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Today, President Obama and Vice President Biden will announce proposals to reduce gun violence. Watch live at 11:55 a.m. ET at
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I am curious to see what his proposals will be. I am hoping for, at the very least, stricter background checks. What i would like is a law that states guns must be kept under lock and key when not in use, although I suspect that would be difficult to enforce.
well living in the ghetto area most everyone out here is a felon...they all have law that is passed is going to stop them...they are already breaking the the only people these laws are hurting are people like me who are registered and not felons who want to protect themselves from people like them...
+Cheryl lynn Actually, if the worst of the guns were taken off the consumer  market, it woudl affect those ones you are talking about - because those guns are not able to be bought and are stolen. If there are none of those guns to steal, then those guns you complain about suddenly are not able to be acquired.
Ben Kuhl
Yes, because gun control will solve about just as much as prohibition or making drugs illegal. Good job government!
People who are against it are uneducated on the subject. Take a educational class....find out everything people already have to do in order to obtain and license...unless like i stated you do it illegally....which is happening now...and will continue to happen regardless of laws....
+Крыстафер Гомес Then where would they get the guns? If the law for backgroudn checks is made more stringent and bolstered by laws that require better storage of guns so that they cannot be stolen, then those people cannot buy them and cannot steal them...
+Cheryl lynn And I suggest that you notice that I also called for better storage of guns by owners so that they cannot be stolen.
+Goddess Diana I also have to mention... the 2nd amendment says nothing about a persons right to buy a gun. It just discusses ownership. There is nothing unconstitutional about ending the sale of certain guns.
+Anthony Gerardi It makes it much more difficult to steal than leaving a loaded gun with extra ammo lying around in the home. After all, we also put important documents in lockboxes (Or you ought to) rather than allowing them to lie out on the coffee table...
+Timothy Collins That's right, end the sale of those guns so law abiding citizens can't own them but criminals will... real smart.
+Scott Powers If the guns are not on the market and are impossible to steal, how do the criminals get them to own? That is where your bumper sticker fails in the logic test.
It's not like the law will affect guns already in circuit. What's gonna stop those who shouldn't have them from having them? Especially when the guns aren't registered. I see whatever laws are put into place affecting guns and violence only in the long term. 
These thugs around here don't care......have you ever been to section 8..or gov't housing???....the police wont even come out here...if you think that these laws will do anything....I'm sorry but you're ignorant. People grow marijuana illegally in their homes...they have drug houses and whore houses....what makes you think they wont hide there guns...i mean really come's all stupid...nothing is going to change for the good...the white house is doing this just to please and quiet people like you.
+Scott Powers Funny, someone tends to be a law abiding citizen right up until the point when they go postal on their officemates. a responsible gun owner up until the last second.
+Cheryl lynn That's very true.  No regulation will stop anyone from buying a gun illegally.  However, it will serve to make illegal guns harder to obtain in the long term and therefore more expensive.

Most current discussions surround requiring and/or enforcing background checks to make sure that people who have a history of breaking the law have no opportunity to purchase a weapon through inexpensive, convenient, legal means.  This will not stop them from buying black market firearms, but it will make them more expensive and a little harder to obtain that way.

Other discussions surround restricting access to certain classes of high-powered or high-repeat-rate weapons.  

A weapon that can penetrate three concrete walls to take out its target is a poor choice for home defense because once you take out the perpetrator the bullet will continue its travels through your home, taking out anything or anyone in its path.

An assault weapon that can spray 100 bullets a minute isn't terribly useful for any sort of personal defense, and is likely to be terribly unweildy and do a great deal of collateral damage.

I don't see how you being able to buy as many pistols, shotguns, single-shot rifles, etc with the only restriction being that you have to show ID and maybe wait a couple of days so your criminal record can be checked is somehow "hurting" the rights of the average gun owner.

And if you want to carry a pistol 24/7, that's great and I hope you never have to use it for real - but I'm happy to know you have one in case there's a problem.  I don't see a mandatory 2-hour basic safety course and a concealed carry permit as an unsurmountable curtailment of your right to carry that pistol.
+Timothy Collins they already have guns!!! You think they will freely give them up??? There are guns do you plan on getting ALL the illegal ones eh?
+Cheryl lynn You are absolutely correct. Background checks are already required. Bans on weapons do not have a significant impact on gun crime. The impact is short term while blackmarket and illegal channels are established for criminals to continue getting them as stated in the government findings on the effectiveness of the 1994 ban.

There are steps that can be taken. More training is never a bad thing, close any loop-holes in the purchase process, tougher penalties and enforcement of existing laws.
+Cheryl lynn Yes, they do. However nobody is suggesting that a law will magically make everything better in hours - everybody realizes it will take time. Therefore your argument seems to be based on an incorrect understanding of the concept of "It will take time to get these guns out of circulation."
Too many of you are interpreting the amendment by the letter of the Law and not the spirit of the Law.  The purpose of that well regulated militia is to prevent a tyrannical government from taking root.  That militia would be made up of regular people.  The right of the people to bear arms shall not be infringed upon.
+Cheryl lynn I don't think anyone is asking for the return of the guns already out there, just that we don't keep selling assault weapons and high volume clips.
+Phillip Hayes In the year 1999 there were 4 incidents of mass gun violence in the US that accounted for 20 deaths (I looked this up and posted the link to this info in another thread yesterday).

In 2012 there were 7 instances of that type of violence accounting for almost 65 deaths - the last four of which accounted for 47 of those deaths.

In 1999 gun laws were much more strict - it is only after they were relaxed that gun violence went up and the number of deaths followed. Not only do we have more incidents now, they are more lethal.
Headline should read, "Today, President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will unveil a package of proposals to chip away at your Constitutional rights!"
+Cheryl lynn It would obviously be impossible to confiscate all the guns owned by people who should not have them.  No proposal is going to make that happen.

The only sane regulation makes it as convenient as possible for people who SHOULD have access to guns to buy them while trying to make it less convenient and more expensive for people who SHOULD NOT.
+Larry Hunt, you wrote about the "spirit" of the law and then proceeded to (try to) quote the Amendment directly.
I have to admit. When I first read the headline I thought it was a funny meme. 
+Joshua Fisher  I didn't try to.  I used bits of the quote.  The letter is necessary to understand the spirit.  But, when you start using the letter to look for loopholes, (Example: The amendment says we can bear arms, it doesn't say we can sale arms!) then you've crossed into some foolish territory.
"Mass murders are tragic and, fortunately, rare. There is no data to support the notion that reinstating an AWB will prevent further tragedies.

They are not more lethal. An AR-15 is a semi-automatic rifle that fires a .223 (5.56) rifle cartridge.

"Assault Weapons" do NOT exist. This is a fictitious term created by anti-gun media and politicians to scare the citizenry by demonizing firearms! For example, the AR-15 is semi-automatic rifle (like many other civilian rifles i.e. Remington R-15 Varmint) that mimics military style rifles in appearance only. In no way does it function like military style rifles. It is like saying that dressing a boy in girls' clothing makes him a girl. It simply is NOT TRUE!!
+Richard Palazzolo My state being one of them....Point still remains no matter how many LAWS you put into effect they are not going to do anything for illegal gun owners...who are the people who usually use their guns!
+Phillip Hayes I might also mention - nobody is suggesting that we just reinstate the AWB. people are suggesting a new one be written.
Worry about reducing the national debt and leave crime fighting to the states. The war on guns is completely unconstitutional and political grandstanding at its worst.
+Cheryl lynn I feel that you are wasting your time trying to convince people that have had their minds made up for them.
And so begins das furor's attack on the constitution and innocent law abiding people. This is war people and you better stand up for your rights now before you wake up to find they took them all from you slowly with propaganda and other subversive means.
"Infringement" refers to breaching or violating (in this case) a right spelled out by a document. But limiting the use of or purchase of a 'rightfully' owned firearm is certainly not "infringement."
Que seja dado um basta em mais esta situação.
Bleah... guns are for pussies.
Death stars is well better
I like the idea of getting rid of assault rifles, I mean what's the point of owning this type of weapon as a citizen? 
so....since cops don't come out here often...and people have tried to break into my house more then twice...used a drill to try and drill my lock out....broken into my car twice....and i am a think i shouldn't be able to protect myself. To own guns.....and make sure i am safe...i already had to take two all day classes....pass a written test...and a shooting test...mental and criminal background check...what the hell else do people want?
tee dee
So the militia group is the kkk are the black panther 
infringe : to encroach upon in a way that violates law or the rights of another.

