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"After the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, our businesses have now created more than 4.2 million new jobs over the past 26 months…But with too many still out of work, we need to do more." -President Obama. More on April's jobs report:
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Very positive run Mr president. Great job by the administration for keeping the hope alive. Keep it up. Obama forward 2012.
That's great but it doesn't help when the Gov has a hiring freeze (DOJ) not hiring, and the OPM is not filling SES positions because they say they can't find the "right" candidates. Really? The Goverment can't find good people in the 12.5million Americans out of work....For Shame!
I followed this page expecting interesting information about the history and happenings in the White House. Sadly, it's just another cog in the perpetual campaign machine. Maybe I'll come back in 2013...
I'd like to see timeline markers for when key legislation was passed or took effect.
Well Mr kalil the government is also going through a lot of pressure to keep spending low. Could be Republicans have made it harder to find qualified candidates due to salary requirements. They should do better but the party of NO is not supportive.
+Gerald Hines I was hoping for the same but this graphic has been up a few times and this account is just a propaganda machine. It's just saying how awesome Obama is, not really what I was expecting (my fault I guess).
+Cory Bernardo it's a shame; people get inside that Beltway and they can't seem to see anything else but reelection.

You are what you do, not what you say you do, and if I did want to hear you say what a good job you're doing all the time, I'd follow your personal page or your campaign page.

Peace out.
Mr Hines so in your view we shouldn't get positive information of the economic recovery. If you want history go to the history channel. This president is the most progressive when it comes to information and technology. The fact is bush Jr was destructive to the country and economy and the facts show president Obama's plans are progressively working. 26 straight months of growth is an awesome record. Mission accomplished for real tho. Obama forward 2012.
with you gerald...some people won't listen...say recovery often enough people will believe it...
Giving people jobs and controlling the economy is not something the government has any right mucking around with. Please stick to the things governments should be doing, like protecting our Liberty! All we need from you, Mr. Obama, is FREEDOM.
Maybe the white house should concentrate on our spending and the people of America first. Since that is what America is. Government doesn't produce anything except rules and laws that cater to the spoiled and rich. Maybe we all should understand that America can not solve the worlds crises without jeopardizing itself then cause confusion then more rules. Maybe those that made a career of politics need to get out in the world first and understand different cultures, economics, people first hand instead of a lot of 'yes' men. I think all the presidents had and have good intentions but forgot what it is like to be happy on a non political arena.
Mr sensenstein. I don't agree we are moving in positive territory every month but your opinion is noted. Obama forward 2012.
President Obama sees the big picture and the little process. Vote Democratic Party in the USA Elections.
Mr Jansen I agree we should not police the world we have work to do here. But its a choice of the lesser of 2 evils. Democrats and republicans. We need a political revolution with the birth of new parties that make positive moves to improve our country from within. My choice is Obama he unlike his predecessor is focused first on national issues that's why the war is coming to an end. Let's face it war is big business. Obama 2012.
+papa githiomi, yes, I personally would prefer the White House page was about the White House and not about politics. I can get news and politics all over the web if I want. I have seen flashes of interesting happenings in the White House here, but this is just campaigning and I don't think it's the proper place. It's not my page, so it's not my decision, but as a [former] Follower, it's my preference and I'm expressing it.

All of the political bullshit is getting old. I'm tired of the talking points on both sides; hell, how did anything I just said have anything to do with George Bush? You just couldn't resist spitting that out. If George Bush, or any other President, was having his people post this political BS here I would say the same thing.
Mr husband I agree their goal is not to help the nation but ensure president Obama is a one term president. Their motives almost stop the government functioning. Without government regulations we would have more housing meltdowns and job losses to China in the name of profit. We need loyalty to America. Obama forward 2012.
It hard to believe people still think Obama is anti-war or ending wars. He has sent troops to many new places. Not one single thing changed from Bush to Obama. And don't give me any "He got us out of Iraq" bull. He just followed Bush's preset timetable. Admit it, They are both cut from the same Goldman Sach cloth, same as Romney. Stop giving him a free pass cause he put a "D" next to his name. All these rich people are on the same team and they consider regular americans the enemy.
@papa...i understand keeping costs down. But then why are we waging wars all over the world. Is that keeping costs down?

We don't need to be policing the world. We have big problems in America. Our students score poorly compared to say Singapore, we have infrstructure problems, we have millions without health insurance, ...maybe we should concentrate on America instead of worrying about the rest of the world for a change?

Do you want to keep costs down. Then let's have every member of the Congress and the Senate not take any salary, nor any perks or benefits until we balance the budget. They want to serve America..let them lead by showing action instead of lip service.

