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The economy has added private sector jobs for 24 straight months - over 3.9 million job have added over that time. This chart tells the story of our recovery so far, but behind each number is the story of every business that's started hiring and every unemployed worker who found a new job. Are you one of them? Tell us your story at:
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Good job cleaning up the mess you were left from previous administrations :)
Then why is unemployment still so close to depression numbers?
Hey!!! Look over here!! Obama had an afro at Harvard!! Birth control!! Religion!!
+Joe Vinson It takes a while to put Humpty Dumpty back together. Especially when the republicans are trying intentionally to break it again while its in the shop for repairs.
Yeah, and what was his name then, Barry?
It's not like people were going to stay unemployed forever... I don't know that our current president can take the credit for my 3 laid off brother-in-laws finally landing jobs again over the last 3 years.
Paul, if he can't take credit (a reasonable argument) then he can't be blamed?
So the reason the U6 Umeployment number is still at 10% is because you added over 3 million jobs? Huh?
That was my exact argument but backwards. The Obama administration (and it's fans) won't take blame for the slide. They lay it on Bush's plate. Hence the reason they can't take credit for the growth.
+Joe Vinson Maybe unemployment is still so bad because we are coming off one of the biggest worldwide economic collapses in modern history, and with a certain amount of previous employment (like in the building/housing sector) actually based on a falsely inflated economy.

Actually a little like what Bush had to deal with when he came into office. The bust hit, and Bush got saddled with the job losses, even though a portion of the jobs created during the Clinton years were based on a bubble economy, and a false reality. (Which is why I cut Bush slack back then).

We ought not ever try to return to our economy circa 2006/2007, when home prices hit a ridiculous peak and people were spending and borrowing, and hiring, based on those inflated values. Unfortunately we have to re-set what we think of as reality with an earlier baseline of comparison.

Pre-2008 we had the peak of an economic bubble, and now we deal with the cleanup. It's a slow process.
More people are taken off unemployment due to "running up their time" (and no longer counted) than there are people hired. Lol keep up the BS.
Because +Jeremy Buchanan, the cause of the economic collapse was centered around housing, and it takes quite a while for that to resolve itself. If you have a massive housing collapse, combined with job losses, do you expect for housing to turn in a year, two or three? And are we not being selective if we ignore the rise in existing homes?

And what is the alternative? What would you have done? Tax cuts in 2009? Bail out the homeowners in 2009? Let the banks fail in 2009? It's easy to critique. It's hard to establish a bulletproof and comprehensive plan to pull an economy out of the dumps.
+James Heath That is a good point, about the shrinking labor force. I've been curious as to what these "given up" people actually end up doing to pay their bills. You hear them mentioned, as though they are just "disappeared". But how do they live, I wonder. Is it strictly via unemployment benefits? I wonder about that and wish they would explore that more.

+Jeremy Buchanan The economy is measured by more than on statistic. GDP, job growth, corporate profits, consumer confidence, manufacturing surveys, car sales, new and existing home sales. Ah complexity hurts the mind.
Number of female or any other veterans being homeless in 2012 is due to lack of exit strategy of the team who invaded two countries thinking it would be "slam dunk" projects.
I'm hearing alot of excuses but no substance....
So clever Phillip. I raise valid points and nobody has quality answers to them. So joke around with me all you want. You offered what great piece to refrute the questions I asked?
+Jeremy Buchanan obviously you do not understand what I said. Read it over, and over again until you get it. Here's a hint(your single little http link, although rediculous to try and prove your point, we may be saying the same thing)
+Philip J Reed Because he woke up when he sat in front of Glenn Beck's chalkboard and inhaled all the chalk dust. He would find all his answers had he watched Fox News in 2008 on the very same topics, where its "journalists" said the POTUS doesn't control what his "grievances" currently are.
I would argue that these are great questions that must be answered in order for Presdient Obama to claim that the economy is recovering and turning around when, in fact, it really is not. Not by far. Not even close.
Well, just chant with your prayers beads for it all to get better for you, Jeremy.
No Answers of substance to the questions I asked? Chickens. ;)
What job growth? Seriously does this moron believe we are that stupid. What he didn't think we wouldn't notice the slight of hand he played with numbers. Well actually nothing slight about it. If he was a magician everyone would have noticed the pink elephant walking on stage.
+T Alexander If they were to show the actual percentage of ALL of the who are unemployed, this includes those who are not on government support, it would not help their political goals. And if say, unemployment (hypothetically) was at or near 20%, would you think it wise or beneficial to those controlling the nation to just tell the public that increase has not happened at all? It's much easier to make boundaries such as those on unemployment, receiving the benefits until a certain period and counted as such while only receiving those benefits, and once those benefits ends you are no longer counted as unemployed because you are not being supported by the govnmtnt. This way unemployment "Decreases" providing a growing economy on graphs like this and people who do not know this just mozzy around spewing stuff like "look at this, the economy is growing and the president is doing his job"
Sam Ali
Good job! It's never about WHO's right, it's always about WHAT's right. The job of a president and his admin is to serve the country, and in this case, the president did the right thing, job well done!
+Jeremy Buchanan I think you are not getting answers to your questions because people reading the thread suspect, that you are data mining into very specific numbers, in order to purport to conclude an opinion that you have already decided.

