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Tax breaks for big oil companies cost the American taxpayers billions of dollars each year. Tomorrow, Congress will vote on a bill that could end these subsidies once and for all. Share this if you agree that it’s time to end the taxpayer subsidies for big oil.
The United States has been subsidizing the oil industry for a century. In fact, some of the oldest tax breaks for the oil companies date back to 1913 – a time when there were only 48 states in the Uni...
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no they dont get any breaks that other comp. get keep it and open the pipe line all ready. why are you wasting time?
Big oil tax breaks. Is it time to pay i think so.
i do not like you mr president.why do you keep making bad choices for us?
the most anti american administration & anti competittion
Competition kills, Cooperation heals.
I'm for ending subsidies to oil companies, but I hope you all understand that the already crazy price of fuel is going to go up more.

Don't forget, our government makes more on a gallon of gas than the oil companies do.
+Ricky Cain Anti competition? Sure! Handouts to special favorites and huge multinationals! That is sure to foster competition!

+John Hansen ...and if we don't build the pipeline do you think that Canada will not ship it overseas? At least Keystone will have stops in the U.S.
+Jeffrey D. Firstly you are addicting citizens to government money. Thus in decades ahead future generations will depend upon the government for much more then what is presently available. Personally i know people that depend on the government already way to much. As in thier food, the HUD money the disability, drugs etc. And whatever the government gives it can take it away at will. Without the government subsidies to those people. I am quite sure they would not know how to survive on their own. Listen closely to the wording they wanna get rid of 1 set of present public bad guys for another. How long will it be till those too dependent on government hand outs get the SAME blame as those ole oil companies. History repeats itself. Usually in 50-100 year cycles.
subsidizing fossil-fuel energy was a silly idea in the first place -- yep, dump them!
When we run out of oil and gas, what will happen to prices? The answer is that nobody will be alive to care.
+carlene mccaskey you clucks should have known we would Elect a BLACK MAN someday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what did you think the KKK was the majority? sorry wrong century and in cluck fashion you hide your faces because you are COWARDS I dont like a lot of the presidents polices BUT your team nearly bankrupted us and will vote against your racist ass every election when you DIXIECRATS return to the democatic party i will vote republican you know how the system works i RESPECT +Ricky Cain he's not afraid to show himself and say what he thinks.SOOOOO with that being said MAKE THOSE BASTARD PAY TAXES AND PAY DOWN OUR DEFICATE yeah i said it shit becase thats what we have CHINESE shit PAY IT OFF
+John Hansen ...and Kennedy was an inside job, so was 9/11, government sponsored chemtrails... Read a single book on economics.
+Jonathan Harchick There is also an addition side effect. The higher gas/natural gas goes up. The more financially powerful Russia becomes. After living in Russia for 4 months in Piter There are yes good Russians but the corrupt imperialistic Russians are in the government. A powerful Russia means 2 things. It WILL addict the EU to its oil, thus cutting off supply when the EU doesnt do its wants. Then secondly the return of Russian Imperialism across the globe. Keep in mind the media feeds russians inside of russia xenophobic points of view. Most Russians view everyone between Russia and Germany as Inferior people set back in the middle ages.
Can you imagine if this includes the subsidies to the American Foreign Oil interest branch? also known as the Army? That would be some impressive tax savings.
+Jonathan Harchick I'm for the price of goods reflecting what it's actually worth. What I'm against is our government inflating those prices with exorbitant taxes.
+Jeffrey D. Nice liberal response! So I should pay for other peoples bad decisions and lack of work ethics? Alot of people can't ride the bike to work because of distance, thats like saying solar power will magically save the energy situation we are in!!
when they say subsidies,by that are they refering to tax deductions,or are they actually giving them money directly?
+Jeffrey D. Ok lets talk real life for an example. I have a sister that is 25. She has 5 kids, she refuses to work. She dropped out of high school at 15 stating it was "the best choice for her" A year later she was pregnant with my niece. My sister also has never been able to hold a job over 2 weeks. She doesn't call of for work. She realistically believes the Job should revolve around her. At 18 he practically has damaged her credit rating for the rest of her life if not as well put herself out for an arrest warrant by vandalizing Section 8 housing for the sole purpose of the complex just wanted to switch the electric to her name. So they evict her after 6 months of her failing to do the switch. She then in a fury vandalizes the apartment and moves away to evade court orders, & summons. Then she has another kid. My nephew and doesn't seem to understand the fact she couldnt provide for 1 kid so she goes for another. Before my nephew she started to get $700 of food stamps, and TANF list goes on as well as medical insurance. With all of this she moves every 3-6 months because she has the belief she doesn't need to pay rent. She doesnt want to work, she is now on her 5th kid. and hasn't accomplished much besides moving further away from the family which COULD help her. Now imagine what those examples are as demonstrated to my nieces and nephew. The style of living. The question is. Do you think they will repeat the cycle? Or break the welfare mentality?
The terrorists get more per gallon than the government takes. You could think of ending oil company subsidies as de-funding terrorism. Because it will help do that.
+Ricky Cain you are off the subject and a lousy speller. No one cares about your sister. Please obtain a sufficient command of the english language to allow others to understand what you are trying to say. Then post.
They do that and we well all be riding the bus. Gas prices will hit new heights.
Christopher: We have a $10 billion trade deficit to OPEC every month. Our trade deficit to Canada is $4.8 billion.
If they are indeed giving them money outright,then we should also take a look at all of the countless other multi billion dollar industries that the government subsidises.
Moratorium on all free trade agreements and start doing what the fed government is actually entitled to do. Control international trade and charge tariffs.
@ Frank Crislip;...and they also heaveliy subsidize public transportation,including the buses that we will ride on.
+Michael Beck Are you advocating more government power in the hands of the few? Im not following the logic exactly if you can elaborate please go ahead.
As has been pointed out repeatedly, these are "tax breaks", as listed in the White House write-up. The tax breaks are predominately your typical breaks for business, such as R&D, re-investment, etc, along with a tax break for depletion, which is there because it is a known fact that the businesses are investing to retrieve a resource that is finite. Other industries receive this break as well. So this is just a political ploy and again, a divisive statement against big oil and big business in general.

Not to mention the fact it would be quite stupid to get rid of the breaks right now with the cost of oil. Remove the breaks and I guarantee the industry raises prices to compensate. That would be a smart move 6 months before an election. Hope he does it so it helps push his butt out the door.
A definite move in the right direction.

