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President Obama sits for a moment inside the bus where Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat.
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Looks almost like a wax museum display
Fantastic shot. He looks very pensive.
That's soooooo cool. I wanna do that!!!!
ya it is but she was making a stand for something that isnt right, blacks and whites are equal
She certainly helped pave the way for him to get where he is now. Kind of him to pay tribute like this.
And Brad's post was definitely in honor of #nationaloppositeday
+Brad Thompson Disclaimer: I'm a Ron Paul supporter.

Obama is not "destroying the country" any more than President Bush was. There's an entire legacy of failed policy that is the doings of all branches of our government including the Supreme Court. You can't pin this on the current President.

Also, trying to take a nice picture of the President in a historic location and mapping that to what he should do is the kind of lunacy that feeds Ron Paul detractors. You really should endeavor to think before you write this crap in public places.
+Brad Thompson, sure, Ron Paul would restore America. He would restore it back to what it was in 1776. No thanks, I'd rather keep the last 200 years of progress. Paul's vision of America is terrifying.
Fine pic. Fortunately there's changed a lot for the good since that 1 december 1955. But it was no bed of roses, no pleasure cruise
Romney would like for him to give up that seat right NOW! 
Time to reflect, We have come so far. Or have we really?
That seat is not yours to keep...unless u buy the bus....LOL
+Brad Thompson This of all posts is ABSOLUTELY NOT the place for this. Hate or Love him, that isn't what this post is about. Please stop and say your griefs and/or campaigning for someone else on another one of the posts, but out of Respect for what this represents, I politely ask you to stop the politics.
+Brad Thompson - I think you have blinders on. The decimation has continued apace ever since 9/11 provided a good excuse. NDAA was the continuation of a Bush policy, for example. And while Obama has not really done anything especially good with Guantanamo Bay, it was created under Bush.

I don't think Obama shines here, but I don't think he's especially worse (or better) than the last president.

Of course, none of that makes it at all acceptable.
I thought NDAA, SOPA its alternative PIPA and CISPA were Republican sponsored bills and other then NDAA which was attached to another military funding bill, were still pending. You want to talk about loss of liberty check out the ever present patriot act!
+SCOTT HUFF - I think PIPA and SOPA were democrat sponsored. And if they weren't, the major backers were democrats. The Democrats are in the pockets of the entertainment industry in much the same way that the Republicans are in the pockets of the oil industry.
+Gina Reed And I completely disagree, this is just the place for a Canadian to question what we actually do.
+Brad Thompson - Great job for bringing that up. It is a cheap shot at publicity in a very disturbed economy, social environment in a country where we've spent decades at war.
Guess he should get used to that view when he is voted out! OH wait! he will get more in a month than most do in a year!
Wow I didn't realize he was going bald
Please don't feed the trolls.

