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On Thursday, President Obama went down to Florida to visit Disneyworld. To Sasha and Malia’s great disappointment, he wasn't there to hang out with Mickey or ride Space Mountain. Instead, the President was there to talk about steps he's taking to boost tourism and create jobs.
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You mean creating jobs like approving the Keystone Pipeline deal? Or do those thousands of jobs not count?
I love the american way of presenting politics - it´s marketing at its best: "America is Open for Business" - good stuff!
It sounds a reasonable way to get some money. Anyway Mr President, if you want more visitors there try to get in touch with airlines and hotels in order to offer cheaper prices. Regards
These are fantastic! A Great way to get people involved, hearing it from the horses mouth so to speak rather than the water cooler or worse an e-mail with inaccurate information. If people really take the time to watch and listen they will learn and be able to make educated decisions based on fact not here say.
mr.obama plays good in politics..and by opening jobs n upgrading economy..he will ensure his win..though there is no tough fight.. Greetings
Jobs like the high speed rail project connecting cities in the Midwest, including my home of Madison, WI, until it was killed by our Republican governor Scott Walker.
The cons of the Keystone pipeline outweigh the pros, +Marty Fischlin . They have had 12 leaks within a year of new construction, which is more destructive than the "jobs" touted by the Big Oil. In related big oil news, CNBC reported natural gas prices are at a 10 year low!
+Sabeena LoBello But that cleanup will just create more jobs! I can't wait to hear a Republican make that argument.
Have a great weekend too, President Obama ! We love you !
+Michael Braun Riiight, like the BP mess that created so many jobs in the gulf coast! Let's apologize to corporate BP masters some more!
+luis roca I'm seeing a pattern here, the republicans are voting against everything that would be good for us the pipeline, the transit project. who do they think they are fooling? I know their purpose is to make the president look bad but we are in different times now... I think at least hope that the american people realize the president wants to make change happen but the republicans won't let him.
Boost tourism an create jobs in tourism - those arent real jobs that give a family a good quality life. Factories an manufacturing,etc, are real jobs.
+Giovina Mimmo The Republicans supported the polluting pipeline and opposed the green high speed rail system. Agreed that the Republican agenda is anti-Obama, not pro-USA.
+Dave Kal I think tourism is a long-term, sustainable industry, and one not affected by cheaper labor overseas. Tourism also supports a lot of entrepreneurs and small businesses, while setting up a new manufacturing operation is much more costly. But I agree with you - we should be encouraging job growth in ALL sectors of the economy (within reason).
Speaking of tourism, I find it unpatriotic and unAmerican of Eric Cantor and John Boehner taking overseas trips on their "recess". They should have taken their vacation in the United States to support our own tourism.
+Dave Kal says it all, I believe there should be more incentives that would entice big business to keep jobs in this country rather than outsourcing.
Kim Rudd
When you think of where we were when he took office....huge financial conglomerates and banks ready to fold.....the American auto industry given its last rites...staring at the possibility of a second great depression....not one, but two wars...I think he has done pretty well, and the economy is slowly coming around. Anyone who thought the economy he inherited would rebound in three years just wasn't paying attention. Someone tell me they honestly think McCain and Palin would have done better....
+Kim Rudd They only think what started in 2007 would be rebounded by now and not at least a decade because they live under a rock. As John Adams said, "Facts are stubborn."
It especially isn't easy when Mitch McConnell says GOP's primary mission is to make President Obama a one term president. He doesn't care about the Americans. Like Rush Limbaugh, GOP wants the POTUS to fail and demise of our nation.
So money is borrowed from other countries to bail out companies, that still cant make a profit, puts the US taxpayers even deeper in debt, a debt that can never be paid off by the way - just how is this a improvement on anything. Just asking.
They may have turned around on their own if left alone, they have been in business a very long time an have survived problems before, most of the problems with them were internal and pricing of their vehicles.
What i dislike are those companise that continue to ask for more bail out money while wasting huge amounts of money.
+Sabeena LoBello Exactly...they wanted the economy to be his "Waterloo."
+Dave Kal I don't think letting them fail was the answer, but I do see your point. Imagine what the unemployment rate would have been if he let them all fail. Imagine a run on the banks. Remember, Obama has spent a ton of money by extending unemployment benefits.....I just don't think he had any options. I do think the healthcare initiative was ill advised...not saying not ever, just not now. If only we weren't spending billions monthly on two wars during this economic crisis....
The automotive companies still have huge numbers of laid off workers., and continue to do some things that arent quite right. They still have facilities closing, and many car dealerships are still gone.
+Luis Roca I agree, but he should have focused on jobs in his first term. By pushing it through when he did, he put the possibility of a second term in peril. President Romney or Gingrich is too high a price to pay....
As for the bill itself, any hope of creating competition amongst healthcare providers was watered down to nothing. I wanted to see an affordable governmental healthcare option available to all (for profit) as a viable hedge against existing plans whose costs are skyrocketing...the healthcare industry is cleaning up...whether under AHCA or not.
Good example for a professional presentation Mr President. +The White House at Google+ is one step more to a free and open minded world... Hope that other governments all over the world will follow... Regards from Germany
Simple greed is driving the cost of health care up, doctors,hospitals,drug companies, the whole industry is greedy an wanting more.
He should have taken the time to check out the Hall of Presidents. Awesome attraction!!!
Ada M
I know how you American's feel about regulation and stuff, but up in Canada we've used that to help control the health care costs.

