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Last night, President Obama joined Mick Jagger and B.B. King to sing "Sweet Home Chicago" during a blues concert in the East Room of the White House.
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No really, the President deserves every single bit of shade you guys are throwing at him; after all, no other President has ever done any sort of campaigning, fundraising, non-essential public appearances with celebrities or lifting of spirits while in office before impending elections, they all instead focused every waking hour on addressing your individual concerns. How irresponsible of Barack Obama to sing a couple of lines of a song about the largest city in the state he lived in for so many years. Impeach the man, and somebody kindly inform me who replaced my Caps Lock key with a Sarcasm Lock?
+David Barry They say Obama is a bad president, and I'm not exactly saying he's a good one, but do you honestly thing Cain/Palin could have done any better?
Obama is probably one of the presidents that were dealt the worst possible deck of cards he could get. Two wars, and a world economy on the brink of collapse, and a US economy that have proven that pampering the richest and the largest corporations and banks have been an unmitigated disaster.
Other than releasing fuel from the strategic reserve what can any president do. I know what coming Keystone xl pipe line an more drilling he done the drill park we're over 50% domestic production. This is the stock market pushing gas prices up they did it to Bush an Bill Clinton. Nothing changed oh other than the demand is down a we have new fuel millage standard that should of been in place year ago. We would not be at this point if we had 20 year of higher an higher fuel Millage. Stop pandering to the Oil an Gas company. He can't do that either then he's killing jobs. BS. You can't have it both ways record profits an Taxes Break for Oil company.
+William Dingle You nailed it. I mean, come on people. It's not like he's reading to kids while we're being attacked by terrorists or hanging out while one of our cities is destroyed by a hurricane or anything like the last guy, right? Geez.
Okay, guys- what are you doing if the world depends on immediate action?
OK missed something here what happened last night in america that Obama could not do this. We weren't attack. The stock market did not crash, Job are coming back, Oh I know Obama should glue a phone to his head so he looks like he is working on all of our problems every waking hour of the day.
Maybe he could go to his Bush Ranch.
I can't wait till the White House posts a picture of the president in the bathroom on the toilet reading a newspaper. Surely the comments will include people complaining that gas prices are rising, or Syria is burning, at the very movement of his bowels. Obama needs to hold his breath, lest he be accused of breathing while working.
Best President ever!! Won't every Republican be sad when he triumphs again?
this makes it sound like he actually sang the song... singing 3 words and trying desperately to hand it back was crap... the man can sing... should have rocked it.
+David Barry, which regulations have increased? Because unless those friends of yours are employing large numbers of people, they are likely exempt from many regulations. So it would be enlightening to know which hypothetical burdens those business owners are bearing.

Otherwise it's just as meaningless as me saying that I have friends in business who have seen their regulations decrease to an all time low.
+David Barry No, I do not. And yes, the regulations are outrageous from what I can understand. And sadly more seem to be added each year. Though according to The Daily Show if I recall, the number of new regulations under Obama pales compared to the ones added under Bush. Not that this is an excuse though.

