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We're excited to announced the latest step in President and Mrs. Obama’s efforts to truly make 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue “The People’s House”, by working with +Google Art Project to create a virtual 360-degree tour of the White House’s public rooms. Check it out:
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I was surprised to see people in the video with cameras taking pictures. When I checked about a tour, I was told absolutely no cameras were permitted.

Why the difference?
comme d'habitude, ceux qui ont vraiment fait l'histoire, ne sont pas là : ô
the "People's House?" ... like Ceaucescu did?
"We're excited to announced the latest step..."

I know I shouldn't expect everyone to proofread for typos, but is it too much to expect it of the freakin' White House?
Wow, you caught that (announced) too! 
I like this video so much I want to take the tour!
If you can own it after they've taken it from you. They took my spouse and made him run. We owned our house! Please vote them out or impeach them!
And in this back room are all the campaign workers forging signatures to get me on the ballot in all legislative districts..... moving on....
when I was three, my father was Kennedy's campaign manager in Ohio. My dad took me to the white house and President Kennedy invited us in to see our house. I wish I remember this...Thanks for the movie.
wow.. i went there but only outside of defense not close to seen real white house
Very cool! And what exactly do you know of history Mrs. Obama? (serous question.) Seams your husband is in some hot water politically. May I suggest reading the federalist papers. Do you happen to know the difference between a democracy and a republic?
Seams like you need some spellcheck.
great that will help the gas prices and the economy, glad to see they have their priorities in order. I wonder how his ncaa bracket came out.
+andrew dietsch Small things like making it possible for people to see what the White House is like might help engage them in the running of their country. It might help provoke an interest. As to gas prices, the president doesn't really have an effect on those.
I like the idea of opening the White House to everyone! (-_-)
I like the idea of kicking out the Obamas
Love how he takes credit (along with his wife) to make it the "people's house" already belongs to us. Everything he writes and says is egotistical, elitist, and condescending. Nice. Could have just presented this without having to inject himself and wife into it. But that would be too humble.
I've heard burglars used google maps to plan a burglary. Can't, like, terrorists use this to plan an attack?
Apparently they don't have anything better to do
Wat that a bull shitt in my communication?
This is awesome. Why didn't George W. Bush do this? Oh yeah, he's an idiot.
How about doing something important? Or you could just retire in November, that would also be satisfactory.
He's doing a good job. I guess some people think that they would be better, but try to think about what responsibilities he has. Then decide whether you want him in office. If you think you can do a better job, why? Would you be able to daily face the committees and the Senate?
Would you have the necessary knowledge to run the whole country?
so many people work against him and yet he remains poised and dignified.
My 8 week old son really appreciates all debt Obama has given him... Thanks!
I have an easier way...they can just move out come JANUARY 2013.

NOBAMA 2012!!!!!
this is a beautiful proposal. People of the United States cannot visit the White House because of security reasons? After all, it does belong to the American people. If we do not deport all of our immigrants from the 1600,, +1 1212? I was born in our great capital of the District of Columbia. Now I cannot get an identification card because they want to export me to Columbia? Do we have a law in our government that we must export all immigrants? Someone needs to get on the ball. If laws are passed in such a manner, then we will not have a united states of America. We will not have a president or Congress or Senate or anything else. I
we got immigrants? (no way!)
Wow this is a great new approach!
Sean G
You Rock +Barack Obama ! We Will Vote You Back... Think doing great job! Esp, with Mess you were handed....
sorry that I must talk on a microphone to speak as a handy Person must speak on a microphone speech to text to do typing for me spelling may not be correct. Please understand. The United States of America is a great country and are proud country from the early immigrants that set foot on this country's, sure we the people by the people for the people. If our president of the United States do not get Up for the people that it is time to step down. President of the United States of America did not step down. We are soldiers and we would never stand. America AT attention.
Eric, if the Google group ponies up for an iPad, do you promise to read Shakespeare, Kant, Dostoevsky et al instead of porn...mostly?
some people have short memories. ALL the debt we see is from bush and his illegal wars (and handing welfare to the rich)
I love having the ability to tour the +The White House using Google StreetView. Thanks for sharing. Hopefully, I'll actually get to see it in person one day.
I feel very optimistic in this tech of all possible worlds.
George, really, what's with the coiffure?
停止乱印钞票!(stop print too much money)
In light of your shameful defense (second link) of these war criminals and their lies I'd like you to take a look at the first link here.

Israel was behind 9/11. 9/11 was done (by mossad at the request of western interests with assistance from the CIA) to provide a pretext to plunder the middle east. These are not opinions to be debated; These are facts to be dealt with.

Obama Warns Not To Challenge Official 9/11 Story
it hasnt been there for 200 years its been there for like 100 it burned down
Truly beautify it by getting Yves worst president ever out of there.
Estoy en desacuerdo con aquellos ilegales los cuales ingresan a un país violando cuanta norma se les ha impuesto y en desacuerdo con aquellos que requieren de USA todo aquello que en su país no han conseguido. Señalo entonces; Enójate con tu país de origen, pídele cuentas a tu presidente y lucha por conseguir justicia. Debes quedar agradecida con USA ya, que, puedes trabajar, vestir, calzar y educar a tus hijos
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