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While there’s still more work to do, today’s jobs numbers show that as a nation we’re moving forward:
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Statistics can prove anything...
Nice graph, but I wish it showed more history. The past 34 months were better than the fiscal crisis years, but how do they compare to the normal conditions before that?
not really we didnt even add enough jobs to cover the ordinary growth in the work force. Total spin.
white house stop the abortion..thank you.
+Brady Postma the past 34 months were the financial crisis years. So you can't say they were better or worse. Compared to before the crisis unemployment is still higher. There's still a way to go but we are moving in the right direction 
Great work

Obama saved us from likely financial collapse.  If he'd been allowed adequate stimulus, we might even be back to normal.
We are not going to be moving forward with the tax hikes hitting.  Who in the WH thinks taking money out of the economy will increase the economy?
How are the haters going to spin this? Lower unemployment that can't be good for people that just want to complain or have an axe to grind.
+Michael Anderson Taxes don't take money out of the the economy. People who use the phrase "increase the economy" generally have no clue what they are talking about.
Greg S.
And whose fault is it that the tax hikes are so messed up and hitting the middle class?  That's right, GOP, I'm looking at you...
+Chris Stehlik The graph shows one era below the line and one era above. I would like to see the above era compared to other above eras.
+Michael Anderson Reinstatement of the 2% payroll tax was inevitable.  That's SocSec funding and if it wasn't reinstated the haters would be whining about that.

The economy is better and those of us lucky enough to have a job will pay the old rates back into SocSec.  Extension of UI, EITC. college tax credits and solving the AMT will help millions.  Plus no second recession, the markets look happy and millions of low-info Fox viewers are confused.
No more bailouts, subsidies, or runaway defense spending! Raise tarrifs and pay off the debt with the money nothing else. No state general fund bailouts and no paying for local cops off the federal reserve printing press. The cost of living is high enough and you runaway spenders are the reason for most of it.
+juan alderete The graph shows job loses for a few months around Aug 2010. The White House graph shows no such thing. That's a little odd.
+Mark Herndon LOL...the biggest hits to the deficit are: 2 wars on the credit card (unfunded), the Medicare Part D give-away to Big Pharma (unfunded) and the Bush Tax Cuts (unfunded).  The deficits adding to the debt are actually decreasing...inflation is non-existent and interest rates are essentially zero so it's hard to see how the cost of living is any higher than it was in the last several years.
Anecdotally, I think the job market's getting better because I lost my job 2 weeks ago, and boom, I'm reemployed making more than before with a slightly better job title. 
Funny thing is If you extend the chart further back the job creation in the early Bush years was generally pretty good.
You can go to the  BLS website and get data. In the early Bush years jobs were lost (dot-com bust), middle years (’03-’06) things got a lot better and a lot of jobs were created, then things slowed down in 2007. 2008 is on the President’s chart.
This just reinforces the notion that you can’t trust politicians to tell the whole truth.
By the way the best month of job creation under president Bush was 360,000 (April 2005). Best under Obama is 275,000 (January 2012). I don’t point this out to praise Bush or bash Obama, but to point out that how you tell the story makes a difference.
I personally believe that the President gets too much blame when things go bad, and too much credit when things go well.
Greg S.
During the Bush "prosperity" I don't see that it looks colossally different from the Obama "recovery".
+Gregory Wallin No. Wrong. Bush's economy help create low wage service jobs from '03-06. It wasn't the dot-com bust (small portion of tech economy), it was bush's complete mishandling of the response (tax cuts) and two failed wars that ruined any chance of economic success.
+Greg S. so that negative graph is your prosperity? Interesting.  Yes I do realize it shows only a year of his 8 but he let it get that way so why reward him for that?  Obama has to fix that mess for the better part of his first 4 years while he would have been doing other things.
How many unemployed, w/o assistance, are unaccounted for?
Anyone got info.?
And I quote, "Government can't create jobs". Just one more republican lie that has proved to be false.
National debt is record high. In other words we have filled one well with the dirt from another one. I hope the current economic policies eventually work. However we can't afford to live much longer with them. After all, we better to live with lower rate of growth and higher unemployment rate than driving right into bankruptcy. 
Greg S.
+Farshad M What exactly is the issue with "national debt"?  Please don't make the mistake of conflating macro- and micro-economics - the government is not a "household."
+Andy Britt Exactly! I love how either side comes out to bash the other. Both parties are a mess and only working in their interest. Anyone who wants "concrete examples" of how both parties are messed up look at various states. California, controlled by Democrats - an unmitigated disaster. There are "red" states the same way.
Saying that both parties are equally to blame for our current situation is not only ignorant, it's unrealistic. If you look at the facts, you'll find that both parties are NOT guilty to the same degree or with the same level of incompetence.
+Roger Hammer No you wouldn't be. But if your budget ran a continual deficit, soon you'd lose that house (or other assets that you no longer could pay for). At some point the credit cards run out or the burden of those cards becomes so large it can't be maintained.
Greg S.
+Gary Beltrami You've just made the classic macro-for-micro mistake.  Governments aren't households and the budgets cannot be treated the same way.
+Greg S. I understand that. The principal is still the same. No a household cannot manipulate monetary value, etc. But in the end the result is the same, decade over decade it can't continue.
Greg S.
No, the "principal" is not the same - that is the point.  A household does not create most of the system in which its debt exists, and the principals in a household do not have an effectively unlimited working and earning lifespan (compared to governments at least) - much less being able to create revenue simply through taxation.

I'm also mystified as to why you say "decade over decade it can't continue" - it seems to have worked over the past hundred years or so at least, unlike things that really couldn't continue like the "new economy" dot-com bubble or the housing bubble.
Greg S.
+Andy Britt She didn't say she had examples - she was waiting for you to provide some, and is still waiting.  Burden of proof's still on you.
Josh B
looks to me like we are only up 120k from the number in 08.
Hey +Andy Britt , maybe you're right. Maybe you can't be a Dem and think we need to cut spending. Thankfully, I'm a Socialist, which means I can think we need to cut spending (mostly from the military) and we also need to raise taxes and invest in R&D for the future of this nation.
+Andy Britt From S&P:
Compared with previous projections, our revised base case scenario now assumes that the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, due to expire by the end of 2012, remain in place. We have changed our assumption on this because the majority of Republicans in Congress continue to resist any measure that would raise revenues, a position we believe Congress reinforced by passing the act.
Greg S.
+Andy Britt Please pardon me if in light of our earlier encounters I doubt your "common sense."  It's not common in the slightest - quite the opposite, you're apparently speaking from a position of extreme privilege.

And please stop misusing the word "socialist" - thanks.
+Greg S. If it's not a problem, why track it? Why be concerned with it? I remember Obama being quite harsh on debt AND deficit before he became president. What's changed since? Oh that's right, he's now the POTUS so he shouldn't have to be accountable for that view. We are only borrowing the majority of the money from ourselves. So we are the main ones who will suffer when it's time to start reducing the debt/deficit. 
+Greg S. +Roger Hammer I agree. I should have used a proper technical term instead of "bankruptcy". I wanted to say that ever increasing national debt (particularly to foreign countries) is a serious risk that we better not to take it easily.
Greg S.
+Gary Beltrami I'm not sure, honestly.  I would not be surprised if a lot of the initiative to track it arises from the people who consistently mistake macro- for micro-economics.

I don't recall a lot of suffering occurring when we ended up in a surplus situation under Clinton - because austerity is not the means to "reducing the debt/deficit".  Strong inputs to the economy, from a strong and prosperous middle class and the business momentum it created, is what did it then, and likely what will do it in the future as well.
Greg S.
+Andy Britt *I* don't want your money (unless you're giving it away) - I'm still not convinced you have it!

