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When this Norfolk, VA mother of five heard that the Affordable Care Act had passed, her first thought was, "Oh my goodness it happened, it really happened."
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The rest of the industrialized world takes care of their citizens, you can do it too!
Pure obama bullshit. Obamacare will be repealed when the republicans take office.
奥总上午好!!good morning !Mr Obama!帮朋友宣传一下:Knoy2012
This helped my family unbelievably when our jobs situation changed at home and made it so we could still have health coverage. It will be removed inevitably and won't last long. It will devastate people when it is. Some people don't struggle with health insurance. The unaware don't care!
I would like to send a big THANK YOU to the Tea Party Patriots, FREEDOMWORKS, and thousands of other groups for their hard work. This time we will take back the Senate and perhaps the presidency as well. If so, Obamacare will be repealed and the entire Obama administration erased.
Oh! And we aren't "other industrialized nations", we don't have to be like you.
Right you are +Veronica Cawelti which has been witnessed by the higher scores posted by "other industrial nations" in world education rankings.
+Fraser Montrose You are right. Education is a mess in this country. It was much better when it was run locally.
Also, Obamacare is and anchor pulling us into debt hole we can't get out of. Just remember, if the govt runs out of money, so does Obamacare.
I am appalled at the callous nature of the "Yay, then it will be repealed" folks. So, you listen to people tell how the ACA made a positive difference in their lives, then you cheer taking that away from them and offer up nothing to replace it? Just "tough"! That's pretty heartless. How would my under 26 year old stay covered with a similar quality plan? How would my child with a pre-existing condition keep his coverage - again without any decline in coverage or deep financial impact on the family? I need to understand what will be offered by the Repeal It! folks to plug the hole they will create in so many lives. Its life or death for many - tell me what you will do instead & how it will be better for the country overall.
jeeze Lance where did you hear that? obamacare is likely to save money, the real anchor is the %50 of gross revenue we spend on the military.
It is not free. It always comes to a cost to someone. What happened to if you don't work you don't eat. I wish that still was in effect, BUT only if the jobs where out there. I have family that doesn't work and hasn't for awhile. If I cared I would support them if they couldn't actually work. It shouldn't be someone else's family taking care of mine. I don't even want to get started. He is running America into the ground helping people. We don't need money thrown at us we need the government pulled to gather first. If they want to look at peoples health then they need to stop letting the people that are lazy be even lazier. If I wanted I could knock someone up with 5 kids and be set the rest of my life and never have to work again. They make me feel it doesn't pay to be a decent hard working American. I need to be lazy, and use the system. This is also why they want to censor us so bad.
We are just reading different things I guess Dederick. Anything that one person gets for "free" from the govt costs someone else money. Just remember Dederick, one of the biggest parts of the health care savings in the Obamacare plan is a big cut in Medicare payments. I assure you that no president will cut that and expect him or his party to survive the next election. Even many Democratic analysts agree that the cut and savings only appear on paper.
I know it is not free but I would rather live in a society that cares for the least of it's own. If a percentage of people take advantage - I can deal with that rather than deal with letting people die or go bankrupt just because they get sick. That's what it comes down to isn't it? I would rather pay up front to allow people to access preventative health care so that they don't get sick and still end up being treated by our tax dollars in the ER anyway. Preventive care is cheaper than reactive.
So with all these cuts in a lot of places where is the money going. Their pockets.
+Christina Nowacki Yes preventive is cheaper, yet no one i know who is on State Welfare benefits ever seeks it out. They only go when they are sick. Are you willing to be forced into a govt run program? That is what will happen to a large number of people when their employers drop their plans.
+Keely Michelle O'Toole One of us is falling for a lie. I happen to think its you. It has already increased in price by 111 billion dollars in one year. With all the battles over this, the plan still will leave 4 million people uncovered.
+Keely Michelle O'Toole I made no judgement or statements about you. I have read at great length and the facts I quoted came from the proposed federal budget and from the CBO.
Since obamacare passed, my insurance costs from work for my family plan have doubled from $450/month to $925. My company could not afford the old plan anymore so our deductible went from $0 out of pocket to $25 per visit. My family and employer gets screwed thanks to obamacare. It is also affecting jobs as employers are not hiring as many full time employees as they can't afford to provide medical insurance. Obama fucked everyone.
+Merle Reine I agree. Many employers are planning to drop their plans. The cost of the fine is way cheaper then the plan and they can still feel ok because their employees can get benefits from the govt.
+Christina Nowacki The additional budget amount was national news covered by every channel and paper. It is in the federal budget and the Obama administration claims its a budget trick.
Sure the White House is totally unbiased ..
+Merle Reine I'm sorry to hear that though I of course think you went way overboard on your last line. You have $0 out of pocket? Wow! I've always had at least a $20 co-pay per visit from my plan. However, my costs from the plan my company provides have not gone up at all, nor have they stopped hiring. The business I know that slowed down hiring did it due to lack of demand (sales). I'm sure if you talked to every business owner in your zip code you would hear stories that span the spectrum of reasons why they froze hiring or went out of business entirely in the last two years. I also know many in my area are seeing enough sales pick up again that they are back to hiring slowly. Nearly everyone I know who lost their job in the last two years has now been re-hired. I think the ACA has plusses and minuses and of course it still not even fully implemented yet, but at least from my immediate family and friends it has been either neutral or a plus. So no, Obama didn't screw everyone ;-)
I'm concerned about taking care of my family not the neighbors. Someone impeach obama please!
Classy Merle, real classy. Lance - thanks for the respectful debate. Speaking of families - gotta get back to mine!
My old plan had no copay and $2500 max out of pocket. Now its $25 copay and $5800 max out of pocket then 80/20 coverage. I am a CTO and have 30 staff under me. We have held off hiring due to increased cost of healthcare. I know plenty of people unemployed for more than a year. Employers are not hiring until obamacare is thrown out.
Everyone remember that this "the white house" and undoubtedly full of white house plants trying to steer opinions.
My company is on a hiring freeze directly due to obamacare. Come down to my office in san diego and ill take you to HR.
+Keely Michelle O'Toole Can you please answer this question? How can the President promise me or anyone that we will be able to keep our benefits if we want? He can't force private companies to keep their plans. So if mine gets rid of their plan, he lied to me. Period.
Its not a punishment, it's just business. They made the fines way to small hoping that companies would drop their plans to force everyone onto a govt plan.
+Keely Michelle O'Toole Actually most insurance companies were early supporters of the bill because they would all get lots of new customers. They are now concerned because if the individual mandate is found unconstitutional people will not be required to carry a policy when they are healthy. They could purchase one for tests then drop the coverage since we no longer have the pre-existing condition clause.

