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"Now, some people call this class warfare. But I think asking a billionaire to pay at least the same tax rate as his secretary is just common sense." -President Obama on the Buffett Rule, a principle of fairness that ensures that millionaires and billionaires do not pay less in taxes than middle class families pay.

What's your take on the Buffett Rule?
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I like the way our commander and chief is trying to help/make the people understand what he is trying to achieve. This is far from new, we are as a whole actually paying lower taxes than we where 30 years ago. The tax rate has gone down considerably over the last few decades. In truth it it's more like trying to right a tipping ship. Our country is hemorrhaging money. I understand this because my and many American households are as well. It's not class warfare if my tax rate is 20% higher than the next tier of people. And 30% higher than the tier after that. Again all he wants to do is right the ship that is steadily sinking. again thank you Mr President.
Everyone should pay their fair share of taxes, millionaires and billionaires shouldn't be excluded or given breaks. Because of unfairness such as this, is why "we the American people" are tired of the the governmental abuse. Nothing ever changes, yet come election time they want us to vote, vote for who, all politicians are alike. It's a shame that WE THE POOR AND MIDDLE CLASS, have to live from pay check to pay check or get a second job, mean while millionaires and billionaires are enjoying life. Thanks to who? The American government.
I do think the Buffet Rule is a good thing and a place to start, what also has to be fixed are the loopholes for stashing money overseas corporate or individual.
If he's suggesting increasing Capital Gains or Corporate Taxes to match Income Taxes, you can kiss a lot of jobs, and retirement funds, goodbye.

They are not the same. Buffet pays Cap Gains taxes on money he's invested after paying taxes on the income that funded it, not Income Tax, his secretary pays Income Tax.
I agee. No more shelter for the wealthy who can hide their income out of the country. It's time for the middle class and the poor to progress.The wealthy are only 1% of the country, Don't let them bully you. The 99% of Americans have more power than them if you combine your voice and your effort. Don't get distracted by the empty rhetoric of the Republicans if you want to improve your life. Stand with President Obama, he's the only one who cares for you. Don't you see? All their candidates are wealthy, they don't know how to be on your shoes. Even the Republican congress are wealthy, they're just protecting their own interest. Can you afford to have elevator for your cars in your house? Mansions ? Summer Houses? Pravate Health Care? Private schools for your kids? A dozen cars? Endless money? But they can. What do you have??????
If, by your argument, millionaires and billionaires are paying (capital gains tax) a lower percentage than their secretaries (income tax); lower the taxes for the secretary don't raise them for the millionaires and billionaires. Unless you'd like to rename it the buffoon rule.
Cass Larsen
It's been proven over and over that Buffets secretary does not pay more taxes (percentage). Here is a better idea, make the +/-49% that don't pay taxes, pay taxes! You the government make it possible for them (successful) to find loop holes so they don't pay as much in taxes i.e. G.E.. Change the tax code and make it a flat tax for everyone and enforce those lazy people that don't pay at all. Stop demonizing the succesful and stop babying the self entitled and lazy. Here is a rule for you, HIGHER TAXES FOR THE SO-CALLED RICH (Business owners)= LESS JOBS FOR THE PEOPLE.
We have to make a choice between middle-class families paying more or having billionaires pay their fair share. What he's really saying: we can't afford to do anymore tax cuts, but if I raise taxes for the lower and middle classes, I will lose the election. So, let's raise taxes on the upper class, and maybe I'll even get a spike in polls.
rendre unto Caesar that which is Caesar's (goodness only knows !)
Let us steal from the rich and give it to the poor. Come on! Have we not heard this before? At least let the rich direct how their tax money ought to be used. You want a budget fix. Create one that depends on patronage of its citizens with what they want to sponsor. That way money from one pot does not go missing to pay for another pot. Especially one I do not support.
I personally don't see how the so called "trickle down effect works". From the way it is argued, you give breaks to people who already have lots of money so they use this extra money to give people jobs. The problem I see with this is that business owners already know what is required to run their businesses, especially large business and corporations. Giving the leaders ( who I feel already have more than enough money to meet their needs) a break to create more jobs just means that they can pocket more money, since they are going to keep the minimum necessary amount of labor to meet the business needs since they wish to maximize profit.

Taxes are necessary, and if a person has more then it only makes sense that they would be able to give more. It's not like their needs get more expensive just because they make more money, so anything above and beyond that is bonus. While there are people who do good things with additional funds in their possession, like creating jobs, there are far too many scrooges out there who would cling to every last cent and only grudgingly pay if forced by something like laws. So I feel that the Buffet Rule is necessary, if not long overdue.
I live comfortably in the mid-lower/working class. I may pay a lot in sales and service taxes (no capital gains for me), but my wife and I received more money back from state and federal income tax than we even put in (thank you other tax payers). I'm pretty sure the upper class is putting in more than me - and probably the majority of this country. Unless the Buffet rule is going to make a head tax or flat tax or get rid of about 80% of the tax code, then don't expect much difference...
billionaire do get tax brake but there are other ways to save there money . but if you employ your employ full time then there should be a del with the govement for right off to day
Matt V
You really want to talk about class? Hey Obama how about stop putting your feet up on The Resolute Desk & the other furniture. The White House does not belong to you. It belongs to the people. Show some class & respect. 
I believe in the concept of a fair tax law but I think the greatest confusion comes from those that haven't made over 6 figures a year. It's so easy to hide the income you get each year by investing in other things like real estate and businesses that show a loss. What are we doing to reform the accounting for the income. It's not a matter of how much you make it's how smart you are about investing.

The unfortunate thing for low income families is they have no where to hide their income such as investments because they don't make enough to buy into investments that will grow over time.

Take for instance investing in a diamond ring. If you pay less than $10,000 for your diamond ring it's probably not worth the money you spent.

However, if you paid over $10,000 it's probably a solid investment and you can insure it for more than what you paid.

My point is that by setting the limit at $250,000 a year for not raising your income tax gives those that make over $1,000,000 a lot of room to hide the fact that they make over $1,000,000. Really because you only have to report enough to show that your living off of that money. Isn't $250,000 more than enough to live off of for a year?

The problem is not the limit it's how we report the income which is filled with loop holes that the rich profit from and the poor struggle to find.
+Victor Pires The rich already have a large amount of lobbying and influence in government basically dictating where tax money get's spent. What about the vast majority of Americans who also pay taxes and don't have extra money to buy lobbyist and political favors? Will they also be able to tell how taxes should be spent? My guess is no.
The people of this country are beyond tired of this facade and rhetoric... it's obvious, there's nothing (democrats or republicans alike) are going to do to fix things - they can't. It's beyond their pay grade.
How many billionaires are there? How many hours would the federal government operate if we just took everything they had? Nice try marketer in chief. Let's look at medicare, the Bush drug plan, and social security...the real problems.
As for Buffet I suggest he starts by volunteering his SAVINGS/INVESTMENTS.
The idea that trickle down economics works is the stupidest thinking in economics. If the idea had worked we would all be on easy street with a cool glass of iced tea. Conservatives have been trying to convince people with the same thing for thirty years, in all that time trickle down is more a golden rain then anything else.
As someone once said, first we have to define the tax rate we are talking about. If we mean that rate you get by dividing total federal income tax paid by total income from whatever source, from wherever earned (including tax exempt, offshore, blind trusts, etc.) then I agree. The wealthy shouldn't pay a lesser rate than those less wealthy.
Instate the Buffet Rule and reinstate the glass-steagall act while you're at it.
jia jia
Michael!!! if you are old enough, you should know that by giving tax brake to everybody will cost a financial problem.. it was done by Regan and also by bush. Regan saw the huge problem it was causing so he made changes. bush left us with a huge problem. yes there are other issues at hand but we need to address this huge issue.. we need to pay our fair chair in taxes..
Trickle down economics, like feeding the elephant, hoping that some food will drop from his mouth and feed the birds around him.
How Many poor people have any of you ever worked for,poor people do not create jobs ,this is another case of class warfare pitting one against the other from our great commander in chief
I agree with the president. Secretary shouldn't pay more when her boss. Let CUT secretary taxes to 15% (according to Buffet that what he pay) On the other hand, does any of you liberal idiots now anything about math?
15% of $1B >> 30% of $30K.
Yan, yes, dollar wise it is more. But they'll feel it the same way. That's why percentages work. If everyone loses 15% of what they make, it's fair. Conservative idiot.
She actually makes >$200k. As an individual earner, she'd be included in the "Billionaire tax"... and if married and her husbands makes more than $50k, they would also have the increase.
+douglas gentry What do you call the systematic changes in the tax code over the last thirty years that have blown the income gap wide open? Why is it only called "class warfare" when an effort is made to correct that situation?
Yes the president wants to be fair so close to election time. Wow!!
Nationalize (socialize) the sale and distribution of all narcotics! Uncle Sam as a Drug Dealer....or legalize drugs and prostitution and tax the shit out of it!
Same is every where, middle classes pay for everything.. upper classes always have ways to cut it off.. does not matter America, Turkey or any other places on the world.. this the main rule..
+Yan Portnoy - And, you know, where is the magic pixies dust that creates money for the government going to come from?