You still misused socialist when you tried to suggest that it meant he should leave this country.  Sorry.
+Greg S. We track it because it shows if the country is being financially responsible. Clinton seemed to understand that. Didn't he have multiple years of balanced budget? At least a couple.
Greg S.
+Andy Britt Ah, that good old projection.  Wasn't it me that asked you that very question in our last encounter?  Is your ASmallWorld account dusty from disuse?

Many people (including some I know personally, more's the pity) hold ideas like yours with only the prop of aspiring to be wealthy - not even the reasonable prospect.  It makes even less sense for them.
+Andy Britt My guess is he probably doesn't believe it's really your money. A few people I've talked with like him are of the opinion that the government is affording you that opportunity and so it's better if they control the flow of money (or some looney thing). It makes no sense. Many trot out some ridiculous thing about tax rates being 90% at one point.
+Andy Britt - Actually, this nation is just fine with me. Whether you want to believe it or not, this country is and has been a mix of Republicanism, Democracy, Capitalism, and yes, even Socialism. The U.S.A. is my country and I love her, even though her people are at times misguided, rude, ignorant, and cruel. As a Socialist, I want everyone to be able to better themselves; not just the top few percent of people.
Greg S.
I didn't say that, despite your misattribution - but history certainly supports it.  (We only have to go back to 1986 to hit 50%, after all.)
Just a reminder to everyone that budgets and appropriations are initiated in the House of Representatives per the Constitution.  If you are having a problem with taxes and spending, take it up with John Boehner and Eric Cantor.
Greg S.
Ah yes, and now we get to the traditional way that I "win" these arguments - when the opposed start saying they don't need to prove anything.  

Well played sir!  Now better check your PMs on ASmallWorld!
Greg S.
+Rebecca Raven Actually, it is the President who has to initiate the budget request, isn't it?  (Which Obama has done every year.)  The "Do-Nothing" Congress certainly did find ways to obstruct it after that point though...
Good job Mr.President. Just think where we would be if Congress actually worked with you instead of against you.
+Greg S. Well, he has to ask Congress to do it, but it's just pro forma...unless the GOP wants to pretend that he doesn't ask for one.  :D  Maybe it just gets back to the birther hate.
+Andy Britt  Name one CEO that has the same scope and budget.  You really like to play this equivelancy game!  :D
Greg S.
+Andy Britt  We had someone who wanted to be a "CEO" in the President's seat.  He didn't win the election, thank goodness.

That's not quite as big a macro-for-micro error, though, so, uh, that's a good thing then I guess.
+Andy Britt I just figured it out, duh.  You are just a troll!  :D  You troll everyone with the same sorry crap, with your last comment to +Tina Vigilante  as an example.  Sorry, I mistook you for a serious person.
Greg S.
+Rebecca Raven 

> You really like to play this false-equivalency game!

ETFY (enhanced) :)
+Greg S. :D  Take me out and slap me.  I thought I was on G+ and not facebook.  G+ is remarkably free from of these twits usually...but I guess those days are over.  I have always expected conservatives here to be principled persons of intellect.  But I guess I have to get used to this type of thing.
Greg S.
The sad thing is, I don't think +Andy Britt is necessarily a troll.  He certainly has a lot of trollish beliefs and behaviors, but they may have arisen organically out of an out-of-touch upbringing and environment (not unlike Mitt Romney).

What makes it sad is that he doesn't appear to be able to step outside of that space a la Warren Buffett etc.  A troll would at least in theory be able to choose to stop trolling :(

But then again there's always hope!  Perhaps he is just Poe's-Law-ing us and laughing!  I'd like to think so at least.
+Greg S. I just wish people would step outside the Fox News mindset and look at the data...but typically they have been brainwashed to believe that the data are skewed (see the "Unskewed Polls" conspiracy theory during the election) and can't get into the crosstabs to figure out what is going on inside the polls (as an example).  As a member of the reality-based community, I just don't take anyone's word for anything...because I don't have to; I have the wherewithal to figure it out for myself.
Hey, it can't be fixed immediately at least we're making progress. 
Greg S.
+Rebecca Raven That "Unskewed Polls" thing was hilarious in hindsight.  So glad things turned out as they did!
Is it really necessary? Obama got re-elected, so stop complaining.
+Rebecca Raven The "block" is a wonderful thing. After a poster has proven themselves beyond redemption, they're invited to a very exclusive list of G+ members I have blocked.

Someone can disagree with me, fine, no problem with debate. When they're crazy, or willfully ignorant, that "block" option gets tempting. Combine those traits with vitriolic posts and it's almost a sure thing. I have better things to do than argue with idiots.
+Alex Dahl Did you complain when Bush got re-elected.....hmmm, I'm betting so. The "we won so shut up" argument is useless.
+John Kirsopp I hate to block people, but yes, I should make exceptions for trolls.

Reminds me of the old joke: "Johnny, stop pulling the cat's tail!"  "But Mom, I'm not pulling the cat's tail...I'm just holding it and the cat is PULLING!"

An unemployment went up. This is good?
+robert mangiaracina So, it's spin? Wow! If Obama knew he could just spin this, then why would things be so mediocre?

The monthly employment gains have roughly kept pace with the net growth of people in the workforce. I know that many people are 'underemployed' or 'stopped looking', but the numbers are done the same way, no matter who is in office. I think that there are more people in the US now, than there was in 2008. I'm much happier having some new jobs being created, than losing jobs.
Who gives a shit if 75 percent of that crap is minimum wage retarded...
+robert mangiaracina The population of people eligible to work increases with population.  Here's an interactive calculator you can have some fun on.  And if you want to know more about the basis of these numbers, Google is your friend.

Like this:

Or this:

Lots of good information and opposing viewpoints to work through if you are willing to try to understand instead of just stick to your "It's SKEWED!" viewpoint.
+Rebecca Raven I wonder if he means those over burdensome chicken coop taxes we hear so much about?
That`s amazing result in a midterm period! 
+robert mangiaracina Oh, you are so silly!  It's cute in a way.  Have you read the law?  I don't have the time to retype the whole gory thing but there are so many ways small businesses that are TRUE small businesses are protected, you will be surprised when you turn off Fox and read it.  Really!  It's good for you to be more knowledgeable.

Here's the link: 

If you are Googling for info, use the real name, the "Affordable Care Act" or you'll mostly get WSJ, Club for Growth and Chamber of Commerce propaganda.  You may want to read that as well, but it won't get you the whole story.
+robert mangiaracina - You've got to think like a statistician. The rate from '08 to now may very well still be 7.8%, but what that number doesn't tell you is the number of new job seekers every year, plus the number of unemployed. So not only are we fighting the effects of the Bush Depression and all of the job losses it caused, we are also trying to employ thousands of new workers per month. This means that even if you have more unemployed people going back to work, you still have to provide work for new job seekers who don't even truly count toward the unemployment figures. That said, I'd say maintaining the 7.8% is remarkable when you consider all of the inertia against job growth. It's proof that government money can create jobs, and it also shows that the stimulus didn't go far enough in its scope.
I haven't seen a change yes unemployment may have went down because of the holidays but most of those people r with out jobs again
+josh suddeth Unemployment numbers are seasonally adjusted. The numbers already assume temporary holiday payrolls.
Wait, there's still more work to do?  Then why is unemployment so high? rimshot
See that massive change from the third blue bar to the fourth?
That would be the stimulus.
You can point that out when righties say it "failed".
Yeah...failed to be bigger.
bullshit, that's a bold-faced lie
Has anybody else noticed that when there is job loss, a president will point out that he cannot personally create jobs, yet when there is job growth the same president wants the credit for it? This is not unique to President Obama or even to Democrats; presidents from both parties pull this crap. 
7.8% unemployment is the same as it was when Obama took office. I guess high unemployment is the new norm. 
Economists debate how much influence governmental policy can have on employment. Right-wing economists tend to say the government has less control and left-wingers say they have more, but it's not always split that way and nobody with credentials claims government has no or total control. It's widely accepted to be partial control.

