trying to cut all funding for the marine mammal rescue network. Look it up.
Hemp is the only thing that can help us now. Hemp ethanol means no new drilling more jobs and no dependence on foreign oil.
I not for subsidizing oil companies or anything else. Especially the lazy Jerry Springer fans that sit there waiting for their free stuff the only things the government is for is defense. They waste money there also but at least they do a decent job Entitlement programs have got to go. Also tort reform is needed badly to address these ridiculous lawsuits that cripple us all 
I think you have been smoking the hemp too much +Edward Coles Just like corn ethanol was supposed to save us all.
+The White House You just posted the the other day. What are you doing to bring businesses back to the US from overseas. If we did not subsidize how much would taxpayers be paying for gas? Lets cut politicians pay, trips, and plush benefits first.
I wonder if the president knows how many thousands of people who work for the oil field feel about this. I'm talking about the everyday guy who depends on his OIL Field job 
most of those subsidies aren't energy specific but manufacturing subsidies. how do you intend to rewrite the rules to exclude certain industries? while i don't like to subsidize industries gaining record profits its not like we cut them checks, they simply are given exemptions based on US corporate subsidies. singling out 1 industry seems like a soap box ploy and not real change.
+Kandy Hilliard This is not about cutting subsidies to companies that need them. There's plenty profit in oil, no need to support big oil companies.
Also, oil and gas workers are amongst the best paid labourers in all industries.
أنا أحب الأزهار وحيد القرن!
أراهن انك الشر شيء متوقع ... عار.
we don't give tax dollars to the oil up here in Canada and they are doing just fine.
That's a good point Kandy. As always it's the same thing no matter what type of company you work for. The upper management get's everything and the poor slob get's if lucky the scraps
You cut the subsidies then dont bitch when the gas prices hit $8 per gallon you short sighted morons
Here's another idea, will oil actually follow supply and demand? Or will it be like our cable industry, with thorough price fixing in place. OPEC openly adjusts their supply to maintain price, it is not a supply issue by any level. The desire of any oil company domestic or foreign is to make as much money as possible, and that means throttling supply to keep the prices as high as they are capable of being, and prevent fluctuations in price as much as possible. The oil industry is one of the biggest examples of price fixing that exists, and always will be. The only true source of the issue belongs in somebody wanting more market share. Their interest will never be aligned with the countries interest, it is not what they are in business for.
The only accomplishment you have had is you make. Jimmy Carter look good. Before you he was the worst president in history.
Who cares about the thousands of oil field people.. When millions are getting fucked at the gas pump.. Besides the oil industry SUITS are making a killing on profits.. I doubt the oil field people are....
The mission statement for the US dept of energy is to guarantee the US's energy independence. At what point did their goal change because they have obviously failed misserably
Enough oil in the US for us. This B.S. has been going on since the oil embargo forty years ago.
If demand goes down, the oil company's cut production to keep the prices up and continue to export overseas. The speech by Obama, strictly political in an election year. All of sudden he's our buddy bucking both the Demacrats and Republicans. Make the oil company's sell to us and maybe you wouldn't have to drill more wells.
Why is it Congress job why could you reason with them? If they hey subsidies then stop driving up the price.
we have a massive debt and we're giving away our money to oil companies. and no matter who we vote for we can never get this to change. finland, here I come.
That is exactly a supply issue +Patrick Morris . A supply controlled by other countries interest. I wouldn't be as disappointed paying for gas if I knew that the money would stay in my country that is struggling financially.