In case anyone is wondering I'm referring to some of the comments...
hello hello president Barak Obama obama is best
I would sit in her place too.
Wow. Just imagine time when some people couldn't sit in a simple bus seat. Truly amazing.
buy a car buddy i mean your the prez
Lalo A
Your getting my vote for sure
This is an incredible photo. Thank you.
wow i thought that the bus was in the dump
Is his BO that bad that no one else would get on?
Seriously, it must be incredible to sit on that bus
We have come so far. Let's not stop evolving for good.
president finding untold pleasure in solitude;;;
quite funny to note the seriousness embedded in his face.
Yea right, the white house supporting people breaking the law. No wonder america is in such a mess
Thats not true he cares about his history.. and if hes gay then why does he have a wife and kids?? can i say the samee about yall?
hahaha y does it keep on saying Comment no longer exists to me!
Wow... Must Be An Amazinq Moment For Obama!!
why waste mi timee on ppl who dont caree>??
This is very nice, to look back in time to see what different colored people had to be faced with.
Just because a few ignorant people can't appreciate the gravity of it doesn't mean everyone else has to reject it. I'm glad I can see the photo, understand the history behind it, and be happy for how far we've come. And still have to go.
The power behind this photo is the understanding of how far equality has come that the leader of this nation is of mixed heritage and has attained the highest office in the land. A round of applause for all of us and our forefathers!
Why is everyone who doesn't agree with this photo opp have to be ignorant. Are definite differences of opinion no longer allowed? Just asking?
Brad Thompson; Ron Paul is trying to ruin america and send it back to it was before the civil war, by creating segregation again. obama has helped and fixed a lot, and will be president again.
Really! Mr. Obama can´t maybe imagine what Rosa Parks do for America people for all American equal whisch color of skin they have. Rosa Parks a very strong and fearless woman!
J Daul
The president has done more to destroy the foundation of our country than any other president in history. He has built on the destruction that Carter and Roosevelt started and only dreamed of. The constitution has no effect on him; it's limits have no effect on what he thinks he can or can't do. He looks at the people as a road block against his 'Hope and Change' agenda. CHANGE IT BACK....PLEASE....!
maybe if i go sit on a bus it will make me popular.. who cares!! its a freaking bus and not giving up your seat makes you selfish.. ppl might think its not fair but guess what. LIFE isnt fair!
Well I guess if you would rather have Socialism / Communism... you got it.
wow all these dumb rednecks dissing obama suck
well done Matt Mosqueda you missed the whole point of the Civil rights movement. Its not about being selfish its about equality between races. Hard to believe that was happening in the USA so recently. Still a long way to go to conquer racism though, don't stop the fight people.
"Hey, look...there's a cheeseburger joint out there. I think I'll stop and get some lunch..."
Not sure about this picture. In reality I have seen Obama flying on a huge Air Force One 747 from New York City to Buffalo when most worry about gasoline prices or in another case occupying half of Waikiki for himself and his entourage and turning it into a security zone which is only second to what I experienced in Berlin near Checkpoint Charlie before the wall fell. I wish he was a bit more humble and considered to the general public but most of all, make less bone-headed moves,decisions and remarks. While Rosa Parks had no choice but live with the daily humiliation of using that bus, Obama uses this conveniently for a photo-op in his own (election campaign) interest.
(To Matt Mosqueda)
Yes, but the whole give-up-the-seat-or-I-will-call-the-police stuff was only happening to the African American peoples. White people were selfish, not giving up their seats for people different skin color, (dark skined people HAD to move, or stand if there were not enough seats, and whites didn't) simply because they were different! (I do agree on the point that who cares that Obama's sitting on the bus, though)

(for those of you that are wondering, I am white. Almost pasty, in fact.)
Rosa Parks & other black people deserve the same rights as whites.
I am sure it not the same know the city used the death out of it.
That's what makes this country the greatest. We can agree to disagree with out represials. 
Which is why it is in a museum
"The photograph may not be manipulated in any way "

Challenge Accepted
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to bad we will never see him saluting the flag at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier or Honoring our nations soldiers who have received the Medal of Honor.
Before I read the caption, the first thing that went through my head was "Government Cost Cutting Measures..."
What "harm" has Obama done to your country that wasn't already done before he became president ? What "harm" has Congress caused by doing NOTHING accept take women's rights away and make "in God We Trust" the national slogan (like that was really important) ? What "harm" has Obama done that you can factually illustrate ... without a link to Faux News ? It amazes me how twisted some people are.
asshat, why are you hating? presidents live for photo ops and i'm sure he's done both those things.
And amazingly after reading this I can only conclude the average democrat here is more retarded than most of the fox news talking heads.
Furthermore, "IF" the right-wing Religious Nuts get into power, this whole planet could be at risk. Religious War Mongers !
^ Sorry buddy......the ones that want to make corporations people are the Republicans. Ask Mitt......he said corporations were people. You are targeting the wrong fella here.
When I see Obama I think of government spending
Steven vilbert just doesn't understand the meaning of this picture, or even day to day life obviously.
The FOX News talking heads aren't stupid, they are acting with intent.
I think a lot of people in this thread do not, and will not, appreciate what it means to be a member of a segment of society which, statistics show, continue to get the short end of the stick, dispite so many attempts and laws to make it otherwise. Not just African-Americans (and your ACTUAL lineage has so much less to do with that than your appearance), but Women, Gays, Hispanics, etc. As a nation, we tend to be absolute bigots. This picture depicts the fight, and how much has been won, but to a great degree, how much fighting lies ahead.
Go stick your sorry ass in Guantanamo criminal!
Wow, how deep and profound. Personally, I think he is a man doing his job. Just like Rosa Parks. Just like anyone else.