Without regulation, health care is impossibly expensive -- and that's just basic economics; ie -- limited supply (as controlled by the private unregulated-or-not-regulated-enough companies), infinite demand (people that need medical care that don't want to die).
+Luis Roca As the supervisor of over 40 people, it was disheartening to have to present their 2012 benefit packages to them, the cost of which increased so much that four of them (all younger fathers) decided to gamble on the health of their families and opt for no coverage at all.
Thanks, President Obama! But you knew what responsibilities came along with the job, so to me this is just like..yeah? So? You're doing what you're supposed to do..haha. But thank you anyway, because it still isn't easy.
Thank you for the sharing. Awesome. Let the people speak.
+Sabeena LoBello Speaking of tourism, I find it unpatriotic and unAmerican of Michelle Obama (8/5/2010 Spain, $2,500 room rates on the tax payers dollars not mention security and etc.) taking overseas trips on their "recess". They should have taken their vacation in the United States to support our own tourism.
+Tim Laughlin You prove my mocking the GOPers/Fox News Channel saying this stuff about FLOTUS but not report the same of your own party members or that she isn't the first FLOTUS who has done the same, to be "fair and balanced". ☺
This is all fine and dandy, but his children are not the little kids you all think they are. You don't even need to mention his children in this post. The only thing you all need to be posting is what he was there to do and if he accomplished it.
yes. I know. I heard about sopa
+Marty Fischlin Where's your proof that that pipeline will create thousands of jobs? That's a BS GOP talking point with no facts. Most of the jobs are temporary anyway. And we gotta start getting off the oil teat sooner or later.
The best thing we could do to increase tourism is lower the value of the dollar. This would also increase exports and create more jobs in manufacturing. The treasury department could take steps to lower the value of the dollar with no action from congress needed.

Of course, rich people who drive imported cars and take European vacations wouldn't like paying more for those things, and Wal Mart would have to pay more for the imports from China.
+Tim Laughlin What is your source proving that tax payers paid for Mrs. Obama's vacation in Spain?

Also, for the record, the Obamas spend a whole lot of time travelling in the US.

I'm sure you had the same complaints about any Republican president's family that spent time outside the US? Or does it only bother you as "unamerican" if a Democrat does it?
+Tim Laughlin Still waiting on those links, Tim. If you're going to make such an accusation, be prepared to support it. Or, is that not necessary in your mind?

In 2007, Tim Laughlin used $10,000 in taxpayer money to make improvements to his home. By using a questionable loophole in the tax laws, he has not refunded the money in question as of this date, even though his state senator has requested that he do so.

