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"That’s why we made Congress a handy “To-Do” list – just like the kind I get from Michelle. It’s short, but each of the ideas on this list will help create jobs and build a stronger economy right now." -President Obama in this week's address #CongressToDoList
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Here in Chicago gas prices are down below 4.00 / gal...I'm liking that!!
I pay 1.42 €/liter of Diesel in Germany, when I'm lucky. It's often much more than that.
The problem isn't the economy right now. We've already recovered in a lot of ways from the recession. Right now we need to think long term so we don't end up like Greece.
The lowest I saw at the pump here in El Paso, TX, yesterday was $3.53/gallon! ☺




People, the POTUS has very little direct effect on the price of gasoline. Nothing he can do can substantially lowers the price of gas, or keep it from going up. The two MAIN factors are market speculation and global demand. Neither of which the POTUS has ANY control over. About the best the POTUS can do, to help our gas price woes is institute policies for development, which help us need to use less of it. That is about it.
So many decked we haven hire chief like you we'r not lucking are country & are peplos father like Jorge Washington is seem Obama 
john su
Very true +Drew Heyen glad to see somebody else understands government, politics and economics.
I love Beijing Tiananmen
Stupid and evil Democrat.... You are killing liberties!
Again, why did this man wait four years to try and fix things? Why wasn't there a list on his desk the first month he entered office?
+Alex Meng there's no need to get hyperbolic. None of your liberties are being "killed" by advancing a social and financial agenda that you're not happy with, and frankly, I suspect that if you climbed up out of your partisan bunker you'd find you have more common ground with that agenda than you'd have expected.
+Adam Wyson I think there was a list on day one. In 3 years, he accomplished more than Clinton did in 8. DADT was repealed, the war in Iraq was ended, ObL was killed, a national health care plan was put in place. None of that was trivial and all of it came in the face of tremendous resistance. Before you complain that he didn't have a "list" on day one, I think you should review the list of things that he actually did take on...
+Aaron Sherman I'm talking about the economy....Why is he waiting until now to solve the ONLY problem ANYONE cares about. I don't care if he invented a new flavor of icecream day one, I wanna know why it's year 4 and now he wants a list from congress on how to fix the economy...
+Adam Wyson - Do you not remember that the house has refused to pass any bills? Do you remember the previous attempts to fix the economy that were met with republican obstructionism? It isn't fair to pretend that the president has ignored the economy.

