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By the numbers: Oil companies receive $4 billion every year in taxpayer-funded subsidies, despite bringing in record high profits.
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Dan O
OK... so what is the White House DOING about this?
What can we do to change this?
Clay Shaw
Then do something about it!
Eliminate the depletion allowance. It once may have served a purpose, though that is debatable, but it certainly no longer does anything for either the nation or the gasoline buyer.
Somewhere in the Congress of the United States Of America, a member will somehow apologize to them and say: THEY NEED MORE!
Someone in White House decided to troll G+ users?
+Joel Bass Check to see if your congressperson has a voting history of allowing such subsidies to exist. If they do, write them them/form a petition to get them to change their ways. If they don't, support a candidate that will. This include Senators & President as well.

Joe Dean
Big Money wont let any thing change
If they only subsidize the failing then the so-called Passing companies will leave the country.... then where willwe be?
Take away the subsidies and gas will be $9 a gallon. One way or another we pay.
You should all know that +The White House represents the EXECUTIVE branch of government - that is executing the laws LEGISLATED by YOUR elected members of congress. Want the laws changed? Then YOU have to do something about it. Change the congress.
Wow, I wonder what are the intentions for this post. Is it a form of propaganda with intentions of foreshadowing discussions?
It's crony capitalism. The problem is, both parties love it. :(
Ray A
Okay...stop giving the subsidies. How is this hard? Subsidies should be for struggling companies or industries that NEED the help, not the ones that don't.
Just too busy to tackle those subsidies in the first two years with near super-majorities.... those DAMN republicans.
+Elijah Fisher I think half of that is a great idea: why not adjust subsidies--if needed--proportionately to the amount of profits earned? I believe the price of oil is a bit more complex than greed on the oil companies' part.
I find it hard to understand how price stabilization among all oil companies at rates supporting consistent record profits is not in violation of anti-trust laws.

Additionally, the problem I see with free market regulation (that is, the free market regulating itself through consumer action) in commodities that are required for a consumer's life to be sustained (Food, Energy, Water, Air) is that consumers cannot simply choose to not pay them. Demand is effectively fixed, which means that the price can be manipulated at will by the suppliers (see Enron for an example).
Used to be we didn't have many reactionary idiots on G+; times have sadly changed.
Mr. President, wasn't there a deal between you and the congress to exchange Ethanol subsides for Oil subsides way back during the debt ceiling debate? As far as I can tell the farmers gave and the oil companies kept. Why aren't you guys talking about this?
Good to know... now what is being done about it? Pretty sure I voted for "change" and got "healthcare" instead.
Ted Curry is spot on, but something else needs to be discussed that isn't, and by neither party: refineries and the oil companies' deathgrip on the number of refineries that they allow to operate.

All the drilling in the world isn't going to give us more refineries in operation, and neither is closing loopholes UNLESS the White House ALSO suggests that we use loophole money to build nationalized refineries.
+Jim Dimitri where did $9 come from? According to Yahoo Answers (not credible, I know), we consume 375M gallons of gas a day ( $4b/year is ~$11M /day. That amounts to $0.03/gallon higher. I don't doubt it would affect price, I'm just doubting the scale of the effect.
There isn't any debate +Chris Schneider. The facts are as stated:

1. Congress gives oil companies $4 billion a year in taxpayer-funded subdies.

2. The oil industry is posting record profits.

This is not free enterprise.

Want to know what it really is ?

"Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power."
-- Benito Mussolini

I shake my head in disbelief... What has $4B have to do with the price of tea in China? People... wake up... $4 Billion is NOTHING compared to $5 Trillion in debt. If you are going to get all hot and bothered about $4 Billion, why aren't you steaming mad about $5 Trillion?

I'm just saying....
Why is it that when normal people stand up and say that this abomination of an Economy we currently have is unfair and should be changed they are immediately attacked for not supporting a free market? The point is that we don't HAVE a free market - where there is fair competition and the consumer has a true voice.
Okay, then, let's take that $4 billion and use it as a tiny contribution towards paying off our debt.
Normal people (left and right) don't want cronies in. It's not about left and right, it's about the way the government is corrupt.
+Ed Resleff Well, for one thing plenty of people aren't happy about the 5 trillion as well - but that is actually complicated. The 4b is really pretty simple.
Hey, your neighbor has been stealing from the childrens' charity for years - and you just found out he swiped that iPad2 UPS delivered off your porch last week. You really shouldn't be that bothered about that, though - after all he stole money from defenseless kids. You should just be mad about that.
Seems like we're just giving them back the taxes we pay per gallon, which amount to more than the net profit per gallon.
they make more from taxing the american public than they do fron the cost of gas. if you pay 3$ for a gallon, 2.75 is tax, so whats up if you can not figure out why we do not have an 80 mile to the gallon car yet. i will leave the rest unsaid.......
I would seriously love to cut that, but who do you think regulates oil prices and who will jack up the price per gallon if they lose profits. No American works cause they love it. Well I do but no corporation does. why is the white house pager being anti unity? Until the white house had a clear plan on how to cut those subsidies and keep prices low, you are only causing a divide in America. Remember we are one nation... Its in or pledge. If you aren't helping, you are only fueling hate.
get rid of it. do not listen to other lame excuses it is the right thing to do.
this is so fucking wrong.. on so many levels
I am far from being a republican how ever even I can see this is leftist rhetoric.
chris schneider. What candidate are you supporting? Or are you just joking around.
Please stop giving subsidies to petroleum companies and start giving them to companies in the clean energy industries
Wait... so the +The White House 's official position is anti-oil? That's a strong position to make in such a short post. Unclear statements like this one are the kind of things that get people fired + PR Damage control. (Granted this isn't incredibly grave, but it is incredibly ambiguous).
Everyone commenting here aren't asking the right questions or helping contribute to the conversation. This is OUR country, republican, democrat, etc. etc. Asking what our government are doing about it or declaring that we need to just cut gas companies off of this funding isn't helping.

Questions like, "How is the 4 billion being spent?" "What spending is absolutely necessary?" "Is there anything we can cut?" "If their record sales are high, what are we doing to lower the spending?" make us think about what we are doing and let us get a better grasp of the situation, thus being able to identify and solve the problem.

In short, "How are we progressing to fix this issue?"
As Americans, we should be giving our money to scientist and researches to find other means of fueling our vehicles, not to petroleum companies. They make enough money with their sales.
Mr. Kavalec, you are off target. $4 billion to the oil companies is a drop in the bucket. Furthermore, it's not like the federal govt. sent them a check. These so-called subsidies are actually tax "breaks" for capital expenditures - every corporation in America does this and it's totally legal. This is nothing more than misguided information from the WH trying to stir things up....and it worked.