I'll provide my supporting proof once you provide yours.
+Scott Supak and +Michael Edwards Fox News sez so, it must be true! Not to mention, people like Tim Laughlin would rather have no security for the POTUS and the first family while Andrew Adler will continue to order hits on a sitting President by a foreign government. That sounds more than unpatriotic and unAmerican to me!
+Scott Supak - Oh I'm sorry I didn't realize that the Obama's paid to fly Air Force One and all the supporting aircraft to Spain, some how I think the taxpayer kicked in a little. But I do have to agree Mrs. Obama has also taken her fair share of domestic vacations. But now knowing that the Obama's paid for Air Force One and everything else I have no problem with it. BTW if you would have followed the post you would have seen that I was responding to +Sabeena LoBello post about Rep Congressmen traveling internationally. Which like this post is complete off topic. But all of us going to DisneyLand is going to fix the jobless rate. Why don't we max out our credit cards to do it. Then you get your two for one. The value of the dollar will decrease as you would like because of all the bad debit.
+Tim Laughlin It isn't off topic, which is about tourism. The self-proclaimed patriotic Republicans should practice what they preach, i.e. support domestic tourism if they have genuine complaints about the FLOTUS traveling to Spain.
+Tim Laughlin If you'd been paying attention, instead of just looking for ways to get your GOP talking points in, you'd have seen that the President is going to relax some visa requirements that were established after 9-11, specifically to increase tourism from China and Brazil. That would help lower our trade deficit, and foreigners coming here to tour is essentially an export.

As for the devaluation of the dollar, what I was talking about is lowering the value of the dollar in relation to other currencies. That would have no effect on the value of the dollar at home, as you don't have to exchange your money for other money when you spend it here.

Now, we recently had to worry about deflation, wherein the value of the dollar decreases in comparison to it's own value in the past. That's a serious problem that is solved by INFLATION, which makes your dollar tomorrow worth less than it is today. Inflation also encourages rich people and corporations to invest in producing goods and services that will net a return that is higher than inflation. Thus, higher inflation would lead to a more rapid recovery. That is why the FED has a DUAL mandate, wherein they are supposed to balance low inflation with low unemployment. Unfortunately, because the FED is controlled by banks and rich people, they don't really care about unemployment so much.
What about the people that live in America that can't afford and never have been to Disney world?
In the case of deflation, which is partly where you are standing, you should notice that since prices are stable every currency unit invested worth its dime...

Position your tax system in a way that investment returns are enhanced-circulated to your economy/society, not necessarily accumulated straight away to somebody's treasury.

A word about those favoring a supply side boost to an economy... It is a good idea to be implemented, as it reduces unemployment, in sectors that produce goods that will consumed in the near future as they are basic goods. In any other case it will end up with the mess we are right now, as it is not a response to some needs that exist already, but is based in applying mastery marketing and other tricks to make people consume. Gradually you reach a point that the production is not relevant anymore and as a result investments and linked goods are undervalued...

There are some types of activities that hold a great multiplier in terms of speeding up employment. Favor those in the mid term.

In case you do go forward in promoting sustainability+diversity in energy production (at an as much as possible rate of the total), then you get 2 at least advantages. First, stable and in the long run lower costs, for your production base, equal to cheaper goods and services.
Second, geopolitical gains. You know more about it, don't have to write further.
For example you could use solar powered trains for your goods transportation etc...
Another, maybe of secondary importance, is that you may save more of your homeland fossil fuel, just in case...
Buildings' energy efficiency is a great initiative. Keep it going, provide incentives.

Lately, ocean's tide waves are being used as a source of energy. You are surrounded by 2 of them...

Geothermal + thermo-solar parks great idea. They even work when the sun has gone by storing energy surplus, without necessarily using expensive batteries...
+Spyros P Energy efficiency is win-win all the way around. The people getting more efficient save money, which allows them to spend money on other things, which creates jobs in other areas. Then they spend less on dirty energy (still the vast supply of energy in the US is dirty--oil and coal) which futher drives those people out of business and employs those laid off workers in new, clean energy jobs.
Wow what impressive change.......NOT!
Wow, what a 20 year old and pointless retort.
+Scott McDaniel unfortunately that is a typical political response to an issue. either make outlandish statements, be completely childish or attack the other person. it would be nice to see a political debate or discord among people where they actually talked about what they stood for and why. not "i'm better than that sleaze ball over there"
The fact of the matter is Obama hasn't done what he said to become elected and on top of that he has done things he said he wouldn't do.
+Ryein Goddard not that i disagree with you, but can you elaborate on those topics and give specific examples? it helps the dialogue more than vague statements
+Ryein Goddard Wow. Welcome to American Politics. Stick by ideas, not candidates. Vote strategically. No one politician will ever do everything and only that with which you agree.