Personally, I think the democrats should propose a budget in which all taxes are cut to 0 and all government funding (including salaries) is cut to nothing. Force the Republicans to be in the position of 'raising taxes'.

And of course 15% of $1B > 30% of $30K. In truth, the billionare can probably afford to spend 400-500 million at least, where the secretary earning $30k can't really even afford the $9k she's paying.
+Eric Hopper She pays 30% because she makes more than $200k in income. She's be included in any "Billionaire's Tax Increase" that affects Income (vs. Cap Gains).

We all pay the same Capital Gains rate.
Buffett still owes a billion in taxes by the way he has been fighting the IRS for years. Yet another one of the obama games. Why is the Canadian pipeline scrapped? Who owns the railroad transporting oil from Canada? Warren Buffett?!
I would really like our government to address the congress' ability to print money. This is the single most dangerous thing our economic system faces, yet the entire government chooses to ignore or downplay it.
is waiting for Barack's april fool's joke tomorrow
OK, reduce the tax rate of the secretary and make it just as easy for her to navigate the tax code on her own as the billionaire with his phalanx of tax preparers and attorneys.
obama has failed in every aspect, stimulus didn't work, billions to his buddies for failed green projects, all this crap about paying fair share is bunk. Media drives all you who don't know they have been talking about capital gains. Buffett "gave" his money to Gates and they both will pay no estate or fed tax on that income but still live just fine.

If EVERYONE, yes EVERYONE that made more than $250k a year gave every penny they made to the government, it wouldn't make a dent in this presidents spending spree, hell it wouldn't cover all his vacations I would guess. Do the math, if you make $10 a day you can't spend $10,000,000,000,000,000. But the democrats do
We are WAY too top heavy when it comes to wealth gaps from the upper to middle to lower class in this country. The buffett rule is what the government should do to help assist this. Currently, we have an unsustainable economic model. If nothing is done we will not succeed as a nation.
+billy breeze The Congress shall have Power..To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof,... Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution.
I think that my preference would be to allow the middle class to rise up, rather than dragging down the upper class. I've never worked for a poor person, and suspect that the fewer high-income earners we allow to exist, the fewer job creators we'll have as well. i the only american??
No exploration means the prices we have for gasoline now. Wait until the price of food meets that high price. Plastic, fertilizer, paint, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals all are made from petro products. Oil companies increase the economy in TX some towns are gone because of this drilling ban. Yet obama allows Brazil drill plus he gave them $15B and told us to pound sand get oil from someplace else. Another great deal for Soros, Buffett and China not to mention his Saudi buddies....
If we really want to change the system, the Ryan plan will work. 2 rates with no loopholes.
+Ned Ousley , what's definitely not the role of the government is to give one of the most profitable industries in the world our tax dollars. Check the polls, the American people agree.

If you knew anything about business you would know that it's not tax breaks that makes business grow, it's demand. Put more money in the hands of consumers and businesses are more profitable, hire, and grow to satisfy demand. When you give companies tax breaks instead of the people you do not create demand and that money does not make it to the people. Don't believe fox news my friend. This information is easily found with a little research.
classy warfare (a kindler, gentler machine gun hand)
10% flat tax.You say good by to special interests and political favoritism (ie your wall street buddies) Accountants can go back to work helping companies prosper rather than avoid taxes. You would never do it as that is what got you there
+Chad LaFarge I think that your proposals are based on emotional if not fairy tails. The amount of money available is specific and a State needs a way to allocate it, in order to allocate indirectly allocate goods and products, that is Tax system.
If you try to endlessly rise the middle class without redistribution of wealth, you will end up devaluating your currency which to some extent might bring advantages but to a further one, it might bring disaster...
I think flat tax is not a justice. People who earn more should pay more as simple as that.
+Chad LaFarge - I'm somewhat uncomfortable with progressive taxation as well. A straight percentage, or at most two brackets seems more fair and reasonable.

But strongly feel that our system is broken to allow the level of disparity that exists. It doesn't mean we have to punish the people at the top, and taking money from them and giving it to the people at the bottom doesn't really work.

We need an overall change in how the rules work so that it doesn't create this kind of disparity in the first place. Most of the people at the top have just played the game really well. They haven't done anything wrong and aren't anymore evil than most. It's the game that's broken.
its not that people who earn more SHOULD pay more, it is that they CAN pay more... and therefore should.
I agree that each person should pay the same rate of tax both rich and poor.
i wich you (all of you) have a gôd week end
The Buffett rule doesn't address the primary reason Buffett pays so much less than his secretary; namely, his earnings are primarily capital investments and not income. Increasing the top marginal rate, or even creating a new top marginal income bracket does not address large inequities in the way we tax capital investment income. 
Are higher taxes really what America needs?
Higher taxes and tax cuts I believe will help
The last thing we need is more taxes. If anything, the president should be cutting entitlement programs away. If we cut ALL entitlements away (meidcare, social security etc etc) we could pay off the annual budget with the current tax rate and then pay off some of the debt. But that's never going to happen.

Ron Paul 2012
Sadly the President hasn't explained to Americans that he's talking apples and oranges. Warren and his secretary, Capital Gains and Income. Two different taxes. You may as well compare Hondas to Mack Trucks. Let's get a flat tax where EVERYONE pays the same percentage, and then get the government to keep in the budget.
We've had class warfare in America since the 80's. Just nobody started calling it that until the middle class began fighting back.
Then all of you that get refunds should send them back. I haven't had one for 25 + years and those who wait by the post box for that check are the ones touting the rich should pay more. I say you all send back that refund check because you not only don't pay ANY tax but you took some of mine.

To make it simple; If the government ran Facebook you would use MySpace, if the President was in charge of Google, you would be looking up Elephants in your Encyclopedia. Then you wouldn't know how challenged some of you are when it comes to media, because there wouldn't be any.

When Taxes increase the economy suffers, there is less reinvestment $ available...
It is sad how many people don't know the difference between personal income tax and capital gains tax. Maybe they do not know because they do not pay either one. It's also scary that I'm reading so many socialist comments. Useful idiots.
Good job Mr. President. That's real democracy. Fairness is the backbone of genuine civilized society. Let everyone pay their fair share. Good.
+Chris Sherman yeah, if we just kill off all the poor and elderly we won't need entitlement programs. We can be a nation of brutal monsters with NO national debt. We could also completely defund the military to balance the budget and pay off some debt, then we'd be a defenseless nation with no debt. Awesome idea, bro.
OH! I have an idea. Maybe the people who have made sickeningly huge piles of money off of American workers, citizens and consumers use some of that money to support and improve the lives of those people.
Instead of killing them off or leaving them defenseless.
Just an idea I had.
obama just aint a good president in my opinion
Get rid of all the exemptions, breaks, credits and itemizations. Make everyone pay a head tax OR flat percentage tax OR graduated tax. The way you do it will always have pros and cons. People will never agree on the same method. But it is irrelevant because the problem is overly complex tax code that allows some people to work the system.
It's not that we are calling it class warfare, it is class warfare. The Rich are paying more than their fare share. Where ~50% of americans don't. Pay taxes, the ones that do, ~40% of the taxes are covered by the top 1% and the rest paid by the other 49%..... sounds all fair to me
Job growth has little to do with taxes on the rich.
The so called job creators are not creating jobs in america because it's not profitable. They can find cheaper labor outside of America
They can automate
They can exploit workers by lowering their wage and benefits, then expect them to increase their workload

The wealthy have had control over our government since our independence. They will always find ways to exploit workers and consumers while maximizing their profits and contributing nothing of real value.

The solution is to stop relying on the wealthy for our sustenance
We need to remove barriers (that the large corporations put in place with their lobbying) for small businesses. We need to create more opportunities for local self-employment or worker-owned business.
We need to learn how to rely on ourselves, our families, and our communities. We can provide for each other. We aren't as helpless as they want us to think we are and we don't have to be dependent on the wealthy to sell us things we don't really need.

