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In this week's address, President Obama urges Congress to take action now to put our teachers back to work in classrooms, because the best predictor of individual and American success in this economy is a good education.
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And Obama stopped the Pell Grant program for the poor costing 100,000 poor kids college educations while reducing competition for poor performing rich kids to get into schools.
Google it!
+Michael Mozart, Well as you can see from his address, education is a top priority for our administration. I mean you can ask people to google anything, but the fact remains: this politician takes education seriously.
I find that the United States of America has many of it's priorities in the wrong places.  Our education system is woefully underfunded in comparison to our military spending and corporate welfare.  The job of teacher should be compensated well in order to attract the best and the brightest, as good teaching leads to a smarter and more productive society in the long run.
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I agree with what you say Mr. President, but as the president of our local school board I realise that right now we need all the help we can get to put teachers back in our schools. The best solution for success in education is the interplay of teacher and student.

I would like Congress to visit our school district or any of our neighbouring school districts and see how well we are doing in spite of all the drawbacks. I'd like for them to understand how much better we could be doing if money as the key ingredient in educating our children wasn't such a stranglehold on success. We deal with rural isolation, high unemployment and poverty. Over 70% of our kids are on free or reduced lunch.  In Huerfano RE-1, our budget has been slashed by loss of tax revenues, and the state of our economy here in Colorado. When it comes to funding, our state is one of the lowest in the nation. It shows in our test scores. It shows in all areas of accountability. We have to choose between a teacher to alleviate high student to teacher ratios in a grade year that is full of high needs kids and electives like music or art. 

We have volunteers, issues with parents, technology, and the price of diesel to transport our students. We are working to do all the right things in order to help our 553 students to become the best educated individuals possible. However, without funding, it is very difficult. I appreciate all the work that you do and wish that there was an easier remedy for our education system.
It's unfortunate that well-meaning teachers have to suffer because of uncompromising unions. That's why many states made cutbacks - because the unions refused to compromise with states. Any good teacher would be fighting for the money for their students, not for 2% more benefits and money on their paycheck. And that's why we've had to suffer in the area of education - bad teachers stay, take the money, and wonder why kids aren't learning.  
Sometimes it is the unions. Other times it is the laws in place that cause issues. In Colorado, we have a few constitutional amendments that restrict revenue. (Tabor/Gallagher )  This is causing issues across the board for our state. As education is one of the biggest receivers of tax revenue, it is the section hit hardest.
I agree that teaching should be a selfless act, yet the fact remains that if one has chosen teaching as their profession they will need to make a living.  I don't think that teacher's unions are the real problem, I think that the overall lack of funding, whether it be at a local level or a national one, is really causing the problems.  Teachers put up with a lot more than most people think, and most do it on a salary that is typically below the poverty line.
+Dave Hardee Funding is an issue in ways that many people never see. Many teachers get their first year or two of experience in a low paying district and then move on. This causes turnover in the schools that can least afford it. The politics and economics of poverty are insidious.
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Frank M
Schools need to start focusing on education and not sports. Parents need to allow teachers to also teach that failure has consequences. "No Child Left Behind" is a great idea, but stop rewarding mediocrity!
Stop graduating students who can't spell or do basic math!
I agree. While sports may help keep a child interested in academics, it should not be the be all and end all for why that child is in school.
While attending the University of Kansas I was disgusted to find out that the head basket ball coach makes more in a year than the combined staff of entire departments of the university.  If we as a society put half the money we spend on entertainment into education instead, we would be leaps and bounds ahead of where we are today.
+Dave Hardee You aren't the only one with experiences like that. I agree that if education was funded to the level of 1/4th of that spent on sports or entertainment, we might see a very different paradigm when it comes to testing and job performance. The previous BOE in our district were very sports centric. Now we are left to picking up the pieces. One gentleman at a board meeting quipped that 'Johnny can't read, but it's okay 'cause we gots Football!".
Schools need drones, no?
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Seila O
In Europe, kids go to college after passing a thorough final high-school exam. Some of them face additional college entrance exams too. And very few of them, will be admitted just based on a personal essay and/or athletic abilities. US education needs a systemic overhaul to deal with widespread illiteracy among secondary school and high-school students. Blaming teacher unions for the structural faults of a system which promotes mediocrity among students is simple-minded and dangerous. Also,  schools will never replace parents in their role as main care providers.Lately, too many forget about this critical aspect of a child's development and education.
There is a simple way to boost results, it's called a voucher system. But when you're not really worried about results as much as you're worried about bad teachers losing their jobs and teacher unions losing their grasp, this concept is lost on you.
+Devin Christensen  A voucher system only works when there are schools close enough that take vouchers. I'll give you a hint... They don't work in rural school systems. Vouchers also take away the dollars needed to improve the very schools people are vacating.
Absolutely! "Vouchers take away the dollars needed to improve the very schools people are vacating."
And I can't figure out why you would pour money into something that doesn't work.
Seila O
@Devin Christensen I've taught both in Europe and US at college level. And that happened thanks to my "mediocre" European education. To my dismay, I've found many American sophomore and junior college students (aka medical doctors wannabes) cannot add two fractions. Would you want one of them treating you while in a hospital?
Worse still, vouchers actually counter the intended effect. People will pay, out of pocket, for education, whatever they are willing to pay. A voucher system will not chage the law of supply and demand. Thus the balance point will be that privat education will cost whatever it costs now, PLUS the amount of the voucher.

