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To commemorate the 50th anniversary of To Kill a Mockingbird, President Obama hosted a screening in the Family Theater at The White House. Take a look behind the scenes with local students, Mary Badham Wilt, the actress who played Scout, Veronique Peck, widow of Gregory Peck who played Atticus Finch.
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I remember watching that movie in Grade 8. It was really good for many reasons.
sounds like a fun friday at the white house
We started reading it in our class
I think To Kill a Mockingbird was grade 9 or 10 for me... as such I should probably read it again as there is a good chance I skimmed it... never liked reading "for school"... would often read three or four books for fun while ignoring the assigned books until the last minute.
لقد ناقشت هذه المشاركة مع شخص واحد في دردشة فيديو جماعية.
Never watched the movie I probably should check it out. :)
Filmed at the historic Marquette (Michigan) County Courthouse before it was gloriously restored.
A great movie i remember watching it (first time) with my father.
the first time i watched it i was in English class... only time i watched it actually. hmm maybe i should watch it again
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Almost time to bust out my seersucker and Allen Edmonds blue suede shoes! Atticus Atticus Atticus!
Just finished this book in school. Good movie two.
Good day dear friends!Thank you for the wonderful historical video! I am very happy! Gregory Peck turns out to be was in the White House! This is my favorite character from the movie * Gold McKenna. * I have even now watch this wonderful movie and enjoy! Thank you! Victor!
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Does this have closed captioning?
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