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"I also believe most gun owners agree that we can respect the Second Amendment while keeping an irresponsible, law-breaking few from causing harm on a massive scale. That’s what these reforms are designed to do." —President Obama in his Weekly Address: #nowisthetime  
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Your aggressive ad campaign on this issue is disgusting. The whole goal is for us to wait in line to hand our freedoms over in the name of false peace.
You will never take our guns! .... haha bunch of lunatics. Iraq War? Naa, Wall Street Meltdown? Naa. Guns? Hell yea! I'm glad I live in Britain
+Barack Obama, your aggressive proposals last Wednesday are contradictory to what you say now. Make up your mind, and smell the roses! It's the violent people who need to be more regulated, not guns and the law abiding citizens who own them!
You fool. irresponsible people are just that - irresponsible, so no law car make them responsible. Then again I am talking about a person who thinks that it is okay that responsible people pay for irresponsible people's healthcare as well. Keep it low so that they can still afford their alcohol, tobacco etc.
Dave Pentecost
Yes, you will fight to the death. Other people's death by gun violence. The President is not taking away all of your guns, just the ones that fuel your fantasies and endanger the rest of us.

Thank you, President Obama, for breaking this cycle of escalation.
I still struggle 2 understand how a pro-abortion prez can be against gun violence??? I mean the man doesn't bat an eye when it comes to the death of the most innocent, but 10+ magazine clips.... That's where he draws the line?
ok, i think that people caught on account of murder and other things should have their guns taken. but there are those murderers still out there that wont give their guns, all us good citizens that want security should keep our guns for defense. the government would have to enlist half the nation for police force so the criminals dont kill us. if he takes our guns only the innocent will give them up, and we will have massive (criminal/murderers) scale violence targeted on the now weak citizens with no defense and toward killing all cops before there are enough to contain every citizen. the criminals are not stupid.
Using social media to sway law. Law by misguided opinion. As I said it is all so we will wait in line to give our freedoms away. +Dave Pentecost 
Welcome to the world of short sighted, knee-jerk, political solutions that create problems as opposed to solving them.  Welcome to a world where home invasions can no longer be defended against because the habitants of the home must use clips of 10 bullets or less, while the invaders (criminals that ignore 10 round clip laws to begin with) can come in groups of 3, 4 or more people, and the homeowner will be limited to 10 rounds before they have to take cover, change the clip & pray.  Or perhaps the solution to this riddle is as simple as the 16oz. soda riddle in New York.  In place of purchasing a single 20oz soda, I simply buy 2 16oz sodas at two separate locations, thus increasing the amount of soda I consume by 12oz.  Simply start carrying 3 firearms with 10 round clips.  People?  Do you see how commons sense, common courtesy and morality are being subverted yet?
The infringements on the second amendment are wrong, why rehash the health care thing again two entirely different situations, Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness, healthcare is promised and inferred in the Constitution. Without healthcare the promises of our Constitution are empty. That is what I hear a lot of, I demand freedom (for me and my kind) everybody can kiss off.
Just wondering if the "there coming to take our guns away" paranoia is a disqualifying mental condition.

It should be!
These "reforms", just like every other reform from this president, will only cause more problems in the long run. Banning weapons and clip sizes will do the exact opposite of what is intended. Just like Prohibition, people will continue to find ways to circumvent the law to get what they want.
I really wish I could figure what side everyone is on on this issue. I haven't seen that many posts on the issue of gun control.
Did you listen to what he said? I don't own or need a military assault riffle with a large capacity magazine. Admittedly think they are very cool and would like one. Although, anyone with experience and training understands what these are used for, I also believe in only trained, educated and law abiding people that the last thing they want to do is kill, have guns. I believe those same people carry guns and I believe if we all are properly trained on how to use them, the criminals that use guns improperly will be quickly done away with. What he just said sounds very reasonable to me.  
Can we pass a law that fines or imprisons anyone who doesn't cover their mouth before they sneeze or cough in public? This flu is killing us.....
I'm willing to bet all the people that come in here screaming "2ND AMENDMENT!" didn't even listen to what was said.
I still don't see any problems with these new policies...
I have guns. I can still go to the store and buy more of them. I can defend myself and my family should the need arise. No one is trying to take my guns. I'm so confused as to why these crazy, conspiracy-minded neo-cons are convinced the government is trying to do that.
Well, I suppose if your only source for 'information' is Faux News, this is what you get.
Funny how the idiots in this thread don't quite seem to grasp that nobody's taking your guns away...I guess that's what we get for neglecting public education where people learn how to read.
<--- gun-loving liberal that voted for Obama. Twice. :) 
Hypothetical situation: Somehow we build a "gun magnet" that attracts all firearms in the United States & places them in the hands of Government.  Do those of you who support the President's ideas honestly believe criminals will not find a supplier of firearms outside of the States?

So, take the hypothetical magnet further.  All firearms in the world are now in the hands of... say... The United Nations.  Do you trust the UN and local law enforcement to be able to protect you from a rapist?  A murderer that prefers to strangle?  Do you honestly believe that people won't start to produce their own projectile weapons for self defense regardless of the law?  Are you so idealistic and short sighted that you blind yourself to obvious flaws in the logic?  Do you really trust the Government so much that you would give up your ability to defend if they knock upon your door to take you to be "reeducated"?

Or, do you believe that I'm ridiculous to even propose that these things could happen?  This must be what it felt like for those that fled Germany under Hitler.  Except... this time? There will be no place to flee to.
So let me understand this. The President isn't coming after your guns ( if you really need an assault rifle you don't need a gun you need glasses to see what your shooting) except assault rifles and limiting magazine capacity. You still have your other guns!!! Also where was the outcry for this? her stance and actions are the very definition of violating the second amendment. 
+Ryan Sullivan Huh... ponders Aluminum bat vs. criminal with an AK?  You lose.  Very logical though. snorts
Stop sending guns to foreign nations then ill take you seriously Mr. President.
Dave T.
So let's see. The reason everyone has a right to assault weapons with high capacity clips is so we can form a militia and overthrow the government. 

So when does the Revolution begin? 

All I've been hearing for the last 4 years on Fox News and AM radio is what a tyrant The President is.

So what's the hold up? 

This country has had the Whisky Rebellion, The War of Northern Aggression, Forced School Integration, and Kent State. But wanting to have someone head the ATF full time? Tyranny.

So come on lovers of Freedom and Liberty, what are you waiting for? THIS IS THE TIME!!!!! If you don't act now, it might be too late, and then we'll have Black Muslims marching right down Main Street, USA followed by Prancing, Gay Hollywood Liberals.

Get on with it already!!!!!!!!!
Im so sick of arguing with liberals. Go ahead try and take my guns, ill show you how they work. 
How odd that +Rich White is willing to trade the second amendment for the first amendment, when the second amendment is there to protect the first.  I think Ben Franklin already suggests people like that deserve neither.
Now is the time to take action against drone violence. 
Obama, I think the 2 nd amendment is quite clear!! This right shall not be infringed upon. Period!! New laws will not stop gun violence. Just look at your hometown Chicago. Toughest gun laws in nation and highest gun violence in nation. Just saying.
+Paul Johnson , +Rich White is not swapping any amendments, you misunderstand him and Ben Franklin. He deserves both freedoms as he appears to be willing to fight for all.
Lotsa NRA$$holes and TEABagger trolls have dropped their masks and shown up here.
+Paul Johnson you know you are the reason people hate liberals. Maybe you should wake up. Your freedom to be a dick is based on our freedom to own guns. All I can say is your welcome. 
Dave T.
My kid is an honor student at ****** Elementary School.

Quoting bumper stickers is fun
So I'm a socialist.  I also own guns.  I also know a thing about tactics, such as not telling someone you're implying to be your enemy that you're coming for them.  I mean, what kind of shit sandwich are you making for yourself if you actually intend to follow through on that threat?
+Paul Johnson who said they where coming after anyone? I said I would stop people like you from coming after me. Is the English language new to you? 
Clearly you have no ability to have a rational discourse on the matter.  Goodbye, you have lost, have a nice day.
Hey +Rich White , who's trying to take your guns? Name him and we'll educate him. We've been hearing this paranoiac crap since the Brady bill; it hasn't been tried, it hasn't happened, and it will never pass Congress. In essence, it's simply a delusion!
The second amendment gives no restrictions on what we can own. By banning ANY gun they are taking away our guns along with our rights. 
Ivan Roa
I agree with you Paul Johnson. He is not disarming Americans he is putting forth reasonable regulations in attempts to prevent mass shootings from happening in the future. I am for owning guns just not ones meant to kill masses of people. Also gun owners should be obligated by law to secure their gun(s) when not in use.
Attacking firearms and ignoring children is not a solution to the crisis we face as a nation. Only honest, law-abiding gun owners will be affected and our children will remain vulnerable to the inevitability of more tragedy.
+Ivan Roa if that's true then why are they trying to ban a type of gun that's responsible for less murders then hammers? Seriously, wake up. 
If one life can be saved we've got an obligation to try, what about Benghazi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Obama sabe muy bien lo que dice; lo felicito por el interes en la solucion al problema.
+Jeremiah Edwards: I don't have a conception certificate, my ID doesn't have a date of conception.  You need to be alive before you have rights.  Life begins at birth by definition.
Devin F
Never let a crisis go to waste. Good alinsky ites
2nd amendment rules! Yoy want better background checks, thats fine, but do not ban our guns!
Man, looking at a lot of the profiles of the haters, I wouldn't trust those racist psychopaths with child-safe scissors...
Columbine and Virginia Tech the offenders used small capacity magazines.  They had a bunch of them.  So how in the world will your laws work when they didn't work the last time they were in effect?
The violent crime rate in Australia and England is higher than the US, and guns are illegal over there.
Also I will add look at the NY law and how the NYPD flipped out when members of their ranks would have to be "treated like other citizens".  Many of these laws popping up ban target and single fire weapons for how they look instead of operate.  

