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NOTE: This is obviously not meant to be an all-inclusive list, just some links accrued in my measly corner of the G+ world. There was no specific "criteria" to what has been included; just links I stumbled upon or found to be helpful and useful. Original authors' links have been included when possible. A lot of information is probably definitely repeated within the detailed guides, but some of it is not.

I am sending this list to +Mariva H. Aviram to include in a public Google Document ( so that updated information will be available when the link is re-visited later on (instead of scouring the web for fragmented re-shared posts). Essentially, it is a compilation of compilations (how's that for being meta). Please copy/paste that link to refer to in the future for updates. The info below is only included for your convenience, and as mentioned, this info will be added to that document soon (if it's not already there).

+Melody Lynn has also recently compiled a "MothaLode" list of resources ( that will hopefully be assimilated into Mariva's document soon.

There is a mind-boggling myriad of excellent content out there, so keep creating and sharing, particularly with newer users of G+.

Last Updated July 23, 2011


Google+ Cheat Sheets 1 & 2 by Simon Laustsen (many translations available): ,
Google+ Start-Up Guide basic illustrated overview by Saidur Hossain:
Google+ Guide: 15 Tips for Newbies by Craig Kanalley:
Welcome to Google+ by Trevor MacInnis:
New User Orientation links compiled by Dain Binder:
Google Plus 101: How to Get Started blog by Rana Shahbaz:
Google+ Starter Pack by Ahmed Zeeshan:
Transitioning from Facebook to G+ by Ahmed Zeeshan:
How to Upload Your Address Book of contacts by Paul Lindner:
Infographic Comparing Features of G+, FB, & Twitter by Blogging Innovation:


How Do I Make the Most of G+ by Alan Henry from Lifehacker:
The Complete Guide to G+ by Mashable's Ben Parr:
Collaborative Google Doc Google+ Manual:
Unofficial Google+ Wiki by Szabolcs Feczak:
GooglePlusTips Wiki by Tangient LLC:
Local SEO Guide's Google+ Tips & Shortcuts by Andrew Shotland:
Google+ Resources: Guides/Tips/Tutorials by Joe Sabado:
Unofficial Google+ Blog with G+ News & Tips:
Google+ | The Early Adopter's Guide by Ahmed Zeeshan:
Google+ Survival Guide for Photographers by Colby Brown:


Official Picasa Web Albums FAQ - Free storage limits:
Google+ Terms of Service illustrated explanation by Ryan Estrada:
Additional Information on G+ Licensing Terms by Vincent Mo and tech lawyer Denise Howell:
Ways to Transfer Photos from Facebook to Google+ by Johnathan Chung:
How to Rearrange the Order of Photos in an Album by Ryan Estrada:
Prevent Ordering of Prints or Downloading of Images tip from Cora Reed:
Easy 1-minute Tutorial on How to share a single photo on GooglePlus by James Lawson-Smith.


Dividing, Nesting, & Prioritizing Circles by Ahmed Zeeshan:


Where to Hangout at Google+ - Announce or schedule a public Hangout:
Hangout Party - Public broadcast of hangouts with chat:
Programs that allow 2 simultaneous videos to be shared of computer desktop & person (e.g., for teaching tutorials) are ManyCam for Windows, ScreenFlow or CamTwist for Mac, and WebCamStudio for Linux:


GPlusSearch by Rich Knight. Search G+ posts, G+ profiles, Buzz, & Google Reader for specific content:
Google Plus Toolbox:
Social Statistics - Top People and Most Popular Posts by Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten:
FindPeopleOnPlus Directory searchable by demographic information:
GPeep People Search by region, country, job, and other tags:
Unofficial Google+ Recommended Users - Discover people to follow: - Find popular people grouped by interest:
Women of G+ founded by Lynette Young:
Google+ Counter Hall of Fame and Top Followed by Ralf Rottmann:
Google+ Plusalyzer - Analytics by BuzzRank (alpha stage):


PlusOnes list of employees at Google (updated from Craig Kanalley's list), IBM, Dell, & Foursquare:
List of Google Community Managers (not just G+) provided by Natalie Villalobos:
Facebook Employees list compiled by Craig Kanalley:
Huffington Post Employees list compiled by Craig Kanalley:
Twitter Employees list compiled by David Eckoff:
80 Users Google+ Photographers Need to Follow by Jarek Klimek:
Google Spreadsheet of Psychologists & Neuroscientists on G+:
Google Spreadsheet of hosts, employees, & fans of the TWiT community started by Chris Porter:
Google Spreadsheet of Science Writers on G+ started by Dr. Kiki Sanford:
List of Artists on Google+ by Jonathan Chandler:

EXTENSIONS & TOOLS: (More options can be found in detailed guides above)

Five 3rd-party Google+ Profile Link Shorteners: , , , (Spanish) ,
Unofficial Google+ User Feed by Russell Beattie:
15 Chrome Extensions for Google+ by Blognotes:
Extensions+ Google Doc compiled by Mana Ionescu:
Google++ Extensions by Micah Wittman:
Exodus to G+ by Jack Carter & Albert Nichols:


Use the Send Feedback button in the lower right-hand corner of your browser.
Offical Known Issues Page for reporting problems or bugs:
Unofficial Feature Requests can be voted on here:
Ideas for Integrating G+ with Gmail can be sent to Manager of Gmail Development, Mark Striebeck:


21 Google+ Privacy Tips: The Ultimate Guide by Craig Kanalley:
6 Steps to Configuring Privacy infographic by ZoneAlarm:
Official Data Liberation Blog - Can export +1's from websites (+1's from the Stream and comments will be coming in the future):
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