Fascism, references? Are you serious? Ironically I just watched a documentary on Mussolini and the Italian Fascism movement yesterday on the Smithsonian channel, fortunately I see very few comparisons to this if any.
+Krewe Maynard It's not enough. that $4B we are giving to petro needs to go to clean energy on top of and in addition to the $14.67B.
i support american freedom to choose, but i think someone should sue for eminent domain on patents that give more to the public. oh damn we need permission now!, but really i guess if i had to choose a party it would be public awareness, which last time i checked didn't mean much, no but really..... what, and how do you want to label me?
yes yes but we gave that much to the freaking "clean energy" crap and no one has profited from that... oh well
wow they should not be doing this to us that alot of money that can be more useful to us as the people +1 if you think that two were the tax payers =(
Classic government puttin it up front only to take it in the rear of taxpayers...go figure..!
The subsidies are to keep fuel prices lower at the pump so what good does it do for the oil companies. Look at the subsidies for alternative fuels!
+Clara Listensprechen you are actually correct, but why would they want to build more refineries if they can squeeze more profit out of these. They won't get the ROI for a new refinery if it is not maxed for at least 15 years. I have some really mixed emotions about this topic though; the first oil refinery in 30 years is planned to be built 5 miles from my family farm here in South Dakota (google Hyperion Refinery) contingent on the XL Keystone Pipeline. Not to be a NIMBY (not in my back yard), but if it is built, I'll find a new backyard for my wife and 4 daughters where the air & water are clean. These problems are layered...:)
we support them for who? now ask why, and who exactly are THEY, for a minute./gabe
"President Obama flew to Florida this past week to explain high gas prices. According to the Washington Post, on his way to Florida this past Thursday, reporters were "perplexed" at the President's 41 minute flight from Washington, DC to Orlando, Florida taking 1 hour and 15 minutes. The flight was in the air an extra 30 minutes, burning precious fossil fuels.
It does not seem a coincidence that the President landed right at half time of an NBA basketball game between the star studded Miami Heat and New York Knicks. Some theorized that the President delayed his flight in the air to watch more of the basketball game."

Hat tip: +Doug Stryker
do you really think the white house posted this?
I think they are showing us that they are just as fed up with congress as we are
+Ashraf El-Masry Congress gives our money to these companies, so we will have to call the Congress bums ourselves to do something about it rather than have WH waste time in meetings with Boehner and Cantor.
love all the bash on congress when the senate is still controlled by the white house's party... hmmm sounds to me like another scare tactic by the oboma regime
bravo, you ready for the black out march 1st?
+Ashraf El-Masry I didn't realize that the executive branch suddenly became Congress. I sorta thought that the President signed the Bills after they were introduced and passed.
Government gets around 41 cents a gallon and Exxon/Mobil gets about 2 cents a gallon .. I wish G+ would stop putting this Wilsonian/Bearnaise style indoctrination crap on my page .. Oh wait .. I can block and report spam and I can't wait to do that in November to the occupant of the Whitehouse!
Great leadership. The top layer of our government complaining about the government. One branch blaming the other branch, instead of working with them to fix the problem. CHANGE does not come via propaganda or flame-wars between our branches of government. What ever happened to bringing us together?
+Clara Listensprechen , just one more thing :) The way the deal went during the debt ceiling debate is a relative analogue for how speeding cuts will go. 4 million family farmers receive a cut from their subside while the 4-5 big oil companies give nothing of their subside. You watch, when they talk about spending cuts, it's the little guy that will get pinched and the big guy who will walk. There's a lack of representation for us little guys.
Our own damned fault. Research who you are voting for.

“Government is not reason, it is not eloquence, it is force; like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master. Never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action.” George Washington
and thats just a drop in the ocean when you consider what the Oil company's spend on special interest groups and lobbying for wars to fatten their own balance sheets Please leave them alone poor things their profits are down
Government: 41 cents a gallon profit. Evil oil companies: 2 cents a gallon profit. Who is screwing who?
OK. I've seen a lot of anti-Obama BS, but the above post just takes the cake. Seriously? Have you ever flown? Flight times are always very slushy. Granted that Air Force One has less trouble dealing with airplane traffic, but there's always weather and windspeed to consider. Plus if he was going to be that petty about a sporting event, wouldn't he have waited until the whole game was over?

Are you also one of those geniuses that thinks Obama was born outside the US and is a Muslim?
Government - 41 cents a gallon to make roads so you can get to work and bridges so that you can - well screw the bridges, you can fall to your deaths...
Mark: you think that 41 cents a gallon all goes to that? Have you driven any roads lately? Classic argument " that money pays for all the wonderful services you receive, there is no waste! "
+Chris Schneider the facts dont matter. We can tell people until we are blue in the face that government (local and state) depending on the state in which you fuel up, can add up to 60cents per gallon of gas. And the government makes far more than oil companies make in profit but again, facts are pesky little things that just get in the way when one is trying to make an anti-capitalistic point.
It's just one more government subsidy that interferes with the free market economy. The government must stop using the money from the People to fund anything with subsidies. Get the government out of the economy!
Andrew: they sure are! Balance sheets mean nothing to the government! If you don't have to pay your notes, everything is profit!
If they take away the subsides then the gas companies will recoup those losses by raising prices. Anything and everything they can do to help break the middle class they will do, how about improving the value of the dollar, then that can at least help lower prices. That is the federal reserves job am I right?
Ok, so 4 cents per gallon to roads and 37 cents a gallon to pay for private contractors to fight wars for us (so that the defense budget doesn't look as bad).
Oil subsidies are important for regular american consumers. If we remove oil subsidies then gas prices for the consumer (us) will skyrocket not just in cents but could possibly be $10 or more a Gallon.
BUT there has to be a tipping point, where detriments of spending by subsidy outweigh the benefits ( think of supply, demand, deadweight loss, etc) .
I believe this is a statement against Romney speaking at the Americans for Prosperity event (AforP is run by an ultra-conservative oil barn, Charles G. Koch.) Basically Romney will be allowing oil companies to buy into government, and will most likely grant oil companies more subsidies and less regulation (giving oil companies the opportunity to generate even more profits than ever before), which is disgusting.
Backers of political campaigns reap the benefits of their showmen. Dont let oil run the country
+Amanda Evans , early in his term, Obama once told the British PM that he didn't have time to meet with him...something about being too busy dealing with the economy. The next day, Obama was presenting his Sweet 16 picks on beautifully rendered boards.
So what. He's the President and even though I didn't vote for him we should make him look as opulent as possible to prove what a wealthy nation we are and that other countries should continue to envy our wealth. President Carter made us look poor when he put up solar panels and asked us to turn down our thermostats. Gez, we are supposed to support our leader and instead you people just pick on him. That's not going to work; it never has. I really doubt the President was delaying the landing so he could finish watching the first half. He missed the second and most important half; the half that showed the end of the game. Can you see how ridicules this article is?
And how much are you giving to green and algae companies? Lets not forget Solyndra and all the other companies which were Obama campaign donors in which taxpayer money was lost.

