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"On Tuesday, America went to the polls. And the message you sent was clear: you voted for action, not politics as usual. You elected us to focus on your jobs, not ours." —President Obama in his Weekly Address:
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Congrats! Nice to see sanity win out.
Well said, Mr. President. You have consistently shown leadership in this area. It is time for Congressional leaders to do the same. I, and an overwhelming majority of Americans, favor balance, fairness and decisive action to solve our country's serious problems.
The country has spoken but we'll see if the Republicans in Congress will listen. Probably not.
look up ineptocracy
then you will know everything
Why are #Republicans  so dramatic about losing this election?  All this talk about the death of America... all opinions aside, whether you think Obama's administration will help or hurt our country... you guys realize that in four more years we get to elect someone else, right?
When we will hear truth about Benghazi?
+Rod Wagner: Are you really so stupid as to think that all of the "rich" got that way through war profiteering? Really?
Dave Zinn
And that credit card is used heavily by none other than your hero Obama. 
The message want clear. Fewer voted for you than in '08. As a combat vet who was not left behind I would like to know when we'll hear about #Benghazi. Gen. Petraeus can still be compelled to testify you know. Meanwhile please take a page from Pres. Clinton's book and get the Senate to pass a budget, because you still don't have one. Why do you insist on all-or-nothing when possibly getting 50% is achievable? The art of the possible...
+Samuel Lolley History does not agree with you. I use tax loop holes because we have them, not because the tax rate is too high. I work no harder than any one of my employees, without them I wouldn't have as much as I do. They need tax breaks / more money to spend, so more people buy from businesses, thus more demand created. I need corp tax breaks to hire more people, to open a new business, to expand and buy equipment and so on. I can invest my personal money and get plenty of tax breaks, I don't need an income tax break so I pay myself more and everyone else less. I will make more money when everyone else is able to buy more first!
And wow! The only specific action he mentioned was "asking" the rich to pay " a little" more. I do not think those words mean what you think they mean....
Seeing that Obama an Romney are statist central planners, the country voted overwhelmingly for the status quo. However, there is 1% of the electorate that actually voted against presidential assassinations, against un-sound currency, against military interventionism abroad and domestically and instead chose to stand for a real Fair Tax based on consumption, actual balancing of the budget and the resumption of personal liberty in our every day lives.

Let's make it 5% of the vote next time guys! 
So pretty much extend bush cuts that he opposed four the first two years, but those of which will not matter because of inflation and poor economy. Great job, stupid democrat.
The real problem with American politics today is the hostility and generalization involved in it.  Everything is about #Democrat  vs. #Republican , rich vs. poor.  Sweeping generalizations and polarization prevent us from seeing the ideas and concerns of other people.  Most people who committedly pick one side often start to see the situation as right vs. wrong, good vs. evil.

But the fact is that they all exist, and must learn to co-exist.  I have met extremely aggressive and illogical Democrats as well as Republicans.  I've seen dogmatic atheists and accepting Catholics. The rich, the poor, and everyone in between have the capacity of being both greedy and selfless.  Coming from a lower-class background, I know what low-income life is like.

But right now I'm at one of the oldest and wealthiest boarding schools in the world, and I spend time with people who are in the upper margins of the 1%.  And some of them are the most generous, least spoiled people I've ever met.  

Throughout history you can see people claiming that slavery, domestic abuse, religion, and tyrannical government were necessary for this country to survive.  To different extents, they've been proven wrong.  This country was built on compromise, cooperation, and trust - and those are the things we should be afraid of losing.
Tuesday selfish Americans who favor class envy, divisiveness, free stuff, style over substance, "me first," manufactured crises, subterfuge and misdirection, and pretend empathy voted ( because it was " cool" and hip to mimic their mutually ignorant friends) for doubling and tripling down on socialistic redistribution of wealth, uncontrolled governmental borrowing, crippling regulation and small business killing taxation. THAT'S what happened on Tuesday you morons! 
+Maxwell Ramsey don't start your message with the fact that your a veteran then throw out some conspiracy trash. If you want answers ask why there are so many vets without jobs and proper housing! Those of us who have served should be taking these issues seriously that hit home. Not party talking points. If we spent more time righting these injustices instead of political bantering we'd really make a difference. No matter how small. Keep fighting that war Max. Myself and other proud vets will work to not leave those behind that are here at home.
It's like most Americans are either blind or ignorant.I was talking to my immigrant neighbour after the election when out of the blue he says, "Don't Americans realize socialism doesn't work! I will most likely lose my business due to obamacare." I guess we are now removed as a world leader, an example of developing freedom and independence and relegated to the whims and capriciousness of the new dominant world view. GOOD BYE AMERICA! IT WAS GREAT WHILE IT LASTED...
+Joseph Devereaux What about the wealthy / business owners that voted for Obama? Me first, eh? Lol.... And as a small business owner, no regulation cripples me and no tax is killing me. Sure, labeling laws suck, but that's States, not the Fed and they don't cripple me. My businesses have rebounded nicely after 07/08... right wing talking points aren't based in reality my friend. Sure things could be better, but a giant brick wall hasn't been put up to stop us. It sounds like you need to shut fox news off.
+Daniel Gallegos Obamacare isn't socialism... sounds like your neighbor needs to look up socialism is. As an American, I own a Canadian business, Obamacare is without question not socialism.
To all who support taxing the rich/ IF you have a JOB talk about how she or he about paying you after they are tax ( payroll / healthcare / food / GAS etc) when your pay period ends . Look at were the TAX come from (pay stub) you the employee . Just think!!!!!!!!
+Andrew Cowley look at my profile... I have a few of them listed, I own / partner with several others as well.
The only thing Romney had planed was how he was going to screw over Americans and it showed when he left his campaign staff high and dry after we handed him his ass; and further more, Bush Voted For President Obama like many other American did. We don't give a sh%t how much the PAC was spending for not even a clue on what the hell they was spending that kind of money for at least there is a plan on the table so now will the Real Americans get back to work on rebuilding The Greatest Country in the World that isn't for Sale ! :|
America had the same concerns in 2010 when the Democrats lost Congress. Politicians like you didn't listen then; why should we trust you now?

We need pro growth policies to create jobs and dig ourselves out of the mountain of unnecessary stimulus debt that was loaded upon us by Keynesian amateur economists.