They're never going to pay their fair share. They will always convince government to write laws in their favor (laws that hurt their competition, small and local business) and/or ignore the laws that regulate them 
Yes let everyone pay their fair share.
I all have to say is the only way to make it "Fair" is the FairTax. Everyone pays. Even the illegal aliens.
+Craig Jordan That ain't happening. The DemocRATs don't want to alienate their constituents. Why do you think they hand out the Earned Income Tax Credit?
whatever. this country is falling apart. and i have not one ounce of patriotism left. thank you very much to all the ignorance and bullshit that has ruled the white house for the past 100 or so years.
Name dropped by the President during an address to the nation. That's got to be a first for a Nebraskan.
I think we should leave those poor rich people alone. Don't they have enough problems what with all their job creating and governing and all... We should all just be thankful that we have them to tell us what to do and how to do it!
If the tax code wasn't such a complicated mess, the average person could manipulate it to their advantage as well as someone with educated tax advisers. Simplify the code and the fairness will come. Personally, I'm impressed that no matter what they do, resourceful people will always find a way to be profitable. Keep trying, you're time's almost up.
+Sajan Parikh Actually it doesn't matter. The truth is nearly half of the people in this country DO NOT pay any federal taxes. Where's their 'skin in the game'?

Raising taxes on capital gains - which is WHY people like Buffet only pay ~15% - will raise more money for the federal government. It will also reduce investment. You can't have it both ways. I think the real question is - why is Buffets Secretary taxed so high while those above her pay less, and those below her pay nothing?
Why give tax breaks to a "trickle-down system" that is obviously broke and has been for years. It's not "raising" takes at all. Its putting them to the levels they should have been in the first place. The loop-holes have got to stop. Your vote remains secured Mr. President.
I'd be for it if we could also enact the "Illinois Governor" rule for politicians to serve a mandatory jail sentence after their term of office is up.
I do want to make a distinction between wealthy individuals and corporations.
Individual tax and corporate tax are two totally different things.
It's the corporations not paying their fair share.
They're supposed to pay 35% and they actually pay 12-15% on average. Which means some pay nothing. Some get money back
The rest (usually small businesses) make up the difference

Wealthy individuals obviously pay the majority of income taxes but they don't follow the same rules the rest of us do. They have more options. More places they can put their money so they don't have to pay taxes on it.
It's anything but fair. 
If you want millionaires and billionaires to pay more taxes than their secretaries, then pass a FLAT TAX with no exceptions.
People that do not want to pay taxes or want to pay less in taxes are the biggest free-loaders of them all. You have no idea how a society should function and are a detriment to this country and its future. If you want to live in a country with no services then there are plenty of failed states in Africa and south-central Asia for you to go move to.

This country's people need a serious reality check when it comes to what they need to do to make it work. You are not out there just for yourself, you are part of a system that requires you to participate for the whole thing to work at all and paying taxes is a big part of that. That not only goes for the individual but the corporations that are based here as well.

Google "shareholder capitalism vs stakeholder capitalism" and start reading. Also if any of you have never visited another modern first world country that is heavily socialized I suggest you do. Try visiting the Scandinavian countries or Japan. You will see how well off they are with stakeholder capitalism and a strong socialized services system.

I wouldn't hold my breath for this country though. If the world's nations can not get along, how well do you expect a country made up of the people they kicked out or couldn't hack it there will be?
An extra 2% of 1 million dollars is alot more than the average $50000-$60000
Anyone who understands about interest knows that there comes a time when if there is too much debt the ability to pay back that debt becomes nearly impossible, since the interest accrues faster than ones income can pay for it, even if all of ones income is used to pay for it. Many countries are reaching such a point of no return, and that is when austerity measures have to be put in place otherwise the whole government will collapse.

It is clear that we must both raise taxes and spend wisely before the United States of America reaches the point of needing to declare bankruptcy. Our problem is Republicans refuse to raise taxes, and the government as a whole is unwilling to spend wisely. We all will feel it, rich and poor, in order to fix our financial issues.
I wish I knew something profound to say that would make sense to everyone. I do think that President O'Bama is doing the best he can considering what he was given in his first term to clean up. Have we all forgotten that we voted him in to make a change, and no one seems to have the patience to allow him to do his job. Change takes time, and it also takes people who really want change to help him make the changes. Congress isn't helping him. President Roosevelt said, "The only thing we have to fear itself." The dissidents and the conservatives, and the far right seem to be scared to death of change. Well, I believe that "Change is a comin'" my friends. If you want change and you have no fear...then hang in there.
As far as the US debt goes we are not even that bad off. Look at Japan, their Public debt as a percentage of their GDP is over 200%. That means they take in twice as much debt as they make as an entire country. The US takes in between 94 and 101% of its GDP. Japan has been in economic stagnation for over 20 years now. Yet the country is not at risk of collapse, they provide a huge array of social services, the continue to invest in huge infrastructure projects, and they have the ability to snap back from disaster far faster than the US ever could (look at the state of the Tohoku region one year after the earthquake and tsunami, a massive natural disaster, vs the US and New Orleans after a very small disaster in comparison). Capitalism is alive and booming in Japan, anyone who visits there would be hard pressed to find a better example of capitalism.

So what is Japan doing right? They have a competent society that understands their stake is based on the performance of every individual. Businesses understand that if they improve not only their workers lives but the community around them that their success will be greater. A society that is able to spend more (the Japanese still have one of the highest percentages of disposable income) will be able to increase the ability for companies to generate revenue, which in turn can further help the society become more prosperous.

This is an idea that a number of countries hold at a cultural level. They see their success as being something that the whole society should take part in and benefit from. Bringing up everyone raises the over all standard of living and ability for the society to promote and continue prosperity.

This is an idea that is totally lost in the US. It is a lack of any cultural norm, a society based on being the best no matter the cost to anyone else, and a serious disregard, at least in the last 30 years for any sort of educational foundation that might reinforce helpful, empathetic ideas about society and the function of the individual and the function of the corporations in it.
I have more work for both classes.Sure MR president.So much work already done and I didn't get any credit.Now I keep the rest of the work for nobody.I moved on from under the bridge.
Come on man... Obama KNOWS this isn't gonna fly. Why didn't he try to get it done years ago when he had a democratic congress? And why didn't he let the Bush tax cuts expire when he had the chance? Barack was a Trojan horse... dude is really a republican.

Politics > Change.
ok why did you put that on for????but it was good as well
It always blows my mind when middle and lower class people defend tax cuts and corporate welfare. I don't buy that one job more was created by tax cuts. That's the typical brainwashing-propaganda that always comes out on a topic like this, but where is the evidence for it? We have certainly proven with TARP that throwing money at the wealthy does not create jobs nor stimulate a torpid economy. The wealthy took that money and gave it in bonuses to their already bloated upper management, they shipped it off shore, they outsourced and cut back with every bit as much energy as the months before. They did not free up credit to small business and individuals, they tightened the screws! All you have to do is look at the Grand Canyon we call the debt gap (that famous 99%) to see how things are getting worse. Yes Virginia there is a "class war" and the common guy is the real target. Not one job will be lost if the wealthy pay their fair share. If they are making money, they will keep hiring people. It's not about a few percentage points in taxes. There will be maybe a few less golden toilets and shower curtains, the obscene bonuses might have to be cut down a tad. They can survive that.
This is a call to action to the United States of America. If this country does not return to the principles and morals this country was founded on by our forefathers, especially George Washington we are all destined for failure. Please, if you have any love for this country you will listen to this. When the country started turning away from God, taking the lord out of schools, off public displays. That is when the moral fabric of the country started to come un-done. We where attacked on 9/11, our finances have failed, are you really ready for what is to happen next?
the elite is ready to kill the population,by make them sick by the lack of nution in thr future food,,we allready seeing it,then they use it as an argumen for puching more gmo poisen.
Hmm... Let's look at what a "fair share" would mean. Granted, everyone has their own definition of what is fair. I used a simple concept: that federal and state budgets be divided equally among the population. Using 2010 numbers:

Using google and some basic math...

US Federal Budget: $3.7 trillion
Combined State Budgets: $480 billion
Total: $4.18 trillion

US Population: 300 million
Per Person Tax Burden: $13,900

Average Household Size: 2.6
Average Household Tax Burden: $36,140

Median Household Income: $49,500

Based on those figures, 50% of US households would be left with less than $13,360 per year after taxes. Over 35% of US households wouldn't even make enough to cover their portion of the tax burden.

