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Geofencing in Auto dealership app

Android Geofencing with Google Maps

Geofencing is a simple tool that can be set up to send notifications when a geographical area is entered or exited, or both. For example, a geofencing enabled app can alert us with any notification of interest if the person with the app enter a ‘geofenced’ geographical area per Google maps. Now, with the new Location APIs, Google’s location algorithm has been rewritten to give accurate and use less battery life.

Geofencing allows one to add,/edit,/delete geofences and allows one to choose:-
* When to be notified (entering or exiting the area, or both)
* How to be notified (phone vibrating or playing a sound, or both)
* What your phone is to do automatically on notification: turn on/off WI-FI or Bluetooth

* Normal, Silent or Vibrate mode, send automatic SMS messages to contacts, etc. by robotizing actions & firing events on crossing map zones.

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Make it a Patient-centric app for your clinic or hospital

Patient-centric app for health care patient’s journey is founded on ability to provide best possible care and treatment while focusing on patients at all stages. Patients of late had become digital and healthcare providers are forced to cater to this situation. Internet has now become an indispensable part of life including influencing health decisions in a big way. For health care providers, an effective and sensible online presence through website and mobile app – a patient-centric app has become new patient portal that can serve as an excellent gateway to attract new patients and more desired cases.

Most people search website while looking for practitioners on the Internet. Having a online presence on social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp and profiles on physician-rating websites will help people to find you easily when they search about you or your practice over the Internet. A website and a patient-centric app has become a must to thrive in the high competition-driven healthcare market.

Here are few simple practices to keep in mind to make sure you have a patient-centric website and mobile app:

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Let us go to IoT show in Bangalore

What’s UNIQUE about IoT SHOW? Every event is marketed as a ‘UNIQUE’ one. Let us go to IoT show in Bangalore.Here’s why we believe is indeed a unique event:

– It’s Big:

The only expo-cum-conference being held at a large scale in India. Other IoT events are typically 1 to 2 day conferences, in India. 2016 had 200-plus industry experts share their knowledge with 3000-plus delegates!

– IoT show – Focus on Creators:

The only event that has a strong focus on the Creators of IoT solutions, which include: electronics design, embedded systems, software development, product-enclosure design, cloud, analytics, system integration, et al.

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Magnus Carlsen Wins A Game, And The World Chess Championship Is Up For Grabs

Get Android app all chess games of Carlsen and also Karjakin
#CarlsenKarjakin #Chess

Download now:


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Chess Tournaments app 2016

Leon 2016 Bilbao 2016, Tal Memorial and Gashimov tournaments all chess games playable

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