Like you pointed out above, please don't make assumption that I am less informed or less well read then you are. And if anyone is a pawn, its you.
Let me chime in since I know a little bit about this issue. I am the Superintendent of Schools for the San Diego Unified School District. We recently had to lay off 1600 staff that included teachers and faculty staff. As I oversee the budget as well, I can tell you directly that approximately 25% of our budget goes towards healthcare costs and has risen 120% since obamacare took effect. Our decision to lay off 1600 teachers stemmed in part for not being able to afford the spiraling healthcare costs brought on by the obama administration and in particular Obama Care. I currently have 9,700 employees under me in the San Diego School District and the healthcare costs are crippling our budget under Obama. If Obama Care is not destroyed, our kids education will continue to suffer.
+Keely Michelle O'Toole Actually you stated almost no facts and no backing other then a piece from the White House. Not an unbiased source. You offered no challenge to the Budget Figure I provided or any other source provided.

I am glad that you feel your health care is good. I too feel mine is good but I like millions of others, from a CBO report, are going to lose them.

Are you saying the CBO is not accurate now. It was the backing for the Bill to begin with. Now their math is flawed?
I agree schools are a problem, but here in PA the last three governor two Rs and one D have all reduced educational spending as have the last two presidents.
+Keely Michelle O'Toole That article was from Jan 19th and obviously incorrect. If I was just "issuing false dire warnings" then explain how I just issued 1600 layoff notices? If we had the budget, we would not have laid off our teachers.

It was not a false warning. Bye the way, I am a Democrat but not in favor of the mess Obama has put us in.
You sent me one link unless I missed it and it was about insurance for children. It should be noted that in CA, you have a Democrat in charge. Schools are falling short due to large cuts in state and federal funding. Some states have Dems some states have Rep but they all fall short in school spending.
Didn't see the other two, but please note they are all govt issued publications. Like you said, got anything impartial or just the party line from the white house?
+Bill Kowba I agree totally. Since it is happening in every state, it can't be a single party issue.
It's the Obama truth and when challenged you resort to saying I have an agenda. You didn't answer my question and I have a lot about my own coverage and how it will effect my family. You see, since no one actually read the whole thing before it was passed, we have no idea what the final outcome will be.
As is a budget savings spread over 20 years. The entire thing is based on speculation. Sleep well in your dream world.
+John Kelly They don't care John. No story or source matters. I am concerned about the cost, but they don't seem to be. (Awesome Picture BTW)
I'm glad that the 1 trillion dollars we're spending will help this women get insurance...even if it means breaking the bank for the rest of us...
Only at the White House are tales heard of people selling kidneys to keep the house, and people's lives "ended" due to medical bills.

Poor people already know you can pay medical bills all your life...they won't stop taking you when you're injured!
Bestiality and novel peace prizes for everyone! Let's start more illegal wars!
我也希望世界和平 o(∩_∩)o
I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn't work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness.
  开始我直接求上帝赐辆自行车。 后来我琢磨上帝办事儿不是这个路数。 于是老子偷了一辆然后求上帝宽恕。
I'm sorry to say this, but some people have no understanding whatsoever about the concept of Gods' forgivness. Once you know God you must sin no more. If you know you are doing evil anyway, you are still doing evil. That means you will not be forgiven unless you repent truely within your heart. But clearly there is a significant lack of understanding in the world. Too bad. All religions can teach a person a lot of useful things.
Saved Christians (i.e. "Saints") still sin- the difference is that they try not to. Only one pair of feet to ever touch this Earth were ever worthy. Life with Him makes life tolerable under many kinds of otherwise maddening situations.
I appreciate the efforts to expand.d healthcare across the board, particular the advent of the caregiver program through the VA which allows me to take care of my disabled Vet husband full time. Thank you Mr. President!
+David Carter you don't see the irony in posting about how "they want to censor us so bad," on the official White House Google+ stream?
+Michelle Simpson I'm glad it's working out well for you, and please let your husband know that I thank him for his service.
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