Presidents will never give a public statement saying "Nothing we can do!" It helps their political opponents too much. Instead they say things like "Stay the course!" and "Things are getting better. Wait and see!"
Arguing with the kool aid drinkers is like arguing with a monkey! 
Job creation is roughly normal right now, and has been for 34 months. It's a little slower than during the 5 good years under Bush, and quite a bit slower than the good job-creation era in the 90. But it's acres better than the 2008-2009 era when jobs were absolutely hemorrhaging and the 2000-2003 era when they were growing very weakly.
Also remember the Democrats control both the House and Senate from Jan 2008 till 2010
+Karlton Little The effects attributed to the stimulus are attributed without evidence of a cause-and-effect relationship.
+Bill Brothers That's not really true. The Senate is more accurately described as "split evenly" during that period.
Mark P.
I'd like to see the breakdown of how much these new jobs pay.
Thank god for that --we r all saved--america is moving forward-i wonder what would the world be like with out it-would that mean all of us of lowly nations can do as we like-and does that mean all law and order would b no more-and we would be reduced to savages living in the dirt-wondering seeking the light from any american we meet--rejoice they r moving forward
Stimulus is how we traditionally get out of these messes.  Sometimes that stimulus takes the form of war...but essentially, it always amounts to spending. 
If you want to get out of a recession/depression and you don't want to spend anything, you don't really want to get out.
+Karlton Little "Sometimes that stimulus takes the form of war." So why didn't Bush's two wars act as stimulus?
So if you're personally in debt (massive debt) the way you get out of that is to spend more?  The best way to get out of a recession is to spur investment by cutting taxes for all.  Has worked everytime.
Because he offset the economic "benefits" with a massive tax cut.  Going to war AND cutting taxes is a recipe for economic disaster.
+Karlton Little Then why was job growth doing great in the mid and late 80s, when tax cuts and (cold) war spending were both in play?
+Karl Treier , think of it more like this (or don't)...
If someone drove a truck through the front of your house (Oct 2008), you spend money to fix the hole in your living room wall. 
You don't put everyone on a diet because the electricity bill went up.
+Rebecca Raven you might kill some of these people with the truth!Be careful. See people some of us know the truth. Rumors don't scare me and never will.
And how or why would this be different under another president?
I love how everyone is having a fiscal-fest when monetary policy is completely absent from the discussion. In the mid80s, mortgage rates were 14%!
+Karlton Little But, unlike with your "drive a truck into the house" metaphor, it wasn't physical infrastructure that took a hit in Oct 2008. Bills didn't go up, revenue went down.
In the Great Depression, stimulus brought hope to people and prevented anarchy, but did little to cause economic recovery. As soon as it was cut back, in 1937- 8 years after the depression began, the economy began to collapse again, proving the "recovery" was only government spending. It took WW2 to pull us out.
However, in the 1930's the government was well-positioned to borrow due to the frugal prior governments of Harding and Coolidge. In the 2000's, the government had been borrowing and spending like a drunken sailor during the good times of the 1990's, leaving us in a horrible position today. Few are lending us money anymore, which is why the Fed is creating money out of nothing to prop up Treasuries.
War no longer has much stimulus effect, as it employs relatively few people but costs a lot of money, which drains capital from productive enterprises.
Lies. As usual they are spinning the numbers. This doesn't include those who have quit looking for jobs and conceded to long term government assistance. Why wouldn't this stat include those numbers?.....
+Ted Rice You might be a little confused on your dates, history and government policies. But don't let that get in the way of a good revisionism.
+Tod Spinosi Because the graph isn't unemployment numbers, its jobs numbers. LOL. you don't even know what you are looking at, just yelling talking points blindly!
I'm curious if the graph takes into account the number of baby boomers who hit retirement age starting on 1/1/11... a fairly significant workforce attrition that opens up jobs to be filled by a younger, cheaper workforce.
Funny cause I know many people who cannot find work in their field where is the chart for that. 
A little known but reliable source. World Almanac and book of facts 2013. Fox news enemy numero uno! It has it all. Non bias and truthful.
+David Pelton The chart is based on data referencing the BLS, who did the work to prove it. If you think it's about the char you're missing the point. It's about the data the chart represents.
+Karlton Little Right-wingers think the same thing about you.

It'd be far more interesting to hear industry-leading economists, at least one right-winger and one left-winger, debate it in front of an audience of econ post-grad students.
I may have jumped the gun on that. You are correct. However, we are constantly feed these figures that are supposed to make us think these guys are actually looking out for our country rather than their own partisan interests. Can't deny that...
I guess the public debt and job growth share the same graph
+Tod Spinosi Of course politicians are interested in themselves. It's just that, largely by coincidence, those interests will sometimes align with those of the country, and so we vote for the people who, for whatever selfish reasons, happen to act in a way that helps us all.
oh  my.  Is the White House bragging about the job they have done with the economy?  
+Cédric Coulombe Nope. The rate of public debt acquisition has been decreasing while the rate of job growth has been about steady.
and once china stops lending us money and calls in our debt . all the paper that the govt. calls our money will be worthless. !
+Michael Montoya That can't happen. First, China has absolutely no interest in making us default. We're a trade partner meaning that what hurts us hurts them. Also, our deal is that we pay our debt back on a schedule. And they also only own about 5% of our debt.
so I've watched that film now then ... thanks Trailer people.
+Matthew Noden This is demonstrably not the case. Ask an economist and he'll probably tell you that you have to spend your way out of a recession. 
Show us whatever you want white house. But you won't deceive everybody. And yea this country is moving but not forward
Aviel  they do not have a choice if we do ourselves in .. think about it . ! We (meaning obama) will drive ourselves down .. wake up ! 
Guys, if you're going to make statements, ensure they're supported by data. Conjecture is useless in all contexts.
+Michael Montoya Obama's liberal policies are demonstrably good for the economy. Looking at CBO estimates and the breakdown of our spending indicates that his proposed combinations of spending cuts and increases in revenue are likely to lower unemployment, thus boosting revenue and decreasing poverty. You have no argument.
 Like this false data you present ?? this is govt propaganda . we are still in big trouble unless the govt stops spending . how's that for truth.?  +Aviel Menter 
+Karlton Little My personal favorite is Thomas Sowell, but there are good and bad points about every economist (except possibly Ludwig von Mises, who seems pretty much entirely wrong). I don't pick one champion and use him for every situation.