The overwhelming facts are that the US economy is getting better. It isn't great, but it is getting better.
+Jeremy Buchanan If you weren't such an ignorant troll regurgitating rightwing talking points, you'd have recalled Philip Mangano, the homelessness czar appointed by President George W. Bush, who declared there was clear evidence of an unfolding long term crisis.
Anyone that believes this garbage needs to put down the crack pipe down and get a wiff of reality. There hasn't been any job growth the last two years more people lost jobs than gained it. Here is what they did. I'm going to use some made up numbers so just to simplify the issue. Say you have 10% unemployment and 100,000,000 out a potential worker that would be 10,000,000 unemployed. But instead of those people getting jobs what Obama did is well just inflate that 100,000,000 number to drop it down to 8.3% So the way this is done (10/8.3)*100,000,000 gives you a new work force total of 120.48million works. So he made up 20million workers that magically appeared in that short of time. The way we know it is made up the work force doesn't just grow instantly and not at some insane rate like that people enter into it over time as they finish school and so or even move her from other countries. If his number are correct the only way it could be accounted for is 20million illegals got into the US in a real short time and they are the ones taking all of the jobs of citizens who can't find one. Hmmm. I doubt that many illegals came across it would have looked like a herd of them. So the truth Obama lied simple as it gets.
占领+The White House 白宫,推广汉语,!
占领+The White House 白宫,推广汉语,!人人有责!
Until our government start reporting the real non adjusted numbers none of the numbers mean anything.
I know plenty of people that are still un-employed once the benefits ran out. I know people who are collecting because they don't want to work. I also know of people who just didn't file but are un-employed. So what are the real numbers? No one knows for certain. And btw, the sky is falling, health care will pay for itself, weapons of mass destruction, bigfoot and I have a bridge for sale.
Alexandr Rabinov - President Reagan faced much worse economic issues than President Obama but President Reagan turned the country around and got the American People working again. Unemployment has been over 8.3% or Worsre since Obama took office. Don't just take my word for it. Read it from the Official Source:
I am one of those. Although, I had to leave the state I was living in to get a job in another state. What state do you ask? Orlando to PA. Good thing I network. Even today my company has hired three more people we are back to full capacity. Good job Obama, even though people refuse to believe that he has anything to do with it.
didnt the number go up because the people were unemployed so long that they no longer counted?
Awesome photo, white house or President Obama.
This little progress is in spite of the president's policies. Hey, put up the graph showing the increases in government employment.
Two things +Jeremy Buchanan the posting on the right wing blog didn't have a link to said survey and the quoted section claims unemployment wouldn't go lower than 8.4% yet a different posting on the right has the unemployment rate at 8.3%. I think we'll be alright.
LOL... can't put lipstick on it.
I'd like to know where the jobs are hiding at? Game of hide & seek anyone?
+Jeremy Buchanan asks "If the economy is getting better, then why did new home sales in the United States hit a brand new all-time record low during 2011?"

Because there was a housing bubble in the Bush administration, causing speculative overbuilding. Remember?

(All tied into various other forms of financial mismanagement, which some people are trying very hard to also disremember. Hopefully the rest of us won't be confused into forgetting what actually happened. But yeah, if houses go for twice what they are worth, they will be overbuilt, no?)
"3.9 million job have added over that time."

