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Today, the White House has gone purple online for LGBT Spirit Day:
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It is very important, for the White House, to demonstrate its support of all Americans, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, or creed.
Also going purple shows interest in those sorta-red, sorta-blue swing states.
Shouldn't it be LGBT month? Maybe one day I hope!
I was glad Obama mentioned DOMA on The Daily Show last night. I felt like LGBT rights haven't gotten much coverage in this part of the campaign. Reassuring to know it's still on the radar
Why hasn't this subject been brought up in the debates?
I'm VERY sure the White House would remain white a year from now if Mr. Romney was elected on November 6th.
+Dyane Lody - why should the decorations of the white house be up for debate?  Last I recall, what goes on in the white house in terms of management policy, activities and decorations reflect the interests of and are subject to the will of the sitting president (and to a much lesser extent the president's spouse). 
+Gabriel Walsh for the exact same reason it is up to your boss what you are allowed to put on your desk at work. The EXACT same reason. With that said, the problem the POTUS suffers from is too many chiefs. He has a LOT of bosses to satisfy. I certainly do not envy that position.
+Drew Heyen - So you are agreeing with me then.  My point (which you seem to have missed was) that white house decorations and management are not a matter of political discussion or voter input, they reflect the desires of the current residents.
Awesome!! This is what progress looks like. Thanks for supporting all Americans, even the most vulnerable. 
My son often came home in tears from middle school because he just didn't fit in well, being raised with conservative Christian worldview and not knowing how to adapt to the culture that didn't share his convictions about what he should watch on TV, play on his PS3, or do with his free time. Does that count as bullying?
You mean 4 more years of pandering, lying, etc? Yep... Great choice... Romney all the way..
+Kent Rainey Biler Don't we all? Everyone wants acceptance, validation, acknowledgement that you're worth something, that your life has meaning.  I think we ALL lose sight of the needs we ALL have in common and that we ALL are prone to mistreat others who don't share our own unique view/opinion/belief of the significance of the firelight flickering on the wall of the cave. I'd argue that the pain of a LBGT student is worth the pain of the kid who overeats, or the one who is mistreated for being Muslim, or the boy who has a learning disability.  Bullying sucks. It's sourced from a heart that wants what it tries to take away from others. Respect can exist without agreement.
He isn't our Commander in Chief... yet... 
I don't discriminate but i can't support what do they call it?LGBT yes call me a Bigot but i won't give up my beliefs and faith in Gods word which denounces such acts as "sin"its all over the new testament in the books of Romans,corinthians,Ephesians you name it,the story of sodom and Gomorrha?But what do you expect from the people of the world its expected of them but not when someone who claims to be a Believer is actually one of this things?they shouldn't decieve themselves they're just hypocrites and God hates hypocrisy the most there's no middle ground you're either here or there.
Now i know so many people are gonna want to chew me raw am not scared about what you'd say or think about me it doesn't concern me but God required us no matter who the individual might be,to love all men and treat everyone as equal regardless of their sexual orientation and class..enough said.
+Rob McCoy everyone does want acceptance. In America, we raise our children with 2 main values: conformity and competition. Even if everyone wants to fit in, there's still a push to be the best. That's where the bullying comes from
Human sexuality is very far from dichotomous and takes on many forms. There's sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, sexual behavior and gender roles. All of these factors can vary, it's not as simple as male/female and gay/straight
This is just another attempt to divert from the results (or lack thereof) of this administration.

The American people are smarter than that. 
You are correct, Sir..
Who cares if your site went purple... Changing your site to purple will not help the LGBT "plight."