People that don't educate themselves on how guns are constructed shouldn't make comments with media soundbites -- it makes it clear you can't tell one gun from another and have nothing of meaning to add to the discussion of which should be restricted.
Brian D
Surely there is one conservative pushing at least a 60 IQ?

Your teabagging comes at a price; the salt from the sweat is eating your brain.
Looks like a sensible plan. I appreciate the President's efforts.
At. Brian Daniel maybe you need to be regulated. On the day those innocent children were killed s lunatic attacked children in China. Can you say how many kids were killed in that incident? For your information, none. Assault weapons should be banned.
Obama has even admitted his proposals won't prevent another Newtown.  This is just a politically calculated distraction on the backs of dead children.  Think of how many times Obama has said the words "...will become the TOP priority of my administration..." and the timing of when he said it.  Now think about the follow ups with each of these promises.  

Just replace the name Obama with Bush if that helps, and think about it critically.  Frankly I find it offensive to use this event to try and sweep the economy off the media cycle.
+Rich White Re: "The second amendment gives no restrictions on what we can own. By banning ANY gun they are taking away our guns along with our rights. "

When the second amendment was passed the duty to establish the parameters were left to the congress and the courts, and they've been doing that ever since. Have you noticed that you cannot buy fully automatic weapons, biological weapons, Cobra gunships, mortars, Claymore mines and a whole host of other weaposn and munitions. Do these resrictions unfairly inhibit your rights?
If we thought it would save lives we would turn in my guns now, but disarming civilians will only kills millions.
Go for it Mr.President! I'm proud of you!
Any musket you want.  Black powder, musket balls.  Go for it!  Just be careful as loading can sometime be illuminating.
Well +Teddy Roosevelt we'll just leave it up to you then, We don't need a dialogue, or a Congress, or your neighbors opinions; you've got it all figured out. I'll sleep soundly tonight knowing you've got my back.
+Brian Dillard so rather then provide an argument you decide that belittling a group of people is a better argument. I understand that your fascination with having testicles in your mouth is strong but please refrain from talking about it here. 
Wanna solve the problem? Make it mandatory that everyone that could legally own a gun, carry a gun. People will be less likely to rob somebody or attempt to shoot up a place if everyone else has a gun on their person. shoot up a theater and have 100 people with guns to solve the problem. Somewhere in my sick mind it makes sense
Obama is a great man. Tolerant, not judge anyone, is in favor of freedom of religion and he is a hard worker, besides being a great person.
He will find a way! I believe him! #GOOBAMA
+Shawn Startup Spoken like a true 19th century man. And don't worry little boy, Obamas not taking all your guns away. 
And why do you need automatic or semi-automatic weapons. Are you too lazy or incompetent to use a non-automatic weapon or is it just that you enjoy killing? In Britain we had 0.25 gun deaths per 100, 000 population. In the same year the USA had 11.6 gun deaths per 100, 000. That's over 40 times the British death rate. Civilized countries shouldn't need a 'right to bear arms'.
Cars kill many people each year, used by irresponsible drivers. BAN ASSAULT CARS
I would rather have a better gun license system that requires background checks instead of an outright ban. 
+John Foggitt yes but in Britain you're much more likely to be beaten to death by a bat. Britain has a much higher violent crime rate they just don't use guns. If responsible adults where allowed to carry guns in Britain there would be a much lower violent crime rate. 
Biggest problem is we allow stupid people to exist, if we scanned at birth and removed those with lower IQs and stopped those without any form of work ethic from reproducing their wouldn't be problem. So because we allow all this, honest, good, hard working people, suffer.
Shannon Sommers funny you should mention automatic rifles.....considering they have been illegal for years.....clearly you have no clue what a currently legal assault rifle is. Who is uninformed now? If you want to get in on the debate you should inform yourself on it first.....or just continue to look like an idiot
+John Foggitt also I have the right to own any gun I want. The military has fully automatic weapons, why can't I. The government is the primary reason for our gun rights. 
Im a person from Iran but I love America but there isn't any way to join usn soIm going to attack to Irans army by car now 
S Mann
For all those who are upset about Obama taking away your guns. Are you all also in favor for countries to protect themselves with wmd's? Meaning are you just as upset that US is trying to stop Iran from having nukes.
Or is your passion for freedom and second amendment limited to your door step?
+Jamie Davolio Women have the right to choose in this country. If you don't want an abortion don't have one. People who are against a womens right to choose, just want to CONTROL women. A real man would never want the government to dictate to any woman what to do with her own body. So fuck off.
+John Foggitt hey John we don't care what you do in Britain that's why we broke away from you and your monarchy. Here in America we like our guns part of the reason why we were never bombed or had any forces take our country. Semu automatic weapons are for self protection you don't keep it stay yourself in Britain. 
Mr. President your proposal is unconstitutional, as has been all of the gun laws placed before the people in the past. Our congressional representatives are corrupt and do not represent the will of the people, and you +Barack Obama will be tried and found guilty of treason against the american people if you continue to pursue this line of illegal abuse of your executive power. It is my opinion and many others that these false flag operations depicting gun violence against the citizens by unstable individuals has been used for the NWO agenda towards our total enslavement of our republic. Generating popular "opinion" in some easily led and uniformed citizens so that they are swayed to your agenda does not give you or any one the right to take our liberty. 

"George Mason argued the importance of the militia and right to bear arms by reminding his compatriots of England's efforts "to disarm the people; that it was the best and most effectual way to enslave them . . . by totally disusing and neglecting the militia." He also clarified that under prevailing practice the militia included all people, rich and poor. "Who are the militia? They consist now of the whole people, except a few public officers." Because all were members of the militia, all enjoyed the right to individually bear arms to serve therein."
+Rich White the second amendment was passed because congress disbanded the Continental Army after the Treaty of Paris was signed. Within a year they realized their error and reconstituted the army to battle Native Americans on their borders.
Nazi Obama and Reichschancellor Biden wouldnt have any concerns if they would resign...or be impeached!!! And take your voters with you.
S Mann
Personally,I think this is just a way to boost gun sales lol. I'm certain it will soar
+S Malik last I looked Iran wasn't part of the united states. We have the right to bear arms according to our constitution. It doesn't matter if you like it or not. America isn't a democracy. America is a constitutional republic and our gun rights are protected by that constitution. 
Why don't you focus on quality of life in low income neighborhoods in inner cities. That's where 80% of the gun crimes occur. Then you can focus on correctly identifying problematic personalities through school and social programs with a focus on correctly diagnosing them with medication that won't send them over the edge. That plan will end a majority of violent crimes in this country whether they use a gun or not Mr. President.

Taking away tools that only some violent offenders use does nothing to solve the real problem.
The issue of gun violence Vs gun control aready speaks for itself , All major city that has increase CCW , Have reduce crime , The question of gun violence , Is more on gang and drugs , Also Has the President Said ( Psychiatric Drug's , Not a lack of gun control , Are the common denominator in murderous violence ) . These are two difference issue , That the anti - gun is trying to make one for gun control and not gun violence .
None of our rights in the constitution are absolute, remember that. 
Cars, while not designed to kill massive number of people, are heavily regulated. Semi-automatic guns and clips designed to kill massive numbers of people, are not. Pathological.
Dan Buzz
If I recall correctly , there was no assault rifle used in the new town shooting, there were only handguns found inside, yet for some reason that is what he is basing this on. That is why he chose to exploit these kids to push his agenda. Not to mention, Obama is for abortion! Which kills 1.3 million babies a year! Yeah, he sure cares about those kids. This guy is so full of shi@@ it's amazing. 
Just let the government confiscate all of our guns. Then we can get back to the business of subjugating the American people . . . Err . . I mean get back to helping everyone out. Yea, yea, thats what I mean.
+Mark Hardin guns are not designed to kill people there designed to protect people you moron. Also guns are heavily regulated way more regulated in automobiles I can go out and buy a car without a license I don't even have to be able to drive. Someone loses their license to too many drunk driving accidents can go out and buy a car and they don't even have to register it to drive it take to drive into a crowd of people no problem. Get your facts straight before you comment. 
When he says few, he really means few. 99.99% of all guns are never used in any crime. A great deal of the ones that do kill someone are used in suicides. Mass shootings are a minority of a minority of a minority--rifles are hardly used in crimes, too. This is an anamoly being used to further someone's political goals.
^^driving is a privilege not a right. big difference.
Take the guns away from the police too! & Teach them some social  skills. 
J Sick
Laws or reforms or E-orders, in no way, affect the "law-breaking few"
I tottally agree with Jeff Sorosiak. Besides the criminals will still get guns no matter what, is like the drugs, they're illegal and the still can get them.
+Danny Bussiere Obama has 4 years of I don't care in front of him. Its over for him, he doesn't give a shit about what he does. NASA has yet to be fully destroyed, I am sure that is coming soon enough. The American tech industry is going to get shafted too I bet. 
+Michael McGuire actually pro choice does mean pro abortion. You guys made up the term you should know that. Pro choice mean you give anybody the right to murder their own children. 
Just because some nut job used his rifle for evil doesn't mean I will.