I kinda had you pegged as a Krugman fan. The belief that left-wing economics is more or less definitively proven is very much a symptom of Krugmanism. Keynes never took that view.
I think that is funny everyone is looking for someone to blame and this is a or b. We are here in the place we are financially how do we get out or is that for only the elected officials who have maybe taken undergraduate classes in economic but are by no means experts we put all the pressure them but maybe everyone should be more educated and stop the bickering unless you are part of the solution you are just complaining. 
 That is a bald faced lie  that Obama has feen feeding us , and now you try to shove it down our throats as  truth. that is only the liberals who believe this trash. 
+Kevin Lybrand There are programs that have been enacted by our govt that are meant to help people get back on their feet. Those are being abused and looted. Our leaders who support the abuse of these programs are only ensuring themselves voters, therefore it is in their best interest to keep people on whatever govt assistance that they may be on. It is not all of the people's fault, but it is important that we as a country realize that it is unsustainable. You can fill in the blanks as to what programs specifically are being abused.
+Aviel Menter , I totally agree, but nowadays, if a reputable source with backing data says anything that doesn't fit the right wing's narrative, that source is disparaged and things we knew to be fact are subjected to debate.
Jay Max
Who got those jobs? We are still looking for jobs.....
It would be nice to actually create jobs and not simple redefine what constitutes an employee. 
The national cap on is $125.00 per month for a single parent 3 children household for two years. A $525.00 limit on snap benifit with a 6 month recertifacation period. SNAP is payed for by the department of agriculture by my taxes from the purchase of farm products.Medicaid is a fed gov. entity but it also is paid for gladly by me. I don't complain unless I see someone who has sick children and no help. I hate GOP propaganda and all out lies! But thats just me.
If you really want the truth watch The Kudlow report . he is the only media guy who knows what he is taking about .
Sorry +David Pelton, but the graph shows that since the election you are not losing as many jobs as before and this trend continues to the point that after 1 year the situation is reversed and you start to win some. Considering the current world situation, you are doing very well.
still only half as needed. earns an "F" for a grade on job creation
Hahahahahaha... But they don't tell you about the 10.8 million jobs that were lost..... 
 +Karlton Little  he has never cut taxes.. he only gives tax credits that is not cutting taxes! go back to school .!
+Michael Montoya , pay attention...the stimulus that you hate so much was the single greatest tax cut average income Americans got in generations.
The current average tax burden is the lowest it's been since the 50's.
You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.
+Karlton Little  you went from tax cuts to stimulus to to the tax burden we currently have ..... the stimulus was a sham . shovel ready jobs ??.
The tax rates you speak of are not from obama but BUSH .. remember that  guy ?? or is he only remembered when you libwerals want to blame something on him ,!!!
I don't believe statistics or graphs. I believe paychecks.
From here in Australia we like what we see in Obama's efforts. A positive influence Internationally and how Australia views USA.
Don Coe
This is nothing more than propaganda. How could this be true when we still have actual unemployment at around 12 to 15%. Today's unemployment number actually went up from 7.7 to 7.8%. 

I wish we could get politics out of everything in order to get honest and truthful news
We would be better off if everyone would stop trying to be 'right' and learn how to compromise and move forward.  By arguing it only shows that we are not ready to be an advanced civilization.  Maybe our leaders can show us how to get along, how to cope with change and make our future promising.  

But it seems like we are more content making no progress by only pushing our own agenda instead.  So keep bickering, make nothing happen.
 Our leaders are the one's who are corrupt they waste our tax money by paying the lobbyists and their crony partners  to control our society . thats why nothing is going right . !
The lack of education is also hindering us as well, since it is 6.5% for a graduate loan from the US government.  
+Matthew Noden I understand your math. What I also understand is small business. I have been a small business owner for 29 allmost 30 years. I have always struggled somewhat but nothing like I do now. Thats because of GOP free for all spending. I was there with Nixon,Reagan,Bush and Bush. I know who created the mess and I ain't fooled by the crap I hear today.
you could have all the education you can get won't help when there is no jobs .. why do all these nieve people write about everything except the problem?? the problem is the govt spends to much and no one can dispute this .. ? not Obama , bohner, or Gietner or even you +Kristoff Koch 
We would be better off had Obama not doubled the deficit of America's history in 4 years.  We would also be better off if he stopped trying to take 100% credit for "private" sector job growth and focused on his overall negative job growth.  Yes, he won a second election based upon the uneducated voter (not saying everyone who voted for him is an uneducated voter but a large portion were uneducated and happy with the massive socialist handouts, telephones, foodstamps, social medicine etc. because it means less they have to do for themselve [aka-lazy]...).  We would be better off if Americans stopped believing the media and educated themselves on current affairs and events.  We would be better off, without this corrupt, biased, two party system...We should be better off...
Your country would be better off if not for the football-team mentality of your voters and your congress.  The biggest enemy to democracy is the two party system - it doesn't matter how GOOD an idea is if the other guys think it's a good one, too.
I've tried to find anywhere in the Constitution, Article II, that describes a president's delegated powers and assigned duties that mentions even one power or responsibility delegated to him to create jobs. There is no such power or responsibility. 

Presidents are given far too much credit for either job creation or elimination in the private sector.  Congress on the other hand, also not delegated any authority to create jobs in the private sector can have far more impact on the economy by its meddling policies and stimulus giveaways that can skew the market, distort investments, create short term jobs that can't last when demand isn't realized for products created by subsidization. Congress can distort the entire market place in ways that have nothing to do with the natural workings of the market place. They can really mess up our economic world with the approval of the president of course.
+Anthony Fazio
My paycheck will actually go down this month for the first time in over 20 years. And I am not a six figure income kind of guy.
The scale isn't distorted at all.  It's clearly labeled for anyone with eyeballs.  The only disingenuous thing is not to cover the entirety of the Bush presidency, but that might be a little below the belt.
The liberal, HATERS who hate those of us who want a market free of government subsidizaton and stimulus intervention, call us haters.  Those liberals who HATE to have to work in a productive field to earn their income and who HATE it when conservatives want to cut government handouts think presidents can simply give out money and honest productive jobs are magically created. Yep, jops like those flash-in-the-pan jobs created at Solyndra that went bankrupt? 

The HATERS, the so-called progressives,  HATE to think that jobs in a free-market are driven by actual consumer demand for products or services that earn demand from buyers.Those HATERS hate the free market place. They HATE private property rights because they want what they don't earn.

Those liberals who hate the idea of sound, hard-money with an intrinsic value and who prefer paper-money printed for government to spend, spend, spend on giveaway programs are still believers in Keynesian economic theories that result in an untrustworthy, debauched, and inflated currency and trillions of dollars of government indebtedness. 

They HATE the natural economic laws of supply and demand that rule in an actual free-market economy and thus they HATE to be governmed by natural economic laws. They HATE to see an end to subsidies and favoritism from government. They HATE to be deprived of their welfare checks that represent wealth expropriated from those who produce to be distributed to them as an unearned benefit. HATERS, that's what the socialistic robbers are, the class of welfare recipients who want something for nothing. They hate those who produce and are extremely jealous of them.
Mike B
6 down.  14 million to go.
250 comments in, and all the bickering and arguing, as usual, has gotten you nowhere.  No one changed sides, no one cares about your "well thought out point-by-point" arguments.  Don't you get it yet?
You know, I really do hate American politics.  Do the rest of the planet a favour and have your second civil war, already.  Expend enough resources on that that you're no longer a global superpower.  It sickens me that a country so petty and divided, where one side won't agree with the other purely on principle rather than on actual merit of opinion has so much control over the rest of the world.
Finally my name is been fixed on my Company on this blue lines who ever did
this is appreciated and granted with all my efforts and blessings thank
you. and God bless you.
how about people still have no work but not in the list any more or people that lost thier work but yet not in the list, and it is holiday time , a lot of temporary work needed but how about after that?
I was gonna rant and rave too, but them my wife reminded me of the same thing I remind her when people run her off the road.

grant me the serenity
to accept the idiots whom I cannot change;
courage to change the idiots I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

The government is going to do whatever the government is going to do.  Truth, lie, or in different.
lighten up on him hes the best president since kennedy.
and you guys killed him because he was to good
oh.  and everyone, remember Obama best quote....
"You didn't build that!"
We in Enternet and mayor network have to share Ideas and help you in many ways that hopefuly all jobs will be upload for the Government and secure jobs like when I help with Tweet for Jobs from the senate floor, and twitter wont block me again with thousands of nonesence, so protect us from twitter please!!!!!! cause enough is enough and you might know where this is coming from for the past 2 years, we need to help one another hope we continue helping our Country.
the world is changing at an amazing rate..and we have to keep up. new skills and new ways of thinking, like never before. colabroation on a grand scale is going to be the new way to the economy.
Any story coming from Google or yahoo about the economy getting better? Omfg if you believe this check out unemployment there are more people still on employment now then before when Obama took over and the jobs created are mostly part timers. Underemployment is at its highest since the Carter years.
More people on social security disability and food stamps then ever. Labor participation rate at historic lows. More hopeless change 2, forward commrads
What a bunch of BS.  Unemployment rates going up, more people are dropping out of the workforce, and you claim we're moving forward?