However, am I the only one who would have appreciated some tax credits from 2011 instead of raising the tax rate for people who can't even afford to keep their heat at a respectable level last winter? I'm about fed up with the ineffectiveness of government to protect and respect the people it should be representing.
+Jeffrey D. You are right though under Michigan/Granholms leadership Social programs were expanded not limited. With Snyder the laws have been restricted. Thus shes now left to a more friendlier state with friendlier social laws. Ohio. When I mean Anti American I mean the simple fact that he is giving out breaks to other countries concentrating more so on foreign progress/ by subsidizing foreign companies on their own soil. The whole Brazil oil debacle. As well as the whole guns with mexico holder case. BTW I am no Santorum fan, hes too religious for me. Since I hover between a Libertarian/Republican
No, I am not advocating more government involvement,just pointing out that the government spend billions of dollars on subsidizing alot of other things besides oil companies,good bad or indifferent. Sometimes when they subsidize something, over a period of time it indirectly causes the price to go up, because the business which receives the subsidies can increase the price,because they know that uncle sam will pick up the tab. Like college tuition for example. They can increase the tutition as much as they want,as long as uncle sam is there to keep paying for it.
I am not sure about this, but I think in some other countries, where they subsidies oil, it keeps the cost down. Again, I am not advocating anything,I just have alot of questions on the entire issue,of government subsidizing things. Sometimes the result is a possitive result, other insatances the results are negative.
+John Hansen While I agree the pipeline will not change the price of oil much, the vast amounts of oil being extracted need to get to the market. Without the pipeline, it is being trucked to OK, where it sits until it makes it's way to the gulf. Just like the Alaska pipeline, it does this much more efficiently and much cheaper than trucks. All of the environmental groups complaining about a leaking pipeline don't seem too concerned about all of the CO2 being dumped by all of the trucks going back and forth.

And the fact is they are extracting it faster than they can get it to the gulf, so it will dump more oil onto the market, which will affect prices. Not by much, but any help is appreciated. And if it wasn't being held up for purely political reasons, I wouldn't mind so much.
Yikes-another war? Hatred and envy has always been targeted twards us, but yet they want to learn all of our technology. As far as depending on other countries to keep us afloat, it's been happening for years. The question is can we change that? Not in our life time.
+Jonathan Harchick I do agree with you morally but have you ever lived in Michigan? Per say in the past 15 years. It doesnt get better it just gets worser. More then half this state realies on government assistance state & federal. There isnt any producers here. The state is a single engine economy being the auto companies. The state is going backwards not forwards. Out of 10 million about 6-7 million rely almost entirely on govt assistance.
Let's talk about subsidies to the DC elite! Why do we give lifetime benefits to members of congress and the executive? The rest of us don't get it after a few years on the job! Reign in your own spending. No more lifetime medical after just a single term in office! No more instant retirement! All of you elite leave office much richer than when you went in. And most of you had money before you went! Otherwise you wouldn't be in office because we all know money buys the way into office. Trim your damn benefits to be in line with the rest of America. We might even begin to think some of you are in touch with those of us who put you there to begin with. We did not vote you in to get richer. We voted you in to represent those who put you there. Oh wait... maybe you are... since it was the money sources who bought your way in!
I think they should end all subsidies,and DRASTICLY lower corporate taxes. The corporate tax is the equivilance of an in house tarrif on all american made products and services,and makes us less competative with foreign manufacturing.
+John Hansen Im saying the Candian Governor Jennifer Granholm has been the worst thing to come as of recently. I cant speak for the 80's I was only 5. I can speak for the 90's and present it has slowly gone backwards faster or slower depending how a governors liberalism. Michigan is a union state it will never truly change. Under Granholm 2-3 million people left michigan.
It's not costing the American people anything. Only in the twisted mind of a tyrant does not seizing income from a person or business amount to a government expenditure. To make that assertion would require that all wealth belong to the government. Obama considers the money in your pocket a gift from the government. You're welcome. Can we please vote this fool out?
If they want to keep business here,and attract new businesses, then they should have a business friendly environement. The corporate tax rate should be at least as low as Japans,if not lower.
Cause Jennifer Granholm is Candian +Darth Azimuth She was also my former AG & governor 1998-2010
+John Hansen I can get US dollars very easily in Russia & Belarus. So can Algerian friends of mine. Most Russians in Belarus exclusively only trade in US Dollars. The Belorussian Ruble is absolutely worthless $1=8500 Belorussian Rubles. The US dollar is the reserve/gold standard currency.
lets see, take money away from big oil and see the cost of food and gas go up. Everything from styrifoam to surran wrap and fuel are made from petrolium, not counting the vast majority of safety equipment. The cost of everything will go up, but hey, go ahead, cut the cord and see how fast we fall back into a economic freefall.
If it's time to end subsides for one then why not end subsides for all companies or sectors. Like it or not sacrifices financially need to be made in all areas that the federal government touches. I understand Big Oil it's election year, this gives both sides reasons to rally.
Big oil will make their money, regardless. Take away their tax breaks and the trickle-down money lost will come out of our pockets. How about placing those same energies into another direction; get the whole lot of us away from oil dependencies in the first place. The rest will sort itself out.
And if you cut the tax breaks, the oil compaines will not pass the cost on to the pump.... Right....
Amy J
I appreciate the fact that the majority of this conversation is actually discussion and not just a bunch of crap-throwing name-calling tantrums.
If this happens they will just pass the cost on to the consumer. Is it really that hard to understand? It would be great if they did the right thing but will they? I think not!
What's in it for YOU???
Lemme guess... Obama campaign?
So you end the tax breaks, then gas goes up to $7 a gallon? The one thing this White House does not understand is that the oil companies, the banks, the insurance companies DO NOT answer to the government, but rather to INVESTORS. If you curtail one way of making money, they will just make it up another way, which makes everyone suffer.
The white house has an idiot running the show. Every penny you charge or tax a business comes right out the other end in higher prices! Odumbo is a moron!
The oil industry already pays $50 million every day to the federal government. Isn't that enough? I'd rather see the money going to shareholders than the greedy over-spending pricks that claim to be running this country. Go ahead and jack up the tax. Just don't bitch when energy prices go even higher..
I think it's about time the Gov. stops all subsidies and let Businesses take care of themselfs that includes Green
Oh sure, Increase the taxes on the Oil Companies who will pass the cost on to the consumer. That makes a lot of sense. Aren't we paying enough already? America's business taxes are the highest in the world or will soon be. No wonder I can't afford anything on my wages. Keep it up Obama, soon I won't be able too afford housing either. Why do you want us all on Welfare?!?
Because then they have just that much more control over us.
+Darth Azimuth made in China,and designed in America. foxconn made all kinds of apple products for u,with only 2% of the profit.
without reformation,high-technology industry will not emerge in china. you don't have to worry about that at least for now.
What baffles me is the sheer amount of ignorance that people exude on this particular post. "Build The Pipeline" HELL no. Why would anyone sign on to a pipeline that is built to EXPORT American resources to a foreign company? Oil costs are driven up by speculation. Nothing more nothing less. Obama is no more accountable for oil prices than Bush was. There is no policy that he can enact that would immediately ease the rising cost of oil per barrel. I would say that we could drill more but domestic production is already up to levels we have not seen in over a decade.