And it is not accurate to say that it is the only issue anyone cares about. People are affected by a plethora of issues in life.
+Adam Wyson GOP will do anything to keep him from being reelected. They vetoed almost every attempt to pass a jobs bill when the dems controlled congress. Once they took over the house they decided to concentrate on repealing healthcare reform. So if you are looking for someone to blame look at Speaker Boehner.
Hell, the liberties of this so called citadel of a democracy been fucked up from the beginning of this "American " "civilization " before Obama era.
The grievances of the people should not be at Obama, but the nickle slick ass forefathers whom the people call the founders.
christiandom literally is a Vail that's a front
and mask to cover up the fronts of a history of curroption in really of this country that was constructed under pretences of murder, rape, incest, fornication, robbery, barbarianism etc.
So know Thee TRUE HISTORY before spitting out expression.s of patriotism to something you don't know anything about.
If its all that bad, why are YOU the people endorsing and condoning voting for "politician " when you know they are full of shit???
Politics is the devils work arena. politics is nothing but a bunch of slick talking dunmies selling cookie doe dreams to a bunch of bigger dummies buying into them!!!
Christiandom. what is it truly?
The heirarcy to the circle of life is that GOD created man man is not greater than God. Man created government government is not greater than man. the maxims. Study and people do the math.
How in the world can man "seperate " state from the church???? Seperating God from his creation. that is blasphamy and government is the devil. That is why this Country is manifesting into the hell that it is!!!
And WE the people are suffering the penalty of that while the big so called shot callers are getting.g wealthy off of us and pimping the people and our properties.
+Dan Ackerman He was able to pass a healthcare bill that 70% of america did and does not want, yet the GOP is magically blocking him from creating jobs? You're delusional. Every single president EVER to exist has dealt with the exact same problem, yet they got things done. If he is unable to get things done because the GOP stops him from getting it done, then hire a different democrat that doesn't cry about the GOP and figures out a I don't know, being a good leader?
I play a lot of sports and NOTHING is more annoying than someone who makes excuses. I couldn't make the shot cause the goalie was blocking me...Plenty of Dem presidents have convinced the GOP to vote their way, and vice versa, he's NOT the first but he is certainly the first to blame his entire failed presidency on the GOP when the DEMs controlled the house.
-I'm an independent and I will be voting for kermit before him this year...I voted him into office in 08'
+Adam Wyson - Good luck with Kermit. I don't agree with you that the president has failed. We haven't been invaded and the US is still the worlds greatest nation - which is wouldn't be the case in a failed presidency. I don't want to strawman argument you, and I don't mean to say that you are saying the entire country has failed, but I'm assuming that is the fair metric to determine the success or failure of our chief executive. By what standard has he failed? The US, like the rest of humanity, isn't in a roaring economy? We are working on getting out of it. It isn't a problem of one president not tweaking the right knobs.
Stop funding terrorism huh... LOL people need to stop voting on bills that they haven't even research... and voting on people who repeats history. u have people with good intentions, yet, politics as usual
+Alan Foster I hired him, along with all of my classmates, for one reason...because the economy was crashing down on us. I watched in disbelief as he ignored everything he told me. He never cut the deficit in half, he did nothing to help businesses feel encouraged to open their coffers. He has scared us all into holding our money by passing health care bills that target our wallets. I have a rule of thumb, you got 4 years, if you don't fix my main problem, next guy is up. Maybe he didn't fail you because he did exactly what you wanted, but myself and the rest of my generation will be voting for the green ranger and give him a chance to fix the economy. And now all this BS about gay marriage? WHO TF CARES ! FIX THE ECONOMY! I am literally embarrassed when people find out I voted for him, I was so proud of him in 08.
+Lonnie McEntire What is dangerous is your particular flavor of bigotry. Being Muslim, in a nation which has the contracted duty to treat all "faiths" equally, is not to be used as the basis of any political/governmental decision. That's assuming your excrement spewing is in any way accurate (unlike you, I give the benefit of the doubt).
+Adam Wyson - His job, according to our constitution, is to run programs and institutions created by the legislative branch of government, to lead the military, and to negotiate treaties with foreign nations. You are mad that the President didn't write and pass legislation? Which economic knob could he have tweaked, and how? Which bill should he have signed that he didn't?
+Alan Foster in no way contradicting you, but you left out that the POTUS directs the entire Executive Branch, including the DOJ.
Trying to swim with a cement block tied to your ankle makes it hard to just tread water. The President has been swimming and the Congress, lead by a republican party who cares very little about the unemployed, but a lot about abortion, corporations, and tax breaks for the wealthy, is doing a fine job as the cement block.
+Drew Heyen - The DOJ is an institution established by the legislative branch (1789), so I feel like I didn't miss it :p
+Alan Foster The President's job, not powers, job, is to be a leader. Create unity so things can get done. This was his promise to me, bipartisanship. Many presidents before him did it with ease, and without controlling the house. He doesn't have to sign a bill that says, fix the economy. He needs to open his mouth and make small businesses in America feel safe from the Federal Government. I am not against healthcare reform, but this was the greatest mistake, timing wise, in presidential history. You don't pass a law that dramatically increases taxes on small business, IN THE MIDDLE OF A RECESSION. That's just for starters.

If kermit simply stands up and says, hey guys, I'm not gonna create new taxes for business and I'm gonna do everything in my power to keep the government out of your hair for the next 4 years. Our GDP would skyrocket. Reagan did it once and I applaud him for that. Kermit hopefully will do it, or the green ranger, or Romney.

People keep asking Romney what's he gonna do that's so different from Obama...He doesn't have specifics because he knows how it all works. He has run a business before and understands the power of leadership, not rules. If he simply stays out of our hair, we will grow like crazy.
+Adam Wyson - Ohh, so the economy is floundering because he doesn't give good enough speeches?

You don't remember his attempts at bipartisanship? We can go over the debacle that was an attempt at bipartisan healthcare reform. We can find articles detailing months of attempts at negotiating, and see how the President compromised time and time again. We can then find articles detailing this same series of events during the debt ceiling boondoggle.
Sha Qi
+Alan Foster Again, every single president since 1776 has dealt with the same problem. I'm tired of hearing the old, we lost cause of the other team crap. Man up.
+Adam Wyson Filibusters haven't been the same since 1776, come on. Tell me specifically how he could have handled the debt ceiling problem differently. What could he have said, and to whom? Please do not be vague.
+Adam Wyson Better still. Maybe you should suggest what you think he should have done differently. Hand the GOP any and everything their little idiot brains could produce a desire for? I see where this is going and your thoughts on the subject are totally worthless.