But as much as some people despise Obama, I think it is only fair to look at the big picture. Obama started with a record deficit and two wars, and soon got saddled with a republican house or senate (cant remember wich) which effectively blocks him from doing anything the republicans won't allow him to do, meaning bad policy. They don't care that the country is going into the crapper, only that they manage to make Obama look bad.
sang a bit more than just 3 words ...
Loved it! I love this President-- he is the man!
What. What law have been pasted this the biggest do nothing congress ever. Getting paid to do nothing. All I have heard is cant raise tax on small business for the last two year an the profits keep going up. What law What rule.
If you lose your job as president then you could actually be a singer, you gotta nice voice
Obama has my vote. Thank for the laugh. I would never do it.
53% that's down for 70% good job Obama. An it not going to kill jobs. The Medical industry is fastest growing sector.
+David Barry, that's a link to a poll that does not exactly prove your point. It does not prove the reality or falsehood of increasing regulations. It proves the misguided perceptions of small business owners.
As an outsider, I get the impression that the Republicans want millions of Americans to go without any healthcare, whilst keeping taxes for millionaires and billionaires as low as possible. Correct me if I'm wrong.
+David Barry I have owned a small business. It was a Christian bookstore in New Jersey. My point is that your article link, and you, fail to distinguish which regulations are so burdening these small businesses. Thus, what you say just becomes an assertion not based in beneficial fact.
Why can't we just get a ceremonial head of state that does the silly stuff like rock with Jagger or hold Easter egg hunts while the President actually governs? This isn't a critique of any President, but of the system. Plenty of other nations have ceremonial heads of state for exactly this reason.
Fairly correct as far as perception goes, +Craig Jurisevic
As far as "Obamacare" (which is ridiculous to call it, because it doesn't contain nearly as much change as the President wanted it to because Republicans stripped it), I would love to hear how it's going to cost jobs; seriously. Providing additional healthcare to millions of Americans, thus allowing them to seek medical care they've been neglecting due to rising medical costs? Providing vouchers to combat rising insurance costs? Closing the "donut hole" in Medicare and providing additional help to Senior Citizens for prescription medication? How does any of that cost us jobs? Sure, if they had enabled the widely supported Public Option, it probably would have cost some jobs to insurance companies... but that's one more idea that was stripped due to Republican opposition (thanks to lobbying by the insurance industry). Let me guess, additional regulation on small businesses? It doesn't require small businesses to provide healthcare to their employees (though I'm of the mindset that they should be doing so if possible anyway), it simply (or not so simply) makes it possible for employees who DON'T have healthcare to affordably acquire it outside of their employer. How does that destroy 800,000 jobs?
+Craig Jurisevic Not a big surprise... since part of the Republican Party is made of millionaires (Donald Trump, Mitt Romney), so it's nothing but self-interest at work.
The man is willing to be uncomfortable, knowing he an amateur singer, and knowing the entire nation is watching. I admire that! Are you that courageous?
Good grief, can I possibly set G+ so that I don't have to be annoyed with pointless political puff pieces like this garbage?
I wish I didn't have to block the white house's google+, with a president that I don't loathe, but this is just...
Dear President, There are MILLIONS unemployed. What the HELL are you doing? You little princess you.
Rob Go
Stop singing and start crackin' skulls. Sheesh!
noor h
Stress free moment
+Amber Johnston A celebration of American made music featuring mostly American musicians... held at the most American residence you can imagine... and you have a problem with that?
I guess its about time to play Mr. Nice guy again until the elections are over. Then back to passing laws that destroy our constitution and bill of rights.
It's nice that he's singing. Maybe he'll get a gig as a lounge singer in a Chicago bar after November elections and not add to the unemployment list.
While he is our president and he was appointed to lead us I seem to find myself thinking more often than not that President Obama seems to be having quite a few more "parties" and gatherings like this than any other president I have seen in office. I hope they played for free and we werent spending tax money on his personal leisure times.
Yes, once you enter the "Big House" you lose your life, NO FUN ALLOWED.
Can you imagine Ronnie or W having done anything like this? The closest I can recall was Bill with his sax.
I'd think it more an honor to the artist than the President to be given the privilege of playing at the White House. I doubt they're paid.
what this world going to a president that sings if that the he should got a job as a song wirter then
When people say stupid things like..."republicans all work for billionaires", it really ticks me off. They probably never worked a hard day work in their life. They probably just receive food stamps and welfare
This is an act of great personality, Simplicity, and Freedom, I like
booo obama is dum bad president
We do have a ceremonial head of state, his name is Joe Biden. Seriously though wouldn't you bump the ceremonial guy for a Mick Jagger / B. B. King concert?
He's still a person guys, let him have some fun. No President can control gas prices. He inherited the worst possible scenario for a president. 2 unfunded wars, an economy losing almost 800,000 jobs a month, wall street crash and a world economy on the brink of disaster every week.
That was very very cool....and a great job too!
Brian, you are so right!!! It really is sad that the Republicans are hellbent on making Barack Obama fail. It says a lot about where their loyalties lie, and it is not with the people they are to be representing. It has nothing to do with the betterment of the country or they would be behind Mr. Obama, helping him to make a stronger, more productive America, instead of pushing their own corporate greed agenda!
3 years in and they still can't take responsibility for their own mess.
Bravo Mr President. The Blues is on the house!
L Musko
@Zephrine Templar... stfu
Our guy up north here (Stephen Harper) sings all the time. I'm not a big fan of his but I do think he should be allowed to unwind just like everyone else. No one can (or should) go 24x7x365.

