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Photo of the Day: President Obama does push ups on the White House Basketball Court at the 2012 Easter Egg Roll. Check out more photos:
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Let's see the rest of the presidential candidates do that! I think not.
OMG a post by the White House that doesn't have any comment rage about a completely unrelated political issue.... Someone better fix this quickly or I am going to go under the assumption that i'm hallucinating and seek psychiatric help. Part of this may be because it's only been up for 6 minutes.
Ah pero Obama no esta facil. Que bien asi se da un buen ejemplo.
vote ron paul thats all i have to say
Looking good, Mr. President. I need to get fit!
so who would u vote for then as most of them are corrupted all government is corrupt then u got a guy like ron paul who wants to do good for the country just to let you no im a libertarian
hahahah obama pusup .. wkewkekwe
its good as you have to take care of the people of your country
President does push-ups, I need to do some more exercise as well.
For Spouse: Be Honest
For Enemy: Forgiving
For Friend: Giving Help
For Children: Be Good Example
Looks like he is struggling :P
Min F
输球了 要做俯卧撑?
“All voting is a sort of gaming, like checkers or back gammon, with a slight moral tinge to it, a playing with right and wrong, with moral questions; and betting naturally accompanies it. The character of the voters is not staked. I cast my vote, perchance, as I think right; but I am not vitally concerned that that right should prevail. I am willing to leave it to the majority. Its obligation, therefore, never exceeds that of expediency. Even voting for the right is doing nothing for it. It is only expressing to men feebly your desire that it should prevail. A wise man will not leave the right to the mercy of chance, nor wish it to prevail through the power of the majority.”
― Henry David Thoreau, On the Duty of Civil Disobedience
yes you sort of made your point but ive stuck with ron paul all the way every one is allowed there own ideas and opinions
and thank for takin your time to comment bak
This is one of the many passages by Thoreau that I always was attracted to. In this country it seems as if to vote is to choose between the lesser of two evils, which is why I refrain from voting. It probably sounds rather radical and militant, to propose the idea that people stop voting. But imagine, close your eyes and imagine, the message something like this would send to the Powers That Be. Imagine their reaction.
社会主义 怎么能容许这些= =
The President and I have very different views on the role of government. But I can say with confidence that attempting to promote health and fitness for our children is a just cause. It is especially gratifying to see the president and his wife attempt to do so through voluntary means.
wow push up is beneficial for our health......interesting
The Secret Service had to frisk the ground first.
ur cool man whom iseen till like albert einstein
Yes Mr President 1 2 3 4 make that nose touch the floor and thanks for all the good work in the White House it has been hard cleaning up the previous Presidents mess.
Another pointless photo of our president doing things but not what he said he'd do. Personally, I believe a picture Washington during the revolution or Bush in his pilot outfit is by far better than this.
he look simple, but it is fraudulent...he is a vary,calculating men
great stuff obama. Love your strategy before upcoming presidential elections.
i dont understand how America goes from a Devil 'George Bush' to Price 'Obama'.
+fran Twelve Yes, I'm sure you're unaccustomed to photo ops for the President promoting random fitness causes during holidays... you know, because you've been living in a cave through the past 10 administrations. Seriously, do you think the political wonks can just let the Easter pictures go?
Would it be weird to say that I want to see him with his shirt off?
ดีค่ะ ออกกำลังกายบ้าง สุขภาพแข็งแรงค่ะ จิตใจก็สบายค่ะ
Not only on the court, but also in bed.
In March, 120,000 jobs were created, while more than 330,000 people dropped out of the workforce. For self-serving reasons, the Obama administration spins this as good news.
he loves to look and talk good to gain popularity with all the people who don't really understand politics or have enough critical thinking skills to realize he's dragging our economy ever deeper into the abyss
Damien Millar should have zip to say anyway, from his 'about' page, he isn't even from the US. I personally think MR. O is doing a great job after inheriting such a massive mess. Nothing happens quickly, it all takes time. I am pleased with him thus far and will like to see him in the WH for another 4 years.