"Again, every single president since 1776 has dealt with the same problem"
Riiiiiiiight. Lets just go with the most extreme exception I could think of. Ever heard of the Civil War?
+Lonnie McEntire I'm not the douche moron who doesn't know that you capitalize proper nouns. If you have evidence present it.
I'm pretty sure Obama's staffers could post a picture of the President endorsing puppies and some of you would find a way to connect it to a secret Muslim Communist Liberal Fascist Sharia Hawaiian Nationalist agenda.
Cheap shots totally make the internet a fun place to discuss things. Thanks for brightening everybody's day with your firm and deep grasp of the issues at hand, +Lonnie McEntire.
+Kit Malone makes an extreme outlandish statement about the right.

+Lonnie McEntire absolutely lives right up to that outlandish statement.

It isn't a strawman fallacy if it is ACTUALLY the position of the opposition.
Never before in our history has the GOP members of Congress resorted to outright treason to subvert any measure proposed by a President. From day one the GOP's admitted effort has been to defeat ANYTHING put forth by the Obama administration, no matter the cost or the casualties. Even the healthcare initiative was gutted by the GOP into something grotesque simply so they could then crow that it doesn't work. Every member of the GOP congress should be tried and convicted for treason.
+Lonnie McEntire I didn't actually say anything about Romney, nor did I express any outrage. That's a whole lotta assumptions you're making about my political ideas.

Just because I think your ideas are ridiculous, doesn't mean I'm a paid representative of The Man.
+Lonnie McEntire lo everything you are saying is the same kind of misinformation that the gop want you to suckle down.
+Drew Heyen The great thing about being neutral is not being blinded by a political party.

So far I have seen arguments that he isn't a failure and the same people saying he failed because the GOP prevented him from succeeding. Typical Democrats jumping into the fog. Bravo.
+Alan Foster but, but...but...but, but, but I LOOOOOVE jacking with trolls.