US oil is sitting on deposits because the rate we consume it will not last 50 years. also why you see record investment by energy companies in alternatives, its not because they care about the US consumer; the energy companies realize their futures aren't in oil. cutting subsidies in manufacturing of petroleum products simply will cut into their reinvestment. it does change the price of crude at the pump but it's not going to double the price. 4 billion is 1/2 a quarters profits for exxon.
joye cn
Big Oil's profits on gasoline are 3 to 5 percent. What difference is it if we have a few large oil companies or a large number of smaller ones? A large company will make "billions in profits" because it is large and has many customers. That does not mean it is gouging. OPEC is doing all the gouging. They artificially keep prices of oil high.
the GOVERNMENT makes 3X's more per gallon of gas than the oil companies do! so, who's the crook here?
The oil companies feed some... but gouge EVERYONE for their profits
Give with the right hand... Take with 7 others... (yes, they are like greedy octopuses)
You're wrong, Mike. You really need to stop watching FoxNews.
For england to save money we could use this equipment The Energy Lie (Suppression of Technological Evolution) part 1-7 which could charge the car or the same idea can be produced to power and move a machine such as an electric car.. why don't you want this to happen because od the rich and powerful who have invested in big investing banking groups who want to see a return so while there waiting for a return. But education and communication has never been more powerful infact. It's.becoming more powerful then ever before. Were heading into a new world of humans beings. Faster thinking and can see right through all the lies and system that has.been created over many of hundreds of years..
+Tim Andersen are our oil companies not global? Do they not develop and operate foreign supplies themselves? My point is if they gain market share, there is no real reason to believe they wont continue the same price fixing. I understand you being more supportive of keeping the money flow in US, I would agree with that too, but if we're debating how much it costs to drive our suburbans around, the shift to domestic doesn't solve that as they deceive it will.
How about instead we have to start fighting to get rid of leaders that dont do what they said they were gunna do (because honestly you didn't do what you said you were gunna do obama)! and how about we vote for a president that will actually do what they say they are gunna do. and maybe try to help and save the world so that us kids have something to inherit when they get older (all adults listen up) because what adults are doing is messing up the planet and CAUSING global warming. and there wont b a very good planet when you adults die and we kid inherit it. Its getting better with all of the Priuses and stuff but still the oil is going fast and there isn't that much left in the world. So please lets vote for a leader that will help get the U.S. out of dept, and maybe have us use the oil that we buy and refine in the U.S. so that we have cheaper gas (because do we really have to have gas prices at $4 a gallon?!?! in china and other countries they still have gas thats like about $1 or less a gallon) and actually help people to do their part and help the planet and be less self centered and all about money money money!!!!!
a really not happy about what adults are doing to the planet teenager
yeah, you know how like if you have a property with gold in the ground, once you've dug up all the gold that property becomes close to worthless when all the gold's dug up? wellllll that's what 'we' are doing to the oil states in the US by depleting those oil reserves. we are making them useless for future investments. crazy. i don't know who is pulling obama's puppet strings, but crazy it is.
The only industry that should get subsidies is the public transportation and farmers because they are completely necessary and cannot stay afloat alone with moderate pricing (ie, Amtrak, mta). oil is no longer needed. We have other ways of powering ourselves, we just don't have the infrastructure to make it common BECAUSE these oil companies will stop any legislation that would make such infrastructure.