The facts, of course, are important, so make sure you're getting them. This president has actually governed pretty much from the middle, as he said he would. He went into Pakistan without their permission, as he said he would. When I voted for him, I knew I wouldn't get exactly what I wanted in a President. But I did know that on the whole I would get more of what I wanted from Obama than I would from McCain. And, I would get a lot less of what I didn't want from Obama v. McCain.

Now this is even more true now, as Romney and Newt are both FAR to the right of McCain on all kinds of important issues from Voodoo economics to foreign policy. In fact, Romney's foreign policy team is a who's who of Bush and Cheney alumni.

For more on this President's accomplishments, see this impressive list:

But please, assuming you're not a Republican troll, perhaps after viewing that list you'd care to tell us what you're talking about?
And he sang Al Green. It was hilarious.
The fact is, you are right +Scott Supak He is doing what he said he would do and he is getting things done. He could get even more done if he was getting help and people weren't fighting everything he does on principal. The "Let America Fail" movement that some in our government have established in an attempt to hinder President Obama is no more than a fancy way of saying "Endorsed Treason"
Can we keep political attacks out of the white houses plus age please? There's plenty of blame to send around to both democrats and republicans. Remember that in a world where big oil pays no taxes and r12 freon was nixed because of patenting not EPA, it might be a bigger issue then just attacking party politics.

From my side of the world I see a lot. I'm a mentalist and magician. The corporate accounts manager at the Wynn told me that her 2012 trade show season is nearly booked solid and they raised their room rates 30%. It the tricky down physics. Eventually every one gets theirs from caters, magician, night clubs, etc. glad to see we're still strong. 
I have an idea. No more bail outs. You want to spend billions give grants to small businesses who show that they'll hire at least one employee. Have business plans submitted that show how this grant will help them. Did you know you could have given every small business owner 100,000 with the car bail outs. That's 3 employees manning phones cold calling etc. 
+Scott Xavier I have an idea! We could look at the auto industry, for example, as a business that does business with a lot of other businesses. From suppliers to caterers to magicians to night clubs to restaurants to hair salons, those businesses depend on the auto business and their employees. So, my idea is that in the middle of the Little Bush Depression, when at the end of 2008 GDP was NEGATIVE 9% and we were losing 750,000 jobs a month, maybe INVESTING in the auto industry WAS like giving a whole bunch of small businesses even more than 100,000. It gave them their lifeline back and stopped them all from failing in the middle of the worst recession since the depression.

Further, we got our money back, plus a profit, and the auto industry (and all the magicians who depend on their employees for work) is doing much better, thank you.

Frankly, I like this kind of "the people" as investors and owners. I belong to an electric co-op wherein all the customers are also owners. We get electricity really cheap because it's a non-profit!
we're not like some carribbian palm treed island that can effectively cater to tourism. we 'are supposed to be' a first world economy. tourism is not the first topic in line for a first world economy. it's the topic of a developing 'third world' economy. even tho that word is outdated. things like disneyland are intended for local and national entertainment and leisure, not as a booster for our economy. the happiest place in the world will quickly become the crappiest place in the world when the employees are struggling to pay for homes and or cars etc. and they make you as the visitor very aware of their discontentment and financial struggle. disneyland = bad example for this agenda, sorry.
+rosie hecker von danzig A quick search shows me that the US tourism industry brings in about 75 billion a year.

The Wikipedia page on US Tourism tells me that "In the US, tourism is either the first, second or third largest employer in 29 states"

In 1997, foreign visitors spent $443.7 billion.

And if you scroll down on that page you will see that millions of people from all over the world come here for tourism. It is a huge industry that employs lots of people. And putting people back to work will decrease the labor supply, which will tend to raise wages, which will help those people struggling to pay for homes and cars.
scott supak - i am not referring to imaginary numbers or propaganda, i am talking about reality and real economies. the united states is not in the category of a tourism based economy. how can you deny that fact? maybe that number seems large in comparison to other solid financial areas, but tourism is simply not a viable economic option for the united states. sure, if it is operated in such a way that a non-codependent economy is crippled into a totally dependency economy, then of course every nation in the world can make a couple hundred billion off of 'tourism'. it is simply a fact. the us is not a nation that can use tourism to sustain it's quality of life and standard of living. it simply won't and never will work. and that number from 1997? wow, that's probably some shoddy data, to say the least.
+rosie hecker von danzig 1997 was just what I could find quickly. The numbers are, no doubt, much bigger now. You should tell the millions of people who make their living in US tourism that that is no way to run an economy. Tourism is a solid part of our economy, and, in fact, it is essentially an export, as we take in a lot of foreign dollars from it, thereby reducing our trade deficit.

