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10 SEO Analysis Tools You Should Be Using

We finally updated our list of the top 10 SEO analysis tools...

#SEO   #Tools   #LongTimeComing

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The ULTIMATE Guide to Creating an Expert Roundup Post

Back in 2013, we created an expert roundup that generated thousands of social shares.

In this post, we share some of our best tips for duplicating that success, and we're joined by a lot of other really smart marketers!

Here are just a few of the people sharing their best tips...

+Steve Webb
+Ian Cleary 
+Brian Dean
+Adam Connell
+Ashley Faulkes
+Andy Crestodina
+Rand Fishkin
+Mark Traphagen
+Larry Kim
+Kristi Hines
+Peg Fitzpatrick

Honestly, if you want your next post to go viral, you REALLY need to read this post!

#SEO   #trafficgeneration   #bloggingtips  

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5 Things Self-Employed SEOs Think You Must Know Before Going Solo

In this post, +Pawel Grabowski interviews 4 self-employed SEOs (+Steve Webb, +Dan Scalco, +Maciej Fita, +Josh Rubin) and identifies 5 very important lessons for anyone considering going solo:

Check it out!

#SEO   #entrepreneurship   #lessons  

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A Real World Negative SEO Case Study

Someone threatened to launch a negative SEO attack against our website so +Steve Webb decided to start documenting everything that happened next...

Assuming the "attack" actually materializes, we'll be providing continuous updates in this post (e.g., a description of the attack, its impact, recovery steps, etc.).

#SEO   #negativeseo   #extortion  

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80+ Conversion Rate Optimization Resources for Marketers

In this post, +Chris Dyson presents a massive list of CRO resources...

The post contains 80+ resources that are broken into various categories (tools, case studies, conferences, etc.).

If you want to take your CRO knowledge to the next level, this post is an excellent starting point!

#SEO   #CRO   #conversion  

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You&A with Matt Cutts at SMX Advanced 2014

In this post, +Rae Hoffman provides an excellent summary of the recent You&A w/ Matt Cutts at SMX Advanced 2014:

This session covered A LOT of topics (e.g., the next Penguin update, Author Rank, upcoming GWT features, penalties, etc.) so this post is an excellent resource!

#smxadvanced   #SEO   #google  

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Google's Payday Loans 3.0 is launching today

If you're competing for particularly "spammy" queries (e.g., "payday loans", "viagra", "casinos", etc.), you might observe some serious SERP flux in the next day or two (even more than usual).

A lot of people are reporting this update as Spam Algorithm 3.0, but DO NOT confuse it with the next version of Penguin.  We're still waiting for that shoe to drop.

#SEO   #spam   #paydayloans  

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Help your business shine with Google My Business

Google just announced the Google+ Local replacement: Google My Business.

#google   #local   #localmarketing  

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How to Start a Successful Business with $5,000 or Less

In this post, a group of consultants, entrepreneurs, and managers all share their advice for starting a new business... on a limited budget.

The post contains a lot of great ideas and a wealth of knowledge about avoiding pitfalls when starting a new business!

If that's not enough, just look at this list of participants...

+Benj Arriola +Zeph Snapp +Nishank Khanna +Ian Lurie +Simon Slade +Richard Baxter  +Luciano Zanirato +Dan Petrovic +simon penson +Sean Patrick Si +James Agate +Glen Allsopp +Sujan Patel +Joel Klettke +Julie Joyce +Brian Dean +Jon Cooper +AJ Kohn +Grant Merriel +John Doherty +Glen Dimaandal +Cyrus Shepard +Miguel Salcido +Bill Sebald +Neil Patel +Aleyda Solis +Dan Shure +Steve Webb 

#business   #businesstips   #bootstrapping  

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Panda 4.0 impacts ~7.5% of English search queries...

In case you missed it, yesterday was a wild day in SEO (even wilder than normal).  First, Payday Loan 2.0 was announced.  Then, Panda 4.0 was announced...

We're seeing massive Panda-related recoveries for some of our clients (as much as 135% and 141% organic search improvements).

Were any of you affected by the Panda (positively or negatively)?

#SEO   #panda   #searchengineupdate  
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