Only your stupid voter base believes this.
And how many trillions of dollars of debt for those jobs? it probably cost the govt more than those people have earned at those jobs.
Liberals are still blaming Bush for Obama's anemic economy 
+Michael Anderson The tax hikes on the 400K+ crowd...since Small business drives the economy and most small business owners actually make less than 400K per year this will not hurt the economy.
+Greg S. What are you talking about? the Bush tax cuts for those making less than 400K per year are now permanent! How is that hitting the middle class with a tax hike?
this economy sucks im under 18 and i know its sucks and its not gunna be better until 4 years is over
well, it'd help if those "under 18" would know how to write English properly... You know... for the sake of the future?
What a farce.  This chart represents how the definition of "job" has changed over time.  It says nothing about actual productivity.
Wow.  How about how many jobs were lost?  Net jobs?  Stupid chart.
+Jeremy Petzold EXAACTLY!
Fact is small businesses produce 2/3 of all new jobs. This is nothing new either. Been that way for a long time.
And the reason our government ignores it is because all the same corporations pay for both parties elections.

Small business doesn't have the kind of corruption buying funds in one place like the big corporations do. Especially the banks who hold our economy hostage.
At the rate we are going we won't make the next four years without a collapse. YGWYD. (You get what you deserve.). I'm ready, are you?
As with any government chart, take this with a healthy dose of skepticism.  I'm not saying it's wrong, I'm just saying that just because it has "Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics" on it does not mean it is not complete BS.
+Rebecca Raven you must not have been following the news. The Republican House has sent a budget to the senate each year and Harry Reid won't bring it up for a vote....So you ate is the D's who aren't producing a budget each of the last 3 or 4 years...
+Kenneth Andrews People like you complain that the government is overstepping their bounds with the economy and then complain when they don't.
Government can't fix free economies. That's what makes them a 'free economy' right?
So why be a hypocrite sucker? Because it's politically convenient, that's why.

We have a free economy, how is that the governments fault when it fails at all? Its not.
The economy and debts and deficits are all different things. And their failures in the budget have little to do with our lives other than tax rates.

Politicians can certainly do damage to a free economy through stupidity and bad tax decisions. But they can't fix a fucked one.

Fact is we don't have a free economy anymore. You know why? Because the same corporations pay for both parties elections.
Am I the only one that read it with Obama's voice?
Years we will see how that is working in a couple of months.
5.8 million new jobs in 3 years, 12 million births in 3 years. Lets fricken celebrate stupidity!!!  
That is a total lie. The economy is growing worse by the minuet. Ever here about the fiscal clif.
Kids are a lot easier to make than jobs. 
Doesn't mean much when the population increases and there are still less people in the work force than when he took office.
George W Bush had a plan and acted decisively, probably the greatest war time leader of all time.
Obama is just a cleaner, cleaning up a mess
The US economy is doomed, every other country in the developed world has a political system that is able to make timely decisions. Michelle Bachman introduced the 138th bill to repeal Obamacare into congress, boom boom.
Just think how much higher it could have been if the Republicans had not acted in obstructionist ways. They are willing to hold us all hostage because we will not play it their way... they are like children, children with nuclear weapons.
Republicans are proving government doesn't work :D
i love nuclear weapons, show them bitches whos da boss!
Some people believe anything on the Internet.
+Karlton Little (im kinda entering this thread blind, and assuming ur talking about democrats/government not just one guy) well imagine an monopoly version w/ the ability to pay to draw a "corruption" card, that cost a flat amount and would hurt all other competitors equally(increase taxes 3% w/ tax breaks for ur customers/ zoning laws that make new houses more expensive(in effect after ur turn)) who will this benefit the most? even in cases where its "not" corruption; the big players public statements carry more power, they have more workers to vote for them, and they impact the gdp more(which isnt as important as people say)  

law naturally benefit(or more accurately hurt least) those who are powerful even if they are not in power
What I'd like to know, is how many of these jobs are PROFESSIONAL jobs and not professionals having to go deliver pizzas.
Zoning laws are determined by states, like in Texas there are no zoning codes, you can build whatever you want, where you want it to. Does it really matter all the other stuff that's out there? Jobs are making a comeback, which means more money goes into the economy. Now, how well those jobs pay, and how many hours they entitle, etc. are all valid questions, but can't we simply just take this as what it is? 
Who said I didn't accept these numbers? I absolutely do. You are making an assumption that I oppose Obama or that I'm a right winger here to criticize. You'd be wrong on both counts.
But like the text in the post says, we have along way to go. How can we know how far we have come without details?
I'm so glad Obama got the job rather than Romney and McCain. He's proving that he can turn the United States around, especially with evidence of this graph.
Honestly, I'm a recruiter in enterprise software and hiring is out of control. The software industry started recovery about 3 years ago and we are up to full swing. Venture Capital also has recovered and grown past previous levels and the horrible 75% reduction at the depression's peak.
+Sam Aiello ummmmm how can u even prove that one guy would be better then another; u could be comparing obama to hilter and there would be no empirical data to back up who would do a better job unless to got hilter an exact copy of america between the two
Here! Here! Eric is dead on. How many of those jobs are just part time, low pay, no med Bennies types??? Our nations youth are graduating out of school with no money to pay for high ticket items or higher education. Their over taken by debt. Most take public transportation. Their not going to buy a house. Etc, etc.
+Nick Hidalgo When IT guys like myself can quit a job and have one again within a week like back in 1999, then I'll accept your claim of 'recovery'. #justsayin  
I always believe what comes out of the whitehouse.
+Eric Weber  i'll take u one step farther, and ask when can i go to a hairdresser who didnt have to get somesort of hair dressing licence or when will i be able to biuld a house on the cheapest plot of land i find in an area or when can someone open a work place across the street form where i live
Helping the poor people that work hard to built this nation is the beginning of loving God.why can't you people in the Republicans. Deal with that!!? And stop the hate.!!!!!

You need to do more research. Your wrong !!!!
Your so right.right on the mark !!
+Bliss Tew and@Tommy Gunn. #I have been working since the age of 13. I understand productivity in the workplace. What I don't understand is this. How in the hell can you with any belief say what you say? #1 You and yours started saying identical quotes the day after Obama was elected.#2 Your sources are the same bought and paid GOP scoundrels that even republicans are now saying are too far to the right and are turning everyday people away and last but not least.#3 I have never heard such bull crap as this one Liberal Haters? Who agrees with me when I ask. Where is the hate coming from?
+Eric Weber You could still do that had it not have been for the GOP jobs that Americans don't want to do.G.Bush. and the free for all spending while I secure big oil. R. REAGAN G.BUSH G.BUSH jr. And Cheny. I was there man. Been there through all three recessions created by these hollywood heros.
Derek M
If you stay on your vacations maybe we would be better off. Can you imagine what the liberal media would do if a republican were in charge during this mess and on vacation. You want facts: Obamas been on more vacations and played more golf than any other president in history. And no I don't believe this chart. 
like we're gonna die young from this kind of economy
+Patrick Baska thats the same figure that was quoted by fox news one day after Obama was elected first term. Last I heard it was 16 trillion and climbing. Now he's declared a war on coke for buying a combo meal with a pepsi he' also killed more innocent pakis. And also he's the anti christ. Whats next man?
What a joke. Worst President ever...
Get real people! Rich people gotta make money too. They don't get it on their own they get it because we make it for them. Let them pitch their poor spoiled rotten rich boy fit. When they get the chance they will once again rob you blind and spend you silly then blame it on us. VOTE DEMOCRAT!!!!!
No matter how many "stats" you throw at us, we the people know you've all misspent and mismanaged our money and you want more. The system is broken. It cannot be fixed. It's time to hit reset.
Nahin A
fuck these freemason bastards 
This is the biggest horseshit graph I have ever seen
See and this is why i voted Obama.
We will need a third term for sure.
Good stuff ! Keep it going ! 
Derek M
+Kevin Lybrand
Yea. You did vote democrat and look at where we are. Please dont tell me we are better off today than we were four years ago. This country is a mess. Obama don't care about this country. If he did he wouldn't ask for "revenge". I even HOPE he can turn it around, but the way he's doing it, it ain't going to happen. You CAN't spend you way out of this. It's WRONG. God help our country, for our kids sake. 
Forward isn't good when you're headed towards the ditch.  
This is not the America my grandfather fought and was wounded in ww1. Unlike Michelle I am ashamed at this point. Anyone want to buy a blue passport?
Glad the White House can use graphs to make themselves look good, even when those graphs are fallacies. Need to look at the bigger picture. Smoke and mirrors. People on g+ are not stupid enough to fall for a trick like this. 
Uunfortunately 50 years of liberal ed has guaranteed this result. I'm glad I won't see the final inning of this game
Paul F.
Im curious as to when we, the people, find out what union lobbyist gets the holy task of adding barry's image to mt obama, a.k.a mt Rushmore? (sarcasm)