You cannot suppress my rights due to someone else's bad behavior.

Way to sieze a horrible tragedy for a subjective, personal, political crusade ... your requested laws could not possibly have prevented the exact incident you are using to fuel your political agenda.

I voted for you because you seemed ready to take on the 1% screwing everyone over ... the biggest single problem in America today.

Instead your using this tragedy to bow-out of that fight and take away rights from decent citizens.

You took me from elation the day you won the 2nd term to complete frustration in about a month.

Please keep your eyes on the biggest prize, that's not guns.
The "government has fully automatic weapons so why can't I?"  LOL. What an idiot.
Commenting here would just be giving legitimacy to idiocy. Thanks for the mention +Sean Campbell, but if anybody wants to see me picking Obama the Incompetent apart bit by bit, they'll just have to read my feed.  
I believe the 2nd amendment was put in place to protect the people from their government, so they would always be able to fight back and never be oppressed, which is what happened to create America. Before too long, the government will have you all chipped and clipped and begging for a license to move between states.  
S Mann
+Rich White last I looked, America is the only country to have ever used nukes, yet it's others who are irresponsible.

Point is, you can map this same hypocritical mentality of the US government in everything they do.
I find it amusing that the same people here posting how upset they are about having restriction on what gun they can buy would also be the first to pat the US government's back for intervening in other people's sovereignty.

Reason I asked is that everyone is really upset about not being able to defend themselves. Just because it's written in your second amendment doesn't mean it's not the right of others to do the same. I didn't know having it in a constitution was a requirement or that it makes a difference.
Treat others as you would like to be treated

By the way, is your second amendment as protected as your first one?

People should be more worried about how the first and second amendment means zilch now. What's number three again? 
Fully automatic weapons are illegal, save with a special license, and have been for many decades. It sounds as though Jody is falling for the rhetorical trick of implying that semi-automatic weapons, which describes most hunting rifles, are machine guns. That goes along with the invented category of "assault rifles," used to describe semi-automatic rifles that are designed to look rather like military rifles but have the same capabilities as other semi-automatic rifles.
+Brandon White I couldn't have said it any better. Take away one liberty and eventually they'll take them all away. No freedoms equals slavery. 
Why bring the NAZI into this.  Cant we just have a simple debate about our safety.  

I dont think hitler cared about the murder rate in germany, or gun violence in schools.    

Who are all these people going to rise up too with there assault riffles?  ( each other ) 
Yeah right more money and control for you... Forget you!!!!
Oh, blow it out your ass Howard!
+Rich White, another ill-informed member of our #idiocracy . Who is going to buy a car you can't drive?  Car manufacturers have safety regulations they must adhere to.  Gun manufacturers do not.  Cars must be registered. Guns do not.  Cars, in must states, must be inspected to ensure they are safe.  Guns do not.  In order to drive you must pass a test. In order to own a gun you do not. 

I'd be happy with everyone owning any kind of weapon they like, as long as there are very foolproof safety measures built in, owners register their guns, and be inspected for mental instability.  Most of you fools would not pass.
S Mann
interested to know how many and which guns +Rich White owns
Like you said in your speech, everyone involved in gun running should be held responsible and go to jail. Stop being hypocritical, you protected Eric Holder, so you should also be held responsible for the failed gun running the government allow which in turn got a border patrol agent killed and put guns in the cartels hand illegally.
+S Malik the second amendment is our first amendments insurance policy. Its OK next time your country is in trouble we will make sure to stay out of your business. 
Crats are not about safe schools but adding to their existing agenda of anti gun ownership.
Laws that forbid the carrying of arms, disarm only those who are neither inclined, nor determined to commit crimes. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants. They serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man. – Thomas Jefferson, 1764
+Robert Horan Obama is not a dictator! He just wants some senseable gun control. Please don't dramatize. 
A pump shotgun (which could never be banned) loads with 7 or 8 rounds.

Each 12ga 2 3/4" round carries 9 #00 buckshot pellets @ .33 Cal each.

A #4 buckshot carries 27 projectiles per round @ .24 Cal.

You do the math.

Ask any E.R. trauma Dr what type of firearm produces the most fatal wounds ... they'll they'll you shotgun.

I'm all for closing the backgrohnd check loophole, but that's all the support your getting out of me.
+Jody Carbone so then someone who doesn't have a drivers license isn't able to drive a car. In that case why don't we just make murder illegal? Maybe you should get informed yourself before you claim other are miss informed. Its a fact that criminals brake the law, its kind of there thing. 
Obama the dead beat President doesnt propose any real solutions. No matter what he"executive orders", the bad guys still dont follow laws. The problem isnt background checks,its how bad guys get guns. Obama doesnt talk about the problem,nothing Obama is talking about would prevent tragedies like Newtown. Just smoke&mirrors for the low information voter(Democrats). Obama is the Worst President in History and no matter what "our dear leader" proclaims, it'll fail like everything else he's tried. 2nd Amendment shall not be infringed upon.
Good work President. Now how about you bring Capital Punishment IMMEDIATELY to those who commit Murders. 
+Jody Carbone you know that safety interlocks on all cars can be defeated by the user. no level of regulation will correct that. regulations are not going to fix this problem. people are the problem not the machine. lets fix the people, talk to someone who is having trouble, be compassionate and caring with others. This is the only way to stop gun violence. if you are for gun control you are for the loss of your right to free speech, assembly, protection from illegal searches, etc. welcome to your enslavement.
At least Obama finally"stimulated" something. Obama starts banning guns and millions of people rush to buy them. Wish Obama would ban jobs. Obama's a bad joke.
Why don't you just adopt the same legislation as in Australia? Then you can keep your damn guns and protect children.
That aside, I haven't seen one coherent argument on here for keeping guns, in fact, the more I read the more obvious it is that there are large numbers of you that shouldn't be allowed to procreate or vote, let alone be responsible for a firearm. Good grief, seriously, listen to yourselves. Guns mean more to you than human life? Please, get out the gene pool before its too.. Oh, wait, it's too late. The kids are dead already..
Obama, I don't think the assault rifles guns ban will pass, the US congress will reject it. 
Hey Mr. PRESIDENT what about fast and furious? Were are those responsible? Why was holder never held accountable or is that and this problem the fault of past administrations and never your administrations fault?
please explain to a stupid UK citizen why any normal person would need to own an automatic rifle?
+Jason Rodriguez Well look whose back? When are you gunna answer my questions concerning your insane rant against our President? ??????
Better background checks? Fine.

Limiting magazine capacity? Not going to do any good (I can carry two clips as easily as one), but fine, whatever.

Banning "military style assault weapons"? What exactly does that mean? Fully automatic is already banned. Just about everything else is cosmetic. Give me a semi-automatic with a classical wooden stock (a "hunting rifle") and I can still shoot it the same as I could if it had a pistol grip and a telescoping stock. 

In the end, though, you're only going to accomplish one thing with most of this - removing these guns from the hands of legitimate, law-abiding citizens. Criminals will still get their hands on guns, even if you ban them all - history has proven that time and time again (hello... prohibition???).

I've seen it said elsewhere and it bears repeating. We don't have a gun problem; we have a people problem. We need a people solution.
"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Gfy.
lol, Americans........

The only people who stomp their feet and scream that GUNS = FREEDOM.

Please explain to me how every single country in the world that has strict gun control has dramatically less gun violence, and better economies and quality of life then the US then?

Yeah, up here in Canada, I guess we aren't "free", roflol.
Next it be concentration camps for us anti obamers and constitutional free thinkers
how bout you spend your time preventing deaths from drunk drivers and car accidents. morons
+Tina Vigilante So blind you are. Why can't people see their freedoms being taken away from them right in front of their faces? 
+Vicki Lynn help reduce mass shootings? Are you kidding? Are you even aware that conn already has an assault weapon ban, not to mention the lowest gun ownership rates in the county? How bout columbine, the bans in place didn't prevent that? How bout the state of Illinois which already posses the strictest guns laws in the county yet we are or becoming the murder capital of the country. BAD PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS GET THEIR HANDS ON GUNS IF THEY WANT THEM! No laws will ever ever correct that fact. 
Never let a bad and ugly event go un-used eh President O. So much show with no true solutions. All the POTUS has done is provide a dog and pony show for the media to fawn over.
You have a right to bear arms +John Anderson, you just have to register them.  You have a right to bear arms, you just have to pass a background check.  And last I checked, the Bill of Rights says nothing about what type of arms you are allowed to own.  We all win, quit your bitching.
"You have a right to bear arms +John Anderson, you just have to register them. "

One step closer to confiscation
Nobody needs to own a rifle or a gun. But it is in our BILL OF RIGHTS! Its called the BILL OF RIGHTS not the bill of wants or the bill of needs!
+Tina Vigilante what do you need me to inform you about now? Theres only so much of me to go around,I cant be there to enlighten you all the time Tina,you have to share. Just remember this,Obama is the biggest con-man and worst President in History. If you can remember that,you will just fine Tina.
If you have to have a license to drive a car or cut someone's hair, I don't think it's too much to expect the same if you want to own a fire arm. Also, I just don't get why anyone needs to own an assault weapon to defend themselves????
May Allah bless the United States of American I love this country 
Someone said this in another post and makes perfect sense:

"So everybody keeps asking "why do you NEED an AR-15?"  I suppose I could say I really don't have a need, I have a RIGHT.  Lets put it another way.  Did Rosa Parks NEED to sit in the front of the bus, no she could have stood, or sat in the back.  She would have got to her destination either way.  But she had a RIGHT to sit in the front of the bus." 
Under Obama's new plan, it would cost hundreds of dollars to license a firearm. It seems a good way for the corrupt federal govt to suck more money out of the public.
I don't normally respond to posts involving politics or religion, but I just want to say that it's amazing the number of whack jobs that came out in this country when their precious guns are involved. I wonder whether there was this much outcry in England when personal gun ownership was outlawed?

