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"A central promise of my campaign for President was to change the tax code that was too skewed towards the wealthy at the expense of working middle-class Americans. Tonight we've done that." —President Obama,
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Democrats gave too much though.

It is better than nothing, but like with Obamacare, I feel negotiations started before anything was even proposed.

Rather than proposing ideas and negotiating to the center, it always seems like the Obama administration proposes ideas from the center, and they work their way to the right by the time negotiations are finished.

Start from the left and meet in the center. If you start from the center, it will always meet on the right.
Rob Wagner
Thanks for taking care of this, millions of Americans will sleep a little better tonight. Next time lets not wait until the last minute to get this done. +John Boehner 
Deals and ball busting. My fingers are cross. Thank you, Sir.
You can make this happen.  The opposition needs to surrender!
Well done kids!! Thank you...
It's a good start. We've at least got that one off the way. Taxes on middle income Americans won't go up, and the 1% or so will pay their fair share in taxes. It's a very good start, but this was a crazy procrastination that was totally unnecessary. Next time Americans go to the polls, just make sure you don't send any more crazy NutJob into Congress. Thank you very much.
So is this a win for the President or just a holding action? I think there's an argument for a win here in that the GOP caved on increased taxes on the wealthy. Details will out. 
+Rachelle Greene You got me. I'm totally tripping on this yerba mate and stevia combo I got at the Happy Hippy Health Food Store. When I'm sober I never qualify my statements. 
+John Poteet I wouldn't consider it a "win for the president" but a win for everyone.

It's incredibly disappointing to see how our elected officials handled this situation. Saving face and ego took precedence over the American people and issues were sidelined as a result of the glacial movement in negotiations.

Thanks to that, we now have another battle to look forward to in the near future.
No cuts in spending, complete cave by (R) disappointing.
Bipartisan, really? Then why are the Republicians huddling by the corner wipping the tears from there faces. Tissues please. Sorry it was not done on your watch. Check another one off the To Do list Obama.                                         
Dan Lewis
I'm so glad I don't run my household financially like the Congress and the Executive branches do. 
+Dan Lewis In Washington's defense, you don't have 300+ politicians debating finances in your household, and your bill payments don't impact 300+ million citizens.
+Club AC30 +CNNMoney @AC360 Grover Norquist gets a FEDERAL PAYCHECK that is authorized through the Pentagon and his TAX PLEDGE was broken when his paycheck went up. DOING NOTHING BY A GROUP OF REPUBLICAN BABIES IS NO ANSWER TO ALL OF OUR PROBLEMS!
The United States Government OWES Private CONTRACTORS TRILLIONS of DOLLARS that has never been paid because the REPUBLICANS can't figure out HOW to PAY for THEIR WAR? 911 was created by the CIA and we now have proof beyond reasonable doubt. Why let criminals go, who knows? Just CUT the WAR COST OUT of the budget and give it to the REPUBLICANS like Grover and tell him to figure out how its going to get PAID FOR!
 I just hope that when the time comes to figure out any type of  proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare, that President Obama doesn't forget a major part of his support base, and throw us under the bus.

We cannot take anymore cuts to Social Security or Medicare.
Nice work...We still got a long way to go to reverse all the malarkey the Republicans have put on us for the last 35 years...Go team!!!...:)O(:
Blane, it's already gone, Obama can't promise whats already been spent! The chest for social security has millions of iou's in there.
+Lion Fisile Actually middle class taxes will go up. 2% to be exact. It's a payroll tax that was reduced in 2011. That amounts to approximately $50/month for a person earning 30,000/year. 
+w.s. corners Where did you get that from?  FOXNews?  It's been proven time and time again that the Social Security fund is actually quite stable.  The idea that Social Security was broken was just another false rumor started by the right wing to make an argument in favor of privatizing the entire Social Security system.
Bet they would be more willing to donate to a government debt reduction fund if it was tax deductible. lol
+Blane Beckwith obviously from your first comment you have your own reservations about social security, I guess they can keep raising the retirement age until what 90, 95. Where does it stop?
We are still trying to "fix" the tax code.  It is 20 volumes, with over 600 parts.  If I wanted to order a copy from the GPO it would cost over $900!  How can we fix something that has grown to this monstrous size?  Lets separate personal income tax right out of that mess and start over with something simple, fair, and free of special interest. 
+Rachelle Greene ...I am talking about a Government sponsored program that would allow contributors to donate money into the fund of their choice...Sooo...if you like Social Security and are filthy rich you might just throw a million or two in that fund...just because you feel generous..!..and you would get a legitimate receipt to hang on your wall saying you are an above average patriot...which goes by levels!!!...signed by the President...OK?!?....sheesh!!!...:)O(:
Okay, round one to Biden,,, but Cantor and the Republicans still have a few more rounds to fight... it isn't over till we solve the debt ceiling and see what Obama is going to bargain away... I sometimes think it is all a game and we are the suckers being played.
+Rachelle Greene ...I wouldn't be surprised if there may not be a few individuals within the top 1/10 or 1/100 of that top 1% who might be inspired to contribute enough to any given 'authorized' fund that the President sets up, so as to pull the U.S.A. out of the terrible dilemna we're in completely...There is money floating around out there..!..and people who really do love America!!!!...Cheerz doll..!..:)O(:..
Hardly. The tax code is still a convoluted mess with many loopholes that I'm sure those in the know will be jumping through. This also does very little to fixing our debt problem.
It's a step forward, Zordrak, and we all need to push for more of those steps. We'll be more likely to get more of them if we focus constructively and positively than if we surrender to cynicism.
+Rachelle Greene   Romney is a great example. If left alone most people would pay the least amount of taxes required by law. Rich people can pay professionals to find all the angles. 
Well see ? The deception for national debt is still present. Middle class will take a beating now watch and learn the truth. Repubs should of held their ground. Demos libertariens is screwing us.
Thank God he's a failure!!  I can't imagine the damage he would have done if not for the House of Representatives!!
+Andrew Adam Caldwell Admittedly, I find it hard not to be pessimistic at this point. This issue has been around for years. Fixing this will mean making unpopular decisions on both sides to increase revenue and decrease spending, and all that has happened is kicking the problem down the road again and again while trying to make the other side look bad.

This will come up again with the sequestration, then the debt ceiling again, and unless the tax cuts was made permanent, we will have this come up yet again.

Although I can agree that the rich can afford to pay more, we won't fix this problem by raising taxes alone, and every politician has their sacred programs that they won't touch.
It hasn't passed the House yet.  
I am embarrassed that so many Americans fell for his populist, pandering crap. 
Obama......Seems he has continued ALL the Bush policies and expanded on many of them.....Bush supporters should LOVE ol Barak the war monger poverty hound.
NDAA, Quantitative easing for ever.....mass debt and serfdom for all!
+Rachelle Greene, Buffet is the model rich guy. Bill Gates Sr. tried to get an excise tax passed only on the rich in WA state... and he's the rich. Another example. There aren't too many of them.
well deeanna=i agree but 400,000 is not middle class-dear.
Thanks to both of the parties!
You cleaned a mess with another mess!
Now a days, we are highly in need of a well-organized legislative and executive branches. However, the congress passes an important bill about taxes on the fist day of the new year without having time to read it in details. Yet we are waiting on more messes like this to come.
There is no reason to brag about this shame!
God Blesses America (only if you guys let him to do so)!
The inherent fallacy of government is suppression and greed.  Government is like a cancer--it keeps growing until it is out of control
#Rachelle Greene, Thanks missus, I think you idolise a evil would be murderous tyrant that uses his heritage as a feel good crutch so he can get away with the very things YOU hate Bush for doing so what would that make you?