Hmmm... Not sure I like that version of "fair".
Rather laughable to name a rule to make the rich pay their taxes after a rich man who fails to pay his own. That's called hypocrisy where I come from.
so, is Warren Buffett "Everyone", or the Only 1 not paying whatever on the Un-Level Playing Field named "Fair Share"? Since the President has named the Congress "do nothing", why bother? This [and everything else] is the kind of thing to be "announced", "deemed", "executive ordered", "taken over", "czar-ed", "waivered", "exempted", added to Health Care rules after the re-election, or statistically profiled onto the latest special or inappropriate group by ... empathetic Court mandates having a "necessary and proper" whatever to Interstate Commerce. Heck, it could be a tax or not, depending on ...whatever.
If you tax raise the tax rate to 100% for the 1%, its only going to provide chump change compared to our national debt. The real class war is occuring on the people going to be retiring. Starting 1/1/13 the dividend tax is being raised from 15-43% Trickle down economics only works if the corporate tax rate is lowered on businesses. However our brilliant leaders in congress have decided raise the corp tax rate to 39%?? No country has ever taxed itself into prosperity!! This is all being done on purpose! Welcome to entitlement US of A...
Completely idiotic. A billionare also pays his fucking secretary so she can pay her taxes... total bullshit.
How about we try to stop the class warfare arguments and get back to basics, reasonable and classy Democrats, Republicans and Independents (Ignorant ones - you can keep fighting the same game which is status quo or wasting time and money on little refinements that never fix and/or contribute to solutions for our Country)?

Mr. Obama, even I would vote for you --- if you put congress on the spot by proposing (instead of Your "Fair" <very manipulative word> Buffet rule) using a simple scale and applying your bench marks under $250K, $250K - $1M and above) something along the following:

Ordinary Income = flat tax percent (no deductions)

$0 - $24K = 0%

>$24K - $30K = 2%You

>$30K - (Linear Scale of 2.2% - up to 25% @ $250K)

>$250 - (Linear Scale of 25% - up to 28% @ $1M)

And yes sir, I could get allot of Independents to get behind you with this kind of approach. You can have your staff play with scales and refine numbers, but the message is clear - take away all the gaming at once and fix the tax revenue hole at the same time.

Leave dividends alone to spur investments in US companies to grow (create jobs, etc.) and really put Republicans in bind to address the Ordinary Income first and foremost.

Give serious consideratoin to a second proposal, Corporate Taxes -- irrespective of loop holes, special deductions, tax code flaws, carry-overs, etc. No corporation pays less than 15% (favortism tax codes are then challenged and somewht compromised without the hoopla politics by tax accountants and lawyers) and more United States finances are focused for strategic investments and balanced budgets.

Actually, the current positioning and games played by both parties, and unfortuneately the Executive Branch leave most of us sick given the number of folks needing help that can only be achieved with a functioning government.

Thank you,

Concerned and serious citizen of this great Country
+Jauyne Pruiette I do absolutely agree with you if you observe every civilization that has suceeded have all been founded by the Gospel and America is no exception and the problem now with America and other nations like going through the same predicament is that it time past they allowed themselves to be deceived by the devil that because their parents were Christians so that authomatically makes them born again Christians also and they allowed preachers who aren't even Christians to preach to them and not only that instead of studying the bible and finding for themselves what God says about them they folded their arms and watched the Word of God get watered down.What America needs like every nation in the world is the gospel because Jesus is the solution to every problem and rising issues in this world.
please stop with the bull shit obama and just kill the new world order before they kill us all.
So what about the person that elects to try and raise four kids while working at burger king. Clearly that person use more of our social programs ie schools and such. Yet Im ask to pay more in taxes cause i choice to limit the number of offspring i have. Yet the tend to be a burder and get more of my tax dollar.
How about there only a tax credit for having a kid, and it the same for one kid or five. how about everyone put into the sysyem, vs same group of people putt nothing in but get something back. Ie my friend that makes 40k has two kids , pays no taxes but gets 2k federal income tax refund.

So how about only two tax breaks one for kids, and the other being intert paid on a home loan. Ever thing else is taxed. No more tax breaks for the rich, amd the poor actualy have some skin in the game
So you ask Congress to pass a "rule" to cause Congress to wind up paying a lot more in taxes than they are used to paying when they can just moan about the problem and up everybody else's taxes again...hmm...ain't gonna happen
How about we vote every stinking, lying democrat in the senate out and send the musilum packing back to hawaii. Who cares what color he is ! If anyone would read his ! Books you know he hates America !
How about you get rid of the NDAA, End the Fed and stop attacking other countries then we wouldn't have to worry about funding our war efforts all the time.
IRS loses challenge to prove tax liability. Lawyer is acquitted after arguing
income levy lacks legal foundation. “I think now people are beginning to realize that this has got to be the largest fraud, backed up by intimidation and extortion and by the sheer force of taking peoples property and hard-earned money without any lawful authorization whatsoever,” lawyer Tom Cryer told WND just days after a jury in Louisiana acquitted him of two criminal tax counts.

We the people can take back the power if we fight to do so. The jury that acquitted Tom Cryer did the right thing. A law is a law and if the IRS has failed to prove there is such a law, then there is no law. This is a real case with real people. Our government is spending money like there is no limit. We do not need a direct tax to pay for roads, schools, and other stuff that the government is claiming why we need to pay a income tax. We pay taxes on everything! Stop policing the world and giving out free money to bums and other countries. It is clear that we cannot afford it, so stop doing it. The IRS needs to be abolished and the FED needs to go with them. This system has failed and they keep talking about the rich paying their fair share. How about using non direct taxes for raising government funds! If we cannot afford it, then we don't get to have it. I find it interesting that they don't talk about where the income tax money goes. We the people need to take the power back and the jury that sat on Tom Cryer's trail showed we can.

If we all paid our fair share then does that mean no more foodstamps, free medicare and tax credit for the poor... If so then I am ok with everyone doing their fair the way Mr. Pres stop sending millions / billions that u borrow from china and have the tax payers pay for it.
Example. Quarterly tax of $39,890.00 a check to the IRS for $32,540.00. A bunch of people spewing their opinion who either occupy, get a refund plus a few thousand more for the kids etc. Why shoud you get an option to spend my money? I earned it not you. Get a better skill set, make more money, give your refund back. Then you have some skin in the game and earned the right to have opinion. Until then go to the dog park with your Yorkie.
They don't pay less...this guy is a dumbass ! These folks are actually being taxed twice on the same income.
I don't understand how anyone can say they don't pay the same tax rate, they do! They (Billionaires) pay the same rate of taxes anyone making over a $Million pays. Now if they're an investor based income, like W.Buffet is then they pay 15%, which is law. They don't break any laws, they pay their taxes (unlike so many others that don't). Just because they're successful and making money everyone wants to treat them differently and tax them more? Uh, hey how many people do they employ? How many different business ventures do they have? Those all probably have employees, their companies pay Corporate taxes (now the highest rate in the world).

At the same time they donate millions$$ to organizations, events, the arts... uh, what was Biden's donation last year? What was Obama's? Then lets ask what Buffet's, Gates, Jobs, Lafley, Weldon and others were. I think you'll see that the Billionaires do so much more with their dollars than increasing taxes ever would. Besides the Government will just waste it, over spend and screw it up. Look how well the DMV, EPA, SEC runs they can't even do their job right. And since Government does not have competition we have no choice. At least with the billionaires if we don't like what they're doing we just don't do business with them and go to the competition or the company we like.

If I were a billionaire, I'd buy an island and get the hell out of the U.S. and tell the president, now what are you going to do now that I took all my business and employment away.

As for taxing billionaires to help Foodstamps, Medicare, Tax credit.... uh, you mean the lazy, non-working people that want the hand-outs? Sure, lets continue to support those that don't want to work. Now I'm not saying the seniors don't need help but they worked and paid into it. My mother paid into it for 60 yrs. And guess what it's all SCREWED UP by the Government, they spent it! They F'd it up and didn't do their job and oh it's the hard working people that now need to fix their F-up?

People quite drinking the Cool-Aid and wake up... increasing taxes is NOT the answer: cutting cost expenditures and stupid crap is. The U.S. could cut the Government 10% across the board and we'd have a surplus. Medicare fraud and Foodstamp fraud needs to be stopped.

You want to see the U.S. economy grow! Give companies that do business in the U.S. and employ U.S. employees tax credits of 2%., reduce corporate tax 2%, allow drilling to be done in the U.S., streamline the oil drilling permitting process, NOT saying that we need to be going crazy on drilling and safety, but the 5 year permitting process and the fees associated for business (Employers remember) are what's killing the U.S. economy. NOT increased taxes!

They don't get it, just like how California does not get it. I've lost 3 large clients here in Calif. that made my company money, which allowed me to employ people, buy goods and pay my bills. Calif. raised corporate taxes, raised fees, and made it plain difficult for my clients... they left Calif. and went to Texas. Leaving CA with a net loss of $2.5M. Go take that ya dumb ass Calif. Legislature. You just lost an employer of over 500 people and you lost tax dollars for your out of control spending.