Very Nice Mr President!
It is good to have some soul! The last guy definitely need some.
The most charismatic president the word has ever seen. Love him!
A very poor analogy. Rome is not burning, but rebuilding.
Why ppl act like the president is some cyborg bot, he's human just like us, Im sure if he could he would tell you to STFU. He has really no power unless congress backs him. What are you doing to better the planet or yourself, besides sitting on your asses complaining waiting on stuff to fall in your lap, go get yours no ones holding you back but you!
He should be lowering gas prices by allowing drilling and creating jobs instead of singing and vacationing at unemployed peoples expense. That 24x7x365 is a joke... he is either golfing, campaining, doing fundraisers or on a vacation at tax payers expense. VOTE HIM OUT 2012
+Susan John cuz the Democrats were right behind Bush every step of the way, right? so let's go back to the beginning of the +Barack Obama admin...his party had big majorities in both houses of Congress & spent $800+B billion! on "stimulus" promising to keep unemployment < 8%. All that debt later, 14.5 million are still out of work & he parties on, golfs 70+ times, has 90+ fundraisers.
Let not blame Obama, blame the one who left him in this mess before he took office
I don’t like the guy at all, but good for him for acting human. My only issue is if ole W Bush would have done something like this, the reaction would have been FAR different. It really is amazing how the media coddles this guy. You guys didn’t give Bush an inch, but Obama gets 10 miles. Incredible.
@ Samuel Sprague: Huh? You're thankful for the Patriot Act? And if one dollar equals three yuan, then it takes one american dollar to buy three yuan worth.
+Craig Jurisevic They want Americans to suffer because they hate the president than they love the nation, which they want to "take back" because they're self proclaimed patriots.
+Imperious Verisimilitude Executive orders? I'm sure they were important, all 288 of them.
OH, wait, that was the number that George W. signed over the course of two terms, meaning 144 per term or 36 per year, which is more than TWICE as many as the 73 Obama has signed since being in office at just over 24 for year. But please, don't let logic get in the way of your "point".
+Bill W. Goins (and other 'drill-baby-drill' types): "After declining to levels not seen since the 1940s, U.S. crude production began rising again in 2009. Drilling rigs have rushed into the nation's oil fields, suggesting a surge in domestic crude is on the horizon.
The number of rigs in U.S. oil fields has more than quadrupled in the past three years to 1,272, according to the Baker Hughes rig count."

How's that for a big ol' cup of STFU?
I wonder how many Americans lost their home to foreclosure yesterday, how many Americans are still on welfare, how many Americans are still unemployed, and how many Americans are trying to figure out where the next meal for their children will come, while Obama has another concert at the expense of American tax payers???
Love it! Great voice for a President!
Stop crying, did post the same thing while Bush took Golf trips on our dime.. no u didn't......
Why are we wasting our time with this nut?
This was very entertaining to watch. +10
Sounds like their a lot of touchy feelings for someone who has not done what he promised with all his hope and change!!!
It shows where his priorities are.
go obama your the best president in the hole world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+David Barry Why is it that the exact demographic that are going to benefit the most from ObamaCare, are among the most vocal against it?
Why is it that politicians on the right wing have managed to get low income voters to bash a bill that is the most beneficial to those exact voters?
Why is it that no one have taken those right wing politicians to task for exaggerating and outright lying about the effects of ObamaCare?

The sad part is that the bill is only half implemented, and does not cover the most needed provisions in order to protect the low income groups from greedy insurance corporations.

ObamaCare were supposed to help increase public health by allowing workers to benefit from professional help, that means more people making use of the hospitals, staying healthy longer, and even (IMHO) avoid severe illnesses by seeking medical attention sooner, rather than wait and hope it goes away.
How is MORE users of the health system going to cost jobs?
Facts for this administration: 1 in 6 on welfare, 1 in 5 unemployed, 2013 budget calls for a $1.3T deficit, $15T total national debt, gas at $3.55, food prices are up! What other facts do you need?
It's been over 3 years now. How much time does it take to begin doing the right things that will create a friendly business environment that will grow the economy and create the demand for jobs?
Release an album, raise money for your campaign. Win-win.
Great job Mr. Presiden, congratulations and may God Bless you and your family
Frank G
They need meaningless garbage to keep sheep asleep from the true agenda, which is to keep things fuck up just the way they have been for centuries, since to be working perfectly- War- Poverty- Injustice- Greed- etc.. congrats stay asleep!
Nina Silk
+Jeff Meyers Well, actually, not that I approve of everything the President has done by a long shot, but who says three years is a valid ruler? The country was in a total economic collapse when he took over. Rome wasn't built in a day, Hitler wasn't defeated overnight, the Great Depression lasted for 6 years, China has taken decades to build itself up to its current state... Why expect the President (coping with a most adamantly uncooperative opposition) to solve such a major economic meltdown in any particular length of time?
Oh man...these kind of comments are why we're still in the political dark ages. I'm sure the 20 seconds the President spent singing here would have made a world of difference in another area. People have GOT to lighten up.
Scott Bourne please. The facts are: the last 13 months with the House belonging to the Republicans has job grow greater than job loss, the unemployment rate may appear down, but there are as many Americans still unemployed as a year ago with the underemployment rate and the unemployed stop looking for jobs, the Dow has absolutely nothing to do with Obama, the UK misled Bush about WMD, and Obama has spent more money in 3 years ($5T) that Bush did in 8 years ($4.7T). Those are your facts straightened!
Adam A
The man's doing a competent job. Better than the last POTUS for sure. People on here complaining about what he does with his own time clearly don't remember how many hours the last prez logged for vacation while he was leaving the mess this prez has done a decent job cleaning up. Sing it, Mr. President!
I love Chicago. And Obama. And his singing. and his presidency. All Mitt Romney sings is "My leadership brings all the boys to the yard" and let's face it we have enough crooked old rich people floating around Washington D.C. I mean has anyone else noticed? It's like watching sharks stare at fish they just circle the capital dreaming about the oval office.
We have the coolest President EVER!

