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This week, the President attended the Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Colombia, welcomed the Alabama Crimson Tide football team to the White House, and traveled to Ohio to speak with unemployed workers about the importance of job training program.
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Merle your exactly right! everyone should be embarrassed to have him running our country.
That was a really good Episode of WWW.
Thanks for it
West Wing Week is one of the best short videos I've seen - informative, entertaining, visually stimulating...really, really good - like a magazine
President Obama is the right man for the job to get us out of the quagmire created by Reagan, Bush, Cheney and the like. I'm so proud that he's our President, and it's going to be 4 more years of improvement for all Americans!
And just to be clear - I simply love the video - I'm making no comments on the President's policies.
I will bet you $1M that he won't be re-elected. He is the worst president we have ever had.
+Miranda Smith The majority of American citizens hate obama. At lease he won't be re-elected and obama care will be destroyed.
Eric li
youtube is deading ,can't see.
+Merle Reine, you didn't ask my opinion so please leave me out of your "majority" assumption. I look forward to President Obama's reelection. At the very lease, you could provide your opinions as your own.
+Drew Heyen If obama can be absolutely worthless to america under the guise of president, then I can be useful here to do anything I can to get him removed from office.
And the flying monkey brigade descends on yet another White House post, flinging their own excrement.
Flinging excrement back on obama's cesspool.
I cant wait for Obama to win again! he is the heart and soul this country needs. No more backwards thinking republicants
Study history and it will become self-evident just how backward thinking the Dems are. Socialism doesn't work- proven by history many times. New ideas have not cropped up in either party since Ross Perot. Oh...that's right... he dropped out. OK... no new ideas have cropped up. What was that about visiting all 57 states?....
Waste more money if you want. Just shows you haven't gotten a clue.
The heart and soul of our country are all the diverse citizens that live here. It is the ideas of our people, not politicians, that are of the greatest value. Who raised our national deficit? Who is weighing us down with big government on our backs? Certainly not the people!
Polls show that the majority do not agree with obama hence "majority do not like obama.".
What Polls are you watching ? While the majority of citizens are dissatisfied with the direction the country is going, Obama is WAY more popular (especially with women and minorities). Besides, who has better ideas to fix things ? Certainly not Repubs. They haven't come up with 1 single helpful solution or suggestion to anything accept to take voter's rights, women's rights, union rights etc. So ya it's true people are unhappy with current events and the slow pace at which the economy recovers, but I don't think any majority will blame that on Obama.
Well I see you are back with you shortsighted nonsense. President Obama is a great president and the people who don't believe in racism,bigotry,slavery. Go Obama Go Obama.
+Merle Reine Kudos to you for keeping it real. Obama is a tool and has done nothing but destroy this country since the day he was elected.
Our country is divided politically about 48%/48% - that's a fact - based on the general election voting overall. There are some of us who are very firm in our political beliefs and we know pretty much the way we're going to vote - Democrat or Republican - Obama or Romney. This does not mean we agree 100% with either side. There are then those who are "not decided". I don't understand these people per se, but that's the way it is.

Now for us who are politically decided. I really don't think any of the politicians are "bad" or "morons" - not Bush or Obama or Clinton or Carter.

We all have a variety of political or social issues that we adhere to and/or disagree with - taxes, marriage, diplomacy, military and more. However, we should and can all CIVILLY live together.

On the other hand of course one side of the debate feels they are right (I know I do) and we vote and do other things to affect change. But let's as HUMANS appreciate one another and be appreciative of the life God has given us all - especially in the USA as compared to other countries in famine, suicide bombers, low quality of life, etc
Definitely the worst president ever. I am a democrat but am so disgusted with him that I will vote for romney even if he doesn't have a plan yet. Anything is better than obama.
I have taken a moment to outline the full, detailed, conservative plan to fix our nation.