Whatever happened to govt investing in infrastructure? Seems all of our money is going to oil companies and the army.
You've been in office for over 3 years now, and for the first two had Democratic majorities in the House and Senate and did nothing. Talk is cheap
Very cool stuff, Mr. President. What about streamlining the NRC's processes and encouraging per-watt regulatory costs to encourage carbon-free small nuclear and to help reduce our dependence on coal and foreign energy?
is anyone with me about the fact that we should get rid of leaders who dont do wht they say that they are gunna do? and that we should save the planet from the adults who keep destroying it?
an angry teenager
Weekly addresses via Google+ is a good idea for the White House to help fill the communication void that has existed for years.

Subsidize the Biodiesel industry and the Natural Gas industry to help speed up their infrastructure development...that's the answer. There is a lack of incentives for developing current fueling stations to include CNG or LNG dispensers...and the Biodiesel subsidy expired (hindering the industry).

I'm not investing in CNG or LNG infrastructure until I know the demand is there...which means the development won't come fast enough without some sort of subsidization.
how many subsidies have you pr Obama made in lost investments such solyndra, ener1, the chevy volt ......
For all the ignorant dip shits please pick up a book on government. Its called checks and balances.....president can't do anything without majority votes from congress you pompous ass hats. GFY!!!! Regardless of what people say, racism is alive and well these last four years have proven that America still has maturing to do.
this is why the government shouldn't be allowed to spend our tax dollars indiscriminately .what genius had the brilliant idea to give wealthy oil companies subsidies in the first place ? answer:the federal government. . this is what happens .i don't blame oil companies for taking money, or tax breaks . i blame the people that GAVE it to them .i don't blame wall street for taking bailout money, i blame the people that gave it to them . EASY ANSWER : right here... let people directly determine where each dollar of their tax monies go. instead of letting congress make backroom deals with lobbyist for budgets .
petition the people of this nation with each spending need. maybe different spending packages could be offered with focus on certain specifics. face it . this would take our leadership out of the hot seat, and encourage people to become more educated about where the ship of state is taking them . the purpose of democracy is to keep the power with the people . the really scary thing is that this would actually SIMPLIFY the tax code . right now the government asks US to figure out how much we should pay , and then threatens us with prosecution if we are wrong.we never get an itemized bill with a receipt indicating what we paid for
(ie: military operations,R&D,welfare,prisons,salaries,etc..)
isn't that what we SHOULD mean by transparency ?
Some guy in Washington talking about Energy is spamming my G+ feed. Account now blocked.
Obama's proposed budget is 1,300 billion out of balance, with no end in sight in future years. Yes 4 billions would help. As well as Obama's proposal to tax the rich and remove all oil industry tax loop holes. Unfortunately, as per the administration, it would raise about 250 billions per year. That leave another 1,000 billion a year to go. The public has to understand that major budget cuts can only come from reforming medicare and cutting other entitlements. That is cutting the benefits you receive, not just the other guy's. We have a huge problem which make Greece and Italy look good compared to us in a few years. Wake up America. Register Independent, and force politicians to become serious.
You need to investigate this claim. The so called "Subsidies" are really tax write offs for a PORTION of the cost for the equipment and oil exploration. The big three oil companies no longer have this "subsidy" the Barak Hussein regime had congress revoke it.

The oil prices are spiking because the government as blocked every effort to extract oil, revoked oil drilling leases, vetoed pipelines and refuse to open up known fields for oil extraction. The US has oil in the ground that would allow us to be self sufficient, but barak hussein and the congress have stifled it at every turn.

Supply and Demand. If we supply the demand domestically we will not rely on those who hate us and we will not transfer $1,000,000,000,000s every year to foreign countries.

Here is the best little secret. Who really profits from a rise in oil prices? The oil companies, who explore, refine, transport and sell the product make 3 to 5%. BUT the GOVERNMENT makes $0.25 to $0.35 PER GALLON. So tell me who do you think wants to raise gasoline prices.

Gas was $1.59 a gallon on election day in November when barak hussein was elected. He has always supported HIGHER prices at the pump. It allows the government to reap the largest profit and further control our freedoms.
What is the point of talking oil company welfare when we do nothing about oil speculators running up the price of gas to produce windfall investment returns? If you work on this Mr. President then we can worry about company welfare at a better time.
He went Ross Perot with us, with all those manual charts and stuff. Not certain Ross Perot connected with the people either when he was explaining his economic positions.
mitt romney kills kittens but obama kills puppies and dolphins.
+Patrick Morris I know what you are saying. It would be nice to have a solution to fill the gap until the new technology is readily available to cut American usage. Like I said, I would feel a lot better paying an American company. The price of gas sucks but at least there is a chance money would stay here.
[~Chris Rock] Cadillac could make a car that last for 50 years. But they wont. The money isnt [just] in the sale. The money is in the returning customer.
Any person with common sense would know that to fix a problem created for over a decate can NOT be fixed in three years, lets be realistic for the past 10 years all the legislation has been in favor of corporate and their politicians buddies, of course they will fight with all their might to keep it that way, and spend bilions of dollars to keep the rest of us confuse and un-aware.

