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Enjoy your weekend.
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CAPTION: "Watch out kids! The NSA and the FBI knows when you don't do your homework!"
Midsummer-wishes from Finland, Europe =)
jafar j
oh!!! sir all so  baby
Welcome to the Library kids!

Do they a copy of the US Constitution?

Maybe that should be on wall instead of a Peter Max mural.
It's the dumbing down of America and that there's the #1 example standing in that picture.  That picture is racist by the way.
Graduated at the top of his Harvard law school class as editor of the law review. "That there's" a better example of the dumbing down of America.
+Larry Barton You're right, and he outwitted the Koch Brothers and the rest of the Republicant party and put on a whoopin' 
Hi kids! If you let me, I will make you the kings and queens of America! And you don't have to work hard to get it! Have an excuse, come here illegally, lay around all can all be yours!
+Ron Edwards baseless rhetoric never ever advances the conversation, you seem to misunderstand that some people need a hand up instead of a handout .... from many comes one. 
I think the implication is it could be racist because it is not "inclusive" there are no Asians, Indians, lesbian, gay or bisexual trans gendered students in picture.

schools out for the summer, schools out forever, no more teachers, no more books , cant find a flag, no more Obasmas dirty looks....whoooo

Well we got no choice
All the girls and boys
Makin all that noise
'Cause they found new toys
Well we can't salute ya
Can't find a flag
If that don't suit ya
That's a drag

Classy +Ron Edwards real classy. How bout if he told them to just get as rich as possible, then rely on gov't welfare, i.e. tax cuts to help stick it to the least fortunate among us? Would that be better for you? Welfare for big corporations or rich people is A-OK, but god forbid we try to help those who may not be so lucky. At what point did conservatives and the GOP lose their soul?
You know what they say about assumptions +Alex Dahl .. I never said I was a republican or anything else now did I? 

If you don't know what your talking about your mouth is best used for chewing.. How about some crow and a slice of humble pie?
Gonna enjoy my weekend working so someone else can enjoy the dream. 
I like the guy, I really do. He's personable, he has a sense of humor, well educated, seems like a great role model as a father and a husband... But good lord is he an awful president. What a mess he's gotten us into.
No comparison. 
While W said & did what he thought was 'Right'  , O says & promises one thing, but does the complete opposite.  At least with W we knew where he stands on the issues & what to predict, because his heart was where his mouth & in sync with his actions.  While, O makes tons of promises  He promised to Close Gitmo within first year (still open after 5 years), Stimulus will create 6 million NEW jobs within 2 years (we all still feel the pinch 4 years later on jobs, despite what the media & O likes to put a rousy pic on it), Bank bail-out will save the housing crises by all the bank's lending-out our hard-earned tax-payer's dollars they got (oh! sure, after foreclosing on about 10 million homeowners & still counting), Will end Iraq war in 1 year (Only took 4 years, interesting coinciding with the elections), Reduce Gas prices (5 years later, average gas prices still hovering about double than the day he took over office (~ $3.60 vs $ 1.82), "Cut the Deficit in HALF by end of his first term, and if not he is NOT worth to run for re-election (by election day '12, Deficit was almost double from when he took office), Stop surveillance against US citizens (while only empowering BIG gov't with more unwarranted surveillance, etc. etc.
Do I have to go any further!
He shouldn't be standing, he should be sitting
This administration gets caught with its hand in the cookie jar, spying on everyone and then they put out all of these pictures, trying to make the president look all warm and fuzzy, like he cares. He dose not, that is why he is busy running over your rights, spying on you at every turn.
Right +Sholom Solomon Bush did what he thought was right, but unfortunately it was wrong in just about every case! 9/11, Iraq War, Katrina, not getting Bin Laden, Waterboarding, financial collapse, Bush tax cuts. All by the decider, but all wrong! Obama has not been perfect by any stretch, but the fact that the stock market is up 75%+ since he took office, we are out of Iraq, Bin Laden is dead, our Auto industry is crushing it, 30+ months straight of private sector job increases, DADT gone are all things to celebrate. Imagine what he could've done with a semi-rational opposition party that didn't believe that compromise was a bad word???
+Cory Seale - The previous president pretty much had to be pulled from the classroom after continuing for nearly 20 minutes without taking any action or leaving on his own volition to take action that morning. He chose a publicity shot over a major national emergency. 
;) Now now Lol, You must be kidding ?
Because that is exactly what the Idiot "Junior" GWB was doing on that "Unfaithful" day ie Kidding the average kids across the globe; while trying to demolish/evaporate with HARP that tall piece of "Junk" Landmark legacy built by some Bow Legged Japanese paddy field engineers; and at the same time with that one stone trying to kill many "Birds that were flying from East to West" ;) by capturing their water holes (Midl Est Black Gold fields) and hence to strangle/suffocate/starve their ant nest industrial complex etc