1) Get Obama out of the White house.
2) Still working on that, more to come (In theory)
Worst president ever undisputed.
I'd like to know where "the haters" get their information. Obviously they don't follow any Factual News.
Another ignorant person who doesn't represent the views of the American people. We almost came to a economic disaster he averted that. 2 wars he didn't start but he finished them and did bush job and killed osama bin laden.
Chis mowat thanks for that people are utterly incompetent they can't say anything good about president Obama that only diminishes any issues they have to offer. Obama Obama Obama for president.
Obama did not kill bin laden. Seal team 6 killed bin laden. Obama had nothing to do with it. He merely took credit for it. Give credit where credit is due, Navy Seals.
Добрый день! Посмотрите внимательно! Читайте внимательно, и не упустите свой шанс стать процветающей и жить в мире! Этот прекрасный мир уже начал строить президент США Барак Обама! Первый этап уже преодолен! I. ... Не упустите свой шанс в жизни. Присоединяйтесь к нам на выборы! Относитесь к своим детям счастливую жизнь впереди. Забота о них. И дети будут вам благодарны за это жизненный выбор! Спасибо! Виктор!
Well as I mentioned before seal team 6 had to authorization to conduct the operation. without his foresight and wisdom. If it was a Republican we would have gone to war with Pakistan. Idiots.
Obama received the 2am call to action and his decision got the job done.that's why Republicans have a tough road ahead they can't be objective and constructive criticism will be mature and the right way to put their message accross. But alas their hate doesn't allow for that.
Can we not agree, that there are TWO SIDES to every story. Let's take the economy it is SIMPLY NOT AS SIMPLE as "black and white" - it's not. There are so many complex variables. Yes, OVERALL - one may side with a Republican view or a Democratic view. But I really think due to "power" neither side can have a serious discussion of reasonable compromise as say two business folks would do when considering the sale and buying of a business. Everyone wants to "jockey" for political points
I bet Obama didn't to write his notes on his palm. Hahahahaha.
@Raymond Ray one of the things that keeps Black America on the other side of the coin is division/ the rule of divide and conquer and many have fallen captive to it, don't walk in darkness only ignorant people walk there walk in the light which is sound knowledge~ you've been granted/ always walk in the light
+Ramon Ray only one side of this argument LACKS nuance. Only one sides demands lower taxes, period. Only one side is against government regulation, period. Only one side thinks that this nation is only represented by ONE RELIGION, period. You want nuance, it is NOT the right.
Ramon ray very good point. You sound like a smart man. The best predictor of the future is past actions. The Republican party has a back record of destroying the economy actually twice in 1929 they held the presidency and the same 2008. Republicans spell destruction.;
But +Drew Heyen would you not agree, that like in a family - some people like it cold and some like it hot. One side feels to "tax the rich" as it were the other side feels "free markets" work. What I'm trying to say is that while I am HIGHLY, HIGHLY firm in my own beliefs, that in politics I'm trying to see if I were debating you on CNN for example that hey maybe you DO have some merits that I can listen to or that I can at least compromise with you. Let's say I'm in POWER, then maybe not compromise "cause I'm right" but at least bring you to the table and see what things I can POSSIBLY consider. Know what I mean +Kristina Nelson
or +Drew Heyen +Kristina Nelson those who mock Bush for being stupid or call Obama a communist - that kind of conversation in some ways is just crazy...
+Ramon Ray "the other side feels "free markets" work"

That, right there, is why the right has got to stop. Laissez-faire does not work, period, at all, ever, in the history of man. Demonstrably. Believing in the "free market" (by which their actions show that they MEAN Laissez-faire) is to believe in something that is absolutely NOT true. No one wants the government to take over or do everything. The left wants balance. The left fights to fix what is broken, in ways that have been proven to work. This isn't a difference of opinion. This is a difference of what can be shown to be correct and what can be shown to be incorrect.

You can track the economic regulation and tax history in this nation, by following the stability of its economy. The early industrial era was horrifically volatile, so much so that it resulted in the great depression. We realized that we couldn't let the economy do that, so in the 1930s, economic regulatory laws were passed, and the economy became rock solid, right up to the 70s, when we began to strip those regulations away, and like clockwork, the economy turned back into a roller coaster ride.

This is not a difference of opinion, this is right and wrong.
+Ramon Ray I totally understand, and agree (to some degree); but when the discussions get into absolutes (either total deregulation or total government regulation, for instance) is when certain arguments lose their validity. Especially when there is evidence that certain prescribed solutions don’t work.

For example, those that call for deregulation are either ignoring the past fiascos that occurred because of those policies (recent mortgage loan crisis, S&L crisis, etc.) or are hoping that the general public has forgotten them. At some point, you have to call out a BS argument when there is clear evidence that refutes it. I'm not interested in enabling flawed thinking and logic in the name of “let’s all get along,” I’m interested in a mature exchange of ideas, in good–faith.

Each “side” can absolutely have their point of view; I am absolutely for individual beliefs and thought. But I am also for personal growth and expansion of understanding. If you’re engaging in a discussion on topic, it should be assumed you are willing to learn as much as you are willing to share what you understand, and not just committed to being right. When facts are ignored in favor of ideology, that is not acceptable. It helps no one and can in fact (and has, in some instances) cause harm. I, for one, am always open to adjusting my position if facts are provided that reveal a new understanding.
The problem is, the Right is debating with a strawman. They fight for full deregulation, against an imaginary opponent that wants Full Regulation. I don't think that calling insane what it is, is a horrible strategy.