Do your own research and stop depending on media coverage to provide you sound bites. This country's well being is to important to make decisions based on some and sound bite evidence.
Uh, wouldn't doing this make the price go higher? But, I guess we would feel better... Maybe. This is just stupid pandering.
the arabian may have more money than america , but they import machines to recover petroleum and sell it to you.the arabian has oil ,we the chinese has manpower ,and u got all the high-tech.
+ Veronica Cawelti, tax subsidies have NOTHING to do with the price you pay at the pump. That's pure propaganda you are repeating. Leading world economist agree that the price of oil is being driven up right now because of speculation of what will happen with Iran, it only makes sense because they are one of the world's largest producers of oil.
Does no tax breaks for oil companies mean higher prices for us in the long run though? We're fools to believe our "oil tax burden" is Congress's main interest tomorrow. There's too much money to be made on both ends. Forgive me though, I threw away a lot of my political knowledge years ago.
Should everything be hostage to the desire for cheap petroleum? What about global warming, what about peak oil, what about self-sufficiency?
Yes, but that speculation is how much of a profit there will be for them, those running the oil companies, and what they have to pay in taxes they make up by the price the charge at the pumps.
Boy are there realy so many people that think corporations pay income tax, there is between 15% to 26% of the cost of products, that is Corporate Income Tax and compliance costs in the price of the product , Corp. does not pay income tax the customer does so more taxes for corporations mean more taxes for the people, The FAIR TAX BILL HR-25 CORRECTS THE PROBLEMS OF THIS TAX SYSTEM BY ELIMINATING INCOME TAX , IRS, AND REPLACING THE WHOLE MESS WITH A FEDERAL SALES TAX , there by saveing money spent on paperwork, Cpa's , lawers and the expensive IRS , Obama goto and have a good read about the way to fix the tax system , not continue to break it more..
Lots of great views and minds in here. I'll state a fact though, it's out of our hands one way and (not or) another.. Keep up the hard work friends!
Are you people that fucking stupid. ONE PISSED OFF RETIRED CHIEF PETTY OFFICER US NAVY. I can say one thing you've got BALLS. Your boss is the Ultimate sleeper cell. thank about it DA !!
Ending tax breaks for oil companies only means we, the consumer, pays more.

Companies don't pay taxes, they just roll it into the price of their product.
I agree Jake in the end we will pay one way or the other. I do not agree with the White house on this or right now on much else either
My question is, how would this contribute to job creation and GDP growth?
+Van Der Kasteel judging by your question i'm assuming you're one of the "government doesn't create jobs or tech" people. so your question is trolling by nature and no response will answer your question. it's very obvious though.
it wouldnt actualy it would cost jobs and slow growth just what some people want
also does anyone not think that if passed (think it should) that big oil will increase gas prices too make up for it just wondering
Big Oil =/= Big Refineries. Oil price is decided by the traders, not the oil company. Fuel prices, on the other hands...
How about do something about gas prices now? We have enough oil in our reserve to last 50 years. Yes the President does have control over that. Fix it or this will surely be a one term Administration
This is a great idea that makes total sense -- gather around and watch it never happen in a million years. Obama, you can't do jack shit, the Republicans will twist your arm and you will cave, like you always do.
Bobbi O
I agree with you Bobby, It is all about Wall Street and what they say, everyone should stop listening and tell Wall Street to shut up with their predictions already.
With that argument why not subsidize everyone. It will be cheaper for us to buy. LOL
Cannot wait until November. It will be my first time voting! Finally 18. :)

Anyway, I don't see anything wrong with this post. What's wrong with wanting to tax big oil companies? Um, yeah nothing.
How about we stop corporate welfare altogether? Quit picking winners and losers and let the markets decide!!
+Richard Siebold I am long past letting politics cloud my views, but I can see that it's hard to tell that at present because of the elections and all. The thing is, we are about 20 years from becoming one huge Detroit... and a new world order. China will elbow us aside, every economist that you care to ask, will tell you that. So we are down to needing a miracle, hence my honest question. We need sustained job growth, something spectacular that can feed and provide force to prolongued GDP growth. If this is one piece of the puzzle, I more than welcome it...just trying to better understand the big picture...
Is this Kumar posting for Obama again?? Hey Kumar! Don't lose your phone again and have to have secret service get it back!! Obama vows to put Aziz ansari on his cabinet if re-elected! Maybe he lowers the voting age and starts doing the kids choice awards on nickelodeon! Or maybe will smith is setting up his run...
White house are the selliest of the sell outs!
Why is it that profitable companies and industries want subsidies and tax breaks indefinitely? It has to be more than greed because Oil companies sell a product that's in more demand than food and clean drinking water. So what on earth makes sense about giving an oil companies and the oil industry subsidies?
The only problem is, since they are so used to having that profit, once the subsidies are gone they will just raise gas prices even more.
This is my country, if you don't like it, "Leave". We're not perfect, but we're working on it, such as it is.
This is OUR country, and if you don't like some part of it you can try to change it. That's what it means to have freedom and democracy.
So the government can pay less and we consumers have to pay more every year?
We tried that in italy, and "big oil" raised the gasoline price as an answer. Good luck with that
Go green! build a hemp train and ride it to the bank!
Let's all get coal powered.....I mean electric cars!
These tax breaks are pocket change to the amount they pay the government in taxes. Save your propganda for the less enlightened there white house.
Ending any kind of existing tax break or tax subsidies equates to an increase upon those corporations. The corporations never take the hit, they simply pass it unto the consumer in the form of higher prices. That is why the rhetoric, "we are going to make those big corporations pay their fair share", is absurd and most often heard around election time. The very term "corporate taxes" is an oxymoron.
Will you also stop giving billions to failed green energy companies(even the ones that donate to your campaign)?
Tax breaks don't cost taxpayers money. Tax breaks cost the government money.

Stop trying to spin all the time.
The oil companies have to much power and there should be new oil co.s and building more refineries the more oil companies the cheaper the fuel,
But Anil, where do think the government's money comes from?
you have forgotten your role. You have stripped the american people of their rights. THAT should be discussed.. and how you are abusing the powers the constitution give you. You are NOT above the law.
I didn't know that USA also has problems . it is always solving Africa problems but gaining a lot.
I don't live in the US, but subsidies for companies who don't need it? I reckon that money can be better put to use elsewhere, where it will be of benefit to the citizens who pay the taxes. The well being of present and future generations is not a goal that oil companies persue.
+Christopher Hutton it is a common misconception that there are just 2 ways to solve a deficit problem; cutting spending or raising taxes or some combination of the 2. It completely ignores a fact of economics that we all have personal experience with.

Namely- volume. This third dimension or tactic is available to families, shopkeepers, and governments at all levels. Your premise supposes that a breadwinner can only demand a raise in salary or cut household spending when in fact he/she may work more hours or a second job. In addition to raising prices or lowering costs, a shopkeeper may be able to sell more items at the same prices and same cost s thus increasing revenue and moving from red to black.

Likewise a government may spur additional taxable activity, be it home sales/construction, jobs/income, retail sales, imports, you name it. Even if tax rates remain static and spending remains fixed, this increased economic activity will result in more revenue and, again, tip the budget from red toward black.

