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President Obama and McKayla Maroney are not impressed.
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Phil Chen
anyway, the lady is sexy.
I love that our neighbours to the south have a leader with a sense of humor. I'm slightly jealous. 
well this is the sport somebody must be better and somebody was better :) for my greatest joy
yah not impressed with mitt Romney's performance in the presidential race
A real human being for President. Republicans learn from the master of Public Relations.
oh yes Mr. Pesident is ok and he will keep up the good work as I can see here :)
Is good to see a President that is human and in touch with the American people...;)
I am a gay male, but she is smoldering hot sexy...her eyes are so gorgeous..
I have a lot of respect for Mr. President but not much for the person standing next to him...
If he's working for the people, the people need to tell him to get back to work.
Rare pose of Hon'ble President. Congratulation to photographars.
yah i agree  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK
NO they are not impressed with mitt Romney's performance in the presidential race haha
I like this picture and congratulation president Obama and Mckayla u r awesome 
Say what you want about our President. But that's funny right there!
I"m not impressed with Bacha Baza Boy president either.
+Wesley Williams Yeah, not every day you meet a real live Nazi on G+...check out his profile!  Then block and report him.
Nice. I like it when the president takes the time to be "normal".
Haha! That's hilarious! I love those pics!
Best President ever... Great photo. 
birds of the same feather romney and obama
I capture the world .. go to the dark side!
He's the happening president of the peeps! Best Mac Daddy for the job. 
eh Makayla does it better Obama just looks like an old man
よゅうかね この役はどうするつもりだろう?
I like how President Obama handel his business. He also jokes and show us his other side.Luv him luv him.
What impresses me... he is so natural. When I see other politicians taking these photo-opportunities they seem so fake, so uncomfortable. President Obama just gets it. Kudos.
Glad it's Obama. Can you imagine Romney with that expression!
After he finishes his second term in the presidency, we should outsource Obama to other countries. Just the cool factor warrants a serious investment... then you add the brains, the human quality, and the honesty.... not a bad package :-)
what is that cute little girl doing with the scum of the earth?
Im not impressed... With Obama
Is it safe to say this has been the coolest President since JFK?
The man knows how to laugh. This is important in a job like his.
Thats my brother in the white house , thinks its kool though !!!!!! .............
El Presidente +Barack Obama es sin duda mas carismático de lo que jamas me habría podido imaginar, espero que le sean provechoso a USA en los próximos "4 AÑOS MAS".
Saludos desde Venezuela.
why is Berry Obama so unimpressed? did he finally realize that he's destroying the U.S.A.? (and yes, Berry is his real name)
Matt D
@AJ Acludia i think so 
To many of you people are drinkin to damn much of that Kool Aid. I am still waiting for someone to show some REAL progress in the last 4 years. 
Nah, someone gave them a sour lemon sherbet drop & THEN let the cameraman loose on them.:)
What is happening in the world? When memes invade!
That looks impressing to me. Wow! I love the picture. Can you say something about the picture McKayla??
Obama is a successful president. I wish his long life and more success every steps of his life. Zahirul islam, Bangladesh.
This pic is bound to be more popular than the reelection photo from twitter.... hahah
Obama seems like a down-to-earth guy behind the spotlight.
Somebody put a "key light" in this room.  For God sakes it's the President !  The laugh is on US with this soft rotundra "frat" jap glow that us being cast on the Queens spelling Bee.  :(
Bronco Bamah,  whachu think of Jill Kelley’s friends?
I think that Romney may have already had that face. He was not impressed and not amused :D
why? because he's a media whore...
Hag... Hag... Hag... Nice post. Love it.
what a nice action Mr president. Is this a joyful moment or what/
This is the depth of what we've elected!
Steve P
Arms crossed bitches
Obama is more poser than president no won wonder America is in trouble
as they shouldn't be this country is in trouble
Pathetic!!!! Lets see how much you guys still LOVE this down to earth president, when your all heading to the welfare dept... but then again. America is so dumbed down that FREE anything is AWESOME.... keep believing lies... Smartin up America because a dumb nation is an easy one to control..

It remainds me Clinton & Monica wachout
Debt?.... awwww... not a big deal .. just shrug it
Dave T.
Haters gotta hate.

(But their spelling is atrocious)
Tony B
Very Cool !
Kenyan Muslim Socialist Cloward=Piven Traitor.
Such it is a nice moment for america
Nice Moment for the people who like peace.
with the pres that's is dumb u post to get on his back then take the pic
This guy is the most honest,real,human possible president USA will ever had inside the white house. I'll vote for him again if I could.
Whats that girls name aging lol
Obama is a nice president, 
Yi Wang
Amazed by Chinese. President likes god can not be offended in China.
Good to see that there's room for humour in the White House.
good look  man I  got brake up and a frind solt her he mean
who is ths beautifull girl...?
Can you imagine Mitt Romney doing this? He probably has no idea who that girl is or what they are referencing.
Typical arrogant fraud, wasting time instead of accepting responsibility and actually doing his job. The worst mistake America has done. 
"We wish we could get our mouths to stop doing this..."
are they ever impressed????????????????
Obama is the new Mandela. From north to south. West to east he is the best president.
In politics is like in sports, some win and some loose shamefully. In this picture I can see both a great man and a winner in the right and a bad looser in the left :D
Why aren't they satisfied with what they have? Oama DID get the White House back after all.
Hey President Obama, at the closure of your presidency, where would like to reside? I personally hope that you don't forget both origins of yours--the African father and your Kansan mother.
For your mother, she is currently appeased in her grave because you have served the nation of you birth as a chief commander, but for your father, whose grave has craved to see your progress, and gene has ignited is cordially asking you to pay a visit for respect and love to the other side.
I pray that Jehovah-God transmorgrify his advertent and inadvertent blunders or oversight into successful
Well he is pretty impressive to us brits, better than the last bell end who was in that office
I'm just happy that my President is black.
Makes us feel about the current conditions of the United States.