It's just some ridiculous design scheme that you think will achieve something.
+Gabriel Walsh I was neither agreeing nor disagreeing. I do, however disagree with your point about voter input. EVERYTHING is subject to voter input. The current resident's desire is to get re-elected.
+Edward Solomon If you are so all fired worried about the word and demands of God, as set forth in the King James Bible, one would think you would know it better. First of all, there isn't a single mention of "Homosexuality" in any way, shape, or form, in the Sodom and Gomorrha story. There are exactly two scriptures which ARGUABLY say anything about "Homosexuality". There is absolutely not one single scripture in which Christ supports your attitude towards it, and plenty which condemn your attitude. Finally, how many scriptures condemn "Usury"? Maybe you should remove the beam from thine own eye.
Lbgt is state issue not fed, sorry to burst your bubbles. 
why not go red for drone bloodshed day
Drone bloodshed day? I LOVE IT! And.maybe brown for Benghazi Bullshit Day! Or yellow , for bowing to.Saudi royals... We can call it..ummmmm... Subordinating America Day..... Yipeeeeeee....
+Mike Mentges Just like Slavery, right? Idiot. People like you, who just declare themselves final arbiter, make me sick. No supporting evidence, just "I'm right, U Mad Bro?" How about you shut your vomit hole, the adults are having a conversation.

+glenn archer because killing hostiles with a drone is so much less humane than putting a US Soldier in harms way.
children aren't hostiles and U.S soldiers volunteer and get paid to be put in harms way, innocent victims have no choice. As soon as someone calls someone an idiot in a post they show their fear of the truth.
+Mike Mentges civil rights are not a state issue. We should never leave the freedom and rights of individuals up to a vote.
+Marshall Cain I see, good thing people don't "vote" for state representatives, huh? You really don't belong in ANY political discussion.

+glenn archer First of all, calling someone an idiot, particularly when the claim is supported by available evidence, is a perfectly legitimate point. Second, bombs, fully automatic weapons, flame throwers, even the good ol fashioned bullet, all carry a chance of collateral damage, including human casualties. Now I know the drone strikes you are referencing, and if the douchebag who was actively causing the lives of US citizens didn't want his kids killed in a drone strike, then he shouldn't have hid some place we had no ability to bring him to justice. His kids are dead because of the choices he made. Not the choices Obama made. I'm really sorry if that's a problem for you, but you not being able to deal with those facts, doesn't change them.
So +Drew Heyen, you think that Blacks and Women being able to vote, interracial marriage, slavery, or any similar civil rights issue, could have been left up to state votes?

Because no one was talking about state representatives, I don't even know why you brought them up.
Those issues were brought to the feds by the states. 
Yes, because they are not state issues. 
...after the states voted on them. With the aid of the feds, states that voted in favor of these rights were able to make a bill in congress. this is how government works. 

so far all 21 states that have voted on gay marriage have voted against it. Including california, which is almost entirely liberal in its congress.
+Marshall Cain  "civil rights are not a state issue. We should never leave the freedom and rights of individuals up to a vote."

"Because no one was talking about state representatives, I don't even know why you brought them up."

You did. You brought them up. You brought them up, and you aren't even aware that you did. That is how entirely out of place you are, in this conversation. History HAS PROVEN that the states are far more willing and able to violate civil rights, than the Federal government. The reason that civil rights are now managed and defended by the Federal government (besides the precedent set forth by the Constitution) is because the States have REPEATEDLY dropped that particular ball. Go back to your Ron Paul altar, and stay out of real politics.

+Ben Blease Thank you for pointing out the latest ball that the states have dropped.
Interracial marriage was overturned by a supreme court decision, with most of the south still having laws against it. Women's suffrage was back and forth in states before the feds voted on it. Slavery was obviously no simple task,

Pretty much, I call BS.
+Drew Heyen , you must have lost your mind.

1. Bring up that states suck at civil rights when I was saying the same thing.
2. Bring up that the feds handle this for that particular reason.
3. Then tell me to go worship Ron Paul, a crazy person who would be all for states rights since he is Libertarian.

I don't even know what you are trying to say anymore, you need to calm down. 
+Marshall Cain back and forth in some states, the reason why the feds voted on either of them at all is because the majority of states voted for them, bringing a motion in federal congress, and voted on it, overuling the other states. Nothing like this has happened in gay marriage proposals. 
+Marshall Cain Mea Culpa. I completely missed the "not" in your first post. As you were. This flame war has been 100% my responsibility, and I apologise for it.
So +Ben Blease , if the states had all been against Women's Suffrage, you think it would have been fine to just leave it in that state? Or would it be the Federal Government's job to jump in?
when some states support it, they make a motion in congress. It isn't the federal government's job to rule over the states. 
So if enough states were for any particular legal stance, +Ben Blease , it should be allowed? The federal government should just stay out of it in those cases?
+Marshall Cain reread my last post.