Well, I be dumb see when I see an elephant fly a-cho a-cha a-cho a-cha
Come on everybody sing along, and you as well "Jeff(packet of Condm)" LOL
Well I seen a needle once winked its eye, but I be dumb s......

+Cory Seale While I am not a fan of either president, you probably should be less quick to judge the current president and more quickly judge a plurality in Congress that has made their only goal since 2000 to do everything possible to make Obama fail just to placate the religious nutter and southern racist votes. The president can't force Congress to act except veto stupidity, but Congress can prevent the president from acting by failing to bring forth reasonable ideas. 
+Ken Riddell Thank the GOP for the Patriot Act and expanding on it. Without those key moves, it wouldn't have been possible. Thank McCarthyism for creating the whole FISA court BS. 
Awesome. Wonderful memories for all, us children. Blessed solstice. 1,2,3... Regenerate!
Republicans like to talk big on these issues while denying that they were the ones that were instrumental on their fruition. The fact the Democrats have no spine against that tells me both major parties are too conservative and too statist for America. 
NSA spying is from Bush.
Crash is from de-regulation of banking
Look at the promises and look at the completions: Obamacare, Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, ending 2 wars, repairing the economy; where do you get false promises?  This is a very conservative Democrat, that has angered the liberals with his bending to Republican demands.  There should be rejoicing that his clout isn't more effective, and you do nothing representatives have forced the government to standstill.  
This is awesome, Mr. President, thanks for ALL you do for us!!
We are behind you Mr. President. Hope you can escape a bit for some RnR with your family this weekend.
Little girl on the bottom right scratching her head isn't buying whatever he's selling. lol
Kids! dont beleive anything they say because it wasn't me... 
If i recall democrats did vote for the patriot act, so lets thank them to for standing up for this communist state. I love it how everyone blames the gop for this, and for that, but they always fail to realize its a two party system, it took members of both parties to get to where we are, screw ups and all. So before you start preaching that holyier than thou crap you really should remember that. One party is just as bad as the other.The gop did in part give us the patriot act, but its a democrat that abusing the crap out of it now isnt it? We need a viable 3rd party that is about the people, and the constitution. Until that happens we will have crap for brains in the white house.
+Susan Nagy
As apposed to all the other weekends when he was golfing, or spending our money on vacations.
The Children are the ones that still "have ears to hear". It is said, That if, "You Keep The Children From Praising God, Then The Rocks Will Cry Out". "Let The Rock, Cry Out!!! ( Jesus/Freyr/Lord of The Harvest ). BEHOLD, The Harvest is Made Full, and The Lord of Harvests, Gathers His Wheat into His Storehouse!"
Is it me or is hardly any of those kids looking at him in this "Kodak moment"?!
peek a boo- I see you, and record you, and spy on you, and imprison you for future crimes
I hope everyone at the White House has a wonderful weekend also!
"I never work with children or animals", said W.C. Fields.
Mr.President, your not scaring anyone.
Thank you, Mr. President. The same for you and your loving Family!
Look.. He's doing something positive! Negative feedback fallback.. Damn!
Going to tell the kids that you took over Santa's network to know who you think is good and who you think is bad?
Is there a way to mute anything from the the so called Whitehouse?
Why not start a role reversal? Sorry but a patriot does not put up with tyranny and the lying idiots that try to deflect and shuck and jive their way out of the mud puddle when one is wearing a white shirt!  Stop the distractions!
Will you spy me, Mr. Obama?
Be what you want your brother's to be
is that a talk about NSA not evesdropping on anybody? a farytale?
Zee A
He is overrated!!!!!!! 
+Zee A True. President Obama is not the despotic dictator that republicans constantly claim he is. He merely directs the executive branch and signs or vetoes the rare bill that makes it through congress. 
Good job Mr.President, you need to eliminate those bloodsucking student loans.
¡HOLA, Dios BENDICE! Jesús dijo: "Dejad a los niños venir a mí, y no lo impidáis; porque de los tales es el reino de Dios." S. Marcos 10.14 (Sagradas Escrituras) PAZ A VOSOTROS.
+Tim Lunsford Re: " The gloom and doom Democrats"
Remember Spiro Agnew's "nattering nabobs of negativism". It was written by Pat Buchanan and William Safire back when the right wing actually had ideas, and a sense of humor.
+J Miller Ask a retarded question with an obvious answer and you're going to get the obvious answer thrown in your face. It's not my fault you're illiterate. 
I love seeing him with children, he is just the greatest President! It also shows what a good father he is to his girls!
That is all we want to do .this is good help for childerin rownd the world and wonderfull
+Paul Johnson Awww poor Paul is an angry soul. Your kids must love your teaching skills.
Beautiful for children to see a president who looks like them! :) Growing up I was glad to know some countries had female prime ministers. Someday I hope we have one for president of the US.
+Chad Farris
I'm sorry, does your numb brain not understand that the real school kids that need a visit from a role model and to be acknowledged like they are important are the ones attending preteen/teenage schools?!
Even if they just see it on the news, they need all the positive influence they can get...not a child that will hardly remember the visit, done for a photo opp!