Government doesn't create jobs; the people do.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy we saw that the governments approached an emergency by lowering taxes and red-tape to get the job done. The economy is in a state of emergency, and I think you will find that the same solution will work for jobs. 
That is right, David Zinn, because they have not volunteered to serve in the war and instead of a financial contribution (re: tax rate increase), they got a tax reduction!.. In effect, this closure of that reduction will bring back that old, Clinton tax rate,hence, these super rich have no contribution at all in two wars!!! 
Now you've done it Ollie...only in back office one days and taxes anyone making over $200,000 yr, okay, but why punish the people making our economy work, who will pay when they leave?
Dave Devereaux, see my previous post, please.
+John Davis the pentagon's own timeline says it all. It took three hours to issue orders to quick response units and even then the orders were "standby". No conspiracy there. It was a failure across the leadership in its entirety. I know that asking about #Benghazi is too much to ask. Nothing will come of it now, just like #FastandFurious. Is it a conspiracy that neither side of Congress has ever approved one of the President's budgets? Nope. Don't dictate to me what I should be doing for other veterans. I am acutely aware of the issues we face. Good day. 
+Andrew Cowley Sorry to burst your hate filled bubble, but I do actually and proudly employee people and have for the past 15 years.
Three hours is beyond disgraceful when people are dying or in harm's way. Military response in critical situations can't wait for people to drink their coffee and attend meetings.
Oh, Michael Hunt, have no idea how many trillions of dollars lay idle outside the US but they do not want to bring it here because they hate to get taxed on those trillions of dollars of income?  How unpatriotically-selfish besides trying to prove that they are now more powerful than this US government!. They instead were proven wrong no matter how much they spent...
Thats right, go to Canada, pay a lot more taxes under the bracket system, enjoy socialized medicine and learn french, if you wish to stay on the east end of the country. Tax bracket rate for income above $130000 = 45%
perfect address.
laypway , bago , myanmar.
+Mac Butts Not a damn thing? Reversing the jobs being lost to jobs being gained isn't an accomplishment? Getting Laden isn't an accomplishment? Lower taxes for everyone including small business isn't a damn thing? The list goes on and on, a few hundred of them.... no President is perfect, but saying he hasn't accomplished a damn thing is, well, really showing your  blind hate.
You 50.1% of the popular vote. Stop acting like Bush at the beginning of his second term. 
Sir.  The message we sent was clear.  You are the president of 50% of the American people. You have no mandate   You are the president of the unproductive.  The takers and users. The angry and the jealous.  The racist and misinformed.  These are your 50% sir.  As you set about to destroy our country with your anti-Capitalist, anti-Constitutional freedoms agenda, the other 50% will be doing all with our legal power and rights to see that you fail.   I shall block you now.    
Lets just have a congress that works for awhile. The gop doesn't have to abandon everything they believe... but they do have to find a way to still reach compromises to get things done.
If people bought American we would not have a huge trade deficit. We would create American jobs and prosper. We are the biggest consumer nation in the world. If we do not have enough sense and or patriotism to buy or own stuff instead of what is made in China, India, Korea... we don't deserve to prosper. We can't expect the rest of the world to buy our stuff if we won't even buy it. The tax base would be huge if everyone would realize that every time they buy foreign they are shipping money out of the country. We are the problem not the government. It is not a Democrat Independent or Republican problem. It is an American problem.
So people expect a system that has been broke for the last 20 years to be corrected in 4 years. Instead of blaming the president look elsewhere like the senate or the lobbyist's .
If 50% of the energy being directed as vitriol towards the President and 50% of the energy being directed as congratulations towards the President were spent in holding Congress and the Executive accountable for their decisions, we would be in a much better position as a nation.
Creat jobs

Oh wait you can't

Ummmmmm here y don't u raise our debt 2 20 TRILLION IN DEBT that's something u can do 
Mac it's time for you to wake up, the President has accomplished a lot! He's best for the American people.
+Mac Butts 800k lost a month vs. 150k gained a month, if that's net gain not or not, it's still a reversal and is partly due to the stimulus, along with States being able to balance budgets, which is an improvement. We have several small business tax breaks still in place, on top of the ones that have expired. You may want to look those up. Companies in the UK/Canada, etc seem to be able to figure out how to provide insurance and keep growth happening, you sure don't sound very confident in Americas abilities..... that's sad.
+Greg Smith And Obama won the popular and electoral vote... Democrats increased control of the Senate and picked up seats in the house and states across the country embraced progressive agendas of same sex marriage, pro-choice and legalize marijuana. You know what? The GOP platform is out of touch. Deal with it.
+Fidel Serrano" When we will hear truth about Benghazi?"

Feel free to just believe what you want, you will anyway.
+Joseph Devereaux not really moron. Just because you have an opinion doesn't mean you're right. Stop bitching about Tuesday's election. That's how democracies work. Majority rules the day. Amazing to me that people such as you claim to be so much smarter than others but refuse to accept how a democracy works. Yup, 2+2 equals 4. So does 1+3 and 4+0. See what I did there? I used three different ways to get the same result. There are usually more than one way to solve a problem. Sometimes narrow minded people such as yourself only ever see one way to do anything even if might be totally wrong. The majority of the country chose its course so that means its actually selfish of you who was apparently apart of the minority vote to continue your tirade against the course.

Furthermore, its even more moronic that you're still complaining about who won the Presidency considering the way Mr Romney lost. Mr Romney's camp was described as being shell shocked by the loss. This means that their statistical calculations on voters were so far off that they had no clue on where they really stood. Mr. Romney's camp admitted that they were absolutely wrong on the numbers. That's ridiculous because he and his camp were supposed to be the numbers people, but were outdone by the President's camp on the statistics and projections. And that's who you think is a better choice for budgeting the economy? The candidate and staff that got the numbers all wrong on his election bid? That's pretty moronic.
Jeff Cave
A popular vote of (nearly) 50/50 is a clear message?
So glad you are my president!!! You ARE moving our country forward despite the naysayers and it still is one nation under God!!! With this president it will be liberty and justice for ALL!! It's all INCLUSIVE!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let's reduce the deficit!  $4 trillion is low, though.. Let's shoot for $6 trillion.
Mark, the President got Reelected. I feel sorry for haters!

Congratulation to Obama ! Compared with fierceful USA election,chinese leaders are so  harmonious....after all, every thing in China is to be announced good .....
Why are Conservatives and Republicans attempting logic on this subject? You know that will never work!
+Jeff Cave Winning is the clear message. At least that's the way it's always been when Republicans win, like in 2000.
Congrats Mr President!! Keep working for the people.
You guys are just creating a self-fulfilling prophecy by being so negative and pointing out your little "facts" that have no relevance on bearing on moving forward.  Be part of the solution instead of the problem.
Canadian business / talking about AMERICA business
If people really want to make changes, now has a PETITION section. I have followed for a long time and the PETITION option is new. I know from participating in that my voice combined with the voices of others has changed several hopeless situations already. So if you have a problem, start a petition!
+Mac Butts oh bravo sir, bravo. Allow me to give you a slow hand clap for such a well thought out and reasoned response of "Bull".

Once again, if you spent the energy you do hating the President reminding your Congressperson and Senators that they work for you and that you're watching their votes, special interests would have a harder time in influencing decisions. 

But you seem to have made your choice, I hope you're happy with it.
excellent obama congratz u won the elections
But if Koch Industries doesn't turn at least a trillion dollar profit this year, and they will have to lay off workers. They are after all job creators, and this is class warfare and bullshit bullshit bullshit... 
We must get federal deficits under control while not undermining our economic recovery so brilliantly managed by the Obama Administration. Following are some specifics on what we must do:

What to cut:
Military spending- Everything in the military must be accounted for. Currently it is not. We must close unnecessary bases along with many surplus properties in the US and elsewhere. Wind down the spending in Iraq and Afghanistan. Eliminate pork from the military-industrial-congressional complex that President Eisenhower warned us about half a century ago. Currently military contractors are rewarded by much more profits when they have cost overruns. We must change the incentives to maximize savings for the taxpayer. Payments to military contractors are way out of control. Military expenditures are responsible for 53 percent of our debt. The huge boondoggle of Homeland Security and FEMA must be scrutinized too.
Farm and fossil fuel subsidies- Phase them out quickly.
Post Office- Post office mostly delivers unwanted junk mail which we can't refuse and have to recycle. Turn the post office over to United Parcel Service and get rid of junk mail.
Foreign aid- Can we eliminate foreign aid to China, Saudi Arabia, Israel, etc? We gave Israel over $3 billion a year and they turned around and gave us the middle finger by refusing to stop building settlements in Palestinian territories during the peace process. No aid to Israel unless they cooperate in the peace process and finally create a contiguous Palestinian homeland!
Bush tax cuts for wealthy- We must phase out the Bush tax cuts and restore the Clinton era inheritance tax ASAP. Better yet would be a complete 3 tier tax overhaul that is more progressive, very easy to compute and cannot be amended by corrupt special interests.

What to retain:
Health care- Improve it, raise the retirement age of Medicare as needed and add the ability to buy into Medicare at cost for those under the retirement age. Ultimately we must get to a single payer health care system.
Social security- Extend the retirement age as needed in future years because Americans are living longer.
Medicare- Extend the Medicare retirement age as needed in future years. Do not privatize Medicare like corrupt Republicans are trying to do. Means testing Medicare would be a huge mistake because the middle class would not support it. No one wants to get less Medicare if they responsibly save and invest.
Investment in infrastructure and education- We must stay competitive with other countries.
Estate tax- Raise it back to prior levels so we don't create a permanent plutocracy.
NPR, PBS, Planned Parenthood and other political targets of the far right.
PayGo- We must permanently bring back Pay as you Go which worked so well during the Clinton years.

