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Announcing the next White House Hangout: Gene Sperling, Steve Case and Aneesh Chopra are joining a special Google+ Hangout focused on Startup America. What are your questions about the initiative? Ask here and you might be invited to join the Hangout live on Thursday, February 2nd at 5:30 p.m. EST.
Gene Sperling, Steve Case and Aneesh Chopra are joining a conversation with Americans across the country in a special White House Hangout focused on Startup America. Will you join them?
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+Aneesh Chopra you can't leave your job until you find someone else equally geeky to take over.
President Barack Obama my call.+8801
Look at you guys. Using technology. I like it.
What does the Government think about copying the Google model on the rest of society. Giving everyone 20% time to work on own ideas, realize own dreams, learn more about favorite subjects. If the 20% time works for Google, why can't it work for every other company in society? Should the Government organize it so people can have better choices, more flexibility in what they can do with their 20% time for the companies and startups that may opt-in to experiment with that concept?
what is the initiative? This is really the first I've heard of it.
My question: is it possible to launch a startup when you have no money at all and no access to any kind of funding? If so, how?
+Audrey Henderson I suppose if you had an awesome idea and enough outside people to fund the startup though venture capital investments you could. That is assuming you have a bullet-proof plan and a track record of being awesome.
+The White House I should be invited to this hangout because I have an ex-Google/Facebook/Microsoft team together at +LearnSprout to improve US K12 edu IT/data infrastructure. We're inventing the future, and it's better than the establishment's future, so talk to us, we'd be excited to tell you about our vision! Or come visit us in Palo Alto! :-)
Simon B
Why has no one been prosecuted from the financial sector for the crash in 2009? Goldman Sachs knowingly sold toxic assets they knew were bad. In any other industry you'd bring them to book. Why not the financial sector? Is this because they bankroll your (re)election campaigns?

Why are Members of Congress allowed to trade equities and options with inside knowledge, but SEC regulations penalise the rest of us for doing that? What can't members of the House be penalised under the same rules?

Why, if there is a general concept of Habeas Corpus is credit reporting guilty until proven innocent?

Why can't we have a simpler, fairer tax code?

There, that should do it.
How do you change higher education to encourage entrepreneurship and support them without having them dropout or worse?
As I asked Brian Deese in the forum after SOTU, "What is the President going to do to ensure capital is accessible for young enrepreneurs trying to launch their business or product?"

There are hundreds of examples of young entrepreneurs just here on Google+ that have a financial hurdle from getting their business off the ground. Fundsourcing sites like Kickstarter are great, but how can the Government help get things started up?
Lots of great questions coming in so far! Keep them coming. We're looking forward to this.
Why is everyone in the world able to join a Hangout and watch the youtube stream but in Germany you just receive an Error!?
What metrics do you use to gauge the effectiveness of different startups or of the effectiveness of startups across various regions, industries, etc? Are these metrics available so we can measure the efficacy of this program and see where we are creating jobs and driving the economy forward?
What can the White House and SBA do to help those that want to start a business, but whose credit is not in good enough shape to get the loan necessary to get the business off the ground?
+Aneesh Chopra, Steve and Gene,

I can't think of anything more appropriate for your Startup America Hangout tomorrow than this. This is a first on the web where two dozen chefs have joined to offer cooking classes over Google+ Hangouts. We launched Monday. I'm not aware of any companies who have launched with this many people whose sole source of content and revenue is derived via Google+ Hangouts.

I am founder of the company and am available to discuss with you and your team what we're doing and ask questions as well. I can bring in a chef or two if you like. These chefs are a group of innovators who are utilizing the same technology you're using tomorrow. We see the web going a new direction that's much more personal than what we're accustomed to, and it's as a result of this incredible network, Google+, that Google has created.

Feel free to contact me directly here or by phone in the office (just ask for the number), or best of all via Hangout.