For the rest of us lets get our heads out of our assess, and stop voting colors and the same old BS that goes on in Washinton lets focus our attention on what is best for the majority and not few..
+Kandy Hilliard, This money don't make any more jobs in the industry. It just goes right into the pockets of the Shareholders. It's just a subsidy that have no coupling to the current business model of Big Oil. Obama may be the first Pres in a long time that have dared to try to get rid of this hundred-year-old subsidy that was meant to shore up Americas fledgling oil industry before WWI. After The Korean war it lost any coupling to job creation and should have been abolished. Americans should stop moaning about gas prices as we pay between 8 and 10$ per gallon of gas here in Sweden...
+Oscar De Leon: Only a decade? We forget that it took 7 years for Clinton to get the momentum turned to fix the damage caused by 8 years of Reagan and 4 of the first Bush. Since that got cut off in short order by the second bush, we're actually recovering from 20 years of damage, not 8.
Funny thing I find is money doesn't exist because It's not real It's a belief system just like religion you belive you see it. Simple'ssss.... The rest is manipulation of thoughts through the control of communication good luck people I'm out of here this is stupid conversation... No ones going to win unless you have enstiens H Bomb..
As large as the oil subsidy was, would someone please post the enormous total cost of the FreddieMac and related mortgage bailouts.
As you pay too much for gas, I think we all can agree that we need to stop buying it from counties that want to destroy us. We have tons of resources in America that we are not using. we could be self sufficient in a lot of ways. this needs to change and better jobs and our economy for everyone who wants to work and contribute to it.
If any of you out there really think Obama is really looking out for the middle class and the working poor you really do have blinders on. His gas and oil policies are making us even more dependent on foreign energy and in particular middle-east oil but with his background that should not surprise you. Who really suffers the most from high energy prices??????
+Brian T Smith: If you honestly think that the oil companies have your best interest in mind, you're sorely mistaken. And you seem to have missed that we're less dependent on foreign oil than at any point since Nixon started moving us away from foreign oil.
I will second Nicolas Perkins' comment and add: that Nuclear Energy is the safest, most tractable form of power generation in the nation today. Safe, clean abundant energy utulized by the U.S. Naavy for decades 24/7 without a single nuclear accident! Biomass Conversion techniques pioneered by such notables as Dr. Bruce Dale (MSU) stand ready to produce automobile fuel from renewable resources such as corn and other farmed products. All are stymied by interference from special interests.
... At which point you start publicly naming and shaming oil company stockholders for being anti-American. It has to stop being acceptable to feed their greed in the name of the "free" market.
+Rehe Ruesch: Yes, nuclear energy is good, if it's the kind we don't have to worry about meltdowns and the resulting waste. Fortunately, we have a giant nuclear reactor just 8½ light minutes away from here called Sol that requires no manpower and has effectively limitless energy free for the taking.
Stop subsidizing everything else too. Why just pick on oil?
Fannie Mae and and Freddie Mac will cost us $300 billion according to the CBO Long Term Budgetary Outlook 2011.
And, the White House is in bed with the oil industry they pretend to oppose, don't fucking lie and say you aren't, Obama. You and your gay lovers in Congress and the oil industry keep prices high enough to keep America's oppressed majority penniless, oppressed and enslaved.

So stop insulting my intelligence and resign already, goddamnit!
Tash J
Obama hasn't spent more than the Bush Admin. Those oil subsides need to cease immediately, really that's nothing but extra profit for the industry.
Tash J
Wind and Solar, need to be the American resolution on energy.
I want a geothermal powered vehicle.
Some might say (I would), that taxes are simply a way for a greedy, incompetent and profligate government to steal from its citizenry.

Regardless, you'll be appalled to learn that over the last 100 years, the following taxes have mysteriously appeared:

Accounts Receivable Tax Building Permit Tax CDL license Tax Cigarette Tax Corporate Income Tax Dog License Tax Excise Taxes Federal Income Tax Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA) Fishing License Tax Food License Tax Fuel Permit Tax Gasoline Tax (currently 44.75 cents per gallon) Gross Receipts Tax Hunting License Tax Inheritance Tax Inventory Tax IRS Interest Charges IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax) Liquor Tax Luxury Taxes Marriage License Tax Medicare Tax Personal Property Tax Property Tax Real Estate Tax Service Charge Tax Social Security Tax Road Usage Tax Recreational Vehicle Tax Sales Tax School Tax State Income Tax State Unemployment Tax (SUTA) Telephone Federal Excise Tax Telephone Federal Universal Service Fee T ax Telephone Federal, State and Local Surcharge Taxes Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax Telephone Recurring and Nonrecurring Charges Tax Telephone State and Local Tax Telephone Usage Charge Tax Utility Taxes Vehicle License Registration Tax Vehicle Sales Tax Watercraft Registration Tax Well Permit Tax Workers Compensation Tax

Once again, none of these taxes existed 100 years ago. Then, America was the world's wealthiest nation. Then, we had no national debt. Then, we had a thriving economy that was the envy of the free and developed world.