What to change:
We need complete tax reform similar to the Bowles Simpson plan that is more progressive but doesn't tax US corporations that create US jobs so they can be competitive with other countries. Personal income should be taxed progressively. Small business persons taking profits directly would switch to corporations in a New York minute if leaving money in the business saved them money.
The US war on drugs has been a complete failure and has greatly increased organized crime and gangs similar to prohibition in the early twentieth century. We must move toward treatment of addiction, education about drugs, regulation of drugs and taxation of drugs including marijuana which has been very successful in other countries
The message was half the country hates you and hates your policies.  The stock market also hates you and took a plunge after you were elected.  Get your head out of your ass, you amateur.
How about we get large corporations to actually pay their taxes ... the taxes on every 30 billion in profit is the same as the taxes 1000 people earning 300000 pay. 
Let’s make it happen no time to waste Job & Growth is key show them who you are President lets pay off the 16 trillion dollar deficits.
if you cut defense, a whole lot of good paying jobs will be lost. LMT is planning to cut over 100k wokers due the automatic cuts, Same goes for the rest of  the defense contracting companies.
He divided groups, races and genders, against each other in the most cynical and poisonous way I've ever seen from a President in my lifetime. You don't reap good things from doing that with people, you win a scrape now but don't really win, you just create blood enemies of the people whom you'd later ask to play your friend. I will not be cooperating with him, for my part, and I will ask my political representatives to oppose him and his agenda.
Congrats, since there is no correlation between a growing economy and tax cuts for the wealthy/so called job creators. Lets just assume that there is no reason to not tax the hell out of them.
yeah what action? Obama you have been playing politics all along lying cheating to the American people don't gloat you only won by a couple thousand votes.
+Mac Butts Your numbers do not change the facts, that he has accomplished things, and not what you suggested... now you're arguing if it could be better or not, of course we all think it could be better, but we don't all think he didn't accomplish a damn thing as you suggested.
Why we are on the subject can someone tell me what was Americans going to do if we would have intrusted in someone who didn't know himself....I mean come on blind hate is one thing something we can all UNDERSTAND from time to time, but just not looking at the Truth is pure ignorance something that should not be UNDERSTOOD in the political arenas....
+Johnny Waters Lol, I hadn't looked at his profile.... that's probably one of the most assuming and pathetic fake profiles I've seen so far. I have to laugh at it, while shaking my head.
I didn't vote for you, that's for sure... 4 more years like the last 4? I wish I could afford to move!
Hey Obama this is skibaby love what you're doing keep up the good work check out my song make it rain dedicated to your success keep it movin in the white house much love
Colorado and Washington citizens went to the polls and legalized marijuana. Let us see how well you support the will of those people.
I wonder how Jay Z, Pelosi, and Bloomberg feel about making some sacrifices and pay a lot more in taxes
This middle class small business owner will get a tax increase under the plan you just proposed
How do you plan to negotiate with congressmen that have taken grover norquist's pledge to not raise taxes?
You spent a billion to save your own job. And about half the voters voted for you to pack your bags. 
We don't care how they feel.  Their feelings aren't relevant.  They have used our system to make money, so they owe more back to the system.  Only idiots believe in taxing the wealthy less.
Our Country for a condom. You obama followers are lazy sheep. Your half has turned over our economic and religious freedoms to a socialist dictator. You have no clue that his leftist communist ideology is going to take your freedoms away as well. You think you're not gonna pay for this? You will.
I am British and would say he is the man i wanted to win as he makes the most sense when it comes to EVERYBODY 
We're almost trillion dollars short in the federal budget, asking the wealthy 2% to pay "a little more" won't even make a dent. Without deep cuts to all parts of the budget, there's no way to balance it. Fixing this problem will require what politicians never mention: sacrifice. There is no easy solution, Both parties promise that they can make change without it costing you anything, that's a blatant lie. Without cutting federal services to everyone, and raising taxes on everyone, we won't fix this. 
Ryan Ng
What a truth teller
sounds like class envy to me. if you were one of the wealthy, would you want to have a large percentage of your earnings  taken away by the government that made it possible for you to acquire it and give it to those too lazy to earn it? i think not, hipocrite!
Hahaha...are you serious Obama?? YOU LOST THE POPULAR VOTE!! AGAIN!! What a clear choice...
+Michael Hunt no one is asking the rich to save anyone. What they are asking for is for the wealthy to pay their fair share. Raising taxes on the rich doesn't hurt businesses not when taxes are ridiculously low for them as is.

People keep arguing as if rich having more money creates jobs for business, but that's BS. Demand for products and services determines the need for more workers. Some of you claim you own businesses, but seem to not know this. Manage your supply chain better to maximize your profits. More money doesn't dictate job creation, demand for products and services do! A business that has maximized profits isn't going to create jobs because of money. They are just going to give the profits to their owners. Just sounds like a lot of you were running failing businesses that needed tax cut "entitlements" to survive. Business welfare.

Investors invest for high reward and preferably low risk. Those who stop investing because of taxes are just stupid.
Words are cheep. How about some action. 
This president earned four more years.He dealt with a congress that right from the start wanted to see him fail.Simply put these very people begging to be returned to power wanted to see America fail!And no one was more divisive then the GOP..Trump?..Sununu?..Colter?..Hannity?..Hank Williams Jr.Limbaugh...this list is endless.So,congrats Mr.President.Now force these unpatriotic cowards to do THEIR job and serve ALL of America!
Oh Mr. Butts - read a damn paper instead of listening to Rush Limbagh (whatever) or watching FOX and repeating their talking points. We have had 32+ months of private sector job growth under the policies enacted by President Obama and if he had a Congress that would do things other than kill near everything he tries to do we'd be in even better shape. Aim your scorn and anger at the Republicans in Congress, not the President who has done an amazing job considering what Baby Boy Bush left him and the crappy Congress he has to deal with. 
A progressive tax is evil.  It is marxist.  It's the spirt of covetness.  You wicked bastard!
+Michael Hunt dude Macintosh has enough money to purchase the country of Poland. I'm sure they can spare a couple million dollars -_-
 It's the republicans fault that they didn't win.  I am a republican and I knew from the start these ass clowns that we had to pick from would never win.  With 4 years of of him playing with himself it shouldn't of took much but again look at what we had to offer.
+Joshua Hall  If you look at FOX, then yea...he lost the popular vote. If you look at neutral networks, like CBS, he won the popular vote by 2+ Million!
Cutting taxes for 98% of Americans and putting an increased burden on investors and people who own business capital will not grow an economy. Its easy to agree with because its easy to point fingers at "the rich," but they are the ones who generate what are we doing here? Im a college student trying to pay my bills on my own, and hey Id love a break but not at the expense of shooting myself in the foot. Not at the expense of waging class warfare and pointing to "the rich" to pay an increase. We can do that now, but we have to think about the kind of economy we are creating for ourselves down the road. Do the people of America want more jobs? Id love one too when I graduate. But if I think that I can support a system that will subtly undermine the means of free trade and enterprise and just count on the federal government to supply me with a job one day then Im in for some huge disappointment. 
The children have voted for Santa Claus. 
You are right, Grayson, Obama is also the left person AND the middle person as well as the President of this country.  Thanks for reminding everybody.
Eliminate the Capital Gains tax and when I sell my securities I can deduct my losses and pay income tax on my gains. It eliminates a discriminatory tax, simplifies tax accounting, and doesn't change the tax rate.