+Adam Wyson

I'm not blinded by anything. My vision is 20/20 thanks entirely to logic and reason. Your entire argument assumes a single initiative, Obama's presidency has had mixed results from a variety of causalities. You are oversimplifying the issues. The Conservatives must LOVE you, that's from their playbook.
+Adam Wyson - Define how the president has failed, and by which measure. Specifically, define the minimum criteria for success. Use exact numbers where you can. Or give us a good defining source for success or failure. I feel like Obama is doing a great job leading our country. He is excelling at doing the job of the president (as defined by the federal Constitution).
+Alan Foster Concerning our economy, I can actually SHOW that Obama has done an awesome job, and believe that he would do MORE were it not for the generic popularity of the faith based religion which is "Conservatism" in the US. The will of the people has pretty much tied his hands.
You know what bothers me? People that make choices based on what their friends and Co workers are saying. Wish everyone could make their own informed desicions based on what's actually happening. The president is doing a great job. I admit he's had alot of hurdles to jump through and maybe all his plans didn't work out 100 percent of the way but hey a WORKING bipartisan government is only going to work when both sides are working together for a common goal which is clearly not the case here. I am a former united states marine and I wish he was my boss when I was in.
I'm not entirely convinced the President or anyone for that matter could do a great job. I believe he's doing the best he can... fixing the right to organize issue (human rights issue) would be a good place to start...
One person has crossed the Isle, and many of you are blaming that one person for a lack of compromise. Put the blame where it belongs.
+Alan Foster How's this for a number.... 5 trillion dollars in debt ran up by this president. A job force that shrank from 66.2 percent in Jan 2008 to 63.6 percent last month, and an unemployment rate still over 8 percent. I'd call those massive failures. And that's just a start.
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+Chad Hernandez What is an acceptable unemployment rate? Are all recession presidents failures? Would you consider Lincoln a failure because of the civil war? Unemployment in the south was sky high. I wish the debt wasn't so high, but conservatives demanded we bail out the rich. Half of that sum isn't spending - it is republican tax cuts.
+Alan Foster Not all. Just the ones that run up more debt than almost every other president combined. And how did Obama vote on the stimulus package you're referring to?
+Chad Hernandez Obama isn't perfect - look at all of those tax cuts and increases in military spending. But as conservative as Obama is, look at Romney. He has stated that he would decrease regulations and decrease taxes for the rich. You don't like it when Obama does it, but his opposition wants to do it on a much larger scale.
+Alan Foster 4 more years of Obama type debt would be catastrophic. We'd end up like Greece. He's had an administration to do what he said he was going to do. Either he didn't know what he was talking about on the campaign trail or he straight up lied or he straight up failed. In any case... He needs to be done.
I outline the details and specifics concerning our national debt, as relates to its cause and out current and previous POTUS, including good resourced information, and my post is followed by "it's both". Well said +Keilah Davis . Thank you for taking what I said and removing all that useless detail.
The only thing I have to say is WOW! I have read almost every post in this and have come to the same conclusion both Democrats and Republicans are both to blame. Obama quote "I inherited this from Bush", Bush quote "uh uh I uh uh..." Obama may be a great orator but he is a Statist with Socialist leanings because he believes the government is to provide for the people and believes that the government should be in control of economic planning (reversed from stated for meanings). Guess what so does almost EVERY politician Republican or Democrat. This is not how our country was set up, and why it is failing, not him the entire thing. Boehner is not to blame for his (Obama's) failures, Obama is to blame for them, just as Obama is not to blame for Boehner's failures. A wise president once said 'The buck stops here!' I guess we have gone from a Republic, where we the people are in control, to a quasi-dictatorship if everyone thinks that the power to make the rules lie with the president, I could have sworn that was the providence of congress. I also could have sworn that there is a never enforced rule that states only congress has the right to print money, but now an independent non-elected board of bankers does this. I will not be voting for Obama ths fall, and I did not vote for him in '08 when the only thing he said was 'hope and change' with no direction as to where or what that meant. Nor will I be voting for Romney, not because I don't think they can or will do the best job they can based on their personal ideology, but because I don't agree with either of their ideologies. I believe in how our country was founded, not in what it has morphed into. That does NOT mean I agree with some of the compromises that were enacted in things like the rule of 4/5 or any of that type of hogwash. I do however believe that Senators should be paid by their respective states, and not by the federal government, they WORK FOR THE STATE! The President, Congress nor Senate should be given any type of retirement plans, the are public servants, not royalty. I have stopped voting for the lesser of 2 evils and now only vote for the person I agree with 80% or more of the time. Even though I know that Paul has a snowballs chance in hell of getting the GOP nomination I agree with him about 85% of the time, so I will be voting libertarian yet again. There are more than 2 parties in this great nation, start researching them and quit voting for the people who say what you want to hear and look at their voting records, if you agree with what they do vote for them. Sory for the soapbox style rant.
It may just be time to admit that the current system is flawed if a current president can only take credit for successes and fault his predecessors for the failures. Democracy?... you're doing it wrong.
+Rich Lind +Stefanie Bierwirth you two are something else. The parts of your statements that were coherent were unsupported and wrong. You two are absolute tragedies. +Rich Lind have you ever actually addressed the position someone else presented, or do you always just sort of make them up, from amalgams of the total conversation? Neither of you presented any details, evidence, or logical thought. I feel like the two of you just vomited your brains all over my shoes.

It is Paul's record, and more importantly, the words that keep falling out of his mouth, that would keep me from EVER voting for him.
Drew Heyen I was not referring to you nor to anyone in particular, I was referring to the banter and name calling I read in previous posts and the article where Obama is yet again only taking credit for something positive he is doing, and never taking any credit for his faults. Though I don't agree with President Obama's ideology, he believes it and has that right to believe it. Again you show that the only thing you can do is to berate others in their thoughts and beliefs because you are not as smart as you think you are or you would embrace another persons ideas, not always accepting them but agreeing to disagree as it were. If I wanted to address someone in particular I would have, but just as you I have the right to voice my idiosyncratic little brains viewpoints
Mr. Heyen, thank you for enlightening me. I'll work on my coherency, but just for you. My logical thought, simplified, is that if parties do not cooperate, democracy fails.