mckayla maroney amazing olympian obama best pres ever.
her dress is really pretty
The country has turned around +Richard Barr. Unless what you're asking for is going back to the precipice a la 2008 in which case you've really lost it
01/2009 - Obama extends Bush's Patriot Act.
01/2009 - Obama appoints Timothy Geithner (who engineered the AIG bailout) as Secretary of Treasury.
02/2009 - Obama appoints Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of General Electric, as member of President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board.
02/2009 - Obama orders 17,000 more troups to Afghanistan.
04/2009 - Obama appoints 5 RIAA lawyers to Justice Department.
05/2009 - Obama appoints Gary Gensler (former partner @ Goldman Sachs) as Chairman of US Commodity Futures Trading Commission.
07/2009 - Obama appoints Michael Taylor (former Monsanto VP) as Senior Advisor to Commissioner of FDA.
08/2009 - Obama nominates Ben Bernanke to Chairman of the Federal Reserve.
10/2009 - Obama appoints Adam Storch (former VP at Goldman Sachs) to CEO of SEC Enforcement Division.
01/2010 - Obama promotes Michael Taylor (former Monsanto VP) to be US Deputy Commissioner for Foods.
02/2010 - Obama orders 30,000 more troups to Afghanistan.
01/2011 - Obama appointed Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of General Electric, as chairman of Obama's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.
03/2011 - Obama orders attack on Libya w/o Congressional approval; illegal. 85 Libyan civilians killed.
05/2011 - Obama extends Patriot Act again.
09/2011 - Obama ordered drone strike that kills 3 US Citizens (Awlaki, his 16-year old son, and one other).
10/2011 - Obama signs ACTA (multinational version of SOPA; developed by RIAA, MPAA, Big Pharma)
01/2012 - Obama signs NDAA - Indefinite Detention of US Citizens (in USA or abroad) without Right to Trial.
01/2012 - Obama uses Executive Privilege to keep "Fast & Furious" gun running scam documents away from Congressional Investigation.
03/2012 - Obama signs Executive Order NDRP - In the name of national defense, our government can take control of private sector resources without  consent of the owner. This is a refresh of old Martial Law BUT NOW "in peacetime" and "in non-emergency", too.
03/2012 - Obama sends $1.5 billion to "Muslim Brotherhood" in Egypt.
04/2012 - Obama sends $147 million to Hamas-run Gaza.
05/2012 - Obama signs No Trespass Bill - HR 347 - Free speech/protest now a felony when & where Secret Service says so. President has control of the SS.
05/2012 - Obama signs ISP Snooping Bill - HR 1981.
07/2012 - Executive Order "Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions" - Grants the Executive Branch full control of all private communications in the country in the name of national security. Includes wired, wireless, satellite, cable, and broadcasting, and provides the transport networks that support the Internet and other key information systems.
That was the short list. Here is the full list:
I guess neither of them has an answer about lybia..
I don't care what he does, he's still NOT my president. As previously stated, I respect the position, office, and title, but never THIS man! Not the one taking my rights! Wake up folks!!
totaly hoe do they even know each other 
I think in this situation I'm jealous of the President.
Does she have to pay tax to Obama after all?
I wasn't too impressed with the security of our Benghazi embassy either.
House (+The White House), Hmmm ... it could in"deed", be because they expected the photographer to be Annie Leibovitz ‽‽‽ Regards, Randy 
There's not much that impresses him anyway. 
Had Romney won the elections, I would have lost faith in Americans, would have phoned in sick at work on that morning and would have broken my computer and  disconnected from the internet! I would be the most surprised person on planet earth!
That's awesome. Having a sense of humor, on both their parts, is important :)
"The photograph may not be manipulated in any way"  Yeah, okay, like people are actually going to not photoshop the hell of out this.
I like Obama
looks like some whone likes romney fan
Hey! Hey! Take our photo while we make funny faces! It'll look good in paper Sunday morning... #HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You gotta love this guy. And you thought he didn't have a sense of humor.
i luv mckayla
beautiful combination....?????
AMericA! What a country! -Yakov S.
obamas is way more funny 
This president is so much fun!
And the sheep keep following blindly. Ironic that half the voting country has the same look about BO and this pathetic admin. 
Not an Obama fan, but this is funny!
Raise all our taxes Mr president. Put us all on welfare. Great job Mr obamaz. Keep negotiating with terrorists Mr prezudant. Your so great. Increase unemployment Mr barak. Keep on trying. Maybe Mr sharpton can fix it all. Give him all the money Mr obama. Wow we are so lucky to have you as our president. Al queda can sit back and relax cuz your destroying America faster then they ever could. Good job!
LOL :D You remind me someone... BILL COSBY! GBU, Sir!
Hmmm looks like somebody is in the bow wow house they don't look to happy they have rather a disgusted look abroad.
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