Start drilling for the oil we have now and stop complaining about someones success.
Idiotic. The loonies are clearly holding all the aces.
Because they sponsor the political candidates.Obama may be one of them.
A lot of comment but the problem will not be solved till we get corporate money out of politics. Subsidies are something Congress gives in return for huge sums of cash for every Congressman and Congresswoman to use to stay in power. First we need term limits, cut Congressional benefits, and re-write the rules. Congress will never do this because they have power and like the money that comes with it. No, we need to nationalize the energy sector and remove the profit element from the equation.
I still maintain that the problem with supply/demand economics, when applied to fundamental necessities, is that demand is relatively fixed and the consumer has the choice to pay or perish. Supply can be altered by the supplier to ensure that there is a sufficient justification for virtually any price. Just look at the power plant "maintenance" example with Enron. Food, Water, Energy [and someday, when the figure out how] Air - are all things that people cannot survive without, and therefore have no choice but to purchase at whatever rate the companies involved determine the price should be.
So tired of being ripped off as a taxpayer!!! Vote all the scoundrels our of congress - house and senate --- says I ... time to get greedy people's hands out of the "cookie jar"!!!!!
Ahh..Enron. Dubya's friend Kenny did a heck of a job with that one!
Didn't Obama once say that $20 billion was a drop in the bucket. Now all of the sudden $4 billion is a big deal.
I agree we shouldn't give the oil companies subsidies but we also should give it to green energy either. It's a business and if the want to make money then learn to run a business without taxpayer dollars. That goes for the farm subsidies as well. Do away with all subsidies.
Bill: Yep - if the tech is sound, it will flourish regardless of crony capitalism.
why post this? to piss me off? do something about it, it's your fault.
Keith B
I buy biodiesel for less than the price of petrol diesel. That's with no subsidies at all.
Why would congress be allowed to do this cant we prevent this from happening
It's actually the other way around, +Chris Schneider. I'm a troll feeder. And you must be one, from the Paul camp. He'll make history alright, when he loses all primaries and caucuses. I hope you followers have contingnency plans.
Even though Congress is elected by the people, unfortunately they do not consult with their constiuents on major issues. I am sure if more folks knew that our tax dollars went to fund extremely successful oil companies they would be up in arms. Our best bet is to write you Congressman on a regular basis and let him kmow what you do and don't like.
And I hear that refineries are closing (the money is to be found in exploration, apparently) in places that are remote.

Are oil companies the worst of a greedy bunch?
$4,000 Billion...the amount the government blows every year
So, all the research going into alternate fuel and delivery methods counts for nothing, +Rob Hunglow ? Bottom line... they're working on it.
What happens when we stop giving subsidies for oil companies to ship to the US? Then gas goes to $6/gal plus... Subsidy certainly isn't bad, whoever is running the WH postings sure likes to spin things.
Fossil fuels are the most efficient and highest energy containing fuels. Now way around that. Obviously a better balance between fuel sources is needed and energy efficiency is just common sense. So we'll get there.
+Leland Smith Sorry, the subsidies are not for refining and transport. It sounds like you're trying to spin things, unless you want to post some sources for your claims?
We should use our own us reserves 
Dear White House: Then take meaningful action to end these subsidies. And while we're going after oil companies, can we have an equally meaningful discussion on the role of oil futures speculation in driving up the cost of gas at the pump? I'm sure plenty of people (myself included) see these phrases tossed around and have no idea what it means. If it's a major policy issue, its your responsibility to educate us about it- especially during an election cycle, and ESPECIALLY when many people don't have enough time to research it themselves since they're working three jobs to offset the ever-climbing gas prices!
Wow. The sockpuppets are out in force today. Before you start arguing with somebody click through and see if they have any kind of profile or public posts at all. We've got the results of best Congress that money can buy and the best trolls that money can buy. All here on G+.
+Mark Melton If your reasoning were true, why aren't we paying $10 for a dozen eggs? Real food prices have fallen by 82% over the last 100 years. In real terms, gasoline is near an all-time low in price. The problem is measuring the price using a dollar that is constantly losing its value. But more to the point, the notion of some monopoly that can exploit us can only happen when government grants it; it could never happen in a free market.
The US government is over $15,000,000,000,000.00 in debt. We spend more and more each year (even relative to inflation). Gold costs more dollars, oil costs more dollars, grain costs more dollars. Have you ever stopped to think you are driving up the prices of these by making the US dollar worth less? Bring on QE3 so we can all pretend our jobs still pay the same wages they did four years ago...weeee!
+RAMIRO banda There was talk on CNN today about tapping into the petroleum reserves, but that apparently won't stop gouging lower the prices at the pumps.
+Irvin bennett Where do you think that electricity comes from? If you really want to stick it to the fossil fuel companies, you're going to have to change your life in more drastic ways. Move closer to work and walk every day, only buy local products, etc etc etc. Buying a Prius isn't going to fix anything.
...and yet Democrats bellyache about price gouging whenever their constituents feel a little "pain at the pump".

Fuel subsidies of all kinds only distort the market so that people, en mass, make poor decisions regarding efficiency.

Also, nice of the White House to leave out highway subsidies which also encourage absurd fuel consumption habits.
First, point me in the direction of data on these "record" profits. Maybe the White House should take tips from them because it seems they are good at nothing besides creating record deficits. Trying to blame the oil companies for high prices to get votes in November? How about this: drill in the U.S. and get rid of our dependency on foreign oil while we are trying to ween ourselves off of it. Yes it has to be replaced but currently our energy consumption is so overwhelmingly based on fossil fuels that just quitting cold turkey isn't going to happen (unless you want the country to go with it).
I agree +Khürt Williams that this is the executive branch of government, lead by the President of the United States. If we remember our civics, the President of the United States is also the leader of the political party he represents and therefore has significant influence over his party nationally, including his party's presence in congress. If he lacks this influence over people in the same city, makes one ponder over what influence he lacks nationally and internationally.

If we vote out congress, we might as well vote out their leadership too otherwise our new congresspeople will be under the same leadership which is likely to result in the same situation.

Something to ponder regardless of which team you're rooting for in the sporting event that is the US presidential election.
RON PAUL 2012!! no subsidies to companies
Makes about as much sense as taxing the rich less.
+Todd Slater Actually I do pay over $4 for a dozen eggs - but that is simply because I want to eat actual food. Subsidies are the reason food prices are what they are, and the reason that only large corporations can afford to farm these days. Does it make any sense that we are producing, as a large majority of our food industry, corn that is inedible in its natural state to turn around and chemically alter it into a form that is killing us? All while it is sometimes cheaper for the farmer to toss out the harvest and just take the subsidy that goes with the per-acre production?