Americans have a right to keep and bear arms.  Limitation of that right is certainly infringement.
Hey, you know what else kills people more than guns? Natural causes.

Why isn't Obama working on a cure for aging?

(And other ridiculous arguments taken to their logical conclusion.)
Your making me bust my ass to own a gun to protect myself while still letting criminals do what they do...ridiculous...
+Timothy Collins Cherry picking data that suits your points is a classic case of confirmation bias.  The fact is that violent gun crime has been steadily decreasing for the last 30 years, even as our rights to have guns have been expanded.

Also, according the the Supreme Court, requiring guns to be under lock and key at all times violates the 2nd amendment.  Specifically, it was argued during the challenge to the DC handgun ban.  Requiring a locked firearm even in your own home renders them useless in a home invasion situation, and the court determined that this effectively violates the 2nd amendment.

So you CAN'T lock up all the guns.  And even if you could, have you never heard of a black market?  Where will the guns come from if you can't buy them in a store?  How about from mexico, across the porous US/Mexico border.  Fast and Furious sound familiar?  US guns on the mexican black market.  Don't you think that the reverse is possible, indeed likely if such a ban were put in place?

The way to cut down on mass shootings like Sandy Hook is to bolster the mental health treatment and system in the US.  Every high profile shooting in the last 10 years have been committed by someone certifiably crazy.  How about we keep guns away from crazy people, instead of rolling back the rights of every law abiding citizen in america?
+Larry Hunt, baloney. The 'right' of ownership is not infringed by limitations on purchase and use.
+Timothy Collins For myself and most other gun owners, the problem is that yiu have people like Bloomberg and Sen. Feinstein try to push more radical measures that serve no purpose but to put law-abiding citizens at increased risk from criminals. I support common sense measures that would actually be effective. When they want to limit me to 7 rounds while criminals have 15 rounds, that puts me at risks.

The magazine argument is flawed because even at 10 rounds it takes 3-7 seconds to change magazines. This is nit enough time to charge and subdue a crazed gun man. Keeping guns out of the hands of crazy people should be addressed. 
I don't...but if i wanted to buy something else i have the right to. My permit is also ending this whats next will i have to be able to do back flips and pee out my belly button to get my permit back this time??
+Cheryl lynn As to your points on alcohol prohibition, I can't see any administration "prohibiting" guns or making any sort of proposal.

All the Obama administration has talked about so far is universal enforcement on who should (law-abiding citizens) and who should not (people with a criminal record or known mental illness issues) be able to own fireearms, and restrictions on the purchases of certain firearms (assault weapons, large clips).

We currently have alcohol control laws that require that I show a government ID to prove I'm of an age where it is allowed for me to drink alcohol.  I am, in every state, restricted from reselling my legally-purchased alcohol to minors.  I cannot legally obtain certain types of alcohol no matter my age or legal status.

Every proposal made by anyone in recent history has attempted to extend the same controls over firearms.  Make it illegal for ANYONE to sell them to anyone who should not have them.  Make it harder for people who should nto have them obtain them, while interfering as little as possible with the ability of people who should own them from doing so.
+Phillip Hayes At what point do you need more than, say, 7 rounds to defend yourself? Have you needed to pump 15,20,30 rounds into the air randomly to defend yourself on any occasion in your life? Do you expect to have to?

And, as the guns in the hands of criminals break (As any human made things is wont to do) and there are no guns out there to steal or buy to replace them, then they would not have them either.
Great intro by Biden. Good job.
Well done America. Time to move on and grow up. Can't live in the 18th century forever. 
It's naive to think that banning or limiting the accessibility to weapons of any kind here would prevent them from being available. If you remove the supply here and the demand remains it will be filled from somewhere else. Look at all the drugs flowing over the border from Mexico. 
+Joshua Fisher By that same logic, the "right" to an abortion is not infringed by limiting what kind, when, and what preliminary procedures must be required before a woman has one, right?

If its a ridiculous line of logic for one right, its a ridiculous line of logic for any of them.
+Timothy Collins I hope never, but since we cannot predict the future I have a right to be on equal footing with those seeking to do me or my family harm. Criminals don't always act alone. The magic number of 10 rounds is ridiculous because none of these people proposing it have been in a situation where they have had to dedend themselves. They should leave the standard magazine sizes alone.
+Goddess Diana “ If you actually read the amendment, it clearly says "a well regulated militia", not anyone, anywhere, anytime, anything.” Well, let’s start with you. “Militia” was all able bodied men from 16–60. “Well regulated” was 18th century English for “opportunity to be trained and receiving it”. That sounds like the opposite of what you’re trying to say.
+Крыстафер Гомес , actually your arguments don't matter, as they are the same arguments that the city of DC representative made to the supreme court, and the court decided that those arguments are invalid and do not justify the lock up mandate.
+Phillip Hayes I still cannot see how being able to fire 30 bullets into the air makes you safer than only being able to fire 6... Unless you are under the impression that somehow criminals now require more bullets to enter their body to be stopped than other humans (Which would be a rather insane concept).

Can you detail an incident where you are at home and a criminal breaks in where you would need 30 shots to defend yourself rather than 7? Do you expect to be attacked by random hordes of people storming the gates of your home any times soon?
This is where our Constitution and Bill of Rights hits the road. If this isn't fought tooth and nail we're totally screwed. The real issue not being discussed is the mental health issue. Forget the fact that every one of these idiots is or was a nut job. Just look past that. How convenient.
I am amazed at people's stupidity lol.....I mean i really am. I can't believe people can't look back at alcohol prohibition and look at the war on drugs that's been happening for years....and honestly say things like +Andy Kitchen Look at what it has brought...nothing wow...that's all i can say.
"We don't benefit from ignorance." -Barack Obama
There is a 6-12 month wait to see a psychiatrist. Almost all the gun crimes are war on drugs related. The solution? GUN PROHIBITION, probably. Don't fix Shit, don't use common sense. Just act like the useless corrupt politicians you are.
Why not target the real problem brought to light by the Connecticut massacre? -  young adults with severe mental problems not receiving adequate counseling and treatment.

Focusing on gun control is just lame duck blustering.
Here he goes with the mandates.
"There is a 6-12 month wait to see a psychiatrist." What country do you live in?
+Cheryl lynn There is a difference between alcohol and drugs and firearms. It is cheap and easy to brew alcohol or make drugs illegally. It's not that easy to manufacture guns in a roving RV. Therefore the comparison falls apart.
Admit it. You use guns as tokens to replace your useless manhoods. 
+Timothy Collins First of all, the second amendment has nothing to do with defending yourself from a home invasion, or the hobby of hunting, or skeet shooting, or any of those other things liberals try to trot out as activities that don't need a 30 round clip, or an assault weapon.  The 2nd amendment has EVERYTHING to do with maintaining a free society by keeping the population as armed as its government or neighboring governments.  The American Revolution was won by regular people with the same arms (cannons and all) as the British army.  The right to bear arms was enshrined in the constitution so that if the situation ever arose again where a government was oppressing its people, then the people could overthrow that government.