Now we have rampant unemployment. Now we have a weak dollar. Now we have spiraling debt over $14 trillion. Now we have a terrible economy...
if you wanna hear what i have to say about this and how adults are destroying the planet visit but only if you are a teenager and tell your friends!! and maybe we'll actually b able to change the world and save it from the adults
All the man needs to do is convince congress to pass a law legalizing industrial hemp growing - hemp oil would get us off of fossil fuels in no time!
This is BS rhetoric. They collect 3 trillion (3000 billion) per year in taxes. If it's such an issue, point out the correct serial numbers to the bills that are the issue so the people can read them for themselves. We put $77 Billion to corn subsidies. If we put that to fuel, it would be free for every man, woman, and child in the country.
+Michael Simko the companies tried when Bush deregulated everything look what happened... I agree that the government should back up..
I agree oil companies don't need to be subsidized maybe in the begining , but not now. nor does any other. As for the auto makers, I think it's high time they made 100mpg LNC engines and cars or gasoline ones that get 100+ mpgs
Why are we subsidizing oil companies?
Because we are subsidizing oil companies, how does the american consumer benefit from this(i buy thousands of gallons of fuel weekly).
I want a solar powered vehicle to drive to work before the sun comes up.
You are an idiot Mr.Obama. You have no clue who or what a "working" man is. Your Sweater based energy policy is green oriented and has no relevance in reality.
"Working families" code for the few remaining Obummer supporters
called a hybrid--uses a battery to store energy for use in the dark.
First I'd like to thank +Paul Johnson for being the voice of reason in these comments. Seems too many people don't understand how government works and don't know where their tax dollars go. I guess there are too many Fox News viewers commenting here.

I used to work on getting a share of the gas tax monies when I was working in public works, that and matching funds is what maintains our highways.

This whole issue of subsidies to oil companies or subsidies to any company for that matter has nothing to do with social programs, social security, or any other program the Republicans use as a diversionary technique to keep from addressing the real issue of too much lobbying by the oil sector. As for the people who keep saying to drill. the oil companies have so many acres they haven't even touched yet. They could drill, but why when they can manipulate the market? Keystone XL is a project to move Canadian tar sands crude to Texas for some simple refining and for export. The quality of the crude from Canada is not good enough for production of gasoline.