The US economy has many sectors. The tourism sector is an especially big one.
scott supak - you know 'selling tamales on the sidewalk' can feasibly generate billions as well, if enough people participate. and they can even add things, like flowers or and oranges, or even things like 'fresh cut sliced fruit' etc. just because you see dollars coming into your pocket does not mean that you are really making money. tourism is that exact same principle. it does not cover and would not cover all the necessary costs that the United States requires to maintain a stable economy. there is no way tourism can plug any holes in the economic system. this is a fact. really. you can believe me! :D
+rosie hecker von danzig No one is claiming that we get rid of every other sector and replace it with tourism. We're just talking about helping it add to our economy.
That is not even close to being a fact. No single thing we do is going to ever come anywhere close to covering "all the necessary costs that the United States requires to maintain a stable economy". That is not even close to possible. And, it doesn't have to be. +Scott Supak is actually right. What makes our economy stable is the exact opposite. Little bits of money coming from 350 million people. Even if they are getting it from foreign tourists. 350 million multiplied by x can get very big very fast. Point is, it can't (and won't) be the only thing we do, but it also can't be overlooked.
justin carol --but by having the president address tourism in an official public memo, it might appear that he has an interest in zoning in on tourism to try and boost the economy and try to plug some big holes. doing this now, in our shaky economic state, would force us to depend on these measures for quite some time. it's like buying a cheap home, instead of saving a little more and purchasing a somewhat better home. that cheap quick purchase is going to be one heck of a problem to maintain. and selling it to finally buy the actual home of interest is going to be a lot of work, probably even a financial disaster. i'd be wary of the president's team encouraging a quick fix that may seem like a small deal, but that may lead to an economic disaster. maybe 'disaster' is a big word, but putting too many people in the tourism sector now is not a solution for later. that's what i think.
What you say about buying homes is very valid. But, that is not what he is doing. This is not the big plan. It is a small part of a bigger plan. It is one of hundreds of different things that he is attempting to do to boost our economy. You notice how he (in a very subtle way) threw in a dig at congress, plugged some of the other ideas he is working on (almost half of the video), and is trying to get everyone to watch the State of the Union address. And, frankly, I don't think it's such a bad idea to try many different ideas.
+rosie hecker von danzig The President has tried to pass a jobs bill, but Republicans refuse. So, he's doing what he can in various sectors, including the very large tourism sector, to improve things. Every little bit counts.

And, again, tourism employs millions in many different industries from hotels and restaurants to transportation and various other things. It's a big boost especially if more foreigners come here and spend money.
The major reason people voted for Obama at least from my perspective was his promise to remove troops from a stupid war that may of been a ploy to begin with. He didn't do it. I find it really interesting you can dismiss the fact a person we put in to a position of great power can lie to get elected then change his mind when in office.

I propose we enact a presidential election contract. In order for a president to run to be president they need to agree to get at least 50% of the bull that comes out of their mouths done. If they don't they should be tried for treason against the American people.

Stop saying .. oh its ok that is just how it is. Start saying NO! this is how it should be.
+Dave Wick - if you watch videos from his presidential campaign then find out what is going on now it is easy to see. The major topics have been untouched. I am speaking mainly of WAR which is our biggest expense.
+Ryein Goddard Um, there were two wars. Which one are you talking about? See, Obama said we'd get out of Iraq, and we did.
really? war is 'our' biggest expense? huh, that propaganda slogan always works..i'd rather put it: defense, is our biggest expense...anyone who thinks the united states would be safe if they just kicked back and relaxed might not know what some pretty violent parts of the world look like.
Very positive, as it should be. Good Luck, Mr. Obama, in the upcoming year. Work on jobs, which should help the economy as well, and keep in mind the wins, and the losses. Your Health Initiative is important, every President has his own baby, that's your, it a needed American Quality, keep at it. I think you are doing as good as can be expected, so far, in your Campaign Stategy.