So to me, this picture is as mediocre and compelling as a lolcat picture.
haha, this would have been a good come back but. *broke not brock
Wish he would get up and do something constructive instead of socialist.
why do you cry when people disagree with you? grow up, you'll be in middle school soon
A mixed man sitting on the bus that helped make it possible for us to be mixed people.
we all have are rights now so be happy
Funny, I always pictured her on the other side.
I wish there was a way to hide all comments in Google Plus! Look people, RESPECT THE OFFICE - you don't have to like the person, but the first Black President on the same bus in the same spot where the Civil Rights Movement was launched, is pretty amazing/haunting/and yes, a solemn reminder of history.
Thanks for nothing... Please get off at the next stop!
yup life was awful ive read history text books
wow.. it looks like he's thrown everyone else under the bus. BTW, +Sarah Smith ... he's a one-termer. Get over it.
would be cool if it were anything but a shameless photo-op for him.
Where are you Going sir....
I personally do not like Obama but this is a nice tribute.
Powerful image - No other country in the world can produce this image
One historical figure is reflecting on the journey of another historical figure! Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Inspirational--sitting down on the job again.
he is jsut trying to pull the race card even though she was a great leader
Awesome! I'd love to feel the power in that seat!
I am so proud of our president. He is truly a wise man.
i wish i could sit in that sit man good luck president with romeny
your going to win !!
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He looks so peaceful and thoughtful, I wonder what he is thinking about...I hope he realizes how lucky he is to be in her spot, and how much Rosa Parks meant to our country's way of life right now.
I believe it's the actual bus that they preserved. She made history that day so they kept it to put it in this museum.
anyone voting for this bum needs to be shot, he is a flat out communist. rosa parks is rolling over in her grave. having a guy who is removing freedom sitting in the seat of a person who fought for freedom is disrespectful. if you lemmings cant see that then you need to play in traffic.
aww....I would love to feal the fealing when go on that bus. .....sigh
im suprized there isnt any 1 around
At least he didn't spend 89 billion dollars of our money on the fly. Or do you not remember because you were still a child then...
+Joe Render You probably have some well-thought out opinions but talking about people needing to be shot, and using the word Communist like you know what it means (given what you wrote, I don't think you do), really makes it difficult to have meaningful dialogue.
He is sitting in the chair waiting foe his pumpy rides. !!
That's one of the reasons he is President, because Ms Rosa Parks stood her ground
yeah thats cool rember god gave him to us vote for obama
I guess he isn't going to give up his seat in the White House..... We'll have to change that.
Thats gr8! Everoen needs to stand for what they believe in! :)
Im so glad I never had live through all of that pain and injustice. Its so painful to think about all of the people who were abused and mistreated.
It's a sad commentary on our society that a photo-op of the first half-white POTUS on this bus has any traction. We should be moving towards a post-race future, not lingering on and cashing in political points with something as staged as this.
I would like to do that one day too- standing up against injustice.
Giving up or not, we are all surivors.
Boy these old 50s style bus seats are almost as comfortable as my presidential seat...what a smooth ride :)
This seat, was never in the "white section", Rosa, didn't do any thing illegal, by staying were she was. If law is the law, then it was the white's that broke it. - do your research
Since I cannot add any more comments on the other thread +Chad Pratt No, you didn't prove anything since you still have not showed me why Obama is to blame for anything... Is it because he did the healthcare reform so people will have healthcare reform? Or because students are getting more money for school? Or because students are also getting lower % rates on their school loans? Or because he repealed don't ask don't tell? Or because he started the nuclear summit to clean up the nuclear weapons that are still loose out there in countries like Mexico, Russia and others? Or maybe because he signed the Credit Card reform? Hmm... in 3 years time that's pretty good if you ask me.. what did Bush do?? O yeah, He made a fake war and contributed 42.7% of our total debt!!!!