+Cristie Poole "another 4 years".... God please no! You think the ridiculous spending us into unprecedented levels of debt is "doing a great job"? And yes - normally "nothing happens quickly" in politics except Obama's administration pushing socialist legislation down our throats like the so-called stimulus and ObamaCare. Yes, he inherited a mess... but he only kicked up the damage multipliers exponentially
can he do another 500 times
that,s what a man with a good heart does... big up to you.
yes he is a strong man in his family and good president.
yay, we found something he can do correct.
He can do push up well, but i don't know whether he can jump well or not..
by performing this job obama want 2 introduce ourself beter for the american ppls
Sorry +Jeremy Jameson but he is doing a fine job in my opinion, you don't have to agree with me. You obviously do not have kids who are at the age they would have been dropped from insurance coverage and don't appreciate just how wonderful it truly is to be able to have peace of mind to cover them for several more years. I am quite pleased, but as I said initially, you don't have to agree with me (which is one reason I didn't say anything to your comment earlier, though I considered it).
All very well and good that he can do a push-up... but what about the $16 Trillion debt? The overpriced Healthcare package which is getting more and more expensive by the hour? What about the unecessary stimulus package? Etc., etc? He's killing us to our enemies delight. Can't wait 'til he's gone!
is good and nice
I will be very happy if I will get chance to see it with my naked eyes
Now Barrak Obama is as storng as his body gaurds :)
It is amazing how many people drool over this. I wish there would be less sensationalizing through social media and some real initiatives to "push up" our economy. If America fails, but Obama can still do push-ups, some would still be impressed.
1989 is gone,1999 is gone, 2008 is gone,2011 is gone. 2012 is now, are
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1989年過去了,1999年過去了,2008年過去了, 2011年過去了。2012年正當時,你準備好了嗎?與你分享多媒體作品《中國是大家的》

Greetings from Mona ZhiminTang
they really celebrated Easter there,,,and nice weather:)
+Veronica Cawelti anything he tries to do gets thrown away so tell me what would you do if your the president and no one is willing to work with you but would rather the rich stay rich and the poor get poorer? I would love to hear your ideas since your so much more qualified and can produce an answer that doesn't involve some kind of sacrifice
É salutar quando sempre que pode o presidente Barack Obama conviva com os seus cidadãos, neste caso particular os basquetistas. Os nossos presidentes africanos deviam seguir o exemplo. 
He'll need to be fitter than that to stay in the White House.
Obama is the American lifeguard trying to save the country while getting punched in the face for his hard work by the republican party. What's worse is a lot of people then try to critique his swimming stroke instead of trying to help him and the rest of the americans that are drowning in poverty out of the water! What's up with that ?
It is amazing to see how many people dislike Obama. Considering he inherited a failing economy, a workforce that was just losing jobs like loose change and has to fight right wingers in order to do anything. No other administration has had the kind of roadblocks this one has had and instead of tucking his tail O has chosen to fight to the bitter end. Can you see the other side doing this ?
Too bad being able to do push ups doesn't make you a good president.
Intelligent, Handsome, communicative, passionate, practical, Strong and Healthy.
This President certainly brought a lot of CHANGE even with tightly tied hands. He is the President for People. He is the President for Peace and Prosperity.
This President can show how physically fit he is - isn't that the kind of role model children need? He's also proven to be calm under pressure - like when he ordered the attack on Osama Bin Laden! Obama 2012!
Sometimes some folks are better on the court than at public office, Good morning
Republicans: "Obama on his hands and knees for mistakes he's made with minorities."
Excume me, but the United States of America was ruined financially by all those GREEDY CEO's, in those big financial coorporations and those crooks in three piece suits on Wall Street. It was not Obama's doing.
Claire P ur full of it give me one great thing Bush did besides fuck the US over?
Well +Tamika Green , among many other things, W set aside the largest marine conservation in history.

