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Check out a photo gallery from President Obama’s surprise visit to Afghanistan.
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Hey did the SS brothers bring the hookers along?
It was great to see the young warrior brothers and sisters looking well! I hope they stay safe and come back home soon.
They'd be difficult to come by in Afghanistan.
Would be like bigfoot, not like a bald eagle :-) Full Grizzly!
What a great President :)
President Obama is keeping his promises 20,000 plus troops will be home by end of summer what joy it will be for them to be reunited with their families. Obama forward 2012.
Pay attention to Chenguangcheng. He's no longer under US protection now. No embassy officer in Chaoyang hospital, and if he leave the embassy and back to china, he and his family will in danger soon.AND HE SAID HE WANT TO LEAVE CHINA WITH HIS FAMILY.
+John Linder can you, perhaps, keep the political campaign stuff to individual candidate's feeds? The White House issuing press photos of the President's trip to a war zone is not the place for campaign slogans. If you want to make such comments on Obama's own feed, that's one thing, but here, it's just crass and disrespectful to the office of the President.
war zone? maybe you mean the ocupy zone that you colonising by force. you all have no reasonable reason to be there.
+Rey SANTANDER HERNANDEZ OBL and AQ training camp were the reasonable reason for the troops to be sent there. AQ should never be allowed to regroup to keep attacking Americans or anyone else for the matter.
Welcome to the internet +Aaron Sherman it's called free speech. I am not limited by your narrow views to post my thoughts anywhere. So sry if they offended your communist views.
Thank you for bring confident to our troops and keeping your promises.
hellow so everyone who desagres whith the war politics of the usa must be a comunist? well i am not.neither a muslim.obl and aq? what tha hell its that? your reasonable excuse? it turns out to be so highli secret that noone knows?
+John Hansen Keep the popcorn handy while we watch those riding the Hate Talk Express the past 3+ years get more chronically constipated so they can only be relieved with industrial strength Fleet! ☺
+Aaron Sherman Oh, let +John Linder do what he thinks is productive. Insulting people who, at their core, would lay down their lives for someone else is a fine job indeed.

Oh wait, it figures, the "business mind" says the cost benefit analysis *to yourself* (what??!!! sacrifice myself for someone else???!!!) isn't worth it...

See...welcome to the internet indeed - note: *It's outside the bubble*.
+John Hansen I'm surprised the crackpots only hear God sending a message about some GOP candidate running but not winning the election.

They should take their own dose of what they spew out of their crapchute and be "either with the President or they're with the terrorists!"
Hey Chavez - maybe you need to check my bio you lard ass. I spent many moons wearing a uniform for my country. Go eat a dick pal.
I am not stating anything close to what you are saying. I am just having fun goofing with "Mensa Hour" here on G+.
Well its so strange how Republican sympathizers always seem to come and ruin the party. President Obama is doing a great job and none of their backward policy arguments or regannomics theories that didn't work with bush Jr will change that. Obama forward 2012.
+John Linder re: "free speech" -- the first amendment to the constitution says, "Congress shall make no law..." What it doesn't actually say is, "random poster shall not respectfully ask for decorum..."