If someone can show me, without resorting to fallacy, that I am incorrect, I will adopt the new thinking SEAMLESSLY. To do less is unthinkable.
I agree they hope the public has forgotten what happened when bush left it was a mess we need regulations. Especially to govern wall street,oil companies,financial institutions. They all only care about the bottom line and to ensure the public are safe the government steps in. The federal government especially is our protector! Without the feds we would still be segregated. The feds had to step in to enforce the law. We need government we need Obama.
I like the light Drew! We should now understand that we need capitalism in moderation. Just like with anything, to much won't work. We need each other to survive.
You have plus and minus on both sides, the key is right now why change the
course of action when things are moving upward and sparrow down, we need to
rebuild this country in more ways than one and just the fact of disrespect
to our current leader is enough to say how in trouble we are, why would you
want to tear down a building before its finished
Once in a debate, I was asked if I didn't think that Obama was a "Liberal Socialist". I replied "Obama is right of center", he is a REAL conservative." As a friend of mine said, "We are working with a truncated scale." The right is SO FAR to the right, that to them, the center is the extreme left. Nothing could be further from the truth. Obama and the Left believe in Capitalism. What we do NOT believe in, is Laissez-faire. If you DO believe in Laissez-faire (That's "smaller government" to you neo-cons) then you need a history book. As for "Socialism", if you are going to be against it, you need to know what it is. So far I haven't met one person against "Socialism", who even understands the concept.
+Kristina Nelson no, you have plus and minus on one side (the left) and minus and minus on the other side (the right). The Left is by no means perfect, never will be, it's made of humans, but the right has gone off the deep end. It has become a cult of ignorance. Supporting it, even in the interest of peace and compromise, is to support that cult of ignorance. Support facts, and who ever supports those fact. ONLY THEN will the right begin to repair itself.
+Drew Heyen ------We have to learn to agree to disagree and everything is not going to go the way you or I want it but everything should go for the better of the country we live in, the problem across the board in everything is division and as long as we stay divided we can't conquer much, this is true a house divided against itself will never stand
Well I don't know about you but they had to get authorization from the commander in chief before invading a sovereign nation to complete the operation that's the part Obama played which is what bush and Chaney never seem to be able to do. As for the wars yes it was a congressional action but based on wrong intelligence provided by the bush cronies. Lies lies lies. Obama approved a plan that got the job done.
MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. For real this time lets pack up boys we are done.
Well your welcome the leader of the free world ensures you can and always will express your feelings. now go be free.
+Jerod Weeks you need to give that statement a whole lot more thought. It's one thing to be willfully ignorant, but it's quite another to be an outright bigot.
+Kristina Nelson believing in something that is definitively NOT TRUE will never ever make that happen.

+Jerod Weeks What actions do YOU think he should apologize for? Perhaps between the two of you, HE isn't the one in the wrong. Has that thought crossed your mind for even a fraction of a second?
Well you are entitled to it. I personally think he has done an exceptional job and by far should be awarded the Nobel peace prize. Oww wait he already was. Damn. K another term will be good.
Just heard anti-Obama commercial on Pandora! Where's the empathy message!
+Kristina Nelson Agree to Disagree, absolutely; however, you will never get that far when dealing with those that refuse to even agree with facts to begin with.
This is a wonderful (President and individual) who continues to bring the world together. It is a hard job mending the world when other Presidents really never took the time to do the same. It's a shame President OBama, has to be the clean-up President for America.
Obama is too good for politics...............the world is just not ready for him. He should get with Ron Paul and start their own party. i will vote for them
Unemployed workers in Ohio... There are hundreds of thousands of small Gulf coast businesses that were not paid or very under paid. BP is writing all the rules on how many barrels of oil, how many tourists came back, and how much they deem our losses to be. When will Congress or the people be in charge? The BP claims center (aka GCCF) lied and denied and failed the audit this week. A foreign company BP is doing business in the Gulf, killed US citizens on the oil rig, and destroyed our communities economically. And they are not in jail? Why are they still doing business here ? If BP isn't going to make it right then is this administration going to pay for our job training and re location ? US taxpayers shouldn't have to foot the bill for the spill. Please give us an update on your action list to restore the Gulf. Every vote counts in this election!
Mr splatter. Your name in itself doesn't make this easy. lol. :) rest assured if you thing he looks bad Google bush funny and you will think differently hahaha.
Same to you sir if you don't like the picture move on. Its a wonderful picture. As for the school bit no I couldn't go during bush era and now I can. Progress. By the way that doesn't intimidate me. I am not American born. I am actually Kenyan that's my cousin in the white house. Leader of the free world. We defeated the British empire where I am from so you don't scare me. Your a mutt.
I am going to suggest that replying to the flying monkey brigade, only encourages them. I know it is hard, but it would be better to just ignore them.
politics is worse than prostitution. no protection of voters. They infect us with incurable single minded laws and bleed us of the lil money we have. Obama's policies are hardly implemented because some republicans want to show that they can be hard headed. They say they are a value and morally sound party that represents God. The God i know does not operate like that. Blasphemous idiots.
Its a matter of national security to get Obama out of office.
What the coward in the White House could have done...

So President Obama has, available to him without the need for 80, or 60, or 51, or 41, or 31 votes in the Senate, a public option that doesn't require any legislative involvement at all. He simply signs an executive order that allows anyone to buy into Federal health benefits at 102% of the cost for a Federal employee (this is the amount that would be owing to an ex-employee under COBRA). Small businesses and individuals simply sign up and pay their premiums and they're insured. Voila. One executive order that would take a week to draft and the public option is up and running.
So glad you have it all figured out, there, Michael. Maybe you should run for President since it is all so easy.
Michael would be better than Obama, anyone would be.
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