You okay over there? Maybe wisdom or insight may be lost on you but I'm hopeful my explanation finds you on board...
+Kristopher Hackney Maybe the visit is for the parents of these kids. Maybe the visit is to remind all of us that school kids are important; the most important thing in the country. 
There are no white people in this photo. Exclusionary racism.
Maybe they should have photo shopped some saluting white soldiers in like the Bush regime used to do?
"Exclusionary racism???!" Right. Maybe if this was some private school in the burbs. Get out of your bubble. There is nothing racist here: only a man who loves kids having a great time.
why dose he  lie  like he dose  he said he would  get job back were they were needed he has not done any thing for mississippi
It's not a lie when you do everything you can and are blocked by Republicans every step of the way.
America you are blessed to have such a president to whom has such an anointing to do good! Good luck Mr Obama may the grace of God decide all your decisions
Remember good people his time is but short as your system limits the good the blessed can do!
+Keith Inglis 
If by "do good", you mean violating the First, Fourth, Tenth, and Fourteenth Amendments while trying his best to strip out the Second, then you are correct.  What does it say when conservatives need to remind liberals what the Bill of Rights means?

Of course, if we ask what's going on, we are told that no one knows anything.  Our current administration is either completely incompetent or unashamedly dishonest.  It has to be one, the other, or both.

What has America become when I have to expect an IRS audit just for posting this?  I remember when this was protected speech under the First Amendment.
+Jim Sackinger 
If the current state of the economy is because Republicans are blocking the President's agenda, then doesn't that mean the current state of the economy is due to Democrats blocking Bush's agenda through his last two years in office?  Remember, when Democrats took over Congress in Jan 2007, the unemployment rate was 4.6% and deficit was about $160 billion.  So, again, if Republicans, by holding the House are responsible for what's happening today, then doesn't that mean that Democrats, who held both chambers of Congress are responsible for the economy tanking after 2007?

So, are you wrong and the current state is not due to "Republican obstruction" and is Obama's fault, or was the economy taking the in the first place Pelosi and Reid's fault?  It has to be one of these.
How many kid will remember this day?
+John Poteet
Maybe, John, maybe....

Maybe the President will realized those same kids can't tour the White House because its sequestered so he'll lead by example and chill on taking all the vacations....

Maybe unicorn milk is a cure all for disease!

Isn't "MAYBE" fun?!

(To be clear, I agree with your sentiment but think you just "maybe" reaching like I just reached to use the word maybe just now.)
+Kristopher Hackney Were you obsessed with presidential vacations when bush was "cutting brush" while there were two wars on? I severely doubt it you racist sack of shit.