So 30 rounds might not be necessary to bring down that buck, or to repel that home invader.  But it will be damn useful in a guerrilla war against a better armed and better trained army.
+David Greifzu So do I but there are many options other than state controlled shrinks. There are many non profit organizations that perform the same service for free.
lmao i know many people who can make their own guns and Educate +Timothy Collins and if not then they will find other ways to kill....if they want to kill..they will...gun or not...Also it is no said you want to over time get rid of guns...that's what people said about alcohol and drugs....and you see how well all that has worked out. It does not work...what does it take for someone to comprehend that?
Typical liberal tactic, can't supply any thoughtful insights so they resort to name calling.
+Timothy Collins Back in the bad old days of the Cold War, I used to read samizdat literature from the Soviet Union—their gun control laws were draconian. Yet what was one complaint of the political underground? That the criminal underground was awash in guns and other weapons while citizens were defenseless.

Gun control laws will do nothing about criminal use of guns, only make it easier for criminals and make honest people defenseless targets. We need to get rid of the Nazi inspired gun control laws we already have.
I wish I had a -1 button just so I could use it on this post. The stupidity of our government is beyond repair. It's definitely going down hill after this last election. 
If the population of Darfur all had guns there would be a lot more people living there right now. 
+John Poteet no actually most people use guns for recreation or self defense. They aren't really used to replace manhood. 
+Trey Tre About what?  Read the federalist papers.  They tell you exactly why the founding fathers put what they did in the bill of rights.  It is not I that is misinformed.
+Timothy Collins , I have to side with +Cheryl lynn on this one.  People committing crimes will still get them.  I know you said it will "take time" to filter out these guns from society and no new law will change things overnight, but I still have to disagree.  Look at narcotics... those have been illegal for years... but yet there is still widespread use.

In regard to gun control, I can see both sides of the fence and I don't have a strong opinion either way.  In any event, take it easy on Obama and Biden.  I wouldn't take a million bucks to deal with that stress.  Whatever they come up with, they will never hear any praise over the shouting.  That's a real bummer.
Listening to your speech now... Inspiring, Mr.President.
What about all the families that lost children to the drone strikes you approved Mr. President?
Obama is an idiot...I don't feel for him. He is making bogus claims and laws just to please the bitching society...and God bless Biden..I mean that poor old man needs to be in a home. I don't feel for either...they don't care about you...any of you. It's a show people.
Obama just said military style weapons have no business in a movie setting .. You are a hypocritical and need to force Hollywood to stop the violent films
Crap just missed it.  Ill have to find it on youtube I guess.
Shame, I thought that G+ would have yielded slightly more intelligent commentary than that of YouTube and Facebook. Too bad.
Fake saving lives from an imaginary threat, great idea. Killing 1,000,000 Iraqis, super idea! I love how these evil f**ks in DC pretend to care about human life.
I honestly can't believe anyone still supports Obama/Biden. Then again the stupidity of our country recently has surprised me on more then one occasion.
I know what you mean, +Cheryl lynn. I mean, almost half of the country is Republican and the vast majority of people worldwide are religious.
There is a simple truth that we should not forget about here.  No matter what is said matter what law is passed or what restrictions are in place....none of it would have prevented the tragedy at Sandy Hook.

We want to look at the system and find how it failed.  Find something we can fix.  Sometimes there is nothing to fix.  Sometimes it is not the system that failed, but Humanity.
This speech was a cowardly cop out. You don't fix a leaking boat by making it sail faster. The only way it would have been up to my common sense standards would be if it included: we are ending the failed war on drugs, and we are delivering timely psychiatric care to all Americans of need.
Wouldn't banning the type of gun that the person used have prevented the shooting?
These proposals won't stop gun violence. They only infringe on the second amendment. Let's require id's and back ground checks to vote. A illegitimate vote is more dangerous than a gun any day.
Thank you, Mr. President and Vice President.
Now I will have to import clips, thanks for increasing my gun bills Obama.
To ban guns doesn't do shit. There are to many guns out there to get rid of. And if guns do get banned then there are gonna be riots in the streets 
Bombs are harder to get. And if he was using a knife, someone could have overpowered him.
And +Cory Barnett, if he had a different gun he wouldn't have been able to kill that many.
It's also just harder to kill someone with a knife.
странно,а вот здание похоже на типовой дом культуры 60 годов прошлого века.
Yeah, let's make guns illegal.  He should probably make murder illegal too just in case criminals ignore this new set of laws.
Hmm no mention of shoulder things that go up, I certainly hope he addresses those.
So the Prez is anti assault weapon, but yet he's pro abortion.... Hmmmm, which is the bigger threat to innocent children???
Wow. The racist, Christian Taliban, spew is especially vehement today. I wonder what's got their panties in a twist? 
+Dovakla Olvaron , yes but they aren't taken on school grounds legally....and I'm pretty sure those murders aren't legal....  My point is he is trying to treat a symptom of a larger disease.  I could use a knife, garden hose or my hands to kill people.  Last I checked, criminals don't care what the laws are or how they do it, so long as they fulfill those twisted desires.  
+Shea Hutchison If you don't think there should be gun restriction laws because you don't think criminals will follow it, do you think there should be no laws period?  That's the line of reasoning you're using.  Laws exist because people DO/WILL break them and they serve to bring punishment onto those people.  Sure, some people will get away with it, but that doesn't mean you don't try.
to solve this problem, it should be better to find causes instead of trying to limit consequences.
This is long overdue. I'm glad Democrats are finally taking the lead on this issue. 
It will be as successful as the great war on drugs has been . I wonder if government ever thought of creating an equal enviroment that took the hopeless out of people from unequal income? Hasn't anyone noticed the more despair the more incidents?
+Timothy Collins Standard pistol magazines range from 9-15 rounds and the standard AR-15 magazine is 30 rounds.  Leave those as is and they can have the discussion on higher capacities.  Again it still does not have a positive impact on gun violence,  smaller magazines just means people carry multiple magazines (3 second magazine change).

Many crimes are committed by multiple attackers and no one wants to be in a situation where they do not have enough rounds to effectively defend themselves.
+Nate Hoy There is no right to drink alcohol enumerated in the U.S. Constitution. But there is the right, nay even the responsibility, to protect oneself and one’s neighbors from injustice caused by criminals. Guns are tools to allow a person to fulfill that responsibility. The Second Amendment is written indicating that responsibility. Your argument is fallacious.
Tony C
+Timothy Collins
Your theories are misguided Timothy.  Cocaine, Heroin, Meth, all drugs are banned and illegal yet the addicts still get the drugs and people still die of overdose.  If you ban the weapons, people will still get them, they'll get them the same way drugs get in the country, smuggled.  Just like Alcohol in the 1920's and 30's got in America, bootleggers.  All we are doing is boosting the economy of the Black Marketeers who will be selling the banned weapons illegally.  Besides, a gun is perfectly harmless, it's the person who uses it that is the problem.
+T Yeh While I agree with what you're saying, history itself can show you that creating prohibitive laws only takes those things out of the hands of those who would use them responsibly.  The Prohibition is one such example.  Those who drank responsibly were the ones who were eventually restricted.  For the criminals, it only spawned criminal lords such as Al Capone who would do whatever possible to exploit the laws to their advantage.  In the end, it was wiser not to be so restrictive.  Same with drugs.  There are several studies linked to drug abuse stats lowering significantly when the drug is legalized.  As +Dovakla Olvaron said, guns make murder easier than anything else so they are still going to be used by those who would use them in the first place.  You aren't caging the beast.  You're caging the prey.
Say no to tyranny now. "The right to own and bear arms shall not be infringed" stands above any of this. 
Best news today. Good job Obama ! God bless you !
+Shea Hutchison, they're not trying to ban all guns, just ones that really have no purpose other than to kill lots of people very quickly. People will still be able to defend themselves.
And thank you for having an intelligent conversation instead of just saying, "obama is stupid i lov my guns u r all brainwashed"
What a waste of time. 
+lydia Mac Nice use of conservative grammar. Did you go to school at WalMart University or something? 
I'm pretty sure if one of the President's daughters were kidnapped at gun point or endangered in any way, that would be higher priority to Secret Service than any of our children.  That's just how it is.  Why?  Because he's the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.
The President's family actually is sort of more important the the families of most people.
This administration needs to get the Iron Sheik treatment.
+Dovakla Olvaron Unfortunately, the semi-anonymity of the internet has spawned arguments that simply insult rather than address the issue.  I'd rather take the stance that you have a reason for thinking the way you do and aren't just blindly following the President simply because he is the President.  I simply disagree with your reasoning. Regardless of what either of us thinks, no amount of insults will benefit either of us.  I am with you on that for sure.
Why do they need a "package of proposals" just to outlaw weapons?
"He's trying to take our guns", oh no, lets spout racist and fear mongering rants and ignore the first part of the Second Amendment, you know all the well regulated militia business, thats just fancy speak for let people have assault rifles right?
A prelude to total control.
he is so full of shit, one reason his eyes are brown.  and the unemployment rate is "going down" cause they are lying to the public about it.
+Joseph Lavergne-are you saying that everyone with brown eyes is full of shit?
And no, the economy actually is improving.
I see the 47% are up early today and posting their whiny crap here.  Carry on, idjits.
i'd trade the 2nd amendment for full government transparency
+Lydia Mac I'm sorry, but no. Sadly, it wouldn't. Even if it were my daughter, my niece, my sister, my mother.  It's not the same level of National Security.
Are these people firing their guns in the air when they make these comments?  In my head, they are.
The governments misuse of assault rifles eclipses makes U.S. citizens look like saints.