So sending drones to murder civilians at weddings and spy on Americans is good policy eh?!!

Barak has EXPANDED all the wars Bush started, and he has actually used AMERICAN FORCES and drones in un constitutional, conflicts.

But I suppose his serfdom welfare socialist ideal is a beautiful thing to you, where back room deals and NDAA type bills are passed on holidays when no one is looking good for you.

Quantitative easing  until America is a complete wreck....And who would you blame?
SCREW YOU, Obama! 
If wealthy people were paying a lower tax-rate than were middle-class people, then why did you not LOWER the taxes of the middle-class? You are hurting the middle class, and now you are hurting the wealthy.
You also KILL women and children through your drones, and you have them sexually molested at the airports.
ANYTHING and EVERYTHING vermin like you do is certainly NOT going to be good, so STOP PRETENDING that it is!
I agree with David Jensen, its scary the level of blindness, is it lack of information or complete ignorance of the facts....
Just think, if Romney had won they'd be giving the wealthiest Americans tax cuts, increasing taxes on the middle class, slashing critical programs for the most vulnerable, and probably eating puppies to celibrate
+Micky Fernandez OK, I'm only going to say this once. Falling Down was a movie and not a model for a way of life. Try getting in touch with "reality." I hear there's this website called "Google" that is helpful in looking up factual information and anger management resources. 

Also, your side lost; deal with it. 
Romney or Obama , different heads on the same evil snake.

Imagine if a real Leader like Ron Paul won the presidency, right now REAL work would be getting done.

All this Republican/Democrat collusion garbage is like Mephistopheles tragedy.

The drooling simpletons on both sides just applaud and cheer for the B.S little illusionary "victories" while the house is burning around them.

Are millions of Americans so hopelessly blind???
That seems like a lot of rhetoric without much behind it. +David Jenson  Over 50% of voters voted for Obama, I did and so did a number of people I know and we all work for a living, so that characterization is way off. This country is bigger than your town, county or even your state,  you need to keep that in mind before making broad generalizations. As far as spending the country into debt, I have yet to see much evidence to that. Comparatively, Bush cut taxes and took on debt to fight two wars overseas. That created a lot of debt. Debt that Obama has created is lower than that, was used to pay for programs so that unemployment and the housing crisis didn't get even worse that it was. And some of that has been paid back (we'll never see the money Bush spent again).
Before you go saying that any supporter 'doesn't have the slightest clue', I'd check your own assumptions and make sure you know what's going one. I'm willing to look at whatever hard facts you have  to make your point. I have found that people with your opinion are either misinformed or so wed to their ideology that they are willing to tear apart whole programs that they themselves rely upon everyday, 
It's 1:11 am in the morning here, so I'm about to go to bed, but post them and I'll look at it tomorrow.
+Rob Viking Imagine if we had warp drive and Vulcans to mentor us towards a United Federation of Planets where scarcity is unknown and the universe is teeming with horny humanoid aliens in pastel colors. Government wouldn't have money and therefore there would be no budget deficits. 

That sounds more likely than Ron Paul actually getting real political power. Why can't all you Paul-bots retreat to a desert state like the Mormons did and leave the rest of us alone? I hear it's not raining in Kansas anymore. 
With what the SEC just pulled, we didn't accomplish ANYTHING for "We The People." We are going to have to pay more for everything very shortly. 
+Peter Buckheit one day?? Been saying that since we elected him. When exactly? Thankyou Mr. Obama for standing up for us. GOOD JOB!!!
Now speculators can HOARD copper. Soon other resources will join that metal. We are about to get screwed big time.
I hope I never hear the words fiscal cliff again. Wishful thinking I suppose..
Ha ha ha, I hear you John, I really do.

Im not a ANYONE bot , I just want REAL freedom, and REAL solutions from those that would be our "leaders"

And all I see over and over again is --meet the new boss....same as the old boss.

And the plebs just applaud their team as nothing REAL is being done, and we curse the coming generations with what we call entitlements.
+Rob Viking Libertarians need to pick a small, low-population state, move there en-masse and prove you can run things better. This can't be that hard; there are states with smaller populations than the City of San Francisco. Until such time as you actually demonstrate effectiveness you're just the Green Party's evil twin. 
So all you freeloaders can have your meal tickets and your rents subsidized again for a short while. I'm sure you were all sweating knowing that you all depend on the rich to give you just a little more..... Just a little more.... But... what happens when it all is gone, my goodness what will become of you all? 
KC Khoo
a lot of republicans are already hating this.... look at the G+ comments. I just can't imagine why everyone just put down the D and R and just unite!
I guess the question is who else is going to mow their lawns for them? Cry me a river, this country built itself into the economic engine of the world under taxes in and above the 70%+ range on top marginal brackets, don't sit there and gripe about taxes being less than half what they were in the post-war years you twat.
And done completely contrary to what Obama said during the debates. He said we would never get close to the cliff because he would make certain it never happened. During campaigning and debate, Obama promised 2.50 in CUTS for every dollar of tax increase. This was the 'grand bargain' promised by the campaigner in chief.

During initial negotiations, Obama demanded 1.6 Trillion dollars in new taxes, while offering only 400 Billion in cuts. Simple math from the campaign 'promises' would have meant 4 TRILLION in tax cuts, but instead the American people got 1/10 th of that promise.

It is a loss for the American people. It is not a gain or win or loss for any political party. It is a loss for the people, plain and simple. 
so is this saying that the president is now considered middle class since his pay wasn,t included into the tax hike?
How I wish African Leaders, Nigerian especially, will take their electioneering Campain Promises as irrevocable contracts with the voters. Just like Obama has done. We Can. But do We dare to even try?
+Rob Viking beware these waters man. I don't lay claim to any side because I think that's stupid and I know folks like +Rachelle Greene are very well intentioned and have no idea Obama is just as bad ( and worse like in drone strikes) than Dubya was. I think you and I know it's not left versus right but up and down. After all both sides voted to extend warrantless wire taps and oh yeah obama signed an executive order giving them all raises. It's a gentleman's club folks, they laugh at the way we buy the charade.
If one is on the TOP, in the very next step one will go down.Mr. President cannot save America.Difficult days are ahead. 
Where is the spending cuts? Why don't you stop giving away our money to other nations. That would help cut our deficit. Then stop spending on foolish ideas and parties and trips. The GSA went to Vegas and had lavish food gifts and more and cost how many hundreds of thousands of dollars? Yes this one instance would do much of nothing, however our government sees fit to do this sort of thing ALL the time. Also, this latest deal Obama signed for raises for federal employees, including the VP, congress and more; ummm, NO! We are in DEBT! I can't afford to pay you people more while you take more of my money! Foolish Mr. President! 
they are planning to collapse the currencies of west....then they reveal the luumonetaria.....the chinese are wise to this; they have allready suggested ONE world currency.......the above board game is about monetary values and ownership of infra structure....below the board the game has always been the same; to control souls and spirits and march us into loving future where 9/11 was done out of L0VE and no punisment meted prepare for their future STOP spending your sheeple life infront of are more than an eating/shitting machine set to repeat..
my god. What sheep to buy the BS. Hope you like your new and improved smaller paychecks. ALL OF YOU. Geez. Pay attention. 
Hey, when the GOP is willing to cut Republican Congressman elect Doug LaMalfa's $300k yearly rice farming subsidy maybe after that you can bitch about the poor sod getting food stamps or the GSA having a convention. Doug LaMalfa has received over $4 million dollars in subsidies to date and still counting. Of course, as soon as he's sworn in he gets Congressional pay and health care for life also.
+Jorge Roberts President Obama writes the budget? In what country? In the United States budgets are written by the House of Representatives. 
Boy we have really struck a nerve with +John Poteet Must be hitting close to home. Don't spend that govt check all in one place now... Like the rest of us poor slobs that have to work with a budget and spend within our means.... I'll be thinking about you John every time I get my check this year and see all those wonderful tax dollars going to make sure you're taken care of. Bless your heart. 
Wishing a Prosperous Happy New year to The United states of America and to the whole world . Happy New year ,sir. A gentleman promise. 
Here comes inflation and higher taxes for EVERYONE, no matter what anyone says. We're ALL going to pay for this. Happy New Year?
every time he opens his mouth its a lie, worst piece crap that could ever been put in office
Can any Democrats do simple math anymore? This is a tremendous tax increase on everyone.
So you admit you have no argument +Michael Evans?