And how about this for everydollar PACs give to a campaign, they have to put a dollar for dollar match to a fund to help the 12.5 million unemployed ....
Mr Hines again considering this the first time a president has used the internet. social media to reach the public that's what makes him a great leader. I am sorry you feel that way but lets not kid ourselves this is not going to stop. Obama 2012.
President Obama reads needs and leads from the front. USA is a frontline Country which has to manage proficient security and new threats.
i have been looking for a job for almost a year now. I have not been able to find anything that will provide for my family after gas expenses and child care. it will put me in the hole to get a job at this point. and all the low income daycare's are saying that the childcare funding has been pulled. its obvious that people in higher levels have no idea what it is like to be strapped for cash.
Mr Cecil you think if it was a Republican the troops would have left Iraq. They said that it was not good to leave Iraq they wanted us to stay. President Obama refused and left. As for Afghanistan we will have 20.000 troops home by end of summer he is systematically bring it to an end. Case in point Republicans agreed with this deal they like are going to have a presence in Afghanistan till 2014. But don't be mistaken we are ending the war .Obama 2012.
Ok, let me ask you a question. +papa githiomi , being that the national debt was a few trillion dollirs. Why did president Obama continue to spend even more to upgrade the road infrastructure? Where did that money come from and you can't say it was from only one area. Government is jugling money around worse than the mafia or money laundry.
Mrs hall I am sorry your in a tight spot but funding is not going to come when Republicans run Congress they wanted to shut the whole government down. They don't care how you survive. My advise keep looking and be more like the rich do what ever it takes to benefit your family. Who do you think would help you. Obama or mitt Romney with his Swiss bank accounts. Obama 2012.
The money is coming from taxes. That's why Republicans are not willing to compromise. It will go against their agenda which is not to save the nation but one term for president Obama. You cant deny facts the majority of the deficit was accrued during bush jr . 8 years of spending on 2 wars. Medicaid cuts and tax cuts to the rich. Obama forward 2012. Btw the rich got massive tax cuts and still laid off thousands at a time and reinvested in other countries.
Both Obama and Romney are bought and paid for by the Big Banks that caused all these problems. If Romney is elected nothing will change. If Obama is elected nothing will change. They are two sides of the same coin. You are their enemy! But there is another choice!! Choose FREEDOM. vote for Ron Paul 2012!!
ca opama with short leach economicaly save the american economy of the ecnomic desateres caused by stubed gorge d posh with great economy i doupt u s economy is falling down no doupt
@ Lindsey -- totally agree those beaurocrats are clueless rich guys!
Business is business. Their is no security in a business but their is in government. Because of guaranteed cash flow of taxes and if not enough cash, more taxes. Whereas, private sector does not operate that way. So, taxes is killing or/and the new rules, is killing our economy. So when president Obama said to fix our infrastructure, that was putting a burden on our people. If they payed attention to these states that hire the on the road workers, if you noticed in Indiana and Illinois, after a newly laid road, give it a few years, it has a pattern of about 4-5 seconds in the slow lane of pot holes. To me that is a scam on the state. They are the only two states I have seen of a pattern. That is a scam of continuous never ending work.
+papa githiomi, using the internet as a campaign tool makes him a great leader?? Seriously??


Total devotion to Party and a total lack of objectivity is what is why Washington doesn't work.
+Jerod Weeks , I believe you are right. Eh, but then I have been wrong too. But I agree with you in that. I like diversity, not unity.
It is possible to have a unity of purpose and diversity of opinion. This is how representative government works best.
Stop Sending American Jobs Over-Seas!
Stop Financing Foreign Jobs!
President Obama uses people, events. technology to effectively and efficiently communicate. We able to communicate now by technology. Use it.
Mr weeks and Mr griess we have crossed path before so no point in arguing my position is unchanged. As for the deficit I find it funny that even though the majority of Obama's deficit is from the bail out that saved the economy from definite collapse as a result of bush Jr. Regannomics a lack of leadership from Republicans. They agreed to it when it helped them then say it was wrong but they caused it in the first place. The automotive industry will disagree it was vital to ensure their survival and maintain their position as a world class industry. The facts remain Republicans destroy. Democrats build look at the graph above. Obama 2012.
The graphic does not show a big enough sample. This can be misleading. Why not give a 10 year graph to show pre-Bush era jobs info?
I should change that previous comment to 15 years instead of 10.
güzel resim çiziyorsunuz dedi,bende ekliyorumkırmızı başlıklı kızı oruspu diye satıyorsunuz da masal da o yok..
+Jason Shiflet I can assure you as a business owner that businesses hire when they need to regardless of politics come election time.

Besides, are you convinced that there are no Democrat business owners or CEOs?
+Jeffrey Hamby You forgot the "lack of" part at the beginning: "lack of government regulations caused the housing meltdown"
Mr weeks if I recall your Republican buddies agreed to it. It was the best option. Well its clear you will never run for office in any state that values it's automotive industry. Even mitt Romney is changing his tune. No surprise their now he likes the automotive industry we'll they don't forget whom came to their aid and unlike you I Side with president Obama.
+Mark Dacre one regulation in particular. The one that forced lenders to loan to people that obviously couldn't afford them (thank you Clinton administration) caused the housing bubble and subsequent burst.