To those Hater Trollz that are out there always looking to bash the President, I would rather he be singing the Blues than on a faux ranch moving brush. :P
I would rather he was ending the wars we are fighting around the world.
We have a failure of a President. Maybe instead of singing he can get the Senate the pass the 15 jobs bills the House has already passed. November cannot come soon enough.
AMEN ADAM! Makes me sick. Can we talk about how he has never been in rehab but we elected an alcoholic? No offense, but you wouldn't let a man watch your children if he said "You can trust me; I'm a recovering alcoholic with two daughters so out of control they are the reason immigrants are fleeing mexico. They found tequila in the rooms at the four seasons and just won't come home (chuckle)" no. So why did we let him watch our economy?
+Jeff Meyers How about 1 unnecessary war ended, 1 terrorist head of Al Queda found and killed, 23 consecutive months of job growth, 1 auto industry successfully bailed out with much of the money paid back ahead of schedule and majority of US automakers returning to profitable status... and there's certainly more.
+Rivka Baruch seem like a really nice person; the kind of person people want to hang around with.
so what he is a leader life styles follows him .... lac's of people follow him..!!
MAYBE YOU CAN STOP BITCHING ABOUT HOW HE IS DOING HIS BEST TO FIX THE MESS YOUR PRESIDENT STARTED AND VOLUNTEER AT A SOUP KITCHEN WHICH IS WHERE WE WILL ALL BE EATING IF A BIG FAT RICH WHITE PERSON GETS TO SIT IN THE OVAL OFFICE AGAIN OKAY? you people make me SICK. you make me SICK. all you do is complain. Do you even actually listen to the news and think or do you remember the little words that fox news throws in there and regurgitate them to sound smart? I think that's what you do. Thats what ALL OF YOU DO. so the next time you want to complain, look at your hands. If you are holding the keys to anything but an american made car, a box of nonperishables you are donating to the homeless shelter, or anything else of that nature, SHUT YOUR SPOILED LITTLE MOUTH AND GO CRY IN YOUR CORNER MADE OF AFRICAN BLOOD DIAMONDS.
or even better? go hunt baby seals american bald eagles or small minority children. That's a fun time for you right?
oh shut up, no one's asking you to be defensive of your race Jillian. you stop bitchin around.
Hey +Jillian Hopgood, I don't think it is fair that you seem mad about a WHITE PERSON being the President. I am on your side here, but mind the racism. I voted for President Obama because he was the best candidate, not because he was a SKINNY BLACK PERSON. Cool?
What, he didn't do Sweet Home Alabama?
N this is helping create jobs how?????
this is what our president does in a unemployment and budget crisis
I thought our president was supposed to fix the country, not impersonate barbara streisand. Leave that to lea michelle.
i love how it is immediately about black people being racist but white people where goose stepping around holding pictures of him as an African Witch Doctor. you guys are disgusting.
Worst President Ever! Do not vote for this Anti-American!
It is nice to see a world leader confident in all walks of life, including his confidence to relax a little.
More "brand Obama" our great hope...just another dope
It's a 24/7 job people. If you could sing you would to. He's got a ways to go before catching up with the Nimrod who put America in 'no dance no sing' mode.
and I ADORE how I am told to stop "defending my race" when clearly it isn't about race right? I thought I was defending democracy and the working man but for every person that tries to do a good deed there is a piece of shit to start moaning on about the race card. and for the record after all the shit that went down if there was a race card it would have a giant spade that says "TRUMP bitch." Just saying.
Jillian Hopgood you are letting your color show. There are more people on welfare under Obama than all the other presidents combined. Please don't get your panties bunched up!
I believe the phrase is "don't get your panties in a wad" good sir.
+John Hawes Yeah that's right, you insignificant minion. This one thing is all that he's ever done.