Best regards,

+The White House - How do we educate people about entrepreneurial concepts and methods, risks and perils? I would like to take my career in a new direction and start my own company around my skills, but struggle with Where to begin?
This is really great! I hope these hangouts become a regular thing.
Startups rely on proof of concept, hard work and willingness to risk. In this economic environment how does the present administration (other than Payroll Tax) foster that risk. Regrettably this economy doesn't have all that disposable income to risk. Wouldn't targeted programs to help vertical markets be more effective. Something like the Government sponsoring the installation solar panels on middle income houses. The caveat being panels have to be produced in US and perhaps installed by start-up companies that have been certified. This would help manufacturing and the housing market..
Why is it taking so long to implement the Early Stage Innovation Fund? Last word from SBA was spring 2012 now it's late fall? We need it now! HELP!
The City College of the United States of America

I want to create an online university that would be free for anyone who can get admission and wants to go, just as the City College of New York was a game changer for the State of New York (if a state resident could pass the entrance exam, he or she could go).

My Qualifications
I have been teaching full-time online for over ten years. My course was so successful (Philosophy and Critical Thinking) that there were so many clones of the course (45 classes a year) that I had to also learn how to teach teachers how to teach online, online! (I was traveling with my husband while he was working for NATO (he's a scientist at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory sent to NATO as a gift from the U.S. government for four years (we are now back in Oak Ridge).) I have been living in the future! I was designing and teaching online while I was traveling all over the world! I know this works because I did it! I know the right people to make this happen very fast and very cheap. (Google provides servers and helpdesks for higher education, cutting down the tech costs enormously.)

We will need about ten universities to do the vetting of the courses and provide the credits. I'm thinking a mix of community colleges and Ivy League: the American Way. I could have this done in three months I think if I had your support to get started and make it a priority. Like the New Deal, only really a much better idea! Wealth is created by ideas. All that human capital that is being "tied up" by unemployment would be tapped! All those people with no hope for a future would have one!

The Campaign
Can you imagine President Obama standing before the American people and announcing this in April or May? You want to go to college? You can go for free . The campaign would be won in five minutes.

The Financial Cost
My bet is that this college could be paid for with the money the Federal government loses on unpaid student loans right now. I don't think it would cost more than 50 million, maybe a lot less. The costs are so low to run this college because the courses are cloned. That means that the running costs are literally the teachers who are active with the students (who do not need to be paid top dollar (but should be paid well) because a coalition of Ivy League professors have ALREADY donated their lectures!!!!! This means the students would be getting the best teachers in the world! I don't think you need Congress. I think Warren Buffett would support it if you cannot get Federal money to start with. You don't really even need an office! Just a computer! We could organize the whole thing on G+ and using Google Apps.

The Naysayers
Yes, ITT and profit-mills who put students in debt for life for a bad education will be out of business. (They should have been stopped long ago.) But, for heaven's sakes: we need to get our people busy TODAY!

Our New Culture
Students can gather together in their neighborhoods and have real time collaboration with one another, the best way to learn anything (study groups). The unemployed will look at this as their opportunity to change their job skills! It will change their lives!

World Peace
And we can make it worldwide because it's the Internet! You pass the English exam, and can pass the entrance exam, you can go to college in America!!!! How could anyone seriously start hating America after that?

Saving Our Children's Financial Future
We could instantly stop all this insanity of burdening our poorer children with student debt. I live in Appalachia, it's a disgrace what we are doing to our own children! We could change the world overnight. It would not be change we'd have to believe in, it would be change we could SEE RIGHT IN FRONT OF US. Stakeholders will fight it, but there is no reason not to do it except venality and academic politics.

Please Make This Happen!
President Obama, please help me make this happen! You can get ten colleges to agree to do the vetting. I can get the right people who have already done this for the State of Tennessee. But in Tennessee, they charge money. They have to deal with bricks and mortar and heating bills (which is where the profits from the internet part of the Tennessee online college (profits which are enormous) go): WE don't have to do that! We can make this happen fast! And pretty close to free.

Meg Tufano, M.A.
Adjunct Professor of Philosophy, Psychology and Religion
Roane State Community College
Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Designer, Introduction to Western Philosophy
The Regent's Online Degree Program
Nashville, Tennessee

