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President Obama promised he would “create a centralized Internet database of lobbying reports, ethics records, and campaign finance filings in a searchable, sortable, and downloadable format.” Today, with the launch of, he’s delivering on that promise. Visit and give it a try.
Search Search this site: Enter a name to view campaign finance, lobbying, and White House visitor records. brings records and data from across the federal government t...
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Your United States so well that there's President was always concerned about people.
Someone should be terrified. I don't know who yet, but someone. :D
Enforce the data quality act! Open data is worthless unless the accuracy is challenged and verified.
+Mark Jetmir Everyone became an activist overnight thanks to this video.. Don't worry, the fad will die down soon enough.
Who would have thought that he would finally fulfill one of his campaign promises shortly before the re-election campaign? Why didn't he do this earlier? This is a typical politician playing the same game. Remember his whole campaign was about change yet nothing has.
Troops are out of Iraq, children are covered for pre-existing conditions. Two pieces of promised change right there. Some folks need to re-evaluate their ability to distort reality properly, and try again.
+The White House when is there going to be a serious discussion on medical marijuana? Far too many people are dealing with serious health issues due to long term usage of pain medication. Why do you ignore this topic?
+T Alexander ... plus +Derek McAllister seems to be inferring that it's possible to set up a huge database system such as the above as soon as someone comes into power... either that, or that such promised things should be withheld from the public even if they are ready in an election year. Either point is pretty short sighted, /facepalm :)
+Ingie Þingie I'm not short sighted, just realistic. If you read what I wrote you will notice that I stated this is typical politics. Not specific to this administration.
Big brother collecting info on its citizens and the left went into a tizzy over the patriot act yet are silent to this presidents grab of unconstitutional power and intrusion to our freedoms and liberty
And when you go to, you will see the names of some of his top donors. You will not see that many of those names got cushy jobs like "Ambassador to Luxembourg". Hope and Change.
+Derek McAllister - sorry, no offence meant there. but you did ask "Why didn't he do this earlier?" to me, it seems pretty obvious that such a big system [with many implications] would take a long time to create, whether he's politicking or not [which i cede your general point on]
Okay, let's start this again:

Affordable Care Act (Change and Hope)
An ethics website with listed donors. (Change).
Children covered for pre-existing conditions (Change).
Adults now able to get pre-existing policies on temporary state exchanges (Change and Hope).
Out of Iraq (Change).
Osama dead (Change).
3 American Car companies instead of potentially 1 (Hope).
Postive GDP growth (Change).
Reversal of job loss trends (Change).
Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act (Change and Hope).
Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 (Change and Hope).
Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010 (Hope)
Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 (Hope)

So okay, he did what every other president has done by naming a supporter as an ambassador. No change there. And neither were you complaining about it when others did it.

He promised hope, and change. If one can read, and has ears to hear, those broad conditions have more than been met. Yes, this is for you +Douglas Huber.

Oh yea, the White House garden. (Change).
+T Alexander: I don't quite see the Affordable Care Act as a good thing. All that did was take the existing, broken, for-profit healthcare system and replaced it with the same broken, for-profit healthcare system and made it mandatory. We asked for #universalHealthcare and got the exact opposite.
+Paul Johnson you have a point and surely those who expected more are disappointed. But I think I was addressing blanket statements of "what change?" that some people like to make, as though they are making a valid point.

As far as the ACA, I think it's important for those who wanted more, like universal, to view this as a foundation to push for expanded change and improvements. Once people get the idea that change is possible, and see incremental changes, they will be ready for more. I expect parts of ACA to eventually be scrapped, expanded, refined or reworked as we go forward.
+T Alexander: I think it's safe to say that everyone expected more.