You and everyone who feels the same need to go sit in a corner and face the wall. You only detract from society with your pathetic ignorance. You are the dictionary definition of "Stupid American." Thanks for continually ruining it for everyone else. And before you reply, know that I don't care, because you are beneath the notice of anyone with an ounce of intelligent thought.

Pray all you want, he's getting a second term.
Did he just say I am letting my color show, +Christiana Payor ? Clearly that is the least fancy thing I have ever heard. take him away.
I wonder if he used a teleprompter for the words?
Jillian Hopgood I am sorry if I hurt you your touchy feelings, but I have dated several black women over the years, my first wife was Korean, and my current wife is Mexican, so the race card don't play!!!
he's really good at singing! WOW!
Maybe he should change careers!
He's not a bad singer ya know!
Robert Johnson would file a copyright suit if he saw this.
kay, Jillian, really, just chill. seriously, making too big a deal outta this when you're seriously the only one who brought up this entire topic about race
in my opinion he is a great singer! He should sing his speeches!
ahahaha i love it. "I'm not racist I have black friends!" classic.
+Jeff Meyers You have to be mentally handicapped to believe that. Check your facts. You are wrong.
you know +Aiden Roberts he could sing his speeches... We should look into production options... We could make billions... or millions...
Jillian Hopgood I am glad you have black friends, OK!
ok you can call him Jillian! Tell him to sing his heart out
wow someone doesn't get grammer or punctuation.
thats what makes him amazing. hes like a normal person!
I'm seeing this. Full time. Gaga, Obama, we can write a book about our tour and it will make Oprah's book club list...
+Jillian Hopgood It makes me mad too. But I don't think calling out all white people in the room as racists will get you anywhere. If you dug a little deeper, you might find that there are people for whom, race has nothing to do with it. These people did the same thing when Bill Clinton played the saxophone on Arsenio Hall. Meanwhile, they completely ignore the FACT that no president in history spent more time on vacation than their man Bush. Obama has done more good for this country in his sleep than Bush ever did. But, even if he was a white guy, they would still get all retarded when a story like this comes out. They don't have any real complaints based on facts, so they pounce on fluffy nothing stories, because they have fluffy nothing brains. The ones who actually are racist are probably too stupid to even realize it themselves, considering racial bigotry is directly related to low I.Q.
I'm glad to see my tax dollars are well spent.
oh god, jillian, sSHUT UP ALREADY!
I agree completely with parts of this large comment. So I approve. It's kind of how politics is. You are never going to agree with everything but if it's close enough to be chicken noodle soup, it's close enough.
We have a awesome President...The Peoples President, he reaches high and reaches low, Hes one for all and all for one in case you didn't know, Although with everthing you may not agree, you have to understand the wisdom in the vision and stand with him even if you disagree, understanding that the sun will come out for you Today bet your bottom dollars I say today because tomorrow is always the next Today.
He sings quite well, he might have made a fortune in the music business...
jillian again you should call him, the president
The problem with representative Democracy is that it is fallacious. Everyone gets the exact same vote, regardless of their ignorance. Obama takes office, does what anyone who cares to look at a history book KNOWS to be what is needed, and then, as expected, things get better. At the rate expected, no less. Of course there isn't really a way to spin that, if you hated Obama to start with, so what do you do? You lie. You spread lies. You repeat lies. May not even know that they are lies, if you just except everything anyone tells you, that supports what you had already decided to believe. Fact is, if you hate Obama, then you don't have the first clue what he has done while in office, what the alternatives to what he has done in office have historically meant, or both. You are what is wrong with this nation.
I think President Obama is a fantastic President.He not only is brilliant, but he is funny, outgoing, and a hard worker(not to mention the man can sing). Everything he has promised to the people, he has either done or is working on. Some of the things he has promised takes time, and just because its not done overnight there are always some people (you know who you are) who whine it is not being done. I believe these people have too much time on their hands. They have nothing better to do with their time than to sit and think up things to whine about, instead of getting off of their behinds and doing volunteer work to help make the world a better place.
Ok. So what I am gathering from all of these comments is the following:
1. I need to organize the democratic campaign.
2. It needs to involve singing Gaga and TPain
3. A 12 year old is more intelligent that most people who apparently use google+
haha....his exiting song from politics? Obamacare is what you get from a green horn in office.
I don't dislike Obama, I dislike his policies. Unconstitutionally forcing a 2k page health bill nobody wanted with the claim, "you have to pass it to know what's in it". Calling Bush 'unpatriotic' for raising the deficit and then doing it 3x as fast. Claiming he would cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term, only to find our debt over 100% of GDP. He didn't have a budget for over 1000 days--a historical failure. Yea, he can sing, but he isn't a good president. Sorry.
ObamaCare is brilliant. There are exactly two ways you wouldn't know that: 1)You haven't read the Bill. 2)You didn't understand what you read. Further, "ObamaCare" is a conservative response to a very serious problem, that has been consistently PROPOSED by conservatives who now hate it for the sole reason that it was presented by Obama, who they have decided to hate for any of a number of really stupid reasons, that do not include "ObamaCare".
Jesse I respect your view of Obama.
Everyone has there own views.
HALARIOUS!!!! he actually has a pretty good voice!!!!!
please somebody tell me what time is it in America
You realize that the reason why ever Obama mandate goes into effect in 2013 or 2014 is because he wants to make sure that if the economy crashes as a result of his actions it happens AFTER he got reelected.

