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What are your questions for the White House Press Secretary? Ask here and Jay Carney will answer some of your questions in a video later today. #1q

[Thanks for your questions. This post has been updated with Jay's answers to questions from Facebook and Twitter]
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how can i get mr president weekly address in written?
Why do the White House explanations of bills, such as the PPACA, not include point by point references to the locations, in the bill, that the parts, referenced by said explanations can be found, and links to the Bills themselves?

What are you actively doing for the equality of LGTB people?
What are you doing to help combat bulling in schools across america?
Why not tell Wall Street that oil is off the table as a commodity for which they can negatively speculate and drive up oil and thus gas prices? Is there no authority or precedent here? The President rarely if ever mentions this as the real reason the gas prices are up.
Does the President have any indication which way the Supreme Court will vote on the Healthcare issue? Oh, and good luck with that Mr. President!
Why is the president set bent on raising taxes? Why doesn't he want to have a smaller government? Is there some bad consequence fromt his? Help me understand.

It seems like people are always talking about these issues but maybe I missed the news flash on what the importance is of continued increases in government spending.


Mr. Carney > This is a Comment, Not a Question.
I watch you every day you are on the White House Website and I'm continuously amazed how you maintain your composure amidst the Conservative/Republican/Right-Wing silly and provocative line of questioning. While they continue to try to Spin everything, you conduct yourself in an exemplary way while repeating the facts of each case. I'm completely impressed with your knowledge and speaking ability. President Obama's choice for his Press Secretary is one of his better staff choices. Please continue to keep up the great work. I find it most educational and entertaining to watch you fend off the right-wing correspondents and putting them in their place. I hope and trust Obama will maintain your position for his next term (as there is no way the majority of Americans can be Stupid Enough to let the Republicans ruin your country any further.
What the average american voter isnt considering is a business is not functioning for hand outs. Higher costs to a business, the more a consumer pays to compensate the tax increase.
The government recieves plenty of money to stay financially stable from all the taxes already in place.
Its come to light in recent media how horribly unmanaged our tax dollars are being spent.

When will the government have improved monitored/regulated spending ensuring those are held accountable and tax dollars are being used responsibly? 
The President has touted the 'We Can't Wait' program. Will he reconsider signing an Executive Order offering ENDA protections to government contract employees?
Why are we pursuing military action against Iran when they are nowhere close to being an immediate threat as Korea, who has propulsion capabilities?
And do you have any programs/grants to help new entrepreneurs get funding to start businesses?
Why was it never spelled out, in a clear and public manner, that the 2012 NDAA not only does NOT allow for the detention of US Citizens, but says so in absolutely clear terms, repeatedly?
Given that the GOP political idol is Ronald Reagan and he supported the idea of the Buffet Rule, why not rename the Buffet Rule to the Reagan Rule. Perhaps this will get some GOP support.
+Kong Vang Brilliant Idea but Republicans are against doing Anything that Obama wants to do, regardless of their past voting habits. Besides, where will they find rich guys to finance their right-wing agendas if they vote in favor of this bill ?
I think I read one legitimate question here, which was about equality and bullying. While it doesn't seem the role of the President, at least they are regular questions. All the rest are nonsense.

"Mr. President, what is your focus for Afghanistan for the remainder of the year, and what would it be going into your 2nd term?"
I absolutely agree any level headed person can see that any progress gained in a bipartisan way would infuriate the republican base. President Obama has done a great job without the help of Republicans and I am proud to call him the leader of the FREE world.
Mr. Carney, do you find that the use of modern social media outlets requires a different approach than the older model of television and radio sound bites? In particular due to how fast communication on the web propagates. #1q
Since when have the RICH become second class citizens? And what gives anyone (even a rich person like Buffett) the right to tax them at a higher rate? Does anyone really think the RATE is the issue? When is the president and the rest of government going to realize that they need to repeal bad legislation and not introduce more bad legislation?
Mr. Coster: I suspect your idea of "bad legislation" is what I would call justice.
Mr. Carney: I hope that there will be debates in the future campaign and I hope that the President will call Mr. Romney out on some of the issues where he has made outlandish statements and claims. When can we expect to see the candidates head to head?
Mr Krehbiel, are you saying that all the loopholes in the tax code that allow the rich to pay less taxes then his secretary are not "bad legislation"?
Mr coster the rich made themselves second class citizens when the opted to sell out hard working Americans in the name of profit. As far as I am concerned we shall all follow their lead what's best for me comes first. their interest to my are inconsequential to me.
Does President Obama believe the Constitution is outdated?
Mr. Carney,