The crux of the problem is that many of the people in this country that want guns probably shouldn't have them anyway (as demonstrated by the whackadoos in this thread). 
+Jason Rodriguez "Obama is the Worst President in History"

People outside America continue to be puzzled that Americans have a cool, hip, black, and smart president (finally!) and yet still people find something to wildly exaggerate and complain about. And cause for their complaint? GUNS.
An AR-15 is not an automatic machine gun. It's just an ordinary rifle.
+Jimmy White then you didn't read them all. My suggestion just gets overlooked because it doesn't fit into either sides' agenda.
@emmad mashood you obviously dont know your history or your guns so please . before you point the finger , there are 3 pointing at you
I see many stubborn people. It's their right to be it, I just don't want them around me
Guns do not kill people, people kill people. I think you've heard it a hundred times, but this is the truth.
I believe that we do not have the right to give up any right because American blood has been spilt to protect each and every liberty that we have. I will not stand for those trying to infringe on this because of how high the price that was and is paid for those rights. God bless America.
Fast and furious, criminals giving guns to criminals 
Do we really give a rats ass what other countries think of America? I sure as hell dont! 
It's violence that's wrong not just guns violence it could be a nice a club hammer violence is wrong not guns
+Jody Carbone 
"Rich White I propose a simple test in spelling and grammar for gun owners. Yours would be taken away.  What did you do during English class anyway, play hangman's noose?"

I guess you ran of ideas on how to debate +Rich White's facts...sigh 
emaad, it doesn't matter why I want an AR-15, the Constitution guarantees me that if I want to own one/carry one I have that right. It isn't a matter of need or want, the Constitution says I can, therefore the abridgment of that right is an abridgment of the Constitution. 

And, btw, the AR-15 is not an automatic machine gun. Please get your facts straight.
Yes Ryszard, you are right.  So we have to try to keep guns away from those who would use them to kill others.  
The argument is ridiculous. It just shows how little Americans know of their own country. Stop forwarding pictures of cute cats and read a book. Take a civics lesson and learn what the Forefathers intended.

I want to live in a world where the sky is green, and pink unicorns pass caramel-scented farts too, but we are a long way from there. In the mean time, lets have some solutions that will actually do something to end violence, like ending poverty.
"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security." - Declaration of Independence
+Xaser Nixeus so registering guns is our first step to confiscation? When are they coming for my car?
+Jody Carbone  dude shut the fuck up. guns are registered if purchased legally and they do have safety measures, it's called a "safety".
+Dave Pentecost Here's a scenario. 4 gunmen break into your home while you and your family are sleeping, armed with assault rifles, shotguns, and handguns carrying more than 7-round clips. Will you have a better chance to protect your family with a handgun carrying a 7-round clip or a semi-auto AR15 with an extended clip?
Why are people defending guns? They kill people, all guns should be banned. Stupid NRA all they care about is money
How does the media convince so many people that AR-15s are automatic weapons? Some people watch too much TV.
It does seem a little odd that at least from what I've heard that not even an off duty cop can carry a weapon in DC but you can hear automatic weapons fire in the night. A little bit odd. Even if the auto fire is from our side, who would we be fighting in dc that would need that kind of firepower to subdue? So guns make us less safe?
Hey moronic president instead of pointing to an inanimate object look to the actual problem 
I agree with his sentiment, but not his perception of the problem.  However, as the background checks are only looking for felony convictions and being detained against your will in a psychiatric hospital I do not think will stop these events, but if the finally bill then only restricts based on those two things I can support it.  it is hard for me to object if the country wants to readopt the Brady Bill.  As a poor excuse for a hunter, it did not effect me then and it will not effect me now, but it will effect some.
Automatic weapons should be banned completely.
Shaw Startup and people like you are sick Maybe
One your children should be shot
S Mann
+Rich White too late friend. You're already in my country. And we weren't even in trouble. Let alone ask for you're intervention.
I'll let you guess which country I could be from. So many invaded choices to choose from.
Good luck standing up for the illusion of freedom you call the amendments. 
Obama is the biggest Fraud and Clown ever! Impeach this Liar! Restore America!
I do not agree with what you are doing to our Second Amendment Mr. President. The only way to stop massive violence, is to allow people to be armed and to defend themselves.
A person might need a machine gun because in case you havent noticed......
thats what the bad guys have. The gangbangers dont share Obama's enthusiasm
for limits on bullets and magazines.
+Thomas Walsh car fatalities and drunk driving have been in a steady decline for years. Something is being done about that. 
No we do not!!! Americans will not allow any type of tampering w/ the 2nd amendment!!!
There's a 2nd Amendment;, guns are not the problem, people are the problem. The criminal element will always be able to access guns regardless of laws or restrictions . The restrictive laws will only affect law abiding citizens and restrict their rights

Ok. +Xaser Nixeus i do have a right to live though right? Because I was registered at birth with a SSN. Are they going to confiscate me?

Registering only gives them a way to track down weapons used in crimes. If you don't plan on committing a crime, it shouldn't be a problem.
Who does he think he is....King George? BO needs to stop his poltical BS and realize that he could get impeached and start a civil war of his own.
+john jeeves Because someone in the NRA made up a very compelling story for the knuckle-draggers that the constitution allows them to.  Yeah, I don't see it either.
Hmmm, people writing the nonsense here do carry guns. May God help America :(
well here in australia over 500,000 people die because of guns!
This pole smoker has no clue what he's doing.
+The White House  As I have pointed out on several of your posts throughout this week I have shown you that Gun Crime is at a All time low based on data from the FBI.

The use of using children to spearhead your crusade is shameful. 
You do not have the support of the People or Congress in this attempt.

It is unconstitutional to have our rights infringed upon, especially when there is no solid reason too.  That is like giving up boat travel because the Titanic sunk.

Assault style rifles are just cool looking rifles. They are not military grade.

Limiting Ammo is also an Infringement on our 2nd Amendment rights.
Limiting our Ammo is limiting our ability to protect our families, friends and our nation from Tyrannical Governments and occupation be it foreign or domestic.
+Penelope Swenson by that logic the only religions that will enjoy constitutional protection are those that existed at the time of muskets as well.

"Assault Weapons" were banned in 1986 by Ronald Reagan, and they are still illegal. What the powers-that-be what to do is to redefine the term "assault weapon" to encompass anything that shoots one bullet at a time with each trigger squeeze, and anything that is black and might LOOK like an assault rifle.

This makes the gun we bought our daughter last month "banned" if I put a pistol grip on it for better stability and control, or change the heavy wood stock for a lighter synthetic one. Same legal gun, now a felonious instrument because it might look scarier.

I believe (and you are not required to agree, of course) that the reason the US hasn't slid into complete and total tyranny is because there are so many people with guns. I think that without the 2nd Amendment and without all those arms we would have already slipped into fascism. The Forefathers were smart to foresee that.

I am sure you have contemplated what corporation having the same rights as people might mean, and how that Supreme Court ruling shows who really runs this country. At least I hope you have.

Guns send a message. Surrendering them under some misguided idea of safety will only serve one purpose. And it isn't an end to gun violence.

And now, that there are "printable guns" that can be made with 3D printer, I am definitely not going to get behind some "think-of-the-children" effort to disarm people who would never use a gun in a crime. And quite frankly, for politicians to pounce on the opportunity afforded to them by the unfortunate events at Sandy Hook to politicize the slaughter of innocents really bothers me. Especially since I voted and defended those people against the slimy right.

Id' love to live in a world where we could do anything we wanted, and go anywhere we wanted without fear of some lunatic spraying bullets into the direction of me or my loved ones, but we aren't there.

Meanwhile, while we type books into Facebook and G+ about the constitutionality of disarming the American people, some innocent is being bombed out of their homes by a drone with an American flag sticker on it.
Sure can, and it has NOTHING to do with "gun control". 
+Shannon Sommers she is a moron bit the article is misleading. The guns the militia had were tax payer funded. They were not personal firearms. Im neither a dem or a rep. I think if you classify yourself either of these than you have mental problems. Thease parties are out of touch with reality and are now a run away train of stupidity. The fact that people think stoping the puchase of something isnt taking it away blows me a way. Please explain how it is not. The government will never tell me what I can and cant do as long as I am not hurting other while doing it. We live in a free republic, remember that. 
+Bryan Fuselier ...unless they have a situation like katrina where the government decides now is not a good time for you to have a weapon.  Then they know exactly which door to break down.  Registering will lead to confiscation.  Whether it is on a grand scale or comes from local government, it is the wrong path.  Plus, registering will never stop a single crime.
If they're already lawbreakers, and have no care for the consequences of breaking the law, how can we stop them with more laws?
Never knew bad guy register for guns. O wait it's the people of the United States you think are bad.
Let's pass laws to keep law-breakers from causing harm.

