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"Now my message to Congress is: Don’t stop here. Keep going. Keep taking the action that people are calling for to keep this economy growing." -President Obama on the agreement passed by Congress to extend the payroll tax cut and unemployment insurance.
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How about bringing back the Making Work Pay on top of the payroll tax extension? That'd really help. Or, personally it'd help me the most if those in 2008 who bought homes to not have to repay the First-time Homeowners "Credit".
I agree Mr. President...
keep going until all individuals agree...
uwe -
"How are tax cuts going to reduce the national deficit or whittle away the national debt?"

Simple. Ruin the economy, bring on a giant inflation and the few trillion national debt can be paid with a grin.. And the Chinese and the Arabs get a bottle of California red wine for their tons of green paper. No sorry, Arabs should not drink alcohol, find something nice for them.

Wasn't that the plan?
Keep going , I agree President Obama.
People needs to understand it is time
to get serious , the entire World knows
Republican worsened it .
Keep going! !
Let's move , forget Republicans nonsense.
Yes Obama keep Going all the way out of office. Then Gas prices can go down and the economy can really start building up. But I am afraid it will not happen until he is out of office.
Tip toeing eventually turns into walking ,Then running.Time tells the tale regardless who keeping it!
No need to explain watch as it happens. Obama wants the prices high to push the high fuel mileage cars.
+Robin Clark The gas prices have been this high since Bush was in office. How does selling more American vehicles and reducing our dependency on oil hurt our economy?
+Andres Vega How about we reduce our dependency on foreign oil. There are enough reserves in the States to last for the foreseeable future.
I am sure you don't get it ,
can't waiste time anymore ,
look back , who worsened it ?
Rep Party.
+Stephen Zipprich Reducing our dependency on oil as a whole is better than just foreign oil. We're still going to run out of resources eventually. Pushing our new technologies will spur the economy even more. I don't disagree with you but just foreign oil is not enough. It's a good start though. 
LOL......Wayne posted something made up from the Government which I would never believe. I will agree to disagree with you Obama fans. But you all watch as he leaves office things will get better. But then again you all will still be blaming Bush or someone else.
See.....Bush Haters and Obama lovers.... I do not like either side. But I want nothing to do with Obama.
+Robin Clark OK, if you choose to disbelieve the "made up from the government" numbers, can you point at numbers from a different (credible) source that support your claim that Pres. Obama is somehow associated with higher gasoline prices? Is there any rational basis for your belief or is it simply ranting?

(Oh, why do I bother?)
Definitely this a great idea, but, I also think that eliminating the fraudulent activity, un-corrupting, and deflating the interest rate and correcting some documentation in treasury department. Pertaining to the FDIC; exceeding policy; (changed to not exceeding) to prevent bankrupting the National Treasury constantly. Thoroughly Investigating several government agencies; employees, wasteful spending habits.
+Robin Clark I did. Tell me, when gas prices hit their peak of $4.12/gallon in July 2008, who was President?
I guess nobody remembers learning about government in jr high, the president doesn't really have aa much to do with everything as people think. Basically, I think of him as a "fall guy" the president has been blamed forever because of the direction of the country. The biggest problem I see is with the house and senate. Get these long term guys out of there, they are the real reason the economy is how it is. Republican or democrat, it doesn't matter.......they sit on the hill and pad their pockets while the majority of americans struggle.
Spoken like a true American and not President. Great job and keep at it Obama.
+Robin Clark OK, I looked at that chart - and, it shows the same data as what I pointed you at, except it doesn't go back as far and isn't as detailed. But you believe the data now, so we can move forward.