It has always been economic growth that pulled us out of massive deficits. We simply need to encourage growth.
Little chance America will be saved by any politican, either we educate ourselves, and become a proficient and knowledgable electorate, and regain some sort of compassionate compossure towards one another, and the world in General, we are doomed to civil strife, war; and a divided and fascist America. Don't look for any hope where lies dwell, rather look for truth, and knowledge; with the brains nature has endowed you with; not seeking the downfall of others, but the uplifting of all. As Dickens "Tiny Tim" said on Xmas day "God bless us all, God bless everyone" Not just a growled and bemoaned: God Bless America, that is a nationalistic lie; as according to Scripture-God does not judge nations, he judges people; one by one. That aside I hate using the words of The Abrahamic Three: Christianity, Islam; and Judaism. The Axis of Evil. Peter 1:17 "And if ye call on the Father, who without respect of persons judgeth according to every man's work, pass the time of your sojourning here in fear" Who here is able to tell me what is in the mind of every Iranian? Is it nuclear war with Israel and the US? Do you think the Iranian woman cradling a baby (both of whom may become casualties of war if Israel gets its way) is thinking thoughts of how to destroy the West, or the Persian guy who rides a moped to work and can't afford shoes, how to destroy America????? Wake up America, this ain't no reality show, where you turn it off when you get sick of it: People fucking die in War, Women, Children; Grandparents; Babies; Sisters; Brothers; hey....but not yours so why worry? Just keep skipping to God Bless America, and the Politicians promising that chicken in the pot, car in the driveway; job at Wal-mart w/o health insurance; and runaway inflation; as your reward for letting them spend billions killing innocent people; in far off we can steal their resources. Vote Green: Show your intolerance for a corrupt and deceitful 2 party system. Note: even if a Republican got elected, how much sooner that would hasten the Reform we need; eight years of Bush obviously wasn't enough; and they've had a field day with the MSM and the GOP rewriting history to accomodate them. Just a couple of months of republican rule; and people would be willing to accept many social concepts they had previously been negative on due to propaganda and hate-speak.
Oil companies can keep on raising the price of oil, but they will eventually begin to cannibalize themselves when people stop buying it. You can only go so high before consumers are forced to revolt.
time to start subsidizing the suffering citizens and not the greedy oil companies!
Excellent idea, please also quit subsidizing all other types of energy production (nuclear, gas, alternatives), so the consumers can decide on their preference without gov't intervention.
Tell me Igor how exactly do I "chose" to receive only nuclear or alternative power? Are you serious?
Tax subsidies are more toxic and cause more distortion
Yippee! My $4.50 gas prices in Chicago aren't high enough. Please stick it to me a little more so my business can hurt more because people won't be spending more. Oh yeah can we put more sanctions on Iran too so we can get closer to $6 a gallon. Thanks for shafting the small business!!!
I pay equivalent of about $9 per gallon of gas. Slightly less. Your gas is still cheap.
oil subsidies is a great thing but only if, and i mean if the sole aim is not abuse by those in authority. take the Nigeria situation as reference point. Now you will leave the citizens with less choice when you don't adhere to the propose manifestos when you sort for there vote of trust. it's like creativity--innovate or die. so use the resources wisely or end the subsidies thing.
if the government has lost a substantial amount in decays on tax for oil subsidies and their isnt no accountable result, end the wost of billions of Americans Dollars on the damn subsidy. i vote,--END OIL SUBSIDY.
I'm not a fan of oil anyway.
The US is barely a modern nation anyway. Severely lacking social services, with people wanting to cut them more, and religious zealots and corporations in charge.
How about takeing the leases away. that belongs to the people and u there r not doing ur job! u work for us! get to work some of u belong in prison, the people have the power to put u there.
The people can run those oil Co. they r the peopleand Chaney is one person he get more out of this country then any one
David M
This is not the type of post I would expect out of a name called "The White House" Change the name to Re-elect Obama or something, but not The White House. That is just wrong!
+David M the white house houses the president. Of course it will be pro who ever is currently in office. If you had a Google account for your home called david's home talk about how good Fred is (the guy that wants to buy your house)?
Only a liberal could confuse allowing someone to keep more of their own money with a subsidy. These tax breaks are available to almost any corporation, not just oil. Targeting a denial of deductions to a specific industry will constitute a tax hike, which will only result in that cost being passed on to the consumer. Corporations do not pay taxes, they merely collect them for the government. You call for them to be taxed more, your asking to increase your own costs.
How Fred is better and should live in david's home? Sorry didn't finish my thought
+Jaylan Phoenix you start an argument "only a liberal could...." Why? This shows ignorance because you insult and breeds anger and anything you say after is disregarded. Even I stopped reading and I am not a liberal and feel I am open minded to most people.
Just one question: Like other businesses do all the time, if these tax breaks are ended for the oil companies, what is stopping them from adding the increased expenses to the cost of oil, effectively raising the price on gas and other products that are petroleum based?
It is time that they put a stop to this ridiculous practice. But I bet there will be some exceptions included, and that's how everything gets started. Next thing we know, we are back to were we started.
Lay off the "divide and conquer" stuff, WH.
When the oil companies loose their tax breaks, the loss in revenue will have to be justified some how. Like an increase in cost to purchase. This is also a political ploy by the Obama admin and campaign team to get you to vote because he is so down with the blue collar crowd. But not all blue collar people are union members or supporters! Less govt involvement is better, and for Christ sake stop spending all our money on friggan welfare programs!!!! Stop the hand outs to crack dealers and leaches, welfare is designed to be a stepping stone not a lifestyle. Drug test recipients and put a 5 month limit!!! 
There is a big diff btwn "subsidies" & "tax breaks". Are you trying to drive all oil companies out of the US?
Hey white house!!! Why don't you try passing a flippin budget!? 3 years no budget....nice.
most definately we should cut the subsidies to big oil.with their billions of dollars of profit they can do research out of their profits.....and while congress is at it,pass a budget,and actually do some work on our issues including tax reform for the rich.....oh that's right? that would be like voting for term limits for congress....ain't gonna get done....
I see us Chinese people haven't trolled the White House yet...I'll let them know!
But will decreasing subsidies result in higher prices for us at the pump?
I am for competition. A company or person has the right to prove by meritorious and just means that they possess better skills or products than others competing for the same position or market. I am AGAINST subsidy programs that only benefit the wealthy on the backs or suffering of working-class citizens.
I agree with Brunson! Stop making the poor pay for the comfort of the rich!
+carlene mccaskey "no they don't get any breaks that other comp. get" -- You're misinformed. There are large tax breaks that the oil companies get that other companies do not. However, if you're convinced that the President is wrong, then the best strategy is to let him attempt to remove non-existent tax breaks, and look the fool...
+Christopher Kruse it won't matter if fuel prices go up. Either you pay through the government via taxes, or you pay via fuel prices. The logical conclusion of your premise is free (but rationed) gas, paid for through astronomical taxes. I'm not a fan of such an approach.
"Firstly you are addicting citizens to government money" -- that would be FDR and every President and Congress since who has increased Federal entitlements. You said this administration was special somehow... Please explain.
+John Hansen You keep saying the pipeline is just to get the oil to the ships, so we can export it. This is completely wrong. The Vast majority of oil refineries are in the gulf region. When oil comes out of the ground, it is nowhere near ready to use for anything. It must be refined first. The oil must reach the refineries, which as I stated are in located near the gulf mainly.
Don't end tax breaks. End Obama's term in office. How's that whole algae thing working out for everybody? I want the Solindra $ back.
Im all for stopping subsidies for oil companies. But at the same time I would also like to stop subsidies for ethanol, wind and solar, farming, auto industry, banking financial industry, the arts, etc etc......
Tax the poor. They use up most of the services. When is the last time a poor person gave someone a job. 
+Patton Gunn: You just answered your own question. You can't squeeze blood from a stone, and economies collapse when all the money pools at one end.
+John M Chew are you suggesting that foreign goods have the benefit of no taxes? Cite some examples, please...
It already pools at one end. The IRS!
Dont be a demogog. I Never said I hate America. I hate liberal politicians.
+Patton Gunn "When is the last time a poor person have someone a job" -- happens every day. No one "gives" anyone a job, but many thousands of poor people extract themselves from poverty by starting businesses. Many others, like myself, become part of the workforce, educate themselves and claw their way up to the middle class. If you want the poor to have enough money to give you some, work on making it easier for them to get educated, get trained, and get working in better, higher paying jobs.
Yes please end that bs... We're paying taxes to subsidize them, then we also paying unreal prises for gas and all profits are going into pockets of a very few already rich guys. Not cool. Has to end. Mr. Obama rocks because he has courage to end this century-long "tradition".
Keith, the free market can't support those technologies yet. Without the support of a free market they are doomed for failure 
The conservative politicians are just as bad it is our political system as a whole that is corrupt. As a demagogue though you have to hold a position of power so in the end honestly we all are of the proletariat and as such are all on the same side whether our views differ slightly or not.
Aaron, I too have my own business. If the government would get out of the way I could double my workforce. I have no problem paying taxes, I have a problem how congress pisses it away.
+Nicholas Howard playing devil's advocate, for a second, are you seriously suggesting that the last valuable thing liberals contributed was a century ago? As either a liberal or a conservative, that statement would strike me as an odd way to make the point.