Like it or not Obama is the Same as Bush, they both cared more about the corporate interests and the rich who helped elect them into office then the every day regular people. Hell look at where gas is now and compare it to where it was before the crash. Everyone back then said it was why because Bush was getting oil money. So what is Obama's reason? Why is it so high? It's because he wants to artificially raise the price of gas so that his a failed car company (that he and Bush took control of 'in the name of the american people because it was too big to fail' ) can force us to buy their product because their union paid for his presidency. Look at every Bush "anti-terrorist" mandate still exists and look how they were expanded so that the government can indefinitely detain American citizens for being dissidents! Don't you all care that we are becoming a fascist country, or are you to preoccupied with reality tv and social media to understand or even notice what the politicians are doing to our liberties and pocket books?
It's 2:52pm in California and I will be voting for Obama, cause he is just cool like that!
wana have a nice day come on megacraft
ya your right we are getting a little off topic
it is pretty funny how people find ways to hate others. A lot of the comments tell Obama that the world is in trouble so he can not have a good time. But I bet the ones who are saying that has enjoyed him or her self before while their life wasn't so good. I'm just saying.
yeah. i think the point of this post was to make people smile. not scream about random crap. why don't we do this, there's still time; I will get a group of people together, you get a group of people together, and we will campaign using our parties ideas as our own. Most people are stupid. and won't notice. That way we can see during our mock election the policy that is most supported by the public.
Like this chap said -

Brad Thompson - Thanks for partying while the world burns and gas is going up to $6.
I think we should be able to comment on comments
that way you would know if you were talking to the person who commented above you or just the post. G+ team please do this!!! It will help a lot!
Obama don't keep your day job
It's sad that you guys grumble about a President that killed Osama, stopped the 2nd depression, saved the auto industry, ended a war, about to end another, and has overseen a decline in unemployment... but let him sing a few notes and you call him a slacker??

I won't argue here like some others. You guys are too ignorant of the facts to argue with. I will make my statement in the voting booth.
OBAMA 2012
D Jones
I have always felt President Obama acts like a rock star, which has always made me dislike him. What a poor choice of actions to sing during this event, especially during an election year!!! I feel he should never have sung! Running our country is not a rock concert, popularity contest, or game to play! We need good, honest, smart leadership, not rock star wannabees in the White House.
Mary M
Good choice for him, he'll be back home soon!
Nobody can give more than his/her best, and he's giving all - and most people don't even appreciate it.
I never added the fucking White House to my damned circles. And I told G+ to stop showing me this shit. C'mon G+, when I ask you to stop, please listen.
If BB King told the Pope to sing "Sweet Home Chicago" and Mick Jagger handed Ratzinger the mic, well, he'd better start using that voice for something other than prayer. I don't care who it is. If BB says sing..then you better sing.
I don't know why, but this vid actually brought a smile to my face. Pretty cool.
Does that mean you DID NOT vote for McCain because he sang "Bomb Iran"? Obama can do all the things a president is to do, but if he sings... you draw the line. Way to vote on the BIG issues/ the important stuff. LOL
I agree with +Gordon Murphy. I really want to see him belt some tunes. I can just imagine the comparison on The Daily Show between Obama singing and Mitt Romney's butchering of "America, The Beautiful."
Your a Great Singer Mr. President ! Love You & The Family!
L Derby
Thank you +William Dingle, I needed to see some realism in all these douche comments
definitely a better singer than President......
What a shame this post has turned into troll central.
wow I have never seen so many comments!!
pretty cool ;)
How DARE he! Goodness, I'm sure no other president was ever entertained by a group of musicians in the White House.