I forgot nothing.
Government fixes everything. Just look at how well the postal service does compared to UPS/FedEx.
+Jeffrey Hamby Signed into law by Clinton admin but check the co-sponsors of the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act.
The Goldman Sach model supported by Obama & Romney

Privatize the Profits

Socialize the Costs

Obama may focus on the Socialize part & Romney may focus on the Privatize part, but rest assured they both support the Banks 100% against YOU. There is nothing different between them but the way they phrase things.
Mr Darce. That's true but they seem to think the public are stupid. The deregulation of the housing market allowing the speculation on sub prime mortgages created inflated prices and betting on losses. All culminating in the meltdown. They just arrested a group of people that have been running a health care fraud scheme that involved medicaid . Doctors. Insurance companies in the tune of 425 million. And still they say we don't need regulation. In Florida I might add whose governor previous engagement was accused of exactly that. Regulations protects ordinary citizens from crooks and swindlers. Like mitt Romney. Obama forward 2012.
Well, shouldn't we be bailing out the airlines now? They employee a bunch of Americans.

No, they won't get a bailout, because it's not one industry concentrated in a specific area with a big voting block to pander to. No, American Airlines will file for bankruptcy and pull itself up by it's own bootstraps.

And, for the record, Ford didn't need a bailout because they were a responsible company, Chrysler is still a disaster in spite of the bailout, and only GM benefited from screwing the pooch for decades and then getting bailed out.

Which, of course, has nothing to do with the White House, but look where the conversation has gone.
+papa githiomi nice how you skipped right over the conversation on forced mortgages to buyers who couldn't pay to make your point...
Regulations are written by the crooks for the crooks. It not about protecting you, it's about protecting themselves. The free market provides real regulation and protection. The first step to a free market is the end of the FED and its magic printing press. Free Markets don't work without real money. The free market died in 1913 and we have had nothing close to it ever since.
Mr Cecil as I agreed its not that I don't agree with you to some extent but as I said I will pick the lesser of 2 evils. Obama forward 2012.
I hope the overpaid MBA drone that created this waste of time wasn't being paid with tax dollars.
The housing meltdown was caused by people reflecting their government's attitude that you can spend all you want and over leverage yourself because we can always tell the "haves" to bail you out.

The banks lent what they shouldn't have to people who couldn't cover their bets because the government told them "we (meaning the taxpayers) have your backs".

Thanks for playing- can we send all 535 clowns out to pasture now and the regulators they empowered too?
I say each family or individual to stop borrowing and live within your means. That will shrink government but in return cause unruly people to uproar since no more free money.
Yes +Jeffrey Hamby I had the same reaction when I read what +William Stodden said .... I got chills in my body .....I Know corporations are a huge problem but Gosh!!! with all due respect William, I've seen firsthand what nationalization means and believe me you do not want that to the US .... Please never ever wish it.... Nationalizations = involution and destruction
+papa githiomi It is not yet time for the lesser of 2 evil talk. Romney is not in yet. Ron Paul is winning delegates all over the place including in MA where is took the majority. Get behind Ron Paul!! We can win this for freedom and liberty, but we need everyones help!
Notice it was considerably higher the previous 6 years that the Democrat who made this has cut off the chart to add dramatic effect. Waste of my eyes to look at.
This just in... When politicians do nothing, everybody benefits. I say the next presidential term should be a 4 year long filibuster in the name of progress.
Well Mr Cecil again lesser of 2 evils ron Paul will still have to follow Republican base. He is not alone you know. He will not win your clearly not with the present. Obama 2012.
+Jeffrey Hamby How much research does it take to find the Obama Forward talking points? I'm SURE mr. papa read up before he commented, because the content is very dynamic there [wide grin of irony]
+Jeffrey Hamby Congratulations on repeating Fox News talking points that have been refuted time and time again. Absolutely nothing occurred in the Clinton Administration that "forced" lenders to offer housing plans to people who couldn't afford them. As a matter of fact, if you'd done your research (which I'm sure you haven't), you'd know that the initiative you're referring to made up less than 10% of the homes that were foreclosed on between 2008-2011.

The deregulation by the GOP ignited a spark that told the mortgage industry they had free run to take advantage of as many people as possible in the hopes of filling the bank's pockets with even more money, trapping millions of homeowners in a state of permanent debt. (You know, like credit card companies.)