Liberalism is, ideally, about providing a baseline quality of life for citizens through government programs. Conservatism is about keeping the government's role to essential infrastructure, and letting private groups and individuals provide the rest. Neither is a problem until they insist that they don't need each other. This nation wasn't built by liberals or conservatives. It was built by Americans. Both of you get over the labels.
Richard, I agree with your first sentence. But anyone can ACT like a demagogue.
+Aaron Sherman Conservatives mainly want to follow the constitution. Limit the powers of government to the 14committee poses enumerated in the document 
@Jesse Koves If drilling and exploring for oil is so expensive even with government subsidies then why are the oil companies making huge record profits year after year? That seems weird to me, costs go up and profits go up, I wish I could have a business like that. I am sick of getting double tapped by the oil companies, but what is going to stop them from just raping us more at the pump? Also building a pipeline that is going to take years and years to complete is not going to help gas prices now, duh!
14 powers. Sorry it's my phone
buy gas prices going up
Does it also end subsidies for nuclear, wind, solar, etc? If not, then it's a horrible idea with an obvious agenda.
Of course, if the government cuts tax relief for the oil companies, the price of all of the products they produce will be increased to cover the difference. And that will hit everyone directly in the pocket. Sure, it'll mean more money remains in the government coffers, but as tax payers buying fuel etc. we'll be paying more for something that in most cases is essential. A gloriously clever move by those in power - doing something which is going to pander to the public's general dissatisfaction with big business and save tax dollars, but that will actually increase the cost of living for almost every citizen.
The government is in the pockets of big business - both parties are equally corrupt. Instead of backing the same old ways in politics, let's return to the federalist ideal of a small federal government that regulates business, not our civil liberties.

They passed the NDAA act (indefinite detention of American citizens, both at home and abroad, legalised via this act), HR 347 (anti-protest law), and NDRP (which is in essence a land grab law for the governmnet) - how many more liberty destroying acts will they pass in the name of security? Is anyone happy with the TSA violating the 4th amendment on a daily basis, or the PATRIOT act's extension?

They will hide behind religion, good business practices, and any other excuse to allow the corruption and lies to continue. They have no reason to want to stop them. We need to a) repeal the laws above, b) bring businesses and the banking industry to account for the multitude of frauds, and c) have a good long look at who we want for president.

I personally support +Ron Paul , as he is the only one who is not tied into these "special interest groups" that all the other politicians are in the pockets of. He wants liberty to be restored to the American people, and for the country to return in essence to its roots. If anyone has something to say against that, feel free while you can. I'd say the 1st amendment is the next one of our rights on the Congressional hit list.
When solar, wind and algae can power a Boeing 747 i'll get on board. We will always need petroleum and we have plenty of it. Instead we pay Arabs who hate is. We insist they increase production but Obama refuses to approve permits &I pipelines here.
我去,看天朝的,你们就安心了!//Danm,just look at China and you guys would surely appreciate yours!
Eveyone with a 401k has oil stocks in their portfolio. Tear them down at your own risk 
No other president in my lifetime (62 years) has ever attacked American industry like this one, let alone sue individual states for doing what the federal government should be doing. 
How is removing government subsidies to highly profitable corporations an attack?
+Mike Nash when he takes from the oil companies and gives to failed Solindra that is an attack. When he turns down drilling permits and pipelines for political purposes that is an attack.
You all act as if Obama has complete control over the decision making here...Let's be real, most of what is happening concerning "tax breaks" etc derives from republicans and Obama. At least Obama stands for the middle to lower class. Unlike past presidents. I'm concerned for our country, not because of Obama's decision making, but because of the state that our privious president left us in moving forward. Not a good place. You people aren't real with yourselves and it's sad. Past presidency's brought us to recession leaving Obama holding the bag. It's nothing you guys aren't used to...The lies and shenanigans derives from the beginning of presidency. Pull yourselves togehter whiner's!
If you think that the white house is making bad decisions, please let us know what basis you believe these so called bad decisions are based on..... the only ones that should be upset about some of the white houses' decisions are the 1% elitists. Who think they are entitled but shouldn't be
Taxing energy is only going to make the cost go up more.
+Dave Schiestel the 1% get a good education, work hard and take risks. It's the lazy 99% & unions that want all the handouts

+Dave Schiestel that's pretty presumptive. I'm not in the top 1% earners by a longshot, but I don't think the ows folks represent me either, and their assumption of the 99% ticks me off.

Here's why this is a bad idea.

Showing favoritism in energy by continuing subsidies to nuclear and green while ousting oil will place an unnatural market balance in favor of industries that obviously aren't what the market chooses. While green energy is a good idea, it's horribly inefficient and a move like this would only drive up energy costs at a time when our economy can not afford another bump in the road.

That said, I would like to see all subsidies end. Of course the problem with that is politicians aren't likely to lower taxes by that amount to compensate for increased costs to consumers. They're more likely to find other places to spend it, such as on their own special health care as they've exempted themselves from ACA... That's how great it must be.
Without oil companies we'd be as dirt poor as afghanistan!
The fact is they spend more on research and development send most companies entire revenue for a year.
Those subsidies has helped make america the greatest nation on earth.
We need to stop the government from taking our money not the oil companies!
whoah, we have laws that date back to when there were fewer states? thats rediculous! There were 48 states then, there are 51 states now, thats 4 states ago...
Yes, yes, gas is over $4 a gallon, lets cut into the profits of big oil, and see how high we can get gas and fuel prices now... Sound thinking
This president has made war on oil it was estimated recently that we have 12 * the amount of oil than the opec countries have combined. Yet this president has had an embargo on oil since he took office! He was also quoted as saying during a television interview that he is happy that gas prices went up 5 dollars as he thinks higher gas prices will make everybody stop using oil! This president doesn't care anything about you or me or how much gas costs all he wants is to make this country into a socialist stronghold. We had to stand united and say no!
What a load of bullshit! Tax the Congress and President!!!
No politicians have our true self interest (or theirs, for that matter) in mind. What they have are mindless passive affects that are treated as though they are infinite truths handed down from God when really they are often grave prejudices and superstitions, logical errors based in inadequate knowledge of both one's self and the actual set of circumstances. I know I'm essentially paraphrasing the appendix to book I (or is it after the book on the mind...) of Spinoza's Ethics, but that's still the level we're at, bickering like this.