Keep taxing everyone and the U.S. is gonna loose in the long-run.
Thank you President Obama, I whole hardilly agree with you and hope we can get the rest of the people to do so..
I like the new Obama-isms. "That could have been my son." Paying higher taxes.
It's silly for at least a couple of reasons. 1) the increase in tax revenue would be insignificant. 2) People like Buffett pay more in taxes than people like me will earn in a lifetime, generally through capital gains.

This is nothing more than political posturing.
Aj Ac
just do the ole flat rate 10 percent taxation, no write offs or long drawn out tax forms. everyone pays the same. I do not harbor any ill will towards some one making or having tons of cash. If I were to get off my but and get out there and work my ass off I could make more than sitting around, but my choice to just hang and have a beer like today. :)
Say goodbye to more jobs and hello to higher gas, food and home prices. We seriously can't take 4 more years of this nutbag.
tax the son`s of bitches till it hurts...
they are paying in taxes what they paid back in the 1920`s...
trickle down vodoo economics only works for the rich...
not the rest of us...
and this on going praise that ronald regan walked on water and was the greates president all hog wash he like g.w.bush have been the 2 of the worst ever...
what is a "fair share" for the people paying absolutely no income tax?
these so-called billionaires more often than not, actually make and create these so-called 'middle class people's' JOB. so to cut them down for that, and ask them to pay more taxes, even though they have already provided (a) family/IES! with comfort and luxury, even, is preposterous.
Damn that faker Osama, I mean Obama
Flat tax. Done. If you want to be 'fair' be fair to all...every American is given the same opportunities*...they should have the same obligations.
Long overdue. The Republicans want us to bring us the 1950s by only implementing the things that caused people to rise up in the 1960s. This would be a first step to bringing the middle class prosperity back to America.
Flat tax rate with no deductions please...
and why there is a discussion on fairness you have to cut spending on the arts or research on green energy. if it worked i would be first in line to drive a solar powerd car but they don't exist
+allen smith "Federal income taxes" - key words. There are also payroll taxes and investment taxes, among others. And, of course, people pay state and local taxes, too.

Even if the discussion is restricted to federal taxes (for which the statistics are better), a vast majority of households end up paying federal taxes. Congressional Budget Office data suggests that, at most, about 10 percent of all households pay no net federal taxes. The number 10 is obviously a lot smaller than 49 or 47 or anything else you hear on the right. 
Two words: Fair Tax. Or another two, flat tax. They both do what you say.
+douglas gentry : Rich people don't create jobs, either. Economies do. Economies also break when all the money pools on one end. The top 0.1% control 87% of this country's money right now, we're close to that breaking point.
I have an idea dumbass. No tax breaks for anyone. 10 percent across the board no exceptions. Makes more sense.
OMG Obama said something, so now I'm angry!!! SOCIALISM! MUSLIM! BIRTH CERTIFICATE! OTHER BUZZWORDS!

That's what most of you sound like right now.
Same level of jackassery. Buffet Rule wouldn't even put a dent in our current deficit, much less our debt. The Buffet Rule is nothing but a feel good tax invented by progressives that will end up going the way of the AMT.
+Chad LaFarge : I'm not sure you understand how poor Americans are. Take out the outlying bottom 1% and top 1%, and median income in the US is only $28000/year. $50,000/year puts you in the top 10% of earners in this country.
Also quit giving tax refunds to illegal aliens and others who dont pay taxes in the first place. Just cause jane doe decides to screw every man in the world and have 10 babies, doesn't mean she should get free money and call it a tax return. Yiu cant return tax money that wasnt paid. Simple as that.
He does pay the same rate, provided they make the same income. Stop the class warfare rhetoric and work toward getting jobs by lowering the tax rates for the business owners .
+Tyler Lee : Why do you think it's punishment to pay proportiional to the benefits you received by living in a civilized society?
+DALE Rak : Not sure which parallel dimension you're living in, but in this one, China's driving up fuel prices, and America has never produced more oil.
+Ned Ousley : I think you're confusing the robber barrons, who got us into the Great Depression, with The New Deal that got us out of it.
+vernon huber : 10% Flat Tax would further exacerbate the class warfare as this would further advantage the wealthy by further reducing their duty to pay into the society that gave them their wealth to begin with.
why don't we just say everything > $10M income goes back to Obama and friends?
+Daniel Oakley : Your question is based on the wrong assumption. The correct assumption woulf be that the working and middle classes haven't ever paid higher taxes than it has since Reagan, and the wealthy have been paying less and less. Combine this with cuts to things we need in favor of fighting wars overseas and giving even more tax breaks to the wealthy and corporations, and you get the situation we're in today. It's time to take back America.
15% is capital gains tax on money that was taxed, invested made a profit and taxes again. Honestly some of you really need to get a better job, get off the dole, make something of yourself. Or at least stop being sheeple and actually open your eyes. Those electric cars you tout are more destructive to the environment than an SUV. Crap, calling a tax on people the Buffett bill is like calling an investment company Ponzi Ltd. Of course that is the obama admin has done. Used our money to pay their cronnies.
+Denise Evans : Sales tax would only make the problem worse, as you're expecting those who can least afford it to spend more of their gross worth than people who are better off. Sales tax is great if you like eugenics.
+Tomas Elke : Their skin in the game is that they are having to spend all their income on survival. You seem to be living in the past, when low unemployment and living wages were the norm instead of the rare exception.
+Bryan Kesler : Trickle down Reaganomics don't work because greed prevents spending, not taxes. Trickle down Reaganomics depends on altruistic corporations, which only exist in Fantasyland.
+Bill Reach : Wait, you're calling the most conservative administration since Reagan "Marxist?" If you're serious, well, then let me laugh even harder.
Isn't the government the ones who set up the tax laws? So they set up the laws and bitch and moan when people actually want to keep their own money??? I think the government should get the fuck out of everyone's financial affairs and mind it's own fucking business.
Buffets can voluntarily pay the same rate of tax as his secretary. He doesn't need to be coerced by the gov't to pay more taxes. But Buffets knows the gov't is a bad investment, so he and others of his wealth and smarts will have to be coerced into a bad investment.

There is also nothing preventing Buffets to pay his secretary more money (or maybe a stock tip ir two) if he feels so guilty about this.
Ali H
Seriously people?? I don't understand how people can miss the point on this, trickle down doesn't work, never has worked, and will crush us if we don't do something about this stupidity. Wealthy people do not create jobs with their tax breaks - if they did we would NOT be in the mess we're in now. Did none of you stop to think about that? Seriously, with these tax breaks in place for YEARS, how many jobs were created by these folks? Huh? Please remove the federal and state government jobs created from the numbers before you start reaching for unemployment stats - they do not count in this scenario. Clearly tax breaks to not lead to job growth.
Secondly - THE PRESIDENT DOES NOT CONTROL GAS PRICES. Jesus please us, how many times does that need to be said before it clicks? This president in particular has no direct ties to Big Oil, so he really has no control over the pricing of gasoline; George Bush DOES have direct ties to Big Oil, and so he DID have some control over some prices, albeit very little "at the pump" prices. DERP a DERP people, it's not rocket surgery to grasp this concept.
Third - and this is what REALLY gets to me - our President does NOT disrespect the office he's in. He's doing what every other President has done inside that office. Not having a stick up his arse while sitting at his desk does not make him any less respectful of the job. Seriously, get a damned clue and stop pointing out useless bullshit about where his feet are. EVERY president has done that. Really.
50% of Americans pay NO tax. How is that fair.
+Bryan Hetzel What are you doing to reduce demand on oil? If you're not leaning on your local officials to fix the public transit and bicycle networks in your area so car usage isn't the only way to get around, then you're part of the problem. The President doesn't set fuel prices, demand does. Reduce demand and prices follow.
How is it fair for millinoaires and billionaires to get away with paying a lower tax rate than most Americans? Additionally, how is it fair for them to be able to get away with evading taxes through tax havens? +Barack Obama is right to call for higher taxes and less loopholes for the very wealthy.
+Benjamin Newell Again, that statement is completely false and it has been disproven by every single independent analysis out there. Put a brick though your TV, man.
+DALE Rak : Mind coming up with your own ideas instead of just regurgitating conservative talking points having no basis in reality? It would be a lot easier to take you seriously.
+Chris Hedlund If you don't feel the need to pay into the commons you benefit from, please quit trying to hold us back. There are plenty of failed nations with no effective government and no taxes. Go live there instead.
I'm all for a flat 10% tax, and can get rid of the IRS that way too! Simple one-page for easy! 
+Andrew Schwartz : The penalties for overpayment of taxes is the same as for underpayment or nonpayment of taxes. So, no, Warren Buffet can't voluntarily pay more taxes.
I think everyone in America should get a $100 tax credit.
who, and what kind of job does warren buffet create, compared to his secretary? he: CREATES HIGHLY QUALIFIED, UPPER MIDDLE CLASS JOBS, his secretary? -creates (keeps in place, really...) jobs like 'house cleaners, sandwich maker jobs (subway, etc) coffee shops and so on. why should warren buffet pay more taxes? that just would mean he can afford to create fewer middle class jobs, and thus, subsequently, fewer service and low income jobs can and or will be maintained. cat chasing it's own tail....
+Eric Hopper Magic pixies dust that creates money for the government going to come from 1000s jobs billioner will create with $150 Mill(15% of $1B). Be it direct through opening new factories or indirect through investment.
Buffet himself disagrees with you Rosie. .
is this all he has left to offer?
Lance G
+Paul Johnson you can give directly to the United States Government. Here's how, courtesy of the United States Treasury web site.