You don't really care about freeloaders as long as they're rich. Red States are provably dependent upon Federal subsidies and at least one Republican Congressman-to-be has been sucking at the Federal teat to the tune of $300k yearly without comment or objection from you. 

You aren't even going to see your taxes go up are you? President Barack Hussein Obama spent the last month working his ass off to give you a tax break. Are you even earning enough to pay income taxes? 

Do you even know why you're pissed off? 
Another Great Job Mr. President. Sorry for the BUSH error that screwed over so many people. But as always people continue to blame you. I think you are doing a wonderful Job. May God continue to bless you & Happy New Years TEAMOBAMA
  "worst piece crap that could ever been put in office" +Benny Fussell 

No, I'm pretty sure that would have been you Benny. Or any of the 20 other Confederate rejects that have offered nonsense comments like that. 
Real issues should make u extremely mean because ur looking out people like us
Stop spending money we don't have. Balance the budget. A good start would be to HAVE a budget.
+Jorge Roberts 
"Oboma spends 16 trillion and blames it on bush,"
Ummm  bullshit LOL  debt may be 16T but 80% of it is tagged to the GOP..........

and a budget agreement was passed, it was called the Budget Control Act of 2011, it has been accepted by the Republicans and Democrats alike as a acceptable budget agreement for 2012 and 2013......
I remember President Clinton, remember those days with a surplus and as soon as bush got in office and did a budget it was a massive increase in the deficit.
Kicking the can down the road... 
Garbage... doesn't do a thing about our spending or debt.... hurts investing and business too. I'm disappointed. Expected more...
Hi friend i like oboma. Yaa his gr8 personality.
Wonder if we will see more of Biden now that Obama locked in 8 years. I like the guy but i hope they don't think he can get elected as president.
+Patrick McKiernan I hope not Biden would prob call the queen fat or some other similar insult to another dignitary 
Ask youself who is responsibleJason.  The Dems have done what they can
Everyone should be equally needy under socialism
Propaganda. Lies. Exploitation of the poor and middle classes. Let's talk about the real Obama administration. 
Disappointed that we didn't get any spending cuts. We're pretty much going nowhere right now.
+Barack Obama +The White House Sin duda que por haber anunciado estas medidas para aliviar la carga de la clase media ahora le van a caer una gran lluvia de criticas.
Sin embargo yo considero que son acciones muy justas y usted debe continuar adelante con su exitoso gobierno.
Guy Gab
what's with the same ties... looking like b4 n after miami beach
I would love to see everyone run their own budgets like the government does and see how far they get. Looks to me like most of the Republicans need to put a D in front of their names instead of an R.
Skewed at the expense of middle class?  What a load of garbage.  Only your low-information supporters would believe this nonsense.  
Yeah, soak the rich. Oh, my retirement account interest deduction makes me "rich"?

You idiots haven't seen anything yet. With as insatiable as our government spends you're going to see them try two awful things to cover their spending habit:

1) institute a value-added tax (VAT). This will raise the price of everything like a sales tax, but will be hidden.

2) confiscate your private pension (I don't actually have one) and replace it with a government annuity.
Think of it as social security 2.0 - the next promise to pay.

Stop with the bush nonsense. You people are cheerleading $4+ trillion added to the debt according to the CBO and no spending cuts. None. Not now, not in the future.

Government spends too much, is too big a part of our GDP. That's the REAL problem.

Nice job Pres and congress. You live in a fairytale land where spending and borrowing is some how bastardized into good policy and good for the country.
Yet 47% of low income Americans now face higher payroll taxs.
$400, 000 is not middle class ...
Your masters will continue to pay nothing. 
Is it tru that congress just approved a pay increase while we still have financial problems? Since they are public servants, shouldnt they not increase spending of any kind until the budget has been balanced?
And in the end, nothing was accomplished.
I hope this fuck and EVERY BODY that supports him dies of stomach cancer...
If Congress was paid what the are worth they would owe us Billions.
Happy 2013, president Obama, vp Biden
How about in the next fiscal step, we put in a clause that mandates no annual pay for congress if a balance budget agreement is not reached?  I'm pretty sure we will get bipartisan consensus then.  Either way it goes, congress would know what it's like to not be able to pay their mortgages.  Just a thought.  Talk among yourselves :).
Yes,it us the successful people's fault. Anyone who believes this crap deserves everything that will follow. You cant spend more than you make,period. Obama is and continues to be the most popular failure in history.Nothing will get better for anyone.
Awesome job by president Obama and his administration he stuck to his guns and we have tax increase for rich fat cats who don't want to make this country great. Finally the government starts collecting taxes bush era destroyed us this is rebuilding 
Good person who don't judge and care about good of this world/ people child of God! Love child to all good people
+Jason Rodriguez "Us"?

You make more than $450K a year? Really?

You can spend more than you make. Reagan not only proved that, but the followers use his economics as proof for economic strength. We've been spending more than we make for years. Decades. Centuries? By what cloud of misinformation can you possibly make such a statement about the federal government's budget?

Obama's failures are everybody else's successes. At least 53% of everybody else, anyway. You are stuck on the wrong side of the coin, sir.
No. You promised to raise taxes on everyone making more than 250000. Not everyone making more than 400000 (which is what is really happening). And if you're in the 30000-100000 range you are also having your taxes increased.
Don't celebrate when there really isn't anything to celebrate about. There are three other cliffs looming. Get on it. 
It's somewhat horrifying to see so many people think he's on our side...this man has more blood on his hands than half the dictators in history...and may have more, since he's in office again...however, more to the topic: If he REALLY want to fix our defecit and whatnot, then he ought to be making heavy cuts to the welfare and entitlement programs. You know, food stamps, financial assistance, unemployment...those type of things. I mean, does anyone here know how much you get from that? People on unemployment make a considerable amount more than some of the people who are actually working. It's almost not worth getting a job, and living off the system. But, can you pridefully say that you're 100% dependent on the government for all of your food, clothes, and house? I certainly could not. Know any other citizens who are totally relying on the government? Yep, you guessed it. China, North Korea, and pretty much any other communist, socialist or facist country. Not only that, but did anyone else notice how when the hurricane hit the east coast,  its there were government officials telling us NOT to hand out food to the victims until the could "verify its nutritional value?" I don't know about you, but I wouldn't really care at that point, I'd just be happy to have food, and to know that there are some good people. So yeah...saying this guy's a good guy isn't anywhere near the truth...he's an enemy of the United States, and really shouldn't be the be entirely honest, I don't think he should even be allowed in the country. Or perhaps imprisoned for treason. That would be appropriate.
+Drake Arnold   so tell us how you really feel?  But it appears the vast majority of Americans do not share your radical opinion...  sure, lets stop taking care of our citizens and spend more "spreading democracy" in places they do not want us, then sit back and bitch because they hate us, then use that to justify spending more on "defense"....
Good plan...  smh