But hey, why place blame on the rich, greedy and unscrupulous, when you can just blame the poor and the government. I'm sure you'll keep regurgitating that trope as often as possible. As psychology has shown, the more you repeat an idea -- regardless of it's validity, the more people will assume it's true.
+Jerod Weeks I like it better when people understand and add color to the talking points. That's what makes them credible and interesting. Parrots don't have a vote in the US.
When looking at the chart - consider the source and a grain or two of salt.
Imagine if we didn't have a gridlocked Congress that could create job legitimate job bills. However, a minority in Congress keep saying "no" to everything and remember, for most of them it is only about stopping Obama, not helping the everyday American.
Mr grebner I agree you see the irony they say he has failed yet do nothing but hinder legislation that helps ordinary Americans. Its a farce. Republicans are counting on people not thinking through the last year its evident their goal is not to help us. In fact the majority house Republican leader said they are going to lose the house election. Now how much more do you need to know other than they are failures. Obama 2012.
Actually I agree with Mr weeks laws come from congress and they haven't given us anything that is helping. Out with the Republicans.
Source: Bureau of the Obama Campaign. Because, who are we really trying to fool, we never stopped campaigning. To another 4 years of attention whoring via the interwebz. #cheers
While we're at it, out with the stonewalling democrat leadership in the Senate who haven't presented or acted upon a budget since President Obama took office. It's far too easy to look past the democrat-controlled senate beam in your eye and scratch at the relatively newly elected Republican majority in the House.

It's time to clean house. Continuing resolutions are for the irresolute, spineless politicos. Send them home. All of them.
Nationalization? Isn't that Communism? Yeah, that works. Christ.

The President can't "create jobs". He can pay people welfare sitting in their house, or he can pay people welfare sitting in an office. He cannot create demand where there is none with the swipe of a pen. If he could, he would've done it already.

There are no jobs because they all went overseas, and the jobs went overseas because Americans, at all levels, are greedy and entitled.

Shifting the same sweaty wad of money around, from bubble to bubble, from poor to rich, or from rich to poor doesn't get us anywhere but further in debt.
Good point Mr stodden corporation claim they are citizens of this great nation then why is it they ship jobs to other countries they should be ashamed to be Americans. We need to stand up for what is right. Obama 2012.
I find it very interesting that you choose to omit data found prior to 2008. I also find it funny that your account is called "White House" because last time I checked the "White House" wasn't picking parties. Obama get off of social networking and do your job.
Mr brooks in case you missed the graph that started this thread. Their evidence is in the pudding. Tomorrow president Obama starts his reelection campaign in Columbus Ohio. We are moving forward. Obama 2012.
Personally, I prefer a president who is all talk. Beats the hell out of gambling on another ideological loose cannon. All talk and no action just feels like good ol' fashioned politics to me. You know who I'm voting for... #ronswansonforpresident
Corporations are people, it's all they can be, without people what do you have? If the American tax structure, red tape and worker (people) make it hard to make money A company has no choice but to go somewhere else to do it. More so if they are publicly traded. Sadly we have done this to ourselves by allowing more and more government involvement. I blame my grandparents generation for allowing so much since the new deal.
You want to hear the jobs report for the month of April?

Here it is: This past month, Barack Obama successfully managed to employ 115,000 individuals this week which lowered the unemployment rate from 8.2% to 8.1%. As you can see, this is a clear sign that Barack Obama is continuing to gain momentum on his warpath to reelection by strengthening the US economy...Hold on a moment...whats this? Wow. Obama did add jobs to the economy. But guess how many people left the workforce (the sum total of those employed and those looking for employment?) in the month of April? 522,000 unemployed stop looking for work in the month of April effectively leaving the American workforce. Total unemployment stands at a record 14.5%. Good job, Mr. Obama. You're really making progress. Reelection looks like a sure thing now. And we all know that that is the only thing you care about.
Well Mr Hancock your clearly one of the people that stopped looking for work. The facts are clear 26 straight months of job growth. The economy is growing and as they say the free market will not till next election to move forward its doing just that. Funny how Republicans claim they are for business bush Jr just presided over jobs losses for last 12 months of his presidency. Democrats fix Republicans destroy the facts are clear.
sounds nice, but can u offer me it in person? lolz ;4}
Mr wahl you seem to have forgotten we went into a economic mess due to deregulation by the bush administration. So unfortunately corporations get tax cuts save tons of money and go ahead and lay off thousands. So based on your argument during bush era we should have been extremely prosperous but alas the corporations took the money and ran and whether we change the tax rate or not we still can't compete with china and corporations don't care the profit margin will not allow them to.
Unfortunately, the amount of people not working since Obama took office has grown by 7.5 million.
+papa githiomi Sure, Barack Obama has added jobs to the economy. That is obvious. But when you look at how many people are out of work in this country (the total percentage which stands at 14.5%, not just those actively seeking a job) the results are astonishing. The American workforce is the smallest it has ever been dating back to 1984. And when you consider the amount of money President Obama has spent in the past 4 years (currently 5 trillion dollars) and compare that to the number of jobs he has added to the economy, you will find that we are spending about 1.4 million dollars per a job created under the Obama administration. Considering that the median income of American jobs is 46,000 dollars it is very easy to see that the American people are not making a good investment. Furthermore, under the Obama presidency, the economy has lost a total of 4,317,000 jobs while only gaining 3,745,000 jobs. That is a net LOSS of 572,000 jobs my friend. When you review these facts and consider the amount of money we've spent to create those 3.7 million jobs, you will find that Barack Obama does not have a leg to stand on. Now I don't quite understand what you think is being fixed here. Barack Obama's economic policies have failed as you can clearly see. Also I'm a bit confused as to why you feel the need to make personal attacks regarding my job status. I'm 17 years old, in the midst of pursuing an education. But rest assured, I'll have a job soon enough.

