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Photo of the Day: President Obama checks out the +NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Championship trophy at an event on the South Lawn of the White House.
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We have such an awesome president that reaches of e
walks of life,race and cultures. Bush tried he just fumbled along the way. Very entertaining. :)
Good to see Tony and his team getting the recognition. You did a fine job last year and are of to a good start this year.
waw keren
Get your motors roaring for 2012. Group Hug!
He needs to go to an actual race; that's where all the good ol' boys will be, anyway.
+Linas Vepstas that would be a security nightmare! Not to mention all the attention would be taken away from the actual races. I like how you think though, that would be nice.
I don't think that will happen the First lady went to a race and was booed when she addressed the crowd. No need to. He has done great by inviting tony I am sure they appreciate the exposed.
obama should be checking out unemployment since he is a 1 term president.
Let's hope for all our sakes that does not happen we don't want a repeat of the 2008 economic melt down due to deregulation and no regulations.
+papa githiomi Democrat's are screwing up the economy and obama is the head of it all. Obamacare has doubled my medical costs already this year. Obamacare needs to be repealed immediately.
Obama is an idiot no matter what he is doing. That's what.
This gentleman Merle refine seems to be delusion. The stock market is back to 2008 levels. Unemployment is on the decline. Osama bin laden is dead. Wars are coming to an end and gay men and women will be able to serve their country. Progress in the right direction. Obama for president again.
+papa githiomi Homosexuals should be castrated, obama had nothing to do with osama being killed, he just took credit for it. The seal team 6 killed osama. Unemployment is still horrible. Obama is an idiot.
Well that means bush speech mission accomplished was what exactly he didn't do anything and mission wasn't accomplished. Your attitude towards homosexuals is exactly why president OBAMA will be back. Hahahahah.
Obamacare has not increased their medical cost just and idiot who thinks the public are stupid.
+papa githiomi I own an IT consulting business with 30 employees. Our healthcare costs have doubled in the last year. It is all related to obamacare. Take it from someone experiencing it first hand. It now affects our hiring process as it is costing us thousands more per employee per year so we are putting off on hiring new statt that we need to.
+Mark Sigmon it is "post hoc, ergo propter hoc" fallacious thinking. They hate Obama care, for whatever stupid reason and, Some premiums have gone up (just like they did for decades prior to Obama care, and just like the price of just about everything else in a recession economy,) so since one followed the other, and they really really want Obamacare (Here to for known as the PPACA) to be bad, so they go ahead and fallaciously associate one with the other.

+Merle Reine you are a bigot and a blight on humanity. While Obama was not present at the killing of BinLaden, he WAS the "Commander in Chief" at the time it happened. More importantly, IN ORDER for seal team 6 to accomplish that task, the Commander In Chirf had to make a crucial decision based on information deemed "about 50-50" to send them in. Had BinLaden NOT been there, that would have been an international incident which would have reflected very very badly on Obama. No, his life was not in danger. The lives of good leaders rarely are. That in no way means that they don't take large risks, or that they aren't under the pressure of great responsibilities. The fact that you clearly gave NONE OF THAT any consideration truly depicts who the "idiot", in this situation, is.
Well Mr Merle Reine. It all comes out in the end you have to pay more to operate and you attack obama . Listen you republican Leach. Take a paycut . Better yet move to Sweden and do your business their. Someone else will take your place and do what you do at half the price.
+papa githiomi he wouldn't like Sweden, too "Socialist", what he wants is Somalia. Libertarian dreamland, run exclusively by rational self interest. He would be SOOOOOO happy there.
Well so you think he is a God. More importantly he needs 30 people to get anything done. Its about the welfare of his staff. A commitment to their benefits and the great good. So if he can't see the moral point then he can cash out a lot of young more innovative can get it done.
+papa githiomi none of the above. I'm just trying to figure out why you call someone who provides a living for 30 people a leach.