By the way, the main reason that "food" hasn't gone the same way as oil and electricity is that it is a much more fragmented industry with more than 4 products (if you count the three standard grades of gasoline as different products). You can't easily price-fix food, and there always is a local method for obtaining food in the event that the industry ever were to do that. Local farms are making a comeback, slowly and in small measures - due mostly to the fact that some people prefer to eat something that they can recognize as natural, but also somewhat due to people that think it is absurd that the average US meal travels something like 1500 miles to get to your table. The third reason would be if it were cheaper than industrial food (and in some cases it actually is).
Why is the white house putting out thinga AGAINST American companies. End the subsidies then
Hey White House -- what's the profit margin per gallon of gas for the oil companies compared to the per gallon amount of federal tax I have to pay per gallon? Many teachers, police officers, firefighters, and other "working" Americans have retirement funds that are heavily vested in these companies. Stop blaming and scaring and start solving.
The only problem people have with this is that the profit from energy production is going to oil companies. Would they have an issue if the solar panel companies got a huge subsidy but were turning out any profit? Someone has to profit from energy production, the oil companies, the scientist in the labs(who are there to make patents to sell) or so called "green" companies. Everyone is in the business of making money. No subsidies should ever be needed. If your business cannot not survive on its own, then there is no point in being in business.
+Matthew Cimino The only ways that domestic oil production would affect our gas prices are 1) we produce enough oil to substantially alter the global oil supply (hate to tell you that is not going to happen) or 2) we regulate/tax/tariff the domestic oil production so heavily that we force all of it to stay here - regardless of world oil prices. And the 2nd option would require that we produce enough oil to completely supply ourselves, which isn't going to happen either.
Hey Stephani. Gas prices are the cheapest in the world due in large part to the low tax levies. So stop grousing and toeing the unthinking Republican line.
@Jeremy Herrera Prices will go up, yes. But feeding the addiction to such a limited resource has other costs in both the near and long term.
Nathan, sounds like you should educate yourself on how the congress works. 100% of republicans are saying NO to EVERYTHING the dems put out. Its also no secret that the republicans support tax breaks for the oil companies you idiot while the democrats are attempting to end them.
Misleading, they are tax breaks not subsidies. Huge difference. It's like getting robbed, then the thief gives you back part of the money and calls it a gift. We can't have a reasonable discussion when the question is rigged. Do they need to end tax breaks or increase their taxes? Maybe so, but don't call it a gift.
Are you kiding me. Gas stations have the amount of 50 c to $1 for the gas price, and they get this amount! Man that's a lot of dollars.
Hate to break this to everyone who's drinking the Republican or Democrat "that other party is responsible for all the nation's ills" kool-aid: representative votes are a matter of public record. Look them up and be very, very surprised.
BOOT the Multi-National Corporations OUT of our US Political System! They have a LOUD voice in State & Federal Government via campaign contributions, then write the money off as a good ROI and pay very few taxes. They also don't want to be held accountable for global atrocities -- security forces that torture and kill in other countries that are based here in the USA.
hey guys from the United Kingdom here and believe me $4 a gallon or 56p a litre is nothing as in the UK fuel is taxed as if there's no tomorrow!!! We pay on average £1.45 a litre or $10.44 a gallon, so I think you are all being really pathetic!!! other countries have it much worse than you!!! I would love fuel to be anything less than $10 - never mind a slight increase from $4!!!
I see people arguing that these subsidies keep the price of gas lower. That's not true, actually. The price at the pump is driven by supply and demand. (If profitability were the determining factor, prices would be much LOWER.) So removing these subsidies would not affect gas prices. It might affect employment in the petroleum industry but I doubt even that would be impacted. Bottom line: these subsidies go straight to the shareholders.
Wow Mike Denton sounds very intelligent. What an educated, well constructed, insult free post! I shall definitely pay more attention to this scholar!
who is the communist, is the question to ask.
Amen. I don't want these commies anywhere on stuff I read.
On that note and the futility of personal virtue, I strongly recommend "But Will the Planet Notice? How Smart Economics Can Save the World,” which The Daily Green describes as: "Lessons in economics and global environmental problems, from a guy you'd actually talk to at a party." The only way to leave an inhabitable planet to our children, Wagner argues, is to take economics seriously.

Gernot Wagner serves as an economist at the Environmental Defense Fund, teaches energy economics at Columbia, and graduated from Harvard and Stanford. He doesn't eat meat, doesn't drive, and knows full well the futility of his personal choices.
Why do oil companies get refunds? With the amounts they charge the public on gas prices, they shouldn't get any!
+Mark Melton I don't think you're right. I know there are some ag subsidies out there (corn), but I don't think it's the case for all ag. Food prices have declined in real terms because productivity is up, not government subsidies. But your original point, IIRC, was that supply/demand for necessities like food don't work because producers will have us over a barrel because consumers can not not pay (so they can charge whatever they want). I guess you're saying now that that's not the case?
and yet our gas prices keep going up....
who knows? without this "refund", it could actually mean our gas prices would go up, way up.
The Australian government is giving Billions to GM Australia (Holden) even though GM is now the No 1. selling worldwide.
What a load of crap. ANY company that is posting record profits should have their government funding cut off as far as I'm concerned. "If you are making a profit, you don't need all this cash for nothing"
This is little more than a campaign letter. Do you report these expenditures in your FEC filings? And how do you get a way with using an official government logo for campaign material?
+Jeremy Herrera I don't see significantly higher prices. According to Yahoo Answers (not credible, I know), we consume 375M gallons of gas a day ( $4b/year is ~$11M /day. That amounts to $0.03/gallon higher. I don't doubt it would affect price, I'm just doubting the scale of the effect.
Subsidies? You mean, when companies get to actually keep part of what THEY earned?
$4 Billion is nothing. People always complain about the "profits" that the oil companies make when in reality they make a pittance percentage wise. Want to know why our gas prices are so high. Look at a breakdown and see how much you are being taxed on gasoline, fed, state, and local taxes. The government makes far more revenue from gas than the companies make in profits. Don't keep drinking the Cool aid.
What is the strategy to end these subsidies ? What is our role in that strategy ?
Um, those subsidies are what makes your gas cost less... silly.
don't tell me that it is just the republicans that receive money from the oil company. The Dems get them too. Why else the government gives the oil company money?
we have the best politicians money can buy!
Think what that money would do for the deficit they are worried about!
Along with all the other hidden trails of money!
Why is it so difficult to stop this?
Alright, so the oil companies will raise prices on the consumer at the pump if these funds are cut back, I think that's something most of us can see happening. So, maybe the plan should be to tell the oil companies that subsidies will be cut to a percentage of the price decrease at the pump starting now with a deadline of 4 months from now.

- Gas cost is cut by 25% from $4.00/gal to $3.00/gal.
- Subsidies are cut to 25% of 2011 levels.

- Gas cost is cut by 50% from $4.00/gal to $2.00/gal.
- Subsidies are cut to 50% of 2011 levels.