As for your shoes... I'm happy to send a box of kleenex.
+Rich Lind Many good points Rich. We have gotten away from our constitution. But Obama is by far the worst offender as far as attacks on the constitution from the Presidential office that we've had in decades....
Well said +Drew Heyen . Also, +Rich Lind the Senate is part of Congress. If you don't realize this, perhaps you shouldn't be putting forth such an avidly dissapointing opinion. The real problem is the budget. In 4 years President Obama has spent almost 2.5 times the amount Bush spent in 8. Also, many small businesses refuse to employ due to his health care bill.
It is the presentation of opinion, as though it were fact, with which I take exception. The "This is what I believe, so there". For example "because he believes the government is to provide for the people and believes that the government should be in control of economic planning", of course he believes that, because all examples to the contrary end in horrible results. If you disagree, then perhaps you would be happier in the libertarian paradise called "Somalia". One of the very few places on this planet with no Socialism. Also one of the very few places on this planet with Cholera.
+Phillip Leman I hate it also when people make decisions based on what friends say. They're called sheeple or lemmings. That's the apple effect. Those that can think for themselves own an android.
+Cameron Derwin you obviously did not realize that the Senate was originally paid by the state because they are the elected officials of the state to represent said state, where congress are elected officials of the locality. It wasn't until 1918 that Senators became employees of the fed over the state. That said my opinion is based on libertarian values and personal freedom values, not anarchist values and beliefs like the venerable Mr +Drew Heyen has so inaccurately pointed out. I do not agree with Obama that the state should be in control of economic planning in a society based on capitalism, if you do then you should move to a place like China, where the government's stated goals are to provide for all the people and are in control of all facets of the economy and business. I do not agree that the government should be providing any socialized programs and I most certainly do not agree with the redistribution of wealth. Here is where I completely agree with Mr. Obama, I don't care if you want to marry a goat legally, I could care less what you do in the privacy of your home and have no right to tell you what to do there. Not one of Mr. +Drew Heyen's suppositions have been based in any semblance of fact.

Fact USSR was destroyed by a deficit smaller than the one we are currently showing.
Fact, any government with the ability to give you everything you need, has the power to take everything you have
Fact, the USSR had a completely centralized economic planning and still failed.
Fact, Germany during WWII went to a centralized economic planning, and was taken over by a completely evil man who seized all of the power and blemished the German people for generations demeaning the term Fachism forever, which is just a form of socialism.
Fact, Somalia is an Anarchy not a Libertarian state.
Fact, Libertarians are about the smallest possible (within reason) government realizing the most personal freedom not for Anarchy.
Fact, I have been to Somalia while serving in the USMC and would not wish for anyone, not even someone like +Drew Heyen or my worst enemy to go there.
Fact, Greece is failing for trying to provide everything the people demanded.
Fact, I was raised to rely on myself to provide for myself and not to ask for handouts like many people want.

Can you provide me one example of a Republic, in history other than here in the US? Greece was a republic, and Rome was based on the Republic, but we have no actual real examples in the past what 500 years of a republic style government.

Facts can keep coming if you want sir.

I never stated I agreed with one thing Ron Paul said, I said I agreed with how he voted. Ron Paul said some very very stupid things back in the 90's and well those are things he will never recover from. He wrote for some very seedy publications, again something he will never recover from. I do not vote by what a politician says, because when a politicians lips are moving they are lying.
+Rich Lind the last sentance you wrote is probably the truest piece of information on this link.
+Merle Reine that was a funny one, though I still think of it as
'The Big Blue' effect not the Apple effect lol. Kind of funny how apple so disparaged the business practices of IBM only to follow those same practices later.
+Rich Lind Again, some very good points. People need to get off the R and D trip and focus on ideologies. The progressive ideology is failing all over the world, and it's the ideology this president subscribes to. It's the ideology that's in direct opposition to our founders beliefs and the constitution they constructed. It needs to be removed from our government. 2012 people. We need to get back on the road towards our constitution.
Fact, +Rich Lind doesn't have the first clue what the word "Socialism" means.

The stupid things I was talking about Ron Paul saying, were said during the recent Republican Debates.
+Drew Heyen I know exactly what socialism and socialist mean, I also know what a theocracy is and quite a few other governmental styles. I just don't subscribe to those ways of thinking. Nor do I subscribe to your way of thinking, but firmly believe you have the right to believe it. I served in the military so that little minded people and great thinking people alike have the right to voice their opinions, from your posts Drew you are normally in the latter until someone can utilize fact to debunk all of your statements. I also stated I do not listen to ANY of what a politician says because they are all lying, I only look at their voting records. I agree with President Obamas record of voting about 40% of the time and Mitt Romney's about 50% of the time. How do I know this, it's all public record that's how.
+Brian Gauspohl though I agree with your intent, the GOP has the exact same agenda as the Democrat party, to keep the status quo of the 2 party system, so that we the people keep electing them. All the while giving up our rights. The job of government is to remove liberties and freedoms, it is the duty of the people to stop them from doing so.
+Dan Ackerman entirely false to say every president has dealt with a do nothing congress. And to say that 70% of americans don't want the health care bill is misleading. While true, I didn't, tours because I want universal health care, not the nothing republicans want.
+Rich Lind That is SOO interesting, because "Socialism" is not, in any way, a "government style"...or "form"...or pretty much anything else to do with how a nation is "governed". Thank you for proving my point.