or is your government above it's own laws?
Congress has supreme legislative power as granted by the Constitution, so how is it the President is able to enact any executive orders to rule on Constitutional liberties?
He can sign the laws that he's encouraging Congress to pass?
Obama reducing gun violence will be a successful as Obama reducing debt,lowering the unemployment rate,creating jobs,his 3"stimulus" plans,not raising taxes on the middle class,closing Gitmo,reforming the tax code,ObamaCare(which is already unaffordable and it hasnt even been implemented yet ) and oh yes my favorite,Fast&Furious. Giving guns to drug cartels. Everything about Obama is a failure,this will fail too. Worst President ever,that is Obama's Legacy and you voted for him,lol.
+Dovakla Olvaron If you actually knew anything about the Constitution, you would know it is not perfectly legal to modify the Constitution by "Executive Decree."
More guns... More guns... Who cares if a few 7 to 9 year old kids get blown away. Who cares if a theater full of people can be shot up like fish in a barrel. It's a small price to pay for all those lovely lovely guns!! Yeeeee- Haaaw. Just keeps the population on their toes is all. Shoot em all and let god figure it out right?

It makes as much sense as what the right wingers are spewing. 
+Jarrod McCarthy I sincerely doubt there is any provision in the Constitution for Executive Orders.  Period.  Congress should nullify all Executive Orders.
+Theo Von Druessel...which is why he's not.  Executive orders are being signed to do what he can do (universal background checks, an idea supported by 70% of NRA members for one), and he's calling on Congress to do the things he can't (renewal of the assault weapons ban and a ban on magazines larger than 10 rounds).  Did you listen to the address this morning, or are you parroting what the NRA tells you to think?
+Jason Rodriguez Funny how a lot of the things you just mentioned as failures were actually things that he did not fail doing. Let me suggest you do more research before actually attempting to sound as if you know what you're talking about.
"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." - The Constitution
+Dwight Trimble are you that cold hearted? you are willing to sacrifice a 7 year old kid, and a theatre full of people, for a GUN?
+Dwight Trimble How 'bout all the cars that kill people?  Let's outlaw cars.  They are inherently dangerous.  Crazy people get licenses and drive them, you know. By the way, God is supposed to be capitalized.
Exactly, +Peter Rhyne. Nowhere in it does it mention individuals who go around shooting people randomly.
+Timothy Collins as to your statement about where would the criminals get the guns, they couldn't steal them from each other right? 
It's funny how gun nuts simply will not compromise in order to save lives. It's just not even open for discussion that it's for the good of us all. 
+Timothy Collins I would agree with what you are saying, but you aren't taking back market sales into account. Prohibition in the 20s did not stop the sale and distribution of alcohol. People who want military style automatic weapons will still have access. All this order does is prevent states from collecting taxes on fully automatic weapon sales. Not to say that this is a new idea, as the same ban existed from 1994 to 2004. That still doesn't make it a good idea.

Also, guns are already in the possession of criminals and those involved in organized crime. 
obama is the Biggest "GUN VIOLENCE by DRONES" RUNNER in the WORLD!!!
I day adopt the Swiss policy if arming all citizens. The potential for return fire is the best deterrent for shooting. 
The second amendment was drafted when people had Muskets. That should be the only thing anyone's entitled to have.

No one has a right to bear arms other than the two they were born with. Absolutely no one on earth has the right to own a weapon to kill. 
tee dee
Fisher that was funny !!!!!! Old age that's the number one killer in the world ......
+Stephen M. Cook Its the principle of the right that matters. It's childish to interpret the Constitution literally when it comes to protection from the government. It doesn't matter how you may wish to do it, whether with a musket, bow and arrow, or machine gun, the principle is there and easily understandable. 
+Cheryl lynn
The law will require those individuals who already own assault weapons to register them legally so that they may be tracked.  If you are caught with an assault weapon that is not legally registered, then you will be considered breaking the law.  If you are felon and are in possession of any weapon, then your ass is grass...period. 
I didn't see the press conference, although I doubt I needed to. Almost certain it was going to be along the lines of "all guns are evil, they kill children and kittens, you're going to hell if you want one, all guns are to be taken off the streets, here's some more Kool-aid."
Don't like common sense gun laws? Then move to Somalia where guns are everywhere.
+Dovakla Olvaron the economy is improving? What are you smoking? Tell that to Dow employees in Mid-Michigan who are about to be layed off and the 400 Hemlock Semiconductor employees who are being layed off as I post this. Anyone who says the economy is improving is a liar or a fool.
Don't like guns?  Move to Chicago.
Honestly, for what purpose other than military or law enforcement, are assault weapons needed? They are not.
+Joel Carlson I have a better idea.  Don't like the right to bear arms.  Then move to the UK where guns are illegal.

Stop trying to take my rights away just because they make you feel uncomfortable.
I fully support the right of well regulated militia members to keep and bear muzzle-loading, flint and/or match-lock, black powder, muskets and rifles as well as swords and personal knives as the founding fathers intended. 

It's clear that breech loading firearms using new-fangled percussion caps and primers and advanced gun powders are outside the original intent of authors of the Constitution. 
Somalia = Anarchy + chaotic, unethical people.
Libertarian = US Constitution + upright, ethical people. 
would it be fair, if the Police, Army Navy, Air Force, FBI, CIA, and whatever else had their Assault Rifles taken away as well? I mean If the we can be equally armed 1v1 to federal agents I would be much at ease, and really forget about this whole issue.
Lets make it a law that mass shootings are illegal. That will put an end to this problem once and for all. 
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
also everyone note the flag at half mast, to draw from your sympathy for gun violence victims .
"The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation."  --- Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf
+Joel Carlson Somalia's abundance of arms surely made it difficult and unpopular for the US to intervene in its affairs in the early 90s.  Many libertarian types believe that this is the primary function of an armed populous.
I don't have the right to drink and drive because it could hurt you. I don't have the right to go into a crowded theater and yell "FIRE" to see the mob form. I don't have lots of rights we used to have because they infringe on your life. 
Joel Kolodziej, just because you like something, does not mean it is of benefit. Please, explain why people need assault rifles. 
For all those who believe it is long held republican dogma that the second amendment is holy, Reagan wanted assault weapons banned. Saint Reagan agrees with Obama. Maybe you should too.
Note that the second amendment says a well regulated militia. That means good, common sense guns laws.
You have my full support in strengthening gun laws in an effort to prevent the violence throughout our country.
+Cheryl Cooper I wish I could +1,000,000 your comment.