Uh. Ok. Makes sense in that "but something has to be done" kind of way.
+Bryan Fuselier 
"Ok. +Xaser Nixeus xasi do have a right to live though right? Because I was registered at birth with a SSN. Are they going to confiscate me?"

they should but that will be call tyranny and I'm sure you don't believe that could happen to the US
This has been the best week of comments in quite some time. Sometimes it takes everyone getting behind their computer while riled up to spew some real comedy. Oh! I know, let's petition the White House! 
Obama will go down as the worst president in American history. Spends more money than all other presidents combined with complete disregard for our constitution 
In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. >From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated
In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated. 
Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated. 
China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated 
Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated. 
Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated. 
Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million educated people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated. 
Defenseless people rounded up and exterminated in the 20th Century because of gun control: 56 million. 
You won't see this data on the US evening news, or hear politicians disseminating this information. 
Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes, gun-control laws adversely affect only the law-abiding citizens. 
Take note my fellow Americans, before it's too late! 
The next time someone talks in favor of gun control, please remind them of this history lesson. 
With guns, we are 'citizens'. Without them, we are 'subjects'.
During WWII the Japanese decided not to invade America because they knew most Americans were ARMED! 
If you value your freedom, please spread this anti-gun-control message to all of your friends and family.
Spread the word everywhere you can that you are a firm believer in the 2nd Amendment!
It's time to speak loud before they try to silence and disarm us.
I am definitely pro gun control and I appreciate the recent steps in that  direction. However, Mr. President, is that all you did last week and what you will do next week? For sake of God, don't leave the debate on spending cuts for the last moment!
Ajibola don't come to the us we have too many free loaders is it is.
Alan s
What a joke he is 
I think whenever somebody buys a gun they should also check who else lives in the same household, I've seen people that have criminal history use somebody they live with to buy a gun for them. Just a thought and maybe it can help a little
+Jody Carbone Again all you can do is put someone down. Why not try and make a clear argument? It shows a lack of intelligence when all you can do is call someone names and not back anything up.
Good post for putting names on my list... +Rich White seems the biggest nut job so far, not only has he threatened to kill anyone who tries to take his guns, but he also believes that Pitt Bulls are good baby sitters. (Most civilised countries have banned this breed as it was actually bred for its aggressive fighting) 
Cigarettes, drugs and alcohol kill more people than guns. Lets outlaw those.
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+Dave Pentecost Please explain to me how a hunting rifle is ok, but an AR-15 suddenly fills someone's head with violent thoughts and intentions.  The notion is ridiculous. The truth is that an AR-15 is simply more effective for what it was intended to do.  It is not evil.  When the cops need to take someone out or you need to defend your family, it is made for the that.
This coming from an idiot who allowed our attorney to sell guns to Mexican drug lords and kill not women and children in Mexico but also American citizens.
+Jose Romero  Jose, what you just described is already a felony. People are prosecuted for it every day. It's called straw purchasing or straw buying. Another law won't make it double super illegal any more than it already is.
Folks, don't allow the puppets to lull you. Our government is not for us, they merely want to control us. Which one of us possessing that kind of power wouldn't? Don't blame Obama, he's just a messenger for the real "leaders" and decision-makers of our world. Control has ALWAYS been the motive for every agenda proposed by those in power. Control = Power. Please don't be blind with your rage. Direct it towards those who must be eraticated for us to develop a new, altruistic, positive society. 
+PongaJim Mayo I actually live in Switzerland, and you are talking out of your arse.
The UK banned guns... That wasn't on your list.
+Bob Marshall you need to look up statistics and read up on pit bulls. I rarely ever get on google +, but I saw that and I had to say something.
The only way to stop gun violence is to literally take away the guns. If you cannot see that then you in fact, are so stupid that you should go and buy said guns, and shoot yourself with them.
Obama will never get this passed because democratic incumbents want to be reelected. The gun/magazine bans will be DOA.
this is righteous, but i violates the system of government we have. the ability to pass laws is held EXECUTIVELY by the CONGRESSIONAL DECISION. this act is breaking our DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and our system of CHECKS AND BALANCES we all learned in school. this Promise is what drives fear through me. it's almost like someone making a promise to me that in two years time i will be robbed, even though it is against the law. this is AMERICA, not the USSR
+Jody Carbone 
"+Xaser Nixeus yes, how do you debate an idiot?  For that matter, why am I replying to you? LOL"

Because you don't have a valid argument and most important, you are just another idiot that doesn't know how to have a mature debate?
So then restrict the "irresponsible, law-breaking few", not the law-abiding, responsible millions, you dirty, cocksucking, Communist motherfucker.
+Pete Haworth I remember some time back watching a video that originally came out of wikileaks.  It showed an unarmed citizen being beat and then being executed by the U.K. Police.   An American Freelance Reporter went to interview eye witnesses.  They were too terrified of their own police to make a statement.  It showed me the difference between Patriots and Cowards.
Gun control its working great in chicago mr baccorama
Blow it out your ass Obama guns are great so stop being such a girl!
+Vicki Lynn Please tell me how anything that the president proposes will stop someone from murdering, stealing, and doing damage with stolen goods.  The mental health thing is the only one with any merit.  You can believe that mass shootings will stop once your "glorious leader" says so, but I will add another magazine to my everyday carry for when the nutcases realize that the "sheep" are even less dangerous than before.
Another assault weapon ban will do nothing but loose the democratic party more voters. Criminals will still get these weapons. I agree with dealing with the mental health of these individuals, but lets quit blaming the guns.
Can we at least all agree that we should subject 100% of gun buyers to a background check? Or do you think it makes sense that we are only running background checks on the gun buyers who are trying to do the right thing? 
Or you can just let things be and accept that violence is a part of life and that no law will prevent this from happening again.
+Bob Marshall You really are ignorant aren’t you. Why do Democrats insist that the only way to deal with someone who apposes them is to put them down. Why don't you people actually make points to support your agenda rather then just criticize everyone who apposes it. FYI, for over 100 years Pit Bulls where refereed to as Nanny dogs because of how well they acted with children. It wasn't until people on the left started demonizing them that they got a bad reputation. To this day Pit Bulls have a higher tolerance to people then any other breed in existence. Come on by, my Pit will lick you to death.
I wonder how many people actually stockpile weapons that go undetected. While those who abide by state governed regulations are forced to rid themselves of the few weapons they have... a more in depth solution is needed i reckon.
Ban smoking and many, many more lives will be saved.
Don't agree on the ban of military style weapons. Everything else I agree on.
Your gun control laws have little to do with protecting citizens. In the guise of protecting civilians, you come against things that are more of a threat to you than us.

You ban armor piercing bullets (which I would be shot by over a hallow-point if given the choice). You ban assault rifles, which barely makes a ripple compared to hand guns.

Your goal is not to protect Americans, but rather to gain the support of the mindless and ignorant.
I think nothing should be done about firearms at all. Give everyone their guns. Not even a psychological test should be done to prevent people who might be unstable from getting their guns. So what if it means occasionally someone mows down a few dozen people? So what if this wouldn't happen otherwise? At least people now have the power to protect themselves, and don't forget the economic profit of the weapon industry being free, even if it means a few more innocent deaths. This country has enough anyway, we won't miss a few extra deaths if it means a better ability to protect oneself, not to mention economic profit!
Who keeps posting b. hussein o. links to google +? The USA is in intensive care under his "leadership". 
+Rich White And Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Rielly are poster children for being supportive to those who disagree??  Come on!
stop complaning, if Mitt Romney was elected he probaly would have overreacted about the Newtown shooting.
Mr president we needs jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs jobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It seems unbelievable that there are so many misguided people commenting on this, but I suppose that's reality. Obama isn't doing enough on this but he's on the right track. The US really is mentally ill. Sad.
Now we need to enact some laws to protect children in the Middle East from our murderer president. 
+Marco Meijer Pretending to be a conservative isn't going to help your Liberal agenda. Its way to easy to spot you people because you have no clue how conservatives think. Your entire post is screaming Liberal. You people pose as conservatives and make these outrages posts thinking your hurting us. Well your not, your only making yourself look stupid. Its the same as you Liberals wearing racists clothing and going to Tea Party events. Seriously, get a life.
+Priv Hudson A domineering government is already present in the US. They just don't domineer by shooting citizens on sight, but through propaganda and other unfair means.
When have military style weapons been used in shootings? 
Obama is in office illegally. He said he was Kenya born when running for senate but now he is American born as President that won't provide legal proof he is. Any law he signs is null and void.
I believe you guys are blessed to have this President.
well we obviously vehemently dissagree 
+Rich White No, you're right, I'm not quite mad enough to come even close to that kind of level. Talking about stupid, fix your grammar, would you?
At least you managed to figure out I was being sarcastic. I was honestly afraid people wouldn't get it. You can never guess how stupid people are. There is always someone more idiotic than you could have imagined.
No matter what pro-firearms people think they are doing, what they really are doing is trying to get a slight increase in protective ability in exchange for an increase (probably a much bigger increase, too) in innocent deaths.
mass civil disobedience, that is what i see coming up soon.
+Rich White I already did that.