+Spencer Knight The tragedy is that the PPACA is an almost perfect solution to the dichotomy between left and right views on the subject. Of course the right has devoted so much effort to misinforming the public about it, pretty much no one knows that. I completely agree that we need a single payer system, but with rocket scientists like +Rich Lind who think that "Socialism" is a form of government, and believe that it doesn't work, even though it works wonderfully, FOR THEM, a single payer system is pretty unlikely to be accepted. Of course with people like +Rich Lind the problem is pretty unlikely to ever be solved at all.
Now you are showing complete and utter ignorance +Drew Heyen Socialism is a form or governmental style that contains both Communism as one extreme form and Fascism, why don't you wiki it, like you do so many other things or maybe use the dictionary sometimes. Because let's see England is a Socialist Monarchy. You do nothing but show that you feel that if someone has a little more knowledge you must attack them to show you are superior, which you are not. So please go back to playing with you dolls, or action figures and leave the real discussion to the people that actually can think for themselves rather than espouse their political parties rhetoric, like a Democratic version of Glenn Beck! Plus I never said Socialism does not work, on a small scale but neither does true Democracy work at the scale you are talking about. If you want a quote from Jesus, he said to 'take care of each other', not give your money to the government so they can take care of everyone.
+Rich Lind wow, you are all over the place. I'm starting to think you don't have the first clue what "Fascism" is either. Though I'm impressed with the number of words in your post. Hey, that's something. How does the fact that England is a "Socialist Monarchy" make "Socialism" a form of government? England is an "English Speaking Socialist Monarchy" too. Does that mean that "English Speaking" is a form of government?

One thing I have noticed, is that when the "true believer" starts making blind personal attacks, it's because they know they have been cornered. I mean don't get me wrong, I knew you were cornered after your first post, but I think you are becoming aware of it too.

socialism (ˈsəʊʃəˌlɪzəm) —n
1. An economic theory or system in which the means of production, distribution, and exchange are owned by the community collectively, usually through the state. It is characterized by production for use rather than profit, by equality of individual wealth, by the absence of competitive economic activity, and, usually, by government determination of investment, prices, and production levels

fas·cism - [fash-iz-uhm]
1. A governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism.

Yeah....not seeing any connection there. Though I admit, I do see, that you see it, and that is.....interesting.
+Drew Heyen you have yet to corner me, you forgot that there are multiple definitions of the word socialism and I did say 'form or style' in ALL of my posts because there are disinct forms of government like a monarchy and a style of government like a Socialism. Fachism, is a totalitarian socialist style of government, because in socialism the government dictates how the economy is run, not the free market like in a Capitalism, which pure Capitalism will not work either. You are the one that has done nothing but baseless attacks on me since I started posting because you are blinded and enthralled by your foolish belief that a man, or a group of men can or will act for the benefit of all rather than in their own interests. For example the USSR or the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic, killed more people after WWII then the Faschist regime of Hitler during did. Mao Tse Tung the venerable Chinese leader that turned China into a Communist country, killed even more than the Soviets. I hope that your life in 'Lala Land' where people do not succumb to their own natural desires for power and greed does happen one day, when the human race has evolved but we are nothing more than cav men in iron caves with wheels, still acting on the basest of human desires, and until that stops you live in Lala land.
If you have not noticed I am not a 'True Believer' as you are Mr. +Drew Heyen , none of my posts attacked you directly until the last couple. I even complimented you hoping you would be a man, but you have not done so yet and done nothing more than act as a small child throwing a temper tantrum. You see no connections in anything because you are blinded by your 'rose colored glasses', giving you a warped perception of people like President Obama and yourself. I have not criticized President Obama's policies, as I fully believe he is following what he personally thinks is best for this country, I only stated I do not agree. There is nothing you can say that will make me a 'true believer' of the Utopian dream you and your ilk imagine to be a reality, because one mans Utopia is another man's hell. Nor will the religious right enthrall me into believing they have the right to tell you, me or anyone how to live our lives.
Keep pushing congress pres! We all know they aren't doing anything right now
+Adam Wyson Mitch McConnell, very early on, stated that it was his and the GOP 's plan to make Obama a 1-term president and as a congress, they have literally done nothing for the economy. Obama passed his bill while he had control yet after the tea party swept in, they vetoed every bill that didn't meet their exact requirements and refused to compromise. In fact, all the GOP congress men & women who did compromise and cross isles were ostracized by the tea party and kicked out of office in exchange for a more hardliner tea party member.