For those who will counter that it will eliminate the incentive to invest; where are you going to put your capital. And considering the current jobs situation, how's it working for us?
Correction: We had two choices. 1) Politics as usual, 2) Politics as usual. America barely voted for one over the other. There was no clear message other than nobody cares enough about this country anymore. Now get off my feed.
Congratulation you are doing a fine Job sir!
Yes! Obama it's the amazing president for united states of america!!
"its easy to point fingers at "the rich," but they are the ones who generate jobs"
That's a common misconception, but pretty easy to see through if you think about it. Jobs are created by people who spend money, not by those who sit on it.
"..message was clear."? "country has spoken.."? Really?!? I would be displeased with either party that said this was a clear cut victory for anyone. It is going to be up to the citizens of the United States to work this out. We will have to hope for something better after the next four years. Obama is president for 4 more years. But it is hardly a win.
In 1950 tax rates were about 90%. When Reagan was in office the tax rate was about 28%.  This was unsustainable.  Remember Poppy Bush "No new taxes"  Bush raised taxes - Clinton won because of it and enjoyed being a popular president because of prosperous times. Tax rates under Clinton were about 40%.  Our present tax rates are at 35% but with the Bush era tax cuts in place we are effectively back at the Reagan era tax rates which we discovered were unsustainable.  Believing and knowing are two very different things.  The evidence is out there.  Get the facts.
I wonder if anyone actually knows how votes are cast, the popular vote does not elect a president. It never has and unless the constitution is changed it never will. No one said anything when George Bush Jr. won the election despite losing the popular vote! How about we all stop considering ourselves democrats or republicans and we focus on being Americans, but what do I know I'm just a soldier who's been sent to Iraq/ Afghanistan four times so that others can call our elected officials "ass clowns". Everyone is entitled to an opinion, however there should be a level of respect toward our government. If we do not respect ourselves how can we ever expect to gain respect from other nations. 
+Steve Hall I'm a pretty liberal Dem, but I'm not closed to the idea that if there was a much better republican candidate, he could have won. So I'd agree that it could have been easier if Romney wasn't such a tool. As biased as this election was, I don't hate the party or anything, he was a bad choice for the republican party.
I expected that kind of statement from President Obama because literally it was the same thing that George Bush said.  I thought about this long, just before the election results were returned.  The thoughts that kept coming to mind were that I hope we didn't reelect him for business as usual nor to have him proclaim that what he's done is right, good, and proper.  There's a bunch of stuff he's done very wrong such as protectionist practices for the entertainment industries, the whittling down of our first and fourth amendment rights, and the secret interpretation of the Patriot Act by the Whitehouse and the Justice Department that even Senators and Congressmen can't see.

So, no, I don't think that the American people reelected him so that he could continue his process even if in some cases it leads to change.  We voted him back into office because we are afraid of what might happen if we voted for the other guy, because upsetting the basket is something that always happens when the centers of power change.
Mr Obama Congrats for yet another term more responsibility more comnts more xpctns. Wish U all the best to create a New World short of fear of terrorism n happy humans evrywhere.
It's really simple Michael.  Regardless of how much $ was spent, BO rec'd more votes than MR.  Curious to hear at what point a win isn't a win? 
Congratulations Mr. Obama on your Victory. I think you may move friendly towards India...
+Jake Regan It's not the rich who create jobs. It's the demand for products. There will not be a demand if the lower/middle class do not have money to spend. Of course, if I were rich, I would use the same demagogic argument as you. What is funny is that there are plenty of people who not being rich also follow the same line of argumentation. The bipolarisation in politics leads them to a love/hate position, similar to what is seen is sports - just plain senseless.
Now we all need to just get along and come up with a plan to rebuild America and all Americans 
I want this guy, Dr. Jeckle, as my president. Not the Mr Hyde he turns into when he's not on camera with a teleprompter.
Anyone that think Obama is socialist really needs to get out more, America is the most right wing country in the world.You are not even in the top 10 richest nations. Too many of you think that that by ensuring healthcare and education it will somehow break the nation. Look around the world at the nations that are more successful than yours.  They all provide free healthcare and free education, they all tax the rich more than America. Just because communism fails doesn't mean the answer is the opposite, the rest of the world has worked out the happy medium the sooner republicans work it out the sooner America will recover.

Cut your defense spending by 90%, increase taxes on the top 1% to the levels they were when america was at its strongest in the 1960's and the nations debt problems will be solved.

Or keep your heads in the sand and continue to fall further and further behind nations like Australia that have been providing free healthcare for nearly 40 years and has a minimum wage double the rate of Americas. They also have very little government debt, low unemployment, a projected budget surplus, and higher average income levels.
Thinking to myself... dont be embarrassed, these racist whites are only a minority...

Seriously though, some of you are an embarrassment...
Hi Jim,
President Obama is not President Bush, even President Bush would agree.  The difficulty is, particularly in America, is that people think they have the complete "story" and don't.  Unfortunately it makes it difficult to accurately assess a situation.  What I do like that he's done is to open up the possibilities regarding the situation between Israel and the Palestinians, which is painful, so say the least.  This would not have happened with President Bush.  You are correct that we must hold him responsible. President Clinton, whom I do admire, was able to accomplish much economically, however, someone paid the price but most of us were insulated from the consequences of balancing the budget. We didn't complain because we approved of the results and therefore looked away.  The world is increasingly integrated - globalized - requiring that we raise our standards.
welcome to obama for next 4 years. Change we need! Really?
+Brian D They will become extinct, hopefully in our lifetime. As the population becomes more diverse and better educated, their habitat is shrinking. It's just a matter of time. And they know it; that explains the rage.
Really can't believe how many of my friends are racists until election time.  All republicans, of course.  No wonder they lost and will continue losing until they realize the older, white republicans are becoming more of a minority each year.
Change we need & we can it. Yes, we can. Obama, the world waiting for change.
That's right...bigger taxes for the rich!!! Run them out? DUMBASS!!!!!!!!!

How can you say the message was clear?  The differences between candidates was extreme, and the difference in popular vote was less than 3%.  So you "might" say the message from half the country was clear.  From the other half, the message was completely in a different direction.
Change we need & we can it. Yes, we can. Obama, the world waiting for change.
There seems to be an idea that asking the wealthy to pay more is class warfare or somehow unfair.  Presently the wealthy pay less.  i.e. The Buffet rule.  If you ask the wealthy to pay their fair share that does indeed result in them paying more but not more than what the average person pays.  There are smart wealthy people and dumb wealthy people.  The smart ones will thrive and the dumb ones will be replaced with smarter ones.  I don't think you need to worry about them because they surely aren't worried about you.
Obama WINS!!! America loses....
I think it's time to release your college transcripts and unseal your records!!!!!
I pray that those extremist in congress will not continue to halt progress for the American people. It shod be illegal what they've done over the pass 4 years.
The Rich need to pay their fair share, or your democracy is a lie.
Worst decision ever. Apparently America has changed from its original roots from our Founding Fathers. Hopefully America will wake up and realize the mistake they made. 
Yea right. Action. Obama you of all politicians don't have a clue what action is. Unless you are referring to a good game of golf. 
And for you unpatriotic ass hats with the stick up your butts, get over it and try being an American and not a Taliban for once. Psychopaths...
People seem to confuse "wealthy" with "high income". Some of us have a high income, but we come from poor families (no inheritance) and our income is high because of our education (high debt, and didn't started positive cash flow until age 30), and because of where we live (high cost of living). Sure, tax the wealthy, but leave some chance to become wealthy!
Exactly the intelligent approach we expect from our president. We make over 250 k and support you 110%. 
+Steve Schuller
The comment: "Jobs are created by those who spend money, not by those who sit on it." 

Economic growth is most effectively gained by lowering the barriers to the people who have the means to supply goods and services. You can give people a tax break and they might spend a little more causing a spike in sales, but long term sustainability is reliant on healthy, continuous enterprise which keeps goods in production and actually creates jobs for the consumer again in the long run. And yes, some people do sit on their money..thats their call. But Im talking about business owners with the kind of capital used to feed into a means of production or raw materials used in production. Giving people extra money to spend is a short term solution. And in recent times they have been seen to actually hold on to it just as tight as "the rich." Providing them with increased job availability and overall lower market prices which is a result of this whole process is a long term solution. 
On Teusday, Americans had elected Republican House of Representatives to watch over our taxes and so not let Obama to raise them.