You certainly don't have to do anything I ask you to, but I would think that if you'd been in the military you would understand the concept of separating the way you treat the office of Commander in Chief and the man who currently holds the office. If you want to go pee all over +Barack Obama's feed, with pro-Romney blurbs I won't say boo, but regardless of who I'm going to vote for in November (and given that I don't know, I'm quite certain that you don't), I think it's disrespectful to the nation to do so in the White House feed.
Listen guys am neither a Democrat or a Republican but I've got to admire and respect the achievements and success done by the Obama administration on the US military which led to the extermination of the worlds most famous terrorist Bin Laden
Mr Solomon your a smart individual. If the American political system was more open I would be an independent voter but I pick the lesser of two evils. We can never prosper with a party system that can be corrupted by financial interest over the citizens. Great job president Obama.
Thank you Mr githiomi I'm not one to criticize our leaders and complain all day I like to see the good and the changes made for a greater nation
Obama’s 8th grade, 13 year old daughter, took a few (12) of her girl classmates, on spring break, to Mexico. Oh, almost forgot the best part, and 25 secret servicemen. Estimated cost of this spring break trip- $2.5 million! Doesn’t that give you a warm and fuzzy feeling that your tax dollars are being spent so wisely and 13 year old girls flying to Mexico for spring break?
I'm not an all out Obama supporter all anything but isn't that one of the benefits that come with the office?I mean I remember the president cut his salary and the budget for the redecoration of his office and the whitehouse didn't he?
Actually Mr linder since you brought it up. President Obama is the first president not to get a new limo when he came into office why? The ones bush had worked fine why spend the $. Also he has traveled a lot less then bush did and took less vacation since he has been in office. Also he had a pay freeze the first months of his presidency. He also eats fresh vegetables from the first white house garden a project undertaken by our first lady. All in all he and his family have spent a lot less the previous administration so let's not bring that up you have no idea what your saying.
Yeah it is his God given right to tax the hell out of me to spend it on lavish vacations for thirteen year olds.
Won't you do the same assuming you were the president?its just a little trip for his daughter and her classmates nothing over the top and it was educational by the way...its just another cheap strategy from the republican party to bruise the image of the Obama campaign
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This trip will cost more than most Americans make in their entire lifetimes----13 YEARS OLD God I HATE how you lazy ass dems make it out to be our fault for calling you on your shiat. Just admit it - it was insane and not justifiable.
what a world we live in now...watching the President as he goes about his 'business' almost as it unfolds. I love that we have a President that is willing to bring this to us as we want to see it - as it happens with multi media and not just TV at night or in the news papers.
+John Linder Oh, how becoming of you to insult and make jokes about your brethren....welcome to the internet John, a world *outside the anti-intellectual bubble*.
OH MY GOD I DONT CARE!!!! all of you, please STFU! nobody wants to read your stupid ass arguments on G+...

but just cause I enjoy trolling... +John Linder was obviously joking in his original post. if you took it seriously, 1. you're a tool and 2. even if he wasn't joking, do you REALLY think your stupid little G+ comment will change him??? just shut up already!
Oh how the time passes so much more quickly at the office these dayz :-)
+Mike Aguilar As +John Linder has so eloquently stated, "Welcome to the Internet".

There's a word for that: *etch-a-sketch*
(the solution to all foot-in-mouth moments)

or a famous quote forever etched in quotable quotes:
" wasn't meant to be factual..."