The president can only work with congress to get stuff done, the constitution only lets him either sign or veto bills.

If your looking for someone to blame for "not doing anything for the economy" then turn your guns against the most obstructionist and partisan congress that we have ever seen.
+Lonnie McEntire "purge the US of all socialists and commies" ok someone has been watching to much Glenn beck
+Dean Masley though I agree with your intent, the tea party is about shrinking the size of the federal government, and all of Obama's proposals were about growing government. I am NOT going to defend the Republicans, they are about intruding into our lives as much as the Democrats are. Both of those parties are about controlling our lives in any and all ways that we the people allow them to. Don't get me wrong each individual group of the tea party have different goals, the only thing they agree on is a smaller federal government, nothing else. So with all that said, the congress is not being obstructionist if they are fundamentally or polar opposites, and that only includes those members of congress that came in under the auspice of the tea party, which are still such a minority, that if there were a compromise between the traditional Republicans and Democrats they are rendered ineffective.
+Rich Lind Compromise would be ineffective?

They are not just some insignificant minority, they moved the GOP from moderate policy makers, who understood the importance of compromise in order to make progress, to radical reactionaries bent on not allowing anything other then what is in their platform (which now during election season is including social conservatism).

The people elected a progressive president, so elected congress men & women must be aware of both their local constituents and their part in the national government composed of delegates of different ideologies.

Obama spent money attempting to prevent a full blown depression, yes. He followed progressive steps to solve the problem as to prevent further harm to the middle and lower class by eliminating social services. He bailed the auto industry out (which has been a successful investment and already paid back which I would equate to Bush being right with the surge), combined 3 government agencies into 1, maintained a stiff (and conservative) prosecution of marijuana growers, increased the amount of offshore drilling then any president before him, signed the NDAA with conservative defence specialists, didn't close Guantanamo, and heavily compromised on his health care bill.

I'm not saying Obama is conservative, he was elected as a progressive president, but he has made moves that show his ability to compromise. Yet he can only compromise so much, and the tea party is so intent on its ideology, it doesn't even give room for discussion for anything other then it's dogma, which is great for protests but not for government which is dependant on compromise and discussion between all ideologies.

Obama's powers of president, and his ability to persuade only go so far when the opposition party's main defence mechanism is complete obstruction.

Even if you heavily disagree with the other ideology, the gravity of the situation (of the economy), and the setup of our government; compromise is crucial. As much as you think your right, understand that there is still a large population who disagrees. And unless compromise is made between the two ideologies, democracy will fail.

So sorry that I don't sympathize with the tea party and GOP obstructionism because I don't care for their reactionary (and unrealistic) measures in an attempt to fix government.
+Dean Masley You are wasting your breath. +Rich Lind is one of the faithful. A true believer. He and his tin foil, tricorn hat, have no use for facts, or details, or reality. He "believes". He believes that Obama is a socialist, socialism is fascism, thus Obama is a fascist. He believes that because fallacy is his dear friend. Tiny steps on a long path to a completely broken set of ideas. A set of ideas that he will stand behind, no matter what. No evidence, no fact, no statistic, will change his "Smaller Government" mind.

I don't want the government to have one single power it doesn't need, to do its contracted job. I determine what powers those are, using history as a guide. Our economy is where it is, right this very moment, because we forgot our history. We forgot what an economy free of regulation and social safety nets, is like. So we removed them. Chanted an idiotic theory that, now, 30+ years later, has been proven to not work. The people who are obstructing our governments funding and function are doing so, because they got caught, red handed, so they are doubling down. Like with all "cults" they made a promise. They told us that if we really really really believed in "Laissez-faire", that we would see a golden economic age to rival any in history. They told us the "invisible hand" of capitalism would balance everything. And God help us, a lot of us believed them. What happened? What was the result of all of this? Disaster. Our economy is in shambles. The proof of their failed economic theory all around us. So do they hang their heads in shame? Admit that they were wrong? Oh, no. That is no way to run a good cult. No, you see, the failing is that we didn't "BELIEVE" strongly enough. It's our fault. What we have to do is to take it farther to the extreme. Deeper into no mans land. What we have to do is ignore what every single ounce of economic evidence tells us and "BELIEVE".
+Dean Masley did not disagree with what you said nor implied that compromise is ineffective, I said the tea party members of congress are ineffective if both the Democrat and Republican parties would compromise. The 2 ideologies that are in question in what I was writing were a large federal government which Mr +Drew Heyen is a a supporter of and smaller federal government which is what the tea party supports. There are only a handful of tea party republicans, so even if they all voted nay and every Democrat and half of the remaining Republicans or traditional Republicans voted Yay, anything could pass.I am not asking you to sympathize with anyone, the occupy wall street people, the tea party members or anyone else, all I was doing was pointing out a flaw in your argument throwing them together. I agree with your argument otherwise.My apologies if I was not clear in that.