That's some lousy copy; you folks need to hire a proofreader.
let's create more jobs in private sector, i'm not sure if this graph is true
This is the trouble with trying to have a meaningful discourse these days. Lots of folks not only have their minds made up before they start, but they accept or reject facts based on their opinions rather than the other way around. Hopefully this is a small group compared to the whole electorate, but they seem determined to be loud about it.
Thank goodness the white house is finally getting out a positive message! The negative disinformation that Republicans are spreading is dispiriting and un-American
I think these are off shore, mr president
+Jeremy Buchanan If the economy is not getting better, isn't that an indicator that tax cuts for the super-rich are not creating more jobs and are not benefiting the economy? You can play this both ways. It would seem to me that claiming the economy is not getting better is more an indictment of Republican policy than of the president.
This graph is not a lie. The job situation has been getting better and he's done some ok things. BUT.... I would still rather remove a nut than vote for Obama. Why? Because I am a liberal and this president is a neoconservative. He is outspokenly anti-gay, anti-muslim, anti-whistleblower, pro-drug war, pro-wall street fat cats, corporate ally, anti-privacy, anti-internet freedom, pro-torture, pro-surveillance, giving tax cuts to the wealthiest americans and corporations, pro-revolving door politicians (ie monsanto, comcast, GE, etc), anti-transparency, pro-big pharma, radical zionist and has killed thousands of civilians in the 5+ countries we currently have military operations in.
Yes, the idea of having another Republican in the White House scares the crap out of me, but as it stands, Obama might as well be one. This is why I will vote for Rocky Anderson or Jill Stein. Throwing away my vote would be to reward Obama for deliberately lying to me and saying he cared about these issues when all he did was carry on the work of George W Bush.
Wow, give me a break ... ridiculous.
Not here in Wisconsin yet. Recall Walker!
Often I wonder what it is that makes people choose one side or the other and then selectively apply their attention only to the things that support their initial conclusion.

Republicans, nothing that Obama does will ever be good enough for you. I mean that literally. You all have made up your minds to find fault with him and you won't let the facts interfere with your agenda. Until the Republicans dominate all three branches of government, you all are going to find one reason or another to be unhappy with how this country is governed.
Does the quickly rising deficit and quickly decreasing value of the dollar not count? America is hurting badly and if you don't see it, you are watching too much mainstream media.
so.. put 50 million out of work, but provide 3.9 million 'new jobs'?
How is that seem as a GOOD thing?
Let's put it this way, we went through a bad economy and we little by little we are getting back in track
Lets see if I can put it to you people another way. I collect data and and actually look at facts and figures. This is a list of some of the agencies and stuff I get data from on my site If you check those URLs they are federal government. The only so called data showing Obama's miraculous improvement in Job growth is the garbage he and his cohorts are trying to pass off to the american public. Once you stop listening to him and start looking for real empirical data the vale disappears there is no economic turn around in the least dam bit. In fact more companies are slated to let go an estimated 50,000 or so people in the next few months. Those are just the ones I know about. No telling how many others will also be doing that. Some companies will even see a growth in economic hard times. Look at all the people who got rich during the great depression or the stock market crash. The economy never goes 100% in one direction. Someone usually is capable of finding an angle to make a living. So a few companies and people getting hired isn't representative of the larger story or picture.
food stamp 是什么,粮票?
+Mad Kienzle Yea, its people who have a short attention span and don't listen that got this country in the hole is now.
They look for the short answer the quick answer or the one that makes them feel good rather than what makes sense or actually works and so on. So no surprise you've probably been asleep most your life or may as well have been!
+Paul Jewkes I agree with you, that President Obama can not take the credit for private job creation, just like President Bush can not be blamed for tanking the economy.

But, I do blame Mr. Bush for digging a huge hole in front of the country by starting two wars without paying for them (anyone remember those on various talk shows stating that the Iraq war would "pay itself"? -- I Know, it's been almost 10 years.)

Following the same logic, I do credit Mr. Obama for stopping the free fall and starting to dig the country out of the hole.