Overall, let's end the subsidies to oil, after that we can look at subsidies to agriculture, and start looking at the tax code. Stop the rhetoric and start writing your congressman or woman and ask them ti start the process. Also, take a look a the money your congressperson gets... mine is so dependent of the contributions from industry, she doesn't even listen to the people anymore. She (Mary Bono Mack) is a corporate representative not a representative of the people.
Isn't it called a hybrid because it uses a battery and um...gasoline.
How much money do the oil companies make per gallon of gas pumped 2-3 much does the US gov't make on tax per gallon of gas 30-40 cents!! ENOUGH SAID!! OBAMA ENOUGH WITH YOUR PROPAGANDA ! Go play golf and vacation on someone else's dime and get the heck out of DC!!
Our shitty US auto producing companies will go bankrupt again very soon. The core problem was not fixed and just prolonged by thinking too short term. Get out of the way Obama. Free markets fix all problems in the long run. 
+Tim Andersen: You can power your vehicle by any of those three. The Nissan LEAF is out-of-the-box ready for that. Just depends on your local electric utility's source.
+Paul Johnson I am familiar with the leaf. I wish I could plug it in halfway through my drive.
Get the government out of all business especially energy! Cough solar!
+Robert Struble 'obummer'??? was that supposed to be a joke ... it sounds more like a 'bushism' ... these 'working families' are the people who are continuously getting screwed by your big oil cronies ... right wingers (like yourself) are the same people who continue to fight against working families ... you continue to further the agenda of the koch brothers not of the working or middle class people in this country... you are what i call fascist sir ;0) ...
奥巴马那儿占不到座,来白宫也不错。It's hard to get a seat at Obama's G+. So I come to the White House.
Hey White House, if you feel that strongly about this, why didn't you do anything about it when you controlled both the House and Senate? Saving it for an election year?
@thomas Goddard do you know how many oil field workers r waiting for the results of the election so they could know what gonna happen with their jobs. Personally I can tell you a lot of the little guys r worry about it. Many of them r been transfer because of the lack of jobs in their shops Separating families and leaving them in limbo till election.
I find the president to be a fool at this point. He is wanting 1+ trillion and complaining about 4 billion. fsck lolz
Wait a second... Don't we pay more in federal tax for a gallon of gasoline than the oil company receives in profit? Is there any thing honest about this administration at all? Any integrity at all? It's more important for him to push the contraceptive health mandate than it is to lower the price of gas. This is just more bait and switch.
If you don't have any answers play the blame the rich people game. By the way the democrats who claim to be for the poor are also wealthy and have their money in the stocks of these so called big oil companies. And as a side note most of what we use everyday is made from petroleum. We have plenty of oil don't believe the class warfare mess.
The single request is a drop in the bucket for Obama's requests to reduce our deficit, check your facts Bruce. He is doing a lot more than what you think. He is the president and working much of the year on resolving our national and global problems.
+Tim Andersen: A fuckton less gasoline than it would if the engine was mechanically driving the wheels instead of driving an alternator. Nice try on the troll, though.
What's your point, Waldrip? The gas tax is a tax on fuel users (not on oil companies); the subsidies are a handout to the oil-companies. You are comparing apples and oranges. Don't be a chump - this is a classic case of a few super rich corporations manipulating Congress to line their pockets.
It needs to be done. It needed to be done when Bush was in office. It needed to be done when the Democrats had the House and the Senate... I'm down to stop bitching about when it wasn't done before and say "hell ya! Get 'er dun!" There are more of us than them! Let's say it has to stop. Money don't influence my vote and it shouldn't influence yours!
+Tim Andersen: So? The idea is to use a lot less energy to go the same distance. It succeeds quite nicely at that. 95% of trips made can be done on electricity alone without ever starting the generator. One of my coworkers commutes in one and has since it was released. Only problem he's had with it is the gas went bad before the engine ever started, since it's that rare to actually need the generator.
We can take control of our "Energy Future" -- and a lot more -- by getting rid of this complete asshat in November. Anybody with an above room-temperature IQ would be immeasurably better for America. Sad, but true.
Weird, I've only ever heard the term "asshat" coming from gay men and used against republicans. Glad people are branching out their vocabulary to be more inclusive
hey does anyone wonder that when the supreme court decision says they dont know when life begins in rovy vs wade that they are picking and chosing cuz when one accidently shoots sombody while hunting they can say they didnt know it was human same with abortion we are taking a risk and the baby can feel pain at 7 weeks how bout that mr obama
The term "asshat" originated with some movie, I've been told. I'm not gay and I use the term when it's been well deserved. Hmmm
+Peter Bromberg: 2006 called, they want their opinion back. We had the room-temperature IQ president then. You'd have to either be rich or stupid to vote Republican. Sounds like you work for a living based on your profile, so that kind of eliminates the former...
I got a bigger question for the President, though--why in the world did the Barak Obama G+ account block me from commenting?!?! You want me to start working for Republicans now, or...what's the deal?! YES I'm outraged!
I giggle at all of you that think you can make a difference by commenting on here. We're all screwed. This planet simply just doesn't have the means to support the world population where it is at and we are suffering in every way because of it. Things are beyond our control now. They might seemingly get better off and on, but we have strained every resource we can. It doesn't help that America is funded by Private bankers that issue dollars at interest permanently fucking us, but is that really the issue? That has been the way it has always been, always.
+Paul Johnson all I am trying to say is that we don't have the technology to drop gasoline right now. Even if we did, it would be expensive for years after it was released(41,000 volt). I would like to see something different more than anybody. In the mean time let's domesticate oil more so we might see a price drop. I will save for a volt with the money I save on
+john turner: Life begins at birth. Not a really hard concept. Before that, the only real difference between you and a cancer is that pregnancies are rarely malignant.
No party has any answers, only answers to get reelected. People are naive if they think any politician cares about their problems. Our forefathers had the courage to remove a government do you?
Well said +Kelly Patrick regarding the strategic impact! But we can't just stop using oil today and start using alternatives tomorrow. It must be a gradual shift, with one technology slowly vanishing WHILE the other comes on line and ramps up. A quick change would shock the system. Can you start driving on electricity tomorrow? Me neither, but the day after....
+Brett Taskinen: Might also examine factors that make having a car a necessity and fight to fix those while you're at it. That'll help not just you, but your entire community as well.
4 billion is pocket change compared to what you people take in fuel taxes.