P.O. Box 5741
Oak Ridge, TN 37831

Is it possible to give people the option to "donate" a portion of their tax payments into the funding program? Or something similar to allowing individual taxpays, if they elect to do so, to be investors into "the fund" - which then deploys its resources to the entrepreneurs and acts like a private equity/venture capital fund? This could create investment opportunities for middle-class individuals while providing funding for startups. It could be structured as a separate investment all-together, similar to an IRA...
I am one of the responsible home owners that President Obama was speaking about when he discussed his new home refinance plan. I personally believe this is a great idea, but I have some concerns about the plan coming to fruition after House Speaker Boehner came out in strong opposition to the plan stating that "We've done this at least four times...None of these programs have worked and I don't know why anyone would think that this next idea's going to work." How can President Obama ensure that this will not become another failed program and get this through Congress?
I am curious as to how the President's new mortgage refinancing plan will work for VA Loans.
this so called 'america' thing used to be a conservative haven for traditional and conservative religious beliefs and values. what is it now? some worhtless 'start up america hangout'??? sounds like a cheap and useless video game tech driven "eager maker". which equally reflects the current values of the people of this country. namely zero thereof.
You want to start up America then you've got to look to FDR and the New Deal history has proved that what got the US (and us in Europe a little bit) on the road to recovery it's called Socialism
QUESTION; I'm self-employed and growing ;D - I believe that their would be more people venturing in these waters when a public option is available through the Affordable Health Care Act. When we re-elect the president, will we begin to push for a public option to help spark economic growth?
Start up America by electing Ron Paul as President...thanks
What can we do, in both the public and private sector, to foster business startups that ultimately result in living wage and high wage jobs for U.S. workers and mend the manufacturing and technology gap? As wages increase in manufacturing hubs, such as in China, as well as the increasing costs to ship goods, incentives for U.S. businesses to move jobs back home start to look promising but then again there are still a lot of other overseas options in terms of employing low wage workers. Maybe someday all boats will rise with the tide, so to speak, and create more consumers of goods that are made in America and other industrialized nations, but this has and does take years, to our detriment I believe. And the free market system means different things to different countries and its peoples. How do we compete with companies that get government subsidies such as Airbus? I guess the bottom line question is this... what puzzle pieces do we need to put together to reenergize American manufacturing, high tech and otherwise, and level the playing field so jobs are created here and stay here. Thank you for listening!
What is the StartupAmerica partnership doing to provide easier access to capital for entrepreneurs and startups? What can they do to make it easier for deserving entrepreneurs to get the seed funding to make their ideas a reality? One way would be to pressurize the Senate to pass the Crowdfunding bill that was passed by the House and is supported by the White House. This bill alone would revolutionize the way startups are funded in this country. One only needs to look at crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter to realize the huge impact this could have.