You are not actually paying additional income tax but you are helping to reduce the tremendous $13 TRILLION+ national debt, which reduces current and future interest payments paid by the government. Reducing interest payments frees those funds so that the government can on other programs.

Here's another one for Mr. Buffet and other concerned rich liberals:
My worry is that he thinks social security is not a system that needs to be ended. If we are all funding our own retirements then end social security.
Ray Lin
I want‘s to know ,how's the time share for sleep with my spirit leader Obama .Does he worked all the time ?no relax ?
wen wen
我的感觉是,美国就好像是 世界的首都京师,那里出乱子,就去哪里平乱维持和平,
hello American,chinese people need feel, dou you help me?
the present always says that, and does in another way. but that is politics.
He's right; the Congress need to require a little money from us. The lower and middle class people need to pay taxes lesser just like the wealthy people do. As American like me and all of you, we might not let the economy benefit us by charging us large amount of taxes or charging every single days in every weeks and months.
i dont under stand chinese writing or phallipene
i want to now what Gates and Buffet thinks about this. wile Gates has said that he will die poor giving his money away to the poor and i think Buffet said somthing a long that line. so the real question is who says what to do with the money that they maid, where it should it go . should it be the gov or should it be the ppl that maid the money that are ppl that live on the earth . in the end i think it should be their right to put it where they want. My point is i want to hear from them
"To take from one, because it is thought that his own industry and that of his fathers has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association, “the guarantee to every one of a free exercise of his industry, AND the fruits acquired by it.'”
-Thomas Jefferson
也来凑热闹 呵呵
纯属路过 真的纯属路过
+Nick Seay You seem to like to quote Thomas Jefferson, you know he also said about the Pacific Northwest that he saw it as "the germ of a great, free and independent empire..." meaning he wanted it to be its own country, a new country on the west coast. How nice that would be if we could leave idiots like you and a good majority of the south behind? Jefferson had some good ideas. Lets see how well your part of the country does when all the states that foot your bills (look up what states contribute more in federal taxes and which states use more) no longer want to help you out. Enjoy your hurricanes, tornadoes, and rampant poverty and little education. I am sure you will survive really well in the modern world.
Algunas veces tenemos que ir poco a poco hasta que llegamos al que esta tratando de enganarnos,no todas las veces logramos llegar al punto x y nos siguen enganandonos,
voten voten por el Presidente Obama,.y asi sabré que ustedes son mis amigos voten voten voten
y un abrazo
He doesn't want them to pay the same. He wants them to pay more. MUCH more.
Continuing on, its amazing how these welfare states like Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana love to take our money and yet constantly vote in and send people determined to destroy any benefit the that the states who actually contribute the money would also get from it. Nice way to be a bunch of freeloading jerks with no understanding of the basics of how a society works.
Propoganda as usuall loaded with half truths as each days posts WH. Banging you drum about the buffet rule or law i see. Your counting one tax but leaving out another for propoganda. Sure the rich pay the same tax rate....but do they also pay capital gains taxes on top of it? I think not. Keep yakking about it to all your sheep because they dont know or care to understand that buffet it still haggeling/settling with the irs over a tax dispute because he doesnt want to pay. Pot calling the kettle black id say. Also your concept of "pay their fare share" implyes each person has a share to pay. I dont think thats the truth there WH. Over half of the country pays little or no taxes. And no sheep its not all because they dont make enough money. Its because they claim 0or 1 on purpose to get all or more than they payed in during the year on their return. I find it redicules to see the sighn at jackson hewitt inside walmart with a woman all jacked and happy about all the money she gets back. Where is her paying her so called fare share ? Oh thats right. Im not supposed to notice. WH do you realize your posts are cheap entertainment ?
I payed in ten grand in taxes, I was still psyched to get three of it back. To fund a healthcare there will need to be more money coming from somewhere, and the wealthy are not yet a stone that won't bleed. Where tax money goes and how much time is wasted on paperwork and processing is a concern as well. What good does it do to just throw more money into a fire? Come up with a responsible budget first then ask everyone to open their pockets.
Pls can someone explain to me what a buffett rule is? 
Traders, Many of you may have noticed me talking about BCCI over the past Month. It continues to churn in the .10+ area and ready to break that recent high of .13 on continued interest and pending updates imo.
Now many traders remember the huge 8000%+ run over a span of two weeks last year to .80+ cents. BCCI volume so far in March matches those conditions seen last year.
He wants to do that so that the people with the money to invest in companies and create jobs will not have the money to do so. It is those people with huge amounts of money that "invest" that money to businesses, that creates jobs. How do you think jobs get created in the first place. The president does NOT create jobs. The people with the money do. I say give the people with the money a break on the taxes so they will keep putting that money into job creation, pay raises, and "up grades" at the work place.
+Curtis Guthrie the Buffet rule is called that because Warren Buffet came up with it and proposed it to the president.
+kanaweka Seneka the buffet rule basically says the richest people should never pay less than the highest tax rate of the lower classes. If the poorest bracket pays 30% the the rich have to pay a minimum of 30%
The tax break on capital gains is to encourage continued investment - raising the tax will only stifle inveestment and kill jobs. Not the brightest move to create jobs and encourage smal busines investments. The canadian
Didn't this idiot ever take economics in college?
Already pay 38% plus 15% on capital gains from the money that was taxed in the first place, maybe a double tax again to tax the tax? Buffett and obama are playing to the lowest common denominator. Those that are easily confused and like the hat tricks. Those are the ones that still support obama. His only accomplishment was killing osama bin laden? As far as I can tell that was a SEAL team, of course he takes credit for everything even though he has made a real change. Our Country is in the toilet, Thanks Barry!
Block for China message...But..
Dale, the gains weren't taxed, you never had that money. Nice try though. That's (38+15)/2 = 26.5% average tax on money that's new to you. 
Lance G
The CBO Estimates That Households In The Top 1 Percent Of Income Distribution Pay An Average Effective Tax Rate Of 30 Percent Versus 14 Percent For Those With Incomes Around $64,500. “In 2007, households in the bottom one-fifth (quintile) of the income distribution (those with an average income of $18,400, under a broad definition of income) paid about 4 percent of their income in federal taxes; those in the middle quintile, with an average income of $64,500, paid 14 percent; and those in the highest quintile, with an average income of $264,700, paid 25 percent. Average tax rates continued to rise within the highest quintile. Households in the top 1 percent of the income distribution faced an average tax rate of about 30 percent.” (“Reducing The Deficit: Spending And Revenue Options,” Congressional Budget Office, March 10, 2011)
The Average Tax Rate Of All Federal Taxes For An Individual In The Top 1 Percent Of Incomes (Average Income Of $1,873,000) Is 29.5 Percent And Their Average Individual Income Tax Rate Is 19.0 Percent. (“Average Federal Tax Rates In 2007,” Congressional Budget Office, June 2010)
Among All Households, The Average Federal Tax Rate Is 20.4 Percent And The Average Individual Income Tax Rate Is 14.4 Percent. (“Average Federal Tax Rates In 2007,” Congressional Budget Office, June 2010)

Executive Secretaries And Executive Administrative Assistants Makes A Mean Annual Wage Of $45,860. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, “Occupational Employment Statistics,”, May 2010)
The Average Tax Rate Of All Federal Taxes For An Individual Making $42,500 A Year Is 10.6 Percent And Their Average Individual Income Tax Rate Is -0.4 Percent. (“Average Federal Tax Rates In 2007,” Congressional Budget Office, June 2010)