The alternative is for gas prices to increase even further, and refinery capacity to go elsewhere. So, this is a dumb thing to do. 
+Jason Pascucci: Kind of silly to suggest that gas taxes are too high when they don't even pay 25% of what it costs to maintain the highways that you're damaging with your car. The rest is subsidized by people who don't benefit disproportionally: Pedestrians, bicyclists, mass transit users, and retirees who don't go anywhere.
we pay for these subsidies either through taxes or if repealed with higher prices,Take your choice. either way the corporations will benefit with more income therefor more profit.
beck james , there shouldn't be a block on my location, as my location is in the center of the U. S. of A. Could be somebody official somewhere is shocked that I use translator software, but that doesn't make sense either. I'm not blocked here, but just on Obama's account. Go figure.
Won't this just raise prices at the pump? I've never known a company that absorbs costs.
I don't like politics, but the economy is bad. Help us!
doesn't the government make more money than the oil companies on oil???
Sorry. I'm not getting "news", I'm not going "behind the scenes", and I'm not being engaged. What I see is a bunch of hype and propaganda. "The President this-- the President that". Off the wall, pals.
Chaque anéé 4 mille millions de dolard,de vos impôts vont pour subventionner l`industrie du petrole, celles ci sont les mêmes,qui sont les mêmes qui font de profits sans precedent,dizaines
de miliers de millon de dolards,je ne crois pas queces compagnies de pétrole ont besoin d`un
plus grand bien être,parce que sont las mêmes qui font des profits fenomenales.Le Congrés
doive mettre fin à cet cadeaux de votre part,si vous etez d`accord avec noi,je te demande que
tu envoie un courriel a ton representant ua telephon,ét les dire d`arreter de lutter avec mon argent
dit lui de commencer a lutter pour les familles du travailler pour les pauvres,Traduction au francais
d`une demande de President Obama.
uum... yo ablo espanol.. nada mas que no puedo a escrebrir buein.. pero estoy tratando...
This will fire back though.Oil prices will be even higher. I understand where Mr President is coming from but he should stop playing Robin Hood and try to make it fair for everyone to get tax breaks not only middle class or upper class.
It took me a while and some explanation, but I finally get this.. 观海
+Tom Garner: It won't, but having the subsidy doesn't help, either. Why should the government build private industry's infrastructure for them?
agree! Drilling inside out isn't the final solution. You gotta reserve it for future crisis.
I suspect oil companies receive subsidies to develop sources of alternative energy, I can't be sure because I have not seen any information of WHY they get the money. If my suspicions are true this argument is nothing more than a bait and switch operation designed to keep an argument alive. We are being told that we need to develop alternative energy, give money to companies like Solyndra and GM to fund alternative energy projects but then demonize the oil companies for accepting the same handouts. I am not on one side or another of the argument, I can see both sides, however, lets call a spade a spade. WE do need to eliminate our dependence on foreign oil, we should find clean energy sources, we should not however be giving money to just anyone so that they could live better than the average person (executives and owners of these companies) if we are going to provide incentives for research and development then by god lets do it fairly and intelligently. I personally think we should cap any and all subsidy's and look at them as an investment, if an investment fails to return results you cut your losses and move on.
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