With the current tax code in such disarray that may citizen's can legally pay almost no tax via tax loopholes, isn't it time to consider scraping it in favor of a consumption tax? Maybe a tiered consumption tax? Items under $10 0% $10-$100 5% $100 - $1000 10%, $1000-$10,000 20%, and items over $10,000 30%.
Mr Githiomi, are you saying that we should have NO RICH? If we did, who would you turn to for blame after they are gone? And since when did wanting to be RICH become a crime? It sounds like you do not understand the basis upon which this country was founded.
+Nicholai Alexander you're not paying attention. The questions are to be answered in a later video, not in this comment thread
Why is the DEA continuing to harass marijuana establishments in states that have made medical marijuana legal when the President said that would stop?
I didn't say we shouldn't have rich people Mr coster . I said I shouldn't help them get richer its not in my best interest. I thought this country was founded on freedom for all men. My understanding the rich are exploiting the poor in this country and as free men we can say no more.
Americans owe more in student loan debt than they do on their credit cards and on their auto loans. What is the president's approach to confronting this looming crisis and will he support the discharging of student loan debt in bankruptcy hearings? Further, what is the president's response to Sen. Virginia's Foxx's comment that she has "very little tolerance" for those who graduate with a lot of debt, in light of the fact that the Association of Private Sector Colleges/Universities, the Apollo Group (owner of the University of Phoenix), and Corinthian Colleges are listed among her top financial supporters?
That is ridiculous we need all the teachers we can get.
Why is America in so much debt?
Is the government taking note of the cost efficiency of replacing uranium-based nuclear reactors with thorium-based reactors, especially given that the government has accumulated reserves of Thorium that will power the country for 10+ years? Utilizing such measures would bring us closer to energy independence, reduce the military budget, and lower American energy prices. Not to mention, Thorium is more energy effective than Uranium and far less weaponizable.
I want to know why the President chose Keynesian economics to keep us out of depression. I've never seen him explain this key issue well. Once he explains it then he should repeat that explanation everywhere and often.
Well I know that Republican economic plans got us in this mess to begin with.Democratic economic plans have know to prosper before (Clinton) handed over a robust economy to bush Jr then it was all down hill from their and people still doubt President Obama resolve he has to reverse 8 years of regannomics. And still we think enriching the rich we help us the common man. BS.
Mr Preston,I can't speak for the president,but I think it is because Keynesian economics were initially created to deal with economic depressions. It showed it's effectiveness by getting us out of the Great Depression in the 1929-30s. Cutting spending by itself won't work. Here is a day to day example. If you lose your job,you have a personal economic depression. While you will need to cut costs in some places that's not enough, you need to spend in others, like you may need to buy a suit for interviews and since you are short on cash you will put it on a credit card and pay it off when you have a job and times are better. A person who says "what are you doing? You can't spend money on a suit you don't have a job' is only looking at the very short term and not the longer term.
+Chris Stehlik If you have been confused about the differences between the Keynesian and Austrian schools of economics, may I humbly propose an analogy that may help your understanding. If you don’t think this is accurate or helpful then please let me know. I’m new to this myself.

Fire policy -- In the early 1900s the US Forest Service implemented a new policy to aggressively suppress all forest fires. Citizens didn’t like to see trees burn and the lumber companies saw profits going up in smoke. Over the years they obtained equipment, trained men, and worked out elaborate plans. With a lot of time and money they reduced fire damage considerably.Over the years the forest management experts began to notice problems. Without periodic small fires the undergrowth became thick. It ignited easier, acted as additional fuel making the fire hotter, and sent it up into the crowns of the mature trees. This spread the fire faster and farther, killing more of the forest.With further study they found that in the pasts forest experienced periodic small fires which cleared the undergrowth and burned up the deadwood. They usually did not reach the crowns and burned themselves out without doing great damage. They triggered the tree seeds to sprout and start a healthy new generation. The mature trees also grew better. The old policy of trying to manage nature was counter productive. The policy was changed to allow the natural cycle to return.