This guy is unbelievably arrogant! 
Derek M
I'm beyond sad he got re-elected. I'm scared for this country. 
Pardon me, but that chart is of a nation moving sideways...
.....and yet we're still bleeding jobs as unemployment was revised up to 7.8% yet again. Massage the numbers all you want, but this rotten egg is all YOURS Hussein!
Pleeeeeaase, Go teach your grandmother how suck eggs...I'm tired of hearing how well the economy is doing and there are millions of americans out of work.
Throwing a bunch of money at a failing system is not solving anything...
Josh B
Overlay that graph with the number of people on food stamps.
what are we now... 43 million more on food stamps from 08? 
Print me a bunch of borrowed money and I'll create jobs too. Now who is going to pay the bill?
Imagine if we could implement a true growth agenda.
Scott M
Because of forced insurance mandates for employees many middle class small business owners switched their LLC status to S Corps. The government tracks those switches as new jobs and business startups. Not quite mthe victory they claim it to be. 
All the bitching and whining about how bad President Obama is as if he's God Emperor instead of POTUS.  One thing we know for sure is that Republican policies practically destroyed the global economy. This is fact that even George W. Bush admits along with Alan Greenspan. 

So what did the Republican party due when faced with the election of Barack Obama; they obstructed any forward movement in the country. Just ask Chris Christie about that. He's watching his state rot because the Republican House refuses to pass a Hurricane Relief bill. 

If you don't like President Obama you might consider STFU because the GOP wankery got us into this mess and keeps us here. 
What moron tries to spin blowing $350,000 per job, and then puts anything online about it to brag?
More so, how stupid are people who try to defend this as some how a positive thing? Exactly just how stupid do these people think we are?

Should the understanding to derive at such a quotient escape you, other nations beckon as this one seems to be running low on space, time and money to house the purposed woefully ignorant. Shame upon the followers, shame upon the deceivers, and shame be upon the deceived. 
Smoke and mirrors... What's New.
My poll show 50+% of voters are completely out of there minds.
+James Hune I suggest you "go Galt" and leave the rest of us to our fate while you trot off and be superior with your fellow self-appointed aristocracy. 
+John Poteet A stunning lack perception and understanding of current situation . 2 trillion spent on stimulus and other random bottomless pits . 5.8 million "reported" jobs. Easy math, well for some.
Ur chart is obviously upside down u delusional moron! Shutup and pass that doobie to me so i can hallucinate too!!!
Even faced with facts people still hold to their own beliefs, that's pure hatred and ignorance no matter what you say to them it will be dismissed as false. Don't waste your time, just read the insults eat popcorn and laugh as each fool tries to one up the last fool. 
+joe humphrey Your bullshit numbers are bullshit. Lets not forget that entire industries such as the automobile industry were on the verge of bankruptcy and a substantial part of the money was used to keep existing concerns going as well as to keep teachers, police and firefighters who would have otherwise been laid off due to municipal bankruptcies employed. 

Money spent to prevent layoffs certainly didn't add any jobs but it absolutely went to keep people employed. The alternative was total collapse of the U.S. and global economy as a result of Republican/neo-conservative policies.  
+John Poteet please tell me this, why are you on this topic speaking facts to a bunch of people that most likely voted for a nominee that publicly stated facts will not dictate how he runs his campaign. What's your freaking problem, you need to do more incoherent babbling ....
+James Fields Ah, the fallacy of republican ignorance. There is the presumption among many that quoting factual information has no effect upon republicans. I believe this isn't the case.

Note that most of them still go to scientifically valid doctors and dentists when they are injured, sick or have tooth pain. They appear able to do simple math if you short change them; a skill that is missing in their political decisions. They don't drive Yugos; they are able to understand that quality and reputation can be more important factors in a decision than price. They cash their Social Security checks and accept Medicare benefits; they can understand the value of collectivization. 

In short, I believe cons. know they're wrong. They simply see some short-term personal advantage to policies that damage the general populace. Reminding them of facts pains them however much they deny it. Nature (reality) bats last though. You don't see Chris Christie going around denying climate change. 

They're trying to sell ignorance. I'm blocking the sale whenever I can. 
Pardon my critical thinking but when was the last time the White House said we are doing a shit job and are moving backwards as a nation? 
+John Poteet if I was in Mississippi and my elder uncle was reading your post his comment would be .... PREACH ON !!!!!
Nice. Keep it going Obama-san. I just cant figure out why the taxes isn't higher and the expenses lower in Obama country. As a country it seems that few americans wants to pay the bill for beeing a superpower. 
+John Poteet the entire auto industry? Or the fat bloated union shop we called an American auto industry? And the fact that GM and Chrysler bailouts were on the side of those turd stimulus bills. Which brings up the point that the bailouts didnt save shit for jobs, just made damn sure the tax owers would be paying for the exact pension and healthcare costs that helped bring that industry to its knees to begin with. Everyone acts like businesses dont go through bankruptcy. Its how they clean the slate, both investors and on the employee side. Ever fly in a commercial plane?

Stimulus to stave total collapse? Sell your crisis up the river brother cause aint nobody here buying it(funny you mention, global warming.. I mean climate change..let me guess next it'll be climate stagnation!). The only people losing jobs were people that needed to lose jobs. Its a complete fallacy to equate job need to job demand. But dont worry, when the bond markets balk at the levels of debt incurred and decreasing production the day of reckoning will come. You cant kite checks forever.

So count'em out. How many jobs did the great bankrupting of America, I mean the payout to? Buffet, I mean the stimulus save? 1, 5 , 10, 20 million? How many are going to lose them when your precious government checks dont cash?
The only people that got anything from any of this were the people with their hands up that puppet in the white house's ass, Soros, Turner, Buffet, and the Unions. They came out of 08 flush with cash. And the tax payers got the bill.
Absolute corruption by means of the cronyism rampant within the current administration. 
+joe humphrey I'll take "fuck you I've got mine" for $100 Alex. Joe Humphrey thinks he's immune to reality 'cause he's just that f-ing special. Let's kick everybody else to the curb to starve; Joe's an Objectivist Randroid. 

Sorry, no. The people like you lost the election and that's a good thing. Your babble about Soros plants you squarely in the camp of the losers who would rather burn the country to the ground than see a black man as president. 

The demographic folks say people like you are going to get squeezed out of power everywhere but Idaho and Utah. Enjoy your futile rage. 
what happens when they stop kicking the can down the road ?
In the long run debt doesn't matter. It's fiat currency. Only resources matter; energy, soils, minerals, water, forests, fisheries, ecology and a skilled populace that can work together successfully. 