what your most recent post says is IN FACT the Libertarian party line.
The federal government is the conglomeration formed by all the states. If the federal government backs some states, then it is more likely to pass it's backed law. However, if more states are against it, then there is no chance of the law being passed. 
+John Fields It has been my experience, that those who can hear you, already do. I am only insulting when absolute idiocy is present (or as we just saw, perceived, I'm a big enough man to admit when I am wrong.) Go back and read my tirade and the posts it was a response to, eliminating that first "not" and see how moronic that opposing position becomes. Should anyone ACTUALLY take that position, expect more of the same, from me.
I'd say that should be done through policies +John Fields

Results are the only things that should be relevant where the White House is concerned.

It says a lot of the administration and of the voters that this isn't always the case I believe. 
+John Fields you catch more flies with manure than honey OR vinegar. I don't have much use for platitudes.
Drew Hayen"remove thine beam from your eyes"?really?are you in some stupid way trying to mock me?its obvious you've never studied the Bible before,were do you think the name sodomy was derived from?back in biblical times they didn't have names like homosexuality and gay,if you read the account of lot in Genesis you'd find out that the men in the city wanted to rape the visitors of lot(the angels)before they were all struck blind.What about the Epistles of the Apostle Paul,John,James and Peter?they mentioned and complained about homosexuality they said men burning with lust have turned on each other like they would with a woman.That was just a paraphrase of the multiple writings on the topic of homosexuality and lesbianism.
You're just clearly upset because i speak the truth if you doubt me read the entire chapter of Romans 1 it won't take much of your time and you can use other translations and renderings other than the King James version to get a better insight on it.And i would careless what you think its the truth!call me bigot or whatever its in Gods word you're gay or homosexual,transgender and lesbian and a bisexual you're in sin its not a bad habit like smoking or drinking its sin!and as a Christian i don't care if you're the Pope no matter what you try to justify about your reasons and you don't turn away from such acts of sin your end is obviously eternal damnation(let me put in more simply HELL!)
+Edward Solomon Oh there is plenty of stupid going on here. I double dog dare you to show an etymological connection between "Sodom" and the word "Sodomy". DARE YOU! You idiot, you can't even spell my name correctly, and it's RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOU. I'm upset, because the variety of wilful ignorance you suffer from, seems to be contagious. I've read the verses you are talking about, which is why I know you haven't. If you had, and had a lick of sense, you would know that those verses do NOT say what you are attributing to them. Popular opinion has bastardised them, using modern idioms, linguistics, and phrasing, to play fast and loose with their wording, in order to reach an a priori, pre decided meaning, that is, in fact, not there. OTHERWISE, you would have ACTUALLY QUOTED them, instead of "paraphrasing". You moron "Christianite", you think Homosexuals are a slap in Christ's face? Not half the insult that your very existence and behaviour are. Christ spoke more about your type of bad behaviour than he did any other subject. You are a gigantic hypocrite, and IF the Bible is what you believe it to be, then according to it you are looking forward to an eternal place in the hottest hot seat.
So what should be taking care of more important thing's like the economy the budget
+Donald Duncan You are so right. I can't believe that the POTUS wasted seconds deciding to do this. The AUDACITY! Perhaps learning to breathe with your mouth closed might be a better place to start your journey, than criticizing some little frivolous nothing the head of the Executive Branch decided to do.