But yes, point taken, he's been a better president than people give him credit for.
zan liu
zan liu
zan liu
I do NOT trust this lying piece of garbage
zan liu
翻墙过来的谁有群,拉我过去 ,明天把这里占领了,美国人民占领华尔街我们占领白宫
+Aaron Bale-Grasch: Yeah, basically, the whole Joseph Kony situation that Invisible Children is a fundraising ploy for a nonprofit with a dismal 30% efficiency rate. Giving money to them will primarily line the pockets of Americans and not to the cause du jure.
+Paul Johnson I think there are many problems with the cause, but throwing around a low efficiency number is a weak argument. Their cause is in their own words a marketing/propaganda effort which will naturally have a lower monetary efficiency. I'm not sure where the money could actually be spent where it would actually go directly to the cause. Mercenaries?
+Ryan Levering: Peace Corps. They're on the ground in the region building schools and securing land. That's going to be a far bigger help than a retributive witchhunt.
zan liu
+Paul Johnson That's my point though. The problem is the shortsighted cause, not their "efficiency" at distributing their funds. I agree with you.
zan liu
+Ryan Levering: I'm not against helping the people there. I am against con artists flying the nonprofit flag to tug at heartstrings, and have it in for internet activists that think doing something like spamming a video or changing a profile picture changes the world.
Oo open data! If its verified hat will give us some much needed transparency .
If you all are looking for a way to help in Uganda...One of our local churches will be going to Uganda in the Summer of 2013. We will start fundraising for the trip this Fall. I believe this will be the fourth mission trip to Uganda. My youngest was to go on this trip 5 yrs ago, but blew her ACL out. Anyhow, like I said if you all are looking for a way to help, I will keep your names for this Fall when we start to do fundraisers and are looking for sponsors. :)
Will this site include the lobbying required to create ACTA?
Tim Xu
I hope this is made permanent even after this administration. Great for creating our own maps and datasets!
Ethics in Government ? That would be a change...wanna try it in Australia as well ?
As a presidential candidate, Obama said "Lobbyists will not run my White House." On Monday, he hired a lobbyist as Biden's counsel. Interesting ethics he has there.
Checked the list on Richard Trumka, it only shows 2 visits to the WH??? Come on, in the name of transparancy if you are going to supply us with a site called "ethics in Government", double check that you are getting us the correct information. This is a nice gesture, but the content have to match with the ETHIC part, would you agree?
Yes, I agree. Like everything else Obama has done, it is publically pleasing on the outside but quite the contrary in the fine print.
Trumka has visited the White House on 8 known occasions in 2009 alone... what about 10-11 and 2012? Did he stopped because there was too much heat? :)
Guarantee me that all the information is true.
Not possible, for you will view whatever is offered from your perspective. If you want it to be true it will be or if the "fact"doesn't meet your beliefs you will think it false. There is no true or false any longer, just opinion
Interesting definition of "running the white house" you've got there Gabe. Your statement is like saying that my personal banker makes all of my financial decisions.
Glad to to see your doing something useful with the 13 trillion dollars your planning to add to the national debt.
Tracy, is your statement a fact? In your line of argument, you just put forth your own flimsy opinion.
Lizer L
Obama 那里没位子了,我来这里混个脸熟
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El carismo,muchas personas dicen a otras personas "Miren que buenmozo,que atractivo o
que atractiva,porque hay muchos politicos que saben mentir sin que les salga una arruga y hacernos creer a maravillas que jamas podran realizarce,pero el verdadero carismo lo podemos ver en el Presidente Obama y la Primera Dama Michelle Obama,dos politicos jovenes,que les ayuda mucho en el desgaste fisico,es una ventaja,la otra ventaja que tienen los dos es que se ve que nada los puede separar,ellos han hasta hoy en dia respetado el juramento "In God we Trust",es algo que yo no lo haria por mis seres mas queridos mi madre que tiene 83 años y por mi medio hermano Hans y Willy,que se han preocupado de mi madre,los dos integros y volviendo a nuestros Heroes,porque para mi son heroes,gobernar los Estados Unidos o somos enteros ni alcolicos ni drogados,se ve que son una pareja que se aman,el amor que ellos envian hacia nosotros es una pequeña parte del Carismo,se ve que si por ellos fuera vivirian en una casa
blanca pagada por el estado, ya que el sueldo de Presidente no les da ni por una semana de
gastos con el salario anual,segundo punto de Carismo, yo que estoy todos los dias tratando los problemas de la Casa Blanca HONESTIDAD,despues tenemos que desde el primer dia que tomaron el poder no han dicho una sola mentira en sus promesas. que la crisis la mas grande que hemos tenido en la historia VERDAD y el ultimo es que como un boxeador puede sin insultar recivir los mas grandes insultos,los dos Barack y Michelle Obama SERIEDAD,sumemos las cualidades que tienen para el carisma de ellos1 AMOR VERDADERO QUE NOS TOCA
Finally a less than grey searchable online public free... Um wait we shouldn't be thanking them for this. It should have always been at our disposal. And yet promises of clear unbiased information about our governments mysterious doings are actually propaganda of what you are supposed to think. Wiki leaks did this and now we want their head on a stick. This is how powerful people get away with shit. They admit to what your accusing them of while making it look like it was there idea to come forward and that they were some victim of a huge misunderstanding. To hell with the Idea that we are equal. Only some are privilege to information and insight. The two most dangerous weapons next to ourselves
Glad to see this finally happening. Funny how usually the only people interested in ethics are the party out of power. Nice to see the change.
definitely i still need learn more english so that i can chart with more people.i was a friendly people from china .
Seems that a bunch of people need remedial internet lessons. I saw people complaining about Trumka data being incorrect. Went and looked and discovered that they were wrong.
I think is a much better more reliable source... But it is a good start...
I agree to the above. Start finding people like the guy who invented Wikileaks should be hired as a CIA informant. He gets information that is 80% fact, so he should be one of them. Pres. Obama for 2nd. term.
President Obama promised he would cut the deficit in half his first term as well.
+Paul Johnson I'm sorry but I'll have to disagree, Each of them had their own website with their own database there, no need for one more place to store the same data... Also, it's kinda ironic how you say "concrete data" then your first example is "Census" LMAO.... Anything but concrete data there lol
+Stephanie breckling I know that you mean well, however, the churches (missionaries) have been involved in Africa for a very long time. What are the results? What do you wish to accomplish? What is the goal? Why no results? Help your people in this Country instead.
+Jacques Dupuis Hmm...I have never gone on one of the mission trips, so I can't tell you exactly what they do. I do know the local church goes to 2-3 villages. They work with an orphanage and build one or two mud homes ( I believe the mud homes last about 40 yrs) for families. They have started a program with the Batwa pygmy tribe selling their baskets here in the states. All funds are returned to the Batwa development program. Which has paid for medical for the Batwa people. As well as allowed them to build a small shop in the tourist region, providing additional income and jobs.
If you become a part of what they are doing...Or you listen to the stories of the people that have done the mission trips, you will learn the goals, accomplishments and the results! You will also learn what it has done mentally, emotionally and spiritually for the person on the mission trip.