+Timothy Collins That logic only goes as far as removing all guns from everywhere in the world. You know full well that police, military and other government enforcement agencies will have access to these weapons, which means they are just as capable of being stolen as they would be in the hands of law abiding citizens. The only difference is the law abiding citizens would no longer be able to defend themselves against said terrible weapons. Once again, the good guys pay for the wrongdoings of evil people.
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. (Infringed: broken, violated, transgresses)
+Sol ShantzKreutzKamp “The governments misuse of assault rifles eclipses makes U.S. citizens look like saints.

or is your government above it's own laws?”

You hit a very important point! If American citizens knew half of what “our” government is illegally doing “in our name”, they would be appalled. Obama is just as bad as all the rest.

Government is supposed to be under the law, but it acts as if it is above the law. They even exclude themselves from the laws they pass. For example, if Obamacare is so great and good for us citizens, it’s good enough for the president and congress critters. Yet they excluded themselves. They are not lords above us, but fellow citizens.
For all those quoting the second amendment, please feel free to give the name and regulatory agency of the "well regulated militia" you currently serve with. There is nothing in these measures that involve taking away your current weapons, only reducing the risk in the future. Nothing completely eliminates risk, but common sense can reduce it.
Breaking News: Chicago now the safest city in America,Obama uses Executive Orders to stop all gun violence. With a stroke of a pen and a riveting speech,all the criminals layed down their weapons and decided to become productive members of society. Retards!
+Robert Gonzalez So you don't lock your doors ever because a few people have lock-picks and your car dealer/mechanic has a copy/record of your key-code? No. You take sensible precautions.  
Why were those school children writing letters to the President on matters of current affairs during the school day? US kids have been lagging in the fundamentals of academics ever since liberals "fixed" the world's greatest school system in the 60s. Children are unqualified to decide matters of national policy. And as long as teachers use classrooms as indoctrination centers rather than actual classrooms, we will continue to "graduate" round after round of airheads who have little between their ears but leftist indoctrination. 
It seems that there are many here who have no idea what defines an "assault weapon." According to the military an assault weapon is one that is capable of select-fire. This means it is able to fire in semi-automatic mode (one shot for each pull of the trigger) and full-automatic mode (continues to fire until trigger is released or ammunition runs out). As of 1986 assault rifles have no been manufactured for civilians. There are still some in circulation, however, they are very expensive and the owner has to pay a $200 tax to own one and go through a very lengthy background check, which could take several months. The term "assault weapon" as used by the media and politicians refers to a firearm with cosmetic features designed to make it LOOK like a military firearm. It is not capable of select-fire (as defined above), and it is no more lethal as a result of these cosmetic features. For example, Ruger makes a very nice 22 caliber rifle that comes with a nice wooden stock. This is a great first gun for any child. Butler Creek makes a folding stock with a pistol grip that can be swapped out for the wooden stock. The wooden stock does nothing to enhance the rifle's capabilities, it does nothing to make it more deadly. It is purely a cosmetic feature. However, the pistol grip and folding stock instantly turn it into an assault rifle. So, riddle me this- what good is it to band a gun based on the way it looks? +Dianne Feinstein has said that she has looked at pictures of firearms and is ready to present an assault weapon bill- based on pictures! She has no knowledge of what any of these firearms do or even the caliber, she just saw a picture and since it looks scary, it must be bad.

This is what gun owners are mad about. The media keeps saying that 80% of gun owners are in favor of "common sense" gun laws. So tell me what is common sense about making a gun illegal based on looks? One last thing, New York just passed extreme gun laws yesterday. They banned assault rifles even though of the 769 people murdered in New York in 2011, only five were by rifle of any type, one less than those killed by strangulation. How is that common sense?
@neil moody, 
there would be a complete uprising if all our weapons where taken at once. So it only makes sense they would start with one weapon at a time.
+Timothy Collins your logic is stupid. You actually think banning the guns will stop criminals from having them? What about heroin? That's never been legal and yet they still have that. 
I think it's never too late to correct laws, just take fact, believe in your target and be very patient. The act is wonderfully great, so let's help Obama to beak this law.
1. I think problem of mass shootings and all is in the culture.not gun ownership. though high gun ownership doens't help in such culture. there are other countries where gun ownership is high and where militia is maintained for defence, yet they do not have mass shootings. well at leats not as many as in USA.
2. 200 years old consitution? isn't it time for an update? if we followed all old text the sun would still revolve arround the earth. then again some still believe that to be true, so...
+Timothy Collins the guns can easily be brought up from Mexico. We can't stop people from coming in down there. You think we can stop guns. Not to mention that Obama already sent a ton of the "Evil Black Rifles" down there. 
Who cares if young kids get killed in school ? That's American Way of Life ! You are the best, you know better, everybody else in the world should follow your exemple. If they don't, just go and bring them democracy with your guns !
+Jason Thompson, so what, we shouldn't try to make it more difficult for criminals to own guns at all?  Maybe the government should hand guns out?  If ever there was a stupid argument, it's that "Criminals are going to get guns anyway, so let's just give up."

"We cannot let the perfect be the enemy of the good."  No legislation is going to be perfect, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try.
Because conservatives live in a fact free echo chamber of their own making:

"Ezra Klein: Israel and Switzerland are often mentioned as countries that prove that high rates of gun ownership don’t necessarily lead to high rates of gun crime. In fact, I wrote that on Friday. But you say your research shows that’s not true."

"Janet Rosenbaum: First of all, because they don’t have high levels of gun ownership. The gun ownership in Israel and Switzerland has decreased."

"For instance, in Israel, they’re very limited in who is able to own a gun. There are only a few tens of thousands of legal guns in Israel, and the only people allowed to own them legally live in the settlements, do business in the settlements, or are in professions at risk of violence."

"Both countries require you to have a reason to have a gun. There isn’t this idea that you have a right to a gun. You need a reason. And then you need to go back to the permitting authority every six months or so to assure them the reason is still valid."

"The second thing is that there’s this widespread misunderstanding that Israel and Switzerland promote gun ownership. They don’t. Ten years ago, when Israel had the outbreak of violence, there was an expansion of gun ownership, but only to people above a certain rank in the military. There was no sense that having ordinary citizens [carry guns] would make anything safer."
+Ben Davis Do you suppose that the War on Guns will be more successful than the War on Drugs/ 
Maybe Eric Holder will release a few kilos of heroin into the economy to see if that leads to finding illegal guns.
+Kamil Czerniak the guns that are being banned are seldom used for hunting. They are not considered powerful enough to kill game animals in many states. I do use an AR15 to hunt in my state, but my state is one of the exceptions. Before anyone can discuss what should be banned one should educate oneself on the topic. Learn more about guns, and don't get that education from the media. I used to be in favor of an assault weapon ban until I learned how ludicrous it is. The decision to ban a gun is based on how it looks, not what it does.
Who besides me believes that prescription psycho drugs lie at the root of these mass shootings... in combination with permissive parenting that accepts and indulges anti social behaviors?
+Paul Hue Do you suppose you could have a thought of your own without parrotting Rush Limbaugh? Gun control is far more successful than the war on drugs in most countries where it's tried because....most sane people abhor guns. 

Even most illegal drug users don't want guns around. 
Look at Chicago. Gun laws out the ass. Yet somehow people still get shot ALL THE TIME. AND NOT BY THE EVIL BLACK RIFLES I MIGHT ADD! 
Good thought. Let's legalize weed and prohibit assault weapons.  We all win.
Or you could end the failed drug war. 
+Gregor Gorjan The constitution was written because advances in philosophical thought necessitated a new form of government discarding the old models of monarchy and theocracy. The constitution was built on the reckless assumption that individuals posses innate rights and the government acknowledges them rather than benevolently bestowing them. What philosophical advancements have occurred since then that should significantly alter the form of our government? 
Nothing will stop criminals having guns. How will innocent citizens protect themselves against those criminals now?
+Jason Thompson your 'evil black rifles' are what allowed 70 people to be shot in under 3 minutes in Aurora, CO.  But, you're right, we shouldn't do anything to stop things like that.
Maybe the government should neither hand out nor ban guns, and instead return to focusing on its few legitimate purposes, such as protecting our currency and borders. We all as parents have a responsibility to make our homes, communities, and schools safe. We can figure this out for ourselves.  
I appreciate what's happened and support the
Nice to see our administration doing something about the guns. We'll all be much safer.  Stalin and Hitler were major gun control advocates too! 
+Jason Thompson So you won't mind gun control laws because they'll be ineffective as they are in Chicago? Is that your argument? 