Show the taxpayers that the benefit you receive is creating some kind of benefit for anything other than your bottom line.
Why are we talking about this, when we should be talking about five trillion in Obama debt and not even one whole term. This administration is like a pack of stage magicians. One obfuscation after another to distract from the terrible job they are doing. I actually had high hopes for this guy when he was elected.
Lets see, we had 8 years of the last president were we didnt talk about his tripling the debt and still dont. I think we can wait a little longer on O.
Americans need and love for fuel is the reason for the subsidies. This isn't a policy of bad statesmen.
Most of the debt was left over.
Jr Leon
I think if we were to curb all these little subsidies they will add up to a huge amount.
When working on any budget you look at everything. I wish we would start from the top but working our way from the bottum up is a start.
Plus if anyone thinks our debt is this high solely because of Obama is a follower. Our debt would be this high if any other person was in office. Get a clue people they all work for the "man".
I'm not nearly as worried about a "paultry" 4 Billion than I am about this government wanting another 1.5T that will disappear down into some bottomless pit.
"The government shouldn’t be in the business of subsidizing any form of energy." - Ron Paul
Taxpayers are also funding someone to write these posts attributed to the White House, and a Public Relations person to craft the title page "The White House" as opposed to "The President's staff" in order to resonate with people differently. I'd rather be paying to help businesses succeed than paying to help influence hatred of one another.
I know the white house can not do nothing with price gop took
Oil companies make record profits by shear numbers. Their profit is actually a pretty typical 8%. Attack the credit card companies with their 30% profits if you want to attack unfair companies. But, on the other hand, this is America. Capitalism rules and that is a good thing. Oh, and Drill here, Drill now. Let's stick it to the Arab world!
I swear !! Makes me want to go to Jones town and drink the Koolaid !!1
Hatred of one another Tim? Corporations are not our equals.
I wish my business was subsidized!
In Australia substitute "oil companies" for "banks" and the story is the same.
this surprised anyone ? we are all used to the rich corps geting richer on subsidies and calling poor folk on welfare scrounging and workshy
Really +Robert Hirsch - candidate Obama didn't call president Bush on it during his campaign? Credit Card with China? Unpatriotic? A lot of people believed Obama on when he said that. We thought he was serious. This administration is even worse than the last on that front, and you all know it. Don't be blinded by these constant strawmen this administration keeps putting up.
+G.Waleed Kavalec Be care full your ignorance is showing.

Also, their profit margin being 6-8% and we hate them... Apple profit margin???


These results compare to revenue of $13.50 billion and net quarterly profit of $3.07 billion, or $3.33 per diluted share, in the year-ago quarter. Gross margin was 41.4 percent compared to 41.7 percent in the year-ago quarter. International sales accounted for 59 percent of the quarter’s revenue.

Yet, you hipsters, cant get enough of this product that is made by 6 year old children at FoxCon
this is why i don't own a car man these oil prices are unbelievable
Thanks Republicans for keeping us on oil instead of new fuels
new fuels such as? Some more farm subsidies for D's with net energy losses that cause people to starve?
Maybe if we weren't dependent on foreign oil this wouldn't happen.
I don't mind. I really don't want to pay $7/gal. or more for gas!
We give them $4 billion in taxpayer money each year with the purpose of keeping the refinery jobs in the United States, but in study after study it has been proven that this money has no real effect on where the jobs are located. So why doesn't the government change it? Pretty simple, the oil companies spend a very large sum of money lobbying congress. And what is included in the lobbying? Parties where congress is treated like royalty and promised campaign funding.

How about putting this money toward things that will really effect our economy, such as road improvement? And that certainly isn't the only place where this money could go to improve the economy.

What really needs to happen is the government needs to stop funding private businesses and force them to compete to provide a better product at a better price. All of this money that is given for means like this could be put toward our growing deficit.

The oil companies have posted record profits for several years in a row. We need to stop giving them money period!
Only 10 more months of this failed administration. Romney 2012!
Marc P
Let's make the next administration the Megafail! Romney 2012!
Both Republics and Democrats are both the problem, they need to do their job we are paying for!
How about we don't give any corporations any money and let the free market be free. Saves us money, and makes us not liable to anything.
and big thanks to the whaling ships that keep us supplied with whale oil and none of that-there new-fangled technology. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Guess I'll have to buy some more candles, and oats for the horse, etc LOL
Is this just a political statement? We need more facts than this. Break down the product more, how much of it is tax, how much is actual profit margin, how much does the subsidy even help? I thought the oil companies had a very low profit margin, and the government makes way more off this in taxes than the oil companies do in profit. How does subsidizing $4 billion in this industry even make a dent in the price? And is this not being paid back ten fold by the tax on the actual product?

This article only scrapes the surface, it just looks political in nature.
*WE NEED OBAMA OUT! *AND SOMEONE WHO MAKES SMART DECIONS FOR THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA. its not "we the government..." its "we the people..' think about that and then think about what Obama has done in the past 3 years. The onky change he has made is for the worst and NOT for the better good of this country.
Why does the White House still allow this to happen?
The USA is the most successful privately held company in history.
+Siena C. if you think Romney or Santorum is going to change ANYTHING you're sadly mistaken.
That is a problem. How about YOU fix it.
Mary M
What Paula said, why do you give them our money when they already make such a huge profit? This is why we need new peeps running the country!
And why is it you our government are giving them subsidies?
The only President i like is Harrison Ford ! especially when he throws that guy off "Air Force One" !!!
+Steve Stout because we aren't intelligent enough to kick the Republicans out, and then drive a stake through their hearts?
Since when did politics and capitalism have anything to do with each other?
Can't say I trust the oil companies to have our best interests at heart, but I can't really say that about the occupants of the White House either.
Putting blame on one person is idiotic. Things have consistently gone down hill since the banks had Lincoln assassinated for his "green backs". Remember what Kennedy said a week before his assassination that there is something evil at the root of this nation and that he would not rest until it was revealed. We the people need to take action more and bitch less!
That was directed at those who feel the need to point fingers at our president. A KING deserves blame for a countries malefaction and abuse of the people. Last I knew this was not a kingdom.
You should stop giving them all that money.
So when U.S. auto makers get taxpayer money, profits indicate that giving them taxpayer money was a good idea.
But when oil companies (which fuel those bailed-out auto makers' products) get subsidies and turn a profit, this administration treats those profits as evidence that the subsidies are a bad idea...
And when alternative energy companies can't compete because they're mismanaged and can't find enough demand for their products to maintain their existence in the market, this administration uses those failures as rationale for giving them taxpayer money.
Good thing this White House has changed the way things are done in DC, huh?
I don't see you refusing campaign contributions... guess your convictions are limited.
Perhaps, we should look at the conversation of gas prices. If we continue to subsidize gas prices and keep them low, we are are creating a strong disincentive to invest in more oil efficient transportation technology, more efficient transportation infrastructure, and more efficient living situations that maximize the utility of a limited resource.

