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Today, President Obama invited bright young people from across the country to show off their skills at the 2012 White House Science Fair. See the President try out 14-year-old Joey Hudy's marshmallow cannon in the State Dining Room (more on the Science Fair here:
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به حسین بگیم مردک تحریم ها به مردم فشار میاره
شعور داشته باش
First :P And lulz, The President's Royal Marshmellow Cannon

EDIT: First English
the undeniable power of these marshmallow cannons will turn the Global War on Terror in our favor!

however, we must beware the back-alley marshmallow zip-gun peddlers and marshmallow gun show loophole sales!
esse canhão deve ser muito pesado hein OBAMA?
i wonder if the government has any plans to use this revolutionary technology to employ mutant #staypuftmarshmallowman for future threat responses...
So much awesome! I'll bet this is one of the most fun days at the WH.
it would have been funnier if his mom had invented it, so that she could launch marshmallows into his hotchocolate even while she's watching soap operas... i mean isn't that what 'invention' really is? does that kid really eat marshmallows (let alone drink hot chocolate...)? i kinda don't think so... sorry to hurt his little feelings, but this is totally lame. i am sure it's supposed to be funny...
The President playing The Big Kid in Chief. : )
President Obama is like any guy presented with a cannon that shoots marshmallows; can we shoot it?
I hope you're practicing your duet for American Idol, because really, that will win the next election. I hope your people are all over this!
+rosie hecker von danzig Wow. The purpose of a science fair like this is to encourage younger kids to explore science and engineering. Business is great, but if we have no future scientists or engineers, the business people have nothing to sell. Not to mention this kid learned a great deal of physics fundamentals in this process. In 8th grade, any experiment is going to be used to enhance understanding of the subject. Considering he successfully applied his knowledge of differential pressure and its affects on force, I'd wager he understands physics and natural forces more than you!
Doing his job and helping inspire hopefully future scientists. They already have such a competent grasp on the subject, and having the president tell you what you did was awesome, that has to inspire. And remember at that age what your interest in politics was. I don't think you'd see too much beyond it just being the president.
This adminstration has demonstrated proof of... wait for it...
Weapons of Mass Confection!
Love this. My kids liked it too. 
Good job, Joey (and Mr. President); good job!
Gotta be better than giving speeches!!!
That was great! Kudos to the eighth-grader who built the cannon! Who knows... he could become a future defense contractor! That was awesome!
This is a memory that kid will have for the rest of his life!
White House Science Fair - Marshmallow Cannon. Google Science Fair - Better way to combat cervical cancer... whats wrong with this picture.
Hardest he's worked since the inauguration.
This is why he's got them gray hairs... working so hard
People are waaay too cynical. Taking a day off of global politics and stateside squabbles to give a bunch of kids a chance to present their science project to The President is an unforgettable moment. America needs scientists and inventors- good on him for keeping this alive.
he is, but you can't please everyone... Clinton didn't let the repubs bully him around and people respected that. Obama needs to muscle up
This could be his 'Dukakis-in-the-tank' moment.
Could videos be posted in Vimeo as well? Many schools block Youtube which makes it difficult to share these videos with students.
Dave you're kind of a stooge yourself.
It think it's great they have White House science fairs! How long has this been in place?
Mr. President!
This was an excellent demonstration of how God has blessed each one of us with Gifts and Talents!

These demonstrations not only encourage other students; but discourage "prejudice". Together We Stand! Divided We Fall!

May God continue to bless each of these students in their education and chosen careers!
I think it's excellent that President Obama is promoting science in our younger generation! I'm behind you all the way!
izz man
I think that may be the first time I've ever seen a marshmallow used as a projectile in the white house :) Rock on Mr. O, rock on.
+Andy Geleff I know I would ask what is your explainion of how the Universe was made. And how come the Earth was already so well equipped for Human life. An example would be all the Medications that come from plants and other things found in Nature. How do you explain DNA? Do you really believe such a beautiful and intricate design just happened. How about the FACT that Scientists proved, our Universe had a beginning and will have an end. Do you really not believe in a Creator or can you just not live up to the expectations of JESUS. Ignorance is not bliss, knowing there is life after death is my bliss. How's that for a pep talk?
*explanation -not explainion. Pardon me and my spellcheck for missing that.
We had something like this when we whas "small" as potato gun , but so special as this one !!! Looks really great [:
+Andy Geleff You surprise me. You asked a question about religion. YOU belittled a person for asking for GOD'S blessing on these children. And now you say this is not the forum for a religious discussion. I agree, you should have kept your mouth shut in the first place. I have my beliefs, you have yours or I guess you don't. Is the reason you call me silly because you have no idea how to answer my questions? And about Scientists, maybe you would be interested in a scientific view of Christianity. Reasons to Believe has a web site started by one of the Worlds top Astrophysicists... HUGH ROSS!! Or are you afraid to feel silly.
Wonderful Marshmallow Launch at White House Science Fair !! And magical atmosphere:President Obama and young boy Joey look like a team of inventor at work about the cannon...a beautiful imagine...a dream team:the America of the present projected in the future.God Bless America;God Bless President Obama!
Totally awesome, the President spending time with the nations' future scientist. Let's hire this one to be at Area 51
In all seriousness this child will remember the day when the commander in chief examined his project at the science fair. His career is set..
Nice job! Obama the next president in 8 years(You will win the 2012 election) will not like marshmallows on the ceiling.
Great video and exchange +The White House. What's the best way for a bright and talented 6th grader to set a goal of attending the science fair in 2 years? I plan to share this clip with my kids and would like to plant the seed of attempting to enter or attend. Thanks.
That was pretty awesome! That kid must have worked hard.
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