Do you understand that Chicago doesn't actually have national borders? 
From zero posts to Republican circle-jerk in record time...
Let see what happen after the law. We shall leave our fingers crossed.
+Paul Hue, you can shift the blame around all you want.  It's going to take a comprehensive and wide-reaching set of solutions and societal shifts to change the fact that America sees 20x more gun violence than other industrialized nations.  It's a real problem, and to do nothing is the worst thing we can do.
Take this and all future proposals and go fuck yourselves
+Jon Poteet Do you suppose that you could respond to me without parroting Rachael Madcow? You say that "gun control" works well in other countries... because the people there abhor guns. Well, that's why gun control "works" there: the laws simply mimic the peoples' own mass sentiment. That would be like the government now passing a law banning Air America, and then proclaiming the law effective. Again we ask you: how are those drug laws working, which ban what people obviously want?
Why do some people equate the sensible regulation of guns with banning guns?
Government will reduce violence just as effectively as they are prosecuting the drug war. 
I wish we had an executive branch that knew what the heck it was doing.  Alas, we don't.  I hope we can get America out of the ditch they have driven it into before too long.
Because to them it makes sense that you have to license/register your pet, but not your guns...
Hey guys! I have a great idea. Let's do the same thing we did in 1994, which had no discernible effect, and expect different results this time!
violence is a part of life-if you can't handle it - die-- other choices are not available in a state of freedom
+Evan Ezewski There's actually only three or four Republican sock-puppets spewing this crap from a basement in Utah. Have you noticed that every other bit of hate-obama spew on the internet is suddenly an hispanic-named woman?

When's the last time you've heard an actual hispanic person praising the generous, sensible republicans? That would be the first day of never if you're not in Florida. 

Because people whose goal is to ban private ownership of firearms (other than the for the wealthy and powerful, of course, who will always be protected by armed guards) use phrases like "sensible regulation of guns".
+Panda Corleone, ahh the classic fallacy.  "Something else kills more people than guns do, so we shouldn't do anything about how many people are killed by guns".  I, for one, am not distracted.
+Brandon Blackmoor, please find me a quote where the President says he wants to remove all guns from all citizens.  If you can't find it, then please silence your extremist and uninformed voice.
Are u being funny, lydia Mac?. Who killed tens if not >hundred thousand civilian Muslims and who killed Osama Bin Laden (and most  Al Qaeda leaders?)...
I can't recall the last time somebody killed a neighbor with heroin from across the street in a dispute over loud music? Can anybody else? Guns OTOH; daily occurrence. 
George H.W. Bush used executive order in 1989 to keep assault weapons from coming into the country.  Bill Clinton issued executive order in 1998 to ban assault weapons.  All the whack-a-doodle gun owners out there that are screaming "DON"T TAKE OUR GUNS!"...if you would stop spewing the garbage from the hole under your noses long enough to LISTEN AND READ, you will see that no one is coming to take your stupid guns.  The guns that you have now are yours to keep...IF THEY ARE REGISTERED LEGALLY and you ARE NOT A FELON WHO IS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE WEAPONS!  Do your research!!! Geesh!!!
+Ben Davis Oh, here we go again with another "comprehensive and wide-reaching set of solutions and societal shifts".

How many of these can we afford before we belly up? Please point to one that has worked.

Perhaps federal funding of k-12 and college education? (Per capita, per student funding up every year, test scores down or stuck at bottom every year; prior to this program, US had best educated 18 year olds and college grads in the world.) 

Or Great Society welfare? How did those housing projects work? How is it working shifting those people from housing projects to Section 8 homes? 

How is ObamaCare working out? Where is that drop in costs to you, the working, upright consumer? 
Gun control has gotten "out of control". I am for proposals that will reduce gun violence. Guns are used for more than just hunting and it is not an inner-city problem.  It is everybody's problem.
+Renee Grayson They can't read. What they read they can't comprehend. The poor souls were home-skooled. 
+Joel Carlson   You got the militia part of the second amendment backwards.  Looking at the way militia is defined in the rest of the U.S. Constitution, the militia is the armed forces of the government.  We the people regulated it (i.e. control it) by being armed against it in cause the government becomes tyrannical.  That means we have the Right to outfited as the average soldier of the day.
I'll put my home-schooled teen who spends the day reading Shakespeare and Euclid up against any of your teens spending the school day directed by their teachers to write agitprop to the president. +Jon Poteet 
+Ben Davis no... What allowed all those people to be shot is they were in GUN FREE ZONES! How is a bad guy with a gun going to be stopped if there are no good guys with guns lurking around? Same goes with wanting to ban 30 round magazines. It takes 4 seconds to change a mag. Even if it's 10 rounds or 30 rounds. It's still only 4 seconds. If someone is in a gun free zone... They have all the time in the world to change mags cause no one there has a gun.

Look up the OFF DUTY woman from the sheriff's office that stopped the mass shooting in San Antonio just two days after Sandy Hook. SHE HAD A GUN! 
So will he still be able to give guns to drug cartels? Or no?
+Paul Hue I see that you're trying to change the topic of the conversation again.  A typical response for someone who is desperate to weasel out of a position they know is wrong.  I, for one, am not distracted (again).  "The cost will be too great."  Let's go ahead and put a monetary value on it.  What is the value of the lives of 20 elementary school kids?  I'd love to see you come up with a number.
This Cheryl lynn person talks of an "educational class" yet doesn't know that an belongs in front of vowels instead of a. Aren't you glad she has guns? I sure am. I personally have five legally owned guns. I have a hunting license and a carrying permit. I've passed all the tests they have to take. None of my guns are automatic or semi-automatic. I have pump action shotguns. I hunt for food not sport. There is no need for any civilian to have 6,000 rounds of ammunition and drum magazines to shot them with. Oh and one last little thing before I go: The poster says it's a package of ideas on gun restrictions not a package of gun restrictions. So uncock your guns.
From what I've seen in these proposals, it seems pretty reasonable and I've hunted and owned guns. Universal background checks need to be enforced. People are getting around current laws by going to flea markets and auctions etc. (the soft markets). Yeah, you can argue that this won't stop all wackos but like any system of defense, you create layers to try to lessen the problem. Limiting to 10 round clips seems pretty reasonable too. Nobody needs 30, 50, 100 round clips in their semis for hunting or home defense. That's just an invitation for a wacko to create more killing. No arguements from me on those two issues.
+Patrick marrazzo   None of your five guns are semi-auto?  I don't believe you.  What do you carry with your ccw permit, a pump action shotgun is a little big to carry concealed.
Stop black on black shootings and gun violence would plummet.  There was no high capacity rifle at the scene of Sandy Hook, there was a shotgun in his trunk that was not used.  I hate the lying sacks of excrement that report the news.  Our President is a lying sack too.  Can you say BENGHAZI, that's what happens to you when only the bad guys have guns.  The President wants you to forget about BENGHAZI. 
Starting with proper back ground, mental health, education sounds great.....plan on taking weapons out of law abiding responsible people, we the people might not be so abiding..
The good guys also had guns at Benghazi. 
There are people who support reasonable restrictions -- not permitting violent felons to be able to legally buy firearms (already illegal), not permitting people who have been involuntarily committed to legally buy firearms (already illegal), and so on. The individuals who make speeches while holding machine guns (already illegal for civilian purchase) are not among them.