Your last line sort of self-contradicts, eh?
Good of him to go out. Shows the troops he ain't just a man sitting at a desk. Even thought he didn't see any combat while he was out.
Its really not that insane I think if this were 5 6years back I don't think we all will ve complaining about the trip but I guess the timing is wrong not a wise move from his administration the world economy is almost bankrupt and many Americans are losing their jobs and home everyday,so its sure to cause a negative public response even if its motives were pure John Linder
Can imagine how secret this was him going over there though.
I like to spend with the rest of them, but there sure is a time and place, and sometimes tightening the belt is the more sensible solution. Even if my motives are pure John Linder. haha
I should answer that sarcastically. Oh I just did. haha
Mr weeks yes that's right personally he is not a spender and the bail out is already paying off the car industry is paid off its debt. He is very good at controlling the things he can himself. He has done a great job. Obama forward 2012.
Sweet, I will check it when I get home - headed to the car and home. Time for a little WoW to top off the day with the wifey. L8tr Derek BTW my oldest son is named Derek. kewl
"As always: combatting Terrorism is not the end of the War on Terror; the War on Terror is the end in itself, and Terrorism is merely its pretext"
That's very interesting Mr Gallagher not surprising tho. That's sounds like a recipe for disaster for this great nation. Even the prince of England is serving his country but not here. Its take take and take some more.
Well whether you like me or not we have kept this baby running all day :-)
Well I prefer someone who atleast understands our situation in any area. What does it say to elect someone who profited from the destruction of a company in the name of profit. I am sure the people who lost their jobs will not be voting mitt Romney. He has done it once he will do it again. Look out for the corporation and not the citizens. Obama 2012.
Agreed Mr Blair. He does care and unlike his predecessor he would rather have less troops on the ground and get the objective accomplished. During bush jr era hallaborten the dick Chaney company was making huge profit on supplying the troops with everything the more troops the more they make and the more the government pays. The more we pay. Well I say let the rich pay a fair share. Obama 2012.
That's right for instance case in point. The postal service is in danger of layoffs and major reduction in capabilities now whether its done or not is to be seen but if I was a betting man; if mitt Romney was president he would scrap it all and have only have postal service distribute and not deliver and ups and fedex would be sole operators. Prices would rise and no more security for the workers the companies now can destroy pensions and benefits as they see fit. Who benefits the corporation and the people are forced to pay higher prices receiving bad services. That is just one area we would see occur. Obama forward 2012.
If I keep at least one female breastmastases close then I am a hoppy camper - at Easter. Usually I prefer four large ones and 2 in the kitchen makin' sammiches :-) JMO and YES Spoken like a boss!
Congralation my army becomme in Poland.
If ur army is full of nice breasts then God bless you! I def am a breast man.
Boobies! Oh wait we're talking politics..... Umm Taxable boobies!
That's exactly right let's change the subject no point arguing if you can't win.
Why is it people go after the rich with their hands out wanting more money from taxes but I never hear a peep about the millions of dollars lost to illegal immigration? It's okay to work for cash off the tax system, but god forbid you do it the"legal"way.
Mr gibb. The facts are large companies like walmart . Construction companies use illegal labour to pay cheap labour they don't mind illegals they profit from it. So when we try to get more taxes after 8 years of bush Jr policies that didn't work then we need to make it fair.
Oh? make it fair how? Taxing corporations until they leave the country or tax them more so they HAVE to use cheap labor? How bout a candidate that faces the immigration problem with some balls? Been in construction for 22yrs years, I get what it is to work & i understand having to provide, but in my opinion if 1/2 of the illegal people in this country paid taxes we would not be in this situation. No candidate will touch the topic decisively because of the race card and it's a shame.
And btw I'm 1st generation here in the U S. My grandparents had to have a sponsor, proof of work & sat at Ellis island for 2months to start a life here. And he was proud to pay taxes.
Actually Mr gibb. Its about profit they dont want the illegal an issue if they are on the fringe they can exploit them as long as possible. Companies will leave for profit they are greedy and that's the bottom line. Example. Mr Mcauliffe a Democratic candidate in Virginia for the Democratic gubernatorial primary is responsible for creating a new American made business what business one that required Chinese technology but why did he not have it started and run in china everyone else is? He wanted an American made sign on it so profit aside. The business is; the cheapest electric car in the world. Made in horn lake. Mississippi during the bush Jr era companies got huge tax breaks did they reinvest in this country no they chose to lay people off and pay large bonuses. Sir the line is drawn in the sand we are expendable the sooner you realize that the better. Obama 2012.
i love u obama for keep peace. Let peace rain, anywhere u go.
Thanks Mr Ekwai president Obama is on our side. Obama forward 2012.
yes my president obama thanks for puting simle on the troop faces, god be with you
So your okay with making money & have the government tell you where & how to invest it? All government sucks, bottom line is & will always be money for themselves (the politicians). Just cracks me up how Obama is the be all end all savior & everything wrong is W jrs fault. Free market is what made America strong. Anything government run is a rip off. But to each his own. Obama the superstar 2012!
Keep believing.... Free Health care, free housing, no more war... Who wouldn't vote for the next coming?
You know brother if I lose my job, i am signing up for Warcraft welfare. Yeah that's right! Pay my 6 month bill Obama I canse go wifout my Warcraft. If not my account will get axed. :-(
Yet another reduction in unemployment applications this week. Every week we see improvement why turn the tide and stop positive growth by electing a crooked CEO like mitt romney . Obama forward 2012.
+John Linder if you lose your job come to ny & work off the books for cash & collect warcraft welfare. Then you can get the new Lincoln Obama promised?!
How many of those who stopped filing for unemployment actually got jobs & how many just stopped filing & are letting the government take care of them? Obama the care taker 2012
Man just fired up a nice dual raid ssd force loaded machine. Does that make me better than most ... lol jk
Yo D I roll World of Warcraft on a bitchin system I built. 100 inch screen on the wall. My wife hates my mancave :-)
I would be divorced.... Again. +John Linder lmfao. I never got into w o w. To much to do, my a.d.d. won't let me! :O
fuera EE.UU. la democracia también se ejerce hacia afuera, aunque no hayan sabido aplicarla hacia adentro
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