And not just here, but on a National scale, politicians and pundits and ordinary people, all fighting over what should be obvious. Any problem can be solved with logic and adequate knowledge, and yet we choose to bicker. Really, we just like stuff to defend and be mad about, but when it's as important as the problem of which this whole deal is a microcosm, we should leave the bickering on Facebook statuses about fast food restaurants, where it belongs.

I also thought you should know that I have no right to put this here because I stopped reading comments after a few minutes and just scrolled down to add my own diatribe. I am also aware of the level of irony involved in posting this, as it may result in more bickering. I'm choosing to do go forward with this anyway,
+Jeffrey Hamby No knows better than me. Joe Biden is from home state. Thank God he's no longer our senator.
I agree that any subsidies and loopholes should be looked into and ended. However, I don't think we should be doing it at this time when oil is already too high.
+Patton Gunn Are you saying that you think the U.S. shouldn't have gotten into World War II? That might not be a rabbit hole that it's worth taking this conversation down, and frankly history has demonstrated that we just don't need to go there.

Just checking.

Also, FDR wasn't a socialist. There were real, honest to goodness socialists in American politics back then, not just progressives who thought that free market capitalism should have a safety net. Also, be aware that FDR was dealing with a financial crisis, the scope of which would make the 99% crowd's heads collectively explode. We have no frame of reference which even begins to allow us to undersand the enormity of the Great Depression. Proposing the New Deal was certainly progressive, but given the situation, it was a far cry from what any real socialist would even begin with. There were serious people proclaiming that capitalism had simply failed as an experiment and demanding that it be entirely abandoned. A fair case could be made that FDR saved free market capitalism in the U.S. by demonstrating that there was, to use a well-worn phrase, a middle-way.

Try reading up on what socialism is before you go after others and proclaim they should "READ A BOOK"...
+Ned Ousley I think the oil industry can stand on its own two feet without extra handouts. We're not nationalizing these companies for goodness sake, just taking away their free money from the government.

+Robert Sullivan so, you think that we should wait until the oil companies voluntarily lower their prices, with the understanding that the moment they do, we'll remove their tax breaks? You do understand where that leads, right?
+Patton Gunn Wow.. just wow. Every time you post, I'm a little bit more shocked. Not that anyone would think the way you do, but that they wouldn't bother to at least sugar-coat it a little bit. I mean, seriously, you're standing there espousing a social darwinist philosophy that's straight out of 19th century Britain or 18th century France. You're suggesting that those who have are fundamentally more deserving than those who have not... there's a word for that, and it's called "aristocracy."

I'm a free-market capitalist. I honestly think that the market is a powerful force for good when abuses are carefully policed and when there's enough of a safety net that people don't get turned into serfs. But I'll never understand those who think that's not enough and that those who have orders of magnitude more wealth than their peers somehow "deserve" more....
Obama double cross the elite on the pipeline for his Muslim buddies , the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East
+Aaron Sherman I try to see things from your point of view but I can't get my head up my ass that far.

Why don't you log off that insult generator website and start thinking for yourself.
Aaron, get off welfare and get a job
+Patton Gunn: Adam Smith's invisible hand doesn't give a shit about you, your company or anything you hold dear. So I'm not sure why you defend the same market forces that would cause someone to beat you with a pool cue until you get detached retinas for a Lincoln.
If you raise taxes on a company who do you think will be paying those increased taxes? It will be the consumer meaning the burden will be shifted more to those who can least afford the increased cost. Oil is consumed by everyone tax payers and those who pay no taxes. Tax breaks put the burden on tax payers only but removing tax breaks forces the poor who need petroleum based products as much as anyone else to pay increased costs. Make no mistake, removing Corp. tax incentives will hurt the poor the most. It is a a complete falsehood to think companies pay taxes. Only the consumer pays taxes and the more you tax any producer the more the cost of those taxes will be pushed onto the consumer.
+Aaron Sherman: Clearly this Patton Gunn character is not only astoundingly ignorant about what he talks about, but he hates America, American progress, and America's ability to stick together and help each other in it's darkest hour. I think it's probably time to stop entertaining that selfish twit's ego.
+Patton Gunn I'm sorry you're so completely out of ideas that you have to resort to name-calling. Oh well, here I thought you had some sort of rational arguments to bring to the table. If you find the time to read what I wrote and actually respond, we can have a rational discussion. Until then, adieu.
+Justin Mahan "Obama double cross the elite on the pipeline for his Muslim buddies" -- OK, I know you haven't actually done any research, here, but let's pretend you have. Let's pretend that you know that we already have a massive oil pipeline and that the oil from that pipeline is pumped out of Alaska, down to the continental U.S. and then onto ships where it's sold to other countries. Now look at the plan to pump oil out of Canada and ship it down to another large port city in the U.S.

What are you suggesting as a plan to prevent it being yet another way to prevent North American oil resources being drained away for the benefit of other counties?
bernard evans your comments even though they are rather abrasive
they hit the nail right on the head with a sledgehammer
people need to stop bashing obama and start bashing all the congressman and senators got us in this mess before him and by almost any means necessary pay off our debt so some of our generation x's can have a shot at retirement instead of working ourselves to the grave
You libtards can spin my comments all you want. Aaron Sherman said I hate America and I was against WWII when I NEVER said that.

All your spinning has changed my mind on abortion. I'm OK with it now for liberals, radical Muslims and black panthers. 
I have a minivan and live in Northern California. We have a Chevron plant in our town and a lot of other big oil plants in surrounding towns. Even still, we spend about $300 a month on auto fuel alone! Right now gas is about 4.20 per gallon. We need relief! Don't subsidize companies that don't need the help! I have serious medical bills I have trouble paying. I don't need to spend more $ @ the pump!!!
Yes, let's end the subsidies but we also need to curb our use of commuting using a large vehicle. Take for example in Europe and Asia where they use much smaller cars that obtain much higher average gas mileage than we do in America. Yes, they are using diesel fuel that cost much more than we pay in America, but we need to be more responsible citizens of the world if we are to protect our world for future generations and be less wasteful using energy. In this case, fossil fuels.
The democrat controlled Senate just now shot down the bill to end the subsidy for oil companies. If this doesn't spell trouble for Obama I don't know what does.