Those resources are diminishing rapidly and the people that are most in favor of destroying those resources are the very same ones squawking about the debt. They're literally salting the land with fracking brines up in North Dakota. 

Climate change is real. The destruction of Gulf Coast fisheries by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill was real. The drought in the Midwest is real. Ignore this shit and your money is a handy fire-starter. 
Bureau of Labor Statistics:

It's the "unemployment number" commonly quoted in the news. There are other measures on that site. 
Sometimes the attempt at quirky and quick witted comments just leaves a void of explanation and understanding.

I'll take it to mean that these numbers represent Gross values and not Net.
+John Poteet quite the contrary but should we que the melodramatic violinist for your soapbox moment? People like me didnt lose the election, people in a database didnt win either. Datamining to victory! Boy, where was that headline in the papers? Oh thats right, it only has negative connotations when used against the right. Its a principled concept when quoted for the Dalibamas regime.

The rank hypocrisy spews ever forth from liberals with every word and action.
Me and mine ARE mostly immune because thats how we live. We can see the writing on the wall, and Ill tell ya, them big cities aint gonna fare so well. At some point the reckoning has to be made. Maybe not for every soul, but for masses, yes its inevitable . We can only slop the hogs till we run out of feed.

Haaa debt with a fiat currency doesnt matter! What a fool! Ask germany how that worked out. Seemed to go real swell. Helped create a situation or 2 over there I hear.

Has this guy met irony yet? On one hand you vilify the right for promoting self reliance and individual responsibility then you turn around and note a skilled populace. Might aswell insult land and gun ownership while youre there. Not to mention the other force necessary for survival, willingness. Where you believe that skilled,willing populace comes from? Our award spending..I mean winning educational system? The harsh realities of a cradle to grave government nanny state? Yea those have shown such promise in maintaining that hardy breed. Mean while our chinese overlords are busy at the till.

Oooh and drought in the Midwest? Perhaps you forgot the floods there 15 years ago. Or the ones before that, or the droughts before that. Hmmm seems almost, sorta like maybe...a cycle?? No? But its easy to make the jump to unlimited monetary debt just somehow theres far more finiteness to a 8000 mile thick planets ability to absorb 8 millimeters of sea rise. You know, around here there called floodplains.. and you cant build in them. Because we as insurance payers, dont care to pay for some one elses stupidity. But like magic, dumbasses can build a city right on the ocean, some even below sea level, and we're called the backwards ones.

Hey rock on fellars, just quit with hands out everytime it rains. You build a house where it floods? Swim in it.

Hint, its mother nature trying to wash the stupid off. 
Something else that's important to consider are where Jobs are being created. Looking at numbers nationally doesn't really help identify the problem areas of the Economy, but I'm  sure the Econ guys at the BLS know that.
+joe humphrey Wandering around with a gun when you're not hunting or engaged in law enforcement is for cowards who can't face the world without a lethal argument. Your ownership of land is temporary and conditional upon the government enforcement of that ownership. It has always been understood to be that way in the U.S.  

"Personal property is the effect of society; and it is as impossible for an individual to acquire personal property without the aid of society, as it is for him to make land originally.
Separate an individual from society, and give him an island or a continent to possess, and he cannot acquire personal property. He cannot be rich. So inseparably are the means connected with the end, in all cases, that where the former do not exist the latter cannot be obtained. All accumulation, therefore, of personal property, beyond what a man's own hands produce, is derived to him by living in society; and he owes on every principle of justice, of gratitude, and of civilization, a part of that accumulation back again to society from whence the whole came."

-Agrarian Justice Part Three - Thomas Paine
you are failing to consider that this increase is due to the hiring of people for the Holiday season. Wait until the season is over and the part time workers are no longer employed 
Well I see Poteet running his soup sewer again, John why do you use words like facts and factual in your statements ? You know those are meaningless to you!
John go swallow a bottle of valium and jerk off on your Obama shrine. Let the adults make the comments. 
End the fed stop fake debt daaaa
Who fabricated this graph is totally wrong and off by a lot. Do you even know what you are doing. Pathetic!
Talk about manipulating numbers
If you look at the bottom right of the graph it says the White House released it.......typical! Liers
+David Stillwell Hey loser, what's Mitt Romney doing right now? You think the Great White Horse Prophet would have moved on to something else since "he didn't really want the presidency anyway." 

He could quit pretending that Bain Capital is in a blind trust and ship some more U.S. jobs to China. It's his favorite hobby isn't it? Hey, look, you can still watch him lose supporters in real time.
+John Poteet nice language there fella. Wheres Mitt Romney? Probably enjoying the fruits of a well lived responsible life.

Wait, wondering?? Around with a gun?? Dont the Obamas go everywhere with 30 -50 guns at all times?

Temporary? Ownership? What you plan living forever? Its conditional upon society, not government. You cant even quote Paine and use his notions in a construct. But it is very telling of your inability to differentiate between society and this hijacked abstract called government. 
+Troy Yap please post facts about why this graph is wrong, because if it truly was wrong every right leaning economist would use this as an example of how we're being misled.
+Ken Carter and if you look to the left it's States Bureau of Labor Statistics, funny thing is I saw the same graph used on Fox News when the recovery started to slow down they used it as an example.?
+James Fields its deceptive as only conveys it purposed highlight. IE..the coloring of red and blue, the time frame without giving true context. Purposed ignorance of this doesnt make it not so. 
We need to build our nation back up by influencing the millennia baby's to teach all Americans how to spend and invest in Network Marketing. Not only can it be geared towards American products and services , but towards more importantly our children's education. It's far fetched but I have a dream. Money is what makes the world go ground and greed is what makes it bleed. If we all can take a common interest (money) gear it towards a specific product an service we all use on a daily basis (cell phones & service) we can pave our own path. Follow Solavei. They are setting the pace. I am a rep , and this company has saved my life. LITERALLY!!!
Sorry took so long, but traveling back to Wharton school. I have US labor numbers that don't match this White House chart. Let me get in and I'll collaborate it all for you and e-them to you ASAP.

Sent from my iPad
Thats awesome that you can dispute something the rest of the professional economic world can't .... yap together something good !
It's the Republican math that makes them feel better about the world. 
+John Poteet I fully understand your point, the same math that showed mitt Romney leading in all the polls. 
He was leading in the polls up to the last hours. Pre and exit. The fact that results fell outside the normal distribution says that something was skewed. 
+joe humphrey Try reality once in a while. The most accurate poll analyst in the public sphere, Nate Silver, never had Romney showing a probability of winning. Neither did any of the purchased share prediction markets such as Intrade. London and Nevada bookmakers always had odds on an Obama win. 

The only people who thought Romney was winning were Mormons and white folks deep in the echo chamber. 
according to the white house bush's tax policy is responsible for the worst recession since the great depression! and their solution is... Extend the bush tax cuts (again)???
+John Poteet Since when do polls equal probabilities? Also bookmakers? Not quite a self-evident term. The odds are used to balance inbound cash flow. Its not by any means an analytical process.

Which simply means proObama fools are looser with their cash. A seemingly thorough theme as related to that ilk. And I guess I should qualify "their" with "everyones". 
+joe humphrey how can you argue with someone when their right? Did you not witness the backlash fox contributor's and rush went through for misleading its supporters ? Its seems like some of you can't come to terms with things even when its obvious, question do you believe the world is round or flat and I don't mean to be rude. 
Wtf you republican backing hypocrites saying? Everyone and their mother at this time in age knows who are the main culprits creating the demise if this great nation. Republican scumb. Go jump off a bridge. 
+James Fields he wasnt right. He was wrong. Period. Nate Silver had Romney winning long before the election. Only after he was privy ,again, to what ever the last feeds of campaign insider information were showing did he "turn the corner" with his predictions.

