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HVAC mechanic, Salesman, Writer, Loves music and food, loves to argue - yep, that's me.
HVAC mechanic, Salesman, Writer, Loves music and food, loves to argue - yep, that's me.

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Corey Kluber, Ace of the Cleveland Indians
Another right handed ace out of Texas, Corey Kluber Source Cleveland Indians Ace, Corey Kluber Corey Kluber is the ace of the Cleveland Indians starting rotation. There aren't many Major League rotations he'd not be the ace of. The spot is all his, and has ...

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The year was 1982, and Toto IV ruled the airwaves on FM radio. I was 8 years old, and had my own radio/cassette player. It was my pride and my joy.

Ever present on the rock stations that year were the sounds of Toto's 'Rosanna' (MEET YOU ALL THE WAY!) and 'Africa.' Fabulous tunes which give me a rush of adrenaline and nostalgia when I hear them now, all these years later.

But compartmentalizing Steve Lukather as the guitarist from Toto is very short sighted. He's played guitar on more than FIFTEEN HUNDRED albums. He's sort of a badass, really, but an understated and very classy one.

Steve is just THE GUY for many many stars to go to - and then only if he's available. His guitar of choice for years has been an Ernie Ball Music Man designed just for him. The newest one is the Luke III 

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Yamaha has been building musical instruments for well more than a hundred years. They make a lot more than musical instruments, but such were the very foundation of the company.

In the world of guitars Yamaha has a sterling reputation for value. You get a terrific guitar for the money you spend with Yamaha, from their least expensive to their most expensive, you seem to get MORE than what you pay for.

The Yamaha SG 2000 was known as 'the Les Paul Killer.' Well, you could certainly get one for less money than a comparable Gibson Les Paul. Today on the used market, folks know what they have. Thanks to the internet you don't have sellers who've not done their research. A used SG 2000 in good condition is still a better value than a brand spanking new Les Paul Classic. 

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Tony Iommi and the Gibson Tony Iommi SG Guitar
Heavy Metal Pioneer - Tony Iommi Tony Iommi and one of his Gibson SG guitars. Black Sabbath - With Ronnie James Dio Black Sabbath (original lineup) Tony Iommi signs a Gibson SG Tony Iommi - Heavy Metal Guitar Pioneer It is impossible to think of heavy metal...

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The great Steve Vai is someone to be celebrated for his highly individualistic style, his extreme dedication and work ethic, and all the great music he's been a part of.

He started with Frank Zappa at just 18 years of age, and was hired to transcribe music. He created unique forms of musical notation, and they were needed because Zappa was so ferociously distinct. He then went to work playing in the band with Frank, and he'd be credited famously in album notes for his 'impossible guitar parts.'

From there he went on to do solo work, replaced Yngwie J. Malmsteen in 'Alcatraz,' and then joined with David Lee Roth, who'd only ever had a guy named Van Halen play guitar behind him before that.

And Steve Vai has done quite a lot more besides all of that. But it's now been 30 years of straight production of Ibanez JEM guitars. The JEM was designed with and for Steve Vai. You know a JEM when you see a guitar with a handle to carry it with built into the body. Heresy! ha! 
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