Some of the "reasonable gun regulations" those people are talking about...

"Confiscation could be an option." -- New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in a radio interview (December 27, 2012)

"We cannot have big guns out here ... semi-automatics and all of them... Even if you have them, I think we need to start taking them." -- Iowa Rep. Dan Muhlbauer interview with the Iowa Daily Times Herald (December 19, 2012)

Or, as the esteemed Senator Feinstein said, "If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them... Mr. and Mrs. America turn them all in, I would have done it."
Did what blackobama has done since 2008 have the idiots and those of the HONEY BOO BOO faith pressure congress to act because he can't and they won't due! too a little document called the constitution so they he can do is use those kids like those at SANDY HOOK score some points and go to the view too plead his case, watch! W/i month he'll appear
Did what blackobama has done since 2008 have the idiots and those of the HONEY BOO BOO faith pressure congress to act because he can't and they won't due! too a little document called the constitution so they he can do is use those kids like those at SANDY HOOK score some points and go to the view too plead his case, watch! W/i month he'll appear
good for him.  NY just passed similar laws.  
His focus on guns, illegals and gays is laser like.  Those are the things he really cares about.  Finances, jobs and the economy, not so much. Worst President ever.
As an outdoorsman and strong second amendment supporter I'm disappointed to see an attack on "assault" weapons and "high capacity" magazines.  

However, I do support background checks for all gun sales (the mechanics and funding of an expansion concern me though), and cracking down on illegal gun trafficking.
All I have to say is watch out for because no its going to be the guns and then they will start on the rest of our freedoms....if you want a gun there is nothing that will stop so one from getting one and let's just say they were able become more strict on gun laws what happens when someone starts using dirty bombs to hurt people...just some thought for food... and yes ment it the way I said it 
Yes I have 4 pump action shotguns and one 5 shot .357, neither of those are semi-automatic. I have to pull the hammer pack on the revolver and pump the shotguns so no, they aren't semi-automatic.
This guy thinks he's a king!!!  This is incomprehensible and unforgiveable.  Anyone who affirms this unconstitutional order by giving up their guns is enabling a traitor!
23 executive orders? Bypassing Congress and the Law again? If you want to be a monarch go to England!
BREAKING NEWS.... there was just a helicopter that crashed into a construction crane and killed 2 bystanders, we need to ban all helicopters, they are dangerous!!!
+Theo Von Druessel Were you in a coma for the prior 8 years?  Because that title goes to Bush jr.  And if you think he doesn't care about finances, jobs, or the economy, please stop drinking the Faux News koolaid and pay attention, to, you know, reality.
Biden and his team of professionals got some ideas from the NRA and other groups with money.  Just sayin'
+Elizabeth Gonzalez thank you for adding the second part of the 2nd amendment. So many people think its just about a militia, but they never bother to read past the freaking comma. Are rights to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed for we are the people. Again thank you.
"Gun control" The "gun problem" is coming from the History of the US, i.e. immigrants that killed the natives in a genocide to take their land ...

It's some kind of "original sin" and thus it will be very difficult for a nation built on violence, theft and slavery to get rid of its (gun) violence !
where was all of this outrage over executive orders when W signed 291 of them and Bush signed 166 (in one term)?
Mr. Obama stop being hyperbolic. There is no such thing as a "military-styled assault weapon." There is NO legal definition for this mythic weapon.
Tomorrow treason charges will be brought on the President. His solemn oath is to uphold the Constitution. That includes the Second Amendment. The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed!
How is everyone so bent out of shape when they don't even know what he's going to say yet???  

Oh yeah, it's the Internetz...
Thats easy sell every body guns but not the bullets -outlaw bullets-anyone found with a bullet will b shot-now hows that for double-dutch-who said i was dumb
I think this should have been done a long time ago and by now the critics would have had nothing to talk about. If thwy want to learn and have not yet, they need to read about Africa. 
+Fairion Baker I dunno maybe you don't need a howitzer to hunt deer... But hey, let's ass-u-me all over the place... 
Now that Our Dear Leader "reduced"gun violence through Executive Order,will all the Elite Leftist tell their armed security details to go home,they dont need armed security anymore right? Obama spoke and now all the bad people will stop being bad and go get a job now right? All the Left Wing media(propagandist) have armed guards,will David Gregory tell the armed security at his studio to home now that Obama single handedly "reduced" gun crimes?
francois tu ressemble a psy allucinant
It won't stop violence still have a meth problem even though it is illegal. He is setting this country up for another big fall.
A guy in Amarillo, TX got killed with a roof hatchet last week.  Should we outlaw roofing tools too?
mane datz dat hoe shyt takin all a nigga clips
Is a very complex theme.
What did the US government use to kill one million Iraqis? What was the size of their magazine? If you think anything other than 2nd amendment prevents the evil empire from killing dissenters you are a fool. People act like the folks in DC's humility, compassion, and respect for citizens will protect them; but they don't have any.
so you can't buy bullets without being a registered "bullet purchaser" thats lame as hell. whats next, getting registered to watch a gun show?
Does anyone know what the president can enact without Congress?
Guns are not the problem, they are to chicken shit to fix the real problem. These laws won't stop this kind of violence. The criminals or people who intend to commit a crime with a gun will find another way to get the ones they want and it does not matter how many laws they pass. Just my thought on that.
+James Pakele Our right to keep and bear arms has nothing to do with sport. The founding fathers gave us that right to protect our liberties. Often the only time an individual's voice matters is when they back it up with hot lead.
This is why we have a Republic.  Emotional events can destroy peoples' ability to think rationally, weigh tradeoffs, and make reasoned decisions.  When the majority go and get their torches and pitchforks, the Republic protects the minority from the angry mob.
Why are you all so worried about making sure that NUTS do not get to buy nor acces to guns, cheryl lyn, esp.? 
The only people happy about what Ocommie,I mean Obama is doing with guns are the Liberals to stupid to know the consequences of what Obama is doing and the criminals. Nothing more comforting for a criminal than knowing the people you are about violate are not armed.
LOL at all the panties in a bunch over nothing.. 

Nobody is going to BAN ALLL THE GUNZ!!!
+Scott Northam YES!!! roofing hatchets and helicopters they seem to be on a killing spree, soon with will have men in helicopters killing people with roofing hatchets!!! it will be an epidemic!
Here we go again. I have a quote assault weapon I bought it during the last ban. I bought hi capacity magazines also under the last ban. It did not work. It just made things somewhat more expensive. A quote pre ban gun was around double what a post ban gun cost. What it will do is put a lot of people out of jobs who make the things. It will put thousands out of work and again put us in the same shape we were in during the last ban. There were no or virtually no us mag manufacturers. The military purchased mags for the m9 pistol they were crap but we could not sue because when the ban came into play the company was gone. We had to hope the Europeans would be kind enough to sell us replacements as the us military is not that big of a customer surprisingly. Not enough to keep a company going just to sell to them. 
+Fairion Baker what "internal defense"?  are you speaking of? Who are you "defending" against? 
Rampant problems:

Speeding         --> Illegal     Drug Abuse     --> Illegal
Drunk Driving   --> Illegal      Rape               --> Illegal
Murder            --> ALREADY illegal
Laws never change behavior, they just outline the consequences. What we have is a behavior issue, laws cannot fix it.
+Shawn Rouse Why is it in Australia and Japan once weapon laws were established gun violence dropped drastically? In Germany you can own a weapon if you qualify and the weapon plus amo need to be stored securely in separate places. I think in all the time we had two shootings.