House also has a mandate to force Obama to ballance the budget. No new debt.
The country voted for Romney...check the popular vote stats! The politicians that control the electoral college voted him back in. You're in for the ride if your life! Watch out third world we come! The rich are the ones that creasy your jobs! Give them a break! God save America!
Great plans and great words, but the focus is completely wrong. This nation does not need more money or jobs, it needs to stop killing it's own people from within. Not only is Obama supporting abortion, he is helping pay for it with our money. Save the people, and use that extra money to create jobs and help the economy. This nation will fall if the murder of it's innocent continues. May God have mercy on us.
I kind of expected all this G+ posting from Obama/The White House to disappear after the election as just another expired extension of the campaigning season. I'm happy to see it continue keeping people in the loop. :)
Even if those Bush tax rates are finally stopped, these 1percenters actually had no contribution to those Two Bush-initiated wars.  Instead, they were REWARDED with tax reduction! Shame on them as the rest of us, Americans, offer our lives AND have this additional financial burden (of wars {and hoping you are aware that those goes more than the military/defense/artillery/weapons expense}).  It is relieving that we are finally getting back to our senses and not just adore those super rich and not be taken by their trillions of dollars of untrue adverstisements that they hope that  we absorb as news if not facts... 
Let's hope the far right now understands they cannot continue to function as they have, and that America wants a progressive country, where free thought, reproductive rights and medical care are available for all. 
i am  happy for you,your goog barack obama,,,,,
Everyone elected to congress should a individual Heath plan instead of the group package they have. Why? To give them a taste of what regular people and small business (mom & pop shops) have to deal with.
I can't understand Republican politics. They have been shown they don't know the current average american and yet they still shield the low tax rate of the wealthest people. What will it take for them to "get it"? Geezers!
Why are democrats so hateful of successful people? Did a poor person ever give you a job? Sure they can pay more in taxes, but what they won't do is invest in more jobs.

Thank you Mr. President.
Ở nuớc Việt Nam thì Đảng Cộng Sản VN họp ..đề cử chỉ định ra tay chân làm trong bộ máy chính phủ ( chú Phỉnh ) . Khoỉ phaỉ bàn thêm , noí phục vụ cho dân là noí láo đấy , ai mà còn nghe thì đúng là đồ .. idiot .. hjhj :-) ( Ai có caỉ thì nhớ nêu bằng chứng cho hùng hồn nhé )
Mr.Obama,s policies were accepted by the people of U.S.A.. He is not a full capitalist like his predecessors. Socialistic democracy may be the correct principle for this generation.
+Edward Smith there are two ways rich got rich.
1. By providing valuable service to society and customers/consumers voluntarily pay their money (nobody forced you to give Apple $500 for iPhone, or spend money on your last vacation, right?

2. By making big government to steal more of your money and to give those stolen money to various solindras and government motors.

But second case is more of the problem with too powerful big government.
Small government would not be able to redistribute your wealth to their rich friends.

And I also already heard that Marxist nonsense from your post. It was long ago, in Soviet Union from government lecturers. 
Otto Hunt, why should I read or listen to your liberal rant? You talk about Bush but Obama has raised our debt 5 times as much as the first 34 presidents of these United States combined. How does 16 trillion sound to you? And he borrowed it from China! But don't worry, it will not be long until the change you were promised will turn out to be nothing like you expected! Pure socialism!
The president knows what hes doing, why dont we just let him do his thing, if you dont like him impeach him. 
Boner said way back when that basically it's his way or the hwy, unless he changes his mind or resigns, I don't see how anything gets done. The Reps also have to dump the Tea Baggers and right wing religious nut's if their is to survive.
He should have been focusing on jobs and the economy the last four years, Please !
Congratulation to u man.
Darrell, do some fact checking, Obama has not raised our debt as you stated, and he is not a socialist, he is a Democratic centrist he always was.
Mr President, when will you tell your Senate Majority leader to stop playing the "politics as usual" as you say we clearly said we wanted on Election day? I haven't been able to obtain employment because of this politics as usual. Please stop playin politics with my life. (and yes I look daily for work, and no I'm not getting any handouts)
Partisan politics is what is killing your country. When will you get it? Do you have to bring the country down in order to make your point. How stupid. Working together to make your nation economically stronger. Being obstinant gets you nowhere. It's high time you put your party's politics aside, swallowed your collective pride and do what needs to done for the good of everyone. The shrinking middle class and poor are bearing the brunt of all the taxes, whereas the people who have the most pay the least because of writeoffs, loopholes and less than honest tax breaks for the rich and the corporations who don't really pay their fair share because of a strong lobby and fear that they will move their interests offshore. Sort of economic blackmail if they don't get their way. Time to wake up and smell the coffee I'd say. The ship is heading for the rocks,time to steer a new course or go down with the ship.
Santa Claus is Comin' to Town...
Santa Claus is Comin' to Town...
Santa Claus is Comin' to Town...
J Krah
Got it backwards... voted for politics as usual and not action. Hence the second president next to FDR to be elected with ridiculous unemployment numbers.
+Edward Smith firstly, that 1% of their money already creating jobs. This is where invested money are going.

Secondly, before asking rich for 1% of their money to create jobs you should prove that you will not just steal them like solindra guys.
Start small, like many rich people had started.
Mortgage your house, take all of your savings and start your own business. Hire one employee. Then you might expand it. Next thibg rich people start investing in your successful business aka. giving you their money.

I wish you luck.
Nic Napoleone, move to Europe, pay $10 per gallon and weep. Presidents don't decide the price of gas...
The Fed. gov't. does'nt grow the economy, they waste tax dollars. Taking more tax out of payghecks and reducing disposable income won. expand the economy.
It a shame that some people some people see the whole picture! We were in a funk for four years before you got in office and the people do not see that it will take time to get us out of the PROBLEMS that you know who got us into!! Yu are doing a wonderful JOB keep it up. You know that you are doing the RIGHT THING! You will always have the support of the THANK FEW, or should I say The support of MANY! YEA! YEA!

Congratulations, Mr.President. Easier said than done, but I hope you can do it.
+Edward Schultz Raising taxes to previous levels does not mean anyone is hating on successful people, it wasn't hate before it's not hate now. No business owner has success without the middle/lower classes creating demand for them. If my tax rate is higher, I will want to pay myself less direct income and invest more to lower my tax burden. My personal income tax rate being higher does not mean my corporation will hire less. If I need employees due to demand, I will hire them, period!

The argument shouldn't be about taxes either way, it should be about spending.... if the Govt spent less, sooner rather than later, maybe taxes wouldn't have to increase or at least increase less. I say stop the spending first, then adjust taxes once we can see a fair picture.
+Edward Schultz Are they hateful of successful people?... No, they want fairness and equality! 
With "successful" you mean rich people; How did these poeple gain their wealth? ....I don't assert that they used illegal methods but this money is from someone else. The problem in this case is that the rich get richer (That is normal in kapitalism)
We have to ask ourself if that is the right way and what will happen if the rich manipulate the economy and squeeze the last dollars out of the "normal" worker.
We just have a limited amont of money and we should make sure that everyone who works hard can afford a certain life standard in the US.

Politics is an illusion.

Red or blue, the puppets share one script to read.

An orchestrated economic collapse is only part of the agenda.

War is in the horizon since depopulation is the means by which we will survive another millennia.

So congratulations to the voters of both parties for giving your consent in this matter. Now hurry along and get back to your regularly scheduled television programs. You need to remain as misinformed as humanly possible.

I have checked the facts Tina & they are correct. Get an education!
Clear than 49% don't want you, but majority rules. But don't forget the minority, after all, caring and compassionate liberals care about the plight of the minority correct? 
When the middle class finds out they don't have a job, so no money to buy stuff, so less produced, so even fewer jobs, the spiral goes on and on into the pit
An educated person would vote primary party out of office! Fact!!!
Haters are going through the five stages of grief as you can see in their posts.
Anger, denial, bargaining, depression then acceptance.

Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.
All of you Obama folks ask what your government can do for you?!!!
Not only tax the rich, but get the super rich to pay back into america and make sure we don't implode. What good does trillions of dollars do sitting in the super rich's personal accounts/holdings, we need to get that money back into circulation. The Reagan administration got it WRONG, there is little to no Trickle down effect
Wrong again Mr. President. A little over half the voters voted for you. Practically half the country didn't want you back in. You do not speak for the rest if us.