If we are not investing in coping mechanisms for oil fluctuation we are basically digging ourselves a trap, and our excuse for digging this trap is that we can't handle the consequences now. If our excuse is we can't handle change now, and we don't invest in handling change later, we are going to find ourselves in an even tougher situation.
+Joe Dean the main argument for Obama lately is he is just as bad as every other politician, so we might as well keep him. That makes me sad.
+Jordan Miller Man i hope not. Obama is ok in someways but overall NDAA was too much, and we all know about the debt. Ron Paul would be my pick. Gingrich is tooooooo neocon for my taste...santorum is trying to push bible ethics instead of individual freedom and Romney is a corporate whore. :D
Ummm, we pay taxes to subsidize an industry that is ripping us off at the pumps. And the White House is bragging about that? Hmmm... why dont they use the $4 billion to lower the cost of gas?
Can I get some money too, if I register myself as an oil company? Just asking :P
Irrespective of party...almost all politicians in Washington are whores for big business...oil companies generally being chief amongst their Johns.
Fact is: America doesn't have the money to give. What's it going to take to get these political idiots on track?
yea i agree martin besides just walk everywhere instead of using all that gas + who has asthma i do and it is NOT fun so stop making me cough all the time white house
that money could be used to beef-up our Natural Gas infrastructure. We're never going to make the switch if only 1 out of 10000 stations has NG available. Our politicians are being bought and sold by the rich, it's criminal.
Where are all the comments from woman? I know they drive cars too.
Ok. Do what. Don't all businesses get tax breaks? So let's eliminate all company tax breaks. But wait, companies don't pay taxes. If the tax rate on companies goes up, they just raise the price you and I pay. Just eliminate all company taxes, go with a sales tax, and watch our economy sky rocket.
Make a law that require all Diesel truck to be convert to Natural gas (LNG) , and back it up with 100% finance by the FED at 0.1% rate for 30 years -- Then we'll see some acceptance.
ask the government what their share of the profits are. .02 cents per gallon for the oil company and .47 per gallon for the gov.taxes. hum!
By subsidy, you fascist mean the same ability of corporations to depreciate investments as any other company?

So you want to make sure that they cannot drill in the US, create jobs in the US, or make taxable income. No wonder we are bankrupt and welfare is increasing. You get economics from Das Kapital.
If you truly are the white house affiliated you should know that we (taxpayers) are against that, so you should put a stop to this.
Whitehouse u r the problem not a part of it
+Kyana McCoy I clicked on the link to see what the "point" was since the photo doesn't suffice in answering the question. It says, "But we need the right incentives in place to help put this strategy in place. Instead of $4 billion in yearly taxpayer-funded subsidies to the oil industry, we should renew tax credits that encourage new investments in clean energy.
Want to know more about President Obama’s blueprint for an America built on homegrown energy? Here’s everything you need to know."

EDIT: +The White House You need to fix the above link from
Why are they receiving my money? It's not like they aren't raking in over a million / month. I don't even buy from them. BP man.
False - "fossil fuels" are not efficient fuels. (I'm guessing that you are lumping oil and natural gas into "fossil fuels", given the context there.) Oil is one of the most portable fuels, but one of the less efficient fuels. Natural gas and battery power (solar, nuke, hydro derived) are FAR more efficient, but have refueling limitations. Power plants, for example are almost never run on diesel (except in remote locations), but instead run on natural gas, coal or nuke power.

And no, $4 bn in tax susidies is not going to do anything meaningful to the current price of oil. The $4bn generally refers to tax credits for exploration (where companies declare just about any well as 'exploration'). These subsidies will not affect the price of oil for decades. Further, the price of gas is a more complex function of global and regional oil prices, refinery capacity (think hurricane), and market speculation (hedge funds driving up prices).

Consider reading Oil 101 - a great book on the topic.
this may be ridiculous but it is reason gas is not 8 bucks a gallon.
What about the taxes that are put on gasoline at the pump? The government is reaping massive amounts of money off the populace and blaming the oil companies. Tell the truth!
So let's give 4 billion in subsidies for research and development for companies like Solyndra instead...hehe
How much have we subsidized stupid "investments" like Solyndra?
It is a big scam. Most in government have big money in the oil industry so in giving them big subsidies they are basically giving themselves a larger paycheck. Lets not forget who ran the country for 8 years.
If this is such a big issue, why didn't you rescind all subsidies when the Ds ran the White House, House AND Senate?
+Greg Moon Obama made the terrible mistake of trying to govern the whole country with a centrist approach rather than pushing a liberal agenda -- for which he got kicked in the groin by Mitch McAsshole every chance he got.
Ok, lets cut the subsidies. While you're at it, lets kill all of the farm subsidies too... and lets get rid of foreign aid as well. HHS is a big fat bloated money hog, lets get rid of them, and the Department of Education. Why stop at subsidies for big oil? I can think of over a $1 Trillion that can be cut out of the Federal Budget.
+Sam Alexander FYI, the Solyndra loan guarantee was a multi-year process that the Bush Administration launched in 2007. It wasn't a project initiated and rushed by this current administration as Sean Hannity "reports" fair and balanced over and over.
I love how your telling us what Congress is doing and how your doing nothing to help us. My pay stays the same and the cost of living goes up everyday.
they dont/didnt/wont....thats why its news
NOW LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT! We invade a country with oil, and gas cost more? That's makes no sense, now I didn't go to no fancy school or nuttin' but if I invaded a KFC Wings would be CHEAP AT MY HOUSE! Lol
I dont think this picture is a statement about oil subsidies per say, I believe this is a statement against Romney speaking at the Americans for Prosperity event (AforP is run by an ultra-conservative oil baron, Charles G. Koch.) Basically Romney will be allowing oil companies to buy into government, and will most likely grant oil companies more subsidies and less regulation (giving oil companies the opportunity to generate even more profits than ever before), which is disgusting.
Backers of political campaigns reap the benefits of their showmen. Dont let oil run the country
If we stop subsidizing the oil companies, will we pay $8 a gallon like they do in Europe? People don't know that we get gasoline cheap.
+Michael Cooke According to the Tax Foundation reports, Big Oil gets $100 billion annually and over the next five years, will cost taxpayers $448.5 billion.

And this $25B for green companies you mention is another George Walker Bush signed project from some September 2008 bill, I believe.
+Leslie Sox Gasoline is expensive in Europe not because of a lack of subsidizing the product. It's expensive because of taxes added on the price to reduce consumption.
LuciO M
If you can't beat 'em,join them. I am :)
Give the subsidies to the poor instead.
Eliminate taxes on revenue. Tax consumption. VAT ftw!
More public transit. Unemployed people in the city can't get to the jobs outside the outer-belt.
Please do something for chinese people!
So. Stop complaining about it and DO SOMETHING!
The government is too big and too stupid.
Want to help stimulate the economy? Take HALF that $4b and give it to the unemployed Vets. Take the other half and put it into some companies that WILL build and market small alt-fuel vehicles. Then, demand the American oil companies to actually do some oil drilling INSIDE our borders, sell it off the OPEC market, again INSIDE our borders. Then, actually build a few more pipelines down from North Alaska, as they've been talking about for several years..
We should cut the $4 billion they receive from tax payers,we are paying more than enough for their products.We need a breather from their high prices
"Congress" the WH acts like the Dems didn't run both houses of the congress a couple of years ago and a few years before, etc.. etc. Didn't seem to be so worried about it then.
Why are we just cutting oil subsidiaries? The premise is just damned stupid. "Well you are successful, and pulling in less percentage-wise than other companies we have bailed out, so you don't get any more subbies". Why not just kill ALL loopholes and subsidiaries?