Or why not partner with existing venture capital and angel funds and create a StartupAmerica fund that funds the best startup ideas in an open forum similar to the way TechCruch Disrupt works? Imagine how it could kickstart our economy and fire the imagination of entrepreneurs across the country if you could conduct a similar event in cities with depressed economies - like say Detroit . Imagine the impact of a billion dollar venture fund that funds 1000 startups with $1 million each - or even better 5000 startups with $200,000 each in seed funding?
What can be done to reincentivize American (or multinational) Corporations to keep (and return) jobs to America ? Why haven't the Union Leaders been more vocal in opposing the job exodus ?wiill protectionist tarriffs be used
Startup America has done a good job of promoting organizations promoting women entrepreneurs and business owners. Do you have plans to expand the role of Startup America Women in 2012?
I am leading the venture Energy for One World, here - from Oslo. A civic venture with the aim to improve the outlook in our world energy system and with the drive to create energy projects of the 21st century- blending EE, cleantech and conventional solutions in one architecture. Combining Large Business and small business. Across the globe. We are still in the start-up phase, but have a solid working and go-forward plan. have a look at our social venture website: and our woking blog: Now - here is our question: Would the US administration be interested to support our venture to start-up and grow a chapter in the US? Would the US administration be interested to support our efforts internationally- thin China, think India, think Africa, Middle-East? How can we contact the US administration to let them be aware of our proposition?
I think that this may not be politically correct? Even though I am politically correct. This new way of communication that is not Congress and the current administration trying to stop the Internet? Is freedom of speech have gotten so out of control that we cannot speak anymore? I'm a disabled Person and must speak on a microphone to do typing for me. I am looking for President that will stand up for people by the people. Laws cannot be passed to access people's pockets , the last penny in your pocket will be President Lincoln turning his back to the rest wine babies. Please do is write for the American people. The only comment I got to make progress, and people confidence. Good luck.
I am enthusiastically supportive of efforts to redevelop a US manufacturing base. What are your thoughts about a budget neutral value added tax (VAT) that could level the playing field for US exports and foreign imports?
why do so many hispanics, whether legal or illegal recieve so many benifits; ? they have neither served in the military or contributed towards social security; these people need to be monitored; so many have drug addictions;but, are fully capable of working; this is dragging this country down; there interpitation of free is so much differant than that of a true american. there is so much fraud in this envirorment, a lot of them are working cash jobs;but , yet are un- productive; and, collecting benifits;
How about a (2) year tax amnesty?
What is the role of business in a free society?
What about successful businesspeople?
Do businesses have responsibilities to the public that go beyond the law?
What do they include?
What virtues does the practice of business instill?
What vices?
And what does it mean if the answers the general public gives to these questions diverge significantly from those given by the business elite?
Reinforce High Speed Rail in California. Make it the envy of the world. Show the rest of America we can still do it.
How do you plan to pass any initiatives if the government is divided? Republicans appear to oppose many of your proposals and there is a chance that they could take the Senate. How will you govern if the opposition is unwilling to work with you?
Is there a discussion link for this initiative. I would like to know more.
My question is this: Social Networking has become a great tool for entreprenurship across the world. Google Plus is a great example and provides millions with a great interactive Social platform. What do you think the role of the +The White House and the President +Barack Obama should be in helping people across the USA to start and grow their own business online being that the work could be done from home and could increase dramatically in the next future as pointed out in an article by +Eric Schmidt ?
for Steve Case Solving (seizing) opportunities is much more valuable than solving problems. For the next 5 years, what are the top ten opportunities? What will be the impact on employment in the United States? A big number is needed. What will be the impact on GDP? We need about $2 trillion to get back to the trend line. Getting back to the trend line will increase tax revenues by about $0.5 trillion. This would make solving the budget imbalance much easier.
What's being done to statutorily reform the immigration laws in order to attract and retain foreign entrepreneurs? I know that the Administration is making some administrative changes, but statutory reform is what's needed to really make a difference. What efforts is the Administration making to pass legislation in this regard? In addition, the administrative policy changes relating to foreign entrepreneurs that've been announced are being implemented with mixed results at the ground level. What efforts are being made to ensure that the adjudicators adhere to the policy changes?
What will the White House do, esp. Aneesh Chopra's U.S. Dept. of Technology to help advance the Soular Car Project and move people who are disabled (PWD's) forward within or on an even playing field of digital technology nanotechnology and green technology. Most of us are Americans, too, entitled to have sustainable jobs or self-employment, suport for or green projects, whether with brick and mortar jobs or home-based or entreprenership. our employmnet arte is abiot 30% menaing we have a 70% unemployment rate!!! Good Lord, somebody needs to help us--not a handout, but a hand-up---We are 20% of the U.S. population, but have 70% unemployment!!! Will the White Hosue partner with the Green Think Tank for the Disability Community to put the solar-powewrd car in the hands of people who are disabled, have low wealth, small nonprofits, and others who want to redce their impact on the environmnet and reduce emissions and costs of transpportation? It ahs not happened through the last dozen presidents! Will it finally happen between 2012-2016?
I'd like to know if the unemployment extensions will go beyond the end date of Feb 2012, to help the thousands of people currently unemployed. Have not heard any discussions on this topic.
Regardless of your political leaning, I think it is great the white house is trying to reach out in various ways like this
Addressed to Mr. Aneesh Chopra:
I support the administration’s efforts to “Consolidate Federal Agencies”. In early 2010, I had briefly discussed a proposal with you, suggesting “Consolidation of IT Compliance Mandates” across the Federal Agencies. Per your suggestion, I had pursued the proposal with the office of Federal CIO. Back then, that office showed no interest even after talking to several staffers.

I want to help the administration develop and implement a “Cross-Regulatory, Harmonized IT Compliance Framework”. This approach will ensure a secure information exchange across the regulated industries, thereby reducing IT costs of our globally competing industries.

We need inter-agency harmonization of IT Security & Privacy Compliance mandates. The industries often outsource their IT needs, to offset these redundant compliance costs. IT outsourcing hampers effective information security management, the very activity that these regulations attempt to bring under control.

A common cross-regulatory IT Security & Privacy Framework can simultaneously address the needs of Federal, State and Industry’s own control requirements. We need not propose new regulations. Facilitated cross-agency teamwork can eliminate waste and help reduce IT Compliance costs of our public & private IT infrastructure.