Keynesian school – All recessions are bad and must be suppressed by government actions. This protects established businesses and jobs. The methods are elaborate and costly, but a benefit to the public overall.

Austrian school – When markets stray too far from reality they must be purged by adversity. This clears unneeded or failing enterprises so capital is not allocated wastefully, and new businesses can emerge. Periodic small recessions are the price of a healthy economy.

Recent situation -- Unfortunately, after decades of total suppression many forests were overgrown tinder boxes. At Yellowstone National park the “hands off” policy let a fire get completely out of control before they used aggressive suppression. 36% of the park burned and much of this area is still black 20 years later. At Los Alamos a “controlled burn” to clear undergrowth ran away from them and destroyed 400 houses. Yellowstone – Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, current economic predicament.Los Alamos – Recognizing the problem and the perils of trying to make up for past mistakes.I have often found a good analogy helpful to understand or explain a concept. It is easy to push one too far, but if used properly it can be a good tool. Is this one accurate or helpful? What do you think?
+Chris Stehlik +Kenny Mueller I know econ well after decades of reading Paul Samuelson, Milton Friedman, Keynes, Marx and a few dozen others. Currently I track with Paul Krugman and friends. I just wanted the president to finally explain his choice of theories.

The problem with the Austrian School is that depressions and big recessions take down good companies that have bad management and startups that are in their fledgling stage. I can't believe that my businesses survived some tough ones but even though it opened the field for my businesses I don't believe that overall this is a good thing for consumers. Natural attrition works fine and even during booms there is a lot of that in business.

Large recessions and depressions also wipe out valuable skills in the workforce. Someone who has been unemployed for even a year in some industries may not be employable. That has a huge social and economic cost that can last decades. Many European countries are doomed for a long time and some had budget surpluses before the Great Recession.

Kenny, don't be humble. Argue strong from knowledge :-)

An analogy would be purging your guts believing that you are wiping out bad bugs and letting the good ones come back stronger. Turns out you're just making a mess that could kill you in the long term with cancer. Those bugs were doing useful things and dealing with the bad ones slowly and usually effectively.
What are the President's plans to defend women against the assault on our rights at the state and federal level?
Bob Cat
Back in the days when Barack Obama smoked marijuana, would it have helped him to be arrested and sentenced to years in prison?

It's happening EVERY DAY to young black men, can you explain why he thinks they [and all of us] should be losing their futures?
+Jd Thomas , why do you not seem to understand who Jesus was, or what his values were?
The BP claims facility GCCF/Feinberg just failed their audit. They also have been doing majoring advertising saying they "made it right" that's false. That's false advertising. A few extra tourists is not a FULL recovery. There are sign saying walk ins welcome. Is the White House ever going force oil companies to pay up and clean up for messes ?? Or is all hope lost?
+J Rawls I disagree, Should Romney win, I have complete faith that the budget cuts he intends to make could EASILY send us into a full economic tailspin. So, to suggest that Obama has "nothing" to do with the recovery, is short sighted. On the other hand, I've been given the impression that conservatives are pretty upset with their own. Maybe November will free us from some of the idiotic obstructionism and we can get a REAL recovery underway.
+tony bossio Duh, he would lower taxes on the wealthiest people, and cut all the social programs that keep this nation alive. In short, he would make us Somalia.
I think Obama and the Finance Dept. should have the Option to NOT PAY Congress if they aren't going to do any work. They won't pass his bills yet they have no ideas of their own (accept those they already lost the 08 election on and other stupid righ-wing shit that fucked the whole country and planet up !). Yup... if they're not going to work, they should not get paid. If they don't create tons of jobs right away, they shouldn't get paid. If they continue to say NO to the ideas Obama got elected on, they shouldn't get paid.
And then Obama should then have the power to pass what he wants and be done with it.
Ur either a Republican or a Republicant !
Romney is a MORON ... .. I mean MORMON !!!
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