By definition he's the opposite... A provider.
With your reasoning the during the bush era the economy should have explode but alas they laid off people like ants and cashed in on profits with the least taxes possible it doesn't work for the regular man.
+jeffrey hamby Depends entirely on what you provide, and what's in it for you. Further, ANYONE unwilling to put back into the system that allows them to be successful is the very definition of a "parasite". It may not be easy to be successful, but I can assure you it is MUCH harder to be left behind.
+papa githiomi what are you talking about?

I'm asking a very simple question. He employees 30 people. What makes him a leach?

(stay on topic)
We need the people to be the priority the greatest asset and they will deliver.
+papa githiomi so apparently you have no valid reason then? I gather the insult is based on your assumption that his ideology is different from yours.

+Merle Reine kudos to you for being a provider.
Very simple the republican party doesn't care about 30 people companies they want co operations he is sucking on hoping to benefit but your an after thought.
+papa githiomi now you're being contradictory. You call him a republican leach, then go on to day the republican party doesn't care about the jobs he provides.
No actually my argument is that his logic does not work and if it does why didn't bush Jr apply it. I think it did work it was meant to make a few people rich at the expense of others just like mitt Romney.
Sigh. You're just not going to answer my question are you?
I already told you he is a leach for aligning himself with Republican cronies who have no use for him financially or strategically. I his a leach hoping to suck of the Republican benefits stolen from the American people in the name of free enterprise.
What benefits do republicans steal from the American people?

Or more specifically, if he's providing a service at a reasonable rate (if it wasn't reasonable people wouldn't pay for that service), what exactly is he stealing?
We'll its simple. Social security. Medicaid. Welfare all for the people all paid into in some way or form by taxes we all pay. Big businesses get breaks to re invest during bush era large tax breaks no jobs.instead layoffs and huge payoffs to CEO like mitt Romney. This 30 people CEO is hoping to jump on that train and avoid taxes and pocket profits and screw the average man.
+papa githiomi there were no breaks for big business.... Just individuals. And a larger break was given to lower income earners.

Big business pays the highest tax rate in the world.

Enjoy your AMT next year, it will affect you too.
+Michael Gooch That last part is SOOO not true. They absolutely positively DO NOT want to get rid of is. We are CRUCIAL to their lifestyle. You can't get "rich" alone on a deserted Island. You need peons to do that. Those peons just aren't any good for keeping them rich, if we think, and feel, and fight for ourselves. No they want us right where we are, good and oppressed, like happy little zombies.
+Jeffrey Hamby obviously +papa githiomi is from another planet. Not only does he make no sense, he can't even speak proper english to explain what he means. I am a republican because I believe what they believe. Facts are that if you read the links I posted you will see that obama is devastating the economy as are the democrats.

How is obama care destroying jobs? Read below if you can:
+Merle Reine oh, I believe. Although I'm more of a civil libertarian and a believer in Austrian economics and that the republican party won't do enough to help.
Drew. You're correct that they would want a few hundred million to serve their needs but they would be happy to exterminate 5 or 6 billion.
using the definition "what I have arbitrarily decided to believe, and support using fallacy" for "Facts".
+Jeffrey Hamby Maybe the republican's won't do enough to help but it has to be better than what the democrats are not doing.
+Michael Gooch I am about to totally blow your mind. The numbers are, in fact, what enable them to do what they do. More Labor = Cheaper Labor = More Business Leverage for management. Also why they want bottom margin social programs out of the way. Increases the desperation. More desperation = More Economic Leverage. No, they want there to be just as many of us as they can get. Massive Numbers are CRUCIAL to their plan.
Drew. I understand that. They wouldn't want human extinction. But they don't want a population so large that it can threaten them with things like democracy.
Well CLEARLY "numbers" are making NO difference there.

Doesn't matter how many of us there are, as long as a simple majority are ignorant and properly conditioned, no one will be rocking the boat.
But don't hold your breath for them to realize the error of their ways and make an effort to stop the suicides.
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