Wake up and see who is to blame.. Hint: it's not Obama as much as you want that..
Look where we have come in such a short time, but there is still so much more to do!
say what you will about the man, I still think he is one of the best presidents US has seen to date.
People should remember Obama is half White and half Black. He shouldn't be treated as the "first Black president" because that's not all who he is. And race doesn't determine who you are as a person either.
good for your country
On the shoulders of those before...silent homage
That is probably the best photo I have seen of a sitting president. He is paying homage to where everything came from without Rosa parks he wouldn't be leader of the free world. He is a humble man.
I think he would get a better current perspective if he stood next to millions of unemployed workers.....
that is mean becky jordan what if that was you
2012 Election...don't let them force you out of your seat, Obama!
my dad is one of then we might loss or house bc of him >:( X-(
I <3 BARACK!!!!!! and mrs. obama, and sasha and meliah
+Chad Pratt Hmm... so you can't say anything about my points so you resort to name calling? I'm done with you.. you GOPs never learn... They did a good job with the brainwashing...

All I can say is GO OBAMA! 4 more years!
he must feel the history
+Emil Georgiev lmao. I'm going to be optimistic and say you only have reading compression issues and not a complete retard.
Nice photo. Thanks for sharing. Nevermind all the negative comments!
I have a dream, too ... what happened?

Please, Sir, legalize freedom.
...What's he looking at out there?
is he thinking - when will we all be respectful of each other.
The memory of this Train rings up the past pain! Such a Story has paved a way for a Spot for Barack Obama's Presidency! The Pain was not in vain!
that really makes u appreciate what she did
* Que
From a seat on the bus ..too the seat that matters.... progress not regress. :-)
+Chad Pratt Another reason why I rarely argue with people on the internet.. You just reminded me why..No matter what I say and show you, you will think your twisted lies are true. Thanks!
I was just there this Tuesday. Didn't see an announcement the President was going to be there this week.
i dont like the presidant but i will have to go with the flow
wow thats awesome go rosa parks and obama
Ms. Parks would be honor for you to have her seat, Mr. President...
Haters gonna hate... Keep up the good work Mr. President.
Another self-aggrandizing moment in a long, long list for the man.
He looks like he's never sat on a bus before.
It was a historic picture and not about who likes this man or not. That's irrelevant. People should express their dislike of Obama somewhere else. Not here commenting on this picture.
There was actually a teenage African American girl that did the same but did not get backed by the NAACP because of her age. Not taking anything away from Ms. Parks but just a piece of info.
where the Mr President going..or just for promotions??
A profound moment in time captured here!
+Clayton Thompson LOLOL "tried and true", you mean, never worked? LOL Please crack open an economic history book, before presuming to advise ANYONE on economic policy.

+Mainul Haque Just ignore the flying monkey brigade.
It's amazing that they found that bus.
its a shame it didnt blow up with that kenyan commie inside it
OBAMA 2012. Obviously, the ONLY REASON why some americans (esp. whites, of course) don't like and respect him is because he is black.
I am moved to tears. Who has ever seen one person _On a bus?
First time for me. ...& I get the iconic import of this attempt to find
something _ to change the subject of the matter. Wassup!
oh my god. thats so, i dont know why, but thats so, so touching!
Yes I would have gave up my seat as well. But I'd like to kick his useless ass off the bus.
Mr. President were you at Greenfield Village/Henry Ford Center in Dearborn Heights, Michigan
Now all he needs is some fresh dog meat and he'll be happy. Btw he's white too folks. ;) just so u know. So I guess I hate white people cause I hate him?
Alex D.
374th comment... epic!
most powerful man in the world. still considers himself a victim.
"How long does it take to get my picture?"
He refused to give up his struggle
i love that! that is awesome rosa parks is a hero and president obama didnt forget about it! he rocks!
It's good to see the first Amish president taking American History so srsly <_>
At least he is not playing the dick card twombley...
It's amazing how far our country has come, and yet we still have so far to go!
Though I am not a big fan of Obama, this picture makes me proud to be an American
And then Bain Capital bought the bus & had it crushed.
So, Mr Romney said: "Start packing ..." but, Mr President responded: "I am not giving up my sit and I am not sitting at the back either"
Phony sentiment...just another photo opportunity
I'm merely suggesting that the critical eye look both directions, Clayton. If you think that's unfair, please express why. Incidentally, the country was doing a whole lot worse by just about any objective measure in 2008 than we are today. Care to attempt to refute that? Maybe take a little peek at the DJIA?
+Chad Pratt When 2 people don't agree on one thing, that usually turns into an argument.. that's how I see it.. :/
More respect to obama!!!thats the leader the world needs!!!
Great statement Mr.President Do not give up your seat!
Twombley, I believe you meant "all you're capable of" instead of "all your capable of". See, what you wanted there was a contraction of "you are"...not the possessive. English is hard. It's ok, little fella.
"Effect" and "affect" are two different words.

