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High five for POTUS.
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Good morening bobo...
I don't care who you are or whether you like the President or not. To high-five the greatest man in the free world is something you'll never forget
“POTUS” sounds like the name of death metal band.
+Ryan Hayes There was a '90's band called Presidents of the United States. They ate a lot of peaches and kicked kitties.
ele Mostra ser um homem bom! Parabéns Presidente!!
U.S. President stands with the fans than the general American people, this is the freedom that we seek in Egypt
The greatest man in the free world? I'll have you know MY DADDY is the greatest man in the free world.
is it just me or everytime you see the acronym #POTUS do you for some reason think of it as something to do with POT of America
(aka marijuana grown here in the US)?
haha the little kid at the bottom is wearing an Argentina soccer jersey
A fist bump would have been better, but this is pretty cool.
Gas prices are soaring, jobs are in the crapper, health insurance is so expensive that is cheaper to die.....high 5. How COULD you forget?
He must have signed a few autographs also.
Gas prices are about what they were before Obama took office. Employment is up. And it's always been cheaper to die.
Ahhh Florida...can't miss those buildings...check out the heavy tiles used. Oh, there are homes with extreme colors too, that hurt your eyes.
早上好 白宫
How about spend less time high five-ing, and spend more time on bringing back "Made in America". Oh ya, we did that....its called "made in China"
Employment is up due to questionable counting practices and gas was way under four bucks a gallon when he took office.
Do you really believe the President - of any party - has much to say about the price of gasoline?
and we didn't even include the bank bailout, the car industry bailout, the investment company bailouts, all which screwed the finances of most of the middle class Americans, for which those same corporations were getting their money in the first place!!! Stop praising this following of the whitehouse and start using it for what its for!! HIGH FIVE!!!
If the president doesn't have much to say about the price of gasoline in THIS country, then who the f will?
Lets be real folks, had the government not step in and bailout certain industries; we'd be in the soup kitchen lines by now. Bailing out GM was a good thing and millions more would be out of a job today. Not only saving GM was good, it also saved the millions down the food chain AND GM repaid of course. The Wall Street bailout is another subject and most people would feel better if they all were in prison; not half way homes to play golf, but hard labor. Yes, that too stopped the chain reaction from steam rolling over most Americans.
Imagine 3.5 million jobs lost from 2008 to Feb. 2009; had the government not step in, consider another 10 million on the soup kitchen lines.
GM still owes billions. If they'd have failed, some other company would have picked up the pieces.
Hey Jim, remember, free country, free market system. Sell to those from which they gain the most money. Even today, America is exporting refined fuel and oh yes, there's not one darn thing the president can do about it.If he could, you'd hear more about socialism, government take over etc. That's why other nations create a national oil industry and not free market.
if my tax dollars had words they would speak french " say love eeeee"
Dont worry about what my social security would say, cuz that i'm sure will be nothing....
On the morning of 9/11, Osama bin Laden’s half-brother, Shafig bin Laden, was the guest of honour at a meeting of the Carlyle Group in Washington which George H.W. Bush was also addressing.

In the days after 9/11, two dozen members of the Bin Laden family and over 100 members of the Saudi royal family were flown to assembly points in Texas and Washington and then flown out of the country. At least one of these flights took place during the total ban on civilian air traffic over North American airspace. Declassified FBI documents show that the Bureau believed the Bin Laden family flight out of the country—carrying suspected terrorists Abdullah and Omar Bin Laden—was chartered by Osama Bin Laden himself, but some of the passengers, including Abdullah, were not even interviewed in person by the FBI before their departure.
BP ruins the gulf, makes a killing in cleanups. Exxon ruins the coast of big deal.....I'm sure both are recording huge profits in 2012... that seems fair. Can i somehow support these acts of bad decisions? Yes, say nothing about the price of gas....?