It would be nice if the economy grows faster. But I do not believe it is reasonable to expect the world's largest economy to fully recover in 4 years from a hole dug during the previous 8 years.
Obama is not "digging us out of the hole" because he is creating laws and programs that cost money, he is continuing the warmongering of Bush, and he is chipping away at our freedoms more than any other President, including Bush. PLEASE people read up on Patriot Act (Bush + Obama), ACTA, NDAA (indefinite detention!), Monsanto, Solyndra, and the list goes on and on. I hope you understand the major "news" outlets are owned by the same companies that contributed the most $ to Obama?
I wonder if Obama really believes these statistics.
+Randy Hensley - I'm curious why Scott's opinions about Obama seemed to be taken personal by you to the point where you decided to attack Scott rather than talk about the issues?
+Huixue Liufeng depends on what you consider a job. In the U.S. it's fairly easy to find a job making $8 an hour, 15 hours a week with no benefits (whether or not you have a 4-year degree).
+Randy Hensley it sounds like you have some worry that people are misunderstanding reality and your need for fairness is not being met? Oh and I'm confused. What does "Idot conservative Fox" mean? I don't have cable TV so I'm confused.
+Randy Hensley - you really want people to know how smart you are so they take you seriously and respect your opinions?
+Scott Swain You are entitled to your opinions, obviously. That is all I have to say.
Thanks, +John Karl Nuttall - I typically do not believe statistics. I do appreciate you helping me understand Randy's point of view. From what I hear CNN, ABC, CBS, and MSNBC are just as much owned and biased as FAUX. I could be wrong, of course.
If you get a second term, i believe that the economy will finally finish healing.
Put simply: Things were very bad. They're getting better. It's not just about politics, but I there's no question: Obama's a better president than Bush.

I hope they keep improving and Obama gets a boost in November. Romney's policies would make the rich much richer. That wouldn't help...
+Danning Yu You know, I probably should keep this to myself, but I can't help it. ;-) I think you are "too simple, sometimes naive."
But despite gains in employment during that same stretch, America is still down six million jobs, data shows.
Not everybody deserves a job...some are just too lazy or unable to adapt. Got to take out the weaklings from the job market. I am sure our workforce is much more efficient now.
+Randy Hensley ground level reality is... Between then and now, we’ve added back more than two million jobs. With that big of a gap yet to fill, it’s extremely unlikely the unemployment rate will fall to a more “normal,” pre-crisis level of 6% by the end of this year. The outlook isn't a good as some think, unfortunately.
Smoke, mirrors, and outright lies! Cooked books are not job growth!
Turn the last half of the graph upside down and you will have the TRUTH!
You are a "dum ass" with english and grammar, though
好像现在的年轻人都挺浮躁 想干轻松的活 还想拿的多
Be careful of those one-sided stats charts! It doesn't show you a bigger picture.
HA. obama dont know what he doin.
you did well ,thanks .
Obama lies about his religion what's to keep him from lying about employment rates?
Oh look, a chart. Anyone who buys any of this propaganda is an idiot.
Nothing happens overnight, especially when it involves running a country or even a broken country at that.
Unemployment at was steady between 5&6% through most of the bush years...he was afforded no slack on why those numbers were so high. Why are we congratulating each other for 8.3%...I'd you truly believe that is the real number...that doesn't count people like me who went from a decent salary to a crappy hourly wage...but hey...I'm employed right...doesn't matter that I'm just above poverty level...just enough above that I qualify for zero assistance...yes....the economy is going swimmingly well thanks for asking
DEAR JOE must be One..bored,,lonely.sad individual...i'm sorry to say.!
I am an unemployed Security Officer, I have an unarmed license, I could again get an armed license, I had one in the past, I have tons of experience. East time I apply on line it turns out be a security school looking for students. I DON'T NEED MORE TRAINING!!! I could teach the fucking course!! My job, (I had for13&1/2 years) was outsourced. Now I'm looking for a different line of work, real work, not more useless training.
The recession we are in will be nothing compared to what will happen if Israel goes to war with Iran. We would soon be embroiled in another world war is that happens. Our gas supplies would go up to an astronomical price. Our economy would definitely go into a depression level. There is always some way things can get worse quickly. Let's hope for the best! Let's hope the Obama administration is working harder on this then they ever did on the economy!
In the past 3 years I went from having over 90 clients to less than 40. My income dropped drastically. Most of my friends are jobless. Some are now even homeless. America is broke. Please do not believe lying statistics. You can make statistics say anything.
Compared with Obama's g+, the White House is too not give power, I had a go !
They won't show before 2008, because it was better before 2008. They cant show how they screwed things up and still hope for people to be happy.
Dr. W
Jobless since 2008, yeah.... your lying.....
Say no to socialism, fire Obama. He is selling us into economic slavery.
Dovie R
*TSA jobs created, FIFY
Failed to label graph axis. My math teacher would have you shot.
"All you need is love"
- The Beatles 2012 :)
Do you people know what your debating? Stop fighting! Why do you have to take sides? Form your OWN opinion. You people are arguing and not going anywhere!!! Stop saying the same shit the reporters are saying! And if you do put " " in..
Fucking sheep!!!!! 
It happens every single year during and a little after christmas....