And as far as you libtards blocking me, that's typical. You always try to shut down opposing points of the view. Just like Rush Limbaugh.
One thing that this country needs to understand is that when Obama got into office, he said that he cannot fix this country in four years. Bush messed things up and left it for him. So, all Obama has been doing is fixing Bush's mess.
The problem is the sort of energy we have doomed ourselves to be reliant upon. The fact that it's a fossil fuel means we have a limited supply of it and (according to supply and demand) the cost has nowhere to go but up over time. One day there will be no more oil if we keep using it to fuel our vehicles. It's inevitable (unless we kill ourselves off first). The practical solution is to switch to a renewable energy source to power our cars (and other things as well). No matter how expensive other modes of energy production are now, one day, they will inevitably be cheaper than oil as the amount of oil present on this earth is depleted. There are alternatives to oil as an energy source that are as cheap (or cheaper) as oil is now. Subsidizing oil companies will never end if we keep the mindset of "If we eliminate the subsidies, the already high cost of gas will get even costlier". I hate to break it to ya, but, gas prices will fluctuate from time to time but will continue to get more expensive FOREVER (or at least as long as we keep using it as our primary fuel for our cars and such). If you dont like the cost of gas...STOP USING IT!!! Just dont ask everyone else that's figured out the solution to this problem to continue subsidizing some of the richest companies in the world because it MAY save you a dime or two on the gallon. Wouldn't subsidizing an alternative, renewable, and stable (meaning the price wouldn't fluctuate as much, but if it did it would go down due to advances in the technology) energy research project make more sense than throwing money at a doomed and finite source of energy which is already crippling us and will inevitably get worse? I'm just asking an honest question. At the very least, we shouldnt be propping up the oil companies with subsidies. If the American people knew just how much we truly paid for each gallon of gas, noone would buy a gas powered vehicle for personal use. There are other "invisible" costs to consider that the consumer should add to the ALREADY HIGH PRICE of gas, we should add wars (how many wars relate to oil and who do you think pays for wars), environmental impact of oil extraction, refinement, distribution, and simply its use (we pay taxes for the government to keep the environment safe for our kids and grandkids), and last but not least, the subsidies which we pay. If we added those "invisible" costs to the actual price at the pump, the price would be considerably higher. Higher than alot of the alternatives out there (which could be produced in-house). Keeping the cost of gas down is a losing battle. Alternative, renewable energy is the way of the future. End the subsidies and lets see what gas truly costs the consumer. Let's stop hiding the cost with subsidies.
I pray that this country will stop the replublican vs democrat stuff and become one; Americans!
Dept of Energy Czar (sounds marxist) Chu and the Obama himself stated three years ago they wanted gas prices to reach $5.00 per gal. This is just one way to do it. What they should have done is open some federal (our) land and ordered the oil companies to keep 50% of it in the U.S. Thus more energy = lower cost = more gas tax money into govt. Politicians can't see past the own wallets.
+J.A. Dingman You act like the government just writes the oil companies a check. All the government is doing is letting them keep their own money.
Oh, and one more thing. If you dont like paying taxes, STOP USING GAS! Gas has a pretty hefty tax on it (in case you didn't know). I'm not aware of such a high tax on electricity! Give it some thought. Look up the tax on gasoline, figure the amount of gas you'll probably use in a year, do the math and you'll have a general idea of how much you pay in taxes (per year) for using gasoline. If you dont like taxes, dont use gas.
+ron citrino: You know Bush started the whole Czar thing, right? And that Russia stopped having czars when they went marxist, right? History #FAIL .
+ron citrino That might work temporarily, but, our supply would diminish even quicker and the cost would still continue to rise over time. If we used our oil and our oil only, how long would it be before we no longer had any oil and were completely at the mercy of foreign entities? Do you realize how much oil we consume? It's a finite resource and humans are multiplying and consuming more of it every day. We'll need to stop using it (on such a grand scale) one day anyway. It's inevitable. The only question is "When is the right time?". The right time will come when we're tired of paying the price for it. I say we've reached that tipping point now. Blaming politicians for the nature of this process is a ignorant reaction to what's happening and what's inevitable. Let's accept the inevitable and switch to alternative sources of energy. We can keep our oil as the world continues to consume their supply and, one day, WE may hold the greatest oil reserve on the planet! And when that day comes (according to supply and demand), it'll be worth far more than it is now. We may need oil one day for something more important than just a fuel. We have many reasonable alternative fuel options. Just a few thoughts to consider.
Why is everyone angry with the oil companies? On average, the states tax gasoline $.46 and the oil companies make on a average $.12. Get mad at the states.

If Obama would execute an executive order allowing just one blend of gas instead of over 100 blends for one year, the price would come down, the economy would recover, jobs would come back, housing would recover, and sadly he would get reelected.
Wanting to end a subsidy that is no longer needed is not about getting angry. Rather it is about using our tax dollars wisely. Is there really not a better use of tax dollars than subsidizing oil companies? Those who advocate the tax subsidy should express the reason(s) why giving subsidy to the oil company is the best use of the tax dollars now.
After looking at this bit of info. I am wondering why the don't show where this money goes.other than to say it goes to "BIG OIL" They fail to provide names of the companies involved? I will bet you will find it is intended for small domestic producers.. But what the heck CAP and TRADE is good for you as well. it will save you a trillion $ real soon..
Actually, +Rufus Brown, Jr. , he said he'd have the annual deficit cut in half in 4 years and he'd have the economy and jobs fixed in 4 years, or he'd be out of a job. So since he's doubled the deficit and hasn't fixed the economy or the job market, I say we give him his wish.
+Emmanuel Pasetes SIR, the subsidies are NOT our tax dollars. It is money the oil companies earned because they took major risks.
The government does not write them a check. It just lets them keep their own money.
Corporations, oil company or otherwise, DO NOT PAY TAXES, AND SUBSIDIES TAKEN AWAY are just like taxes. Companies pass on all their costs BEFORE they make a profit. They will make the profit no matter what you do with the subsidies.
Obama is just another idiot Democrat!
Obama is running like a scared rabbit! He has no record now to run Obamacare, the stimulus was a total waste of money, e.g. Solyndra, etc etc. High speed rail to nowhere? Look at Amtrak....a joke! Nearly all Transit Systems are running on taxpayer money but used by people who pay no taxes whatsoever. So he wants to throw big oil under the bus to get our minds of high gas, when in fact, it will just go higher. He won't drill. He won't let Canada oil come in. He begs other countries to produce more for us so his tree-huggin fascist backers will be happy, but they will never be happy unless EVERYBODY us walking or riding a bike. Hell, they don't even want us to ride horses...they create methane!!!!
Mr. President, I think you should remove all tax breaks for all companies and show America what you really stand for. You are an extremist and your methods will fail. Go ahead and try to destroy America, we will rebuild it even more conservative than our forefathers.
Very misleading wording. We don't give the oil companies a dime. We only give them certain tax breaks (they pay us less in taxes).

"Subsidies" makes it sound like we're giving them taxpayer money.
+Bob Hayner So should we tax oil companies? Should we subsidize oil companies? Should we tax anyone? Why?
Nosotros debemos respetar nuestras fuerzas armadas y al général en jefe el Presidente Barack
Obama que lo vemos en su rol de general de todas las fuerzas armadas,hermanos los necesitamos, estamos a cinco por ciento de ganar las elecciones segun los sondages,sigan votan
do hermanos y amigos un abrazo.
A chinese oil company just surpassed ExxonMobil as the single most productive oil company in the world. They didn't even exist 13 years ago. Is this really the road you libtards want to go down?
+hernan miranda

Seriously? You can't say it in English?

I want to correct myself on a previous comment that I made yesterday. I said the government should not subsidize anything. What I meant to say was they should not subsidize any business/corporation. I want to correct myself on that. I think the government subsidizing some things makes city busses that alot of people depend on (just one example). I am not smart enough to determine what else should or shouldn't be subsidized beyond that, though.
Before I drop this comment
1: I hope for justice for Tayvon
2: I hope the states involved re-examine "Stand your Ground"
3: I hope Tayvon gets credit for bringing more Americans together in Peace and Love

with that said I just can't help myself....