How can we move forward with this rational and cost saving proposal?
I have reviewed the Startup America Legislative Agenda proposed to congress it presents some great ideas but sometimes it seems that the White House is not familar with the real barriers that small business owners are faced with trying to access the innovative programs available to us. Tax credits, deductions, or tax breaks don't matter if there is no funding to support job creation models. The bureacracy we face contradicts the innovation. These programs need to have time mandates for instance it should not take longer than 90 days to close a loan guarantee not 18 months a company can go out of business. My company is has an Clean Energy Division to help create jobs for 1000's of Americans making an advanced battery and fuel cell technology that has been proven to reduce energy consumption. There are other companies like mine that have innovative technologies, products, and services that are job creators that also facing these challenges. Getting access to funding and/or meaningful loan guarantee's in a timely manner would be helpful from businesses that have strong business models or proposals. The problem of funding and loan guarantees has become increasingly challenging. I have heard that some companies have even gone bankrupt just waiting for various support from proposed programs that would be very effective if we could just get access this particular program was a loan guarantee program from the Department of Energy the company ultimately lost its investors. Our company has spent countless hours and resources applying for federal grants that we have never recieved responses back only to learn that applications are purged from after a year so no status is available so our application and money we spent for support to write it is lost. This cant be right and this defiant behavior to make the President fail has to stop it is unAmerican.

What can we do to help the President tell congress and those who are suppose to implement these initiatives that we are tired of the games too many American's are suffering. How do we hold Congress and agencies accountable for failure to implement these programs? How can we get the government to respond to its leadership? I would and my company would like to Stand Up for Start Up in a meaningful way that will lead to change. What is your advise ask the President what should I do?

I want to vote again and I know many people who just feel like the programs and promises are not real. I believe they can be help me help individuals and communities that are suffering. Yes all of the incentives are worthwhile if you can access them and they can't just be to pet companies. I am for Obama and discouraged at how immature congress is behaving they do not seem to be affected by this economy. When you have to make a choice between gas and food in order to barely take care of your family or pumping gas reduces grown men to tears who are trying to make an honest living you have to ask the Whitehouse what can we do to help you Mr. President make your plans successful.
It is not the fault of the Whitehouse that funding for small business owners might be scarce. The Whitehouse understands funding is needed, that is why during the first year of the Presidents term he signed many bills to help businesses. When financial institutions want to hold back funds to make this President look bad, then we should understand that we need to remove the obstructions in Congress and in financial institutions, and help the President to do that.

We all want something but we need to stop the shallow thinking and admit to ourselves where the real obstructions are. This President has done a great deal to help small businesses. Look on at the bills signed, then go to the Small Business Administration and other lenders that are lending. The Whitehouse understands the funding needs, but still the other incentives are worthwhile all the same.
I have a few questions/ideas that I would like to see answered:

1) Would it be possible for entrepreneurs and small businesses to gain easier access to university facilities? If so, would it possibly open up doors for jobs, PhD's and/or hiring positions in academia? Would this action possibly attract business to "immigrate" to the USA? If so, how would we treat them? Would there be different restrictions/taxes? How could we keep those entrepreneurs here and not scare them away?

2)How can the USA protect businesses, ideas, inventions and processes? Patent only go so far. However, Industrial espionage and blatant copying are incredibly harmful to business, even if they are rare occurrences.

3)Is it possible to bring back older industries that are vital to america's growth? can we bring back america's steel and automotive industries? is it possible to cut back a small amount on the subsidies given to the oil and food corporations?