(All statistics are a courtesy of the Bureau of Labor Statistics)
+papa githiomi And one final thing that I failed to mention previously. When you also look at the fact that their are about 4 million babies born in America each year, the job growth under Barack Obama isn't even accounting for population growth. So what you have is a situation where the american population is actually growing faster then the American workforce...which is...well not good.
how closed minded you are. It is bad all over the world. The fact that jobs are being created during these uncertain economic times is a good thing and dont be fooled into thinking that any other person in the presidents position could do any better. Get your head out of your ass.
+Erik Hancock
Are you really 17? You sound mature for your age if you are and it gives me hope about the next generation of americans.

Obama needs a miracle because i havent seen a president get re-elected with unemployment rate higher than 7 1/2 %
The economy is fine, given the efficiency job loss ratios. If anything, we should be loosing even more jobs due to increased efficiency, but somehow we are experiencing increased private sector growth in the United States of all places. How long is this country going to ignore the President's success in Detroit? He made the bailout of his predecessor work by INCREASING efficiency standards and thus forced American corporations to create better quality vehicles with climbing efficiency standards, leading to PROFITS. That is economic success by all meaningful definitions.

We should listen Mitt Romney and pay more attention to the President's economic record. It's beaten Congress' easily.
+William Stodden Nice; you're one of those internet geniuses that can tell everybody about themselves without ever meeting. No sense in trying to have a discussion since you know every damn thing.

+Steve Wahl exactly right. People crack me up when they talk about corporations as if they're that evil black plague coming in from space in Fifth Element. What, are you guys all working on a private farm or something? Oh, that's right, it's the other corporations that are evil...
+Candace Nicholson so you're completely unaware of the strengthening of the Community Redevelopment Act of 1977 under the Clinton administration along with the National Homeownership Strategy?

Action 11: Removing Barriers to Mortgage Financing for Starter Homes
Action 29: Alternative Approaches to Homebuying Transactions
Action 35: Home Mortgage Loan-to-Value Flexibility
Action 36: Subsidies to Reduce Downpayment and Mortgage Costs
Action 44: Flexible Mortgage Underwriting Criteria
Action 45: Public-Private Leveraging for Affordable Home Financing

The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) was revised to force lenders to make loans to uncreditworthy borrowers as a cost of doing business. The Riegle-Neal Act was passed making compliance with The Community Reinvestment Act a prerequisite for banks to expand, make acquisitions or operate in more than one state.

So, you're sure it was rhetoric by the Bush administration? Really?
+William Stodden take a look at Chile, Hong Kong, and SIngapore for examples of what a free market can do for a country. They're about the only real world examples of one anyway.
+MICHAEL BROWN keep in mind no government creates jobs. The money they use is your money which they've taken from you to spend elsewhere.

That means money you could have either spent or invested/saved. Either way, you rmoney helps the economy.

When a government spends taxpayers' money on job programs they're merely moving them. Or like in our case, they simply print more money, deflating what you've saved.

Either way, you lose.
+papa githiomi actually the economic mess is because of government interference, by telling the banking industry that everyone deserves a mortgage whether they can pay or not and that no matter what they do they along with the auto industry are to big to fail. Capitalism works every time it's tried, even in China as crazy as that is, but if you don't let it weed out bad decisions/ideas as it goes we get this type of correction. It always corrects itself.

We were prosperous until the Democrats took over the House and Senate in 07 then the white house in 09 witch it seems to me was right when the crap hit the fan. So basically they have had most of the power since 07 and haven't made a budget or stopped giving away money since.