BTW, two thumbs up on your AWESOME sentence structure.
Again with the name calling and ignorance,i try to give you insights and you condescend to name calling.Its obvious you're gay or you just support the cause,Drew Hayen am not against LGBT i only denounce such acts its sin so why should i sugar coat it?.You claim to study the Bible you really need to stop twisting the word of God to suit your beliefs,its an absolute idiocy and foolishness to say God stands for Homosexuality?its utter darkness to even think God who is holy and righteous support such acts,that means God loves murder,wickedness,robbery,terrorism and so on because they're all "SIN".Don't get me wrong,God only hates the sin not the sinner and that's what christ Jesus came to the world to do,not condemn but save the lost souls languishing in darkness,for God is no longer angry with the world neither is he holding their sins against them anymore but will have all men receive salvation.
You really need to calm down Drew Hayen am not condemning anyone am only doing what the word of God instructs we believers to do which is exhort and correct when given the opportunity,i doubt you're a Believer if you're its shame,let's not decieve ourselves as much as not loving and spreading the love of God to those around you is a sin,so is being a homosexual also a sin and if continued Believer or not the end result is eternal damnation its one way or the other don't sugar coat it with confusing words and lies!.You really need to stop being blind and beclouded by your unecessary emotions.As far as the scriptures are concerned you really need to open your heart a little more and study the scriptures find out for yourself what it says concerning this topic rather than allow the information from other people limit your perspective on the matter,its obvious you know nothing about the word of God remember the King James version isn't the first translation of the Bible its actually the 15th and wasn't written in the English language ,although its foundation for the English translation it doesn't sometimes give the best connotation and christophany on the scriptures.Try the New message translation or the Amplified version and study Genesis19 and Romans1 again,i wish i could give you more scriptures but this are the few i can remember but most of the Epistles of the Apostles expounded on this topics.
+Edward Solomon Typical fundamentalist bigoted rhetoric. What you fail to understand is that your position on this discussion fails in three completely separate places, and you are debating one of them.

1.You have completely failed to present any evidence to support your claim that homosexuality is a sin. You have assured me that there is evidence somewhere, but you haven't presented or quoted any of it.

2. I still have yet to see you present ANY example of Christ behaving the way you are. No examples of Christ Litigating sin. No examples of Christ attempting to use law or force, in any way, to legislate away sin.

3. That mean ol Constitution that says even if your idiot butt COULD accomplish the first two, it wouldn't matter, because "we the people" do, absolutely, not make religious legislation.

Never mind the bigotry represented by a man supporting a party which is against Homosexuality, a subject for which there is considerable debate concerning its status, but who support usury, a subject for which there is NO debate, concerning its morality.

+Edward Solomon You will burn in the blazing pits of hell for all eternity, for being and representing all that Christ was against. You are a hateful oppressing bigot. You sell your nation and soul into perdition, all to support your hateful bigotry. Congratulations, you are all which is wrong and foul in this nation.
Get the pumpkin out of your a** and give it a kiss there is your evidence
that you ARE
Drew Hayen again with the hate(like they say the truth hurts)but it doesn't matter for there's already a road to salvation and redemption.Listen my beliefs is strictly governed by Gods word not in anyway appropriating the political affluence of a party,quite frankly am neither Democrat nor Republican am an independent so were clear.Pal you don't need the kind of factual proof to see in Gods teachings that he condemns LGBT or whatever its called as acts of"SIN"and Sin equals condemnation and that leads to a oneway ticket to Hell whether you like it or not.
Your saying in effect because your gay and you in ignorance of Gods word are blind sided by false teachings who say being Gay is no sin?are you kidding me?any act of sodomy or anal sex whether is man on man or man on woman is sin just like Adultry and fornication.But you're so thickheaded and foolish that your refusing to see the bright side here,something I've explained to you again and again:that God doesn't hold your sin against you neither is he angry anymore if you're a Believer he wants you to desist from such disgusting acts of sin and turn away with a change of heart,if your not which you're,you need to receive salvation.
Like i said before,you need to find out for yourself study the scriptures because i have and its now a daily routine for me.Rather than let false prophets and as the scriptures call them twist the word of God to suit your own agenda.Even unbelievers the people of the world strongly condemn such acts then much more God who's holy and righteous?Don't get me wrong i don't hate nor do i discriminate LGBT i only condemn what they represent,just like God i don't hate the sinner only the sin.
Don't confuse yourself with topics that you raised like Christian fundermenralism and don't think you can confuse me with words such as Bigot rhetoric?listen whether you believe it or not it doesn't change the fact that what i just said is the truth,try and gain insight and perspective on this topic.
Ryan Ng
Purple wings.