4)Is it possible that NASA can be expanded? At the height of the Apollo Program NASA had 1.67% of the federal budget. Now it has less than .45%. Considering all the useful technology that comes out of NASA is it possible to expand it so that new technology can be rushed onto the market. Especially in areas of alternative fuels, chemical engineering and material science?
I will be at work at 5:30PM eastern time. Most of these events and others are held at times when many people are at work. 7:30PM your time or 6:30PM your time would be much better for people in the time zone of Colorado. All I can say about helping entrepreneurs is please continue to help those who have good business plans and products. At a time when some financial institutions are not thinking of America, there are some that are. If at all possible through the Small Business Adminstration develop a list of financial institutions that are lending to small businesses. That would help a good deal
I am a recent college graduate with a Bachelors in Creative Writing from WMU. I realized while I was in school that I needed to figure out a way to make a living, so I started an online fiction magazine that is now my full-time job and is growing quickly. My question for the White House is: will you make it easier for college graduates to go straight into owning a business by offering small business loans for those with no credit and are already in debt with student loans?
I would like to take this moment to speak about the re-election of the President. I know the President knows this election will be hardball and probably will reach a disgusting level of accusation from the opposition. Don't wait too long to tell the story of Willard (Mitt) Romney, but leave the best for last so that Romney will not have time to come up with some sly counterpunch. Also we who have websites need specific information we can put on our websites such as; help with home ownership, and the modification loans and what is done or being done to get banks to move on these loans including principle reductions, and types of jobs the 3 million have gotten, etc. We want to fight. Don't be taken back by that word. It is a word that will prove to be true.
StartupAmerica focuses mainly on technology-related businesses. What about non-technical small businesses like employee consulting, training programs, construction, apparel, textile etc. Will StartupAmerica devote the same amount of capital and attention towards these sectors?
An where have the Union bosses been in all of this ? I am really amazed that the unions were not more active, much earlier, in opposing plant closings back when things could be done about it. Also - a company like Pitney Bowes (stamford, Ct. ) where they closed the plant - relocated jobs overseas and the CEO and CFO took millions in bonuses based upon profitablity while the rank and file - their families - the businesses that had grown into being taking care of these families - all of these paid the price for a few peoples' greed.
Mer le président barak obama
je suis elmoustakib elarbi réside à tunisie j'espère bien que vous m'aidez avec une somme d'argent dans mon compte qui est banque payoneer sous N:5308 1700 0284 2010 seulemen pour vivre merci beaucoup président
Dans l’attente d’une réponse que j’espère favorable, veuillez agréer monsieur le président, l’expression de mes sincères salutations
I moved to Montana 12 years ago. I am the fund coordinator of a rural angel fund that invests in early stage companies. Federal programs are too often designed for scale, ie dense populations. Rural America has some of the most innovative, entrepreneurial folks around and government continues to treat rural America as a problem to be solved not the amazing opportunity that it is. Bigger is not always better. What is StartUp America doing to build from the ground up not the top down? Liz Marchi
- Mer le président barak obama
je suis elmoustakib elarbi réside à tunisie j'espère bien que vous m'aidez avec une somme d'argent dans mon compte qui est banque payoneer sous N:5308 1700 0284 2010 seulemen pour vivre merci beaucoup président
Dans l’attente d’une réponse que j’espère favorable, veuillez agréer monsieur le président, l’expression de mes sincères salutations
the Republican party is in such a state of dissarray as to almost be comical - I voted for Mr. Obama in the last election - I fully intend to vote for him this election BUT I have to admit that I have been a bit put off by his seeming willingness to compromise (with the republicans) when I don't believe he has to - I want to see Mr. Obama become a much tougher negotiator - what rankles me MOST is when I hear the republicans speak of the cannot do President - Mr Obama - you have to remain staunch in your ideals and stand by your desires. DO NOT give in anymore.
Good morning! howaitohausu looking picher more very biutifule in japan!
How is the White House responding to the growing amount of debt college graduates are facing? In an economy where it is necessary to have an advanced degree to realize any dreams, the vast debt college students are facing is crushing. The price of tuition is one issue, but the control Sallie Mae has over the interest rates, capitalization of funds, and repayment period is outrageous when they are one of the only options for students who cannot afford school. The rich can pay for college but the poor have to live in debt just to have a chance.
As we out-innovate the rest of the world, we need to keep spreading the benefits of the knowledge economy. I am a patent attorney turned entrepreneur and I am developing (I have the related domains as well). We need the United States, China and other advanced nations to dramatically increase efforts to help the Middle East and Africa in their efforts to become Knowledge Economies as called for in many of their national “vision documents.” Will you help me get the founding cohort of universities, companies and government together? I will be happy to expand on this pitch tomorrow in the Google+ hangout (I gave Eric Schmidt my card back at a PCAST meeting last year - maybe he will remember when we ask Google to participate). (or .org if you prefer) will become a global portal for education, research, innovation and commercialization (ERIC).
I think you have an intriguing idea +Nicolas Charbonnier... The ability, drive, and desire to innovate is something to be cultivated and explored. And I think just about every individual who has experience and exposure in a given area, can come up or at least contribute to an idea that would advance an individual, team, company, or even an industry. They key is really finding something that can provide potential advancement in one of those areas. A company is making a sacrifice in providing that opportunity for an individual. It is a sacrifice that doubles as an investment (or perhaps gamble would be a more appropriate term) with the hopes that the contribution will strengthen the offerings that the company provides. Some ideas work out, some don't - but the time investment as sanctioned by a company will hopefully grow the individual either way. If the contribution does work out, then all the better. If it doesn't, the hope is that something can be gleaned from the experience. Failure is not necessarily a bad thing, provided one has the capability to take that failure, learn from it, and leverage the experience on future endeavors.
there are so many government benefits that gives foster care and group homes money for kids who are wards of the state. In this day and age there are more and more grandparents raising their grandkids. My question is why not give the same benefits to the grandparents so they can retire. Do you think this is possible to have a bill or to make it where the grandparents don't have to keep working past their retirement age for the sake of our future?
Wes Lum
I'm starting to do my taxes, and on many of the forms it says:

This is important tax information and is being furnished to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

What I'm wondering is, if all this information is already submitted to the IRS, why doesn't the IRS send citizens a bill? Whereby, we can "reply" with our deductions and the difference can be refunded or paid?

Can you imagine how much time and resources this would free from so many Americans and businesses? Not only that, this would probably decrease the amount of auditing necessary because it would prevent mistakes from happening. This question might be more appropriate for the IRS, but I'm sure the president and/or someone in the White House can affect some change in the IRS...There are so many ways things can be done more efficiently in the US if people just looked at all the things going on.

Sorry this isn't really startup specific, but I think it can apply.

Please help!

US Tax Payer
We aer gratful for your inquiry. Nice thankyou!
The most pressing issue that entrepreneurs are facing in my region (South Florida) is access to early stage capital. Our ecosystem is extremely weak in that regard, and many good entrepreneurs are resigned to either fail prior to reaching proof of concept, or move to a more vibrant community such as Silicon Valley. For entrepreneurship to strive in America, there is a need for a diversified approach that includes all regions. StartupAmerica is doing a phenomenal job at building the infrastructure to support that regional development. My question is: will the White House press Congress to relax investment criteria and allow anyone to invest in startups regardless of their "qualified investor" status?
My question is regarding assistance for the needy. I am disabled and live in the State of Maine. Oil subsidies were cut so there is no emergency oil. I live on disability $698.00 per month. I know we are in economic hard time, and everyone has to tighten up their belts, however, I have no holes left to tighten, I have not been able to get oil all winter and have no heat for my home. How will this be addressed in the future? Our Governor is cutting support for Medicaid and has not secured enough subsidies for oil. I can’t afford both food and oil.
The issue for me is what if you lost everything from the tech years of 2008 and the job crisis and you started a company out of nothing, how can you help someone like me gain capital on a great idea, but nothing to help it move along? The big elephant is you can't start a company out of nothing. Or can you?
We are relaunching Band Aid with a Twist in 2012 and are going to create thousands of jobs across America.
We have world Premiers, Celebs. and members of the Royal family involved.
Mr President I would like a private word regarding this.
marga1245 We have a start-up called Five Flags Company, presently in the incorporation stage, and we are dedicated to funding small businesses to help them to hire and grow their businesses. We are also working on funding for scholarships for job training. We would like Staten Islanders who are interested in forming a regional ecosystem to launch their own businesses to contact us at We need 50 to 70 million dollars. Mr. President, can you please help us? Thank you.
You need engaged managers, engaged employees & engaged customers to start a new business & grow it. To make it & sustain it you need a better tax structure, less regulation, better workforce. There the government can help by scrapping the tax code for a simple one, rolling back regulations & educating the workforce. What do you intend to do this year to make that happen.
Do you think America should be spending more money on creating jobs? We get nothing in return for people who remain on unemployment. Why not put them to work and collect taxes on their income? Seems like we have to start a war to spend money. The war is at home and it is poverty! Put Americans to work! We need our roads and bridges fixed - that is a good place to start! Let's stop giving money away and create jobs instead!
I'm having trouble getting the folks who are most involved in the New Mexico startup ecosystem interested in launching a New Mexico Startup Region. I imagine the same may be true of many other states that have not yet applied. What would you say the concrete advantages are for startups (in a state that does not yet have one) to having a region launched in their state?
Some people have criticized the idea of modifying loans because they say it will cost the taxpayers money since the taxpayers are on the hook for FannieMae and FreddieMac loans. Someone else (Suttmeier) today has suggested increasing the new home market by infusing money into local and regional banks using the Federal Reserve's balance sheet. These banks are not in as good a position as the larger banks. People don't want foreclosed homes, they want new homes, according to this view. What do you think of this idea?
I'm CindyThomas I starting a childcare center and I need financing and money need to open up for working parents that's a problem in the child care business parents can not afford the fees so what will be done to help the chidcare business.
The SpaceX X-Prize and DARPA Grand Challenge proved that prizes in the million dollar range draw those with great ideas out of obscurity and bring the best ideas out to compete and often result in investment on the order of 10-100x the prize money by investors in chasing the goals set out by the prize.