I just lost my house, puked all outside, made a mess. the bank told me I was fucked. they wanted the money they squandered on half bets and straddles that didn't pay off. All I needed was a bit of time to such today, or move tomorrow. then came big bank bailouts. I'm still living in a box on the streets with cut out windows that were made by scissors, yet the banks are telling me they want their boxes back! fuck-n-a
hey otto...I'm not saying the president can do anything about it, cuz thats been more than obvious...but we sure the hell can. how about we fill 10 gallons worth of fuel but pay for five? Isn't that what corporate america has been doing to us? to what i call the "greedy Era"
Lets face it....why do you think the white house is posting here? they are trying to make you believe they are on your side. this is just another way of the Obama administration to avoid the politics that are real. Where are our jobs? Why cant we afford the American Dream? Why am I getting charged $5 to pay a cell phone bill cuz they have an in-house machine? Really? How about I charge you 5 bux to bill me. fuck seriously. I have to pay you to pay you? ya AT&T your on that list... fuckwads
Ha ha +Jim DeadPlanet. I think you need to call at&t and not try to get the government involved in yet another facet of our lives.
everything you post here will be on record for at least 5 years cuz your country doesn't trust you.... you may take over the world with your corporate and federal debt.... don't be fooled
Was happy to have him at FAU Tuesday :-)
الرئيس اوباما....كان ومازال وسيبقى محبوب الملايين لانه يمثل امل الشعوب بالتحرر
看来不仅是中国的people稀饭Mr. President,世界都一样啊!
ดีใจด้วยค่ะมีคนสนใจท่านมากมายกันอย่างนี้ ดีค่ะ
I see this man high five, sure. But all I can think about is $16 Trillion in debt and how a child molester can come into this country from Egypt and be allowed free rein via this man's State Department. Sickening.
It's funny how the president gets the blame on everything no matter which party is in the White House, but the fuckups in Congress continue to skate through
+Orpheus Kennedy It is Obama's administration, he is responsible for it. The House has passed many bills up to the Senate where they get shelved without even discussion. That's where the obstructionists really are in the Legislative Branch. I despise my Senators and I hope to be getting rid of one very soon. My Congressman I am quite pleased with, though he is not perfect, of course. Unfortunately for the President his "war" on oil is causing price increases in the market. This results in higher prices for everything because nothing moves without oil. Heck, the clothes on your back are made from oil. Nylon, Spandex and a thousand other fibers are made from plastics, which come from oil. The plastic bottles you drink from are made from oil, the fabrics in and on your couch is made from oil. The horrible truth is... we need oil. Now that is only one very small portion that has been harmed by the Presidents policies. There are many more. And it's why we are not having a robust recovery. Doing buisness totally sucks right now, and until the buisness atmosphere is better, our recovery will continue to limp along.
+Veronica Cawelti OMG, you are an idiot. First of all "Obama's war on oil"? Obama doesn't have a "war on oil". Stop watching Fox news you moron. The rise in prices are due to the economic downturn, the rapidly growing world oil market, and oil speculating. None of which the POTUS is responsible for, or has any control over. Obama has increased oil production in the US, reduced US dependence on foreign oil (which doesn't really do much but make idiots like you happy), and increased efficiency standards for fuel consumption in the US, as well as moving considerably further into renewable energies. STOP WATCHING FOX NEWS!
ขอบค่ะ ที่ท่านรักความดี
What is it with you libs assuming everyone who disagrees with the President watches Fox? That's all you talk about. It's idiots like you +Drew Heyen that give the democratic party a bad name. I'm as conservative as they come and never watch Fox. Why? I don't trust them. Just like I don't trust CNN, MSNBC, or those other 'news' networks. Obama hasn't increased oil production. It's increases despite his efforts to slow it down. He himself said he wanted to see gas prices sky high.
Brian, has domestic oil production gone up or down. Up. How can the president really want to slow down oil production if he is allowing more and more drilling? Give the man some props and just let it go.
+Drew Heyen First of all I don't watch Fox News. So you can pull your head out of your arse with that. I get my information from a myriad of news sources that stretch across party lines. One group I absolutely DON'T watch is MSNBC because they make Fox look like centrists. So I suggest next time you look before you leap. You give other Democrats a bad name.
+Jeffrey Hamby There is no excuse for Obama's first two years. He had every opportunity to save this country from leaking debt everywhere. Instead he has ripped the wounds open wider and created more debt than every single past President combined, heck more then the debt of the Euro Zone and the UK combined! They are $12 Trillion in debt, we are $16 Trillion. What does that tell you about Mr. Obama's policies?
excuse me, I am a foreigner. and whom you have all these trillions? the chinese?
wow he took on the mess left him and it doing great you need to do more research on the debt what more than Euro Zone and UK nuts
+Veronica Cawelti You have absolutely no understanding of our economy. Just to start with, you can not resolve national debt during an economic downturn. ALL AVAILABLE HISTORICAL EVIDENCE shows that. Trying to balance the budget during an economic downturn is national suicide, which really spells out PRECISELY how ignorant so many of you are. If you can't be bothered to do your research, and I don't mean ANY news company, then shut your stupid mouths.