Guns are the problem when people have access to them who should not to. That is also true for the backstreet weapon production industry in the US.
The only comforting thought about all this is the fact that Obama is a failure and has a record of incompetency. Id be worried if someone with more intelligence were doing this.
+James Pakele   No one is talking about deer hunting.  The 2nd amendment has nothing to do with deer hunting.  The 2nd amendment is about the people being armed as a soldier.  That is every human beings Right!  I would support these mag limits and such if they applied to EVERYONE.  But I don't see Obama stating he will enforce these rules equally.  Instead he will have a "special" class of people above the law, who will be allowed to carry these guns and mags.  Everyone needs to be under every law,  everytime they allow exceptions for their costumed thugs and crony corporate friends, it show what hypocrite these elite rulers are.  It is sick.
+Chris Cecil What are you being soldiers against? Who are you fighting?  That's what I want to know...
Impeach obama... you guys are hilarious...
+James Pakele   "all enemies foreign and domestic"  just like my oath to the U.S. Constitution stated.
+Douglas Boehme Learn to understand the constitution might help you as well because it talks about militia - definition of militia is being a trained and overseen group. Regulating weapons is something different than banning all weapons at all.

Are private people owning high explosives and nuclear bombs?
+Chris Cecil Like WHO? Zee Germans? Canada invading soon?  Mexico gonna launch an attack?
I thought Americans are tough people, but what I read here amuses the rest of the world because you chatter like scared chicken instead of using your brain and intelligence. Wait that would be too liberal.

Man you guys need to grow up. Other nations solved that issue long time ago. So should the USA.
Dear Mr. Obama, There's only one problem with your gun control edict. You made me a felon for reporting a murder. Who's the criminal now? 
Thank you Mr President for making me proud to be an American once again.  You represent the values that I always believed of growing up in this Country, those of progressive idealism; not the the cynical right wing clap trap of fear and hate mongering that has so often hi-jacked our political process in the last 25 years.  Folks who grow up in the 60's used to think like you did; what happened to our generation? How in God's name did we so totally lose our way?  Thanks for pointing back to the right path.
I haven't read a single comment on this post.

But I bet I can summarize perfectly.

People on the left: protect children through reasonable means.

People on the right: ignorance, hatred, ad hominem attacks, and racial remarks.

Am I right or what?
Alex Wilson, what about Sec 313 Title 32 of the US Code, How is the un-organized militia to be armed if they are not allowed to buy their own weapons?
What a joke.  Tightening legislation on firearms doesn't reduce gun violence.  Violence is violence, regardless of how its committed. The problem is criminals committing acts violence against innocent citizens.  That is what needs to be addressed.
Timothy Collins there is no such thing as something that can't be stolen.if you put your mind to it you can do anything. It's just like telling the military they can't use a AK 47 because it's inhumane...if they can use it on us why can't we use it on them. Not to mention the fact that you could always buy "illegal" weapons from another country...just because it's against our law doesn't mean other countries follow that same law. We should have the right to defend ourselves by any means necessary!
+Brian Dillard Most of the comments refer to the constitution. It actually says that guns are important to prevent the government from running amuck. 
+ed theilmann Fascist? Fascism is corporate take over of the government, also religion and government intertwined, and over the top patriotism, sounds like the goddamn Teabaggers to me.
+Morris Buel War is war.  Drone attacks may be bad, but they're resulting in less civilian casualties than most wars the US has been in.  We used to bomb whole cities, not to mention the way we ended WWII with Japan.
9. Issue a Presidential Memorandum to require federal law enforcement to trace guns recovered in criminal investigations.

Finally! An investigation into Fast and Furious!

13. Maximize enforcement efforts to prevent gun violence and prosecute gun crime.

Target Number 1: David Gregory
+David Greifzu Oh so you mean you want to use your guns against the police? Define "running amuck" and what you would intend to do about it if it happened?
How are we supposed to defend ourselves from tyranny?
I'm sure one dude with a metal shop could make any gun with blueprints on the internet. Well, that's before your government makes those blueprints illegal.
I bet we hit 500 comments before I get a straight answer... 
+Brian Dillard What I hear you saying is, "I haven't listened to any of your arguments and I'm not going to make reason-based counterarguments, but I am going to characterize you as ignorant and guilty of making ad hominem attacks."

Do you see it?
+James Pakele I would not hesitate. Running amuck is what they are doing. Corruption, mass imprisonment of citizens for nothing.
Get a grip @Morris Buel, he's not taking away guns from gun holders, he's getting machine guns off the street and out of the mentally ill peoples hands. Do you REALLY think hunters use machine guns for hunting dear and ducks? Has the NRA done its job promoting gun safety. No! In fact they just released a video game that teaches kids how toe kill people?!  WTF?!  If I was President, I would also force gun holders to buy insurance (like car insurance) and then if they were liable the victims would be paid handsomely. I could give a rats ass if you own a gun, I want parents to start being responsible gun holders and if their kid is mentally ill to keep the guns out of their hands. And if their kids (minors) shoot another person they should go to jail as well.  @ed theilmann, we already have checkpoints in Arizona and California. Europe has checkpoints everywhere. You people talk about immigration reform but god forbid you should have to go through a checkpoint.
I wonder how many assault weapons were surrounding the kids Obama was pimping at his lil Executive Order ceremony?
+David Greifzu what I find funny about that argument is that you people on the right say you want guns to protect yourself from the government going amuck but you want armed guards at every school?

Do not see the flaw in your own argument?
+Michael Brown Same question, what do we need all the guns for?  Fight the police? government? what?
I'm not on the right. I am on the absolute pure right. Guards is a stupid idea, give them to teachers.
And I am sure gangsters, thugs, terrorists, and anyone else intent on killing or maiming will follow the laws.
+David Greifzu Running amuck is what they are doing now?  And what are you and your guns going to do about it?
#stupidgunarguments made over and over again...

On 1 of my posts I can't get a straight answer either. They are unable to answer questions because all they can do is parrot what they hear on TV and radio.

Faux News and Rush Limbaugh are their masters. 
John Christy
The biggest attempt to trample and shred the Constitution of the United States since Abraham Lincoln, Woodrow Wilson, and FDR!!!. TREASON!
I'm actually getting sick and tired of hearing all these people complain and compare the gun laws to the drug laws or that it's stupid because criminals can get them no matter what.  That kind of logic actually makes me think that you would rather we have no laws to abide by just because someone with malicious intent doesn't have to or want to follow the rules.  While the I agree the war on drugs has not been a a successful one, it still needs to be fought because of the negative impact it has on our society.  Just because the criminals can still obtain drugs illegally from another place doesn't mean that we shouldn't have drug laws.  While I believe that people have the right to defend their homes and hunt for food and sport, why are semi automatic weapons necessary and when the hell are you going to use it?
Vu Phung
I can totally understand the having better background checks but which other part of this package of proposal is supposed to reduce gun violence? Making it harder for law-abiding citizens to defend themselves or reminding criminals that they're breaking the law and not expecting them to break the law anyway?
I don't believe the problem is with guns as much as it is with educating the people that are using them. they should have  a  training program to pass before they buy, maybe they won't but then. People are crazy. can't fix that.
Go for it. Stop the fools
They are going to disarm the brutal police force and end the attempts at a monopoly on gun violence? Oh wait, much too hopeful. It's just more gun registration isn't it? Yeah... I thought so.
And yet a year later Congress is still not doing a damn thing.
+Brian Dillard The fucking House will never pass any gun control legislation, they are beholden to their corporate masters the NRA.
+Brian Dillard Actually, it's been around 4 years now. We have lived through a congress that has been so bad at passing legislation since the 2010 elections that they are making history in their inability to even fulfill the most basic functions of their job. And that started at the very moment that the GOP took control of the House... and yet there are still people that want to argue that it's both parties.

It isn't both parties. It's one set of do-nothing congress people that seem allergic to actually doing their job.
Nope. Every White House post goes to 500 comments. I've never seen them delete obvious spam comments either. 
Were is the proposal to prevent tasing violence? it's rampant in My Country and those devices kill and mam, they are lethal and should be banned...
+John Poteet
When's was the last time a pregnant woman was tased in the eye and blinded? Google it...
No matter how hard they cry, they will never cry longer, harder, more deeply or more Real, than anyone who has ever lost a love to a stupid situation, - with a gun..
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