The crime is not in choosing sports/arts over acedemia. The crime is forcing the choice in the first place.
+Devin Christensen if we are talking education, and you state to +Seila O that "we don't want to be mediocre like Europe, that's why we left," can you please explain what you meant by that in a more meaningful way?  
+Seila O lol, you must think I'm stupid! The only way you get into med school is with a good transcript and a recommendation. I have complete faith in most med school grads regardless of their ability to add fractions four to six years before they graduate.
+T Alexander Google best colleges in the world... It's America. Why? Private schools and capitalism. So why are we treating our high schools different than what works?
+Devin Christensen Yes, any public or private school can accept vouchers. However, that voucher does not fix the interlocking issues that occur. Take student A. She lives in a poor achieving school district in rural America. Her family decides that they want a voucher to go to a better school. They get their voucher and find a school that will accept them. That voucher has a variety of effects. First, it impoverishes the school the child leaves. Second, it does NOT pay for the transportation of that child to the new school. Third, it removes from that child all local support.

For a clearer example, take my school district. Rural Colorado. If I didn't want my daughter who is 15 to go to the local high school, I could ask for a voucher. The next nearest school district and nearest high school is 17 miles away. Due to the fact that the high school is also rural, and in declining enrolment, they have a waiting list for non-district students.

Next high school and district. 23 miles away. It is in a category known as Turn Around which means it's scores are failing. Therefore it is out of the running.

Next high school and district. 50 miles one way. Three high schools, Some are in Turn Around status.

To be honest, our solution was to homeschool her and use to fill in where we could not. Even with a voucher, we would have been unable to afford the transportation to an appropriate high school. Vouchers are simply not practical in Rural America where school districts are few and far between and the poverty level is a deciding factor.

As to why I'd put money into a poor system... because it is all we have. We have to make it work to the best of our ability and robbing it via a voucher system will not improve it.
Oh, and the link would not work.
The video can be found by going to YouTube and searching "Milton friedman education" regardless of your view on Milton and his theories, this video is applicable. He follows the school from public to private and back to public.

"its all we have"
So make something new! Screw what's proven to be a bad system! 
Seila O
@Devin Christensen Not at all! I should have been more precise. In med school, it would be about calculating the amount of effective medication to be administered to a 160 pound patient with metabolic syndrome. Btw, I've read too many papers from doctors with MDPhD titles and got treated by enough bad doctors. A good part of those papers are complete nonsense so no, I don't have your faith in med schools.
I have been in my fair share of college courses, and I find that  no matter how talented a teacher may be they will not be able to teach a given lesson unless each student already has a foundation on which to build.  If the majority of students do not have an adequate foundation, then time must be taken to bring these students up to speed or they are left to fail while those with adequate prerequisite knowledge are taught.  Unfortunately it is the case that many freshmen entering college find themselves unprepared for the rigors of a college education.
+Devin Christensen I stand by what I said earlier and that is after watching the Friedman video. You can hand a family all the money they want and it won't fix the education of the student if there is no education to 'buy' locally.  People can't afford to travel the distances necessary to give even the slightest choice over what is local. You can have all the money in the world, but if you are in the middle of no where, there is no place to spend it. That is the situation that rural education finds itself in in regards to vouchers.
For some other viewpoints, look here...
Oh, and about the universities... University of Cambridge, UK is the #1 in the world.
+Seila O my point was that if they can't master the skills you mention (which they should have already, and must have cheated to get where they are since graduating high school requires some algebra) then they won't graduate.
Good points the education system in America is declining and its obvious that some people don't see it. My opinion this all falls under infrastructure building. You cannot rebuild a country without effective education. Make teachers worth something and you will get better teachers. Like the free market their argument for high bonuses well the CEO are very skilled and bring a lot to the organization. Yet when it comes to our foundation the teachers it seems not to be same formulae. I disagree you want results pay better wages. Obama forward 2012.
What I don't understand is that there is clearly not a lack of money in the United States, since we as a single nation as far as I am aware have the highest GDP in the world.  It all comes down to what are we going to spend our money on.  Education is an investment in the future, and if we don't collectively make that investment for as many citizens as possible then it won't matter how many battleships or planes we have in the end, we will still fall or worse yet destroy the world.
+Dave Hardee I agree with you! Education is a foundation builder for any nation. If we don't invest in education, we might as well turn the keys over to someone who will. What frustrates me is that in Colorado, we have amendments that strangle our ability to collect and spend funding. I mentioned those higher up in the conversation. It makes no sense to starve what will be carrying on our nation in the future. We are starving our students and our education system.
+Devin Christensen, our education problems lie at the elementary to high school level, which serve our students often more poorly than those around the world. Merely replicating our college system (which also includes a huge amount of government run and government financed support) is easier imagined than done. 