The left parades him off as if they found a magical independent oracle wondering the data desert to attempt to legitimize their nefarious activity but in reality hes just another insider thats in on the game. With the abnormal returns its beyond obvious there was some improprieties in the methods used to garner such a response.

Must be pretty easy to gather up welfare recipients and drive them to the polls when you got a nice fat list of them to pick from . Theres your "critical" ,last minute turn around. Say what ever you want, but abnormal returns show there was something a miss. Data mined, my ass. Table dump of SS and welfare receivers in targeted counties is more like it. As I said before here, shame upon the deceiver and shame be upon the deceived. 
+joe humphrey Seriously. What do they put in the Kool-aid at Tea Party events? You're delusional. The President of the United States is Barack Hussein Obama. This will remain the case for the next four years. President Obama received more votes overall and won the electoral college overwhelmingly. 

You lost and your argument reeks of racism. The people who voted were all U.S. citizens and eligible voters. Nothing else matters. 
Does Obama EVER mention the number of workers who have dropped out of the work force, are on unemployment, or have signed up for disability?  NO.  Nor do his sycophants in the media.  "Saved or created" my arse.
Off the radar as it was in the Bush administration. Mostly if you don't have money there's little interest in addressing your needs by either party. 

How about those job creators huh? Didn't they do great creating all those jobs when they got the Bush tax cuts? Right. They didn't. 
+Neil Osbon This is answered above, u-6 is also dropping. Don't know what u-6 is but you are bitching about nonworkforce unemployment? classic.
+joe humphrey its seems that you would take a position like this, I'm walking out of a theatre and I just finished watching a mystery movie that had a major twist at the ending, you pass me on your way in to see the same film and you stop me to argue the facts of a movie you haven't even seen .... please leave the Stadium the game is over ! 
Part ONE
 There is a real possibility of COMPLETELY ELIMINATING  the crisis in which the world floundering. A global economic crisis due mainly to the public debt.  A crisis from which it can ESCAPE  by applying a small rule to the OLD FINANCIAL MARKET. One SMALL RULE that would have the power to  TRANSFORM and to  UNITE the REAL ECONOMY tied with the WORLD OF WORK with the NEW ECONOMY, FAST, DYNAMIC, UNSCRUPULOUS, mainly because of Word Wibe Web.  A little  rule that brings an IMMEDIATE RECOVERY, daily, monthly, yearly  of the about 16.5%   in the  STOCK EXCHANGE. For the  UNITED STATES 1082.00 billion annual, for EUROPE 320.5 billion, for ITALY 42.4 billion. The CAPITAL RECOVERED (was lost without the little rule) should being divided in fair way. 49 % for PUBLIC DEBT, 24 % would be for ENTERPRISES, for  RESEARCH, on DEVELOPMENT and for  WORK, 24% how the PROFIT for SHAREHOLDERS 3% for the STOCK EXCHANGE
2  -  AN INCREASE IN PROFITS FOR ALL (stock exchange, financial markets, business-development-research, companies and especially public debt)
3a - The little rule has its roots in  Word Wibe Web and serves to resume, recover the capital volatilized in the stock market
3b - Not notice MARKET FOR ITS APPLICATION (small rule).  NOT 'A TAX. NOT' TOBIN TAXor more for the stock market
4  -  The old labor economics (real) in combination with fast, dynamic, UNSCRUPULOUS young  would be an ideal solution for all.
part one
Public debt elimination  and  new jobs and  economic growth
 There is a real possibility of completely eliminating the crisis in which the world floundering. A global economic crisis due mainly to the public debt.  A crisis from which it can escape by applying a small rule to the old financial market. One small rule that would have the power to  transform and to  unite the real economy tied with the world of york with the new economy, fast, dynamic, unscrupolos, mainly because of word wibe web.  A little  rule that brings an immediate recovery, daily, monthly, yearly  of the about 16.5%   in the  stock exchange. For the  United States 1082.00 billion annual, for Europe 320.5 billion, for Italy 42.4 billion. The capital recovered (was lost without the little rule) should being divided in fair way. 49 % for public debt, 24 % would be for enterprises, for research , on development and for work, 24% how the profit for shareholders 3% for the stock exchange.
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@hernanmiranda12. Pueden entrar por Google y marcar
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The job creation numbers are good to see - it shows that busienss and individuals are persevering even those the economic is slow. It is was built this country into a strong nation. However, these number only so have the facts. What are the number of jobs lost over this time? How many people have dropped out of the market because they could not find a job?
These are jobs created then lost, and lastly shipped over sea's. Want to see job growth, company taxes below 10 percent. So we can compete with the rest of the world...

So these stats arnt lying to you just not telling you the other half the the story.
The Republican solution to everything is lower taxes. Is the nation in deficit? They want to lower taxes. When the budget is in surplus and it's time to pay off debt what is their plan? Lower taxes. Drought: lower taxes. Flood: lower taxes. War: lower taxes. Peace: lower taxes. 

Notice they never propose anything but budget increases for the war budget, the prison budget, or oil company subsidies. 
Las estadísticas de la Casa Blanca no mienten,si no se hubieran
retirado los empleos perdidos habría una creación de empleos
que estaría cercana a los 10 millones ,ya que no están incluidos
los recuperados en Detroit,tampoco los 2 millones de trabajadores
que si han perdido su empleo y que reciben la ayuda del gobierno
mientras estén a la búsqueda de otro.
En lugar de ver la paja en el ojo  de aquellos que gobiernan deberían
ver el tronco que tienen en el vuestro,ya que la crítica situación que
se está viviendo en este momento es debido a falta de inversión
gubernamental en infraestructuras como pavimentos de rutas,reparación de puentes y también en capitales de riesgo.
¿Que piensa Ud. señor Broders de la negativa del Congreso para
subir el techo de la deuda para invertirla y crear trabajo y riqueza?.
También hay un precedente que los mismos que niegan al
Ejecutivo este derecho,19 veces al momento del pedido hecho por
George W. Bush fue aprovado de subir el techo de la deuda hasta
15 mil billones de dolares,solamente bajo la condición que los
ricos,que el gobierno identificó en las últimas elecciones como el
dos % de la población y que superan en riqueza al 98% del pueblo
Americano pagaran menos impuestos.
Greg S.
Necro-thread reactivate :-)
+Daniel McClintock k, so are you suggesting that the 2009 unemployment number in your graph doesn't represent jobs lost under the previous administration's 2008 economic implosion? And considering the position of today's markets (very lucrative), isn't that just another indicator that "trickle-down" doesn't work?
Are you trying to make our argument for us?
+Karlton Little besides being more misnomer than concept, "trickle down" politics have failed in the past; it seems we agree on that point. And the economic disaster in '08 most certainly affected the unemployment in '09. My point is that while some statistics, such as the WH graph, look good on a micro level, the macro view often reveals inverse effects. Extreme growth in the job market is often the precursor to increased inflation, which equates to recession. More jobs, higher minimum wage...they all look good. But when unchecked demand eats up limited supply creating an unhealthy growth rate, a recession is typically quick to follow.

In short, both graphs are nothing more than a microscopic view of the effects the previous and current administrations' fiscal policies play in the short run, and far from an accurate representation of how it will did (and will) affect the economy based on past business cycle trends. IMO there hasn't been a proper economic policy in place since the Clinton administration.
+Daniel McClintock, I agree, the Clinton economic plan seems to have worked well, and yes, no matter which side you're on graphs can paint almost any picture you want given the appropriate data.
However, it's a very tough case to make to say that President Obama's economic policy is a failed one:
1. Compared to that of his predecessor,
2. Despite good due-diligence and solid calculation he can get no cooperation from the House and
3. We have yet to fully implement much of the current administration's plans (like the jobs bill collecting dust in congress). Plans that work only if taken as a whole vs. piecemeal chunks of it either grudgingly approved by congress or watered down so as not to actually DO anything.
What happens to a team that won't run the coach's plays? 
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