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Who's making a difference in your community? Nominate an everyday hero for the 2012 Presidential #CitizensMedal today.
The President invites the American public to nominate everyday heroes for one of our nation's highest civilian honors -- the Presidential Citizens Medal.
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Obama should have never been elected. The only time we will actually see a change in the way things are going is right before the election when he will try to make it look as if he is doing something decent for this country!
Nominating Bradley Manning, a true patriot.
in various countries there are more people who deserve this recognition!!
+duncan h Wow, if you're that hard on President Obama's record I can only image how hard you were on the last administration. Would love to read it... could you link to your comments about Bush? Cheers
+duncan h - Are you implying that we would have been better off with McCain and Palin? More welfare for the rich, less for the poor?
+Robert MacEwan +Alan Foster Stop falling for the Dicotomy Trap. Both parties are run by the same people for their benefit NOT for ours.

People need to relize, when we are given the choice of A or B by these people, BOTH A and B will be bad for freedom-loving normal Americans. We have to come together and start fighting for choice C. They won't give it to us as a choice, they know we'd jump at it and take away their power!!
+Chris Cecil - I agree mostly with that, but I don't see a clear path to a larger, more representative, set of choices this year. Maybe America Elects can get the talking started?
American Elect is a trap to try and disqualify Ron Paul. The system is so stacked against a third party entering, the only option is a full takeover of one party or the other. After Bush, the Republicans are the weakest. Therefore we should all become Republicans and the run out the banker puppets. Don't worry they will be just as happy as Democrats. The puppets don't care if there is a R or D next to their name as long as they get paid....
+Cory Booker is a superhero mayor. Anyone in public office who browses Twitter looking to actively help people is making every other elected official look weak by comparison. Go Cory!
question at hand, in Pueblo, Colorado, I would have to say Posada that helps people living on the street with medical care, food and trying to get them a place to stay out of the freezing weather. The heat as individual who stands out the most. I do not know. Ms. Caroline Feeds the homeless this is real heroes. There are so many that I cannot say one stands out most. Thank God and people that stand up for other peoples rights.what have you done as individual for your community and people?.
Everyone should share regardless of income. A lot of energy and resources is put into taxing and beating taxing. Dump the IRS and go with a flat tax.
Flat tax? You mean ... low-income earners pay 85% of their disposable income in tax, and high income earners pay 0.0001%? Glad I don't live in such a backwards country where this is being seriously suggested.
Yes I know what flat tax means. Well ... here in Australia, if we taxed everyone at 15%, the country would go broke overnight. We'd loose our education system, our health care system, our water, our infrastructure. We'd start to look like the US :( As noted before ... I'm glad that we're not seriously considering that here. What we have here is a moderately progressive system ... where low-income earners pay around 15%, but high income earners pay 3 times that. Of course, the ultra-wealthy can always make their income 'disappear' and end up paying no taxes at all. But we're closing loopholes that allow this kind of thing ... slowly.
For years America appears to me as a place of freedom and equality.But now after seeing so many tings done by it,I‘ve changed my mind.All of the governments are the same. They just stand for the interest of the most powerful part of people.Not for creed,not for peace,not for people as well.
The trickle down theory has never worked. Some basic changes need to be done. The tax code needs an overhaul. Taxs breaks should only go to the small businesses and job creators, not on capital gains or high profit companies that don't invest in american jobs, Most of all there should be tax penalties on to companies who ship jobs oversees. Congress needs to get their heads out their ass.
+Nick Seay my mother still tells about how +Ron Paul used to send survey cards to his constituents (us) on issues to find out how we wanted him to vote.
+Jeffrey Hamby He seams like a real honest guy. Tennessee sent yall Danial Boone, If ya want to return the favor help us put Ron Paul in the white house.
+Nick Seay hehe, we're trying to make him available to everyone. If he were to go to Tn though, I'd follow him and move back to Nashvegas.
Ron Paul trolls are uniformly tiresome. I suppose they believe that crap, so... By the way, my Democratic congressman sends out a newsletter that asks for his constituents' opinions all the time. Get to be an activist and you find most congressmen want to know. Of course, I wouldn't want him to always do what the majority wants, or that I want. And I certainly don't want my congressman sending out newsletters with articles written by white supremacists.
Why not BP? They made a hugh difference in the community. They destroyed it along with hundreds of thousands of small businesses in the Gulf State area. All it took was a hours to destroy an eco system and economy. This was a golden opportunity for you to win the south in an election that's going to be tight. That's a shame - too bad. No one made it right.
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