The whole idea that one individual or company is more evil than another is damned stupid!
Couldn't you just lower the gas prices down half ways
And, yet, compared to the $654 million given to oil and gas companies combined, the government subsidizes the wind energy with $5 billion alone. That's 85 times more for wind energy (alone) as compared to that spent on the resources the majority of consumers want.
Jamil, do you believe those monies will be returned if that's what happens? The government will dole it out to someone else.

Federal Government, put your money where your pump is - eliminate the sales tax on fuel altogether if you are cutting subsidiaries. You won't need the money anymore,right?

Do you all know who makes the most profit on every gallon of gasoline sold in the United States? The government.

If you believe the oil companies are evil, you are just drinking the kool aid the government is doling out.
Umm. The sales tax on fuel buys highways and bridges and stuff. Without it, things would be falling apart even faster than they are now. One of the major problems there, is that Bush & Co took a good part of the Highway Trust fund money and put it into the general fund, in order to hide at least a part of his huge deficits. This is, perhaps, why that bridge in Minnesota collapsed. There was no money available to fix it.
+David Young That's like saying the President's budget proposal is a campaign commercial. Admittedly, it would have been clearer if they simply stated they were against the subsidies and why, with relevant data to back it up.

+Ryan Garcia Yet raising taxes isn't an option to address the deficit? Have you looked at Romney's latest 20% across the board tax plan and what it will do to the deficit?

+Rich Coleman Matter of priorities I'd say. You may disagree, but the Stimulus was a priority for the administration as was passing health care.
I agree with Jamil Addari, we cannot even go on a trip with the high gas prices! We lived in Nevada several years ago. Moved back to Missouri.
It was a good thing we did, I would not have been here when my mom died otherwise. There would be no way we could have even come back for the funeral : (.
Cut it. Then cut welfare & public housing. Difference is the oil company employees pay taxes back but thats never looked at. +The White House your the problem along with the rest of the goons in Washington running us into the ground. Your all idiots.
The Senate has not passed a budget in over 1000 (yes.. one thousand) days. So the fact that the subsidy's are still given to those NOT in need, does not surprise me.
This thing looks as same around the word
Jon Dye
The irony of The White House posting this does not escape me.
This thing looks as same around the word
The oil companies (and everyone else) can keep their write offs as long as I can keep mine too. Otherwise implement a flat tax- and no other write offs, add an Amendment to the Constitution requiring a 75% super majority to increase taxes.
This is the 2012 version of "let them eat cake." The country is going down the tubes at an alarming rate, the environment is getting slaughtered, and our infrastructure and education system is in shambles. We are lining the pockets of corporations who spend more on lobbyists then we do on feeding the underprivileged. We are not talking about REAL issues, we are talking about birth control funding and the removal of individual freedoms THAT HAVE ALREADY BEEN DECIDED BY FEDERAL COURTS. If they are "letting us eat cake" I say OFF WITH THEIR HEADS. Until we storm Congress and rip these criminals out of their positions we will be shoveling their shit FOREVER. Thats a long time.....
Kind of like the White House buddies at GE. $13B in profits, but pay no taxes. We really need a third party.
If the gas companies get so much money, why must they raise the price of gas?!
Does the White House, or whomever published this piece of propaganda realize that if the subsidies/ write offs were removed then the price to consumers would increase?
Every time I see something like this I want to see numbers that take into consideration inflation. When my mother was my age she was living off of $3-4 an hour pay perfectly fine. If a company is making record profits and the cost of expanding their company keeps going up and up then they are just doing what they need to grown and expand their business. Which is a major point of a business.
The link on the bottom of the blog post leading to the more detailed story with links to further references is broken. It begins with "edit.whitehouse" rather than "www.whitehouse".
So rather than complain, invest in oil companies, simple
You cant complain about a problem without proposing a solution. Ive heard this story before and will probably hear it again in another 4 years
The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. As long as there is a rich SOB on office the poor will keep feeding the rich hand over fist.
I can complain about the problem because I am feverishly trying to get off this unemployment train while at the same time watching local gas prices shoot up .70 cents in the last month.
Weli A
we should all use bicycles until this changes.
Those terrible companies are taking advantage of the tax code just like every other taxpayer? Thanks for showing the stupidity of the Federal tax code. And just think we are going broke with or without their subsidies.
fossil fuels will remain expensive due to increasing world wide demand. there is no solution to this problem. if you want to use fossil fuels, get in line and fork over the cash. it is foolish to try to make this a political football.
How bout we take the money away from them, and build a pipe line from Montana to Louisiana so we can REALLY get energy independent ~! Oh wait the Executive branch has "legislated via edict" No pipe line. "High fuel prices are Good for you, how else can we be free of oil and global worming.".... Hey Dear Mr. President. YOU DON'T MAKE LAW, YOU ARE NOT A KING !!!
Hypocricy from the white house...
Like you are so innocent. +The White House doesnt have a problem with Green Energy taxpayer-funded subsidies that do nothing but delay bankruptcies. Who is the pot and who is the kettle here?

How about we stop ALL government subsidies and stop the blame game.
So why dont you do something about this, Uncle Sam? The rest of us are starving and losing our jobs and homes.
This is NEW? They just discovered this?? The WH doesn't realize that some of the biggest stockholders of Oil Companies are Union Pension funds who fight, and litigate, for massive returns!
Robert.Alaska is a state with a pipeline.have you noticed that they can't repair the damn thing to keep it from leaking.Now you want a pipeline to run through our national parks and the heartland of America.? No thank you.Thank God the Pres did his job.Think outside the box and see what the real problem is
P.s. nobody gets into politics to change the world anymore. They do it for the perks and access to the biggest bank account in the world, the american people.
I would have thought The White House had other means to fix something they don't like other than cry out to the general public.
Sounds more like Greenpeace methods, or those of the like of it...
Go dinosaurs!! from petro to diamonds. Human greed can't get enough
This ISN'T something if I was president I would share...