Bush wasn't always right in his spending or big brother policy either but I would gladly go back to those or even the Clinton days over this guy.
Mr wahl I disagree absolutely. Your argument makes the Democratic form of government a sham. If your idea is to let things weed themselves then why do we go into other countries to tell them how to run their country isn't that to ensure a fair prosperous future for them. From your point of view democracy is a sham and we should go to any other for of government like the Chinese. If our government is not their to protect the citizens what is it their for. Obama 2012.
Actually bush was absolutely wrong on spending he never tried to get taxes. Cutting taxes for the rich and destroying the middle class. Facts remain a prosperous nation is one with a growing middle class china has a growing middle class they have made jobs available so their control of the markets are working therefore your argument in itself is flawed. So to finish my point if the growing economy right now is one that regulates why then should we not it is working.
+William Stodden: FROM WHERE did you get such impressions about HK?! We, those who are living in HK, do not share this same view with yours.
Can you please share with us more about your insights and WHAT kind of information you have based them on?
HK belongs to China now, but the ECONOMY is not 'strongly controlled by the Government' (be it PRC Gov. or HKSAR (local) Gov.).
There are many problems with the local economy (in HK) at the moment, while basically NONE of them are directly related to 'control of Government'.

Actually, if it does, 'lack of control/intervention' is! The local economy is strongly biased and interrupted by the (few) mega real estate developers, to mention the most 'basic' problem, and the inflation rates has flown high, the local small businesses are dying because of this (the sky-high-still-flying-like-rockets rent!);
THUS, we have been asking for a bit of CONTROL (or say, regulation) by the government to help narrow the HUGE gap between the rich and the poor a bit....
P.S.: +William Stodden, you are NOT wrong about HK having been handed over to PRC, politically; but you simply LACK information about the ECONOMIC situation of HK, not to say the simple fact that HK has become a 'Special Administrative Region' of its kind, which is, theorectically, NOT UNDER CONTROL of PRC (/CCP).
We have 'One Country, Two System' as the basis of such arrangements......
But, In think your point has been valid, regardless of the wrong perception you have got about the status of HK,
AS free market has brought us (HK people) a lot of hardship, with monopoly everywhere, mega, huge, unethical enterprises controlling the city, rents and property prices flying sky-high, etc.

I don't think (absolutely) free market works the best, and HK can act as a real-life example of how bad it gets......
Mr hung you understand the importance of regulation without it this country would be in even worse predicaments
+William Stodden you could do that, but neither Island nor Spain were purely capitalist. Both governments had nationalized industries, and both were spending more than 100% of their GDP. Now, go actually read about Chile's intervention and you'll see that you're absolutely wrong.

The Dutch East India company was not nationalized. They were a private enterprise that was granted a monopoly by their government and highly taxed as a result.

+papa githiomi only 300mm of China's residents participate in their new economy and even they believe that has peaked.
Mr stobben I absolutely agree and that's what Republicans want to be the case if they can reduce government involvement then they can manipulate the right for everyone to access and that's why Republicans side with big businesses they can control the masses by price fixing and exclusions for some people. That sounds like sometime in the past when their was segregation. How convenient is it that the motives of the Republican party coincide with the powers the corporations can wield on the public. Please let's all agree that this country was founded to ensure Americans are free and have a future free of tyranny. That's the future if we let Republicans take over this country. Obama forward 2012.
+papa githiomi do you honestly think that's the stance of Republicans? If so, you're not a progressive, just a party fanboy.
+William Stodden I could argue some of those points, but to be honest I'm not a pure libertarian and believe government should be providing some services.

All those you described though are services that should be handled at the state and local level. To target education, ours (the US) has gone downhill since the federal government got involved. Fire and police services are locally funded, though DHS involvement of late has created some gray area.

War is never something that can really be discussed in matters of free market as it's always governmental. But there are plenty of examples of private enterprise energy projects including dams to take look at.

Even the railroads across the US were built with private money. Railroad bonds were a very popular investment tool in the 1800s.

The interstate system is an interesting one born out of fear during the cold war. We already haf highways, but Ike wanted more. What we have because of it is nice, but very expensive to maintain and in a sad state of repair.
Yes Mr hamby. I absolutely believe that. They want a free market to allow them to do as they wish. The federal government is the civil rights ultimate watch dog. If it wasn't for the federal government we would still be segregated. Same with immigrants they are under federal jurisdiction. If no federal control the kkk can come back and order America to bow to its will. Off course this is an exaggeration but that's what Republicans do everyday politics of fear. Kkk is dead why they married immigrants.
Mr hamby you are extremely naive to think the republican base is for real American freedom. Freedom for gay men. They just fired a gay man from romeys campaign. Freedom for black people. Herman. Cain was a silly excuse to show loyalty to that segment a ploy. Freedom for women smart women don't need to write notes on their palms. Freedom to rise to the office of the president. They have said they don't care how or why they want Obama out if you believe its due to his spending that's ridiculous. They cant say a single positive thing. They are the party of NO to freedom. Obama forward 2012.
+papa githiomi I'm neither a republican nor a democrat, and think anyone who fully buys into one party while fully dismissing the other is a moron at best.
Mr hamby. I think that unfortunately the parties have agenda's of their own and what you might think is open minded they all server to attain the greater goal. I believe the Democratic greater goal is one I can live with. I may also add that if this country didn't have only 2 choices to pick from and please don't say independent is even a possibility, I would be for it. The system itself is unjust and quite frankly not progressive. We need a political revolution to change America. Obama forward 2012.
this is so not true
its sad they would even post shit like this unless they have proof
Colonel, What kind of proof would satisfy you? If you would let them know, i'm sure the proof could be found
It would be nice to know who they are counting and who they are not.
the report is based on the standard job report that is been in place for several decades. It is not a campaign count or white house count or ...
+Barzia Tehrani there are six different measures the government uses. The President likes to use U1 because it makes the numbers look better. His opponents like the U6 because it makes him look worse.