Oh, the sequester is supposed to hurt so the Republicans in Congress will do their job.It turns out they'd rather vote on defunding ACORN for the twentieth time. Never mind ACORN no longer exists; it's a dog-whistle to call in all the racists and show them what swell guys they are. 
And I'm glad to see the president cares so much about children.  Because I have a three year old grand daughter who's stock portfolio that I set up to help her get into college keeps getting crashed by the counter intelligence division in Dolce New Mexico, because of my Christian views!  And the fact that I'm African American, with a prophetic connection to God!  The last time I checked financial manipulation of the market was illegal by anybody!
Bless you all in the name of Jesus!  Blessed Brother Sirvante
+John Poteet
Oh I'm RACIST?!! For telling the truth?...but how ate up with the dumb ass will you acknowledge of yourself when you find out that my lineage is half black JUST LIKE Obama??!
You're the racist sack of shit for trying to bring race into a factual situation and sitting in a judgment seat with a foundation of ignorance. How epidemic; you tipped your hand, to be sure. Now it's the Republican's n Bush's fault the guy takes vacations left and right while every few months the federal government threatens to "shut down"?? That's just basic common sense there (not that you've portrayed yourself as having this "common" trait). Btw, there are still wars going on (just a reminder)...I suppose the members of Congress/Senate being hesitant to sign on to ideas of someone who has scandals chasing him like his shadow is wrong?? And this information coming out with obviously Obama supporter/sympathizers being the journalists! You mention Acorn with vigor but do you even know the history of Acorn? Better yet, I know you don't know the mindset of our President but have you done an honest, unbiased, focused research on the man and his motives, idols, or ideologies? Just for starts have you even read his autobiography? (You don't have to answer; we both know anyway)
I'm not a Republican or here to defend Bush but you're clearly the epitome of an ignorant mind. I hate violence but I would make an exception to get on u like a bee in a coke can as justice cheered me on and honesty defended my actions as a service to mankind.
Your idiocracy is the source of the death throws our country fights to overcome.
::shakes head:: I'd feel sorry for you if you had an internal compass that wasn't so obviously busted... But sorrow is reserved for the less fortunate, not the manipulators of moral fortune.
I hope you seek God to find freedom from the strongholds that plague you. I honestly wish the best for you, I just hope you cry out for it; I REALLY DO. God bless you, sir, and may mercy be close to you as grace pleads to be your friend.
I am surprised I am not more angered at your bigotry but realize I've been tempered by sadness...wake up, I beg you. 
Instead of treating the office like you won the lottery and travel to Martha's Vineyard, Hawaii (every winter), Florida golf outing(with Tiger, etc), Spain, Aspen, while his kids vacation in Bahamas with full Secret Service entourage Bush would go to homes that he owned (mostly his Texas Ranch) and somehow +John Poteet compares the two??? To be clear I could really care less even as he shouts from the roof tops for people to pay their fair share and follows his words up with actions of vacationing to these places.
MORE IMPORTANTLY, while Obama's kids vacation in Bahamas I make a point that other kids (like ones in this photo) can't tour the White House because it's been sequestered. This guy apparently thinks the shutting down of the tours is against the will of the President, and I'm supposed to take him seriously (as he plays the race card). I am astonished he was even able to type his prejudicial remarks with his head so far up his ass.

Am I missing something here?
+Kristopher Hackney Yeah, you're a racist, Mammon-worshipping, southern cracker and you know it. You wallow in lies and defile Jesus's name by claiming to be a follower. 

The last conservative president spent 1,020 days on vacation in eight years. Math: 8 x 365=2920 total days of the Bush Presidency or 34.9% of his time on vacation. 

When President Obama even approaches every third day on vacation like the last Republican in office then you can bitch. 

b.t.w. The Crawford Ranch was as honest as a movie set. George W. ditched that place as soon as he was out of office. It never, ever, was a working ranch. It was a place to hide Dubya from the press so he wouldn't have to answer unscripted questions and look like the idiot he was. 
+John Poteet & co

DO YOU GUYS EVEN READ THOROUGHLY WHAT'S BEEN WRITTEN??! I state plainly I'm not defending Bush or even care about the vacations. It doesn't look too good I'll admit but 20 million for a vacation (like Obama to Hawaii) is a drop in the bucket compared to a trillion dollars which you multiply by a decent number to estimate what the deficit went up THIS QUARTER.
My point was clearly about the kids in this photo opp not being able to take a tour but yet he supposedly cares SO much! I guess your preconceived notions of what I must be (because I talk about who's our "leader" NOW and not 6 years ago) has you slanted to pass judgment.
I agree Bush was hardly there and frankly wasn't the sharpest speaker but at least he doesn't have Benghazi on his watch (or Fast & Furious and Lord knows what else! [u DO know we ARE talking about some possibly nasty stuff; like the kind they impeach over? Put it like this, it's a good thing Holder is investigating Holder;]).
And now I'm taking the Lord's name in vain by standing by my point that kids (particularly urban) could really use his example. One good example would be to ease back when we are in a monetary crisis. He calls for sharing of wealth but looks a bit tainted when he's blowing it like its time for a party and not a fight. It IS a recession remember? (That's the essence of my "anti-Christian" point you're claiming here!)
I don't run up credit cards (frankly I don't own one) without the means to pay for the purchase or with the intent of filling bankruptcy. Sorry I'm not into blaming past administrations for what the present one does. That's a weak cop out and two wrongs never make a right.
Which leads me to you living in the great state of California. When your state was supposedly broke did you expect the Governator to go out and spend money on self fulfilling fun and shut down the state parks in the process???
Well, I say the same should apply on the greater platform of the Presidency. I can't believe I have to argue this but living it up on tax money while our youth can't visit the PEOPLE'S WHITE HOUSE and learn a little about the heritage of our great country and the former Presidents that lead it I find to be an atrocity that saddens me. I'm just surprised I'm alone here...

