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“If you’re mad at me for helping people on my own, let’s team up. Let’s pass some bills. Let’s help America together.” —President Obama in Austin on GOP obstruction in Congress: #OpportunityForAll
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"You must be the other guy!" 
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The White House

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President Obama's doing his job to fight for middle-class families. It's time for the GOP in Congress to do theirs →
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well, nero fiddled while rome took to burning up but mr. big, me thinks, likes to laugh....i just wonder at who; maybe us
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This year, President Obama has taken more than 40 actions and counting to expand #OpportunityForAll, including expanding pay-as-you-earn to help up to 5 million borrowers pay for college:
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I want all of you to understand a basic fact of life in this country regarding the costs of a college education.
If you arebon active duty in the military you can get assistance to help you pay for college while you are serving in the armed forces. If you are a veteran with any service connected medical condition you can go to college through the vocational rehabilitation program and get money to pay for college, if you are a veteran who is not disabled you can get financing through the gi. Bill.
If you are not in any of those categories you must apply for college loans in other ways, but in each case you must pay back the money you got to pay for college.
What i am talking about in regard to the cost of college loans is the fact that politicians who came from wealthy families never had to worry about how they could afford to go to college and get the education that they needed in order to qualify for certain professional jobs, and they often have a very negative attitude toward the vast majority of american students whose families are not wealthy.
Being born into a wealthy family and being surrounded by wealth often makes those people ignorant of the world around them because they equate wealth with success, and in their minds, if you are not wealthy or come from a family that is wealthy they consider you to be a failure, even if you have a good college education and a good job.
They just cannot comprehend let alone concieve of a world where most people are not wealthy like them so they can ot understand what most families must go through financially in order to pay for the cost of a college education for their kids when the time comes.
The fact that you are not wealthy and that it must take you a long time to pay off your colkege loans does not make you a failure or lazy, it just makes you more aware of the reality that most families have to deal with this problem while wealthy families do not need to worry about how they will be able to pay off those college loans.
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“It’s a good thing when nobody who works full-time is living in poverty. That’s not un-American. That’s not radical. It’s right. It’s what built this country.” —President Obama in Denver on expanding #OpportunityForAll: #RaiseTheWage
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He has my approval as long as it is what the people want. He has to do Congress job and his own job, because Congress is not doing their job. Shame on Congress.
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The White House

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Family and fireworks:
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Happy independence day demcrats, tea baggers sucks and republicans..
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President Obama’s launching a new initiative to make sure every child has access to excellent teachers regardless of their race, zip code, or family income → #ReachHigher
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Have them in circles
2,310,518 people
"This country succeeds when everybody has got a shot." —President Obama in Austin on expanding #OpportunityForAll:
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My comment to the president is why are you all allowing Cps to legally still babies I'm in a battle at this moment with they stole my then 9 mo old nephew from me and july 17 when we go back to courtt they giving him to some white people to adopt I may never see him again what if it was you Mr President this is my dying brother's child something has got to be done sone laws changed not all parent are bad parent.
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Share if you agree: It’s time to raise the minimum wage for all Americans → #RaiseTheWage
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 Americans are never satisfied to China ---- unless you are willing to become its toe, a second-rate country Fushoutieer; unless you senseless wanton deterioration of the international environment on which their own survival, especially with neighboring countries themselves the relationship made tense, conflicts with self-trapped loner, four by the enemy's sinister situation;
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President Obama is fighting to restore the American Dream for everybody who's willing to work for it: #OpportunityForAll
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The White House

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They wrote the President. Now he’ll meet them. President Obama heads to Denver to meet with Americans who wrote him letters on the challenges and successes in their lives →
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+Jayson Hatcher yeah yeah you had your chance to remove him from office with your failed #OAS movement too bad six people showed up.
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“All children are entitled to a high-quality education regardless of their race, zip code, or family income.” —Secretary Duncan on today's new initiative to make sure every child has access to excellent teachers → #ReachHigher
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Bottom line Edu. When you tea bag the problem, quality is always there in the shadows. Just waiting on crumpets. Sweet and low-Dr Stop 
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"As we pause on this Fourth of July to celebrate what makes us American, we salute all of you whose service and sacrifice renews that promise of America every single day." —President Obama to troops, veterans and military families. 
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God bless United state of America,and their president Barack  Obama
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