It's always about campaigning.
Mr hamby. Then bush Jr looked even worse now. Since he probably used u1 stats. That's what would be the case if mitt Romney is elected we would hamper the growth we have achieved and slow recovery even further. I would like to share a story. Two men both white American. One is a rich landlord with 10 properties atleast. The other a retired civil servant living off pension. The rich starts the conversation in the gym where both go everyday. "This Obama guy is destroying everything trying to rise taxes its socialist. Retired civil servant. He knows the rich guy doesnt pay taxes through loopholes. Retired civil servant pays full amounts through his set income. He replies what do you mean he is destroying everything. I worked hard all my life and even though I am on a fixed income why should I be the only one paying you think its fair for you to pay nothing to the prosperity of this nation. You want to take and give nothing while the rest of us pay the tab. I agree with Obama it should be fair. Needless to say the white rich guy was surprised he thought because he lives a life of fortune that another white in the gym must be in the same situation only to find out that president Obama has a valid point that resonates with ordinary people. Mitt Romney is like that rich guy. Arrogant. out of touch and wrong to think he will get total support. Obama forward 2012.
How many available jobs became unavailable? How many job seekers stopped looking? Were these components factered into the mix?
Mr Moore they probably didn't we all know they would show the negative of the process but needles to say their had been 26 straight months of growth under president Obama's term its what he was elected to do. I wonder why mitt Romney closed his Swiss bank last year before the primary election begun? He must have thought ordinary America would not appreciate his extent of his success or the lack of investment in his own country while he was going to preach free markets he freely took his $ away and didn't help anyone. Well atleast he will have elevator for his cars at his new summer home. Obama forward 2012.
Mr hamby. If people gave up looking that's not someone who is going to attract the right people. That's a personal choice to stop looking. But their jobs benign created every month. 4.2 million jobs since he took office that's what we wanted and we will reelect him to keep it going. Obama forward 2012.
+papa githiomi You conveniently failed to respond to the facts I presented you with that clearly show the failures of this president when it comes to the economy. Whose closed minded now?

And your statements regarding Obama's job creation is absolutely false. He has created 3.7 million jobs according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
+Roberto Galdamez Thanks. I always try to respond to people in a mature manner but its more of my interest in politics then anything else that drives me towards these sorts of discussions, but I can't say that most people my age are into politics like I am.
Mr Hancock why do you think that would change my mind their is more that this president has done. He delivered on everything he promised. Stock market is up 60% since he took office. 2 wars are coming to an end and 20,000 troops coming home. Health care reform whether or not you like it first president in 40 yrs to aggressively attempt to .make change. Don't ask don't tell is over. U see their is a lot I look at when his scorecard comes up and whether he didn't achieve all you wanted he exceeded what most expected. 26 straight months of job growth and 4.2 million jobs created by private sector. We survived the greatest economic disaster with president Obama leading the way. Obama forward 2012.
Mr stodden the president is not the person who creates jobs its the private sector that creates the majority of jobs. 4.2 million jobs since he took office the private sector that is. He used the bail out money which saved the automotive industry which has paid back the debt and profit is up. He avoided government shut down through keeping the largest loan finance companies from crumbling Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Which would have greatly destroy our credit rating which in turn prevent small business opportunity to borrow $ to running also rates would have most certainly gone up for everyone. He is a great president. Obama 2012.
I agree that the president creates no jobs (congress might if they actually authorized a budget). And yet +papa githiomi he routinely reports how many jobs he has created. It's lovely how from his seat he can have it both ways.
Mr griess he reports the state of the recovery and not once has he said I have created he says the private sector. He has been a great leader and lead through to a better situation. With stock market back to 13000 points and above which I might add will spike when Facebook goes IPO. We will be in probably 14000 territory by next month. What does this mean we are growing their is confidence and 26 straight months of job growth is not a coincidence but a proven record of success. Obama forward 2012.
Mr griess I would like to ask you to give me an example of a business that started during bush jr's last term that not only created jobs but will have the label made in America. I can give you one during president Obama's term. The company green tech automotive. Yup an automotive company what will they produce well just the cheapest electric car in the world. ($9,000-$15.000) where will it be built; horn lake, Mississippi. This project was under taken by a Democrat from Virginia; Mr Terrence. R. Mcauliffe. His goal to address two issues jobs to Americans and energy security. Now this probably doesn't mean anything to you but to me its progress in the right direction. I will also add that the technology was bought from china. Yup china. He could have stayed in china he would have made more profit for himself and the company but again the goal was not solely about $ its to create something that $ can't buy a better future for more than just one man. You would call this socialist I guess. Obama forward 2012.
Papa, I appreciate the challenge you offer me, but I am not going to defend a president who is no longer in office, nor am I going to tear down the one we have. While I agree it's nice that the DJIA is now above 13000, I wonder, since it is denominated in US dollars what it would be worth if we hadn't flooded the money supply with more fresh ink. Assuming the markets were neutral, that is that they didn't react negatively to the extra float, the DJIA should be closer to 14000 now. More likely, it would be higher, since there were dips in the markets as the various so-called quantitative easings were announced.