In fact I am really offended that you would've such a statement. 
+Edward Smith you are doing even worse than asking rich neighbors for 1% of their money.
You want Obama to take additional 3% of their money using government force. You think that Obama can manage their money more effectively and will not just waste them like he wasted taxes on FEMA failing badly in NY.
It's time for the right to move to the middle. And support our President. The People has spoken.
That was the worst cookie cutter speach I've heard from Obama
Good God. I have to listen to you blow off for another four years??? Can you just sit quietly in a corner and try not to screw things up worse than you already have?
It is not a mandate, remember the other 50% as you barely made it by popular vote.
Kris T
So 200k is not much money these days. I have it's very easy for some to earn that amount with an education and a little ambition. So those people will get lumped in with the wealth when they truly aren't. Mr. Obama has no clue what it is going to take to get the economy back on track. I will keep carrying my share of you Obama supporters on my back until you figure out what's going on. Let's hope it is not too late by then. 
+Greg Bosin That's what funny about these arrogant Liberals:They think practically everybody voted for Obama.They also think only "rednecks" are against him!They truly are ignorant!He only won(by cheating too) by a very narrow margin!Idiots
+Mac Butts Your posts and your fake profile show you spew complete b.s. from bottom up. However, I'm grateful for people like you...your right wing extremist spew kept your kind from gaining a political grip on this Country. And that, I am grateful for!
I voted for Obama because I believe he is caring, honest, hard working, compassionate and intelligent . Could we have said that about any of our other presidents? Not many. I do not know many people you can say that about. To bad that that is not enough. Do I believe anything can keep the rich from getting richer and the poor getting poorer in this corrupt capitalistic system or any other corrupt system? It is doubtful and to believe the President has the power to prevent it is stupidity. Does anyone out there have any ideas as to how to stop corrupt money? Even a ten tier check and balance system would probably not work. Too bad that caring and compassion only get taken advantage of.
+Kris Thomas  The US Census CPS from 2010 puts the share of folks earning $100k+ or more per year at 6.61% (they don't parse any higher than that, so I couldn't get data for $200k+). While I cede that earning $200k per year might not seem like a lot to some (after all, we tend to gauge our lives by those around us, and folks in particular income brackets tend to cluster together), it still is more than the overwhelming majority receive. 

CPS data:
Really we voted for you so we could feel good about helping the less fortunate with that other guy's money. I'm so warm and fuzzy inside and I didn't have to lift a finger (except to pull a lever)! To bad the money all goes to pad your cronies pockets Mr. President, as long as CNN doesn't report it and I still think I'm helping the less fortunate I'm happy. Oh, I also voted for Michelle's dresses. 
5 seconds after the electoral votes secured the win #whineageddon began.

This election was not a mandate, it was an exercise in divisiveness.

When there is more than a choice between lesser evils we may, as a nation, move towards true change.
+Bill Hampton You're right.Caring and campassion do get taken advantage of.That's why these cockroach Liberals are still around mouthing off when they should be kissing Republicans' feet.
+David Gary I'll always be grateful that the right wing extremists didn't take over our Country... it's not possible to change that feeling. As long as America has extremists like yourself trying to destroy our Country with your hate, others like myself will be here to stand in your mighty keyboard warrior way.
What was clear? That you lost every state that requires photos ID and you won every state that doesn't require a photo ID. Yeah no fraud here, move along. 
Only action i have seen is putting this country in reverse!!! 
Only action i have seen is putting this country in reverse!!! 
So he's suddenly going to not lie. Guess they dont tell the boy who cried wolf story in his madrassa.

The country is more divide than ever!   I mean, half the voters that voted didn't vote for Obama. That should make him stop and think, that is, if he hasn't already.
So much ignorance in the liberal mind set. God help us.
You know what I do not like. guys who try to take alway my guns and my freedom that's why I did not vote for you Mr. President. you have a nice weekend :'(
55% of Americans who work for a Small Business - now work for a company that will be hit hard by Obama's tax increase.  Layoffs must follow. Individuals like Obama, Buffet, Gates, etc will pay ZERO additional taxes - and will continue to pay accountants to keep their tax rate between 9% - 16%.  The only additional tax money will come 100% from Small Businesses - which means they will offshore as much as possible.
I am proud of President Obama in every way he carries out duties of his office as president, father and husband. 
I hope Speaker Boehner, lets you raise taxes on the rich. Then the dumbass people who voted for you get laid off.

You won't be able to blame it on the last president will you Captain Dumbass?