+Demetris Gray be careful arguing with a Zimmerman - tends to lead to national headlines
+kimberly perry Not to sound condescending, but please, get informed. These are NOT subsidies. They are tax breaks ALL companies receive, for a reason. If you want to end the tax breaks for ALL companies, please go ahead, but don't single out one industry. Not to mention the fact that if you end tax breaks for any company, they will pass that cost to consumers - they will maintain their profit. So ending the "subsidies", as you put it, will only raise the price of gas. That's just what we need.
Dont waste ur breath Donald...they cant see the forest through the trees. That concept is obtuse to these people.
Sometimes it amazes me how little people really understand when it comes to simple business practices.
+Donald Hume +Michael Leste Isnt subsidizing the oil companies hiding the true cost of gasoline? If we dont subsidize them, then we'd see the true cost more clearly wouldn't we? Why should we subsidize them? Should they pay any taxes? Why? It's an honest question. Do you have a reasonable explanation for why we should excuse them from paying what their actual tax rate is supposed to be? And I'm not just talking about oil companies. Let's bring all companies into the conversation.
Well, I am all for saving money, or keeping more in my pocket and putting less money towards my gas tank, but if the Congress does actually get this bill to pass, what new tax will they come up with to take it back out of my pocket again?
+Trey Manus you do understand that "passing a flippin budget" isn't something the White House can do, right? Congress passes the laws, the President just signs them.
+Donald Hume special tax breaks that apply only to one industry amount to a subsidy on that industry. It's not a complicated premise.
+chris currence if course, "supposed to be" is a complicated phrase. All the President is aiming for, here, is a level playing field where taxes are applied the same across industries.
gas and oil are already high enough. all the oil companies will just pass on the cost to the consumers. either way here comes $5.00 a gallon
+chris currence I have no problem getting rid of the tax breaks, just don't like how this administration singles out big oil (or any individual industry or company). Some of the breaks are fine, all of them probably not, but this post makes it sound like big oil is getting special breaks, which they are not. But yes, "subsidies" should not exist for any industry. Let them make it (or not make it) based on market conditions.
+Donald Hume maybe because we given up over 200 trillion dollars in the last 35 years use over 1 million less barrels of oil a day compared to last year and the prices keep going up
+Aaron Sherman That's what I meant by "supposed to be". What the tax rate is WITHOUT SUBSIDIES. I didnt even want to get into the issue of wether or not the tax rate is where it should be. That's a much longer conversation. I will say one thing about it though, looking back 50 years or so, we can see MUCH HIGHER tax rates on wealthy individuals and corporations and we seemed to do just fine then didn't we? What's the problem with talking about a 3-4% increase (after the realization sets in about the tax rates of our past) on those with the most wealth to pay down the national debt? Should the poor and middle class (who's wages have flatlined while cost of living has gone up for years) be the ones holding the check here? The upper 1% have had a pretty good run of success over the last couple of decades. Should any of them be willing to contribute some of that back since this society has fostered their growth and created the conditions which favored their prosperity. Instead we're having this discussion about how much we should exclude the most profitable companies in the world from paying taxes at all. Is this the conversation we should be having? With the national debt what it is, I'd think this subsidy thing would be a no-brainer. I'm still waiting for someone to explain why we should subsidize any private industry.
+Aaron Sherman These aren't special tax breaks that apply only to big oil. Depletion is a big one, but other industries get the depletion deduction. Like I said, I have no problem getting rid of the tax breaks and "subsidies", just do it across the board. Big oil is singled out because they are profitable. And "evil". Don't know why no one cries about the tax breaks to Apple. They are far more profitable than the oil industry. But when you get rid of those tax breaks, don't cry when the cost of goods goes up. Because they will.
Yes these type of subsidies crash the economic growth of any country,we can not subsidized one sector on the cost of others not only on oil Co. but on all commodities it should end better we should move a campaign for this in all the countries.
Have you dummies ever ran the numbers on a LOW flat tax and NO tax brakes?
Ravindra Sahai,Its high time we say no to subsidies of any kind. one should start living in realty letting the country grow.
Mr. Obama and congress is costing us trillions. Big oil is the last thing on my mind.
The expenses are not President Obama costing the U.S. alone, it's the U.S. congress not listening and not following with ideas presented that is causing the trillions in deficit as well.
žiji v ČR a neumim anglicky, proč se mnou komunikujete v cizí řeči? Iva
Ok - here is THE solution - listen up now while I offer instruction. Flat tax on all income - personal and corporate regardless of where it is earned or whether it's repatriated -- every cent at a Federal rate of 7% (including captial gains, investment dividends - ALL of it). No deductions for anything not marriage, dependents, disability, charitable contributions, earned income, depreciation -- NOTHING. It goes in and doesn't come back out with no income cap. A corporation making $billions pays 7% on billions. A poor guy digging ditches pays 7% on $7.15 hour. 3.5% of that goes to Fed W/H the other half to Medicare & SS. Cut the war machine to defense only. Education and healthcare for every American so we have an educated, healthy population to work. The end. States & local limited to no more than another 3% combined. No one would pay more than 10% - ever - and everyone would pay equally with no complicated tax code. Go ahead now - rip it apart. (I'm just teasing about "THE" solution and "offer instruction" thing - I don't really think I have the answer but this is a thought.)
I see people making negative comments about competition and it becomes clear they simply do not understand what it is.

Competition provides a mechanism for growth and improvement. Just as incentive drives us to achieve competition makes us work harder, learn more, and improve ourselves. So many great things have come about due to competition. Manufacturers who compete for customers must constantly find ways to improve a product or lower the cost of production to gain and keep customers and stay in business. Athletes must stay fit ad work to improve their performance. Through sports competition we've learned ways to improve our health. Automobiles are far more efficient and safer through competition and incentive. Even green energy is making improvements through competition for energy.

Nature uses competition as a way to determine which life forms continue and which fade away. Animals competing for mates improve the blood lines and ensure genetic diversity keeping the species alive.

Competition has improved our life through inventions that make life easier and give us more free time. When government or even members of an industry move to prevent competition it hurts us all.

Competition forces us to become more than we are. It requires us to work harder for that dream job or that top promotion. It makes us build a better mouse trap, smaller phone, faster computer, safer car. It gives us better food, medicine, healthier and longer lives.

Competition forces a poor man to become the best he can allowing him to raise his standard of living and that of his whole family. Competition allows the poor to become rich.
How do they not want to help working Americans
One way of NOT helping "working Americans", is to mandate that they must purchase some particular product or service, or face a financial penalty if they choose not to, for example; the individual mandate in Obamacare. << that will just force some working people to spend more money on something else besides groceries and rent. If the government wants to help "working Americans", they should try keeping their greedy hands out of my wallet and off my pay check? The democratic party needs to clearify their position on "helping people", do they really want to help "the working guy/gal", or do they simply want to expand the welfare state?
I could live with a flat tax, if it was no higher than 10%, and a poverty income level exemption,( meaning anyone making less than $12,000, per year would be exempt), and let social security be optional,and the social security tax liability thereof.
Are oil subsidies partially responsible for all of the toxic petroleum byproducts we see in every US food and product?. I often wonder why petroleum waste is used for food preservatives, for example, rather than "natural" alternatives which should theoretically be cheaper.
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