Unemployment is still stupid and can we get a word about inflation?? Everything is 3 times what it was 5 years ago.

Tina Mi
普及汉语 人人有责
学习汉语 服务人民
How do republicans plan on winning the next election? Oh I forgot! They still have bigotry.
奇怪为什么这边却没人来占坑. 坑爹啊~
We need assistance,you know,special assistance!
哎呦我去!我天朝网民真是一包欢乐啊,白宫都被find out了。
derr. Rob, the x axis is placed at y=o, so that above is positive and below is negative. Not exactly a subjective placement.
Dear Voter:

The economy colapsed because of the lack of regulation in the financial market, tied directly to housing market. Some of the worlds most intelligent people went on making decisions, including our very own gov. regulators. One name that sticks out in particular "in the oversight" is Henry Paulson:Secretary of Treasury (responsible for????) (FOR???), elected by George W. Bush (who I voted for admittedly). So, those unregulated "intelligent" individuals were given free rein on our financial institutions and they sucked all of the blood right out of the body of the country. To assume that our country would run autonomously and that the decisions people would make, given endless gov. oversight, would be inherently "GOOD", is really just ignorance. "People are inherently greedy and selfish and the more they get, the more they want," I'll personally accept my own ignorance on that one (wink).

As-far-as the presidency goes, don't try to make it look like the president can legislate law - he can't. Only congerss has that power. Furthermore, the president is mainly iconic: sybolic. His job is to show strength to the world and virtue to his people: Philanthropy. His job is to lay out the agenda for the country in font of congress and to let them know what we are working on as a country. When he feels they are not doing their job, his job is to announce it to the American public in the "State of The Union Address." This action puts a spotlight on congressional complacency and kicks the fire up under congress, metaphorically speaking. There are various other jobs the president has, none which would have relevancy to this argument.

Per-the-job of president of The United States of America, Barack Obama has been an outstanding president. This opinion, of course excluding: racism, prejudice, and any other kind of irrational "Hate against the person," and extremist right or left wing hogwash. Barack Obama has fullfilled his duty almost flawlessly - with minor error of course; I think we can at least allow minor error right, he's human.

The reason why I bash extremest's here is because they are exactly that: extreme. I have this philosophy that "too much of anything isn't good for you," it's just something I believe in. Take your energy and do something productive with it that will make a difference. I'm sure if they did a health study on "extremists," they would be on the verge of a massive heart attack. Really electing a president is really not losing your life for. It's one little circle you fill in with a pencil, the rest is out of your hands. (Wink). The fact that other people disagree with you is, well, a democratic issue: We live in a democracy.

I pay attention to the main stream news. My advice to you is not to let your emotions get the best of you. when you hear someone speaking who has a hate agenda to fulfill recognize it and consider watching the president speak, do a little diging around - do some research.

Chose a president on poise, and passion. A president. Among candidates who stands out with ambition. If he has none of the issues on his agenda that are relevant to advancing your interest, vote for one of the independent parties who could surely use your vote.

- Independent parties can win with voter aberration, if that's what the country really wants.

And for Heaven's sake, take it up with CONGRESS! Email the hell out of them, join groups online that beat on our governments door! The more people who send letters and emails and gather in strength about certain issues the more results you will see, that's how you make a difference. Use social media to search and post your concerns. News will fly like the wildfire!