Then too, students receiving our supposed "excellent" university education are virtually being priced out of the education market. And we don't even have to get into the fact that a great proportion of defaulted outstanding debt involves the private for-profit sector of higher education. The entire for profit education enterprise is predicated on having Federal funding for sustenance. 

I truly wonder how many companies would be racing into the education business if government backed per pupil financing was not there. I am betting zero. 

So let's not assume that everything is a simple "watch this video" or "vouchers" or "google best universities". We may predominate on such lists, but they are not exclusively U.S. led, nor does our dominance indicate a lesser Federal role in higher education than there is at the lower levels. 

In the end government funds support all levels in the U.S., and we need to figure out how best to optimize those funds. 
As an engineer and employer in rural Colorado, I am faced with the opposite issue.  I have no one to hire for even entry level jobs.  Given what we do, we'd have to train anyway, but between a lack of prerequisite knowledge, and a cultural aversion to learning, I will most likely have to relocate the business in order to expand.  Good education is possible, people.  It isn't hard, but funding it is.  Let's solve this and move on to something difficult.  

The thing that really makes me sick is if a person were to harm a child in a manner that would stick with that child throughout their life, we would hang them high.  Mess with a whole school of children in the same way, especially here, and you only have 50-50 odds of seeing a jail cell as opposed to a pine box.  Harm all American children by enacting a set of rules designed to prevent anyone from excelling or tracking data necessary to make multi-year diagnostic tools, increase teacher and admin "busywork" while cutting school funding, and we instantly retreat to the couch to watch something to numb the senses.  How is this okay???  

Before the right or left gets the wrong idea... this is not about a candidate in our last election, it is about what has happened to our schools in the last 12 years.  I had family move to New Zealand, and their children are 2-3 grades behind by the time they hit high school. Even the college degrees of the adults were in question; they had to prove proficiency with tests because certain US colleges and accreditation bodies are not trusted internationally.

Are American kids dumber than the rest of the world?  No.  So quit teaching to the lowest common denominator as though they are.  Let the children excel and dream.  Let them explore and learn.  Let us be the nation that is going to the stars, instead of the one that went to the moon a couple of times, back when we knew how to do math and read.

If I have to relocate my business overseas to get the employees I need, as a US Veteran, I will be pissed.
+T Alexander You didn't watch the video did you. It shows, through real life examples, how government actually screws our education system up. Just watch it, unless you're afraid of learning something.
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How can a country spend 5 trillion on war and don't have money to pay their teachers......?
Frank M
That way the teachers can't teach about all the wars. Make sense? :(
You need to check in San Diego County School District, President Obama, they have issued 1,500 PINK SLIPS to teachers, aids, and staff.  The classrooms will be so large with too many students that no one will learn anything and receive no individual attention.
+Jussta The U.S has artificial unemployment created by the Republican Party in order to make President Obama a "one term"  President. States have laid off over 600 000 public workers. The U.S unemployment ,currently stuck at 8% would have been a little above 6% if all these public workers are employed. Under the Bush administration , U.S people were held hostage using "terrorism". Today, the GOP is holding the U.S economy hostage using the  "public sector" workers. It's unfortunate that your district , many other district has to undergo job losses in the public sector.
coorect and proper statement........... teach is very important  to teachers but not here.that is only in school. The role and learn political thoughts is come by hearts.
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