You do know the majority of those "entitlement plans" you speak of include disability for our injured veterans, payments for the families of those who did not return.. retirement for the military, food for children, the elderly...  Our single most costly line item is defense spending, and it has to be cut drastically
Does anyone realize though that taxes are going up on everyone not just the rich? The payroll tax is going back to 6.2, a 2 percent increase for everyone. Another lie from Obama as he did raise taxes on those making less than $250000.
You are an arrogant hypocrite. I hate what you have done to my country. You will go down in history as a lesson in hypocrisy. 
+Joe W Techincally, it was Obama's administration that granted, temporarily, the payroll tax break. Logically, if anything, he's just zero'ing up.
Yes taxes are going up for everyone but not in rate increase for the 98% we need the wealthy to start paying to build this country they will not do it out of the kindness of their heart. Government builds structure infrastructure and keeps the citizens safe. I would have taken no deal and we all pay more but the 2% will pay a hell of a lot more. 
May all the Gawds in all the lands smile on you Lord Obama and may you rein forever!  Oh and please bless little Joe two.
Taxes will be fine it will get fixed Country been bad sense 2002 bad GOP!
+Craig Brunetti technically it was an increase as the earlier decrease was to compensate for a tax increase in the federal tax code. Besides zeroing up our not, my paycheck will be less this year than last year due to a tax increase and Obama allowed it. Another Obama broken promise that you can only try (unsuccessfully) to spin otherwise.
Obama will go down in history as the worst President since Jimmy Carter and probably the worst ever. He has done NOTHING for anyone, regardless of color and income status.
Stop saying he! What are you talking about? Confused person u your eyes/ mine!
So funny how is that u mean one of the greatest! Your a evil none caring person Democracy always good for all.
Taxes on the middle class still went up because neither party wanted to extend the social security tax break
Mr Grassano how wrong you are. No one will ever eclipse bush jr stupidity. Failure in war. Deceived the American public and we went to war for false reasons. Economy crumbled while the rich robbed the country. No you are so wrong sir 
Things have been going downhill since 1981.  This might help slow us down in our descent, but won't start us climbing back out of the hole.
Economy crumbled TWICE, in fact. Under from the towers getting hit, once from the derivatives debacle.
Oh really +Bonnie Harris ?  Please explain how taxes will fix everything...especially when we are adding $4Trillion in debt. 

Raising taxes doesn't even guarantee an increase in revenue. 
Bill is a price of crap. FYI your taxes are going up if not now soon. 
This president doesn't know how to lead.  He is blinded by his ideology to make sure the "rich" pay their "fair share" - even when it's been proven that this "win" does nothing to remedy the financial problem or ease our debt (in fact raising taxes has been proven to actually decrease revenue; and he openly acknowledges this!).  He is willing to put the good of the nation on the line for an ideological pleasantry and stagnate Congress until he has his way.
Thank god it's over, but here's one thing I don't understand. How does the left get off saying the rich don't pay their "fair share" when their tax rate is higher than anyone else's? 
Because we look at the numbers, Brian.
2% of the population pays like 40% of the taxes collected. Not enough?
Eliminate all deductions, and then we'll talk.  Which will never happen, of course.
He needs go back to africa if he wants to live in 3 world country.
Seriously - let's "tax" Lawmakers at a rate commensurate with their production/approval
Oh we are still going to go over the cliff. Obama will spend us right over the cliff.
What a sham. After the bill is passed, Obama claims there needs to be entitlement reform. 
I guess Americans will believe anything if it is said enough times or said by someone they want to believe. The bill passed yesterday increased spending by over $300B and kicked the can down the road on solving any of our real issues but today everyone is applauding and the market is up 2%. And anyone who makes $400,000 - $434,000 or so is in their boss' office asking for a pay cut to $399,999 so they can increase their take home pay. What a country.
He is the most arrogant LIAR this nation NEVER prpduced
I call BS. This is not an accomplishment, it's merely doing one's job. And I always knew they were going to reach an agreement; this was all a show... 
You can cut all discretionary spending as well as the entire military and we are still $200 billion over budget. The People's Republic of the United States is bankrupt folks. 
+Richard Grassano The top 10% wealthiest hold about 70% of the money in the country.  I would say paying 40% of the taxes is a hell of a deal for them.
+Michael Zych I haven't seen the details yet.  I personally advocate for a restoration of the tax brackets eliminated in 1986, giving the top 0.1% and 0.01% their own tax brackets so we can stop hitting people making between $250K and $1M.
People r ridiculous. ..he got it done and now the complaint is it took to people talk about, ungrateful...he doesnt jump when u say jump.

Need new tax code do away with any returns. Tax rich , the poor, single, no matter how many dependents All ten percent federal out of there checks, do away bout 90%, its, over paid employes , let get real job. Hold out state taxes at store , deficit be gone couple yrs
The best tax rate is zero - ask the millions that don't pay (rich and poor).
President Obama: A central theme of your campaign was "soak the rich". We get it. You weren't worried about balancing the budget or haviing everyone pay their fair share, just about making the wealthy pay more in taxes. Congratulations. What an achievement. 
+Dell E If he doesn't write laws, then why do we call it Obamacare?  He may not write them, but he negotiates and delegates to the Senate to write up a bill containing the laws that he is comfortable enough with to not veto. If he doesn't write the law, then why was he negotiating with congressmen?

The great Oz
Keep spending that $$ you didn't work for...
I thought I saw this morning that all payroll taxes will go up 2%.  Please correct me if I misunderstood that on the news this morning. 
Seriously, why is it that you Fox viewers all repeat the exact same talking points that one would hear on Fox News?

I guarantee none of you idiots are in that high income bracket so what the hell are you talking about stuff that doesn't concern you? Why wouldn't you want everyone to pay the same fair share? 
+Jorge Roberts you seem to forget that you can not tell me what to do, and when you post your idiocy in a public forum, you can have no say who points out what a dumbass you are.
Wish I could get away with having absolutely no budget....
Is that a goatee or shit on Yer face?
great.  now, can't we stop with this last minute/off-the-cliff situations?  stop playing with our lives/future.  >.>
+Steve Sampson that is the purpose of a progressive tax system. If I were to make millions I would expect to pay more in taxes then if I'm only making 100k per year.
Next - you need need to learn how to sop wasting money. I know you can do it if you really want to.
Democrats really think they've done something here. They've managed to raise taxes on everyone and get voters to thank them for it. Talk about useful idiots...
That we would all agree on... we need to stop offering corporate welfare to big companies that are a drain on our country, such as the oil companies
+Brian Dillard No, the reason for a progressive tax system is to soak the rich and get them to pay for entitlements under the guise of social justice. Democrats always like to talk about what's fair, but they only want certain people to pay. Class warfare, no matter how you cut it...
this just boils down to us having to many idiots from both parties representing us. Obama and Boehner were trying to compromise but their parties kept refusing.
I knew they would find a way some how.
Any person who is convinced that your paycheck is not going to be affected, read your pay voucher. When you realize there is less money to take home.Obama did not raise your taxes, he took away tax breaks that you were receiving.
WAKE UP Brian Dillard! big companies create many jobs. that's why there are very few jobs available. our industry has been shipped over the Chinese have our jobs and are growing their economy, with the money we fork over, for the products we buy, that used to be manufactured right here in the good old USA! pray we get more big companies back here in our country, that we may regrow our economy. Big corporations are not our enemy!
+Oliver Ramsay If you're referring to finding a way to raise taxes and spend more money, then yes, they found a way.
For some reason I'm liking President Obama a little more. 
Got that right, but another thing is Obs plan really stinks. To one sided. To much BS from capital hill. Taxing more what a joke. No spending cuts ?
They found a way spend more. Present adminstration is chaseing jobs away, WHY?
Our enemy is on capital hill, the ones against big corporations( the evil demons) cause they profit. Why have a company if you can't profit. Isn't it part of the game? Economic destroyer is on capital hill not in China.
On vacation again on tax payers money.
Strange thing is, historically, higher corporate taxes = more jobs, lower taxes = less jobs.  If you impose taxes on someone (some business), they find ways to make the same margins, normally through seeking local government tax incentives through expansion, tax incentives that offset additional federal burdens. 