P.S. And you guys really need to get over Bush, I never voted for him as if that should matter but MOST IMPORTANTLY, it's a new day...excuse me, decade. 
Okay whatever. You're still deflecting from the present point...
And seeing as u don't know a snippet of the inside scoop and neither do I, I suggest we both don't be "know it alls".
THIS POST SAYS "have a nice weekend", not to be redundant, but that is referring to the PRESENT (not to mention this was started all about the KIDS [like in the picture!])...I know your just jumping in so I'll bear w/ u but that's the truth. your other point about kids complaining: the kids in the picture were pretty much ignoring him, not too mention they're like 6! LoL. You're too much, bud!
+Kristopher Hackney No, you stupid pissant. You, Kristopher Hackney, are trolling a White House post about education with your Faux Newz, Glenn Beck, Christian Taliban i.e. Mammon-worshipping, bullshit. 

You jump up and down and whine about President Obama constantly. Well, what are the alternatives?

Mormon Bishop Romney or the Bush family of traitors and idiots. George H.W. Bush was up to his neck in the Iran-Contra-Hostages treason and George W. Bush lied to the american people to promote the invasion of Iraq. 
+John Poteet
Alternatives to Obama to choose? No not Romney, I'd prefer to go with Ron Paul if you were sincerely asking...

Hey if you want to stick your head in the sand and go join the fawning patrol over your do-no-wrong president cause that's your type of persona or something, by all means... Ignorance is bliss! Although your ignorance just seems bitter, and therefore that much more confusing.
You jump in a convo I have directed towards another on "THE PEOPLE's" White House page and I'M THE ONE trolling?! At least your consistent with your ignorant droppings.
Now go watch some more Bill Maher! LoL 
It feels so surreal. I feel like there's a cookie-cutting cloning machine out there! For at least a decade now, it's been programming those to do things LIKE call anti-racists from New Orleans (a predominantly black city) that prefer HLN and can't even stand most on FOX, yet, for instance, am some kind of racist FOX news watcher because they do things like observe the wrongs of a half black POTUS. It's bizarre!
Are these divisions why I never got to meet my grandfather?? A sacrifice I'm sure he'd do again though he was a P.O.W. of war for two years before he escaped Japanese capture.
I don't get it. Like someone drew a line in the sand and said "either side but no one in the middle, AND NO INDEPENDENT THINKING!!"
I LIKE making my own mind up. I LIKE using my God given brain and do my own research, and even live in the middle if either side has noteworthy ideas (strange right?!). Why is another way SO appealing I'll never know...
Through the eyes of a child.....Always. Thanks for the smile.
+Tim Lunsford 
OMGoodness...If you can't read what I wrote DON'T respond; it just makes you look silly, bro.  I plainly said I DO NOT LIKE FOX, in fact what I really said was "I prefer HLN ..and I can't hardly stand anyone on FOX"!!  WTH, man?!?! 
Then I even followed up with "I LIKE to do my own research" you???  Because if you try to answer yes you should keep in mind you can't even research my relatively short post before responding to it!  LOL  :::shakes head:::
Amazing; I mean, I'm really amazed. 
At least you provided another example of the cookie-cutting, cloning machine and how it's hard at work: YOU PRETTY MUCH STOOD UP WAVING WHILE SCREAMING "YUP, THAT'S ME AND I'LL PROVE IT!"