But seriously, I watched this live streaming last night, and found the performances excellent - Derek Trucks, Keb Mo, Jeff Beck, Buddy guy, etc. - man it was guitar heaven. Not to mention Booker T and Trombone Shorty - very worthy of the title of All-Stars
The Prez is only a middling vocalist for this particular genre, and seemed a bit reluctant, BUT - you do NOT refuse a request coming from BB King, so good for him.

Lastly, the whole show was a wonderful illustration of the power of the Blues - and that there is no music that is more American than the Blues.
What is open for discussion is that you can't spell for shit. People like you why we have this numb skull in office
I'm sure he has nothing better to do. It's not like America has any problems or issues that need to be resolved. With the world at peace and the economy booming, now sure would be a good time to be President. Golf game after golf game...vacation after vacation...sipping on martini's all day long... boy he sure has it made. Sure is a good thing this country does not have any real problems....
+Nate Cook He's taken about 1/3 the vacation days as Bush up to this point in his term. Let the guy drink a martini.
Very nice!
not possible in SOPA/PIPA/ACTA times though. The music surely isn't create commons i suppose?
please give us a break and quit your day job!!!
Nice to see our president is wasting his time with singing. He could be doing something USEFUL FOR ONCE!!!!
LOL, If you are going to blast someone make sure you aren't pointing a gun at yourself.
The hardest working president since - ever, and still the haters can't resist... Agree with him or not, he certainly isn't sitting around doing nothing.
I can't wait to see the whole show on PBS! It's like when Ronald Reagan had Lady Diana dancing w/ John Travolta! Bush's performers were usually dull no-names, but PBS would still show the performances.
Ok, seriously? I am not a supporter of Mr. Obama, but really guys, every president hosts events like this. This is not new and its not news. Save the political tirades for another time.
I think this is great. Everybody should have a little fun every now and then!
Oh, i didn't know Obummer was being pushed on the American people here on google like what yahoo does... and how did he have time for this when he is usually on his knees apologizing to every nation for some stupid thing...
Quit Whining and suck it up. The best president ever is a title i believe goes to Abraham Lincoln. So everyone stop voting for the person who's good at becoming a president and start voting for someone who can BE a good president. And not everything that happens has to be blamed on a president, for example the gas prices are just going up because there's less gas (and because the people who own most of the gas are terrorists).
he seems like a human being anyway . Sings , goes to vocation . Cries sometime . Ture I love open mined people .
The lot of us republicans, democrats & the like need to find solid unifying ground at some point no matter what because this country is going to ** and the sooner we revolt and take back what is ours the better. It's not about how poorly Obama may or may not be doing; It's the fact that no matter who wins in 2012 will have the same or worse hurdles to jump over for anything positive to happen. The real people in power are war mongers because that's always been where the loot is. My name is Andy and i'm ready for a god damn revolution!!!
Must be auditioning for his next Job after he gets fired from this one. Think Donald Trump will do the firing on T.V.'s the Apprentice =D
He is my man, i enjoy his policies as well as his attitude not to mention his talks. dad
he should stick to destruction of the country! Something he is good at!
He is destroying America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he's a freakin socialist
I think it's a good thing to see the other side of a person. Shows the world that our President is only human.
Holy crap! Everyone just shut up and support Ron Paul!!! Or lose your "freedom" for good.
He carries a budget just as well as he carries a tune.
That dude with the super fro in the background is awesome!
You're running the country, not running for American Idol you silly man.
He needs to get his ass to work and stop f ing around one lazy president that's good for nothing
Stop complaining you'll never see a president that cool, he did say when he was running that he is going to make it cool to be president and you can't take it from him because it's history :-)
Fuck all that singing ...step ya game up prez enough of this rock star persona shit....
Asshole needs to stop acting like a rockstar and start running this country better! #douchebagPrez
You guys are idiots with your comments about Obama having fun while there are things to be done. No shit!!! Things do not get done over night, there is only so much a man can do, let him live a little and clear his head of all the shit going on
Stop Hatin please K Tee,Come on over for the Big WIN.
Right, everyone is bashing him as if they never take a break from work, ever
Yeah ure right guido camaro son of a bitch needs to get off his lazy ass an run this country better +Guido Camaro
You guys need to give him a break, like you don't need to go as far as curse him out. You wanna do that, send him a letter. Haven't seen anyone who's criticizing him send him a letter. Why don't you guys go govern in his place. At least don't fill up this entire post with hate messages -.-
Guys, there's nothing he can do about unemployment. He's done everything he could, and I'm sure he'll do more, but the problem is the unemployed themselves....they're not doing ANYTHING and maybe they should educate themselves and get a job. Now, for those who got laid off, I genuinely feel bad for them, but in's more the uneducated working class that have this problem, the educated can always get a position, seeing as they have degrees. If the uneducated can't, they should educate themselves and do so.
I was in europe the day President Obama was elected. At this point I had been back and fourth to europe on several occasionsperforming and teaching children, traveling mainly throughout Germany. Over night, as though all the world was there to watch, I saw a acceptance that I had never seen before. Even the grafitti on the walls changed from hatred and ill will to support. American flags were flying out the window. Regardless of your opinion that was an amazing sight as an American in a foreign land. I feel every human has a right to sing... Even if only for a moment.
Look guys. I don't like the way he's dealing with it, but you have to give him that he has the World on his shoulders. Almost literally. Give him a break cause I'm 300% sure that you can't do better than what he's doing. And thank you +Nate Nate for understanding.
What's so confusing is why so many Republicans dislike him. Obama has been every bit the status quo maintaining, war-mongering, Neocon buddy of Wall Street that Bush was. Republicans should love this man.
President Barack Obama has made the White House available to the folks that elected him. I never thought in a million years Vision21 Networks would be part of the White House Business Council Summit held in New York City February 2012. I know Dr. Martin Luther King is "Smiling" down on us!
Not only a smart president ( for once ) but a cool one too.
Injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere.
Can't see another prez doing this better
Good to see Him having some fun, well deserved fun for a long hard road of fighting for the American People. The best President this Country has had in a very long time!
Stan O
His singing is as bad as his leadership.
Our president is pretty awesome to say the least. Not only is he doing a good job putting our country back on track but he knows how to have fun too. I don't get hardcore republicans or people completely against him. It's not like he's made the country worse than it was when he came into office. Not like we're in more wars and not like the economy is still in the direction it was in when bush was in office. Give the guy a break
was it a good performence didnt see it :] matthew
Obama sings, Clinton plays sax,..... So what can the GOP presidents.
Well...this trumps Clinton playing the sax.
How about he actually do something while president instead of just collecting money.
No Name
He didn't help the economy at its best!!
Wow. I just can't believe most of the comments here.