As far as our local church doing something here at home...Is working with the homeless shelter, blood drive, adult literacy, food network, senior citizens and so on, enough for you? I don't know all the programs churches have. However, I do know you would be hard pressed to find a church that travels outside the US doing good work, not doing the same good work here at home!

On a side note...I do support Kony 2012. Yes, I know that only 32% actually goes to the cause. However, maybe people should learn what it cost to try and do what they are doing before criticizing.
+Kevin Lee: It's not that he's afraid, it's that you don't matter. Obama is the US president, he has no jurisdiction in China.
30 Years of Tax Cuts and Free Trade did that. But really the amount of debt that we owe China directly is not all that bad, most US Debt is owned by Americans.
+Dan Ackerman Wow, tax cuts and free trade? I am impressed. However you are correct in one sense. With this type of thinking, you are a great reflection of what America is all about today. Tax more and write more regulations to FREE Trade to add more pages to the already 5000 pages that covers "free trade." We are a sick nation, and the patient doesn't even know it.
+Jacques Dupuis Weren't you the person yesterday that couldn't run the simple search for Trumka on the site that this whole conversation started with?
+Dan Ackerman why would I need to do a search on Trumka? If you don't know him, or don't know the his association with Obama and the White House, I am afraid that I cannot help you. :(
zhanwei ~~
+Christian Chino Democrats have no ethics either. Both parties have developed a 30+ year history of speaking party lines yet practicing unethical behaviors. Ethics is not a party line issue, it is across the board. Both parties have acted in ways I am disappointed in. I do not expect perfection but I do expect professionalism and ethical behavior when my country and our citizens are being represented by the few in Washington DC. My biggest beef is when any party does the hate mongering that we are seeing from the current Republican leadership. I remember as a child hate mongering was the tactic of the Democrats. It seems the roles have switched over the years. It will be a challenge for any party to present a fresh face with a fresh approach to current issues for this election, especially one that actually knows and follows our Constitution!
What a great idea! I have the site bookmarked.
YQ bian
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