Again, I can't undo what this president has done, but I can extrapolate and try to discuss the ideas he puts forth. For the record, I am not necessarily in favor of making and branding everything in America. I'm happy GM builds and sells cars in China just as I am that Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, BMW, etc. build and sell here. I am for free-market choice. If it weren't better for them to assemble here, they surely wouldn't as they have an obligation to return value for their shareholders. Many manufacturers, and whole classes of product, have been driven from the US because of environmental laws enacted over many administrations. OK, they are gone. If we can't have sufficiently safe manufacture of LCD displays in the US, does that mean we shouldn't sell smart phones, computers, TVs, etc here? Can we place blame? Is it a bad thing that the emerging markets now have manufacturing capacity and people with means enough to buy their own cars and phones and hold their own governments to account?

I depend on lots of companies from around the world succeeding. If they don't my 401K won't support my future needs. These companies need to make good business decisions, ethical ones about where to build and who to hire. I'm counting on those decisions to grow my investments and to provide security and income for me and my family as I suspect I'll see less than will meet our needs from Social Security.

I am not about tit-for-tat talking points, I'm for living free in this great country. I'm for everyone everywhere being free and informed enough to make up their own minds.
Mr griess would have been easier to say you can't find any because mitt Romney is planning to return to the same policies that bush Jr presided over and thus the regular Joe would rather have a president who promotes national prosperity first not for profit organizations that have not loyalty to their constituents. We need a leader whom takes the oath and means it and I will not and we should not vote for mitt Romney he will sell us out in the name of profit. This president has done a great job. Obama forward 2012.
Mr. Githiomi, do not attempt to put words in my mouth, young sir. You have no idea what I can and cannot do. May I ask, are you an immigrant, unaware of the conventions of the English language or just lazy? How is it you capitalize Joe but don't show respect for Mr. Romney. Everyone who leads our major parties is worthy of respect whether or not you agree with their policies.

I never expected to convince you to vote for Mitt Romney. You demonstrate regularly that you are an Obama drone.
Mr griess I agree everyone is entitled to respect more so the leader of this great nation. Also since mitt Romney hasn't yet to positively critic the president on any issue that he might agree was the right cause of action. The bail out. The mission to kill osama. The health care reform fashioned after his own policy as governor. Nothing is respectfully criticised by your presumptive candidate why on God's green earth do the same. Obama 2012.
I am not a Republican. I have not defended George W. Bush nor endorsed any candidate for 2012. I don't have a candidate. If you can't engage me in the discussion of ideas, don't bother referring to me.

One last plea. Please if you are going to use English as your language of written communication, take the time to use it well; names (first and last) and titles take the initial Capital letter. It is Mitt Romney and President Obama, but average Joe.
Well Mr griess you have made yourself clear its not about what party we endorse its the person. I endorse president Obama. I will not agree to your sentiments that since a business man made money in the private sector and is successful that means he can lead this great nation. You wants us to agree that free markets work when in fact they failed under bush Jr. (Yes I use Jr to emphasis the lack of leadership). The people want fair government and actually this president hasn't increased government. He is the only president that didn't do that. Bush Senior did to kick start the economy. Will your lack of reality to the situation is clouding your thought the rest of us see it clearly. Obama forward 2012.
Again, please do attempt to put words in my mouth. In none of my posts have I said anything about a business man who made money in the private sector leading this great nation. Read them again. I never suggested anyone's name as president. I am discussing principles and overly filtered claims.
Mr griess well then we have nothing further to discuss. I don't believe any claims have been inflated and the principles this current administration is upholding are sound. The proof is in the pudding.
This post will determine whether Mr. Papa Githiomi will always have the last word.
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Those jobs numbers are pure bullshit.
What a poor argument you present. HP has been slowly killing itself by a serious lack of innovation. That's one single company being run poorly. 
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