1. Nobody wants to take your guns away
2. Guns should be made safer
3. Guns should be registered
4. Gun owners should prove that they are responsible enough to own guns
5. The 2nd Amendment is not breached by any of these proposals

Your turn.  Tell me why any of these statements is false. For bonus points, tell me why any of them is unreasonable. You want intelligent debate? Bring it on.
I wonder if it is entirely useless to point out that none of the president's proposals involve taking guns away from anybody? The Assault weapons ban is stupid, and mostly useless, but it would only restrict future sales. Most of the other proposals he made enjoy wide support from NRA members (though not the NRA membership). How does anyone get from what Obama said to "their going to take my guns!!!"? 
Lame duck president bollacks. Trying to take advantage of the media. If one righteous law abiding gun carrying american was there/ allowed to carry in any of these public shootings things would have be different. 2nd amendment is a right granted for a reason. Or fore fathers were not idiots. 
If you get a sword in the first act of a play, then you use that sword in the second act of the play. Because those who live by the sword will die by the sword. Do we outlaw poisons? Do we outlaw dangerous toys? Do we outlaw things people will hurt themselves with? Do we mandate seat belts? Since when are people responsible enough to have weapons of mass destruction? It is not a matter of stopping it all, it is a matter of making the chances less likely. Nothing will stop people from being stupid and brutal. However, we can make it more difficult and less likely.
+Mike Noblin Didnt he produce his birth certificate?  yeah i think he did.  What more do you want?
Nobody needs automatic or semi automatic weapons. Damn hillbillies! 
I am very disappointed america is being lead by obama

What about jobs dude? Only 4 years of ignoring the pressing issue in the US! OMG, how clueless!
Steve, you're confused. If you listen to what the President said he has no intentions of trying to changing the constitution. Everything he wants to do is focused towards keeping weapons from criminals and those who would like nothing better than to shoot up the local school or movie theater. Watch the video again and listen a little closer to what he says, changing the constitution was never mentioned.
First the guns then our freedom 
I think dave mustaine was right.. I think these shootings as of late was staged by the obama amd. To take our guns away..
I disagree with the president. Criminals don't obey the law, so any of his measures only affect law abiding gun owners.
+Jody Carbone Lying doesn't count. They want to take AR15's and other scary black guns away. How is that "Not taking guns away". THERE SHOULD BE NO RESTRICTIONS ON WHAT GUN I WANT TO OWN. Period.
Birth Certificate was a fake... What you believe you saw was a fake. If professionals in the business say its fake how can you disagree?
stop hating on the president  id like to seeyou try to do better
People kill people with not only guns but anything they can get there hands on! We live in a Violent society caused by BAD FOOD!
You get out what you put in!
Tax guns at 50% sales tax. Hey, won't that help our fiscal cliff problem too!?
I think it's all a bunch of shit. 
Dictators always want to disarm its people.
What happened to we are responsible for our own actions. Guns, vehicles, hammers, knives, or any of these things. It the people who have wrong intentions. It's funny how the President has armed guarding his own children, but he doesn't want people to protect themselves. If you have ever read his Executive Orders, read #16....since when do doctors have the right to ask if a patient owns a gun?! To me that is invasion of privacy. 
+Marco Meijer
 And another liberal that uses criticism rather then points. What doesn't everyone just call me a name real quick and get it out of there system and then grow up and have a reasonable conversation. Wait, I forgot I'm talking to a bunch of liberals. Reasonable isn't in there vocabulary.
Ban high volume magazines? What if somebody walked into a movie theatre with a couple Molotovs? Will we ban gasoline and Coke?
Guns don't kill people
People don't kill people
People with guns kill people
Keep people and guns apart, problem solved.
Answer to .."it's not safe, and it's not smart"......and it's none of your business
An average of 27 children are murdered every day in America. Most at the hands of parents and care givers. Anybody care??? 
Smh ppl make it seem as if he's taking away our right to bare arms
It starts with trust. Why are weapons and ammo flying off the shelves when Obama "currently" says they won't lose their guns? They don't trust him and with good reason.
+Steve Dion Semi Automatic Firearms cover about 90% of them. every Modern day handgun in the world is Semi Auto. even revolvers go off every trigger pull. so by definition that's Semi Auto. i can fire a lever action or a pump action shotgun almost as fast as a semi auto. it makes no difference  if somebody wants to shoot somebody else they are going to even if they have to throw a bullet at them it will happen. so why dose it matter? the issue here isn't guns. the issue is people. 
Ian Roy
"And another liberal that uses criticism rather THAN (not "then") points. What ("why") doesn't everyone just call me a name real quick and get it out of there (their) system and then grow up and have a reasonable conversation. Wait, I forgot I'm talking to a bunch of liberals. Reasonable isn't in there (their) vocabulary."

Reasonable is in our vocabulary. So is grammar. 
+Bob Marshall
More liberal propaganda. I own Pit Bulls moron, I know there temperament first hand. Is it you could not come up with a valid anti gun point so you attack some completely un related topic. Do you want to take my Pit Bull away because it looks mean and viscous just like my GUN.
En 1791 cuando la segunda enmienda da el derecho de tener una
ara de fuego no habían las armas de guerra actuales,para cambiar
la tenencia de armas creo que en 2013 el Ejecutivo,que durante
todo estos siglos que han pasado,ha dejado en manos del Congreso
la responsabilidad y la protección ciudadana cosa que no ha estado
hecho adecuadamente con el avance de las ciencias,ahora sea el
poder ejecutivo lleva a la Corte Suprema el litigio con la interpretación
de la segunda enmienda,ya que no es solamente un porte de armas
que yo creo que cuando dice "porte de arma",es un revolver o para
la caza de animales,no se puede llevar encima de uno sin que sea
bien escondida una arma de guerra,creo que está en la interpretación
de la segunda enmienda,que en estos momentos favorece a los
criminales,terroristas etc. y sobre todo al loby de fabricantes de
estas armas de fuego.
+Steve Dion 
"Nobody needs automatic or semi automatic weapons. Damn hillbillies! "

Coming from a "canuk" like yourself makes your statement so smart...sigh
Now is the time to leave the constitution alone, and focus mental health not guns. If someone is going to go on a rampage the lack of guns will not stop them. 
Breaking News: All gun toting criminals decide to limit the ammo and size of magazines they carry due to Barak"Our Dear Leader" Obama's executive Order. In New York the bad guys now only carry 6 rounds in their guns now.
Makes sense to me, though the right will still kick scream and moan
Obumblers greatest stimulus package ever, thanks for reminding me to stock up on ammo.
So +Rich White All of my redneck neighbors owns guns.  As we speak, they are shooting them in their back yard.  In order to be safe, I feel as though I should own mortars, rockets, a 50 ca.l mounted to my roof. Maybe a small nuclear weapon, just in case.  By your illogic, THERE SHOULD BE NO RESTRICTIONS.... blah blah.

None of these laws, none of these proposals has said anything about taking guns away.  Not one.  Prove your intelligence, show me some evidence of that fact.  Statements from the NRA don't count.

Hurry back.
Obama and the UN perpetuate false flag attacks all over the country including killing children and then they spin it around and blame it on patriots. what the hell america? how blind can you be? if this was 100 years ago we would have hanged this guy already. this is a war for your freedom. everything you have seem from the media is a lie. these people are the ones behind the trigger. WAKE UP!!!!!!! 
Heat 28
Our pres. Big scape goat, baa!!! Our amendments don't mean fucking shit anymore!!!!!!
The gun control is pork on an otherwise sensible motion. Almost twice as many are killed with bare hands than all rifles. Rifles are bulky, hard to hide and generally a bad choice for the commission of a crime. Disagree with me if you like, but please be informed. They don't want your guns they want your votes.
Hmmm...nuclear weapons...does the 2nd amendment give everyone the right to also own nukes?  Would that be OK?   Or would people prefer to see that sort of arms ownership regulated?

Marv V
A BULLET TO THE HEAD Of gun control booyaa
government only works when the people who presume to govern, respect their constituency. otherwise, the people in power will run roughshod over the rights and incomes of their constituents. the proof is in the newspaper, at the gas pump, at the grocery checkout, on your paycheck. lets bring back the guillotine.
+Chucky Riggs if we left the Constitution alone, slavery would still be legal and women would not have the right to vote. Is that ok with you? The Constitution is a living document. 
laws only hinder those that obey anyone that is willing to break the law will do so to obtain a firearm, in which case they will still have them....just saying
Rob Ng
Operation Fast and Furious - release the damn documents.
Now what are you going to do to regulate the guns the criminals have?!?! Idiot!
I agree with Obama, not the perfect fix but its a step in the right direction due to the political climate over recent events involving automatic weapons. One preventative measure I feel could work without affecting the second amendment would be an increase in the maximum penalty involving any one using any type of gun in a violent crime.
There's an old saying...."you gotta' draw the line somewhere", And another that is not unlike it....."if they get away with that, then what will they do next, and where does it all end?" This argument will never be resolved in debate, or discussion. There are almost 400 replies already. Obviously, it is an important issue, and one that if infringement of any kind to the second amendment is attempted, will definitely make known where the line is drawn. To the people that want will never happen, and if attempted, you'll wish it wouldn't have been attempted. Peace
Mr Obama a real assault rifle the ones with burst or full auto are tightly regulated meaning you have to have a license for them that are not easy to get. Stop confusing rifles with them! And making more laws the people committing these crimes won't give two shits about!
Why should it start with trust?  The conceal/carry law has already passed.  There should be better gun control.  Don't blame the President for your insecurity.
An Vu
Mr. President, you're so out of touch with reality and your agenda on guns is so ridiculous and see through. If you're serious about reasonable gun policy then start with enacting policy that is real commonsense. The AWB is not.
Mr. President, much like my forefathers did... oh, wait, I'm first generation American, so scratch that. Actualy... my forefathers were fighting against you guys in the Revolutionary War! Yeesh! This is embarassing! I sure have egg on my face... well, this comment sure went down in flames.
Telling grown adults what they may or may not do is insulting. Most people would not accept that at work. Most would not accept that in their homes. I would certainly not accept it from the leader of the free world. I don't care how cute, or black, or nerdy, or sensible, or intelligent he sounds. Current administration is off their fucking rocker. Could be a backlash from kindergardner-like conservative George Bush days, but no matter. Insane times and utterly insulting. I do agree that most of these things sound sensible, however, Barack has continously been like the converse of Hitler. Always taking more than the originial agreement. And always using a wave of popular opinion for something inherenlty selfish and outlandish and it's insulting. It's scary. And it's inevitably a major rip-off. I said I a lot. I just happened to get caught at a moment where my grandfather just passed away and the one thing that I always did with him was shoot guns. No, my mom didn't know. Yes, the Ar rifle was the thing I studied and always wanted. and yes it was the rifle of my time. And no, it is sure as hell not the thing that is issued to military. It's not even close to the same thing that the heros oversees are using and it's not even the same thing that law enforcement can purchase. Just a major rip-off. This president is a pretentious asshole. I can't stand this motherfucker.
+Jody Carbone Apperently you have ignored every post I make. I will tell you one more time. Banning scary black guns IS TAKING GUNS AWAY. What if I want to buy an AR15 or AK47? What about the businesses that manufacture those guns? What about the employes that will loose there jobs that work at those manufacturers? All this for a type of gun that is responsible for less murders then the common hammer. According to the FBI over 100 more people where killed with hammers then riffles in 2011. That's counting all rifles, not just scary black ones. Why don't we ban hammers?
Yeah, Phillip. Just like Reagan, Bush and Clinton did. My, my but you do have a short memory.
+Jason Rodriguez  "A person might need a machine gun because in case you havent noticed....thats what the bad guys have."