Obama is just like Bush (but worse)- owned by corporate interests. And Romney is just like Obama. They're all the same. What ever happened to Obama bringing Wall Street criminals to trial? Nah- he just put them in his administration, instead.
Please! They're just owned by a different group of globalists. Dems, Repubs. Same sh!t- different pile. But you keep drinking the kool-aid, you lemming, +Jacob Pederson
Nothing like a bit of intelligent debate - and this is obviously nothing like an intelligent debate!
Can you imagine this picture coming out of any other country? It looks like our leader is bowing to one of his citizens. Not exactly prestigious. That's why I like it. It reminds us that this is a guy that we have put up in Washington to make some decisions for us. But he's still just a guy. Keep up this kind of pandering, Obama, I like it! :)
You know this is the republican mantra, divide and conquer. They have ruined this country, given it to someone else to fix and now that he is doing it (slowly but surely)they want to attack him as if it is his fault that the country is this way. Some of us don't remeberthe state of the country pre Obama because of the war. Those of us who know what W. did recognize that Obama is fighting an uphill battle and we respect the struggle.
+John Lewis III What exactly is being "fixed." This is a silly joke Obama is playing on the people of America, all facts are skewed and inaccurate. His clean energy investments have been a massive failure, the debt continues stacking up. Can you tell me what the actual unemployment is taking into consideration the labor force fallout? His regulations are a barrier to economic growth and he has YET to balance the budget. Companies will continue moving money out of America until he figures out how to end the volatility. How can anyone in their rational mind think this is a positive mix?
+Anthony Garrett For the first two years Obama had a chance to "fix" the government, but he and his fellow dems chose instead to cripple this country with unreasonable debt. He has shown, in his appointments, that he is far more concerned with turning a relatively free country into a socialist one. The poor look at socialism as, "Wee! More goodies for me," but they forget that socialism locks them in eternal poverty and hopeless, useless lives. The crushing debt we are under takes away our children's future. Think about it. Do you want to be a slave to the government? Or do you want to be free to pursue your own dreams.
This is a crock of crap, this is what our tax's are paying for.....Obamma's really working hard to fix America...every time I read the news He is on some distorted agenda....and yet nothin is fixed....
Omar S
+Todd Ackerman yes, because big things are easy to fix. Find one thing in your life that has taken more than a year to get done. Now, what happens when it applies to 315M people and not just one doofus? Reality is hard work, and changing things in reality is hard work. Doofus.
A perfect leader who can change the world.
+Naveen Kumar Oh he is FAR from perfect, but at the same time, the best one in my lifetime. I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, to say the least. I am certainly not willing to let him fall to willful ignorance.
+Barack Obama Such a great leader! He sings, he does push ups, and he plays basketball.."President Obama is a new kind of President". In the words of President Obama.. “Change is never easy, but always possible.”
+Latrice Butts While all fine qualities in a person, I'm a little more concerned with how he Executes the Executive office, myself. So far, I am more pleased than expected, but not without disappointments. MOST of the disappointments are not DIRECTLY his fault, however, they are telling of his ability, or lack there of, to deal with the other governmental branches. I rate him "better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick". Personally, I find he, and his family, quite charming.
Sol Kim
The president is not an emperor. His power is limited and he cannot control other branches of the government by constitutional design. However, the president is the most visible government figure so he is often blamed for whatever goes wrong with the government (and often beyond).

Personally, considering the political division in this country (and in the Congress), I think he was able to achieve quite a lot.
+Sol Kim I am most familiar with the interaction and abilities of the various branches. To be honest, in the past year, he has really come into his own, and I'm a big fan of the PPACA, however he really let congress strap him over a barrel, for a while there. What he got, in return for the Bush Tax Cut extensions, was just short of criminal. They robbed him.
ผมชอบโอบาม่าจังครับ ชอบในการปกครอง
Too bad he don't use some of that energy to figure out how to fix our economy. He just runs around having his fun taking advantage of his position and don't really care about America, as long as him and his family can have fun and enjoy the presidential life, and blow our tax money.
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