Unfortunately, this only applies to Democrats.
No it applies to both sides oh I fought for the right to say what I feel
and gays werent allowed in the military and I dont care if it is 28% or 50%
they should not have the same rights as me because gay marriage is wrong
Ryan Ng
+Donald Duncan I do not disagree with your opinion. But you could have said it in a not-so-blunt way.
+Edward Solomon I'm done with you. Your idea of debate is declaration. You want to know how much the "truth" hurts? How is this for pain, you are so idiotic, that you have TWICE failed to copy my name correctly. Your idea of "debate" is to declare yourself correct? I made three strong points, and you ignored them all, and replied with something akin to "The truth hurts, I'm right". While it is possible you are related to apes, it is clear your haven't "evolved" from them. It may even be the reverse, in your case. Go back, read my previous post, and either submit a sound logical rebuttal to the points I made in it, or stop replying to this thread. To do otherwise, with only clarify how simple-minded you are. I wont be responding to you any further unless you can provide a sound response to my previous post. You are a waste of my time.
Drew Heyen(my apology for failing to spell your last name correctly)your negativism doesn't move me one bit,rather than continue with your constant bickering you have infact not produced any substantial argument to your false claim that God in all divinity,righteousness and holiness doesn't call LGBT sin?your comments have proved one thing to those have light in them in this thread,that you walk in utter darkness and there's a bias here because obviously your Gay so you're defending your orientation.
You haven't presented any proof but i have through the scriptures,but because i reveal the truth you refuse to admit to it and so you reiterated to name calling and negativism.Since i have refused to take your opinion you decided to condescend into calling me names like"Oppressive Bigot""idiot""apeman"you name it,just so were clear you've just described yourself and your comments on this thread with a nutshell.
You say i have failed to give strong arguments concerning your three strong points?are those what you call them?i have explained it this whole while in my comments but you've failed to attend to them,its either you're blind or you've just made up your mind to look the other way.You say name one time christ litigated sin?First of all America isn't a Theocracy and i have explained to you that am not drawing from any partisan side here,am an independent and my beliefs are strictly derived from Gods word and hold this principles in my heart and its my daily course of life.
You fail to grasp that my arguments this whole while is away from politics and the judiciary,am speaking in terms of Gods teaching on this topic,no country in the world is a Christian country,God stated that as believers we belong to another country a spiritual country in heaven not a earthly one like America for example.Your argument is that i want the government to enforce Gods teaching in our legislature,well FYI i was supporter of Obama in his 2007 campaign although i don't agree with him on many issues,i thought he was the guy to end all the senseless wars that led to this huge debt deficit.My argument here isn't about American law and judiciary am only stating what Gods mind is concerning the whole LGBT thing,its obvious were not gonna see eye to eye concerning this topic you've sucessfully managed to derail because of your mis-understanding of my comments,my opinion are basically divine and although i don't support the LGBT just like God obviously doesn't,am entitled to my opinion and so are you.Rather just like you,i condescend to name calling because someone doesn't meet to my opinions i will just end this whole senseless argument because just like you said am done speaking plainly to someone who is not a Believer who doesn't study Gods word,who's plainly dwelling in darkness and sin and is ignorant of Gods word argue foolishly and stupidly about Gods teaching and his word,when he obviously plainly knows nothing about the word of God.Just so you know,you can rant and rave and quite frankly pull your hair out of head for all i care:whether you like it or not LGBT or whatever they call it is"SIN"and the consequences and payment for sin is HELL!so saying i will go to hell is just stupidity from you because am not going anywhere close there,but rather you're considering your obviously gay.And the fact you don't believe or accept something it still doesn't alter or change the fact that its true and real(wake up and be enlightened)
+Edward Solomon "...because obviously your Gay so you're defending your orientation."

Hope my wife doesn't find out, that would be so hard on our kids. Idiot.

I don't believe or accept something, which I have researched and found to be completely untrue, and which you have COMPLETELY failed to defend, at all.
Please continue with your ignorance i don't even care again you fail to bring up any substantial truth and facts backing your am done with you and i won't even reply to your stupid,idiotic and moronic rhetorics again.
For our children and preserving their spirit, for the Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, who will end the violence and intimidation of our people of planet Earth, Glory to God!
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