Because it makes me wonder why YOU havn't done anything about it...
Well I see the Fox news idiots found this page.
We should do the same brazil did, we should use ethanol oil 
Why isn't anyone talking about GE? They didn't pay any income tax and are recipients of huge tax breaks. Only Fox news tried to bring it to the publics attention. But why do you ignore GE, is it because the CEO is on Obama's Economic council. Where's the evil corporation speak at this blatant Corporation in bed with Government. 
Nigeria has problem of oil subsidy. Bc of bad and corrupt leaders
There have been many leaks reported in the news and I believe half of the pipe is shut down right now.But I agree with most of your comment.
Please people stop being amazed at the actions of our wealth. Be lucky you live in a country that can scam the public.
Nice, but are you sure you want to attack one of your biggest contributors like that?
+Bob Harvey - just because we can think for ourselves, you assume we have cable. I don't watch fox, and you are an idiot.
Is this something the ''white house'' plans to tackle, because if so that would be great, although i don't see it as getting done by anybody due to the total lack of wherewithall by the mostly republican congress.'re the President, fix it!
Blame the Republicans... Keep listening to Bill Mahr. Whats our plan? Blame others, oh ok, sounds good. That solves all problems...
I think the oil companies also pay 11 billion in taxes. They would pay 15 billion but the gov gives them 4 in subsidies.
From tax breaks to infrastructure, we have been subsidizing fossil fuels for decades. Subsidies for green energy do more than "delay bankruptcies," they help a small industry get started. The bottom line is, whether it's in ten years or a hundred, the supply of oil is LIMITED, people. It's called fossil fuel for a reason... we are going to have to wean ourselves from it eventually, we may as well start now. And cutting back on subsidies to industries that don't need them is as good a place to start as any.
Govt is so full of it. Drill or change. The bailout was for wall street. Not us. Take gas and oil off the trading list and make them earn customers and profit. Pow fixed
Is it called corruption? bribery? lobbying?
Business as usual...
Fan Yu
not fair..but this situation is much better than in china..oil price is always high..and compamies also get allowance from gov
It is a shame when a company earns 8% profit but trades in volume, they are demonized as making too much, What is too much profit, 7%, 1%? How much of those perks are for untapped reservior exploration, how much for R&D to find alternatives like algea ofr biomass instead of crude.

When the industry pays income, excise and lease payments to the us are they net winners or loosers?

A few statements and some figures to point towards your position is campagining, not informing the public, I had expected this to be a information post not a campaign promotion.
this is a distraction. the banks are the problem.
What no one mention is that a lot of gasoline is now exported rather than sell here in the US. Maybe some sort of regulation on gasoline export during high gas price?
This is ridiculous and needs to end. They need to cut prices and receive higher taxes.
100 Mill in 2007? That was before the recession, how is that important now?
I joined google+ in hopes that the intelligent where here. Sadly half are idiots just like everywhere.
"You people are idiots. How much do they PAY in taxes. Look that up and average it out. In 2007, Exxon paid over one hundred billion dollars in taxes."

idiots? 100B in taxes, you need to reread the numbers before calling out idiots.

just wondering, how much did GE pay last tear in taxes according to your sources
tery t
L. Martin Ringler - and sadly you can't spell: where = were. Have a nice day. :)
Hey Mike Murray -

Nice job showing the worst way to debate or have civil discussion. First you call people names, then you lump groups together (welfare checks) and finally you don't even get your facts right. If you could do this and get people worked up over made up 'facts' you'd have Foxnews.

Anyhow,how about learning how to use Google and research your numbers before you post? I know you probably got your 'facts' from Foxnews and all but...come on...really? 100 billion in taxes in 2007? No where do I see that amount coming up.

In fact, this says it is more like 5.12 billion. I challenge you to actually read some links and think about it without just yelling 'liberal press' on everything that doesn't fall into line with what the 'fair and balanced' channel might be telling you to believe.

Finally - do you count all the money that goes into getting oil for these companies? I mean - if you want to add it all up - how much tax money do we pay to 'protect' oil locations or pay other companies to ensure that oil comes our way? I think if you added up all that it would certainly be lopsided in the other direction.

I don't expect to change your mind or anything but I do wish that you could learn to debate more intelligently and with real facts and not resort to the Foxnews "drama" method.

In tax terms, the U.S. government is kinder to oil companies. According to Securities & Exchange Commission filings, Exxon paid an effective tax rate of 34% to the U.S. government in 2007, or $5.12 billion
Sustainable energy, please. We want to fund the future, not pad the past. 
How and the hell did the White House end up in my feed??
This just in, White house Google+ got hacked and put up a post inspiring thousands to speak how they really feel about the White house.....
Twelve bucks a person. Great, let's get rid of it, but let's cut the crap out of a ton of other programs as well. Bitch all you like about Congress, but this has been a craptastic White House as well.
Democrats have been talking about this since at least 2005, when they promised to get rid of the tax breaks for oil companies the LAST time they re-took congress. They talk about this all the time, but even when they have power, they don't ever DO anything!
We the people should be ready for.tbe. questions that are.going to be asked
Republicans aren't the problem.....democrats are in the pockets of oil companies, wall street, west coast libs, east coast libs n big huge else does obama get a billion in re-election...wake up idiots!
Interesting propaganda. Most of the cost of fuel goes to the govt in taxes. Please research the facts and do not take this presidents socialist bs
Congress must end all oil companies subsidies that are hard working Middle-Class taxpayers money as all those big oil corporation are racking billions in profit "enough" is "enough"!
How much does the administration give to failing enviro-energy flops (Solyndra) or cost the working folks when they nix a Canadian pipeline that could of itself relieve our dependence on middle east oil? Worst. President. Ever.
I'll counter your counter Mr. Walker. Republicans "are" the problem and so are Democrats. "The Problem" is the utter failing of the 2-party system, combined with an American populace who fails to understand that the party they fervently support is every bit as bad as the "other" party.
If an oil company is lucky they get 6 cents a gallon profit. That's just one oil company. The government makes 18 cents profit for every gallon every oil company sells... you bet the govt. subsidizes oil companies.
We should stop the loop holes that they create for ever.
if you really think this social program is for the good of the people then why not hand over those funds to the people and let them decide what that goes towards. if people want to ride a bike or drive less that is more money in their pocket. if they like/need ti drive more than they can use it for oil. im still confused why we didnt approve the pipeline?! bit honestly im for all the subsidy programs to go away
And here's our trusting gov with more brainwashing. This post is missleading and only a half truth.
So other that creating the problem and making it worse, what else is the white house doing about it? Obama's time is over.
The nation is broke and in debt. There should be no subsidies for anyone in any industry. There should also be a 15% tarriff on anything imported from Communist China and a 25% excise tax on anything made by union labor.
If what the oil companies get are "subsidies" then so are our deductions for charitable contributions, etc. These are not "subsidies" (unless you're looking to demonize the oil companies...THEN..oh yeah, they are subsidies for SHORE!!!)
Drill Baby Drill, and Oh ya Get busy on Natural Gas!
So the white house position is to put a moratorium on gulf drilling, and reject the keystone pipeline. And now today Chuck Shumer asked Hillary to beg Saudi Arabia to drill more to increase the supply... wait, so when are we going to become less dependant on foreign oil? Maybe when a Chevy Volt goes further than 30 miles before needing an overnight charge.
The value of the dollar has gone down, hence it buys less making gas more expensive. Another way the media spins it.
This president is useless unless you are a socialist that wants to give all your money to the government and let them tell you how to live your life.
Big government is the best friend of big business.
Its very disturbing the gas companies & major corps period,can just play with the prices as they do.They don't raise prices because they have to,they raise prices because they can and are greedy.I don't think it's the presidents fault tho,this go far back.Its BIG money in oil.SMH..People are just greedy. "The Movie" There Will Be Blood,said alot.GREED
WHY? are U.S. gas prices unnecessarily! Expensive right here & now?
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