Your not so Liberal, not so Republican, not so Democrat, not so anything voter with my own very special interests.
Lovely sentiment, but the text wants to be edited for clarity. 
Hermanos latinoamericanos como yo no me fallen,todavia no hemos hecho 5.000 firmas,voten
por el Presidente Barack y Michelle Obama,como he dicho en varios de mis comentarios breves
pero es la verdad que el Presidente Obama y su esposa Michelle han sido los gobernadores
Maximos de esta Nacion tan poderosa y queno abusa de su poder,despues de que se termino la guerra fria,son ustedes de jusgar la manera que ha utilizado el poder,donde a podido retirar las
tropas lo ha hecho,afortunadamente el no ha comenzado ningun conflicto,y ha tratado la fuerza
por la paz,como yo les decia cuando comencé la pagina de la Casa Blanca que ni la Corea del
Norte ni Iran de la manera que el Presidente ha tratado los problemas,Corea del Norte es arreglado,jamas el Presidente ha querido usar la fuerza,Israel que ha querido invahir Iran y el Presidente Obama prefiere utilizar la diplomacia que la Madame Clinton a llevado muy bien en
todos los focos de guerras religiosas,y actuara cuando los problemas de guerras semi-civiles
que estan en la mira del presidente,si actua con soldados en una tendria otra guerra de indo china,otro Vietnam,yo espero que los Americanos y los LatinoAmericanos se den cuenta de este
juego de dominos,uno empuja uno y todos caen,yo creo que han bien entendido,aquellos que de haber bien pensado que si hay pequenas revueltas con beligerantes muertos,imaginense cuantos muertos habrian en una guerra dominos,muy buena reflexion del Presidente Obama que sera tratado por la historia como uno de los mejores estrategas,teniendo el poder para destruir cualquiera guerra BRAVO PRESIDENTE,y nosotros apoyemos esta estrategia con votos y los
latinoamericanos le demostraremos que estamos con el y que queremos la paz,hermanos voten
voten y voten un abrazo
Why today comments so few? 500 is very easy, especial with "happy" Chinese.
到此一游!Hello, Obama, you are good. Pls free Chinese people.
This summer plan to the White House holiday, be sure to organize the army of martial law in Washington! Numerous entourage, you need to blast the White House west of the federal government office buildings, razed to build a giant airliner airport. Due to time constraints, we can consider postponing the 2012 presidential election. Matters more than speed and Congress for approval, if necessary, to find Obama Jun signature. Laptops, Barack Obama and Hillary on time pick-up, taking into account the weather and time zone reasons, the scene standby 24 hours in advance!
concordo com tudo oque parceiro ae de cima falou !!
Do you no how to get jobs....... You build facteries. That will get jobs and slow down chinas debt
Why don't they show the whole picture which should include the amount of jobs lost in the last 24 months. It should also show the amount collecting unemployment and the amount that gave up on looking for jobs that the government does not even count. This chart is like saying wow, look at all the money I made the last two years, but does not account for all the money I sank in taxes, bills, food, gas, etc.
Private sector means jobs created by you and me, not by big government. Government is public sector jobs.
It's simple..we need about 250k job new jobs a month just to keep up with students and foreign folks just to break even...if you do a little math...3.9M/24 months = 160k new jobs a month, not to mention all the jobs looks pretty, but we're still fall much to short to call it jobs growth...pick up a calculator instead of just believing the hype.
U.S. soldiers massacred the people of Afghanistan, every American is the murderer!
In 2011, the U.S. trade deficit with the rest of the world was about 560 billion dollars.
We have a trade imbalance that is more than 5 times larger than any other nation on earth has. That means that we are getting poorer at a far faster rate than anyone else is.
For the entire year of 2011, our trade deficit with China hit a grand total of about 295.5 billion dollars. That was the largest trade deficit that one country has had with another country in the history of the world.
An average of 23 manufacturing facilities a day closed down in the United States during 2010.
Right now, there are approximately 6 million fewer jobs in America than there was back in December 2007.
The U.S. national debt is growing by about 150 million dollars every single hour.
Zabi D.
Yo chinese dude, the white house is responsible for those murders and the soldier have to get the death sentence. 1+ for you
.....added in spite of the present administration and the locked down democrat senate....
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