Some technologies are clear keystones to the coming economy, and the countries with the most industry around them will lead the world into the next several decades. Can the US provide X-Prize money in the range of $1million-20million for the following technologies?

10% Higher Density Batteries than the best currently on the market
10% Cheaper Solar than that currently available, with the same or greater performance characteristics
10% Cheaper Tunnel Construction, to enable cities to build new subways and bury power lines at more reasonable cost.
We are a start up company in Tulsa Oklahoma that hires only local talent and never outsources work, we are in need of a benefits package before we hire more people, what would the suggestion be and who is there to contact to work with for growth funding?
My team and I were chosen through a Regional University entrepreneurial idea compeition (plug here for Xavier!) to be incubated until we are ready to actually start our business. This is different from most of the programs for startups which seem to focus on money. What a good idea really needs before it gets money is business acumen and nurturers who can foster the idea to the point where, as a start up, they will be able to use funds effectively. Do you see a way to encourage this kind of entrepreneur incubation - to focus more on mentoring and less on money?
I believed so strongly in globality. I have been living in Italy for almost 20 years now, with periods in the States, of which I am sooooo proud to be a citizen of. I feel in so many ways I have the best of both worlds because thanks to USA, I have an incredible amount of courage. I truly believe in our forefather's ideals and see the difference it makes. I have my B.F.A. from VCU, in Virginia and am currently studying law at the University of Pisa. I have worked very hard to achieve talents as a fine artist, yet business wise I struggled and then the crisis hit, so I returned to my first love, law. I wish to work in the maritime industry and have again worked hard to develop contacts. I think out of the box, however my military upbringing has left an outstanding sense of self discipline. I thought it important do give as well to society, I have substitute taught in the Richmond Innercity Schools, where I got quite an education! I have gone with the Italian Red Cross during the Bosnian war to help bring children's hospital beds and incubators, among other supplies. I naively tried to take responsibility in front of the "Italian State" in reforming a person struggling with felonies. Once again, I learned a great deal. Although I speak my mind and willing take on difficult challenges, I truly want to be a proper person. I am struggling with financial difficulites as I cannot get the University to follow thru with the reinstatement process for Title IV funding, thereby making the attainment of student loans, both federal and private impossible. My permission to stay expires June 30 and I will return Stateside. Obviously I must work. Thanks to living in Florence, my eye led my hand to wonderous capacities. I know the Capitol has the most outstanding fresco paintings. Perhaps I could do some more for other offices?
I am a high school senior, a civil servant, and an entrepreneur. In my opinion my (public school) education hasn't taught me about being successful (in a startup or otherwise). The existence of this live chat means that the government thinks startups and entrepreneurship is important, why doesn't the government teach me about it in (public) school.
Can we really afford (or risk) a war with Iran ? Not because we can't win because we will BUT that is it really the morally correct thing to do ? Are we (America) going to be able to risk everything that goes into a conflict - men - material - casualties - a degradation of our country's name ? Who is served by our engaging in conflict ? Halliburton - the military industrial complex ???
+Brian Horton The notion of "affording" a war is reprehensible. A war is something you're forced into, not something open for discussion. This is sadly how the rest of the world sees the US: a nation debating whether they should go to war or not based on economy, not morals.
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Why don`t we use the Tesla Wireless Electric Grid ? Would be free energy ,NO ?
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