CBO: Those In The Bottom 20 Percent Of Incomes Have Seen The Largest Reduction In Income Taxes Between 1979 And 2007. “Between 1979 and 2007, the average rate for all federal taxes combined declined for every income group. The average individual income tax rate also dropped over that period, with the lowest quintile seeing the greatest decrease.” (“Reducing The Deficit: Spending And Revenue Options,” Congressional Budget Office, March 10, 2011)

CBO: The Share Of Taxes Paid By The Top 20 Percent Of Incomes (Over $263,7000 A Year) “Grew Sharply Between 1979 And 2007” And Now Account For 70 Percent Of All Taxes. “The share of taxes paid by the top quintile grew sharply between 1979 and 2007, almost entirely because of an increase in that group’s share of before-tax income. In 2007, households in the highest quintile earned 55 percent of the nation’s before-tax income and paid almost 70 percent of federal taxes. For all other quintiles, the share of federal taxes was less than the share of income.” (“Reducing The Deficit: Spending And Revenue Options,” Congressional Budget Office, March 10, 2011)
+Herbert E. Larson Actually, they aren't loopholes. The "loopholes" that you say should be eliminated are (Big shocker) SUPPOSED TO BE THERE!!! They were designed to do the things they do.
Obama can care less if you ask me just another puppet for the bankers so they can do what there agenda is if you ask me JFK was the last president who actually stood for somthing this country should of never sighned us over to the federal reserve people who arent from this country people who dont care about the united states and its people all they care about is their money soon they will be telling people how to pray and what to watch and wear this chip if not jailed or killed you will be trust its going to happen lets just all be glad hyperinflation hasnt set in yet or hopefully never
Does anyone realize that Buffet pays a higher income rate than his secretary, and that this is a bunch of lies and "smoke and mirrors?"

Once you guys figure out exactly WHAT tax rate (not income) they're saying is higher, and how raising it would further cripple the USA, you might change your tune. If you think "stashing money overseas" is a problem now, wait til investments are taxed at 30%!
Some in Congress are trying to block the loop-holes. Do it!!! And then reform the tax code to a more flat tax. hard can that be? Those who are called "millionaires" are often the ones who create businesses and jobs. You don't want to destroy them for heavens sake, you want to keep them honest while still giving them the opportunities to expand our growth.
Get rid of congressional and presidential pensions, have all of them pay into and receive the same social security we do... Maybe then I'll start believing they care about "fair".
It's a good idea.

1. High wealth concentration is a characteristic of unstable 3rd world regimes. We need to avoid that.

2. The buying power of the general public keeps the economy strong.

3. We need to invest in ourselves ... roads, bridges, education, debt reduction - hell, if we get our house back in order, we can get back in space! ...

4. Who wants to depend on bequests from the wealthy to finance schools and libraries? We should pool our resources and do it ourselves.
What a dumb college student would think like, right out of school... tax,tax,tax,tax,taxes on all you see,eat and touch or smell.
In one day our debt could be paid if all the 1 % just donated to the IRS . There would be no need for tax reform or struggle if people would just work together so all people have food and shelter. Greed will always destroy and giving will always build
So, you want to tax all forms of income at the "wage earners" rate?
If you meant what you said, you have my anonymous vote(s).

~ All 4 I, lulz 4 All ~
Smoke and mirrors. Obviously income taxes are what is preventing everyone in the lower incomes from being in the middle income and what is preventing the middle income folks from becoming millionaires and billionaires. Get real, all you 99% vs 1% folks, it is all a bunch of bull-loney!
i see it as incentive for me to become a billionaire! :D
If obama wants to pay his fair share let him. Don't you think you're talking out the side of your neck when he talking about paying and he can't stop spending?
Govt = violence! Ron Paul 2012!
Lower taxes for middle class and then level the field to everyone pays the same tax percentage.
So. Let me get this straight those who invest earned money that they have already paid taxes on must be taxed at THAT same rate for any money that they make from those investments, instead of the already set 15%. I know, how about for every 3 cents earned, you get taxed 1 cent. Oh wait!! That's already happening!! Have you checked your paycheck's lately?!?
I agree with Obama, "Americans are fools", theres a sucker born every second in this case 300 million every 4 years. Lol. We're in a world of hurt you vote him and the queen back in office and I dont mean Michelle.
Josh B
for the argument for reforming the tax system I was bored one day and made 2 spreadsheets, one with the current tax system, and one with a flat 30% tax for all brackets. I also put a column with the tax revenue for each and also one for the total money in all the tax brackets.
I also put the difference in totals for tax revenue and total money and what I found was initially there was a decease in tax revenue but after about 6-10 years or so the tax revenue for the 30% flat rate overtook the current system in tax revenue and there was almost double the amount of money in all the tax brackets. so in theory a flat tax for all brackets would make sense and would also solve the problem of the higher incomes not paying their "fair share."

sorry if this seems long winded.
Yeah!!! They should pay as much as they should if was a 30% - 50%...
The rich should pay a higher percentage, the poor should pay nothing at all.
It's not "socialism", it's civilisation.
I think anyone who criticized this address in any way shape or form, should try to balance their own budget and see what they come up with. It isn't that difficult to see that taxes are a basic requirement for even the smallest government. Do you want an effective police force? Do you want emergency services? Do you want access to education, public libraries, postal services? Do you think the U.S. needs a military? If you answer yes to any of those you will need taxes. Now where are you going to get those taxes? And try to understand percentages. Yes the same percent of a higher amount is a higher number, but try not only to see how much taxes someone pays, but also how much spendable income someone has left. There is a limit to how low expendable income can go before it touches the economy. Taxing middle-class hurts the economy, taxing billionaires a little more, really doesn't. Anyone who believes it does is just following dogma and hearsay, but never looked at the research. Allow 100m people to keep 5000$ of their hard earned cash and they will spend that money in millions of shops stimulating local economy. Allowing 1m people to keep 500,000$ more than the billions they retain already just grows their children's trust funds.
There's just no cure for The Stupid...~sighs~
Jay Tee
Question: What about the people that earns between $250K and $1M?
$47 billion over 10 years doesn't put a dent into a $16 trillion dollar debt. We need bigger thinking on how to stop spending. Social security is broke with other areas on the brink. James Madison, in 1787, said it best: "Liberty and freedom take a backseat when a country has a standing army and never ending taxes".
Question: why high blood pressure is a "pre-existing" condition that people in bolder age can be REFUSED by ALL insurance carriers to receive health-insurance? About half of people over age 60 do have high blood pressure!
Will the Buffet rule also address the 47% of the people who pay NO federal income taxes? Will they pay their fair share too as they also reap the benefits of the government?
That is math for dummies, they ALREADY paid taxes on that money when the EARNED it... why should they be taxed again? why don't you stop spending? maybe that way you can get a budget that at least ONE person would vote for (414-0)
+Michael Rich "Federal income". They pay payroll, investment, state and local taxes. The 47% number is misleading, just like the income tax brackets don't reflect the effective tax you paid. My effective tax rate this year was 14.3%, which puts my tax rate higher than Romney's (13.9%) with an income 250 TIMES lower than his. I must be paying more than my fair share, I guess. 
The net effect of the buffet tax has been reported as high as 45 billion, assuming that is true it is purely symbolic and will have no overall impact on our fiscal health. Cut special interest tax breaks, cut stupid spending, provide real estimates for the programs you propose and do your job.
It is not so much the tax rate, as it is the tax code that is broken. Make the code simple and everyone will benefit.

Businesses used to re-invest in their workers. They still made money, but a LOT of what companies took in went right back into the workers and infrastructure. When you can get the corporations to put the money they are making back into the workers, then we wont need all this "sleight of hand" just to pay our deficit down.
+Gary Copi if you're right, then there is absolutely no harm in moving forward with the President's plan. Worst case scenario, it just removes a few extra special cases from the tax code. That's worth it on its own.
+Cliff Foster: The tribes that were already here would have argued that it was already a great and free nation before the US decided to go all Hitler on them. Manifest Destiny was an act of war and genocide, and if we had any brain as a nation, we'd do our best to fix it, even if it means giving back everything west of the Appalachians and relocating the decedents of settlers.
+Joe Eder, +Robert Fletcher: Problem with a flat tax is the breaks and loopholes just get baked into the system then and the country goes broke from lack of revenue faster. We're already seeing this with the relatively flat tax we have now compared to more progressive tax structures we had prior to Reagan and Nixon.
+Brian Ruppel: We weren't exactly "crippled" as a nation in the 1950s when the top tax bracket was 94%. And people weren't socking money away overseas because we had tariffs that taxed money heading out of the country, tariffs that taxed imports coming into the country, and it was considered patriotic to pay your share. So, why do you hate America?
+Gloria Shine: OK, now subtract the cost of both wars Bush started and the bank bailouts Bush timed to happen as he was heading out the door. I think you'll be surprised.
You should raise taxes on everybody! Then reduce government spending by 10 percent across the board. Please remember these words before the sovereign debt crisis of 2021 hits.
+Bruce Faulkner: Yup, because there's no taxes on the very wealthy thanks to Reagan, Nixon and Bush, the country is forced to finance the Cold War, both Iraq Wars, the Afghan War and the bank bailouts that Reagan and Bush racked up on the backs of the working class while the Robber Barons just get richer.
+Joe Eder: "Equal" and "fair" aren't always the same. If you want to pay "equal" taxes, then it's time to start requiring "equal income" regardless of effort made to make that money. After all, in the flat tax world, equal is fair!
+Paul Johnson , its not single-payer thats driving profit-motive; the existence of non-profit insurance companies debunks that. The issue is that there's huge profit in big pharma, hospitals, etc. There's literally zero focus on reducing underlying costs, regardless of who's paying. All Single Payer will do is change who actually pays for it. Do research on Avastin & Medicare for proof. This article says that "An FDA panel recommended on Wednesday that Avastin no longer be used to treat the disease because it has not proven safe or clinically beneficial in large trials.". But, Medicare says they'll still pay for it.