I've noticed the once-partnered Republicans now are now vying for the lead in their race. Be careful, they want their guy to run the Best Nation on Earth.

We want you. In the last election, 95% of the Black vote, which was the majority of the minority (fact, not eloquence) joined with the Democratic vote to put YOU in the White House. We need to be 'One' against the more populous, larger foreign countries, again.

We can't forget that WW2 was caused by the U.S. ignoring the woprld, we knew Japan was going to attack, so listen to Hillary. The State Department was the first department created by George Washington, HE knew it, and France was a friend, too.

Your election was the result of a long needed and well deserved appointment. The African-American - BLACK - population has been unrepresented long enough (Remember about the Englander's and unrepresented Americaner's in 1776? And what happened then?).

Recall what happened in the world during your Administration - Arab Spring, really "African Spring' because of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Iran (the 3 American hiker's freed) and don't forget the death of Osama who 'went' 10 years and 3 days after my dad 'went', who wasn't Obama, who 'came' 4 years and 8 days after I 'came', on the State Department's Birthday. All those produced FREE PEOPLE's efforts to introduce more freedom, and therefore, more peaceful relations, easir life, rather than what China is producing. Even Russia was molified, one thing was that the Russian people 'put out' Putin, when he tried to 'put himself in' office. But it is not a basketball game of 'Put Out', 'President Obama', the 'Post Office' and the 'POlice' are all 'Pissed Off' at being 'Put Out', but not showing it. Believe me, it's 'Perfectly Obvious' the Chinese System, who are 'committing government cyberattacks on the treasury (as reported)', and are troubling the economy, no wonder it is such bad shape! They want their $1.5 trillion and are trilling for it ! The slow growth is simply due to the Boomer's retiring (now that Russia is safer), and the non-boomers learning and using the cold-war system to make their own network, maybe like the OWN network, but that's not the 'Occupy People', who just 'OoPsed' their way through 'Operating Perfectly' in their OWN way, Persnicitiously!

I know, because I'm a "Perrenial Observer'.

So, you're doing okay.

Remeber the soldiers, who stood up for this country when no on else did, and those that had to 'sit in the back', so you stood, before, in 2008. Now, stand again.

After the foreign Wars, the newly arriving soldiers, coming home will be hard for them - they just did the hardest thing they EVER did - in their very lives. So they will need to be welcomed, greatly, warmly, and with kind fervor, regularliness, and by the average joe. I'm certain they want average things. After all that terror, fighting hand to hand, buddies not coming home (early), they want normalcy. Give it to them. That's just what they want.

But not NORMAL - that's marijuana, MJ, but not Michael Jackson (sorry, Michael). And you did -remember 'Micky', I can attest to that. Thank you.