Plus, conservatives did similar things during the Bush administration. It's really just a part of American politics for the leader to be seen as a dithering idiot that's sitting around doing nothing useful and for a large portion of the country to bitch and whine, regardless of who is in charge.
Ya, we're all "effected".... Go, Education!!
+Emil Georgiev this conversation has bored me. To connect the dots for you, you have not argued any statement that I have made. Thus you have reading comprehension issues.
Obama is one of the greatest presidents of all time!
More respect to obama!!!thats the leader the world needs!!!
He must be great if he can rack up more debt than any other president ever in office. Can't wait till he gets kicked out ^_^
It's amazing how some people give this one President more power than any other in history, including FDR.
Every little thing has itsimportance in life
I leave Wayne Enterprises to more interested men. I don't wanna take anybody's job. My Father's country is in good hands. Isn't that right Mr. Fox?
+twombley thepirate Amazing how PEOPLE resort to anything that supports the belief they have already adopted including making stupid generalizations about entire groups of people.
Chis, stop disrespecting the president because of his color for crying out loud he has done no worse than any other previous president.
Didn't you get the memo. And I didn't do it alone. No man is an island. You were an ispiration to me Mr. President. And I think I wrote George in the memo too. It's in my notes on my Facebook page. Take a look. It's public. Goodnight and Godbless.
Very nice. Rooting for my man Obama in the up-coming election. Can't imagine where we'd be right now, without Obama...

Kieran Jackson, Realtor
Keller Williams Hollywood Hills
Now twombley, you JUST faulted me for being condescending, and then you followed it up with two more posts being condescending towards others. Is it only rude when other people do it to you?
Are there any pictures of him in the Dymaxion house? I think I see it in the background.
Great picture. I bet Rosa Parks didn't imagine her act as having the impact that made this picture possible.
Nice to see the President reflecting on indiffrence i also wonder how much is to much and when to stop the worng so right way can be a gran of sand for the conner stone society.
funny how one decision can affect all humanity
Chris N
You used to sit in buses that havent been graced by people that took a stand for something. If she didnt say no my Black ass would be in the back permanently. I appreciate the guy that you dont like for honoring a fallen soldier. Thank you for your time
Look at how far it has come since Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat. We have the first African American president and all are given equal rights as stated under our Constitution. :) Rosa Parks would've loved to see this day.
Rob Go
You have an economy to restore, sir... enough touristy stuff.
+Matt Whitlam Maybe, Juuuuust maybe, you should consider actually reading the 2012NDAA, before talking about it. See, I HAVE read the 2012 NDAA, and it does not say what you think it says. Meanwhile, "Citizens United" was a supreme court ruling, which had NOTHING to do with the POTUS.

It is ignorance like yours, that will destroy this nation, Not POTUS Obama.
im considered black and am ashamed for it
my best judgment finds those of a lighter hue
wow that is that same bus??
Thanks again for all pluses
Thanks again for all pluses
 "Obama is destroying the country".   Unless president Obama owns bank and profited from the miss selling of mortgages. I would agree with that view point.  Bankers were the culprits that almost ruined America!
Obama is a total fucking dock.
The black struggle is over huh?
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