To correct Mr.+Drew Heyen yet again, I never said President Obama IS a socialist, I said he has socialist leanings, and I have continually stated he has that right to believe that way. By the way I also said the his GOP opponent has socialist leanings. Just as anyone has the right to believe their way is right, but only fools like you do not realize how stupid they really are because they do nothing more than want to fight with others rather than actually reading and trying to understand.I further went on to say with how our government was set up socialism will not work, if we change how our government is set up socialism will work. We are a Republic, which has an inherent flaw when it comes to regulating anything because of the inefficiencies purposely built into it by the founders. never said Socialism IS fascism, as a matter of fact I said that fascism is a form of socialism, just as communism is, and so are other forms of government. I have never said that government is not needed, I have never incorrectly called someone and anarchist or any of the hate filled messages you do becaues you are an ignorant little man that has no basis in reality and live in a plane where everyone loves each other, but only love that to be an inaccurate one with your venomous attacks on others! I personally am willing to admit I don't have the answer but know for a fact that your answer is wrong, and have given many examples supporting that you are an ignorant fool that has not one thought that you personally came up with an espouse nothing more than your parties viewpoints, like Mr Glen Beck espouses nothing more than his chosen religious viewpoints.
+Rich Lind "The 2 ideologies that are in question in what I was writing were a large federal government which Mr +Drew Heyen is a a supporter of and smaller federal government which is what the tea party supports. "

False binary. In fact, my support of federal government has absolutely NOTHING to do with "size". In fact, judging government effectiveness, based on "Size" is about as stupid as you can get.
I do have to say that I do agree with one thing that +Drew Heyen stated and that part of why we are in this mess is the deregulation that a Republican controlled congress and senate passed and President Bill Clinton signed. Other portions that helped lead to this were the ignorant policies that were enforced, by both Clinton and Bush, causing banks to come up with inventive, albeit stupid ways, of dealing with giving out loans to people that could never afford the payments. I have firmly stated the BOTH parties are wrong, the Dems and Repubs and are not the way to go. I have completely stated that the ultimate goal of both parties is control over our lives, period, but that is the goal of ALL governments, not just ours. Do I support a smaller federal government, yes, not one without any authority. Am I foolish enough to believe the way that the tea party candidates do and to force it to be small NOW! No, there is a compromise somewhere that will lead to a more sustainable economy, but neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have it.
+Drew Heyen finally another one I can actually agree with that it is stupid in a time of crises to fall back on any ideological differences where help is needed. I started out supporting the tea parties until they entrenched themselves so firmly as to be non-negotiators when it comes to growing the government in any way shape of form, or doing anything that would increase the national debt slightly. They made themselves completely ineffectual by doing that and will not remain around much longer is what I personally think.
That is the position that the Tea Party started with. Sorry you were mislead.
+Drew Heyen that isn't the stance they took originally, it was not until they started getting any type of media coverage that the so-called tea party leadership adopted those policies. Since the tea party was started as a hodge podge grass roots organization and not a political party, though they had a political agenda, there was no stated goals nor leadership. Once they got the leadership they went to crap. Either way I now shy away from them as they are just as insufferable as the loudest religious zealot or the most whiney progressive liberal. Anyone that is on an extreme end of any political spectrum is deluded.
See that exactly is why you are clueless sir, you are an extremist, and being an extremist will not recognize it.
No not the best I could come up with, but you twist and distort everything I say because you are not using a logical mind but the mind of the 'faithful' as you call it in your system of beliefs. My statement was one of futility because you are hopeless.
Your statements, all of them, are ones of desperation. Only one of us is making our entire argument from fallacies, and if it is me, you are doing a horrible job of showing it. So far all you have done is dictate reality. It is as you say, because you have said it. You don't support with evidence, you don't create syllogisms, you just dictate. It is the best you can come up with, because you are entirely out of your depths. You believe, but you do not, at all, understand.
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