Why should a business create jobs when they can sit, enjoy the low taxes and breaks they are getting, reduce staff and make margins to satisfy their investors, and hold the rest in cash reserve?

Businesses have record profits, record low taxes and we have an unemployment problem, and a revenue problem where part of it is tax income....
Thank you President Obama for standing your ground for the 98% of Americans! 
Thank God. I thought they might actually try and push there luck. And now the bitching from the right begins.
Turn off your tv. Read your history books found in the local library. Stop trusting what is on conservative or liberal logs Think for yourself. GOP age old politics are over. No one of any caliber is falling for you're bull crap. If you have a job you're blessed. If you don't then find one. Volunteer! Reach out! Give a ride or except one. Help or be helped. THIS IS AMERICA!!! BE AMERICAN!!! One thing I know for sure is quit driving that B.M.W. bitch moan and whine. It.s tuff enough.
A friend of mine, a journalist, has died today.  Her name's Teresa Toranska and info's available on Free Wikipedia. Do have a look at what books she has written, particularly the one about puppets............
Forward....Into the dismal abyss.... 
Wow!!! $1 in cuts to every $41 in tax increase. What a deal!!!! Stop drinking the koolaid in 2013 sheeple!!!! Wake the f up!!!!
Obama's to small minded to study economics.   He's all about the jyzra and punishing acheivers.
You are full of Sh$%%%%.You are going to fu$$$ all of as.Wake up stupid people.Nothing that he said are true........................
what you have done obama is you've taken this country one more step down the road to socialism. for those of you who don't like my statement, i suggest you look up the definition of the word socialism in your dictionary. if you have one!
His lips are moving, must be more lies 
How about that 2% ObamaCare tax hike on every person's purchases? 
How about the self employment tax hike, the backbone of this country? 
How about a wetback tax?   They're comming here & gettting a free ride
Darrell Crosby you must be one of the rich and wealthy.  If you are then you have to realize you get enormous tax cuts just for being wealthy.  Why should the middle class constantly pay high taxes while you  guys get tax break
+Stan Days I am middle class and my taxes just went up! Wake up! I now pay 2% more sales tax for ObamaCare. I am self employed, my self employment taxes went up. I have my own health care that went up because of ObamaCare. Wake up America 
Stan Days, what the heck are you talking about? The response you gave has nothing to do with my post! and no, i'm not wealthy, at least not according to this world's standards. my Father does own the cattle on a thousand hills though.
So now I pay more for my own health care And I get to pay for others too while they get reduced health care AND smoke, drink, get high legally, eat fast food all the while being rewarded with my paying for their health care. When a society rewards lack of responsibility, that society is doomed 
Brian Rohan, welcome to socialism!
+Stan Days   This has been going around Google Plus today.  Maybe this will help you understand the feelings of those who will pay the tax even though they are not rich.

Here is a question:

"The wealthy just need to pay a little more, to be fair"

Ok so how about this? Your children, in the 10th, 11th and 12th grade, a new educational provision:

At the end of the year, anyone with a 4.0 average, ill before the last report card, subtract 2 points off of their GPA and it shall be given automatically to those with a 1.0 or 2.0 GPA 

So the focus of the Taxes is "if you are that wealthy, then you can afford it"

"If you are that smart and a diligent student, then you don't need that 4.0"
+Brian Rohan  but is that really that much different than it was before?  group members have always had to pay for the impact of the group.
But rates were different based upon one's health and habits, now it is a blanket rate for all. No reward for being responsible
+Brian Rohan not sure about what plan you are under but our group plan started having variable rates when Obamacare was passed, if you smoke, or a covered member on your policy smokes, you pay more.
I make 35K, It cost $500 for gas to get to work. My basic utilities and car note and other responsibilities are $1,000. My take home was $1,500. I am an EEO Officer being pursecuted for trying to enforce the Civil Rights Act of 1964. I filed a complaint with DOJ and have heard nothing!I gave until it hurt for your campaign. Thanks to the end of the payroll tax holiday I just fell off the cliff. I work for the Alabama Department of Transportation will you help me. There are are Title VI programs in the DOT that were design to help minorities to get benefits from the funds that have been severely rendered ineffective. Will you help me and thel the minorities of this country. I want to talk/meet with some one who can help. I have been communication with you throughout the campaign. I faught for YOU
+Mike Schroepfer you voted for that dumb ass. Wet back tax. What a dud. The jobs America Don't want to do. Bush jr. Balogna.
+Dwight Davis Sorry bro, you don't help his bottom line, he won't listen to you. You don't make enough money to be able to contribute to his agenda, so no, he will not listen to you. He will however tell YOU what to do with your money, and require you to turn in your guns (eventually) so that you won't cause an uprising against their tyranny
+Brian Rohan  the only ones talking about anyone turning in guns are the radical right nut jobs, us gun owners are not going to turn in anything anyway....
+Mike Mac Rest assured the liberals are as well, behind close doors. They don't let the public know,they ramrod a bill through and then read what is in it later. 
+Brian Rohan  you mean like the Conservatives did with The Patriot Act? or when Ronald Reagan co-authored a letter to urge congress to pass the AWB ?
+Peter Buckheit the peons in this country are the elected officials in the congress who can't do or say anything without checking with Mr. Rove or the big corporations they represent no matter how bad the people who elected them are doing. They were elected to do a job and as always all they do is spread scare tactics to make we the people think they are doing something no matter how non constructive it is.
Oh I think they all read it and agreed to this attack on those of us that depend on our IRA for retirement.  The conversion of IRA's to a Roth IRA is the biggest does not look like a tax tax there ever was.
+Mike Mac Exactly like the Patriot Act. They are all jokers and liars
+Charles Chandler yes there is money floating around out there from rich folks it's floating to the Kamen islands and Swiss bank accounts and to China where it earns interest or dividends, the only way the wealthy give money is if they get something in return and a signed plaque from the POTUS is not going to do the trick.
Handle ya bi , Obama ! "Still more work needs to be done ..." No doubt . The House,Debate ,and the Pres.'s people need to work on the debt ceiling today . Find other means other than lifting it . With the nation's debt 16.4 trillion and counting , real solutions need to come out of this . No more political posturing on either side . It cost Republicans the White House and may cost them the House in midterms . Get it together , people . 2014 will be here sooner than you think .
+Ron Ellenbecker I suppose when you use the word parasite you are talking about disabled people who are unable to work like me, right?