This^ argument fails a very basic premise. If the bad guys carried sarin gas and hand grenades.. would you also demand to carry much more highly lethal weapons?
All the while his drones kill children all over the world. But it's okay, he wants to limit magazine capacity. 
I'm not sure that these proposals would have stopped Sandy Hook (he took Mom's weapon." Maybe Aurora. Not Columbine. In Sandy Hook, it would have required the shooter to change magazines quickly which shooters will train to do. So putting the speech aside, wht does this really do to stop gun violence in these dramatized cases?
+John Fitzmaurice
I also would like to add that it was Republicans who passed civil rights and woman’s suffrage and Democrats that fought against it to the bitter end. The Constitution never allowed for slave ownership it was Liberals who said it did just like the liberals that say we can't own AR15's.
Dear President Obama.  Please go back to whatever hole you crawled out of.  Thank you!
I can't understand how many Americans want guns because they apparently expect either China, Europe and Africa to invade the US or the US government itself to start being utterly oppressive all of a sudden. People who think that definitely shouldn't be allowed a weapon, even if only because that is one of the most paranoid, if not downright schizophrenic, ideas I have heard in ages. People like that can't be mentally healthy. People who think having virtually no gun control at all grants them a better chance at protecting themselves just fail to see all causes and effects (namely that it also makes it a lot easier for a mentally problematic person to get a weapon, and to these I'd at least want to suggest a limited form of control where you at the very least need to show you're psychologically fit enough to buy bullets or weapons (sure, you can then still get them if you try hard enough, but at least it would make getting something on a whim and starting a massacre soon after a lot more difficult), but some people who want free marketing of all weapons seem to suffer from severe mental illness, judging by their argumentation. Surely the US isn't some kind of Egypt or Libya, where things actually ARE that unstable?
If they plan on breaking a law and causing mass casualties, why would they care about if their gun is illegal?
What a cowardly lot you Americans are. Too afraid of "the bad guys" to give up your guns, but also too afraid to use them for their supposed 2nd Amendment purpose and reject tyranny. Now is your chance to rise up and rebel, lead the way if you are sure others will follow. Otherwise don't dodge the issue with talk of knives or abortion or the economy. Save the lives you can today. You are cowards and it is a shame, because you could be so much more.
No, what,s scary to me Mr Bridges is that people like you belive that a centrist president is radical. Could be that we no longer need an armed citizenry and that perhaps an amendment to fix the issue is called for. The original reason for the second amendment no longer applies, because we now have standing military and we taxpayers equip them for the job. They nolonger have tobring their own weapons. Read the second amendment for yourself,notsome one enses,s interpretation. TheNRA and su has a vesteinterest in its misinterpretation. The truth is that for most of you its an emotional bond toyour guns, you just don t want to own up to it.

+Marco Meijer The fact that we are even having this discussion shows why the right to own guns is so important. We are loosing more rights in this country faster then we can keep track of what rights we are loosing.
The real issue as in congress, is that extremest minority on both sides of the question is also the vocal, and therefore the most heard and the most apt to use scare tatics
Recent event involving automatic weapons? There have not been any recent events involving automatic weapons. Automatic weapons are restricted, and pretty generally unavailable to anyone without specific licenses. What have been used are assault weapons, a made-up term which has been redefined to include pistols, shotguns and semi-automatic rifles that look military, because the term assault weapons sounds like assault rifles, and thus makes people think that lawmakers are banning automatic weapons, when, in fact, they're banning rifles, including .22 cal rifles, shotguns and pistols that have features seen on military weapons, and have magazines a little larger than a revolver's capacity. Are there problems? Yes. But to start off the solutions by redefining what things are is not the best start.
Tough gun laws in USA is a joke! There are more than 13 000 gun related murders in US vs 300 in UK. 
Anyone bitching that he's gonna "take your guns" and "destroy freedom and the constitution" isn't listening to a word Obama is saying. The biggest thing he wants to do is improve background checks when purchasing weapons. If you're a responsible person who hasn't done anything wrong, then you've got nothing to worry about. This is a shame though, because he really should be taking all your guns. Worked in Australia.
If Obama was actually concerned for our kids he wouldnt be talking about gun control,he would be talking about school security. If Obama were serious about Gun Violence he would be talking about how criminals get guns,not making criminals out of law abiding citizens. If Obama were serious about the safety of our children he would encouraging us to use our 2nd Amendment to protect our children from the people who dont obey laws and "executive orders". Smoke&mirrors for the low information voter(Democrats).
+Martin Ell Actually over 200 children where murdered with automatic weapons in Mexico that where given to Mexican Drug cartels by the Obama administration.
Some of you have been disarmed subjects of your respective governments for so long you have no idea what it means to be a citizen whose government fears him instead of the other way around.
Its our constitutinal right to defend ourself from unconstitutional laws. We have the right to defend that right with arms.
Any anti-gun law is unconstitutional. Not only can the government not prohibit you from owning a gun by law, but they cannot "infringe" on your owning the weapons. Unfortunately this administration doesn't understand that regulating things to moderation is an infringement on "god-given" rights.
Obama is pro gun when the guns are in the hands of the government. Pro gun for the elite that will need guns to take guns away from law abiding citizens. 
Micheal you right we could be much more  but this is what makes america great we don't follow every whim .or  fly by night idea .we have that right to chose . and Mr. Moses you need to check yourself  if we all thought like we would be idiots to because that same finger you point at someone it points back to you  you are what you eat and i beleive you have had alot of bull.
Yes mostly suicides and knife killings are more common than all gun murders, heck there are more deaths from doctors making mistake than there are murders or suicides.....lets
 ban doctors
You can't keep illegal drugs out of criminals hands, or illegal people from entering the country. What makes you think you can keep criminals from importing illegal guns from out of the country? Just going to hurt the people who already keep the law.
Here we go.The beginning of the governments great gun grab
+Rich White (is that really your name?) The Republicans of the past are rolling in their graves over what the Tea Party, Grover N., and the Koch brothers did to it. Shame shame shame.
Hey Bruno! Were the fuck your from? Its really not important because were ever your at your still using the AMERICAN dollar to value your currency. Carefull cause AMERICANS will plant a tree in your mother ass and gang bang your sister in its shade! We have done it time and time again! 
I'm sure that 8 year old has really thought about all of the consequences a new weapons ban has. your audacity of using our children to further your agenda rather then educated letters is infuriating and belittling. The support to ban "military style assault weapons" AKA "long rifles" will do nothing for overwhelming talking (99% of 100M+) number of responsible gun owners that do not plan on killing anyone except someone threatening themselves or others. These firearms are the least used weapons in any firearm crime and you know that! Yet you spew this propaganda. I am not swayed, I am not fooled, and I am standing with more and more Americans who are waking up and standing up against these laws.
Kep his in mind: stopping us from using guns will not stop the criminals; They will get theirs illegally, making it an unfair fight!
I respect this president almost as much as I did Bill Clinton.  Finally some intelligence in the White House.  If only we could find some in Congress...
I want to know why there is two edits in this video all with 3 diff cam set ups . ... I'd like to see raw footage  . I'm sure those whom don't want to loose thier rights could speak their mind in one take . 
normalcy bias has so many people believeing that the shit will never hit the fan here in the USA. that is a very dangerous way of thinking if you ask me, particularly when the evidence that the human species is spiraling into chaos is so abundant. when and if the shit hits the fan, i want every American to be prepared with food with the means to defend their property and lives, and ready to rebuild when the storm passes. it is high and lofty thinking to think that being unarmed will assure anyones safety. to me it would seem that an unarmed person in a chaotic situation, is just a victime waiting to happen. dont have so much faith in your government, they will not get there in time to help you, they will get there in time to give you a seat belt ticket. humans will kill humans until there are no more humans. embrace technology and the means to save yourself should a wild human attempt to kill you, or take what is yours, or harm your family, or enslave people, or any of the million terrible things people do to people. take your life into your own hands. dont be a victim. be a hero.
Ok...ban no guns and take no names... Open places for us on call when someone needs a psych evaluation..
Require safe storage
Require safety training..
Have a "no gun" list like the no fly list.
Require a psych evaluation..