That data shows that gas now is about where it was in George Bush's last summer in office (not quite that high, but close enough), which was a record high (which then cratered in the worldwide construction freeze that came with the financial meltdown of the last year of Mr. Bush's term). Bush was a real friend to the extraction industries, yet gas prices rose solidly over his 8 years. Before him, Mr. Clinton was a moderately pro-regulation guy and gas prices didn't change much at all over his terms. So again, why do you think that Mr. Obama is responsible for gas prices being high? I just don't see the correlation to support that belief, and you've certainly not provided any reasoning to support your prediction.
hello,good to you ~
In my coyntry gasoline is being sold for app 2.5 USD per liter - not per gallon = 4,2 litres - I would still vote for Obama if I could - I don't live in the States but in Denmark
Some times I think this President is to good for this country. The US-Americans has the best President since a lon time. I wish all Americans: Save him for more 4 years and give him the chance to do what he want!
The pink turban looks awesome. I wish i had one too.
i want such strong democratic system in pakistan as well. with rich social diversification
Mr. President, Keep inflation down! I went to Hills food market store to buy a coffee, I just surprised it went up close to $12.00. That's ridiculously price and also gas price went up! You could be lose your re-election if you don't keep inflation under control! What a nuisance?
Inflation is under control. Commodities like coffee -- you get hooked on it, so it still sells -- go up depending on cyclical factors. And oil speculators are raising the price of oil, while they lowered the price for Bush. I pray for the time when inflation does rise to where we have to be concerned with it.

My coffee costs about $6.00. Peet's goes for $10 or $11.

Maybe the guy who owns your market is spending $100 million or so on his PAC, so that his taxes will stay low.
Mr President, personally I think you are doing one hell of a job!! Lets face it, our party has always been known as janitors. You have to clean up George W. Bushs mess before you can do anything.
Si vous me dirais que l`inflation se mesure par le café,le caviar,tous les produits de luxe.j`achete
du café à la pharmacie à 4$ la boite de 300grs,et je le fais moi même une tasse me coûte 30cents
mais si je veut acheter des produits de luxe dans des endroits de luxe,est sure que il aurat de
l`inflation,faite comme moi et il n y a pas d`inflation
Yo he hecho un largo resumen de lo que yo pienso y creo
que es la lucha contra el desempleo y contra la pobreza,
yo les expliqué la piramide que se hace con el nuevo dinero
que entra con los 40$, menos desempleo y la creacion de
un fondo para los mas desprotegidos por la lo
que hace tiempo que le estaba pidiendo al congreso.
La economia Norte Americana,con el presidente Obama a le reeleccion,yo no he querido nunca
tocar la politica Americana,solamente la Casa Blanca pero en la Casa Blanca esta el Presidente
Barack Obama y su Esposa Michelle Obama,quienes han sufrido todas las barbaries que hemos
conversado juntos,el voto Hispano-Americano es muy importante en esta eleccion ,jamas debemosolvidar que la pareja que gobierna han luchado y seguiran luchando por ustedes
hermanos,voten ahora para mostrar la fuerza que tiene el presidente co nosotros,ya que muchos
articulos en los diarios hablaban que las fuerzas contrarias al Presidente estaban tratando de
conquistar el voto Latino,ustedes saben que este voto es casi la mitad del voto Americano.y que
si nosotros le ayudamos a el,el no nos olvidara cuando haya un latino candidato a la presidencia
yo a lo mejor erstaré muy viejo o ya partido,pero les ruego hermanos sigan votando en la pagina de la Casa Blanca,no saben la alegria que me daran ,un abrazo hermanos.
This is very nice step by Congress by to extend the payroll tax cut and unemployment insurance. Because USA's some citizens are facing problem of nu-employment. President Obama is president of the peoples, by the peoples for the peoples.
How does anybody in their right minds think that gas prices, now that China and India are industrializing? The idea of a carbon tax was to equalize gas with other transportation sources. The more energy comes from every possible source, the better for us all. People who want to stay on the Petroleum Standard for another 100 years are dooming us to more and more wars over oil. And very high prices. In the 1950s, gas in the US was .19 a gallon. FDR made a political deal with the Saudis that helped us win WWII and launch our postwar prosperity. Those days are gone, forever. We need to start conserving oil.

And the oil companies that made their $65 billion profit last year should lose the $4 billion in tax breaks and subsidies. I'd also make the Oil Futures market consist of actual consumers and producers, and no speculators; that would lower the price by a third.
He is the Man of the Match in history book of the WORLD...Keep it up Mr President and show the WORLD what is the meaning of LOVE and how to create the LOVE in every human being...We cannot let the TIGER eating a grass or let the HORSE eating a meat...we just meant to be and still got the BRAIN to think about it...MAYHEM will brings you a BAD LUCK...Peace NO WAR <3 <3 <3
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