I would really love to see you survive on $12,000 per year, like I and other disabled do?  Excuse me for not following your  social Darwinist attitude and dropping dead.
I hate rich people because, like, they have more money than me and stuff.  They're all like, "look at me, I went to school, took risks and worked my ass off to be successful."  Whatever.  Stick it to those bastards.
+w.s. corners The only reservation I have about Social Security is that the monthly allotment is totally unrealistic about how much money it takes to get by.  The checks are too small, and put us in the position where our lives are a total struggle.  On the rare occasion when we are given a Cost-Of-Living Adjustment (COLA),  it doesn't even begin to account for what the cost of living in this country actually is.  For example, we were told that we were going to get a  COLA in January of 1.7%.  I did the math, and figure that this COLA  will give me a little over eight dollars more per month.  How in the hell does Uncle Sam think that eight dollars is actually keeping up with the cost of living?
+Michael Evans We all turn into cannibals and start eating the rich, and other self-centered, uncaring people like you.
+S Damron Despite think, we slackers (, disabled, seniors," seniors) don't roll around in high clover as your narrow mind  may  think we do.  Those of us on Social Security only get about $12,000 per year to live on.  How in the hell do you think we're getting so fat on that?
Heaven forbid we should actually care about the people who can't work, our three people who can't afford healthcare. The rich have nothing but luck to thank for what got them where they are. Honestly why do they need all that money? How dare they call themselves Catholics or even Christians and not support obamacare. It's clear they won't look at it from a practical standpoint.
+Blane Beckwith  and don't the other "parasites" +Ron Ellenbecker is talking about, disabled veterans and families of our fallen heros. And all those retired military that get paid pensions each month, and hungry children of widowed mothers that work two minimum wage jobs and still can not pay rent. That's the problem when one attacks "entitlements" without understanding what they are talking about.....
It's completely understandable that you people are upset to the change, but in these difficult times we all must make changes to our lives. I hav one thing to say to all of those who complain: Oh well thats life, now live it.
+Alex Dahl How would you suggest that I change my life?  Actually, at this point in my life, I'm totally comfortable being a person with a disability.  Since I was born this way, there's nothing I can do about it.  I absolutely refuse to feel guilty for accepting Social Security, and I'm sure as hell not going to apologize to anyone for it.

Besides, since my dad died a year and a half ago, I am living on his survivors benefits, which was deducted from his paycheck ever since he was 18, in 1941. Uncle Sam always deducted money from his paycheck even when he was in the Navy, and his ship was being attacked by kamikazes.   And that is the same for everyone else in this country.  Social Security is deducted from your paycheck for your entire working life, so I can't figure out how some people think that money isn't something that people are entitled to use when they need it.
+Brian Dillard They always give up too much, why do the Dems always have to be the ones to cave, damn pussys.
+leslie martinez is probably a sockpuppet account. It's some sort of weird fetish conservatives have for them. I've seen trolls with four or five accounts here and they would switch accounts without breaking the train of what they were saying. 
+John Poteet Yes, I am in touch with reality; I live there. You, on the other hand seem to live in a world where politicians are not vermin; where they are not human feces; where they do not steal and kill anything and everything they want. It must be nice to live on your planet. Here on planet Earth, though, politicians and government bureaucrats are simply overgrown school-yard bullies, and the victims (I'm sorry, I meant to write "voters") seem to believe that this is a desirable situation.
However, on your planet, you do not seem to practice what you preach. If you did use google then you would find Also, try googling "child molesters at airports"
Yes, I am angry. I am very angry. I am angry that a young woman was HORRIFICALLY AND BRUTALLY GANG-RAPED, THROWN OUT of a bus, and LEFT TO DIE. This woman was somebody's child. This woman's father sold his land so that she could be one of the few women to get a proper education. Now, he does not have the land and he does not have a daughter. This woman was supposed to get married in February. All of this happened because the police were more interested in protecting the HUMAN FECES you SUPPORT, WORSHIP, IDOLIZE, and can not seem to live without than in protecting human beings. 
Yes, my side lost. My side does not want legalized initiation of force and violence and of such threats. My side does not need to be slaves to Masters who are Masters simply because of their say-so. My side loses whenever there is an election.
+Micky Fernandez Waaaay up at the top of the thread the President of the United States had something important to say about U.S. tax policy changes. Sometime after the dozen or so Adderral you appear to have taken wear off you might just check that out. 
Gra Ro
Blah Blah Blah. 
As Tina say the damn pussys are the screwed up liberals( democrats ) whom are destroying america. Taxation not problem, no jobs is a big problem. Lets spend more invisible money.
Micky F. some of us do understand your argument but the subject is economic solutions being devised that really works. But all those ass on bus should be casturated then drawn and quarted.
I have this crazy idea that we could use some of that printed from thin air fiat currency that we give to the banks free to employ otherwise unemployed people thereby turning people doing nothing into people working.  

We could call it the Works Projects Administration or Civilian Conservation Corps. Crazy talk, I know. It's not like we have any examples of something like that working in the past. 
+Blane Beckwith I completely agree with you on an %8 a month increase is really an insult. I have friends/family in same situation. I would have an extremely difficult time trying to live off of $1k per month, I'd go nuts. 
...and I'm the farkin' Queen of England. ಠ_ಠ
+michael dela cruz I never said liberals were destroying America, the Rethuglican Fascists are destroying America. I was just pointing out that the Democratic party has lost it's balls.
+Tina Vigilante I agree with you about the Democrats not having enough balls to really do anything effective.  In fact, that's the major reason that I joined the Green party years ago.
Why are all of you thanking him? Everyone's taxes have gone up and the spending hasn't been cut? We face the same problem in 2 months.

A bunch of blind followers. 
+Daniel Nasserian It's win-win for me. Taxes needed to go up and the Republican dominated House wasn't going to cut anything on my list anyway. Tax rates were higher from 1941 through the Clinton administration and America didn't collapse but largely thrived. 
+Daniel Nasserian Before I say good night I need to ask you if you make more than $400, 000 plus a year because if you don't your taxes did not go up. Maybe if you payed more attention you'd apperciate our president more.
A great validation of the Bush tax cuts, as they are now permanent for 99.4% of Americans
+Blane Beckwith If you have the ability to get on G+ and complain about you ssdi, then you have the ability to find a job using the internet and make money. Yes, use your computer. Unless you are using your smartphone for G+ and then I say st8nes and glass house sir.
Also, if you are receiving your deceased fathers ssi, I say that needs to stop now. If this is a law, I am not sure and dontknow if it is, it needs to be changed. You didnt earn one penny of his ssi. Dont use your disability to be who you are asan excuse. I am recently disabled, and hoping not for the rest of my life, but I receive disability from a private company, not the US FED, and I really wish they did not require that I file for ssdi. But they did. I believe they should pay asI paid into them for so many years with no return and their betting I never become disabled and getto keep my money for free. I am ok with that as long asthey honor their agreement to pay me what they owe me. So far they are.

You really need to stop complaining about the life GOD gave you and find the talent he did give you and use it. Good luck to you sir.
+richard slemaker And still an idiot idea. Climate change is permanent for 100% of americans; that doesn't mean it's going to be all skittles and chips. 
+Matt Pierce OK, asshole. Please point out the "work from home on the internet" job posting that isn't a scam.

And then wrap your fake religious bigotry around a hairy cactus, cover it in hot sauce and shove it up your ass sideways you no-compassion, dickless, retard. 
+Matt Pierce For one thing, I can't afford to pay for a smartphone, nor can I even use one since I have no use of my hands.  Since you are recently disabled, I can forgive your naïveté about how the situation really is.  Hopefully,  you won't fall on your face too many times before you become aware of what the reality of what being disabled is.

Believe me, if I had ever been able to get the necessary vocational training, that for some mistaken reason most people think is readily available for the disabled (it's not), I would probably be working at something.  As it is, I am trying to develop my writing talent to possibly use at some point to earn some money.