AKA, the fed govt will continue to pay for something that is proven to NOT work. Focus on underlying cost issues, then move on to who's paying.
+Vivek Bhatia: Non-profit insurance companies don't cover stuff they deem too expensive, either. Single payer would change the economics of healthcare fundamentally. Just look at UK NHS.
+Paul Johnson , to be clear, I am neither for nor against single payer. But let me present this to you (and then I gotta run out the door so can't ping back): If I invent a new drug that can extend your life due to terminal cancer indefinitely, but I decide to charge $100K/week for it, single payer will not help. Someone will still have to pay, be it the members of a given insurance company or taxpayers at large. UK NHS also has NICE, which evaluates the appropriateness of any given treatment against a cost basis. We do NOT have that, and that has nothing to do with single payer.
+Ashley Barnett Smith i agree with you.i am from China,we pay the taxes,but we even can'n know how the goverment spends the money
We have NICE, in a form, based on whether or not it's profitable for the insurance company, which is an even shittier standard. Got a friend who broke his arm in six places, blue cross blue shield decided it wouldn't be cost effective to set and cast it, so they denied his claim.
First of all your not asking to have the rich pay the same!!!What your doing is making the rich pay way more than the poor!!!! I mean the majority of the rich worked for that money!!I mean how do you think they got it!Personally, it isnt common since to do what you said Mr. President!!!! Alot of these ppl on intidalment programs just sit around on their couch waiting for their government check to come in! Like why should the hard working rich ppl or well doing ppl have to pay for these lazy couch potatoes! We should not have to pay more than them. And NO your not trying to make everyone pay equal, your trying to make everyone no matter how hard they've worked and how much money they have, devide it equally with these 3rd class ppl! Mr. President you are a communist.
+Kathryn Salem A majority of the highest income earners gain that income from interest and ROI. This dovetails with the labor market for corporate executives where corps compete for execs via salary, disconnecting pay from productivity. All in all, the top income earners actually "work" the least for their money.
It's a minor move towards fairness, which is good, but to be a ongoing "fairness rule" it would have to do something like automatically tie changes in the marginal tax rate (and maybe changes in lowest social security benefits) to be proportional to changes in the median income level.
The argument is over "fairness" perceptions that arise from having different tax rates for various types of income; so, perhaps the fundamental problem comes from taxing "income" rather than "wealth." Money is property; we have "property taxes" where you pay because society provides ongoing benefits generally related to that property, right? (Police, fire, roads, schools, whatever) And, in the interests of perceived social fairness, we tax higher-value property more than shacks, though that isn't related to the actual cost of the property. Well, maybe we should just do the same thing for liquid property (stocks, cash, bonds, whatever). This would provide an ogoing "relief valve" for too-great concentrations of wealth, and get the government out of the business of deciding how to value various forms of "income" and let the taxpayer decide how they want to convert income or assets to the cash needed to pay tax bills?
+Kathryn Salem: You work for inherited wealth? News to me. Also, you're rather proving the stereotype that you either have to be uneducated or incredibly wealthy to defend the Republicans.
Very well said Mason Mcoy...n as for u ms inherited wealth u sound like one who did not work for the money u have right now...but has to go on so make d best of it.
To put it simply, I think it's common sense to have the billionaire pay higher taxes than their secretary.

And I think it's sad that there are so many more male billionaires than women that we make a blanket statement refer to one as 'him'.
Wow, that's a non sequitur if I ever saw one. I mean, thanks for your service, but what's that got to do with ensuring that those who have benefitted the greatest from the commons (ie, high income earners) pay proportionally higher rates based on that benefit? Nobody's saying we should send em to the poor house or take all their money, but to do their patriotic duty as an American civilian so vets like you can get properly compensated for a debt we can never repay.
That's A load of shit! If that money wasting asshole didn't waste our money, He wouldn't have to be such a fuckin cheapskate!
I agree with the President everybody needs to pay their FAIR share of taxes...good greifff
How about cheapskate billionaires pay their employees more.
I am no expert on US tax policy. I believe that the so called "Buffett Rule" is a good starting point. At the very least, the highest wage earners should pay a higher rate but i also believe that those down the income scale should also be ask to contribute as well. I believe their should be several income brackets below the top one. Remove a large number of the tax breaks for the high end earners as well as those who are in the upper middle class. That along with new and incentive driven reforms. The US could be head for a new American century in partnership with the other great western economic powers.
i think its all smoke and mirrors. if buffet wants to pay more tax he can simply actually pay more! or if he wanted his secratary to pay less he could structure her pay differnetly so she gets paid the same way he does. warren buffet has been "backing" President Obama for one reason-, he wants something. Now go look at who benefits if there is no oil pipeline built. how will they move the oil if there is no pipeline? rail. who owns a substantial interest in rail transport that would benefit from transporting the oil? Buffet.
This is what makes it wrong or at least one of the things. How will anybody have the incentive to better themselves if we are all categorized as being the same. If I have worked my fingers to the bone to get what I have, why would I want to give it to someone/something that does nothing for a living but suck the system dry?? They need to get out and find a job and do the same. I'm also tired of people saying there are no jobs. It may not be what you want to do,but it could sustain you until something better came along. The newspaper, internet, job fairs, people are looking for people to work. I think people don't want to work until their unemployment runs out. Therefore if people aren't looking for jobs, the unemployment rate and percentage rates are not factual. I could go on forever....
Cynthia Stallings, I so very much agree with your post. There is not a lack of jobs in this country, just an overabundance of people who wont get off thier asses till unemployment no longer gives them extentions. Our government needs to change its welfare program. Instead of rewarding people YEARS of money, foodstamps and medi-cal, there should be a maximum 6 month limit. The welfare system was founded with good intentions, it was meant to be short term help for people who had fallen on hard times. Welfare is one of the most abused systems in America. In regards to an earlier post here of ''rigid screening for qualification'', I have worked for Social Services and in actuality all that is required is a child and lack of income and you can then be supported for years by the government and its taxpayers. Yes, I beleive its time for a change. Change the system and stop enabeling non productive members of society. this sort of shows who is and isn't paying their fair share of taxes. Don't confuse your medicare/social security contributions (and the payroll tax your employer pays) or witholdings returned at the end of the year with federal income taxes. Note that in their percentages if you paid 1 dollar you'd be counted as "paying" these are just the "didn't pay one lousy red cent" class. This doesn't even begin to address the progressive nature of our tax scale. But hey never let facts get in the way of good ole partisan politics.
He's kind of skinny, John. I've seen much bigger.
+John Splater That's right, he might also sneak into your house and steal all your cheese, swap your shoes for bear traps and who knows what other diabolical and utterly paranoid things you could dream up. All the last President did was put us into two un-winnable wars and drive our economy into the ground while sending soldiers off to die for magically non-existent WMDs, not like that monster Obama and his trying to defend a healthcare law.
It is just common sense. and about time.!
What a load. They name a bill after a man that owns one of the largest funds around and they owe a billion + Like naming an investment company PONZI & Friends
I hate to be disrespectful Mr president but kiss my ace you should give your job to someone who know what the hell there doing, and about the high school lunches, ain't nobody like that shit we ain't veggitarians and if your wife is worried about fatasses then in force a fucking anti lazy law either that or mind your own damn bussiness, I come to school and my lunch is fucking slop all that veggie and fruit no soda no meat shit's gotta stop I mean america ain't america without meat so what the hell is it, Obama? 
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