I needed a laugh and all but my goodness, you've tempered that one with some dispair, bud!
It seems like all is forgotten past fuck ups from previous President..all did good, all did worst. Honestly..are Americans just mad because the dick is Black?
+Mattie Kingori 
I've noticed some things just recently(!) that seems to be the problem. If I may... 
1) people are bringing up the past to avoid the present (talking about the past is fine IMO but not to deflect from the present) and
2)often it seems when one mentions how they disapprove of the present administration's decision on something the race crap is somehow always the reason for the disapproval
Why can't we be judged by our actions or heart, the content of a man's character if you will?  I mean, the POTUS is half white, so why aren't the problem observers racist of white people?! LOL  I believe we too often perpetrate what our vivid imaginations come up with (whether it's about the President or his dissenters).  That's why we should stay as close to the proven truth and not speculation as possible.  Percieved racism is ALMOST always speculative.

"The heart is decietful above all things and desperatly wicked; who can know it?!  I the Lord examine the heart and search the mind to give to every person according to his ways, according to the results of his deeds." (Jeremiah 17:9) 

P.S. I'm not tryng to brow beat but just share based on your question.  Was already on here responding.  This is actually from last week wishing us a nice weekend and it's Monday; I don't plan on revisiting (of course, that's been my plan but "they keep pulling me back!"-Al Pacino)

God bless!
+Tim Lunsford 
Sorry you can't follow along with the anology.  Your right I was obviously talking about a random example of some person in New Orleans that is being talked about on this post. 
I wish you well and hope that hate thing eases up, bro...but your still #disqualified  
Face it, race is there! The past helps the present and future. Like I said: all did good=Obamacare-some sort of health care for all. All did bad=bail out. No one is perfect. But have accomplished some Act that passed yet pissed people off, seems great to me. Kris I hear the opinion I'm just giving mine also.
+Tim Lunsford
Your so dense u can't even catch that I was saying you're right sarcastically! You think you're so quick but your literary skills you try to belittle me with have betrayed you. When I said u were disqualified it wasn't a joke. Maybe u should reread the back and forth sloooower & CLOSER....if it still doesn't hit u find the most superior mind u can and ask for help!
As for my help, I've said "plainly" (though you clearly still can't relate to the word in any definite way) that I'm done trying to spell it out for u. You're #disqualified !!!

P.S. It's not without remorse I leave you falsely confident while in error, I'm really not desiring you stay in your state of neglect. It seems almost cruel; after all, if there be no lesson how can the ignorant learn? Now, speaking towards your emotional jail of anger and insecurity, well, I regret to say but you will have to serve your time w/out a life line from me tonight. But, alas, I will not leave you w/out at least a good hint* to help pull you through your disillusion process though:

analogy[ uh-nal-uh-jee ]
1. a similarity between like features of two things, on which a comparison may be based: the analogy between the heart and a pump.
2. similarity or comparability

*As you reread the post of mine that you insist you've been confirmed correct with (even by my admission! LoL), keep in mind this word.

Good luck and God bless, champ!

You could piss up a rope and get more respect than you're going to get with those kind of crap arguments +Kristopher Hackney. See up at the top of the page; that is the President of the United States doing something good. He's encouraging education. 

All you've had to contribute in this thread is poutrage and faux attempts at intellectual argument. Checking your posts that's all you have to contribute: period. Get off the internet; get a life and get back to us. 
+John Poteet
I feel like I'm on an atheist post that is filled w/ ppl that can't have an open dialogue about perceived truth but instead attack in turns, talking a lot but seemingly saying nothing at all! Deflection, name calling, and rope-a-dope type tactics are the rules for engagement EVEN WHEN JUMPING IN CONVERSATIONS THAT HAD SOMEONE ELSE'S NAME ON IT AT THE DIFFERENT INTROS OF THEM! Yet, when the different trolls that have jumped in them are answered w/ conflicting views they go through what looks like this atheist system of response I've seen before as some kind of natural (or programmed :::shrug:::) defense mechanism. Ultimately, it is twisted full circle to the point that I'm advised that I'm not going gain THEIR respect and should best find somewhere off THEIR post when I have never engaged them to begin with!
I have no need for neither your respect or advice; and considering you have shown yourself not deserving of mine because of the process you've responded with (though, again, I'm the one taking the time to include you in a convo that otherwise had not been directed towards you), it's a bit silly to now advise me to do something instructional and "come back and talk to you" (even IF it was genuine wisdom being imparted and not a sarcastic substitute). You're a relatively intelligent guy, even if you seem to me a lil' on the misguided side; you must recognize the irony in such attempts, yes?