As for accepting my deceased father's survivors benefits, I actually don't know that for a fact because the Social Security Administration never explained why they took me off SSI and put me on straight Social Security.  If it was a mistake, it was their mistake, not mine.    On top of that,  my dad would want me to have it regardless of the circumstances.
+Tina Vigilante Do you make any money? Because my paycheck will be about $200 less a month due to an increase in payroll tax. Do your homework instead of idolizing false gods. Both the Democrats and Republicans are failing us and Obama is a sham.
To Peter Buckheit I find it very Amusing that YOU Spew All this Political BS, but yet You won't Show Your FACE!! Don't GET Me Wrong, Your Points of View, are YOUR Opinion!! Everyone is Entitled to their OWN OPINIONS!! But DON'T Throw YOUR Stones and then Hide YOUR FACE!!! All those that Agree with the Things you are saying, the SAME Goes For YOU All!! This WAS A GOOD Thing that The PRESIDENT and his Administration Accomplished!! Let it Be That, and
Move the Heck On!!!! 
The higher the taxes, the bigger the rewards for not paying them; higher taxes make tax lawyers and tax accountants look like a good deal.

Microsoft, Google, Apple and countless other corporations LEGALLY avoid high taxes by keeping profits out of the USA.

If the corporate taxes were low enough, the economy would heal itself nearly instantly as every company world wide would seek to score profits in the US and enjoy low taxes.

High taxes punish those that want to become independent as they have to pay the government first before receiving the rewards of their labor and ingenuity. Payroll taxes are intended to benefit the unemployed, old, infirm, handicapped..., but in reality payroll taxes overcharge for the "services" they provide. 
You know what I find the most funniest thing of all time in the universe? It's that my daughter that is not even 2 years old and is smarter than the average conservative.
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته ,,,ازيك ياريس وازاى العائله المحترمه ,,,ساعات بفتكر فى النكته لما يحدث فى القوانين ؟؟؟ عيل صايع بيسآل استاذه :علمنينى الهيافه والسرقه؟ قالوله :تيجى فى الهيافه وتمسكها وتنشرها للعالم وتتصدر الزعامه ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟"انا لله وانا اليه راجعون" صدق الله العظيم ,,,"ربنا نجينا من هذه القريه الظالم آهلها " والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
+Peter Buckheit Why is it your kinda people never bitched about the constitution or the deficit when that war criminal GW Bush was Prez?
In President Obama's reelection platform he stated he would not negotiate above 250K for married couple as where tax increase would begin. I am quite dissapointed actions taken did not match those words. I would have preferred going over the cliff to this. We really do need a change in 2016 and it should not come from either democratic or republican parties.

Thank you Mr President for saving the greater population of Americans and indeed the world....
Hope & less change....
You misinformed voters can go back to watching honey boo boo and unamerican idol now....we've all started paying our fair share starting today....So much for my calculations I'm going to be about $3500 short this year based on my check today....I can figure you class warring progressives can hang your hat on the Charlie Sheen "winning campaign" for 2016...
Just thought I would help you all out with the next slogan for change.
Just 2015 for every dollar that this current gov't uses to try and pay down the debt of this nation, 50% of that dollar only pays for the interest on that debt.....Doesn't even pay down any of the principle on the debt.

Very mis-informed voters but then again if lying and cheating is your way of life then you've gotten exactly what you wanted. You're not worried about paying anything back anyways.  
+Ashley Barnett Smith must like having the 98% of us give more money to that crook of a President....... Floging a dead horse.... It's not getting anywhere forward 
Then why did he agree to more corporate loopholes? Bunch of gullible suckers.
+Michael Evans Proof? Do a google search I'm not your political science teacher. All people have seen is that they are going to raise taxes for 400/450K plus. Which is great right? Yeah but that's not all they decided on.
That's just a small part of the deal. Check it out. I didn't come to lie. What? Are you surprised that they put on a show and APPEARED to give America what they wanted?

The same corporations pay for all of their elections. Social politics are simply used to make it look like they oppose each other.
Hilarious....don't read it....just vote so we can drink, party and go play a couple of rounds of golf....typical....hello planet Washington...ding dong...hey middle class....I lied...
+Peter Buckheit A medal for standing up to your own president? Get a fucking grip you moron.
I criticize the president all the time. But yet I'm a liberal progressive.
And I have news for you. Obama is NEITHER.
+Eric Weber look who's the moron moron....... If you would like to Google.... everybody 's taxes went up Friday....... Repeat...... EVERYBODY..... Possibly your govt check too.... I wouldn't know... Never received one of those.... Tell me do they tax them govt checks?
Don't lie... I know all those progressives like to lie... It's only natural for your kind... You get it honestly.... You've got Obama teaching you all about the big lie... 
+Eric Weber I criticize the prez also and I'm also a progressive. It's the normal everyday things I criticize, not racist birther garbage like these shitheads do.
+Peter Buckheit How come pathetic birthers like you always have sockpuppet accounts? Do you create a new account each day just to post your bile or did you just discover the internet yesterday? 
+Peter Buckheit C'mon. Why hide it. Your objection to President Obama is that his skin is the wrong color. Birther=Racist and everybody knows it. John McCain wasn't born in any state of the United States and there were no objections from idiots like you. 

It wouldn't matter if both of President Barack Hussein Obama's parents were from Kenya. Being born in Hawaii made him as much of a U.S. citizen as any other citizen. Your bullshit objections got a kick to the curb when the South lost the Civil War. If you want a racist, white, society move to Serbia. 
+Peter Buckheit Obama has an American mother, you only need one parent born in the U.S. to be a citizen of the U.S.
Their argument is that he isn't a naturalized citizen (not born here).
All the proof has been provided of his AMERICAN birth.
Diametrically wrong with what is good, right and successful...definition of a democrat  
We call you racist because of the hatred you have for Obama and the fact that you accuse him of being Muslim.

Obama is not a Muslim.

You are automatically showing your racism against Muslims also.
Maybe we started off on the wrong foot..... How about we go to a gun show.... Got some great deals going on right now... If we mention Condoleeza Rice we can get 15% off 
+Tina Vigilante stop bloviating... btw how many of the 19 hijackers were Christians and clarify: So you're for abortion, but against killing terrorists?
How many terrorists that blow up abortion clinics or go on shooting rampages in America are Christian? 
+Michael Evans I'm not for abortion, I'm pro-choice, women are adults capable of deciding for themselves and it's none of your motherf**king business anyway no offence.
+Peter Buckheit please don't bring the origins of the Republican Party as you don't quite understand history and that the party's switched places.
+Tina Vigilante Actually I recall in one of his interviews he said (Paraphrasing here): "There is no sound more beautiful than an Islamic prayer." Actually looking back on it, that may have been one of his books...I can't recall where I got that one from, but if you take the time to research it, you'll find it...that's assuming they haven't completely erased evidence of it... 
+Peter Buckheit I agree with you, but at the moment that isn't exactly the biggest problem take another step on your logic-train here, this man who is supporting our enemies is in a place of power in our own government.'re seeing the bigger problem there right? 
+Drake Arnold So Obama can't respect and admire someone else's religion? The man is not a neanderthal.
+Peter Buckheit So what!!!!!!!!!! We have a president who respects everyones religion! And there is no evidence Obama wasn't born in Hawaii! You are ridiculous!!!!!!!!
+Peter Buckheit You're such a gigantic bigot you cannot see past your hatered! Take your so called evidence to court so the judge can throw you out on your ass!
+Peter Buckheit Apparently Peter, it's still the 1950's in your mind, where commies are hiding under the bed and womens opinions are disrespected.
+Peter Buckheit In America the burden of proof is on the accuser, you are the one who needs to prove his facts. As I said before, present your so called facts in a court of law before a judge. Put up or shut up.
+Peter Buckheit Did you know that birther dingbat Orly Taitz has gotten her false evidence thrown out of every Federal court she's been to? And also fined a four figure sum by a judge for presenting her false evidence as the truth? She also wrote to two conservative justices of the U.S. Supreme court who ignored her insane rant.
I would say she's lucky the judge didn't throw her in jail, I would've!
+Peter Buckheit That's just like a conservative, calling women dogs, injecting sexist remarks into the conversation, and making ridiculous remarks how Obama appointed all the Federal judges.
The payroll tax expired because Obama cut a deal with the Rethuglicans, so you can blame your white bread friends for that.
+Michael Evans Abortion is none of your business, conservatives want smaller government, small enough to fit into a womens uterus. - Dennis Kucinich.
+Tina Vigilante Your womb and what you do in your bedroom is 0% of my business..... But you want me to be 100% responsible for it.... Hypocrite 
? You make no sense. How are you 100% responsible for it?