I don't know about reducing debt during a downturn, but all historical evidence definitely shows you can't reduce debt by spending more money than you earn.
+Eric Bowman congratulations on your willful ignorance. You have made it crystal clear that facts and reality have no place in your world. You can not get out of debt by tanking your economy either, now can you? If you trash your economy, one of the many things that happens is you lose MOUNTAINS of tax revenue. History shows, without exception, that attempts to reduce spending, during an economic downturn, trashes your economy. IN OTHER WORDS< CUTTING SPENDING ACTUALLY INCREASES DEBT MORE THAN SPENDING! You M U S T repair the economy, FIRST, then slowly reduce your spending, over time. Of course all of that is really hard to do, when your self destructive, moronic, fed on media hype, public wants you to do the absolute WRONG thing, because someonetold them lies, because they want in power.
+Jim Bayes He's not allowing more and more drilling. He's refusing to lift his illegal moratorium in the Gulf and hasn't opened up any new areas for exploration. Production is up because of increased drilling on existing lands. Not to mention his denial of the XL pipeline. He deserves no props. He deserves to be kicked on his keister right out of office.
Haters stop hating a black man is your president and you cant change it, Fact is OBAMA is your President for the next coming 10 years, just relocate yourself haters to Austria.
+Brian Mayeshiba The XL pipeline wasn't going to bring us more fuel, it was going to make it easier for the people who sell it, to sell it to people who are not YOU.
+Drew Heyen The pipeline was supposed to run through America, to refineries in America, to be turned into gasoline, to be sold, in part, yes, to Americans.
+Drew Heyen Liberals know how capitalism works but they don't like it because it's too much work for them. They want things the easy way. They want to buy everything with "Obama Money".
HELP!**PLEAZE PAY ATTENTION :Dear Mr president Barack obama,dear joe biden, dear hillary clinton, dear congressmen and congresswomen,dear american people plz we STILL need your help and support for case of 22000 persons win dv lottery 2012 and DOS void it and destroyed our dream
Abject poverty? Really? How many of these people in abject poverty have cell phones, flat screen TVs, PS3s, cars? Go to countries where there is no capitalism then talk about abject poverty. Go to India, central Africa, rural China, then tell me capitalism leaves abject poverty.
+Brian Mayeshiba Name one country with no Capitalism. The only country I can think of which is "pure capitalist" is Somalia, and I'm pretty sure everyone there doesn't have a cell phone.

Maybe it would help if you knew what some of the words that you are using, mean.
so spread the love and distribute to the people and start or finished with children
I'm an idiot? You want us to be Somalia, and I am an idiot? Yeah, done with you.
+Brian Mayeshiba Name me another example of a Laissez-faire economy. Your ignorance is not my shortcoming. I know it would be really handy for you, if it were, but it is not.
The fact that you lack the resources to follow it, is no indication that it is "all over the place". It is an indication that you are poorly educated or willfully ignorant. Physician, heal thyself.
可愛いの子供 はおぃあんぎろうにえ ahahaha
The leader of the free world is definitely cool. :)
President Obama has done a remarkable job with no help from Republicans he has brought the country back from the brink of financial disaster to the best stock market since 2008. Aweaome. 
Hi little five to big guy in the white house 
I can activate the ozone layer and return to normal
Obama is just like Hitler in a few ways (for idiots i am not talking about hating Jews or being kill crazy)i am talking about there good speaking Hitler got his followers by his speeches people followed Obama and got a stupid president see what i mean!!??
+duncan h everyone has an opinion. Mine does not include thinking President Obama is stupid. Why call names? Is that the American Way? No one expects you to agree with every policy, but I think you should respect the commander in chief, even if you don't like all of his politics.
Michele.. Respect is earned, Obama has earned nothing, he has done nothing for our country but screw things up. I used to be an Obama supporter, and now am embarassed to admit it. He has done nothing good for us. And he will lead us down the road to communism if he is in office much longer.
I'm agree, he has done nothing good for us!
when you point your finger towards some you are pointing one to wards the person three towards your self and one towards god
and when you show palm show full faith
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