You all got played by this lying no class bum. You'll all see in the end. 
Get him out of the office!!!!!
+David Gary Lol, are you going to shoot me with your keyboard? Only a right wing extremist would threaten to shoot a fellow American over politics.... what a pathetic little man you are.
+Chris Winters It won't be just guns that turns this cockroach-infested country around.Karmic/Godly forces will deliver as well.But if you think you're strong enough to handle it,half at it.The truly good-hearted will rise and expose the darkness.
Obama won b.c he will fix the problems, get over it.
As a start, put Obama's plan to the House.  Hear & consider changes that are "balanced".  When the House rejects it, publish a list of the obstructionists & when they come up for re-election.  Target these folks for serious removal effort.  That means we need intelligent candidates to run against them & to hammer them hard.  I know, it will take years but what else to do?
I am so sorry.your busy. If u call 410 443. 314 1550 Obama. 
I dont know what to do your a careing man mr.p.had to read 
+Chris Winters You're not a true American and your cocky attitude only shows what a fool you really are.And you should never underestimate your opposition.But if I knew you personally,yeah,I wouldn't mind breaking your head open with my keyboard.I practice Martial Arts,so I can make it happen,Numbskull.
+David Gary Sorry to tell you this, but God doesn't care about your pathetic view on politics.... but hey, you keep pretending to be good-hearted while threatening to kill others and calling your fellow citizens cockroaches, that's so god like... lol, what a pathetic stain.
I really wish Ron Paul was my President 
David Gary 
You need to look up the definition of liberal in the dictionary. Unless of course you think that words have been defined by liberals. According to the dictionary here is what it would takes to be a liberal. You would need to be open minded, generous, favorable to progress or reform, favorable to or in accord with the concepts of maximum individual freedom possible, in favor of representa­tional forms of government rather than aristocrac­ies and monarchies and be against prejudice and bigotry. Unless you are for prejudice and bigotry you might be a liberal. The point that I would really like to get across to you is that if that is no longer the definition of liberal, it is because the wealth controlled media have changed the meaning of it for the reason of wanting to divide and conquer. I believe that most people are liberals whether they know it or not.
We should try the shovel ready job thing again!
+Chris Winters If you don't believe in God yourself,you empty opinions mean nothing,anyway.But I believe mainly in Karmic forces that you couldn't fathom.But maybe Almighty Obama can protect you from it....LOL!
+David Gary Oh I don't underestimate your extremist ways.... I know you will murder for your pathetic beliefs, I see it happening all over the World. And lol, the mighty keyboard warrior and his kung fu tv watching skills can make it happen.... what are you like 12? ohhhh funny stuff, you must be one of those fake right wing profiles paid to post stupid crap.
Obamahood is not robin Hood, the people that voted for the Liberals, want equal rights, but then don't want it to be equal to the rich. Hypocrites! Steal the inspiration the United states of America was built on and let everyone give up on wanting to be successful when you already know that HARD WORK DOES NOT PAY OFF ANYMORE!!! 
Randy H
Rofl where in the hell does this guy come from? O that's right, another country that does not know how America runs
+David Gary I don't believe in your version of God, no.... my God doesn't want to kill people over politics. If you believed in Karma, you wouldn't be spewing hate and empty threats.... you're a fake, your profile is fake, your words are fake, and your pathetic threats are fake.
Would like to revisit this post in 3+ years.  See who changed their opinion. Hard forecasting the future.
Yes, please raise my taxes so that I have no incentive to work, and I have a great incentive to not work.
Thank you Mr. President. I hope you can get Mr. Boehner and the rest of the GOP to listen. Also...if the GOP threatens to stop things in the Senate with filibuster, don't just go on to other business. Make them actually stand up there and talk nonsense. Televise it. Let the people see how devastating their tactics are to the government and the people of this nation. They are there to do a job...not waste everyone's time and money blocking the recovery of our economy.
+Bill Hampton No explaination necessary on Liberals.Liberals divide and conquer as well with their ratlike mentality.They're no saints and I don't pretend to be one.But a Higher Being really knows where my heart is,not any man.
Great speech and we hope they all try and work together this time, the future is too fragile from here.
Congratulation anak menteng. Wr wish you all the best.. from Indonesia
Ya Know what David? Chris is the adult in the room and you're ranting on like Mr.Taliban man. The Reps are a dying party, YEA!
Actually, that's not true at all. We did vote for politics as usual by electing the same president, the same senate, and the same house majority. 2 years of campaigning, billions of dollars in advertising, and we end up exactly where we started. 
Somebody tell Obama that Forward is going to make this country worse. We need Romney.
+John Seghers It's going happen regardless.The Republicans won't stand by and let that weasel you call Obama do whatever he want's to do.Count on it.Let the idiotic media televise it.They're no better anyway.
According to poll numbers, only 20% of Americans voted for Obama.. I wouldn't say the "message was clear"
Even though I'm a struggling small business owner, I'm proud to have you as my President. I believe in you. 
I completely agree. There are several takeaway lines but one of the striking ones is "We cannot cut our way to prosperity". Also liked that tax cuts to middle class would help 97% of small businesses. 
+Tina Vigilante A government dependent Liberal calling me the child?I'm insulted.Chris is just another arrogant Liberal Harvard wanna-be.A dime a dozen.Anymore "insulting" comments?
Tax those evil rich people in NY and NJ. They like it there in their tent camps. They voted for you.
+Tina Vigilante If you had even an ounce of wisdom,you would know people become more relentless and perservering when in smaller numbers.Again,never underestimate your opposition even if the numbers are small.But we still are plentiful.You just don't know it yet.
Jim I'm neither blue or red so the extremists on both sides look like bratty children fighting over a piece of candy.
+David Gary I cast magic missile at the darkness.
+cedrick wison the problems aren't coming from the Republicans in the house. It is from Harry Reid in the Senate. Look for him to spend the next two years obstructing everything that comes from the house. He will then turn around and blame it on the Republicans all in an effort to try to take over the house in two years. Mark my words, he has already opened his mouth and admitted to it. 
Yes, focus on your job.  Spent the first two years forcing Obamacare on everyone. (No transperancy - as promised.)  Then spent the next two years whining about what a mess you inherited.
You knew the job was dangerous when you took it.
last time I checked we were losing jobs all over the country.oh yeah,all of obama's votes came from large urban areas,in other words,alot of people wanting free stuff not work.
+Joseph Silliman just a little history for you. Jim Crow was a democrat, Lincoln was a republican. Democrats have and always be the party of slavery. Except now it's economic slavery, you should all be ashamed of yourselves.
Raising taxes actually means you make less money, so it should in theory encourage people to work more. :)
It wasn't loud and clear, it was a thin margin on the popular vote side...
Data mining for undecided is a clear decision? America just got big brothered.
Omg I think now that I have read these comments, I have to read a book or play chess. Their so dumbed down it lowered my IQ just looking at them. When will the extremists wake up and smell the coffee? Obama isn't our problem you are...
Undefendable, roll damage.
our family has lived from paycheck to paycheck for as long as he has been in office and have barely hung on to our house like many other americans i am sure. thats why although obama is a nice guy, his principles are totally twisted and will lead us to more debt and every thing else that comes with his ideas.
Whether the margin was large or small PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA has won the election with the ELECTORAL VOTE as well as  the POPULAR VOTE. So it is quite evident that the MAJORITY voted for the RIGHT CHOICE to get this nation moving FORWARD.   
We r broke now four more years we will be destitute.
Democrats are elected to continue to socialize America. Republicans are elected to protect what American's are left individual liberty. Even though the Republicans that are elected are basically democrats. Republicans should be obstructionist to represent the American mandate that voted for them. 
+Hayden Myers These Obamaites don't care about the working person or home owner,they only want their Obamaphones,welfare,and drugs.You're waisting your time and heart on these fools.
I wish the "majority" people would shut up. Read John Adams or de Tocqueville. 
What this election has shown us is the takers have vastly out bred the earners. Thank the democrats for their shameful tactic of creating an underclass of dependent voters. There are more people taking government hand outs then there are people that are being taxed. Recipe for failure.
+Hayden Myers These Obamaites think they can coast through life not caring for others and robbing the decent,hard working who aren't even rich?Hell no!Let's ALL get on welfare and have babies like crazy so the government can cradle us forever.
David Gary, troll specialist.
I think he only cares about Ohio, that explains why he goes there so much... :l
Will never consider this scumbag my president.
The FairTax would solve many problems.
These pictureless profiles, all saying the same thing, new accounts. Is there another schizophrenic multiple account user talking to themselves so it looks like many people agree? Is that Dan from CBS on here?
Who is Obama going to blame for the last four years? 
The take away should be that Americans want our elected officials on what is best for America, not what is best for one party or the other...on
+Chris Winters the job growth is simply to small to keep up with people coming into the job market. My Canadian business partners come to the United States for major health issues because Canadian health is horrible. The UK was bankrupt the only thing that has helped their economy was the Olympics. If you don't have/own private health care plans in the UK forget it, you can wait months for care. The US is not a socialist country from our beginning we as a people have built this country to the success we enjoy today. Turning it into a society of people you expect the government to take care of thier every need will destroy this country. It used to be when families were down the community around them supported them until they could stand on their own two feet. Not today it's what more can you do for me....that's what's sad. 
See Dan from CBC, he logs in multiple name and they all say the same thing. Some east coast loudmouth that is wealthy and taxes are killing his business and brings up some twisted form of religion and talks crap to anyone who doesn't agree with him. Then another name pops up saying the same thing with the same typos. David is Dan.
He's really a fat loser posting from a bar.
America voted that they didn't like that Romney's dog rode on top. Now that we've established that critical point, WHAT THE F#$*@ are you going to do to fix our looming fiscal disaster!??!?! You failed to put forth a reasonable plan sir.
who are you going to blame the next 4 year on???? Obama 1???????
why would we expect real action now? you diddled around spending more money then the preverbal drunken sailor in the first 4 years. we will just end up being 22 trillion dollars in debt by 2016 
I think it is time you actually do something, rather than blaming everyone else for everything going on. If you actually met with your cabinet and staff, you might have a clue on what is really going on, rather than playing another round of golf....
+Maxwell Ramsey Um, Benghazi was an attack on us, not a scandal by us. With twenty separate riots breaking out simultaneously you think we had the resources to respond immediately?

Or are you suggesting that a CIA daily brief read aloud to the president warned that such an attack was imminent? Sounds familiar.