Being the perfectionist I tend to be, I (believe it or not!) came back to put a coma before "alas" for my grammatically sensitive mind (I know, I'm weird! I guess I like to settle questions in my head for future reference). Of course I will, as I've consistently done, give your comment a consideration... Frankly, it just seems redundant at this point. You've seemingly never really wanted to have an open-minded dialogue, instead just having an agenda of sorts. And like I said, if you want to continue to respond in such ways (as mentioned here above) or "stick your head in the sand" and not talk candidly about present day issues involving our POTUS (as mentioned before) then that's your choice. Just don't think you can then take your ball home and ban me from the court!
Take care. 
This isn't a dialogue +Kristopher Hackney; I'm mocking conservatives who come on the White House posts to engage in off-topic and ill informed whining. You fit the target profile to a T. 

You do not address the original post. You repeat Faux Newz propaganda without proof or critical analysis. You blame the president for the actions and/or inactions of Congress. You do not seek to educate, clarify or amuse but merely express your ill-informed, poorly spelled, grammatically challenged, poutrage. 

Why do you insist on parading your failures in public? 
M Glenn
He looks happy there with those kids, keep it up #potus  
+Tim Lunsford & +John Poteet
Both you guys are so intent upon throwing character assassinations, basically through preteen-style name calling or vague attempts at intellectual sounding retorts that seem coincidently in response to astute comments or rhetorical questions (both designed to inject grounded common sense-based thought and NOT insults), that you fail to see that while I may have taken the time to correct your assumptions overall I would say my patience has been born of the desire for a coming together of the minds, if only to agree to disagree.
With that said and previously attempted, it has left me with few alternatives to the summation that you guys don't adequately read my words (at least in the sense of digesting them) and quite frankly have no desire to learn my true heart or motives. It is as if you have read and assessed some comment I've made (that wasn't even to you), began to form a stereotypical assumption of who I am, and since that moment have read the points of what I write through some kind of racist, anti-FOX filter of presumption. And when not responding based directly on that you guys respond with anger and insults because what I say seems confrontational or sarcastic (and admittedly probably is). The point is, you never leave room for the possibility that not everything is "black and white" (i.e. like not all who point out something negative about our President is somehow racist; no pun intended). Nor has room been left for facts like I'm libertarian (not republican as presumed), I believe in capitalism (but cannot stand corporate influence into the system that sets its operating parameters), I cherish the example of Christ (a "discipline" diametrically opposed to racism and exclusion), doing all these while spending my life incorporating my actions with the intentions of a bleeding heart, desiring the less fortunate to be more and the more prideful to be less. I am certain I've made plenty mistakes, maybe one even now by battling out with what could be kinder words to what could be a more important cause. But with all those mistakes, including the present one, you learn (hopefully!).
While I may never reach either of you I can only hope that I have learned to be a bit more kind with my words for I have seen the opposite of the desired affect of the more rash or harsh words I may have chosen. I honestly apologize for antagonizing any anger or resentment through those words. I honestly wish the best for you both. I guess we can get defensive when we feel we are misunderstood. At the same time I hope you both don't let my antagonistic posture influence future encounters with others so that you don't at least attempt to see the middle ground or "grey area" y'all may share; no matter how small.

+Tim Lunsford A kind response to a comment that I would have dismissed based upon the writer's previous remarks. 

I address people who ask questions or make comments on topic as sincerely as they enter the conversation. In this thread well meaning adults who love the United States should have encouraged the President's commitment to education regardless of political affiliation. 

Instead we have thinly veiled racism and bile which I will discourage. Anybody who checks my home page can be assured I'd much rather talk about the best way to prune tomato plants but I will not stand idly and watch my nation and world dragged down. you need a :-)? God (if that's who you believe in) loves you!
All I know, for certain, is we are all fallible. ANYONE that thinks they know anything for certain other than the fact they too are fallible is in error & has already proven they are indeed fallible. They will always leave themselves open for more error.
"Therefore when you think you stand take heed lest you fall..."
What a beautiful man to have running your country u need to rally behind him as he is for the greater good so says The Rokinram P.E.S.T Service (RelyOnKeithInglisnReliableAccurateMeasuringProviding.Environmental. Sustainable Treatments OF Oz(Australia).a lover of all good intentions to whom watches WWE with vigour.
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