Require all this paperwork to get your gun......


Your ideas have been shit

Lol, Americans kicking off over their right to shoot each other, perhaps this needs to be promoted throughout the world? Thin the herd.
Forgive me Mr. President your intentions are honorable and I am sure your advisors are passionate about solving this problem, but banning assault weapons is simply ineffective, so are magazine limits. Background checks, permits and required gun safety classes are meaningful. Could you support legislation requiring gun drills and safety rooms in schools? We perform fire drills from start, we make schools as fire proof as possible with sprinklers and extinguishers. Since we cannot eliminate crazy people who want to attack the defenseless could we provide simple protections and training to help? Why is this rational approach the unreasonable? I am not afraid of any firearm, its an inanimate object, even if you could remove every last one these deranged individuals would simply move on to another means. I doubt you will even read this, but thanks for your consideration.
crazys dont always get permits to do terrible things..
WE need background checks for gun purchase and WE NEED BACKGROUND CHECKS  TO BE PRESIDENT !!
blackmarket gun prices will go up bow..thats all
there are off balance people that own guns that are
harmless. i think more effort should be laid on the scools and better securing them.  
I think the elephant in the room is that we asked for Universal Healthcare, which would have gotten these nutters the mental health services they badly need.  Instead, we got the 1990's-era +Newt Gingrich proposal that +Mitt Romney championed in Mass, which takes the same broken, expensive, for-profit system that we had, and made it mandatory, rather than actually providing for some meaningful reform.  Use your second term to fix that mistake and get us the Universal Healthcare we voted you in to get us the first time, +Barack Obama.
It is easy to attack the liberties that you don't appreciate or enjoy.  In the same way as you can ask someone to defend any liberty, “Why do we need racing?”  There are competitive shooters that use high performance semi automatic weapons, such as the AR-15 with 30 round magazines to compete, in the same way racecar drivers use high performance cars to race around a little track.  Some drivers take it to our public thru-ways and kill innocent people.  Gun control is the act of a fearful public trying to regain some sense of control, rather than admit to themselves that when it comes to random acts of violence, we are all helpless.  There is no way to ban all the things that someone engaged in premeditated murder can use to harm their fellow man.  No assault weapon was used in Sandy Hook to kill anyone. If you check the latest investigations, the killer used handguns, four in fact.  This is because it is faster to transition between weapons than to change any magazine and there were plenty of signs that were missed.  In almost all of these scenarios, shooters had a history of mental illness.  Our time would be better spent trying to identify those that intend on harming others, than to attack those that a law abiding citizens.  The gun culture is no different than the racing, skydiving or even pyrotechnics.  You have to know about that culture to really understand it.  A lot of the competitive shooters that shoot these types of firearms, don’t even hunt because they don’t enjoy it.  They just like to shoot targets, so in many ways they are non-violent.  They enjoy the Zen like concentration it take to control your breath, having control over their body mechanics, studying ballistics, and customizing their firearms.  This not only infringes on their 2nd Amendment rights, but also on the liberty and pursuit of their hobby.  Because of the mistakes of a few, you intend to punish the law abiding?  Trust me, the criminal element will still be able to get their hands on these items, just the same way they get their hands on illegal drugs and many of them are felons and career criminals to boot.  The whole concept of ban is flawed.  I support closing some loops, requiring private sale to use background checks, but all of these things can be done without infringing on our 2nd Amendment rights.  I do not support registration and bans.  Let’s use wisdom, common sense and not pass laws with good intentions because we don’t understand the culture or fear them. 
If you people have actual read the constitution you will notice you have the righ to protect yourself with a gun if someone breaks into your house or if you are in mortal danger and there is an immediate threat of bodily harm.  President Obama was elected by the people of the United States stop bitching because you didn't get who you voted for and if you didn't vote you have only yourselves to blame for not voteing  Shame on you  President Obabma is here for an additional 4 years live with it and get on with your lives.
I have been saying this since Virginia Tech: Perhaps there should be better sniper/reaction team in local police forces. There are a lot of great snipers coming back from war. Give these people this very necessary and meaningful job. I agree that mass shootings that took place no where near where you live are on the news all the time, and because of technology, it is very in-your-face and graphic and vicariously experienced. Does not give the right of someone to take a fundamental right from 45% (gun owners) of Americans because 51% of people recognize that mass killings are horrible and ppl should react to them. The news may also be half of the problem. Fix it, Don't sensationalize it. And for christ's sake you don't even need to talk about it. Every war hero that has broadcast what they did for the government or what their lifestyle really involved that has come out "open identity" has had some psycho come after them (Chris Kyle, Marcus Luttrell) And the Constitution is the Constitution. It refers to freedoms, pursuit of happiness, and most importantly balance of power. (no reference to "self defense" or "just for hunting.
" Period. Local laws should take over to keep ppl safe. No one that happened to watch tv understands what happened in the cases. I can try.....Hmmm overbearing (teacher) mother, alpha blond, raising boys? Probably spent all her energy teaching strangers. The kid was just labeled and drugged? She also shoots guns around boys and doesn't have them locked up but the kid was overly controlled? No one should shoot anyone and I'm not saying that that kid should have shot up a school, but at least I think I can try to understand. Common sense, pls.

Sure, these are JUST the GUYS you want to disarm (sarcasm)

Magpul - Reality Check


9mm vs .45 vs Rifle A Dr's View of Gunshot Wounds

Creepy intro but good information:

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Supreme court:

Assault Weapon Ban is Unconstitutional

For the sportsman and minutemen type ppl:

Details of the 2013 Assault Weapons Ban

Teach, don't overcontrol and confiscate (poor guy fears for his business):

Duck Hunting Shotgun Proven To Be more Dangerous Than A Huldra AR-15
Hey barack Osama go back to alqueta and leave the u.s. alone the only thing gun control does is keep guns away from law abiding citizens. It will not stop people from getting guns on the street. Wake up before you know it it will only be thugs with guns and no way for us to protect ourselves, IDIOT OBAMA WAKE UP MORON.
You say that, +brian jordan, but the stats from the previous assault weapons ban don't back up your statement.  That said, that ban had some other problems.  Rather than accusing the president of things that are factually inaccurate and easily verifiable as such (and badly at that, since I think you were trying to spell "al Qaeda", which happens to be an organiation that the present administration has more or less effectively neutralized as a threat), it might be better to consider the desires of most Americans and work with the administration to suggest controls that would not only be effective, but do so without being onerous to law abiding gun owners.

I understand the concern that this won't kill off the black market in firearms entirely, but that's not the point of the legislation.  The point is to make it harder for high end weapons whose principal design consideration is high volume killing in the context of a theater of war from making it to untrained individuals, those with a felonious background, or the mentally unstable.  Even most NRA members consider this to be a good thing, even if the NRA chooses to ignore it's members on the issue.

And just a tip, but if your'e going to talk politics and expect to be taken seriously, try this:

1) Use a polite tone, and stay away from ad hominem and name calling.
2) Make an effort to write like you succeeded in high school rather than wasting our tax money on trying to educate you (even if you did drop out).
3) Try backing up your argument with fact.
Historically no probation effort has ever worked in any country.  You only affect the legal abiding and negate the population of those that you really want to address, the mentally ill and criminals that are not going to observe your little law.  There is no amount of efforts one can take to stop premeditated mass killings, nor random acts of violence.  At best, you simply disempower the legally purchased for sportsmen and women, competition shooters, and collectors and enthusiast.  The criminals will rent guns as they do in the U.K. to commit crimes, obtain guns via the Black Market, or make them.  In the age of technology, you can print them with 3-D printers.  Those that intend to engage in illegal activities, and the mentally ill that would carry our these acts of mass killings, with simply use another device, bombs, etc, some more deadly that a firearm and Boston and Colorado are perfect examples of this.  Sorry, but the over simplification of violence will not accomplish anything.  If the Democratic Party would take a breather and be open to asking the Pro Gun folks, since they clearly know more about the subject, we might actually accomplish something.  They are not unreasonable and as much fun as people like to poke fun at the NRA, he recommendation isn’t any different that our Government Officials have now.  There is a armed police officer in every Federal building or property, “Good guy with a gun.”  Why is it that we react so strongly to what our own politicians deem a safe measure to protect their own lives?  The NRA at least tested different scenarios with an open mind, which is more than I can say for the law makers in this country.    
If by "tested with an open mind," you mean "tested within the constraints of the weapons companies they represent."  The NRA hasn't been about the people in decades, they're all about the manufacturers.
I’m saddened by the fact that someone would make an attempt on our President’s life.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all his staff that actually handles his mail, as well as the mental anguish experienced by the President himself and his family.  I personally did not vote for the Obama, but despite this fact, our President represents our democracy and the will of the people.  Now we don’t have to agree on every policy that our Government Officials put forward, but we should not stoop to the low of the cannibalistic acts of defacing our own democracy.  Americans value life and our actions across the Globe speak to that.  We do have different beliefs in how to accomplish that safety and balance of power, such in our 2nd Amendment, but no American should make an attempt on his brother.  I’m ashamed that the World witnessed us divided.  We are one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.  We should not lose sight of that pledge and remember that one nation is how we present ourselves to the World, our actions of mercy represent God’s will, the liberties of the masses should not be infringed upon by the actions of the few, and justice shall be served to those that break the laws of our land.   
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