And THANK YOU, SIR, for all you've done - so far - in assisting our Union and the perpetually endeavoring patriots perfectly performing their duty under the name of God and in the name of our Country, for U.S., and those people, the individuals in the world we purport to uphold - and We do.
+david Schaedler "We can't forget that WW2 was caused by the U.S. ignoring the woprld," Is that so? I'm sure you have good intentions and are moderately up to date with current events.. The things you say don't make sense. National pride is good, but you have gone way over board. In the name of God? All Christian religions I know of don't support killing.
History disagrees with you. Randomly pick someone who's a Christian in the US and odds are in favor of finding someone who's big on killing: criminals, Muslims, not-Americans. When not judging them for that, it's still...Christians in favor of particular sorts of killing.
Tourism jobs may be low paying but because they bring in revenue from outside of the area they increase the local economic climate. If cash flow is into the tourist area you are moving resources from foreign economies back into the US. And one tourist can help support a large number of hotel, food, transportation, and attraction workers who then reinvest and help grow long term residential jobs.
By raising the money pool in the area at the lowest levels we can create opportunities to grow small business which are more likely keep their money local, and invest local.
happy the Long year to you all! 建议美国人和其他地球人也把中国年作为法定节假日庆贺吧!冬季多过节假日,就不会去冲突打仗了!:)
If we want the United States back on top of the "World Economic Food Chain" we really need to be focused on drawing money back into the states Tourism is one of these sources. Keeping it here requires small businesses not growing international corporations which may have American names on them.
Reinvesting back in the "Grassroots" businesses that buy and sell locally or regionally is the best way to allow the middle class and working class a chance to grow.
I agree with Bruce Hutchinson about Tourism and keeping it here. Which is why I am working to reopen Lake Dolores Waterpark in Newberry Springs California. My goal is to lower the unemployment rate by employing people in various fields from local to nation wide American companies. Examples are TerraCycle, Splashtacular, Orange County Choppers and American Restoration. It makes no sense to buy a American flag made in another country.
To learn more about our efforts go to
It should be obvious that we are involved in an epic global struggle to break free of those who use their control of money to control our leaders and governments and then use them against us and other nations.
Truth and wisdom are the only sure guarantors of freedom and justice. On the other hand, ignorance is the surest path to enslavement. Since humanity is enslaved to those with the most money, the only sure path to freedom is that which leads away from ignorance about money and those who secretly control it from the shadows.
I agree +Buddy Page that ignorance is the surest path to enslavement. The world over class systems strive to keep people ignorant. This has been the modum operendi to keep the wealth and power for chosen few...down with the barricades and free societies with educational tools that they too may experience freedom and justice.
In today's times and with today's technology it would seem that more US companies would jump at the opportunity to source work out to American families. Just think of all the work being sent to other countries that can be done remotely (online) and in our own homes. For a fraction of the wasted money our Government spends, American families can feed themselves and others through community and home gardens, house themselves through restoration of abandoned and unused properties, and sooooo much more. It's nothing to it but to do it. But it would mean that many of the "eager to horde" known as the haves would need to sincerely care enough about the "wanting to feed their families" have-nots in this country. Talk is cheap. It takes a village. Or have we forgotten the lessons of our youth? If you can not take it with you when you die, then why not put it to good use?

Have our appointed leaders not put 1+1 together and come up with the understanding that the combination of "old-school" get up and go along with "new age" resources equals an unshakeable foundation? Michael Jackson asked a very good question before he died... "What about us?"
Good point, I hope we get an answer on your post.
cuz he lies about everything and puts BPA in all American products so he obviously is homosexual
Sr, presidente Obama,La impunidad y la corrupción en Argentina es moneda corriente ,nadie va preso ni irá preso .Mientras la justicia no sea INDEPENDIENTE.
Sr presidente Obama, dicho de esta mujer Bonafini;“Yo estaba con mi hija en Cuba y me alegré mucho cuando escuché la noticia. No voy a ser hipócrita con este tema: no me dolió para nada el atentado”, declaró.
Sr Presidente Obama , continúan los dichos de esta mujer Bonafini;

Sobre la narcoguerrilla colombiana: ”Estamos con los compañeros de las FARC, estamos con Chávez, estamos con nuestro presidente Néstor. Uribe es una mierda y un hijo de puta”.

El periodista Horacio Verbitsky y la comunidad judía: “Es un sirviente de los Estados Unidos. Además de ser judío, es totalmente pro norteamericano”.
Sr, Presidente Obama.El mensaje para la corte suprema emitido por esta mujer Bonafini;"Tienen que renunciar y se tienen que ir . Hay que arrancarle a esta Corte LA DESICIÓN QUE ES NUESTRA, arranquémosela de la mano y si tenemos que tomar el Palacio de Tribunales, tomémoslo”.
Sr presidente Obama. Otra de las frases de esta mujer Bonafini a
la realeza inglesa: “Si una vez los echamos con aceite hirviendo, empecemos a calentar el aceite. Esa vieja (la reina) vive en su castillo; bueno, que se lo meta en el orto. Me importa un pito el castillo de la reina”.

Yo agrego ,-a la desvergonzada y maléfica Bonafini: Le guste o no a Ud y su amiga presidenta de argentina , las Islas son y serán de Inglaterra.
Sr Presidente Obama, otra de las frases de la amiga de la presidenta(Bonafini):La comunidad boliviana: ”¡Váyanse de nuestra plaza, bolitas hijos de puta! ¡Váyanse bolivianos de mierda!”.

Derechos Humanos¿?...Madres del dolor¿?...NO, son tan corruptas como el gobierno argentino. Son sin formación como el gobierno argentino, son,inmoralidad y desprestigio argentino.
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