Am I responsible for your wife's vagina? Or for what she does in the bedroom ? What are you even talking about? Do you even know anymore?
My insurance packages went up due to the fact that the company I work for now had to make concessions to include various conception packages that previously an employer was not mandated to do ergo our price points were raised whether we wanted those options are not.
Insurance packages were grouped to give consumers options that would omit services that weren't needed.
Now employers are mandated to buy all the options.
You really think that employers are going to sustain those extra costs without having their employees share the load?

No, employers will not want to pay; but they have had no problem covering viagra all of these years. That's why I want universal healthcare.

But that is still not you being 100% responsible for somebody's womb.
The fact is that America is still spending more than they take in. The debt is so high that to attempt to pay down the debt, in any substantial way, will gut the military and every other vital part of the economy. America is fast becoming a third world nation and dangerously weak to its numerous enemies.This means WW3. Its time to change our lifestyles and find again our true values that once gave us our blessings.
Este mensaje es urgente:Ayer fue publicado un artículo en el diario
Mothers Jones en el que vuelven como lo hizo el Tea Party y que
lo utilizaron en la campaña a la reelección los Republicanos o lo
que se llama GOP.En este momento el loby por la venta y la
tenencia de armas liderado por el NRA´s,han tenido un vocabulario
indecente para el Presidente Barack Obama,Presidente electo
en la democracia mas vieja del mundo y su elección fue adquirida
gracias al voto mayoritario de los que fueron a las urnas.Si vengo
a escribir este artículo en mi página es porque esta vez no es por
intereses políticos que viene el ataque,sino que la NRA´s defiende
intereses económicos,que hasta ahora no han sido tocados,esta
mañana otra vez leí en otro diario en Twitter los mismos comentarios
que afectan la tradición democrática de los Estados Unidos.
La cuestión es relativa a como dije anteriormente que la primera vez
se hizo una comparación del Presidente Barack Obama con Hitler.
Esta vez van mas allá y lo tratan directamente de Dictador y para
probar su hipótesis el periodista que escribe toca la historia para
probar que Hitler,Stalin y Mao hicieron lo mismo¿pero de que manera?¿y porqué?,sigue su disertación el periodista comparándole 
con Chavez en Venezuela.
Quiero recordar a aquellos que han escuchado hablar de un mejor
control de las armas de fuego,empezando con impedir que no
importa quien pueda procurarse armas de guerra a repetición,metra-
lletas y otras armas de poder,utilizadas por el crimen organizado
y por los terroristas.
Los dictadores que ha lo que mas temen es la guerra de guerrillas,
empiezan por desarmar el  pueblo,y aquellos que resisten son
fusilados o encarcelados,en  el caso de la historia,Hitler,Stalin,Mao y
otros fusilaban o encarcelaban para después condenar a estos a
trabajos forzados y en el caso de Hitler con los judíos los exterminar
en hornos crematorios.Yo le pido a los miembros del Congreso
de leer o hacerse leer por senadores y diputados de origen Latino
y como yo lo digo anteriormente el comienzo de las comparaciones
del Presidente Barack Obama con Hitler fue el Tea Party y continuaron los Republicanos que apoyaban la  campaña racista que
hemos terminado hace unos pocos meses.Si este artículo hubiera
sido publicado en cualquier otro país,el periodista y los miembros de
la NRA´s estarían ya procesados por los tribunales.Le pido al
Congreso que esta vez lave la reputación de los políticos,ya que
colegas mios de Alemania y Francia me preguntan si este artículo
no es a causa de un loby de corrupción,y yo no puedo responder,
porque creo que los Republicanos en el Congreso defenderán al
Presidente Obama,y se retirarán de organizaciones como el NRA´s.
Picturing Pee Wee Herman right now saying "and knitting, and knitting, and knitting."

Not because Buxton, which is a strange coincidence, but because threads like this never end...

I will summarize all of the above comments:

Conservatives say a bunch of angry hateful things. Democrats point out how stupid conservatives are. The end.
I hope President Obama remembers his promises when it comes time to negotiate about spending cuts.  He had better not cut either Social Security or Medicare.  If he does, he will hurt a lot of people who were part of his support base.
+Britt Buxton Boy, I sure would like to see all the facts and figures to support some of these sweeping statements that you have made.   The USA is not WEAK, militarily.  We are so strong that we can afford to take a few years off from WARMONGERING to help our citizenry.   ...and by the way, the ones being "blessed" are the 1%, who have seen their salaries climb about 900% over the last decade.   That's where the regulation and CUTS need to start.
So skewed we have on of the most progressive tax codes on the planet. How about a flat/fair or consumption tax (instead)?
+AJ Anderson How about you learn to live in political impotence. A flat tax excessively favors the very wealthy at the expense of everybody else and the health of the nation. 

The U.S. had it's best years when top marginal tax rates were over 70%.
And knitting, and knitting, and knitting...
Señor Presidente Barack Obama, le pido a alguien en la Casa Blanca
si pudieran enviarme contenido multimedia a mi sitio Twitter,creo que
como primera vez que pido algo y  como estoy saliendo de una
enfermedad,mi sitio de Twitter es Hernan Miranda Luco,y mi
código de usuario es @hernanmiranda12 y mi correo Le agradecería el gesto,y aprovecho para desearle un feliz cumpleaños a la Primera Dama
Michelle Obama.
Obama pray for me stay incouraged, Im always praying for you. Even thou I have no food no job no money yet Im still praying and waiting from an answer from our Heavenly father all I could incourage myself in the choir stayin home hoping somebody would think about me and my son stephen got paid might not give me money I keep trusting in the Lord Im not ever begging. Im waiting on the Lord Jesus Christ. God bless you Mr. Obama. my president.

Señor Reyes,yo he pasado por momentos en mi vida aún
peores,pero nunca bajé los brazos y me toca profundamente
su situación,hay muchas puertas que se han abierto para
casos como el suyo y hace bien en continuar creyendo en
nuestro Presidente Barack Obama,en estos momentos hay
organizaciones que podrán ayudarle,aprovechemos esta
comunicación para que alguién que lea su pedido de comida
que es lo primero,tiene que decirme en que ciudad y Estado
vive,después verá que usted y su hijo tendrán direcciones
donde procurarse lo mínimo y vital para ustedes,un abrazo
y que Dios les bendiga.
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