He's tried his hardest while still maintaining as much of a human side as he can. And that's respectable. The amount of stress that he inherited with that position has to be overwhelming. And hateful comments like many of you have posted are not only disrespectful and ignorant, but jaw-droppingly inappropriate.

Obama has my vote come election time. He's a good man that has been dealt a shitty hand of cards and, I believe, he deserves a second chance.

As well as some damn respect.
mikeswartz;Great singing and it you all can remember the deficit was almost 8 trillion when he took office and the banks collapsed and the stock market crashed and and housing market slumped and the US car companies were almost broke, and were in two wars,so this voter will vote again for him because I can remember how the world and the United States finical disaster was dumped upon him and we stood together and fixed it.
Like to see our president having fun!
And for all you people flaming this share about the president. you cant just sit in a office 24 hours a day 7 days a week and expect to get something done right. you need to blow off steam sometime so your brain can reset.
Amazing!!!! participation of USA president in such public events is very very nice gesture and i was thinking how Mr. President can avail spare time to participate in public events because he is very very guy of world due to being president of USA.
Hey, too bad, he could have tried out for American Idol. Maybe next season.

P. Gross
I'm tired of hearing about thr President's social activities. I want to know what he plans to do with our country issues.
hmm...its pretty bt u should think about the 3rd world....there are lots of people who war with proverty......they don't get thier basic right....!!!!!!!!! try to do something 4 them.....I hope u of luck.
I hate seeing this guy :) damn... now we are fucking hard work to pay the bills not to end in proverty... they fucking enjoying spending our taxes money... they waste the money on freaking welfare check... I hate this social activities... this planet is fucked up with these people!!!
His hands are tied, what can he do when the Republican opposes everything he tries to do. I'm sure some of you must think being the Presdent is just a walk in the park. For those who believe he's not doing anything I recommend you have a day in his shoes. Being the President is not an easy job and the pay sucks for abuse he has to endure. Cheers to Mr. President for trying, some of us know "it ain't no bowl of cherries".
Woww...Keren .... kapan ke indonesia lagi...
Dear POTUS, I think you will be alright if you sing something by Al Green Marvin etc. stop pandering. I love "Classic Rock" as much as the next man but give it a rest, break out the "Brotha Barack" .... jk do what you do best you can do no wrong
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