You guys won't be happy until Issa presents articles of impeachment. 
election fraud in afroamerica
The only obstacle is in your mind, change your mind and you change you country.
why did Obama win the election? Hard to vote against Santa Clause....
..and what did you receive, your gift isn't apparent.
Most people are educated by hear-say rather than facts.
I guess Romney's comment about the 47% was wrong. Guessing it is actually 51% by the polls.
Stop plusing your own posts with your other profiles +David Gary . Your schizophrenia is showing.
This is now Obama's economy, Obama's debt, Obama's everything. No more blaming Bush. Step up. Also start listening to the other side, and no more executive orders. Become a President that I'm not ashamed of, and take responsibility! Thank you.
I guess a black is better than a fag, just.
I don't live in America but I am happy because, I wanted Barak Obama to win, he's got it for 4 years now! I'm so happy
Mac Butts, David Gary, Jeff Clark
Mr President, the election was far more divided than you suggest. 
Take from the rich and give to the poor!
Go President O, please move the needle on jobs and lockdown Obamacare - the most significant improvement in our society in two generations.  Love you and love this country.
The president can't do anything if not supported by the Congress..
Get rid of the electoral collage and see if Dem and Rep continue to dominate. We all know its a fixed bet so its nothing to be proud of. Its like bragging to people because your mother thinks you're handsome.
W.P.A.   !!!   ( Working Progress Admininstration ) for Veterans and american citizens who are suffering with the WORST ever economic hardships witnessed-known and endureD.
Adminstration ofr a new 21st century W.P.A. ought to be focused toward UNIVERSITY institutions, because, this way EDUCATION and EMPLOYMENT are infinitely LINKED towards INNOVATION
And the "STIMULUS" passed so many MILLIONS of chronically -severely UNEMPLOYED Vets and American Citizens.
I, "PRAY"  and ask everybody, anyBODY that may read this post to ask God, to BLESS  PRESIDENT Obama and his inside staffers to announce a new 21st century Green W.P.A., and help us toward a path of becoming HUMAN BEinGS, again !!!   and surely everybody already knows that the VA, is NOT the organization to actually have the skill to change and treat and interact with VETS, any better, than their ( VA ) track record, already proves.
Marvin S. Robinson, II
Quindaro Ruins / Underground railroad- Exericse 2013
Well obviously america didnt vote for action. Because we would have a different president. We voted for politics. And Really high spending.
let's just let the poor, homeless and unfortunate and the old and the widows and orphans and the mentally ill and the sick and dying and every et cetera between, just die on the streets because we can do for ourselves right now, and because we have little problems and want to save ourselves money.
+Laura Cosgrove No,when I go to the ghettos,the 47% is right in front of me.That's not heresay.Having the ability to see through Obama's facade isn't heresay.Him admitting Benghazi was a disaster because of his corrupted administration isn't heresay....What are you smoking?...Oh yeah,marijuana.

On healthcare, both Obama and Romney were talking about how we're gonna pay for this expensive medical cost.  No one was talking about why the medical cost are so expensive.  Last time I had appendectomy, it was 100% covered by my insurance but the hospital bill was for $18,000.  Same procedure in Germany is $3,000 and $2,000 in Korea/Japan.  And the quality is not any better here than in those countries.

Reduce the medical cost.  Then how we pay for them wouldn't even be an issue.
See beyond the two-party trap, beyond the veil of lies. Both sides are the same, both want to trample your rights.
The Rethuglican party is dying Susan, HOORAY!!!!!
What ghettos David? You would poop your drawers if you stepped into a real one.
+Susan Miller there's no practical nor theoretical evidence of unemployment going up due of tax increases to the rich. In contrary, keeping tax cuts to middle class helps spending, which in turn helps small and big businesses, because you know, shocking truth is that real job creators are middle class with it's spending, which in turn creates business initiatives for investors aka rich people.

Thinking that "if rich people have more money due of tax cuts, they will hire more people" is naive at best, and dangerously stupid (for country) at worst. Business is never run that way, and rich people never spend more than necessary - even if they get tax cuts. They are interested to hire only if that's accumulate them profit. And that can happen only with increased spending from middle class.

Obamacare tax kicks in only if you don't get yourself a health insurance. And having a health insurance is bad why? You have hundreds of thousands to waste on health in a case it worsens?
+Gorgor Gor You do realize by now that I'm black right?I grew up around the "gangstaz,"drug dealers,etc.But I had good parents and positive role models that guided me away from the ignorance.
Mac, it's the European austerity that brought the European economy down! Why do you think France elected a LEFTY!!!!!!!
May God help us all... oh i'm sorry do I have to take out God
Mr President just keep moving u still full of fuel................
Andrew Butler: Why would you? You're not a politician.
Tax the wealthy and it will eventually drive them out of this country. They can afford moving away from the U.S.A. with little cost to them. This will also drive businesses away as rich people can focus their entrepreneurship and investment efforts in businesses outside the country. Then the poor will get poorer and the middle class will disappear and we will all be poor.
This tax the wealthy argument is stupid. Everyone should pay the same rate. Enough with this class warfare bullcrap. We, the middle class, always end up paying for the taxes levied on the rich. 
+Alex Ander I respect your views. The bottom line is that people need to stop judging others, and likewise, people in high places need to start respecting all!
A letter to President Barack Obama,

Dear Mr. President, 

This is to emphasize that from our point of view; the United States is going more than accepted standards and engaged into unbelievable criminal acts against the Palestinians, and even against all Muslims in the world.

From our point of view, receiving a Zionist Nazi prime minister in 21 century at the congress was of great support and legalization for the previous and the current Israeli Zionist Nazi crimes. How a congress and senate would could do these crimes..!, while the racial discrimination in US was abandoned in early fifties of the last century.

We really are wondering whether the United States is going back several centuries to be a Zionist Nazi State.

No Human being could understand the support for killing performed by the United States and its alliances, the supply of mass destruction weapons in addition to the protection of the Zionist Nazi Crimes against condemnation at the UN Security Council, is more than all the Nazi Crimes, while even the silence of the United States on these crimes is a great crime, and a type of shameful act, even destroys the American values and standards.

Continuing in this track will for sure lead the world to all Arabs and Muslims against Jews and the United States, which will ends up with many human catastrophes.

Sincerely Yours, 
Dr. Wasfi M. Abdo, 
Me gustaría poder tener la misma certitud que usted para hacer una
carta al Presidente de los Estados Unidos,yo creo sin decir si ni
decir no,que aquellos que dirigen las relaciones exteriores de
vuestro entorno pueden sin hacer público lo que necesitan decir
al Presidente Obama,hacerlo por las vias diplomáticas.
Señor John Patti,o usted vive en la luna,así llamábamos a
los lunáticos,porque siempre entendían todo al revés y 
espero que la próxima vez que usted se dirija al señor
Presidente de los Estados Unidos,debe tratarlo como tal.
La clase media ha siempre existido,al igual que los pobres
pero nadie hacía nada por ellos,por la manera de expresarse
usted no sabe a cual de todas las clases pertenece,si
trabaja puede que alguien le ayude a saber donde está en
el planeta tierra,le saludo con mis simpatías.
Here Mr. Patti goes again with the whole stupid, "Republicans are more patriotic." crap. They try to emphasize that america is a free country, while taking away, women's rights, latino rights, and try to suppress the vote.
Señor John Patti le sugiero que cree su propio sitio web,yo soy un Latino
y gracias a una gran mayoría de ellos su candidato se perdió,y no creo
que después de sus raciocinios infantiles en relación a su partido el
Republicano,no creo que después de las próximas a Congresales,si
quedarán muchos miembros que viendo como usted los representa,
deben tener verguenza como yo la tengo solamente de leer su texto,sin
ser miembro ni simpatizante del partido Republicano.
Mr Presidente Barak Obama es uno de los presidentes mas cultos que ha tenido la Casa Blanca y su política ha gustado muchísimo a la mayoría de la populacion hispana y a otras minorías que han dado su simpatía y respeto a uno de los mas inteligentes hombres de gobierno del mundo..... 
La cultura de Barack Obama Presidente de Estados Unidos,
va unida a dos otros principios,Honestidad personal y cultural
como decencia,y su señora esposa La Primera Dama de la
Nación,podríamos multiplicar por 2.
Mr. Patti, I cannot comment back to u, because my mom says I can't comment on posts by d***heads!
Mr. Patti is a citizen of bull s%!t mountain, just like Fox News!
Estoy orgulloso de tener un buen presidente..... 
Ok, why do you have to use your uneducated insecurity on every one? If u ever got a college degree, it was a masters in stupidity.
Is your experience in economics being able to see wall street from your window?
I belive you mentioned something in your raving about protecting the rights of women, is that right?
agregar me quiero ser tu amigo
add me to wanna be your friend
Adicione-me quero ser seu amigo
Maybe for you but is most greate presidente that USA have, I think you can
not confront what He Due Now.... ...

Gracias Gerardo por responder,yo estoy a tu disposición,
un abrazo
Aquí tienes un amigo me gustan tus comentarios.....

Gerardo I once was just like yourself a dedicated Obama Follower. Right now my loyalty has diminshed dramastically and I hope that our President force Law to restore and rebuild our bridges/hwy that is about to collapse. Dont be know as the first president to support Gay Marriage while half of US Citizens are suffering due to health/no jobs!

Justice for Truth
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